Invasion (2021) s02e04 Episode Script

The Tunnel

[BENYA] My fellow global citizens.
Today at 0942 UTC, the global community
will attempt a coordinated response
to the alien aggressors
who have invaded our world.
- Hey! Watch the pave, bro!
- [MONTY] Fuck. Sorry. Sorry.
- Monty!
You find it yet? The hospital's address.
I think it's this building here.
[IN FRENCH] Septième arrondissement.
[CHUCKLES] Sorry, was
that supposed to be French?
Monty's French teacher says
his consonants are clumsy.
My French is excellent, okay?
I just need a bit of practice.
Oh, okay. Cool, no
problem. Repeat after me.
LaBeouf, Zooey Deschanel,
- uh, Timothée Chalamet.
- Uh, Beyoncé? Yeah.
- Ah, Beyoncé? [LAUGHS]
- Can we please change the music?
- No, Pen. Give that back now.
- [PENNY] Trap. Rap.
- Pen. Stop.
- Pen, stop.
- More rap.
- Wait, what's this?
- Is this "Kiss from a Rose"?
- Pen, turn that off now.
- [CHUCKLING] Are you kidding?
- [MONTY] Pen.
- Turn that up.
Oh, shit. Slow down.
Monty, slow down. Look!
- [MONTY] Fucking hell.
[ALFIE] What they all looking at?
[JAMILA] Excuse me.
- What's happening?
- [SOLDIER] Tunnel's closed. No entry.
- Closed? Why?
Last train from France
never made it here.
Recon team went in, never came out.
Now the French are threatening
to close their end permanently.
So either you and the
Jag can turn around
now, or you can
wait like the rest of us.
- Wait for what?
- What, you not got a radio in that thing?
It's been playing on loop
since she made the announcement.
- What is it? What's happening?
- Shh.
[BENYA] outnumbered,
outflanked, outgunned.
I cannot guarantee that we will succeed,
but what I can say is we'll try
to hit them back where it hurts.
- "Hit them back"? Wh
- Let them feel a fraction
- It's an It's an attack. It's gotta be.
- Monty?
- It's fine. It's fine.
- "Never let them see you
with your head bowed."
So I ask you now to look up.
Look up. Let us no
The hell are you doing?
Something's happening.
Yeah, we're taking
that tunnel to France.
- We are?
- Are you completely nuts?
Turn around and drive.
So let me get this straight,
you're still keen to go in,
despite the military warnings?
- Are we going to get arrested?
- No, we're not.
- Are we?
- There's the tunnel.
No good. We'll never scale that
fence without somebody seeing.
[DARWIN] How are we gonna get in then?
- There! Monty, pull up there now.
- [MONTY] Yeah.
- [ALFIE] Think it leads to the tunnel?
- [JAMILA] One way to find out.
- Hey, wait.
[ALFIE] I'll get the
crowbar from the boot.
This is all. I mean,
if soldiers went down
You know, it's
Okay, look. It's not
about me, okay? I just
I can't let nothing happen to her.
It's all good.
You've gotten us this far, so thank you.
Does this mean we're not
going to save Mum and Dad?
[DARWIN] Would you like me to help?
Course we're going to
save Mum and Dad, okay?
Look, it just means when we get there,
I need you to listen to
me and do whatever I say,
and not be your usual
annoying, whining, clawing self.
Okay? Can you do that?
Yes, as long as you're not
your usual manky, numpty
- Yeah.
- knobhead self
- [MONTY] Yeah. Sod off, please.
You think we wasn't coming?
- Let's go then.
[DARWIN] Push harder, you dick.
- [ALFIE] Shit. Soldiers.
[JAMILA] Quick. Before they see us. Go.
[ALFIE] Here we are.
Looks like the, uh,
point of no return. Eh?
Don't worry. I thought ahead.
[MONTY] Pen, what's that?
My report from our class
trip to the Channel Tunnel.
I drew a map and everything. See?
[ALFIE] I brought help too.
Alien repellant. Homemade flamethrower.
Bond did it in Live and Let Die.
Yeah, but, Alf, that'll just blow
your hands off, you know, in real life.
What the hell just happened?
Are they attacking us?
[DARWIN] Or are we attacking them?
Power's still on. That's good. Let's go!
I'm sorry. Not to be the
only one living in real life
right now, but something absolutely
major just happened back there.
So, new plan, we head back
just to see, you know
No! We stay put.
If we go back out, they
could spot us and stop us.
- Yeah, but we don't know what's out there.
- You're right. We don't.
But we do know this tunnel is
the only way to get to Caspar.
This says that the service entrance
joins up with the train tunnel up ahead.
Look, it's fine to feel scared.
It would be mental not to.
But it's been four months
since those things showed up.
And I'm so tired of this shit!
My mum told me once in
critical surgery or whatever,
there's, like, this moment
when the body on the
table makes a choice.
To fight, or to let go,
and you can see it happen.
Our friend is waiting for us.
If we can find him, maybe our
species at least has a shot.
So this is it, the moment.
Do we fight or let go?
For Caspar.
[ALFIE] For Casp.
Yeah. Right. We're in too then, I guess.
It's a truly momentous victory.
For those now joining us,
seven alien ships have been successfully
shot down by the
World Defense Coalition.
As of yet, there has been no
response from the alien invaders,
nor any retaliation from the mothership.
But sources indicate that
coalition forces are optimistic
- we may have dealt a critical blow.
WDC President Benya
Mabote has reportedly
ordered military units
to the crash sites
You're missing the big day, Caspar.
Why don't you wake up
and join the fun, hmm?
[COWORKER] Who's to
say he's not having fun?
We know so little about this one.
Seems a shame to assume anything.
From his brain activity, Gabriel,
we can assume he's been experiencing
on average seven seizures every hour.
Not exactly a party.
[SIGHS] Fair enough.
So much research on these kids and
their connection to our visitors.
Hoping to find a key.
Maybe after today, we won't need one.
[INHALES SHARPLY] Speaking of, a
few of us were going to open a bottle
later this evening. A
little victory celebration.
- Care to join?
- Victory.
The most important skill a
neurologist can learn Esmee,
is knowing when to turn their brain off.
Especially when a
patient is beyond saving.
[ESMEE] Please wake up, Caspar.
spent a whole week studying bridges,
but tunnels are much more interesting,
because tunnels are about length,
and tunnels are about depth,
and tunnels are about pressure.
Look. See that thing up there?
It's one of the piston relief ducts.
It runs all the way through
the other train tunnel.
Miss Malkin said if we didn't have
one of those, the pressure in here
- would pop skulls like champagne corks.
- [MONTY] Jesus Christ, Pen. That's enough.
[PENNY] They're just entertaining facts.
Yeah? Well, you've been
entertaining us for an hour.
Pipe down now, yeah?
Anyone else feel that?
- The cold?
- I know.
It's like, um, we're on ice
or something, like, um
Monty's dating life.
That's absolute tosh, mate.
It's true, Monty. You haven't
had a girlfriend since Brexit.
- Penny!
- It's just a fact.
- Nobody needs to know.
Just like nobody needs
to know about pressure
and wiring and the other shit
you've been going on about.
Hey, you promised to do what I say.
Well, now I say put a
fucking sock in it, yeah?
Who needs a dating life when I've
got your mom on call 24/7, mate?
[ALFIE] Shut up.
Christ, baby sisters are the worst.
I'm a baby sister.
And you were a prick to her just now.
She's probably nervous. I mean,
- who wouldn't be?
- You're kidding.
Strolling down a dark,
abandoned train tunnel
with a thousand trillion
liters of water above our heads.
Every kid's dream, innit?
Yeah. A real quest for the ages.
Oh, uh, Alfie's mom a good snog?
Yeah, no. She's
definitely in the top ten.
- Just under Judi Dench, so
So, when did you figure it out?
About Caspar?
- Figure what?
- That he was, I don't know, special.
I didn't at first.
Looking back, yeah.
There was always something about him.
Like he was tuned
into some wavelength of
some song the rest of us couldn't hear.
[CHUCKLES] Like his ancient Walkman.
[CHUCKLES] Old stuff.
God, I used to needle him all
the time, now that I think.
But the truth is, I actually
thought it was pretty cool.
Bullshit. [SCOFFS]
You didn't needle him, you hated him.
Come on. It's not like it's a secret.
You were shit to him.
Don't get me wrong.
I'm glad you're here.
I guess I just don't
know why you're here.
Like you said, gotta take
our world back, right?
- Simple as that.
- "Simple as that"?
Sure. I mean, why else would I be here?
- [ALFIE] Holy shit!
- The recon team.
Aliens did this. They're here.
Oi, you all right?
- Eh, back off!
- Bro, I'm just trying to help.
Well, he doesn't want
it, does he? Not from you.
[DARWIN] Not from either of
you. I'm not a bloody invalid.
I just wasn't expecting to see that.
Wait, wait, wait. Where's Penny?
Shit. Where'd she go?
- Penny?
- She was right behind us, wasn't she?
- [DARWIN] M Maybe she passed us.
- Pen, get back here right now.
- Pen?
[JAMILA] Oh, my God.
- [MONTY] Run!
- Go!
- [JAMILA] Monty.
- [MONTY] Fuck.
- Shit, I'm stuck! I'm stuck!
- [JAMILA] Monty, get up. Monty!
Pull! Pull!
[ALFIE] Where's my lighter?
- Fuck, I can't find my lighter.
- [JAMILA] Guys.
- Oh, shit!
What happened to that thing?
It looked, I don't know, sick.
[DARWIN] It's really cold.
I can feel it from here.
I think it stopped breathing.
[ALFIE] Did it even
breathe? Or have lungs or
Whatever, who gives a shit?
Penny's missing, and
you lot are going on
about this this
fucking thing's anatomy.
The only breathing I care about
right now, yeah, is Penny's.
[PENNY] You always said my
breath smells like dead rats.
[MONTY] Pen. Oh, my God.
Come on. Don't ever run
away like that, yeah?
I wasn't running, I was exploring.
And if you like that lumpy thing,
you're going to love what I found.
They're finished, it's over!
Just the person who needs to see this.
[IN MALAY] A moment, Prisha.
on a walk to clear my head,
and a few blocks from here, saw this.
It's happening all over.
They're dying, Esmee.
We did it. We did it.
- [PENNY] A crossway. They're on the map.
- We walked right by it.
- [JAMILA] Where does it lead?
[PENNY] Another tunnel
for workers, I think.
There's no tracks to trip up
on, which means we go faster.
[JAMILA] Lead the way.
See? What did I tell you?
Penny, be careful, you nutter.
It's okay. I was scared too at first.
But this lot's dead as
[CHUCKLES] dodos. Ice-cold too.
[JAMILA] That's why the temperature's
so low. All of these things.
[DARWIN] Think it
was the attack they were
talking about on radio that killed them?
[PENNY] Maybe. Maybe they'll
just curl up and leave us alone.
Wouldn't that be terrific?
[MONTY] Please. They're not all
gonna catch the flu and die, Pen.
[ALFIE] You don't know that.
[MONTY] You looked up at
the sky recently, mate?
You didn't see anything highly
evolved up there, did you?
[ALFIE] Haven't seen nothing highly
evolved down here, for sure. [CHUCKLES]
[DARWIN] Would you two
just back off each other?
Jamila, w what's going on?
- [ALFIE] What is it?
[JAMILA] Don't know.
Let me try something.
[ALFIE] What's that noise? Sounds
like my mum's wind chimes or something.
Show's over, I guess.
That wasn't a show.
It was a transmission.
A message from them.
[MONTY] To who?
And what did it say?
- Let's go.
- [MONTY] Let's go.
[ALFIE] What the hell happened here?
[DARWIN] Is that security?
[JAMILA] Looks like
some kind of last stand.
[MONTY] Didn't stand long, did they?
[ALFIE] This is some
straight-up Godzilla shit.
[DARWIN] They, uh, must have
been protecting something or
[ALFIE] What? More tunnels?
[JAMILA] This.
[MONTY] Christ.
[JAMILA] They couldn't get
the gate closed in time.
- [ALFIE] The aliens slaughtered them.
Pen, hey, hey. Hey, hey. Look at
me. Look at me. It's all right, okay?
It's just another panic
attack. You all right?
- We're fine. You're fine, Penny. Fine.
- I feel it. I feel it.
- [MONTY] You feel what?
- I feel it.
- [PANTING] I feel it.
- Feel what?
[WORKER, IN FRENCH] Doctor Doctor
please, I can't understand you
- The line is breaking up
- can you say that again?
It's Saint-Louis Hospital.
Something's wrong.
Hello, this is Dr. Gagneux.
they all appear to be
victims of some kind of attack.
- We're overwhelmed
we need someone to take
- We're overwhelmed, we need someone
- [IN FRENCH] Doctor, are you there?
- Gently, gently. Breathe.
What did this to you?
Forget me. Get everyone to safety
- I need help over here!
They're coming and they're worse
- Fuck. Move him!
- [ALFIE] Shit. What do we do?
[MONTY] Darwin. Darwin,
go! Penny, go with me.
- [JAMILA] Push.
[DARWIN] We have got to get out of here.
[MONTY] Hey, Penny.
Penny. Penny, look at me.
- Hey. Close your eyes, okay?
We're going to walk
the maze together, yeah?
Can you see it, the maze? Great,
okay. You're walking forward.
Tall hedges on either side
protecting you. But there's a fork.
You know where to go, yeah? You turn
- Left.
- There you go. You turn left.
Now, you're walking forward.
And then there's a
corner. Then you turn
- [PENNY] Right.
- [MONTY] Exactly. Right, yes.
- [CHILDREN CHANTING] Wajo. Wajo. Wajo
[ESMEE, IN FRENCH] Everyone, listen to
me Take the children with you and go!
Gather all the essential
research, everything you can.
- Esmee, what's going on?
- They're not dead, Gabriel.
They're coming back. And they're worse.
Get everything you can and go!
- This is not a test.
[GABRIEL] Sarah, grab my files.
- In his condition, we can't possibly
- [ESMEE] I know.
- [GABRIEL] We'd do more harm than good.
- I said I know. Go help the others.
And Gabriel?
Tell the guards out there to
protect this boy at all costs.
You're a survivor, Caspar.
- [MONTY] No, you're not. We've been here.
- Where do you turn?
- [BREATHING HEAVILY] Left. Then right.
Then right again.
Yes, yes, yes. Now you're at
the center of the garden with me.
- You made it. [CHUCKLES]
- Yeah?
[JAMILA] Get back, guys! Now!
[ALFIE] What the hell
are those? They're huge!
[JAMILA] Oh, God. What are they?
- Alf? What are you doing? Alf!
- [ALFIE] Fucking
[ALFIE] Yes!
It's not working. The
fire's not working!
- Come on!
- [MONTY] Go. Jump.
- [JAMILA] We have to shut the door.
- [ALFIE] Here.
- [MONTY] Come on. Go.
[JAMILA] Come on, guys! Guys, turn it.
- Guys, the gate's giving way.
- Hurry. Please!
- [DARWIN] That's it, more to me.
- [MONTY] It can't go any faster!
- [ALFIE] Come on! Quicker!
[JAMILA] Guys, guys. Guys,
quickly! Quickly, Darwin! Close it!
- We can't stay here. Come on.
Go, go, go, go. Penny, go.
[DARWIN] What I wouldn't give
for a cozy fire right now.
[ALFIE] Well, I had some of those heat
packs in my backpack, but they're gone.
The gear, the food
[MONTY] Please don't
mention food right now.
Any idea how much longer?
[ALFIE] I guess those aliens weren't
dead after all. They were just napping.
Yeah, but they woke up different,
like they're evolving or something.
That's great. We barely knew
how to fight the first ones.
How else are we going to stop these
- these
- [DARWIN] Jesus.
[MONTY] Looks like
it hit those bastards.
So this is where all
those people came from.
[DARWIN] Well, that way's blocked.
[MONTY] Yeah. Looks like a
live wire up there as well.
[ALFIE] Let's go through this way.
[ALFIE] It's blocked.
Let's cut through here.
Oh, shit.
[DARWIN] It's like a car
wreck inside of a train wreck.
What a mess.
[MONTY] Look, Penny's
exhausted and freezing.
She needs to rest, and seeing that we
are stuck here for the moment, we
So you're giving up, yeah?
- Fucking knew it.
- I'm not giving up, you prick.
- I'm just calling a break.
- "Calling a break"?
So you're team captain now.
Stop fighting, both of you.
Jam, what do you think?
[SIGHS] Forget it.
Me and Darwin will go scavenge up
some supplies to replace what we lost.
Let's go. Enjoy your break, yeah?
[MONTY] Nope. Okay.
- Then let's check this one, yeah?
- [PENNY] This one?
- [MONTY] Yes.
- [PENNY] This the one?
[SIGHS] Yeah, great. This will work.
All right, Penny. Hop in.
See, look. Blanket and everything.
Okay, Penny, lie down.
Okay. Pillow fort, here we come.
[SIGHS] Complete with
[SIGHS] a night-light.
All right. Okay.
Good night, Pen.
You haven't said a word in hours.
Something wrong?
Besides, I mean, everything?
You're good with her, you know?
You sound surprised.
I've just never seen you like that.
You really know what she needs.
What was that thing before?
"You turn left, turn right"
The maze.
Weird, innit?
A few years back when things got
bad at home, Penny would get these
these attacks, you know?
I noticed only certain things
would calm her down like maps and
and bus routes.
We'd stash them everywhere. And when
she did get scared, we'd pull one out
and, uh, trace a path.
But, one time we were on a
walk, and a cyclist got hit.
Mercedes just hammered him. The
bloke flew across the street,
a few yards from Penny.
- Christ.
- [MONTY] Yeah.
Penny lost it.
I mean completely lost
it. No map, nothing.
So, on the spot, I made up this maze.
God, it sounds so stupid,
but "Turn left. Turn right."
And, uh, that's what we've
been doing ever since.
You fixed it.
Made it better.
Listen, you're not to blame for
all this. You know that, right?
But I am though.
- This whole mess is on me.
Trapped in a tunnel,
surrounded by monsters.
Nothing to eat and no way out.
[SCOFFS] And I can't fix it.
Should've listened to my mum.
We'd all be better off if
I'd just stayed at home.
Not me. Not Pen.
Nothing I said could
get her out of the house.
I mean nothing.
But you did. You gave us hope.
And look where it got her.
Look, it doesn't matter, okay? Penny's
not the only one who
needs rest right now.
Why don't you join her?
I'll take first watch.
No, I don't need to
sleep. I need to think.
Take a walk.
- Normally helps me.
- Yeah. Got it. Thanks.
I'm sorry. I just wanna be alone.
Fine. All good.
Another couple of road flares.
- How many does that make?
- [DARWIN] Uh, five.
Uh, plus two water bottles,
some biscuits and a tire iron.
And some bungees and some climbing gear
from Mr. French Alps Holiday over there.
[ALFIE] No way we're going through
this. It's the end of the line.
[MONTY] You find anything
good? Pretty grim, eh?
Yeah. Some, uh, biscuits, so
Oh, great. I'm starving.
Hey! Emergencies only.
Look around, mate. It's
the very definition.
Alf, he's right. The path's blocked.
There's no getting past that.
And plus, I'm pretty
M Marvin anyway, so
Nice. Cozying up with
King Prick over here.
When he used to torture you
torture Caspar back at school,
who was it that stuck up for you? Huh?
- You did.
- Yeah.
Whether I wanted you to or not.
Excuse me?
Look. Everything doesn't
have to be a fight, Alfie.
We do things to survive. And yeah,
Monty was a bag of dicks back then,
and he still can be sometimes, but
right now you're just as bad as him.
Fine. Whatever.
But I still don't trust you.
- You think you know me so well, don't you?
- No, I don't at all. That's the problem.
Ask me anything. Open book.
Open book, eh?
All right. "Kiss from a Rose."
What's that '90s abomination
doing in your playlist?
- Little Monty get his heart broken?
- None of your business.
If you want trust, this is the price.
Open fucking book and
I just picked the page.
[SIGHS, WHISPERS] Fucking hell.
[SCOFFS] It's my parents' song, okay?
I used to watch them dance to
it when I was five or whatever.
They used to smile at each
other. Like, real smiles.
So, yeah. I play it sometimes
'cause it reminds me that things
things were actually good once.
Happy now, twat?
Fine. Walk it is.
[CASPAR] It's like the bus, isn't it?
The one Mr. Edwards was
driving before the crash.
Looked like a crushed-up
fizzy drink can.
- We made it out alive.
- I'm dreaming again.
Sort of. Yeah.
So if I'm dreaming,
where are you?
I'm with them. Well,
part of me is.
Just after the hospital, with
you and that soldier, Trevante,
I felt something pulling on me.
It was like a It was
like a compass needle.
And I followed that pull,
and it led me straight into their world.
- Into them.
- "Into them"?
But just know I reached out
to you with everything I had.
And here you are. [CHUCKLES]
I've been looking for you.
Me too.
I wanted to get out.
I I thought I could.
I think things got worse here.
The radio said something
about an attack.
Maybe it worked. M
Maybe we hurt them.
That's why the lights, they're flashing.
And the And And the sound
They must be right pissed.
Whatever signal they're sending,
I mean, they must be stronger because
- I can finally see you.
- See you.
- Don't you see what that means?
You're still finding ways to get back.
Get back to me. Just like
I'm finding my way to you.
- You are?
- Yeah.
If you're with them,
you can learn about them.
About what they are, how to
fight them, how to finish them.
Then, together, we can
get you back. All of you.
- You just gotta keep trying.
- I will if you will.
I'm not giving up.
[WHISPERING] Hey, Monty. Monty.
- What is it?
- You have a good sense of direction, yeah?
"Turn left, turn right"?
Yeah. Uh, yeah.
- Time to fix this.
[PENNY] Monty!
Monty, where are you?
Alfie! Alfie! Alfie!
- What? What happened?
- They're coming. I heard them.
[GROANS] Someone's
gone through my things.
I knew it. What did he take?
- Climbing gear.
- What?
[JAMILA] You're up. Good.
'Cause we're leaving. Come on, guys.
See? It's a path through all this mess.
Just follow the rope and mind the glass.
- He had to break some windows.
- Monty!
- You did this?
- Yeah, I did.
- Great. [GRUNTS]
- Follow me, Pen.
- [JAMILA] Any cuts? Mmm?
- I don't think so.
- [JAMILA] All good? Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
- They're coming. Let's go! Come on.
- [MONTY] Go, go, go.
[DARWIN] Did you notice
we're running uphill?
We must be near the end.
- Oh, no.
- [ALFIE] What the hell?
- [MONTY] Guys, please
- [DARWIN] Look at the walls.
[MONTY] Jesus.
Those are explosives. They're gonna
blow the entrance to the tunnel.
- [JAMILA] Oh, God.
- [MONTY] Fuck. Help!
Anyone! Please! Help! Please!
Please! Please! Help!
[JAMILA] Anyone!
Someone's in the tunnel!
Hey! Someone's in there!
What are you talking about?
- It sounds like children, sir.
- I need six men, now!
God. There's someone there.
- [SOLDIER 1] Come on.
- [JAMILA] Hurry, hurry, hurry!
Climb up! Climb up!
[MONTY] Climb up! Get her up!
- [JAMILA] Hurry, hurry, hurry!
- [MONTY] Pen, go.
[JAMILA] Go, go, go, go, go!
- [PENNY] Monty!
- [IN FRENCH] Clear the barricade!
- [JAMILA] Go, go, go, go!
- [MONTY] Come on. I got you.
[JAMILA] Quick, they're coming!
[IN FRENCH] Ready the charges!
- Monty!
- [THUD]
[IN FRENCH] On my signal!
Three two one!
- All clear!
- Yeah, welcome.
- [DARWIN] Fuck.
- [PENNY] Monty!
- Pen.
- Hey. I thought you was dead in there.
- Yeah, I did too.
- You all right?
- [GROANS] Nicked me. God. [GROANING]
- [ALFIE] Fucking hell.
- [ALFIE] Someone's coming.
- [JAMILA] Medic. Medic!
[ALFIE] Come on. Pick him up.
- [MONTY] Go.
[ALFIE] Come on. You're
gonna be fine, okay?
Look, there's medics here.
They're gonna get you good.
[MONTY] This lot's
gonna fix you right up.
- [ALFIE] All right, bro.
- [STAMMERING] Casper. Find Caspar. [PANTS]
- [ALFIE] What?
We need to take him.
- He's fine. He's gonna be fine.
[MONTY] Hey, they're doctors.
They're gonna look after him.
It's just a scratch, Pen. It's okay.
- W What did he say?
- [BREATHES HEAVILY] Let's go get Caspar.
Well, let's go get him then.
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