Invincible (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

You Look Kinda Dead

Hey, I need my costume back.
It's classified, and I want it back.
Am I important to you, Mark? I'm gonna do better.
Maybe if you didn't lose your powers, you might have been there to help the Guardians on their last day.
I'm not even sure I want to do this anymore! Welcome to the world of the living, Clone.
I need your expertise in tissue growth.
I'm here for you.
Whatever you need.
You want to talk, I'll listen.
Assholes! No! No, no, no! I thought Mark would be here tonight.
I really did.
Oh, hey, excuse me.
'Sup, ladies? What the hell? You scared us, you creep.
Why were you hiding in the bushes? Oh, my god! I wasn't hiding in the bushes.
I was drinking in the bushes.
But that's not important.
What's important is that I'm motherfuckin' Doug Cheston! Who? My dad owns My dad owns Cheston Pharmaceutical, and like, half this univer and like, half this university.
Didn't your dad hike up prices on that baby medicine everyone needs? Totally, yeah! Anyway, I'm gonna inherit all that shit soon, 'cause my dad's mad old.
So Do one, or, ideally, all of you, want to have sex tonight, and get in on the ground floor of my inheritance? -Gross.
-Ew! No way.
You don't know what you're missing.
Yeah, we so do! It's me! I'm what you're missing! Me and my huge trust fund.
What the? Hey, where am I? Oh, hello.
I know, you're confused, but I'm sure you're used to that.
Just stay quiet and still, and soon you'll be feeling better than ever.
What? What's going on? You're going through a metamorphosis, a miracle that will take you from useless boil on the behind of this crooked world, to a brave explorer charting a shining future for all humanity Nerd! Who talks like that? You do! You're a nerd, nerd! Hey! Let me up, asshole! If this is some joke, or some weird sex shit, my dad's gonna sue you into the Stone Age! Oh, Jesus! Oh! Oh, shit! What the fuck is that? No histrionics, please.
What the fuck did you do? Or I'll be forced to -Oh, my god! I think we can all agree you're better without vocal cords and don't worry about those prototypes.
You're going to be different.
You're going to be beautiful.
You're going to be Make a hole! Keep moving! Careful! Prep O.
3, 6, and 8! -Pre-op! -Clamp that vein! Keep an eye on that for me.
I've got multiple skull fractures and cranial swelling.
She's convulsing! Keep her airway clear.
These numbers don't make any sense.
Watch out! Hot transit needs care immediately.
One, two, three.
She's drowning in her own blood.
Get her intubated, now! Toss me the saline.
Blood pressure's cratering.
Someone get Dr.
Barclay in here.
I'm getting a line started.
Find out what kind of blood she can take.
The needle won't go in.
Shit! Uh I've studied Monster Girl's physiology extensively.
Please stand aside.
What? Get him out of here! Security! You can attempt to remove me, you may even succeed, but then she dies, or you can assist me, and we can save her life.
Choose now.
Shh I'm here now.
Monster Girl's only hope is if we can activate her innate healing abilities.
Begin a saline infusion of 2% belladonna root, 5% wolfsbane.
We don't have that.
Then get it.
He's fibrillating! Clear! Again! Going to max charge! One more time.
Huh? -What the hell? What just happened? I have no idea.
This is bad.
He's got a hole all the way through him.
-Pulse is dropping, people! -I'm on it! Spinal damage seems likely.
Thank God, whatever tore him up was sharp.
[female voice, distant.]
Mark Mark Mark? Mom? Oh sweetheart.
I knew you'd pull through.
How long was I out? Six days.
Six days? No No, no, I was supposed to, um Amber It's okay, I covered for you.
Told her you got hit by a bus, which, from the looks of you, isn't far off.
Black Samson? Monster Girl? Still unconscious.
It's not your fault.
Darkblood crack yet? You know him.
He barely talks when he wants to.
Let me take a swing.
I'll make him talk.
As fascinating as it would be to watch an unstoppable force meet an immovable object, I prefer to keep these kind of things in-house.
Did he do it? Did he murder the Guardians? We don't know.
What's more interesting to me is why he would do it.
He's a demon.
There's your why.
I thought I knew him, that's all.
Mark never told you he was taking on Machine Head all by his lonesome? Yeah, he told me.
Told me he wasn't gonna take the bait.
What's so funny about that? You're the most powerful man on the planet, but even your kid won't listen to you.
What, this doesn't happen on Viltrum? No.
It doesn't.
Mark's a human teenager, Nolan.
It's what they do.
It's reassuring, really.
You do look like you got run over.
Yeah, that's me.
The guy who doesn't know how traffic lights work.
I still can't believe you wouldn't let me see you in the hospital.
They had weird rules about visitors.
Eve only knew I was there because, um, she heard from William.
What? I'd basically already dumped you that night.
I know and I've thought a lot about that these last couple of days.
Remember when I first called you? After you made Todd give me your number? Yeah.
I was terrified, and I could barely talk straight, and I messed it all up, but you let me start over.
And? Can we do that again? Start over? You're right.
Yeah, I don't deserve to start over.
Hey, handsome Mark Grayson.
I'm glad you've still got that pretty face of yours.
Me too.
So, uh wanna hang out sometime? Sure.
Both ways, Mark.
You need to look both ways before you cross the street.
Did you skip kindergarten the day they taught that? Guess so.
Hey, we haven't hung out for a while.
We should Because someone's the king of excuses.
"I've got to study.
" "I need to help my dad with work.
" "I'm infectious.
" Blah, blah, blah.
Well, there's no school on Friday.
Let's catch a movie or something.
Love to.
Remember Rick? The guy you couldn't stop talking about last summer? You make it sound like I was obsessed or something.
Anyway, he's at Upstate U.
I'm going for a tour on Friday.
Staying over.
They have a very handsome pre-med program.
Did I say handsome? I meant "world-class," but also, handsome.
Can I come? What? I want to come.
Okay And I want to bring Amber.
Hold on Please, William.
I need this.
Eve! Come in.
Mark, I wanted I never got to thank you for talking to Amber when I was hurt, so Thanks.
Going somewhere? Oh, this guy William's crushing on goes to Upstate U.
William's going for a tour, and I convinced him to let me and Amber tag along.
Oh, shit.
I'm sorry.
Um, if you want to come, that's totally cool.
I'm just trying to start over with Amber, you know? Show her I'm serious this time.
That's okay.
I'm skipping college anyway.
What? Why? Your grades are way better than mine.
When I was at the community center with Amber, something clicked for me.
I think I can help more people by just helping them, you know? I don't have to wait for some alien invasion or the Lizard League's next attack.
I can irrigate deserts, stop natural disasters, bring food to the starving.
You know, make a real difference.
I get it.
I thought you'd try and talk me out of it.
Rex would have.
I really messed up downtown.
Black Samson and Monster Girl almost died because of me.
So I get it.
Maybe fighting off alien invasions isn't in either of our futures.
Maybe we both need a fresh start.
Mark! William and Amber are here.
Okay, Mom! -So where are you You okay? Yeah.
Just sore.
Come on, slowpoke! Let's hit the road! Okay, be careful.
Don't have too much fun.
No drinking.
No drugs.
And no sex! No sex.
Got it.
I'll take good care of them, Mrs.
Grayson! Tell me more about this Rick guy.
Oh, man.
I can't wait for you to meet him.
He's like, first of all, tall.
Amazing hair.
Thick as a horse's mane.
That's good? -Yes.
Rick's style? Incredible.
A perfect combo of street and prep.
Did I mention his teeth? Little white bricks of joy Going out? Need to pick up some dry cleaning, something for dinner.
I won't be long.
I'll come along You're on a deadline for the book.
Isn't that what you told me? Or was I mistaken? No, that's right.
Then you've got work to do, don't you? I mean, can a person even have an eight-pack? Anyhoo, I don't wanna bore you guys any more about Rick.
-Ooh, except that he's -We get it! You're in love with the guy.
What? No.
I mean, Rick's amazing, but love him? No.
Oh, my god, here he comes! William! Come here! What's up, Rick? These are my friends, Mark and Amber.
We've heard so much about you.
Nice to meet you guys.
Let me grab your bags.
I got my dorm room all set up for us.
It's gonna be a great weekend.
I just don't understand why can't you do your new superhero helping job from here? You know why.
Samantha Samantha! -Samantha! The back door is still there.
I need a fresh start.
Somewhere new.
Somewhere that's not here.
What about school? Or-or college? I've got enough credits to graduate, and college can wait Samantha! I'm not going to watch you ruin your life on some hippie-dippie find-yourself bullshit Adam! I mean it.
This is the opposite of what you should be doing with your life.
And what would that be, Dad? You want a fresh start? Give up this superhero crap.
You can't save the world, Samantha.
It's gonna get you killed.
The worst day of my life was when you got powers.
Wow, that hurts much more than I thought it would.
I just want what's best for you.
A normal life.
A house.
A husband.
Kids That's what's best for you, Dad.
Not for me.
Samantha! You get your feet back on the ground now! Bye, Mom.
Bye, Dad.
Samantha! This place is pretty cool.
It's also one of the best med schools in the country.
That's why I arranged a little biology class sit-in for you guys.
You're still thinking pre-med, right, William? Yup.
He remembered! It may look the same from the outside, but the chance of heart failure doubles with each decade of life.
What can we do about that? Eat better, sure.
Exercise helps.
Drugs, hmm.
But fundamentally our parts wear out.
Our focus is therefore on extending quality of life, even if we can't extend life itself Oh, please.
Ah, Mr.
Once again, it seems you have an opinion to share? I have the truth to share.
Who's the dick? DA Sinclair.
He's here on a genius grant, and makes sure everyone knows it.
When you want to travel quickly, you don't run, you get in a car.
When you need to fly to another country, you don't flap your arms, you get on a plane.
We're all aware how travel works, Mr.
Your point? All human failings are simply engineering challenges crying out to be solved.
We're machines, and the sooner we recognize that, the sooner we'll reach our true potential.
Dramatic much? I'm sorry? I'm not.
You're being a jerk.
What's your problem, Sinclair? My problem? My problem is this school of idiots.
MIT courted me.
Yale offered me a lab You should take it.
You're impressive, Rick.
Classic alpha male.
Hey! Don't say those compliments to him.
Sinclair you can return when you're ready to learn.
Then I'll see you at exams.
As I was saying, quality of life, not quantity.
I've always done the best I could To get out of my neighborhood Well, I like the view.
Growing up I spilt my blood But you're still my home Saturday night on the highest wall It doesn't exist It's a start.
the law You can, you can knock me off my feet Was it just me, or was that DA guy checking you out? I bet you have that problem a lot.
Oh, please.
I feel sorry for him.
He needs friends more than anything.
That is so evolved of you.
You okay? You don't still have a concussion or something you haven't told me about, do you? What? Uh, no.
I'm good, I'm really good.
If you two want some time to wander, we can meet back here in a few hours.
That's a great idea.
See you both back here in a while! It's okay if you're late.
Come on, let's go see what this place is really like.
You can, you can knock me off my feet But I won't stop now you can take a seat You can, you can knock me off my feet But I won't stop now you can take a seat You can, you can knock me off my feet But I won't stop now you can take a seat You can, you can knock me off my feet But I won't back down you can take a seat You can, you can knock me off my feet But I won't stop now no, I won't be beat You can, you can knock me off my feet You're all smiles now.
I guess I kinda like it here.
It's okay.
A bit too fancy, maybe, but I hear they do have a good social-justice program.
What do you think about coming here? Together, I mean.
If you want that to happen, you need to get your grades up, Mark Grayson.
You're aware you need to apply to college, right? I'm serious.
I think this is what I want.
You know, when you start a sentence with "I think," you automatically murder 90% of any romance in it This is what I want.
You and me, here.
Really? Sure.
Why not? Hey, lovebirds! Did you have a good time What the hell is that? Holy shit.
Oh, my god, get back! Everybody, get back! Hurry! Guys! Help me! Mark! Come on! William! Get away from him, you bastard! No! Mark! Mark? Huh? -Mark? -Run! Oof! No! Mark! Huh? What the hell? Holy shit.
Holy shit.
You're Invincible.
Invincible -Shh.
Please! You can't tell anyone.
I can't believe this.
It all makes sense now.
Holy shit! Holy shit.
William! Are you okay? No.
I'm definitely not okay.
I mean, I am okay.
I'm just wow.
Who was that? That That was M vincible.
You saved my life.
What? Me? I mean yes.
Of course, I did.
You're welcome.
Guys! The police are on their way Where the hell did you go? Um, I ran for help? I tried to get security, but there wasn't anyone You lying piece of shit Wait, no! This isn't what it looks like You took off.
You left us here with that thing.
Amber, no.
I That's not what happened.
You said you wanted to start over.
You said that.
You promised.
Even Eve vouched for you, and then you do this? Eve was wrong about you.
So was I.
Wait! Amber! I turn my back for one second, and the ungrateful half-wit slips away? That's it.
That's the last time I leave anyone's frontal lobe intact.
Hmm Classic alpha male.
Make the world you want to live in.
I don't like those interferon counts.
We need to do something about that.
My god.
Those are normal levels for Monster Girl.
She has a curse, not a disease.
When she was injured, I immediately dispatched a drone to the Arctic.
This is a Cerulean Cosmos.
It contains a unique molecule that I believe will add 60% to her chances of survival.
It was well guarded.
Use biomass sonification to extract the primary compounds, then call me for isolation and purification.
You really care for her.
Samson good to see you awake.
And yes, I do.
You're a machine.
How does a machine have emotions? I'm programmed to care for all humans.
I beg to differ.
You didn't get your ass whooped in the Arctic for me.
So I take it, we won? Hasty words that seem to Thanks Thanks for coming.
Can I get you a drink or something? You want to sit first? Catch up? Thanks, Art, but I know, I know.
I'm just trying to put it off.
I spent the last few days going over it top to bottom, like you asked.
Show me.
You sure, Deb? See these flecks? They look like gold, but they're much harder.
I've only seen them one other place War Woman's armor.
Sodium Crystals.
Those are from Darkwing's throwing weapons.
He's tangled with a few of my other clients.
Are those burns? Friction burns.
From something moving real fast.
Red Rush.
Okay, this This only proves Nolan and the Guardians fought.
Maybe they attacked him first? Maybe maybe he was trying to protect their legacy? Maybe but there's also this.
Blood begins to oxidize when exposed to air.
I can measure it.
See how long since it was spilled.
This is the oldest blood on the suit.
Nolan struck first.
Don't tell anyone.
Not Cecil.
No one.
Debbie I'm too scared to tell anyone.
Amber, I was trying to help! Oof! There's no way I'm sharing a room with you tonight.
Uh, well, that's my bedroom, but okay.
That's cool.
Mark, you can bunk out here with us.
Oh, yeah, totally.
Sorry about this.
Oh, don't sweat it.
I'll go down to the store and grab some beer.
Maybe by then, things will cool down, and we can get this weekend back on track.
Sound good? I'll stay here.
Make sure they don't murder each other.
Are you kidding me? Shh! I feel gross.
I'm taking a shower.
You're Invincible! Not now, man! Sorry, sorry, but holy shit, you're Invincible! And you never told me? Come on, let's go! I think I wanna get gone Where are we going? Where have we gone I wanna roll to the motion of the ocean in the sub And ride, ride, ride, ride baby, we gone Where are we goin'? Where are we goin'? Let's go! Your progress is satisfactory.
Satisfactory? You know how hard it is to grow cells this quickly? Yes.
That's why I hired you.
Now what's it for? And whose DNA did you steal? Your work doesn't require answers to those questions.
Maybe, maybe not, but our work does require payment.
When it's complete.
Then we might just leak liquid ammonia into the growth chamber.
New cells don't like liquid ammonia.
Old cells don't like it either.
You will receive the schematics when you finish your work, and not a moment sooner.
Yeah, whatever.
We'll call you.
Trust him? Then we need some insurance.
Grab a shovel.
How long have you been a superhero? [Mark, wearily.]
William Three months? Six months? -Longer? -Stop I'm your best friend.
Best friends don't not tell best friends they're superheroes! Take me flying.
I don't even wanna be Invincible anymore.
You being a superhero is the coolest thing that's ever happened to me.
Amber will forgive you.
She always does.
I'm not so sure this time.
Yeah, you might be right.
Now take me flying, or I'm gonna tell everyone you're Invincible.
Sorry not sorry.
Whoa-ho! Whoo! Yes! There! Okay? Can I try it on? What? Your suit! Can I Absolutely not! Sorry! Didn't mean to scare you.
It's fine.
I'm Kyle.
Good for you.
I'm sorry.
I'm Amber.
Low-key mega-party at our house tonight.
A fraternity? Yeah, but, like, the okay kind that isn't super douche-y? Yo, you guys hungry? Should I grab some pizza or something? Love it.
No mushrooms, please.
Everything okay with the lovebirds? Yikes.
Well, I'll be back soon, and we can deal with that Rick? You there? Hello? Mark! Amber! She just left.
Got invited to some party.
Oh, shit, should I have gone after her? Get up! Something happened to Rick.
We were on the phone, and it cut off.
We need to look for him.
I need to go after Amber.
What? Just call him back.
He's not answering! You don't want my help.
Every time I try to be a hero, I make things worse.
What if it's that thing from earlier? You saw me kill it.
It killed itself.
It's dead.
Look, call me if you really can't find Rick, but I gotta go after Amber first.
-That's the weird thing.
I feel better than ever.
Almost like before I lost my powers.
Maybe I should get my ass kicked more often.
Then rejoin the team at Guardians HQ.
I will remain here until Monster Girl recovers.
Yeah, all right.
See you later.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to No, it's okay.
You just scared me.
My head Did we win? Black Samson asked the same question.
Yes, we won.
In great part due to your sacrifice.
Thank god.
How's everyone else? Or was I the only loser who got the shit kicked out of them? Everyone else is fine.
Concerned about you, but fine.
I'm happy you're awake.
Your recovery was tenuous at times.
You stayed with me? I never left.
Hmm? Tell me where you are and your location We got drinks and we kill 'em by the cases I don't remember names only remember faces Rick? Rick! Hey! Amber, right? You showed! Rick? Rick? Are you there? Rick? And you you dressed him in plaid! You know, he had to wear that suit when he met the President.
Well, let that be a lesson to you, never piss off your tailor.
What's the matter, Art? You seem a little nervous.
No, no, just, uh, tired.
Lots of repairs this week.
I bet.
It's funny how quickly things can fall apart.
One day, it seems like you have all the time in the world, and then the next it's gone.
Oh? Ah, don't listen to me.
I just wanted to swing by and make sure our partnership is still going strong.
Like you said, never piss off your tailor, right? It's not all parties.
There's a ton of great programs here.
The profs are solid, the labs are new What? You're a little nerdy for a frat guy.
My girlfriend says the same thing.
She's transferring here next semester.
I miss her a ton.
You seeing anyone? I was.
Not now, William.
Mark! I can't hear you.
I'll see you back at Rick's dorm No! What did you do with Rick? Why, the same thing I'm about to do with you.
Shit, shit, shit William! William? What did you do with William? Whoa! -Whoa, William! -A rematch.
I'm afraid I witnessed that first scrap and made a few small improvements.
Mark! Invincible! He's turning people into those things! You make me sound like a monster.
I'm not turning people into anything.
I'm fixing humanity's weaknesses.
Oh, my god! Rick? Stop! Don't do this! It's no use appealing to his emotions.
I removed them myself.
No! Rick? It's us! It's me! We met last year! At the lake! Remember last summer? The boathouse! It changed my life, Rick.
I know it changed yours, too.
We had sex by the water! It was the best thing that ever happened to me! Oh, that's a tad personal -No! William? Yes, Rick! It's me! Help us! Are you crying? No No! Stop! You'll ruin yourself! You brutes have set humanity back decades! You're not going anywhere, asshole! Don't you understand? This is about progress! Science! Saving the human race from disease! Want to check his pressure? I'm sorry.
I just lost it.
Don't beat yourself up.
I would've done the same thing.
What are you going to do with him? I figure the classic lock him up and throw away the key.
Impressive technology, though, especially for something built in a sewer.
Sick, you mean.
Hard to believe they gave you a run for your money like that.
This guy's in bad shape.
Let's get him out.
Can you help them? We'll do our best.
Go home, kid.
I'll take it from here.
Late night thinkin' bout many mistakes I never meant to hurt you Late-night problems come and I can't escape I never meant to change you I wish that I could fix this I wish that it was easy But I fucked up Why? Why what? Josef.
War Woman.
The others Why did you do it? I didn't do anything Don't lie to me! I know! I know you killed them, Nolan! You're drunk.
We'll talk about this tomorrow.
Fuck you, Nolan.
I dunno, man.
My stepdad could lose his job at the White House for this.
Stop being a wuss, Matt.
This is gonna be epic, and when it's all over, we'll be the ones calling the shots.
You sure it's gonna work? You got the schnapps? We dig up the Immortal, drink from his skull, and wham, we get his powers.
Easy as shit, man.
It's just a rumor.
Dude, I saw it on Reddit.
Don't believe everything you read on the Internet kids.
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