Invasion (2021) s02e08 Episode Script

Cosmic Ocean

- [MAYA, ECHOING] Mitsuki. Mitsuki.
I know you're feeling tired.
Losing time?
[IN JAPANESE] No. You're
not here. I need to work.
you need to tell me
if you're experiencing symptoms.
here you're not here
Not here
you're not here
I need to find the pattern
You need to let your mind heal.
I'll be here, Mitsuki.
- You're here.
- I'm here.
Touch. The perfect bypass.
Circumvents the signal to the brain.
I'm here.
You've been losing time.
Hearing things?
It will pass.
I'll stay here with you while
you learn the alien's language.
The others the other scientists.
You're not there yet. I promise.
I have to [STAMMERS] The frequencies.
[PANTING] I'm missing something.
Okay. Tell me about it.
I need more data.
There's a dozen frequencies.
I'm close. I just can't see the pattern.
If I can decipher it,
we can understand them.
You tried to warn me.
I won't let what happened
to the others happen to you.
I promise.
In a few hours, when your head
clears, we'll check your baselines.
I know how valuable learning
their language would be,
but you have to take a break.
- I'm missing something.
I'm missing something.
I know it's in here.
I just can't hear it.
Listen to me. First, you lose time.
Then you lose connection
with the outside world.
Then you lose communication. That's
what happened with the others.
The others?
[MAYA] You need to stop. Rest.
The others.
[MAYA] You're not there yet, I promise.
- I told you
- That's it.
- That's it.
- What is?
Mitsuki? What are you doing?
[SHUSHES] Quiet.
- I need quiet.
[MAYA] Quiet.
- [WHISPERS] Turn that off.
What's happening?
I don't know.
You were wrong.
[MAYA] About what?
[MITSUKI] They didn't
lose communication.
They're just not
communicating in our language.
They are communicating like them
The aliens.
[TREVANTE] What the hell?
[SOLDIER] Code red. Code
red. We have a breach!
All available personnel.
Check the north quadrant.
[SOLDIER 2] Get your goddamn
hands up! Move away from the hatch!
On the ground, now!
I said, on the ground!
[SOLDIER] We will shoot you!
- [SOLDIER 3] Last warning.
- [TREVANTE] No! No!
- What are you hiding down there?
- Just shut up!
- What are you hiding?
- [SOLDIER] Lock the damn hatch!
- [SOLDIER 4] Let's go, let's go!
- [SOLDIER 5] Check the floor!
- [SOLDIER 4] Secure the perimeter!
- [SOLDIER 6] Go, go, go!
See anything?
[SIGHS] Trev.
Bro, it's a bloody fortress.
Are you sure they're in there?
I can hear them.
We'll look for a way
in. Just you and me, Alf.
If they see us, we're lost children.
I could be a lost child.
I'm smaller.
And cuter.
She does add authenticity.
Okay, fine.
But Penny? Hey, Penny, you're
gonna listen to Jamila, all right?
I'll look after Caspar.
Jesus. What?
You don't trust me.
Oh, yeah? What gave you that idea?
It's all right.
I don't really know if I trust myself.
I mean, I hear things. I see
things I don't really understand.
Well, no worries.
I've got my eye on you.
Hey, look. You've been
gone for a long time.
I mean, shit, people have
been gone for a long time,
you know, sometimes
they come back different.
You know, they've got a whole other
whole other family or whatever.
Or little voices in their heads.
But do you think maybe you're different?
Maybe you're you're not you?
Then who else would I be?
I would never hurt Jamila.
Oh, I know that, mate.
'Cause I'll make sure of it.
Looks like we've got more
in common than you thought.
I don't need superpowers to see it.
I think she's probably the
only one that doesn't see it.
[JAMILA] See what?
Nothing. Nothing at all.
Fine. Keep your secrets.
While you boys were busy
gabbing, I figured a way in.
What's she doing in here?
We're recording ticks. Binary code
built the Internet, ones and zeros.
If she's recovered, I want
her back in the enclosure.
She's not cleared yet.
The worst of her symptoms have receded,
but her readings are still erratic.
I don't care.
Transmit these to my lab.
I'll reassemble there.
What's she gonna learn
from these burnouts, huh?
Fear? Failure? [SLAMS LAPTOP SHUT]
I want her back inside,
and I'm losing patience.
You mean the WDC is losing patience.
I mean the world is.
How many more need to die
so you can play fucking Mother
Teresa to a room full of crackpots
- who've outlived their purpose.
- You mean your purpose?
I mean the goddamn
world's purpose, Maya!
You say this is all personal
for me like that's a bad thing.
I don't mind your judgment.
Your high-and-mighty morality.
- I'm used to it. It's how I survived.
- If you don't care,
then why are you wasting your
time saying all of this to me?
Because I'm not the one
who changed. You are.
This girl, she means
more to you, doesn't she?
Maybe I should put you in
that room of yours, huh?
Ask you some questions. Poke around
in your head for a bit, Doctor.
Or we can both serve our purpose.
And by "our" I mean the
whole fucking human race.
I'm not going to talk
to her until she's ready.
I will.
You scared it.
The alien. That's why
it came at you so hard.
You got too close. Too close
to whatever it was hiding.
We You have the advantage now.
I'm starting to learn its
language structure. Its syntax.
Maybe I was wrong. Maybe
you're the one who's scared.
Is that what it is?
It's not the alien that got
inside your head, it's Maya.
The others. You're scared
you'll end up like them.
So, you're doing exactly what
that entity wants you to do.
You're hiding.
If I can learn its language,
I can hack its internal
communication pathways. I can
You can do what? What then?
What if it doesn't feel like talking?
What if it lies to you?
Manipulates you? How will you know?
We're not trying to figure out how
to make friends with this thing.
We're here to destroy it. Destroy them.
Do I need to remind you,
of all people, about that?
They killed your lover.
They killed your family.
They're in the process of
killing everyone else you know.
When you got here, Maya
said you were operating
from a place of guilt and anger.
She was worried that
wasn't a good motivator.
But you know what?
Those those are the best
motivators if you wanna win a fight.
Win a war.
So you can stay in here
and operate through fear
or you can suit up and fight back.
It's hiding something. Get
in there and find out what.
What the hell are you doing
with those people? Huh?
What are you guys hiding in there, huh?
your purpose in Idabel?
What's your purpose in Idabel?
- How did you know to look in the crater?
- You're kidding me.
We're gonna have to elevate
the level of discourse.
There's a giant hole with
security three layers deep.
I don't know where the fuck
you think I was gonna look.
We know all about you.
Sure. That's why we're having
this conversation, right?
[SERGEANT] You've been
on the outside a while.
Quit the service right
when we needed you most.
Biggest attack world's ever
known. "Family reasons."
You know we had the exact
same training, right?
Your wife says you're depressed. Manic.
Don't talk about my wife.
Delusions of saving the world.
Must be rough, huh?
Punching the clock.
Following that playbook, hoping
to God it'll make a difference.
But y'all gotta look outside
because the rules of
engagement have changed up.
But you just keep pushing.
Pushing that pencil.
Daddy's calling.
Chief Cole.
I'm General Mitchell.
[TREVANTE] General.
Apologies for your treatment.
What we're dealing with here is
highly classified, and you're right,
far from the usual playbook.
There's no protocol for any of this.
So I'm gonna need to
ask you some questions.
For your safety. For
ours. For everyone's.
And maybe, together, we
can make a little progress.
What led you here?
Kid's drawing in a notebook. It's
in that file. Look it up. Okay?
I got debriefed when I came stateside,
I'll tell you everything
you need to know,
but I need to know some
things in return. Got it?
What are you guys hiding in that pit,
and what did you do with those people?
We didn't "do" anything to
them. We're examining them.
They were taken by the aliens.
So if they were taken by aliens,
how did you get them back?
That's classified.
- "Classified." [CHUCKLES]
- Who knows you're here?
- No one.
- No one?
No one on the outside
waiting to hear from you?
I can make sure they're not harmed,
but only if I have all the facts.
I'm alone. This town has been
as hospitable as you all are.
How did you get them back, General?
Well, we're we're gonna
need to keep you here.
Security reasons. I really
wish you hadn't come.
It's a bad time to be
away from your loved ones.
[STAMMERS] Instead of locking me
up, why don't you use me, okay?
Use me. I have more experience
than any of your men,
and I've fought these things before.
Bring me in, General.
- Nice meeting you, Chief Cole.
- General, read me in.
- General. General!
[PENNY] This way.
- Soldiers.
I think they're leaving, though.
Casp. Can you hear them?
The voices.
SWEDISH, URDU] It's him!
It's him! From the dream!
Esmee, what's happening?
[IN SHONA] He's the boy in the dream!
They're with us!
They're with us. [PANTS]
Caspar? Caspar Morrow?
How are you alive?
I don't know.
Maya! So shocked to see you.
You can't send her in.
It's of endless fascination to me
that a person with such compassion,
such empathy for the whole world,
repeatedly chooses
the one over the many.
It's called basic humanity, and
I thought that's why I was here.
No. No. I brought you here to
map an alien's consciousness.
Just think about that, eh?
An alien's consciousness.
Neurobiologists would
kill for this opportunity,
so imagine my disappointment
to find you're better
suited to play nursemaid.
- [SCOFFS] What a waste.
- That won't work on me.
Here we go. What won't?
Foster insecurity. Seed guilt.
Offer the one and only solution.
Close the deal before
they have time to think.
- You're predictable.
- I'm effective, unlike you.
Just for a moment, let go
of your ego, and listen.
Whoa, that's a tall order.
You asked me to map
a hive consciousness.
That's exactly what I'm doing.
You asked me to
supervise anyone going in
to make sure we maintain
the strategic advantage.
That's exactly what I'm doing.
If you push Mitsuki in now,
you will cede that
advantage, and we will lose.
That is my professional opinion.
Ignore it, and I'll resign
my position right now.
Would you do that?
Resignation accepted.
Eh, thank you for your time
with the Amazon Project.
I wish you all the best
in the outside world
Or whatever's left of it.
Watch your back. I hear there's aliens.
[SCOFFS] I'll take my chances
with the monsters outside.
What are you doing here?
I'm leaving. I came to say goodbye.
You said you would be here for me.
And I want to be. More than anything.
But I can't. Not anymore.
- I have to fix what I broke.
- You broke nothing.
You gave us two of our
biggest victories in this war.
You don't have to do this.
Your mind
your heart, that's what we need.
You go in there like this,
you may never get them back.
You're right.
My head tells me you're right,
but my heart tells me to go.
You can't save her this way.
[MITSUKI] I know.
She's not in there.
I know.
- I'm sorry.
- Me too.
[GABRIEL] I'm gonna ask
you to look at the light.
good. You can rest. We're done.
He's okay.
- And you go to medical school for that?
I have no explanation.
Yeah. Well, there's no real
explanation for any of this,
so I say we move on.
Where did you find him?
Same hospital you left him in.
We heard it was overrun
just hours after you left.
Guess he was lucky. No thanks to you.
Okay, no. [CHUCKLES]
Listen, these children,
they were found in hospitals
all around the world
after the first alien ship
was shot out of the sky. Okay?
They were all struck by
the blast. Psychically.
How did you find us?
- We had this.
And Caspar.
He hears their voices in his head.
God, this is unbelievable.
imagined their connection
could have such range.
Maybe he had help.
What's that supposed to mean?
Well, look,
- I'm only asking, but is your friend
- What?
His connection with the aliens ran deep.
Deeper than the others.
Of course he's himself.
He's not, Jam.
He's been through a lot.
- You try and act normal after
- Don't.
I'm not trying to say that. You
know I'm not trying to say that.
He's my best friend.
He's fine.
Oi. You all got to hear this.
[IN MALAY] It was like
a wall going this way
- and then to the left of it, right?
[IN SHONA] For me, it was the
right. That's where I saw him.
[IN URDU] I saw him too,
but far away, really far.
[IN SWEDISH] Yes, exactly, me too!
away. They all saw me.
The children have visions of,
you know, of locations, of people.
We've been trying to understand
why the aliens are
focusing on certain places,
- but it doesn't
- [IN MALAY] Not the visions!
visions! When we were asleep!
were all there. Before.
When they were unconscious,
before they woke up,
we were all there in the darkness.
Except they woke up, and
and I stayed.
Is that where you were
when I saw you in my dreams?
I think so.
You think so?
What is this "darkness"?
I don't know. It's just
It's just dark and-and-and cold and
[INHALES DEEPLY] scary. Very scary.
That's not much to go on.
You could draw it.
- What?
- [PENNY] A map.
If they all saw Caspar, they
could draw a map of whatever it is.
- I love maps.
- That's That's actually brilliant.
You don't have to sound so surprised.
Caspar's an artist.
He can draw anything.
[CASPAR] Can we Can
we have more pink up here
and then green round here?
Yeah, perfect. And then,
uh, green round there.
And then if you can bring
a darker blue round here.
'Cause I remember that's how it was.
- Yeah.
Dark blue. Yeah. That That
was in That was in there. Dark.
Make the background white, at least.
Everyone is excited.
You're less excited.
Hey, what did you mean his connection
"ran deeper" with the aliens?
We could not break it.
So, then what did?
Do you speak any English?
Thank you for bringing us here.
For calling him so we could find you.
He was not the one we were calling to.
You weren't calling Caspar?
Then who?
We found one more.
Someone is still out there.
In Hindu mythology, there's
this sage, Markandeya.
One day, he climbs up and
out of the belly of the world
and finds himself looking out
through the mouth of the great
god, Vishnu. The cosmic ocean.
His mind snaps with the enormity of it.
He stumbles.
Falls back down the god's
throat. Smack, down to earth.
He spends the next several millennia
searching for a way back out.
He finally finds it,
but only with the help
of Shiva, the supreme god.
I think you just had the
wrong partner all this time.
Come on.
Let's find the cosmic ocean.
What's happening?
- What the
- [MISHA] Suit malfunction.
Let me see.
What's wrong with it?
The circuit's been burned. I
don't know what happened. [PANTS]
Base Camp Three to clean room. Prepare
another suit for Mitsuki Yamato.
All three suits coded
to Mitsuki are disabled.
All of them? [SCOFFS]
You shorted the suits.
You sabotaged this project! Our
best defense against the invasion!
Is it? Or is it all about you?
I disabled the suits, yes.
All except one.
The one you're wearing. Fitted
precisely to your biometrics.
So if you really believe
everything you say, go.
Risk your mind, your life, for once.
I stopped you from going in today.
I won't be here next time.
They'll have your suit
repaired in a day, maybe less.
I hope your mind clears before then.
You're more than just
a life to be sacrificed.
[WADE] What the hell?
[ROSE] Put your hands up and
turn around real slow, Wade.
Why don't you go ahead
and put the gun down?
You're not gonna shoot me.
Remember when that ranger
came in eighth grade,
we did that marksmanship unit?
He said I was a natural?
Pretty sure I can wing you.
Somewhere painful, you know, not lethal.
So, you're gonna step
into that cell for me.
Ah, the hell I am.
Okay, okay. Okay.
- Thank you. [SIGHS]
I figured this would be the best
way for us to have a conversation.
You've gone crazy.
[SCOFFS] I wish.
I may be the only sane
person left in this town.
So, I went by Ben Shelton's farm.
That's military territory.
Cal, Chet, Ben, Joanie
and Sheriff Tyson.
All vanished there.
Hell on wheels, Rose! Is this
about your missing people?
They're yours too, Wade.
I know they're mine too.
But the world's on fire. I can't
think about every damn thing.
You stop paying attention
to the little things,
you miss half the picture.
Now, sit down.
I want you to listen real close.
I hid something in the evidence locker.
It's a kid's notebook. It's got
clues, it's got answers, Wade.
I know I know I sound
like one of those people
with their drawings and
their theories. I know that.
But you've known me
since grade school, Wade.
You know I wouldn't do a careless thing.
This is real. I swear it.
I need you to keep that notebook
safe, in case I don't come back.
In case you don't come back?
What the hell is that?
Whatever it is, it's sitting in
the center of the Shelton farm.
Now, what the hell kinda installation
does the government wanna build
in the middle of a cornfield?
Do you ever wonder that?
They're hiding something.
I think they're hiding what
happened to those people.
It all centers on this farm,
and I'm not waiting around for
someone to believe me. Not anymore.
I'm going back to the Shelton
farm, and if I don't come back,
if I end up on that
missing persons wall,
I need you to take
that notebook serious.
Follow them clues.
No. No, no, no, no.
Ro Rosey, you can't leave me in here.
Come on, we'll go talk to the sheriff.
- I'll make him listen!
- You can tell Sheriff Perkins
I fixed his coffee maker.
[IN JAPANESE] Our trip to
Osaka It rained all day.
On the way to a movie
that we didn't like
the sun came out, and
you kissed my neck
I don't know
I don't know
I don't know
So. Day one.
I hate you this morning.
For taking my ring.
For finishing the beer.
For leaving me here.
I reinstalled Tinder.
Don't worry, it's just to keep
your side of the bed warm
- Until you get back.
- What's going on?
- It's Nikhil.
[MITSUKI] Who's running
the safety protocols?
No one. The tether is jammed,
non-operational. We can't extract him.
- Turn off the magnet.
- We can't. He's rerouted the controls.
[MISHA] Look at those sine
waves. What is he doing?
- [TOMAS] He's turning it up.
- He's fighting it.
Nikhil, you have to stop!
- It's too unstable.
- No progress without radical
- [NATORI] Wajo! Wajo! [GASPS]
Wajo! Wajo! Waj Wajo! Wajo!
- Wajo! Wajo!
[NATORI] Wajo! Wajo! Wajo!
Casp, are you doing this?
You're the only one
not losing their mind!
If you're doing this, please stop!
Why is this not happening to you?
I don't know.
Let's go.
[SOLDIER] Quick! Come with me.
Everyone, out of the lab! Now!
[MITSUKI] Nikhil!
Clusters of epicenters in Eastern
Europe, North America and the Amazon.
Get me Nikhil now.
Yes, Madam.
[MISHA, ON SPEAKER] We have to evacuate.
All personnel evacuate
the site immediately.
All personnel evacuate the site.
Nikhil! Nik
- Why is it not stopping?
I don't know.
[SOLDIER 1] Let's go!
Let's go! Oh, shit!
[SOLDIER 2] Grab whatever
you can, and strap it down!
- Hey! Hey!
- [SOLDIER 3] Let's go!
Hey, what's going on out there?
Who the hell are you?
Cool it 15 degrees.
We're losing structural integrity.
[OPERATOR] Base station, I'm
patching through a call from the WDC.
Got it. On the screen.
Where is Nikhil?
Not available.
We're a little busy
here, Madam President.
We're recording global seismic activity
and you're the primary epicenter.
- What have you done?
- W-we just
Whatever it was, stop it now.
We don't know how. The
entity is out of control.
Let me be clear.
We have a global seismic
event with multiple epicenters.
We have to stop it
before it gets any worse.
I think I can do it.
I sabotaged the suits.
You don't even have a
You won't be tethered.
You could be trapped in there.
I have to try.
I have to try, Maya.
I'm the only one she'll let in.
Why did you hurt me again?
I didn't
I never wanted
never meant to hurt you
[HINATA] Then come back to me.
I said those words so many times.
"Come back to me "
"Come back, Hinata."
"Come back, Hinata."
I know what pain feels like
I've lived with it every
day since she left
You left
[HINATA] Then let go of your world
and come to mine
We can be together.
We'll always be together.
But not like this
my Hinata is dead
is gonna sting. Okay?
You pulled away from me.
I know.
I know, Casp.
It's just
I feel like some part of
you is still with them.
And I need to know which part.
whose side are you on?
I'm not with them.
I don't wanna be.
I saw your face when I
showed you the drawing.
It was everything to me. I looked
at it every day, for months.
You don't even remember
drawing it, do you?
Look at it.
Casp, look.
Are you here?
Or are you still there?
[ECHOING] Nikhil!
Mitsuki, what are you doing?
Checking the readings
from Nikhil's suit,
from when he went into the alien.
The atmosphere, it wasn't ours.
Maya, the alien
It was a portal.
Our way in.
It was our only way into their world.
And I destroyed it.
I destroyed it.
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