Invasion (2021) s02e02 Episode Script

Chasing Ghosts

Is that you?
Talk to me, Casp.
[CASPAR] I'm here.
Where, Casp?
I feel you.
[CASPAR] I'm right here.
Give me something, Casp.
[CASPAR] Jamila.
[REPORTER] Four months after
the declaration of alien invasion
and still no communication
with their ships,
nor confirmation of their intent,
the refugee crisis continues
with millions seeking shelter
It's only natural
you'd still be grieving.
Grieving? My dreams
aren't going away, Mum.
I know you're gutted, but you
need to be patient with yourself.
I've been patient.
What if they're not dreams?
- You're not making any sense.
- Mum, listen.
Caspar could do things
that don't make sense.
He stopped the aliens with his mind.
[TEENAGER] A nuclear bomb stopped
them things, not your Jedi shit.
Yeah? So, why are they still here then?
Hmm? More and more of them every day.
Why our nukes done nothing to
their Death Star, you tosser?
I'm sorry, Mum. But I
I can feel it. You know,
Caspar. He's out there.
Somewhere, somehow.
He might be the only shot we've got.
Mum, you help save people every day.
What if you had the chance to save
more than a tent-full of patients?
More than a hospital-full?
What if you could save everybody?
Look, the dreams will fade, Jamila.
But I know your spirit never will.
That's the kind of
thing that will save us.
Not magic, not some
some boy that's gone.
I'm sorry, but he's gone.
[WHISPERS] I have to go.
What is that?
- I need it! Mom! It's for protection.
- Give it to me!
Are you sure?
You gotta swish it around, or
the barley will go to the bottom.
It's heavier than water.
You made contact yet?
You can keep on looking,
but I don't think they're
coming to the party. [LAUGHS]
Darien, would you leave my
brother alone with your bad jokes?
It's a party. I can't
have fun at a party?
You good, Trev?
All good, just enjoying the party.
Uh-uh. See, now I know you're lying,
'cause nobody enjoys getting stuck
with my husband at a party. [CHUCKLES]
- Except you.
Least they brought this
family together, right?
I mean, before they showed up,
we never got together like this.
- [DARIEN] Mmm.
- Unless it was a wedding or a funeral.
More funerals than weddings now.
These kids are eating us dry.
Shiona, do you have
any more supply packs?
Listen, I can go to the
store for you, Auntie.
Oh, we used up all our
rations already, baby.
It's fine. I got tickets.
You know, I can round up
the supplies, all right?
"Round up the supplies." [CHUCKLES]
You sound like a soldier again.
[CHUCKLES] Old habits.
Well, hurry up now, or we're
all gonna start eating the grass.
- [CHILD 2] Jordan fell in the deep end!
- Help! He can't breathe.
- [SHIONA] Jordan!
Jordan! [SCREAMS]
- Jordan! Jordan! [CRIES]
- [TREVANTE] Come on. Come on. Hey, hey.
- [CRYING] Oh, my God! Oh, my God, Darien!
- Come on.
- He's not breathing, Darien!
- Please, Son.
- He's not brea Oh, my God!
- Breathe. Breathe. Come on.
- [GRUNTS] It's all right. Come on.
[DARIEN] Please.
Come on.
- Back up! Back up!
Come on. Come on, come
- Come on!
- Oh, thank goodness!
- [TREVANTE] Hey. There you go.
- There you go. Hey. [GRUNTS]
- Uncle Trev?
[TREVANTE] The hell
were you thinking, huh?
Huh? Do you wanna help them things, huh?
Do you wanna finish
their job for 'em? Huh?
- We gotta take care of ourselves! Okay?
- [AUNTIE] Trevante!
Do you hear me? Do you hear me?
Do you hear me? Look at me!
- Look at me!
- No! Trevante, you stop it right now!
That's my boy! You stop it!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- [SOBBING] What's wrong with you?
I'm gonna go get the food.
Jordan. Jordan, baby, are you okay?
Are you all right? You're okay?
Okay. All right, all right.
[CHILD] Over here!
[CHILD 2] Don't you realize
it's for our food supply?
- [CHILD 3] Here! Here.
- [CHILD 4] Here!
- [CHILD 4] Here! Me! Here!
[CHILD 5] Fuck, yeah!
[CHILD 6] Dusters!
[CHILD 7] Kindling!
What you doing?
- Please. I-I mean no harm.
- Yeah?
- So, what's that blood then?
- [STAMMERS] It's mine.
I cut it on the lock there.
I'm sorry. I just
need to feed my family.
We had to evacuate our
house outside London, when
Yeah, I know. I saw the
map. I know it's gone red.
Like the moon.
What about the moon?
The soldiers were burning spores.
The wind came, turned the air toxic.
The moon went red. Red all
night, like they'd set it
My little girl asked why
the sun was out at night.
She asked if it was scared to be
all alone in the sky during the day.
Please, just a few things for
my family. Please, I beg you.
Take only what you need.
[GUARD] You know the rules.
Uh, no talking, 30 minutes max.
[TREVANTE] Thanks.
[TREVANTE] Whoa, what's that?
- What's happening?
Billions of neurons
moving in perfect sync.
[CASPAR] Mitsuki.
- [SHIONA] Hey. You're back.
- Yo, where is everyone?
Um, well, you've been gone a long ti
Oh, wow! [CHUCKLES]
You've been gone a long time,
but the party ended a while back.
How's Jordan?
- Um, we put him to bed about an hour ago.
- Good.
I'm good.
We not gonna talk about it?
What do you mean?
- Your outburst. With Jordan.
I'm sorry.
Learah called.
Or you called Learah.
Oh, she's doing fine.
No, she's still at her
uncle's in Pensacola.
- Still doesn't wanna talk to me, right?
- Well, what do you expect?
I battled my way across the world
just so I can get back to her, okay?
And she loves you for it.
We all do.
But you know you never
You never really came back.
I'm not judging you, Trev.
Learah told me about the book, the boy.
She warned me you were still
fighting some kind of war.
I see the way you look at the sky.
The way you look out
the window sometimes.
I know you're still chasing ghosts.
Some of us just wanna spend
whatever time we got left on
this Earth free from demons.
Pretending they're not here.
And throwing parties, acting
like everything is normal.
I know the world that we're living in,
the world that my boy is living in,
just might not be the
same one that you're in.
I packed your suitcase.
Is this because I yelled at Jordan?
You're kicking me out because
I yelled at Jordan. Seriously?
I know where you go when you leave here.
I know you go searching for answers.
You know it scares me half to death
what could happen to you out there.
So, I say this with all
the love in my heart.
Go fight your war.
I hope you find what you're
looking for. I really do.
I love you.
Jam? Jam, food's ready!
[JAMILA'S MOM] Jamila.
know this is gonna hurt.
I know this is not what
you wanna be reading.
I'm aware of the dangers out
there, and I know you're scared.
And so am I.
But I can't sit around and do nothing.
I can't hide and wait
for the world to end.
As hard as it may be out there,
the hardest part is leaving home.
Leaving you.
But I'm going out to chase my dreams,
even if they're just dreams.
Because this Jedi shit might
be the one and only thing
that could save our planet.
I'm coming, Casp.
It's your fault
[CHUCKLES] really.
You're the one who taught me
to fight for what I believe in,
no matter what.
- And I believe in this.
I love you.
[OFFICER] The air's not safe.
I need to get to the hospital!
We'll take you to the nearest one.
Not that one. St. Beornwald's?
[OFFICER 2] That area's shut down too.
- Are you hurt?
- Just need to get
[OFFICER 2] There's a children's
shelter in Hyde Park Corner.
That's not where I'm going.
I said I'm going the opposite direction.
[OFFICER 2] I'm afraid we
can't let you go that way.
Oi! Get back here!
[OFFICER 1] Girl!
[OFFICER 2] Spores.
Come out.
You're not safe here.
We can help you.
[OFFICER 1] We can take
you somewhere clear.
[OFFICER 2] If you can
hear me, come on out.
We just wanna help you.
We're gonna leave a mask here.
You'll need it, love.
Come on, come on.
Give me something.
- Latitude
- [GUARD] Time's up.
Time's up! You gotta go.
Yeah, I do.
Please don't be in there, Casp.
"Caspar Morrow. Bin 8898."
[MONTY] Freak.
- [JAMILA] Sir?
- [MR. EDWARDS] What's going on?
- [MUFFLED] Caspar? Casp?
- [MR. EDWARDS] Hey, hey, hey!
I hear you, Casp.
I'm gonna find you.
[TREVANTE] He's asking
for help. I'm asking.
'Cause I can't be here,
all the way across the world, to
be back here again for nothing.
'Cause there has to be a reason.
He's the reason.
That book is a reason.
Hey, what's your name?
[CHUCKLES] I'm Caspar.
Curious Caspar.
- What's up, Caspar?
- That's me.
[TREVANTE] Hey. Mmm.
[SOLDIER] Sorry, sir. Road ends
here. No access past this point.
Well, I can see that. Why is that?
It's for your own good. It's not safe.
Oh, well, it ain't
safe back there either.
If you head that way for about 25
miles, there's a ramp for Route 46.
That'll take you south.
There's no dead zones in that direction.
All right. Be safe.
- You too, sir.
[JAMILA] Sorry, have
you seen this family? No?
Have you seen this family?
- Hi. Sorry, have you seen this family? No?
- No, no, no.
Have you seen this No.
Excuse me. Do these
look familiar to you? No?
- No? No.
- I'd say no.
Have you seen this family?
No, sorry.
Have you seen this family?
I'm looking for them.
- No? None of them?
- Jamila! Jamila! Fuck.
- Oh, my Darwin! [LAUGHS]
- It's you, it's you!
What the fuck are you doing here?
I thought you were supposed to be
- in the countryside.
- I was, yeah. [LAUGHS]
- Is your family here?
- They're fine.
- Really.
- Oh, God. [STAMMERS] Why are you here th
It's fucking Shaun of the Dead shit.
[STUTTERS] What's that?
You came looking for Alf?
Is he here?
Jam, what's going on?
He was moved from the
morgue back to the ICU
and then taken to this facility.
- Paris?
- By some order of the WDC.
Hey, Darwin, look at this.
- Uh, yeah, no, I, uh, really don't get it.
- Me neither.
But I think, I mean,
I know Caspar's alive.
Jam, when's the last time you slept?
And I think they know he's special.
What-What do you mean "special," though?
I saw it happen, all right?
When the aliens came and we were
trapped in Mum's old hospital,
Caspar talked to them.
Well, they spoke, like,
um, E-Eng-English or shit?
No, no.
He got them to stop attacking us.
It was like they could read Caspar's
mind, and he could read theirs.
After he did it, his brain shut
down, but he was still breathing.
He-He was still alive,
and this proves it.
I started dreaming of Caspar
five days after I left
him at the hospital.
Dreaming? What kind of
dreams are we talking about?
I dreamt of that red moon over
London before I even saw it.
And Caspar, he's always there.
His voice.
Jam, I think of Casp every day.
- Honestly. But
- I know what I sound like.
Like I've gone
completely shit-brain mad.
But this is the surest that I've
been of anything in my whole life.
You don't have to believe me.
I came looking for you because I thought
you should know that he's alive
before I leave for Paris.
Yeah, but th-th-they shut
their borders down, ages ago.
- What are you gonna do about that?
- I'll find a way.
I made it this far.
I found you, didn't I?
Casp may be the key to ending all this.
The aliens, the invasion.
If he got them to stop once,
he may be our only hope.
But if he can really do all that shit,
then surely the government
can get him to stop all
this alien stuff anyway.
We don't know what
they're doing with him,
or if they're holding
him against his will.
- You've seen E.T., right?
- Yeah.
Yeah. Same shit.
I have a feeling he's in
trouble, like proper danger.
Why do you say that?
I can feel it in the way he
calls out to me in my dreams.
Like he wants me to find him.
I wouldn't have left my family
if I didn't know this was real.
So I wanted you to know.
I wanted someone to know in
case I don't make it all the way.
Look, just Let's
just get some food, Jam.
- Yeah. Let's get out of here.
- Come on, come on.
In here.
So, we had a chat.
Oh, piss off.
If you think you can stop me, if
you think I've walked all this way
- just to turn back
- No! We know we can't stop you.
- That's why
- We're going with you.
We're, uh, going with you.
- Yeah, simple.
- Yeah.
W-Wait. N-No. You don't have to do that.
That's not why I came.
- You've got family.
- Yeah, and, uh, so do you.
And if you thought we were going
to let you go to Paris alone,
you're a fucking nutter. [LAUGHS]
We got your back.
You get some sleep.
We'll sneak out just before sunrise.
[TREVANTE] What is this place?
[ALFIE] What's taking so long?
[DARWIN] Alf, it's a massive fucking
hatch. It's not a fucking jam jar.
- [ALFIE] Oh, you got You got jokes?
- Yeah, I do.
- [ALFIE] Give me the torch.
- [JAMILA] Could you kindly shut up?
[ALFIE] Why is it always me?
Holy balls.
What did I fucking tell you?
YUNGBLUD don't drive cars this fresh.
It's like some David
Beckham shit. [LAUGHS]
Ferrari, Aston, Porsche.
[LAUGHING] Wicked. Christmas came early.
- My name's Bond. James Bo Fuck!
She is a beauty, innit? [CHUCKLES]
We're defo taking the Porsche.
- Fucking Porsche. James Bond rides
- Porsche. Get it right first, before
Porsche, Alfie. All right,
give me the keys. Come on.
- Get off! I'm not
- Guys?
- Come on, guys, stop!
- Give me the keys!
- Get the fuck off!
- Give me the keys!
- Let go! Stop it!
- Come on! I'm just gonna see it.
- Look what you've done.
- Someone turn it off. Just turn it off!
- [JAMILA] Press anything!
- Can you not see I'm trying?
- I think this key doesn't work!
- [JAMILA] Stop!
I th I think we're gravy.
What in the holy fuck?
[CHILD] Language, Monty.
We've been on our own since it happened.
Mum and Dad are on holiday,
so we have to stay in place
until they come back.
That's the rule.
[ALFIE] Nice yard.
- You have to get out of here.
- They've evacuated Central London.
- I know that.
How are you lot even getting food?
Monty found candied
cherries in the wine cellar.
He says they're too syrupy,
so I get most of them.
Is that all you've got to eat?
One second.
Hey, what are you doing?
That's our travel food!
Bloody help yourself.
Like you were going to help
yourself to my dad's Porsche?
So, yeah, we will, thanks.
- You weren't supposed to be here.
- Ah, so that makes it all right then?
To save the world?
Yeah. I think that's
a pretty good reason.
I can trade you for
the crisps. I have maps.
Look! This one's of Antarctica.
- I also have a first aid kit.
- Pen,
they don't want your stupid
maps or first aid kit, okay?
You don't know that.
Sorry about my brother.
Mum said he never
outgrew his terrible twos.
- Mug off.
There's a tent city down in
Southwark, and they're running buses
to the countryside
where kids can be safe.
Your parents will know
to look for you there.
We stay in place. That's
how we don't get lost.
- I promise you. You won't get lost.
- No.
Just leave it, all right? [SIGHS]
Can any of you lot even drive?
[SCOFFS] What were you planning
to do with a jacked car then?
Have you ever watched Fast & Furious?
- [WHISPERS] The fuck
- [ALFIE] Have you even played GTA?
It's not that hard. Millions of
idiots drive every single day.
- We will be fine.
- That's ridiculous. Your plan is shite.
So you haven't changed
one bit, have you?
- You're a fucking idiot!
- Yeah? Say that again!
- Or what?
- Fuck that! Say that again!
Or what? What are you gonna do?
- Fuck that! Say it again!
- [JAMILA] Stop it!
- Fuck.
They're searching for aliens.
Go away, go away, go away, go away.
Mum, Dad, Mum, Dad. Go away,
go away, go away, go away.
- [PEN] Mum, Dad.
Go away, go away, go away, go away.
- No, no, no.
- [PEN] Mum, Dad.
- Hey, Penny, Penny. You're okay.
- Mum, Dad.
- Penny, you're okay. It's me.
- Go away.
- Okay?
Listen, listen, Pen. Okay?
Hey, where are we? The
maze around Danbury's.
Where do we go in the maze?
We go forward and turn right.
- And then where do we go?
- [WHISPERS] Um, left.
Nice. We're there. We're
there. We did it. Okay?
Look, you can stay
the night, take a car.
I don't care. Just fuck off!
Trevante Cole reporting for duty.
Just shipped in.
We weren't expecting
any new troops today.
- Where'd you come from?
- Camp Blanding.
Did two tours. Afghanistan.
Came home, sent me here, didn't say why.
Would've been here last week but
the transport got hit on the road.
Rest of the troops didn't make it back.
I'm sorry.
It's been a long haul.
Yeah, I could use some sleep, a
bunk down, and whatever grub you got.
Finished my MREs two states back.
- Private Palomino at C9.
I've got a Chief Trevante Cole
from Camp Blanding reporting for TD.
- What's the deal here, man, at this base?
You'll get briefed by the sarge.
Is she okay?
Yeah. She just gets like that sometimes.
My mum says it's when
she feels out of control.
I know it gets too much in her head.
The rest of the time she's all right.
I mean, a complete pain in my
arse, but all right. [CHUCKLES]
Can't blame her, really.
I think we're all sort
of screaming inside.
She's just doing it on the outside.
Why would you go to bloody Paris?
Look, they don't want us
there. As if they ever did.
And what if you're wrong?
What if he's not even out there?
What if you do somehow get across
to the other side of the Channel
You know?
He's not there.
You know how people always say,
"If you can see the goal in
your head, you can stick it."
I never really got that before.
I see him in my head.
I can feel him.
I don't know how else to describe it.
I just
I know he's out there.
And I'm going to find him,
and then he's going to
help us stop these bastards.
I know it sounds mental.
No, it sounds
Well, yeah, it does sound mental,
but the whole world's mental, right?
Going to the head.
- Hey, hey! Wait!
- Hands up! Put your hands up!
Listen. Let me explain.
I just got lost, okay?
- I made a mistake.
- Yes, you did.
Camp Blanding closed four weeks ago.
[PENNY] Monty! Monty!
Monty, wake up.
We have to go with
them. We have to help.
If we save the world, then
Mum and Dad can come home.
We can't, Pen. Okay?
- Look! I have a map of Paris.
- Actually, Monty's right, Penny.
It's too dangerous.
Yeah. And you're not actually invited.
- [WHISPERS] Oh, shut up, Alf.
- What? They're not.
You need us. Monty can drive.
Sort of.
Tell them, Monty.
If Mum and Dad can't come back
to us, then we have to save them.
Stop being a wanker.
Tell them they need us, please.
- Please.
[WHISPERS] Oh, fucking
hell. My God. Geez.
[SIGHS] Right, okay. Look, right,
our dad's got a flat in Paris, okay?
We can go there and then you
can look for Caspar. All right?
All right.
All right, we'll take the Jag.
Sheriff, he got past the
fence line and onto the base.
We'll take care of him. [SIGHS]
This way.
Hey! What are you doing with my bag?
- Those are my things.
- Don't worry.
You'll be getting it back in the morning
when the transport comes to take you
- out of state.
What are you talking
about? Listen, can
can you just give me my notebook?
Like I said, you will
get everything back.
It's just one night.
You got any urgent needs, medical,
whatnot, just got to holler.
Not too noisy now.
This don't need to be
anything but hospitable.
Welcome to Idabel. Hope
you enjoy your stay.
It's a shit model.
Or maybe you're a shit driver.
I told you we should've
taken the Aston Martin.
Yeah? You'd be on my lap,
mate. Or Penny in the boot.
- We're doomed.
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