Invasion (2021) s02e07 Episode Script

Down the Rabbit Hole

Uh, coffee is over on the stove.
Early riser, huh?
- Only since the world went to hell.
- Hmm.
You want to take a look at this?
[TREVANTE] Coordinates for everyone
that's gone missing?
Taken. Martin said
they "took" Lisa. Here.
I was lying awake when it hit me.
If that kid of yours
saw the Williamses' scarecrow
before Felix got taken,
he must have seen things
at the other pickup points, right?
This corner, where Edna Reynolds
was last seen, there's a fire hydrant.
Some joker painted a face on the
hydrant. Maybe he saw that face.
The beauty parlor,
where Dolores Kim was last seen.
The sign is shaped like scissors.
Maybe he drew that sign.
Or maybe it's the coordinates.
The numbers.
Maybe they're in one of these drawings,
like Sheriff Tyson's badge.
I've been going over every picture,
every line, every word, every number.
- It's gotta be in here.
- Or maybe you should take a break.
I'll take a break when I'm done.
- I sound
- Intense?
- I was gonna say, "Like you."
- [CHUCKLES] Oh. Ouch.
I've been thinking a lot
about how you must feel,
walking around town
where everybody's missing.
But you kept your cool until last night
when one of them came back.
And now
You're not looking for
everybody, are you?
You're looking for somebody.
Is it Billy?
I know this number.
It's a plate. A license plate.
Belonged to Ben Shelton.
His nephews, Cal and Chet,
took his truck one day and
then they disappeared here.
They were the first two to go missing.
Sheriff Tyson found the truck
but not the boys,
and then he disappeared
in the same location.
Then Shelton and his wife vanished too.
Right here.
[TREVANTE] Spirals.
What if
they're thinking
in a spiral?
What's at the center here?
That's Ben Shelton's farm.
After Ben disappeared,
the farm sat empty till
the military took it over.
They turned it into a supply depot
to keep food and such.
[TREVANTE] I don't think
that's all they're keeping.
Come on.
All these troops, TAC
and cover formation.
I mean, come on now.
What are they guarding?
There's no way they're guarding food.
They're definitely hiding something.
[WHISPERS] Hey, come on.
[TREVANTE] We gotta get a better view.
[WHISPERS] What the hell is down there?
- We got a spike.
- All right. It's active.
- Gear up.
[SERGEANT] Retrieval unit,
get in position.
We got one. Haul him up!
Sarge, over there!
Intruders! Twelve o'clock!
- [TREVANTE] Shit. Go! Keep going. Go!
- [ROSE] Wait!
- Shit.
Don't move! Put your hands up.
Put your hands up.
All right, easy.
[ALFIE] Yo, Casp.
What is this weird place?
I think this is where they kept me.
[MONTY] What, you don't know?
These don't look like the kind of
reports my mum used to handle.
I mean, it's all in
French. So, who knows?
[MONTY] Whatever they did here,
looks like it didn't save them.
Except you, mate.
You came through all right.
[JAMILA] What happened, Casp?
I'm not sure.
I don't really even remember waking up.
This was mine.
Lucky you weren't here
when they broke in, innit?
What about them? Were they here?
[JAMILA] Who are they?
Oh, wait. You drew this, right?
[CASPAR] Yeah, I must have.
But I don't remember it.
Not sure I've even seen them.
How did you draw them
if you haven't seen them?
Eva, Elkin, Natori. Ringing any bells?
They're, um
Les enfants exceptionnels.
They're all here.
Even you, Caspar.
[JAMILA] They were patients
here in this ward with you.
[MONTY] Sounds like more than patients.
I mean, "Exceptional Children"?
- Look at this place. They were lab rats.
- But for what, though?
- What did they test them for?
- Who knows?
Not him.
This is all part of the WDC.
Then it's military. [SIGHS]
So each of these kids
could be a weapon.
- W-We don't know that.
- [MONTY] But makes sense, though, right?
I mean, why else would
they be locked down here
if they weren't dangerous?
That's That's
actually a good question.
Casp, in my dreams you
said you were gonna find out
how to beat them, the aliens.
Did you?
The others. The kids,
I think they might be the key.
- For real?
- [CASPAR] I've been feeling them.
Hearing them.
Even when I was out.
Only I didn't know it was them.
At first, I thought it was you, Jam.
But they were speaking
different languages. They still are.
Uh, they're just quieter now.
It's like they're far off.
- Calling.
I don't know why we're like this.
But maybe
Maybe we can use it to fight back.
Well, let's find them then.
Yeah, Casp. Where are they?
I-In Paris somewhere?
- Further, I think.
- I'm sorry.
I thought Caspar was the key.
Now we're saying these
other kids are the key.
And he doesn't even
remember meeting them.
Oh, no. But, no, don't worry, you know,
because he hears them in his head,
even though his GPS
ain't exactly state-of-the-art.
Any of this seem mental to you?
- Come on, Monty. No need
- No, Alf.
I get it.
It's a bit mad,
but this whole trip's been mad.
And every mad thing has led us here.
To Caspar.
If he says that these kids can help
win the war, let's find them.
- Come on, what have we got to lose?
- We don't even know where to start.
What about this?
There's a lab near Orléans.
Or they were making one.
Does that sound right, Casp?
Yeah, yeah. I think so.
If I listen,
then we can follow their voices.
- Good enough for me. Let's go.
- I'm in too.
Yeah, sure. Why not? [SIGHS]
Like you said, nothing to lose, yeah?
Other than our bloody lives.
[CLARK] There it is. Camp Pierce.
So, what do you think?
We're gonna get your daughter back.
[SIGHS] We'll find a way in.
[BRADFORD] Pretty steep climb,
don't you think, Clark?
Assuming we make it through the gate.
It's gotta be at least 50
armed troops down there,
judging by the barracks.
Before we make any assumptions,
give us a day to watch the base.
Gather what facts we can.
Clark, we've been going nonstop.
Look at us.
We started with 40. We're down to 12.
- We lost Jack, for God's sake.
- Fourteen.
Luke and I makes 14.
I'm talking people
who can actually do something.
I'm cleaning your gun, Hanley.
Okay, now. People are welcome
to voice their concerns.
Anybody else?
No offense, but how many more
of us are we willing to lose?
All to get one back?
She's not "one," she's Sarah.
You know what I mean.
Names are important. Without them,
people are a lot easier to forget.
I'll tell you what I'm not forgetting.
That he's the one
who led them right to us.
- [CLARK] No, we don't know that.
- He hears them in his head.
- You think that's not a two-way street?
- [LUKE] It's not like that.
He saved our lives back in the fog.
- He stopped that alien in its tracks.
- Just by telling it to.
- What else has he been telling them?
- Back off.
- Why? You afraid we might find the truth?
- I said, back off!
Everybody, just take a breath.
[RACHEL] You were
keeping things from us.
That alien object thing?
Of all people. Really?
Okay, fine. Fine. Go. Leave.
I don't need this. I'll do it myself.
You're wrong, you
know? You do need them.
- You're gonna need them down there.
[CLARK] Stay.
Talk to them.
I tried talking to them.
No. Not as soldiers. As people.
Scared people, risking their lives.
Show them who you are.
In med school, I spent a week
shadowing a doctor in the cancer ward.
I watched people find out that death
was living inside their bodies
- Where is this going?
- [CLARK] You've got somewhere to be?
I'd forgotten about that.
Or just pushed it down.
Pushed it away like so much else.
The doctor, he said something to me
at the end of that week.
He said, "The ones who have
the best chance of survival
are the ones who are willing to fight
for something more than themselves."
Maybe it's their families,
their loved ones, but something.
Something bigger than survival.
And I forgot.
Until I met you guys.
Until I saw you fighting.
Risking your lives.
Giving your lives
for something more.
I'm sorry you lost loved ones
looking for mine.
Pain like that is
But if you want to stop, push it away,
I understand.
Believe me.
That's what I would have done
before I met you.
All of you.
- Hey!
- Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! It's me.
They're running air recon. Come here.
Hold this. Got it off that sergeant.
Well, if I wasn't a fugitive before
Not your first rodeo?
People who actually go to rodeos
don't say that.
- We gotta go!
- [TREVANTE] Not yet, not yet. Come on.
It's here somewhere.
What did we see back there?
That hole. That blue light.
It's almost like it was alive.
'Cause there's something down there.
Something sent by them.
And the military doesn't want anybody
to find out what it is.
I knew they were lying to us,
pretending to keep us safe.
That boy, Caspar,
you think he saw something?
He didn't just see something.
He saw it.
What the hell is
happening at Ben's farm?
- I don't know.
But we need to find out.
Come on, let's go.
[ROSE] I know some place safe.
[JAMILA] It must have been
some kind of evacuation point.
- [ALFIE] It's wide open.
It's clear. Let's go.
[JAMILA] Okay. Spill it.
[MONTY] What?
You clearly have something to say.
So say it before your brain overheats.
I figured you'd be happy.
Like the rest of us. I mean,
after everything we've been through.
Now we've finally found Caspar.
Did we?
I mean, how was he the only one
who survived in that hospital?
- The only one left.
- Or left behind.
Yeah, either way. Why?
Look, in my own, I guess, shitty way,
I looked in his eyes.
I saw the fear I caused.
And And the pain.
And yeah, I got off on it.
But the point is, I saw him.
Now I look at him and I see
I don't know, I see
nothing. Like a void.
Tell me you don't see that too.
Listen. Caspar's
dreams brought us to him.
So I'm gonna trust his dreams
wherever they lead.
Can you do that? Trust him?
I trust you.
Your dreams are the ones I'll follow.
attacks of the newer,
more lethal aliens
continue their spread.
- From the Pacific Northwest
toward the Rocky Mountain region.
- With sightings on the rise
- What's wrong, girl?
- [RADIO PRESENTER] Ammonia levels
- in these areas,
and the increased number of attacks
has forced communities to evacuate,
sometimes over treacherous terrain.
military and humanitarian aid
is spreading to create a
Evening, Marlene.
[RADIO PRESENTER] serious situation
[MARLENE] There.
Now the hospitality part's over with.
Why is a pair of fugitives in my house?
And keep your voices down.
I just got the twins off to bed.
[ROSE] I know this is [SIGHS]
I-I just I know.
And believe me, if we had
anywhere else to go, we would
[MARLENE] Are you dangerous?
Is he?
No. God, no.
[MARLENE] 'Cause they're saying you are.
Ma'am, I promise you, we're
[MARLENE] I'm sorry,
this is a family conversation.
We are family, still?
I mean, legally?
Well, there's that at least.
[ROSE] Marlene, you're taking a risk
even talking to us.
I can't tell you what that means to me.
But it's gonna be worth it.
To find Billy.
You know what happened to Billy?
You know where he is?
We have a lead, a real one.
We just need a little time.
Can you give it to us?
[MARLENE] It ain't pretty
but it'll do for the night.
- [ROSE] Thank you.
- [MARLENE] You got it till sunup.
So, you wanna talk about it?
You mean Billy?
Yeah. Who is he?
Like, her husband or something?
Nope, he's mine.
- Oh.
- [SIGHS] Can Can we just sit down?
Billy wasn't a bad man. Isn't.
Didn't lie, didn't cheat.
But we hit a rough patch,
and it never smoothed out.
Talking led to fighting, and
So, we just stopped talking.
For months.
Then, one day he said he wanted a baby.
And I said, "That's funny.
I want a divorce."
Guess it wasn't really that funny.
He came here to stay with Marlene,
his big sister.
Two days later, Sheriff Tyson vanished
and the aliens came.
And then others vanished
and the military came.
And then, Billy vanished.
Then you came.
I wanted him gone.
But not like this.
It feels like it's all my fault.
My son was sick.
His little body was hurting, you know?
So much.
And for a moment
I just wanted the pain to go away.
All the pain, inside all of us. Just
And then
[SIGHS] the doctor came in
and broke the news, you know?
It really shakes you up,
losing someone like that.
Does it ever stop?
I'll let you know.
I'll let you know.
[MONTY] Come on.
[ALFIE] This bloody rain,
right as we're leaving town.
- [GRUNTS] It's just like home.
- [MONTY] This is nothing like home.
[JAMILA SIGHS] Let's get supplies, yeah?
[MONTY] Oi, look here.
[ALFIE] Oh, yeah! Re-up time!
Never mind the rain,
I'll be drowning in plastic.
All they've got left is extra-large.
We'll have to make do, yeah?
[RADIO PRESENTER] We're receiving word
of alien attacks spreading
[PENNY] What about this instead?
- That's trash, Pen. Now go put it down.
- What? No.
See? Tags. Brand-new.
Does it even work?
I'll make it work.
- All right, give it to me now. Okay?
- No. You'll just throw it in the bin.
- Pen, give it to me now.
- No!
- Pen, let go of it now!
- No!
[WHISPERS] It's okay.
- Was that them?
- [MONTY] 'Course it's them.
Casp, can you feel them?
Like before, in Mum's
hospital. Are they close?
Come on, I thought you were connected
to them or whatever.
I don't feel anything.
That's good, right?
Maybe they've moved on.
- [THUD]
Shit! That one was close!
[JAMILA] Sounds like
they're breaking into buildings.
No. No, no, no.
Hey. Whoa. You're okay.
You're okay, Pen. Take my hands.
Okay, Pen. You're okay.
They smash in here, yeah?
We're sitting ducks.
Time to Jedi up, Skywalker.
Monty's right. We can't stay here.
Come on.
- [MONTY] Fuck!
Casp? Can you give us a direction?
Tell us which way is safe?
This way.
Fine, let's go.
Caspar, you lead.
- [THUD]
- [CASPAR] Go! Go!
- [MONTY] Run!
[ALFIE] Oh, shit! It's a dead end! Fuck!
[MONTY] Guys, what do we do?
- Guys, this way!
- [MONTY] They're coming.
- [ALFIE] Get it open! Go, go, go.
Go, go, go.
- [MONTY] Go! Go!
[ALFIE GRUNTS] Holy fuck.
[JAMILA PANTS] Oh, my God.
[MONTY] Go, go, go, Penny. Here you go.
It's a five-story drop!
Oi! What the hell?
You led us straight to them!
Hey, what do we do? What do we do?
I'm done listening to him!
He's the reason we're in this mess!
Open. Open! Open it!
Open! Open! Open!
- Open up! Open! Open! Open it.
- [MONTY] Penny.
- Open. Open.
I hear them! They're coming!
- [PENNY] Open!
- We trusted you, and now we're stuck here!
You and me. Left,
right, left. We're fine.
We're fine.
No, we're not.
- Let's go!
[SOLDIER] Hey, man.
You hear about Camp Allman?
- What?
- Gone.
An entire company
wiped off the grid overnight.
- Shit.
- [LUKE] Hello?
[SOLDIER 2] What the
hell, kid? You lost?
[LUKE] I need help.
Where's your family? They all right?
[SIGHS] It's not them. It's me.
There's something wrong with me.
I'll call it in.
You sick or something?
You don't look too bad.
How about I take you inside
to the infirmary?
Get the medic to check you out.
You good with that?
You should get them
to check out your friend first.
You did your mother proud.
Go. Open the gate.
You better be right about this, Clark.
She's headed into a hornet's nest.
- [SOLDIER 3] Watch out!
- [SOLDIER 4] Oh, shit!
- [SOLDIER 3] Go!
- [SOLDIER 4] This way! Follow me!
Out of the truck! On the ground! Now!
I said, get on the ground. Now!
Check her.
Damn it. It's bad enough we got an enemy
that isn't even human.
We've gotta worry about humans
becoming our enemies?
- Clear.
- All right, you care to tell me
what the hell you think you're doing?
Gathering you all to a central location.
[CLARK] You're surrounded!
Put your guns down!
Drop it, right now!
- [CLARK] Put your weapons on the ground!
- [ACTIVIST] Down! Down!
- [CLARK] That means you too, Corporal.
Let's make this a day
where no one gets shot.
[SOLDIER 5] All right. Easy!
- Nice driving.
- Nice counting.
You were right. They're understaffed.
Wanna know how many people
are in an army base?
- Keep your eye on the mess hall.
Let's go find her.
- [SOLDIER] What the hell is that?
- Wow. Can't believe it worked.
- I told you.
Everybody's gotta eat. Even the crows.
- [SOLDIER] Sir, the road's blocked
- Hey!
- Thank Marlene for me.
Not sure she'll wanna see
either of us again.
We'll find Billy. And the rest of them.
[SOLDIER 2] Hey, scram!
Hang on to this. Just in case, okay?
You'll make it.
Not your first rodeo.
[SOLDIER 2] Let's go, guys! Let's go!
[MONTY] Jamila.
Be careful, yeah?
Casp. Mind the can. It's hot.
Oh, no. I'm fine.
So much for Paris, eh?
Damn city almost got us killed.
I almost got us killed.
You tried, Casp.
You're still healing or whatever, right?
Still remembering.
I can help you remember.
Remember us. No?
I held on to the drawing you made.
All this time.
I used to think
it was so I wouldn't forget you.
But after a while I figured
it was so I wouldn't forget me.
The way you saw me, Casp.
You made me believe.
If you could do that for me,
I can do that for you.
[CASPAR] It's all in pieces.
It's like a dream I can't hold on to,
you know? Everything slipping.
[JAMILA] It's the first song we
listened to together. Old stuff.
We were on a bus, right?
- And I had a book?
- [CHUCKLES] Your notebook.
- Yeah. It fell open.
Yeah. [CHUCKLES] And then you
I remember.
Okay. Sarah Malik.
This tall. Eight-year-old.
Long brown hair. Where is she?
You know, despite what you said
out there, we're not your enemy.
With all due respect, ma'am,
you could've had me fooled.
You're with the Movement, right?
We don't wanna harm anyone.
I hope you can see that.
You gave the two men at the gate
[ANEESHA] We just want my daughter.
Hand her over, and we will leave.
We know she's here.
Listen. If you're not the one in charge,
just tell us who is,
and we will talk to them.
No one's in charge.
- Who's the ranking officer?
- I am.
But-But I was only made
corporal by vote. It's not official.
The rest of the company
were transferred out
to fortify other positions.
[CLARK] So no one's running the place?
We're defending our post until
further orders. We're doing our duty.
Which is why I decline your request
for further information.
Decline my request?
All matters concerning
the military actions of this outpost
are considered confidential
and not to be shared with civilians.
- She is my daughter.
Where is she?
What? There?
Is this where sh
- I'm sorry.
Me too.
- [CLARK] Aneesha.
- [CORPORAL] Jesus, man.
[CLARK] Aneesha!
Hold him down.
- What are you doing?
- [ANEESHA] Hold him down!
- Keep your gun on him.
- This is not the way to do this.
- Aneesha.
- There you go. Propofol.
[CLARK] What are you doing?
[ANEESHA] Normally,
I would administer 40 milligram.
In your case, let's say 60.
Can you just tell me
what the plan is here?
She was there, Clark. In that room.
Now, I'm going to give him one
last chance to tell me where she is
before I remove something
he's going to miss when he wakes up.
Aneesha, this is
This is not who you are.
This is exactly who
I am! I'm her mother!
Listen. I've lost people too, all right?
I've lost family. I've lost
[WHISPERS] Fuck. Please, stop.
[CORPORAL] Ma'am, ple
Now or never.
Please. Listen. Please! Please, just
- Speak up!
- Goddamn it, please
- Where is she?
- [BRADFORD] She's not here!
She's not here.
Searched the admin
office and found this.
They left with Sarah last night.
- I'm sorry, Aneesha.
- [CLARK] Oklahoma?
[BRADFORD] Yeah. It's
not a military base.
Project Idabel?
What is this?
It's where we're going next.
Don't worry. We'll find her.
[CORPORAL] No, you won't.
You're never gonna make it to her.
- We made it to you.
- [CORPORAL] You don't understand.
Project Idabel,
it's not some half-abandoned way station
like it is here.
That's ground zero.
That's where all of this started.
Listen to me. If they took your daughter
there, then she is gone.
There's nothing you can do.
[SOLDIER] Let's go. Follow me.
[TREVANTE] Dear Rose.
This is that note.
The one that says the
stuff I couldn't say
when we were laying next to each other,
because I didn't exactly know
how to say it.
I mean, I still don't, but
Maybe all the things
that brought us together weren't random.
Weren't coincidence.
I needed somebody.
We all need somebody,
even if we don't see it.
The drawings, the visions.
Maybe what's gonna
make them come together
like puzzle pieces clicking into place,
is you.
Like a light.
Showing me the way.
- [SOLDIER] Perimeter clear.
[TREVANTE] Showing me what's
at the center of all of this.
Guiding me home.
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