Invasion (2021) s02e03 Episode Script


[MITSUKI] Laser Array
Frequency Test 19-B,
Check levels.
- Levels are a go.
- Okay. We're operational.
- I'm on my way out.
- Copy that.
[ANALYST] Yamato? Coming?
On my way.
Go to 44 kilohertz.
- Mm-mmm.
- [MITSUKI] Go to UHF.
[ANALYST] No change.
- [COLLEAGUE] We can adjust amplitude.
- Why is it not working?
Lost my bet. I thought
soonest would be tomorrow.
What is this?
Once in a while, the
alien emits this signal.
We don't know why but
it is always the same.
Here. Check it out.
[BOTH] And now.
[ANALYST] That's it.
- What's it doing?
- [ANALYST] No idea.
Transmit to Nikhil.
- [ANALYST] It's probably just dying gasps.
The ship is like a giant
damaged bio-organism.
How often does it happen?
Sometimes it's days, sometimes hours.
Nikhil was all excited in the beginning,
but now it just goes
in the data slush pile.
There's only so much
bandwidth in the apocalypse.
Base Camp Three, come in.
Base Camp Three here.
Requesting Mitsuki Yamato to the clinic.
[COLLEAGUE] Copy. Out.
[ANALYST] Time to get
your brain scanned. [SIGHS]
This is not necessary. I'm
fine. I need to get back.
There's increased activity in
the angular gyrus and Wernicke's.
Sounds or voices with
no identifiable source?
I didn't say anything
yet. Why are you writing?
And if you say you'll answer
my question when this is done
Then I'll answer your
question when this is done.
I'm fine. I'll tell you when I'm not.
Actually, I'll tell you when you're not.
But I'll let you get back to it.
- How's it coming?
- The work.
Any progress establishing communication?
Not really.
But I can
Sometimes I feel like
Like I can feel it watching me.
Be careful in there, okay?
You don't want it prying
around in your head
any more than it wants
you exposing its secrets.
- Mitsuki?
- I know him.
[MAYA] Oleg Varga.
Won the Nobel Prize in
physics three years ago.
Are you okay?
- Yes, I'm
- Fine.
You know,
now would be the time
to ask me questions.
I think they need you more than I do.
What did you do?
Nothing. We're running the
sequences. Still no response.
Do that last one again.
- What?
- Do it again.
- [ANALYST ON COMMS] Run 92. Go.
Reading's stable.
- What's she doing?
- I don't know.
Go back one more.
[ANALYST] Run 91, go.
- Run 90, go.
That one. Do it again.
[COLLEAGUE] Uh. Hey, Yamato.
- W What's going on?
- [MITSUKI] Come down here.
Bring the transmitter.
- [COLLEAGUE] Think we got another burnout?
- [ANALYST] Yeah. We'll see.
[COLLEAGUE] These things creep me out.
- [ANALYST] Yamato, what's going on?
- Run it again.
- Run 90.
Holy shi
[LUKE] Why would you mark
a stolen car like that?
What if they see?
They care more about people
finding us than hiding.
The Movement's number one directive
is we don't abandon people.
It's a good rule.
Where are you guys from?
Marion, Ohio.
It's this little nothing town,
kind of in the middle of nowhere.
But I guess everywhere
is kind of nowhere now.
- What about you?
- New York.
What was that language that you and
your mom were speaking this morning?
She's teaching us Farsi.
She grew up in Syria
but her mom's Iranian.
I don't know. I guess she
misses home or something.
[CLARK] Ry, honey. Let's
get everybody loaded up.
I don't think your mother
would like you doing that.
Hey, give me that can
before your mom sees.
- [ANEESHA] Sam.
- Ooh. Too late.
Go inside.
Make sure your sister's
things are all packed.
I'll meet you there.
There. In two minutes. Go.
What is this?
Just a kid being a kid, I guess.
Take us to the next refugee center.
Do not talk to my kids.
You ever let your guard down?
I said, "Do you ever
let your guard down?"
How do you expect your kids to do it
if you don't know how to do it yourself?
Keeping this guard up has kept us alive.
We will take the ride, thank you.
We will be out of your way.
[CLARK] Okay, let's go!
Morning, Wade.
- Morning, Rosey.
- Did you ask him yet?
Rosey, he's busy. You know the military
has got the sheriff running around.
- I'm pushing water uphill here, Wade.
- Hey, they brought a guy in last night.
He's in the cell. Okay, transpo
will get him this afternoon.
And what am I supposed to do? Feed him?
Yeah. I mean, that'd be humane.
- Thirty-seven, as of yesterday, Wade.
- I know, Rosey. I know.
I just don't know what I can
- [SIGHS] I'll ask him.
- Please.
- Thank you.
It's about damn time!
I've been here all night. Y'all
ain't got no on-duty officers?
Now, come on. What's that about?
Apologies. We're a little short-staffed
on account of the whole alien invasion.
Transport will be here
in a couple of hours.
Just sit tight until then.
Good morning, Miss Jilly.
Okay, now. You know I'd call
if there was any news, right?
I'm sorry, no.
You holding up okay?
I'm okay, ma'am. Thanks for asking.
Okay, I'll talk to you tomorrow.
You guys got nothing to
hold me on. Check your logs.
Go ahead, check them.
You're talking to the
wrong person, buddy.
- I just answer phones.
- Okay, fine. Look.
Please, I came in here with a notebook.
I just want to know where it
is and know that it's safe.
I assure you your belongings are safe,
and will be returned to
you when the van gets here.
I'll get you breakfast
in a bit. I've got work.
Okay, like tracking down
all these missing people?
I mean there's gotta be at least
30-something posters on these walls
and it looks to me you're gonna
need all the help that you can get.
How about you let me out this
cell and get me my notebook
before you run out of citizens to
go missing and walls to put 'em on.
Why? 'Cause you're gonna
help me find these people?
If they give me my notebook, yeah.
You've lost someone.
You got that look.
Hmm. Which one's yours?
Maybe I can help you find them.
That's not funny.
- I'm not trying to be funny.
- Okay.
See, I get the savior complex.
Hell, I wish some random guy
in a jail cell had the answer,
but I'm afraid Mr
Sorry, what's your name?
Cole. Trevante Cole.
Navy SEAL. Two tours
Afghanistan, one tour Iraq.
One of them.
Let me show you something.
Mmm. This guy's my favorite.
This man hiked all the way from Alaska
because he heard we had
an alien-fighting brigade
and he wanted to join. [CHUCKLES]
This woman saw little
green men in a dream,
wanted to make sure we had a sketch.
This lady talks to
the recently abducted.
Can you do that?
You know what every single one
of these people had in common?
Every one of them came looking for an
answer, a reason, some bigger picture.
But not one of them gave
a goddamn about this town.
Jacquelyn ran the pet grooming
business in town for 20 years.
Nels has three sons, seven grandkids,
and his wife still calls every morning
to make sure that there's no news.
Eileen Grady there, we
went to school together.
She was Deputy here.
That's who I've lost.
Everyone on these walls.
And all those people out there
trying to live their lives,
that's who I'm trying to keep safe.
So you and your magic notebook
can sit tight for a few hours
while I get back to work.
And I'll make sure you
get on that transpo.
I'll even throw in coffee
and a muffin if you hush up.
- We need to amplify the signal.
Do you think it knows?
That we triggered its cloaking signal?
- No idea.
- [ANALYST] This is nuts.
You've been here, what? A few days?
We've never gotten near
this kind of discovery.
Okay, stay in this frequency
range. Run it through VHF.
- [COLLEAGUE] Yamato.
[ANALYST] You okay?
I'm fine.
I need some air.
[IN JAPANESE] You won't win.
We have one of your ships down here.
It's a distress call.
Pull up the history.
- What?
- The signal.
I need to see every single
instance of the past four months.
- [ANALYST] It's not consistent. Look.
- [COLLEAGUE] T There is no pattern.
[MITSUKI] Watch.
- It fits with a cubic spline.
It's not a dying gasp.
It's a Mayday. It's sending an SOS.
- Sending it where?
- Now where would you send an SOS
if you were the one
downed ship on our planet?
If I'm right, the
next signal is at 5:32.
You wanna tell night
shift not to come in?
You've already had four
hours on the inside.
That exceeds your proximity quota.
You wanna tell me not to come in?
Okay. So, if we can predict
the next signal, then what?
We stop it from sending?
No. We hack it.
[MAYA] What are you doing here so late?
What's the time?
Only about 11 hours
after your allotted shift?
- I'm on the verge of something here.
Yes, you are.
You didn't ask the question
because you don't want
to contemplate the answer.
Every scientist in that
room had one thing in common.
They all said they were fine,
and they weren't fine.
They all wanted to stare
into the mind of that alien
until they lost their own.
I know you think you're different.
But so did they.
Every single one of them.
"Yes" was the answer to your question.
I believed Hinata was on that ship.
And I blame myself
for what happened to her.
To the world.
I know.
But do you think it will make
it better if you punish yourself?
It might make it
better if I punish them.
- It's time.
- Follow me.
All systems running.
- [COLLEAGUE] Hi, Maya.
- Hey, Misha.
Three, two, one.
Yes! Yes, we got you! We
got you, you little bastard!
What just happened?
We She just figured out
how to hack the mother ship.
And you think this SOS signal
is going up to the mother ship?
It must not be receiving.
Nothing's come down to retrieve the
ship or the [CHUCKLES] alien.
[MITSUKI] We don't know that.
Well, I think I'd have noticed
an alien SWAT team on my doorstep.
Maybe it's receiving but
decided one downed ship
isn't enough for a rescue mission.
This is insane.
Which is why she thought
you would appreciate it.
Maya, what's your role in all this?
- Oh, I'm just here for moral support.
- [NIKHIL] Oh!
Some people find you intimidating.
Thank you. Thank you for that, Maya.
- Not her.
- No.
So you're proposing that we piggyback
on this "maybe" transmission.
And and what?
- Hack into their mother ship?
- Yes.
[GIGGLES] You're right,
I love how insane this is.
But what's the endgame?
Let's Let's say your your
premise proves right and we can
see the matrix. Then what, Neo?
The aliens, they are
getting to Earth somehow.
We don't know why there's more
here every day, everywhere.
And it's because they've been
using this cloaking technology.
If we can get a look at
them, we can target them.
You want to decloak
their transport ships?
And shoot them out of the sky.
There's a downside.
What could possibly be a downside?
[MAYA] Anything we hit crashes to Earth.
That carrier out there is
the size of a small city.
We risk killing more of us than them.
The Battle of Stalingrad.
Everyone thought it was the
nukes on Japan, apologies,
or D-Day that turned the
tide against the Nazis,
but it was the win in Stalingrad
that Germany never recovered from.
The deadliest battle in World War II.
The Soviets lost over a million people,
but they pushed them back.
This is our Stalingrad.
Besides, Earth's surface is 71% water.
I'll take our odds.
- Are you insane?
Uh, Maya Dr. Castillo.
Do you wanna answer that question
from a clinical perspective?
And does anyone ever
say yes to that question?
You wanted a win? I'm
offering you a chance to
To order all of my nuclear
arms operatives to, quote,
"Look up at the sky at 0942
UTC and be at DEFCON 1."
That's correct, ma'am.
And if they see anything, a
particularly vague concept,
- to shoot it down.
- Right.
We'll need the speed and
range of tactical nukes.
We have something, Benya.
We really have something.
I don't like to be wrong,
so you know I wouldn't ask
if I didn't think there
was a very good chance.
"A very good chance."
How long?
- Madam?
- How long would you like
my nuclear operatives
to stare at the sky
in the hope that something shall appear?
- I need an answer.
- I don't know.
[WHISPERS] Then guess.
Thirty minutes.
Thirty minutes, Madam President.
Thirty minutes.
And tell them, targeting
needs to be ready to lock on.
I don't know how long we'll
have before they cut the signal.
Is there anything else I
can do for you, Miss Yamato?
- No, that's all.
Thank you, Madam President.
[ROSE] Morning, Sheriff.
- Morning, Rose.
- You got a minute?
If we got another problem
with this coffee machine
Oh, no, no, no. Well
[CHUCKLES] actually we do.
But that's not what I wanted to discuss.
I was just
Well, I was wondering if you'd taken
a look at those three new cases.
I was looking at where
they were last seen,
and maybe there are some kind of clues.
Rose. We're trying our best, I promise.
We're stretched thin.
I know, I know. Which is
why I compiled everything.
Put it all down along with any
connection to the other cases.
Rosey, leave it to the professionals.
Right. Well, just like you said.
With everyone being stretched
thin and more folks disappearing,
feels like every day now,
I thought you'd appreciate
an extra set of hands.
I do. I really do. Thank you, Rosey.
Now let's get that coffee
machine working again, shall we?
[HUFFS] Damn it. [INHALES]
- [TREVANTE] You all right?
[ROSE HUFFS] Left my job at
the shop to make a difference
and the only thing I'm making is coffee.
Not even that.
- Maybe, like I said, I can help.
- Yeah?
Just like the military
said when they got here?
"We can help. Just follow protocol."
Y'all love that word, "protocol."
And what they done?
Just come in, took over, turned
the library into some kind of lab.
Their big base over there?
Used to be our high school.
Turned Ben Shelton's farm into
their supply depot or some shit.
Ground zero in the Americas, lucky us.
Our people keep disappearing,
but no one cares.
Because what's 37 missing people,
when a quarter of the
world's gone dead or missing?
But every single one of them had a name.
Everyone had a date
that they went missing.
But soldiers treat those
dates like a death sentence
- to put on their tombstone.
- Dates.
It's not a star.
It's a badge.
And those are the numbers.
That was the sheriff right
there? That old guy, Tyson?
Sure was. And let me tell you,
he would have done something
- if he was still here.
- [TREVANTE] What happened to him?
[ROSE] One of the first to go missing.
Night of his retirement
party. How's that for a joke?
He brought me here.
- That's not the kind of joke I meant.
- I'm serious.
Hey, look. I need you
to get me that notebook.
We've been over
this. It's in lockup. I
Look at me. Look at
me. Look at me, okay?
I know you've heard this before,
and I know I sound as crazy as the rest,
but I'm telling you
I've lost everything.
Everything. I've lost hope down to
this second, but I'm telling you.
You think you're desperate?
Try sitting months in an Internet
hub trading rations for minutes,
and staying there till 4:00 in
the morning every single night.
Getting dead end, after dead end,
after dead end, getting nothing.
Until now. Right this second,
I've found something, Rose.
I need you to get me that
notebook, okay? So I can show you.
And maybe, just maybe,
we can help each other.
And you can save your town, and I
can win a goddamn war for a change.
Look, Rose. You need me
like I need you, okay?
Four months ago, a couple of strangers,
you know, they asked me for help.
Kids. And I didn't wanna
help them. I didn't.
But I didn't have
anything else left to lose
and that was the first time I actually
felt like I'd made a difference.
So, now I'm asking you
from the bottom of my heart,
what do you have to lose?
- [PERSON ON RADIO] Help! Help!
- Ryder.
- Help us! Anybody?
Mayday? What is your
status and location?
I repeat, what is your
status and location?
Uh, we're trapped in the ravine!
Give me your location. Please,
just specify your location.
- I don't know. Elk's Pass.
- Elk's Pass.
Hey there, folks. We may
have a rescue situation.
What are you doing?
[RYDER] Got it. Next
turn's onto Highway 6.
Hanley, Jackson, Chrissy, with me.
- [HANLEY] Copy that.
- [CHRISSY] Copy that.
You said you would get us to safety.
And I will, as soon as we
check out this distress call.
- Let us out.
- In the middle of nowhere?
- Just let us out. Let us out right here!
- [CLARK] Listen
- [ANEESHA] Stop the car.
- I am gonna get you to safety.
- We just gotta do this first.
- [ANEESHA] Why?
I told you. We help people,
okay? It's what we do.
- Notify me when submarines are in place.
- India's holding.
- General.
- Madam President,
this directive to bypass the
chain of command is troubling,
to say the least.
Necessary. We have
to trust our operators.
We may only have a brief window.
I trust my operators.
It's yours I distrust.
I don't relish ICBMs dropping on my head
because some 20-year-old
lacked restraint.
Tell all operators, if they
miss, to detonate in the air.
Let's try not to shoot each other.
- Happy?
- Not particularly.
Well, who is?
[CLARK] Hanley? Jackson?
Chrissy? Here we go.
[HANLEY] Copy that.
[CHRISSY] Copy that.
You know? For my 30th birthday,
I had the biggest firework
display in history.
Thirty barges. [CHUCKLES]
They said you could see it from space.
Trended for a week.
Do you still want my clinical
evaluation of your sanity?
You okay?
The last time we fired at them
was the last time I heard her voice.
This time's different.
I think you can bury someone
a memory
a feeling.
But one moment can bring it all back.
[INHALES] What part of my brain is that?
The human part.
[WADE] Military wants us on the
streets at dawn looking up at the sky.
- Some kinda action they got going on.
- Okay. Davids, Garcia, saddle up.
- You're riding with me, Wade.
- [WADE] Sheriff.
[SHERIFF] Come on. Let's go, Carmichael.
- What's going on?
- Oh. Hey, Rosey.
Transport's being held till
whatever they got going on's done.
Think you can watch
him a couple more hours?
Yeah. I'ma stay here. Get
that coffee machine working.
- You're a savior, Rosey.
A savior.
All right, open it up.
- You did this?
- No, the kid. The kid that I helped.
He drew it. I mean, he would see
things. See what the aliens would see.
They like comic books like us?
Go a few pages back. Three or four.
There. He drew that
over four months ago.
And at first, I thought it was a star.
Like a planet or something,
but don't you recognize it?
That's the same shape
as Sheriff Tyson's badge.
- Am I wrong?
Could just be a coincidence.
Go get his flyer, please.
Now check the numbers in the book and
check the date that he was missing.
See? The answers are in there.
They brought me here for a reason.
The answers are here.
family of three stuck in a car.
I counted six aliens.
They're coming from all sides.
[CLARK] Suit up. All the throwers.
Got a family trapped.
Half a dozen aliens pinning them down.
- Ry, you're staying.
- I'm going with you.
- Not this time. Ry!
- No, Dad. I always come
You're a safe distance.
Nothing's gonna happen to you.
- Safe distance?
- I gave you my word. I keep my word.
But if things go sideways
drive away.
- [CLARK] Quick and quiet.
- [HANLEY] Copy. Jackson, you're on assist.
- [JACKSON] Copy that.
- [CLARK] On my signal.
Go, go, go.
[CLARK] Go, go, go. Guys,
- Go, go!
The message will broadcast continuously
on all emergency signals for 30 minutes,
or until you give the order to stop.
My fellow global citizens.
Today at 0942 UTC,
the global community will
attempt a coordinated response
to the alien aggressors
who have invaded our world.
For months now, we've been
outnumbered, outflanked, outgunned.
- I cannot guarantee that we will succeed.
- Load sequence.
- But what I can say
- [ANALYST] Loading.
is we'll try hit
them back where it hurts.
Let them feel a
fraction of what we feel.
[HANLEY] One more incoming.
[CLARK] Jackson, cover me.
Chrissy, Chrissy. You got
eyes on it? Left! To your left!
[BENYA] My father used to say,
"Never let them see you
with your head bowed."
So I ask you now, to look up.
- Five, four
- Look up.
- Let us no longer fear
- Three.
- the stars and the sky above.
- Two.
One. Go.
- [ANALYST] Onboarded.
Hold. Hold.
Now what?
We wait.
[CHRISSY] Clark!
- Behind you! Behind you!
- [CHRISSY] Clark!
- Ryder! Ryder!
[CLARK] Let's go, let's go!
- Mom!
- [ANEESHA] Ryder, come back!
[CLARK] Hold steady!
Zeb's down! Zeb's down!
Mom, please! We have to help them.
We can't leave them like we left Dad!
- That is not what happened!
- It is what happened! It
[ANEESHA] Luke, what's wrong?
- Luke.
- [SARAH] Luke?
More are coming.
[CLARK] We got more! Aliens from the
west! Jesus! Where did they come from?
- [ANEESHA] Luke!
- [CLARK] Throwers on.
- Circle up! Circle up!
- [HANLEY] There's too many!
- Mom!
- Luke!
Hold on to this, no matter
what! Don't let go! Don't let go!
I need you to be right, Nikhil.
Something's happening.
How much longer you reckon we're
supposed to keep doing this?
How the hell am I supposed to know?
- [CHRISSY] Pull back!
- [CLARK] Stay down! You gotta stay down.
[HANLEY] Someone got eyes on it?
[CLARK] We're not dead
yet, okay? Come on.
It's happening.
- [PERSON 1] What is that?
[PERSON 2] Oh, my
goodness. The size of it.
do you copy? Do you copy?
[OPERATOR] We have a target.
I repeat, we have a target.
Fire away.
- [OPERATOR 1] Direct hit! Enemy down.
[NIKHIL] Oh, yeah!
God, I love winning! Huh?
Who's giving me a cuddle?
Who's giving me a cuddle?
[ANALYST] That was the biggest
firework show of all time!
[JACKSON] Y'all seeing this?
- [CHRISSY] What's happening?
[JACKSON] They're dying!
- [CLARK] Family's clear!
[CLARK] Let's go! Let's
go! Everyone, move out!
[EMPLOYEE] Seven of
their ships are down.
Four in the Pacific, two in
Antarctica, one in Eastern Russia.
Put in a call. Offer aid.
That's right.
Now you see us.
You did it, Mitsuki.
- [SHERIFF] All right, yeah!
- [PERSON] Got ya.
There you go. Okay. Get to that corner.
- Hey, there.
- [HANLEY] I'll get you some food.
- [RYDER] Hey.
You did good.
[LUKE] You too.
[HANLEY] Go to the vehicles, okay?
- Thank you.
- [HANLEY] You were good.
- [PERSON] Come on.
[PERSON 2] I got him, I got him.
[JACKSON] Hell you think happened?
[CHRISSY] The aliens just stopped.
[CLARK] I don't think we
were the only ones fighting.
Sarah. Sarah.
Sarah, Mommy!
Sarah! [PANTING]
- Sarah!
- [CLARK] Sarah!
- [CLARK] Sarah.
- Sarah!
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