Invincible (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

We Need to Talk

Guys! Help me! Mark? You can't tell anyone? Where the hell did you go? This isn't what it looks like.
Wait! Amber! Your recovery was tenuous at times.
You stayed with me? I never left.
You know how hard it is to grow cells this quickly? You will receive the schematics when you finish your work.
We need some insurance.
This is the oldest blood on the suit.
Nolan struck first.
Why did you do it? I didn't do anything.
Fuck you, Nolan.
["I Like Myself (Most Of -The Time)" by K.
-Flay plays.]
I like myself most of the time Amber, listen, I can explain everything, just Most of the time I like myself most of the time Is that a crime? Is that a crime? Even planet Earth took seven days Even if it looks real You can fake it in a million different ways Nobody chose to have their face But you're stuck with it Ow, ow, ow! So rather than counting my curses I try to stay positive I don't think I'm perfect But I've got some things together I see photos of proposals That I know are empty gestures Get a grip You only got one shot let 'er rip Take a dip, have a smoke Try to laugh at the jokes Ha! I like myself most of the time Is that a crime? Is that a crime? I like myself most of the time Why did you keep it? I used it to take care of Damien Darkblood, but maybe part of me wanted you to find it, too.
After 20 years together, I deserve to know the truth.
I wanted to tell you months ago.
But you didn't.
Was someone controlling you? Were you were you blackmailed? Did they threaten me or Mark? No.
Then why? You need to trust me.
If you can do that, we'll be okay.
Mark too.
Everything will be fine.
Trust you? How could I possibly trust you now? Because you know me.
There's a lot of things I thought I knew about you.
The Guardians were our friends.
They were good people.
They saved lives.
They had families.
You killed them.
I had no choice.
I don't believe that.
You said you wanted to tell me months ago, but you're still not telling me now.
No, I don't trust you.
Not anymore.
You broke that.
If you don't have anything else to say, you need to leave.
Debbie Get out of my house.
You don't mean that.
Get out of my house! We'll talk later.
Hey Mark? It's Mom.
Listen to me I'm not around.
You could leave a message, but wouldn't you rather text me instead? Mark, it's Mom.
Come home.
Please Debbie, I'm sorry, but you have to come with us.
There's no time.
Thanks, William.
See you later.
Bye, Amber.
See you later.
Amber! Uh Come on, this is dumb.
No, what's dumb is how long I've been putting up with your bullshit.
You're right.
I've been an asshole, and I'm sorry I didn't realize that sooner, but that all stops today.
Amber Uh Oh, here we go Amber, I'm in Oh, my god! It's okay.
This is why I'm always late, or why I don't show, because I'm off saving lives, or stopping some bad guys, or going to Mars.
I wanted to tell you so many times.
Uh did you hear what I just said? I know you're a superhero.
You know Y-you know? I'm not an idiot.
I figured it out weeks ago.
Then why are we fighting? We're fighting because you lied to me.
You made me feel stupid and unimportant It's a secret identity! and because you don't trust me.
I'm trusting you now! Oh, my god.
I mean, it's cute you think that's enough.
But Amber Fly away, flyboy, or take the stairs.
I really don't give a shit.
I'd like to be alone.
Hello? Hmm, so much for "welcome back.
" Congrats for not dying when a giant space cat gave you brain surgery.
-There she is! -It's so good to see you! Haha, there's our girl! -Hey, hey! -Hey, Monster Girl! Welcome back! She returns victorious! Well, well, well, it's about time you dragged your lazy ass back here.
I was getting pretty tired of hanging out with these dorks all by myself.
We start partying now.
It's 10:00 a.
We're the Guardians of the Globe, baby.
If we can die at any time, uh, we can drink at any time.
I put your picture on the side! Ha.
But I'm lactose intolerant.
Whoa, hold on.
Do you know me at all? I filled them with beer.
You're welcome.
Guess how long it took him to do that? And how much milk he wasted.
I poured it all down the drain.
Why are you never this industrious when it involves training? How come I get my head beat in, and it's a week in the hospital.
You get your head beat in, and your powers come back? I figure it's karma for putting up with this guy.
You're welcome.
I am delighted at your recovery, Monster Girl.
Very much.
I wouldn't be recovered if it wasn't for you.
You saved my life.
Of course.
I would never let you die.
Die My apologies.
A small programming error.
Soon to be fixed permanently.
Holy shit! Well, that was creepy.
That was like the creepiest thing I've seen you do since Do you remember that time I caught you operating on your own head? I swear to god, he had his head on the bench, and he was just standing over it, prying it open with a Phillips head screwdriver.
Oh, my god.
Can I get another You! Get out of the truck.
I said, get out of the Huh? Step back, please.
-What is that? Ugh.
Come, now, I believe you can answer that question on your own.
It's the real Robot.
Well done.
Perhaps you're the original, then? We've been growing you a new body.
And now introductions are complete, show me your work.
It's perfect.
We are professionals.
Except for the timed-release mycotoxin sacs, the embedded cortical override, and the seven Oh, sorry, eight, synaptic transceivers.
Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I prefer to be the only person in control of my body.
I would have been disappointed if you hadn't tried.
Remove all of that, add in this small upgrade of my own design, and we can discuss your payment.
Let's discuss our payment and we'll do all of that.
A Global Defense Agency control collar placates the strongest of wills.
A highly-restricted technology.
It's encrypted.
Besides, a little trust goes a long way.
Actions go further.
I am alone and helpless.
Alone, yes.
Helpless, I doubt it.
Do what he wants.
It needs to be placed on the Upper brainstem.
I recognize a neural-link when I see one.
Yesterday was messed up.
I mean, is Rick ever gonna be okay? God What that Sinclair guy was doing to people Cecil's team knows what they're doing.
They'll help Rick.
I gotta say it If you had helped me find him right away, none of this would have ever happened.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I suck.
It figures, I finally fall for someone, and then boom.
So this is why I've hardly seen you the last six months.
Because you're a superhero.
Not anymore.
What? Why? Because I'm a terrible friend and a worse boyfriend.
Because I'm gonna fail my last year of high school.
Because I got everything I ever wanted, and I messed it all up.
I should've listened to my dad.
Your dad? Omni-Man.
Of course.
Your dad's Omni-Man.
How did I never see that? I am such a screw-up.
Okay, stop.
Enough with the sulking, you big baby.
What? You can fly.
You're invulnerable.
Your dad's the greatest superhero on Earth, and your mom loves and cares about you.
You just need to study, and you can pull up your grades.
But you were a terrible boyfriend to Amber, and you got what you deserved.
Sorry, not sorry.
If I can deal with almost losing the hottest guy I've ever had, you can deal with this.
What? Friends tell friends the truth.
Not like that, they don't! I just got dumped, dude! You got dumped weeks ago, you just didn't realize it.
You're like a bad guy in a samurai movie who gets cut in half, but thinks they're fine until they're like, "Oh, my god, my top half's sliding away from my bottom half.
" I love you, man, but I need someone else to talk to.
Debbie? Good.
We need to talk about Nolan killed the Guardians of the Globe.
I know.
How could you know and not tell me? I couldn't risk Nolan finding out we knew.
Not until we figured out what he was doing and how to stop him.
We failed on both those counts, by the way.
What do you mean, stop him? Do you mean kill him? Cecil I'm not sure we could kill him.
Not us, anyway.
There's only one person I know who might be able to go toe-to-toe with Omni-Man and come out on top, Debbie.
You can't.
Where's Mark, Debbie? Where's Mark I killed the Guardians of the Globe.
Wait, before you say anything, just listen.
I'm not a monster.
I didn't want to do it but it had to be done.
It was my responsibility.
Other people won't understand that, but I know you can.
What I'm about to tell you will change everything.
Just remember, you're my son, and I love you and your mother more than What am I doing? Ugh.
I didn't design it to be drained, or ever opened.
What changed? I met someone.
Make room, please.
Hurry, please.
Air is toxic to me.
It burns my my lungs.
Yuck Don't make a face.
You lost the coin toss.
This will be painful.
My entire life has been painful.
You realize this procedure doesn't transfer you to the new body.
It creates a copy of your mind.
For you, nothing will change.
For him, everything will.
I understand.
Three, two Of course, his brain's abnormal.
You didn't think of that? Look at him! Shut up, will you? His motor cortex is the size of a pea.
Same for his occipital and parietal lobes.
They've all been eaten alive by his oversized cerebrum.
The system wasn't designed for neurons this dense.
Are you calling us stupid? Yes.
I'm calling us stupid.
Compensating now, but it's gonna be close.
Idiot! You just lost us our control collars.
Just get the fire extinguisher before we lose everything else.
Which Which am I? See? It's not just us.
You won the coin toss, champ.
You're the new one.
I wasn't expecting this.
This feeling of continuance.
I closed my eyes and opened new ones.
I didn't know which one I'd be.
That's how it works.
We had to make it seamless, otherwise one of us knows he's the clone, and that never ends well.
In your case, it's a little more obvious, but it looks like that problem took care of itself.
Oh, shit, here we go.
I'm sorry it wasn't you.
D-Don't be.
Be happy.
Change the world.
Experience everything we never could.
What are you w-waiting for? This was always the plan.
I can put you back in the pod.
We can both survive.
Change the world together.
This is what I want.
It was an act of mercy.
We know.
We do it all the time.
Now our schematics.
The cryptographic key is the entire text of Frankenstein.
Look who has a sense of humor after all.
And now that our deal is complete, it's time you both returned to prison.
He's serious.
Yeah, he's also a teenage boy.
No, I'm a 30-year old genius in a teenage boy's body, with a neural-link chip you just installed for me.
That was your plan? My plan was not to hurt you, but here we are.
Mark? Mark? Debbie? What did you do? Cecil Oh, shit.
Nolan, wait.
Just wait You've been spying on me? On my family? It-it was for your family's protection.
You were always so pathetic, Donald.
Cecil's little lapdog.
-Run now! Oh, shit.
It's been an honor, sir.
Who are you talking to The honor was all mine.
Oh, no Oh, god.
Nolan? You monster.
He's not dead.
Even after evacuating the neighborhood, we had to keep the yield down.
Best it'll do is knock him on his ass for an hour or two Or maybe not even hurt him at all.
He's going to find Mark.
I don't know who Nolan is anymore.
I don't know what he's going to do.
Me neither.
So we'd better find Mark first.
Huh? Hey, Eve.
Oh So I'm helping you today.
The God killer This Tokyo and I'm Godzilla Playing blackjack versus death All of this conflict and destruction is pure theater.
You will come with me back to prison.
but I'm a god figure You double-crossed us, you vat-grown piece of shit! Murdered and robbed This is Bonaparte and he paying with Toussaint And they went on a world conquest Is that kind of language really necessary? And you're both clones as well.
Exactly, and one advantage to being a clone we always know what the other one is thinking.
You say that you'll love me, ay I'm guessing I'ma be okay You say that you don't feel me now I feel like I'ma live somehow Your love never meant much to me, ay Huh? Very clever, but you don't have nearly enough equipment to do that again.
All Guardians to HQ.
Apocalypse level priority.
He's right.
What do you want to do? I want to break his stupid face, even though we just finished making it.
I'll keep his machine busy.
On three.
One, two, three! Huh? What the hell was that? O-Omni Uh, Mr.
Grayson Are you okay? You look kinda, uh recently on fire.
Where's Mark, William? You were supposed to drop him off an hour ago.
Uh, Amber dumped him, and he didn't like my advice, so he went to go find Eve.
Call him.
His phone's broken.
There was this attack at the college, and And all of a sudden, we were Where's Eve? Uh Mark said she got a place out in the woods, a couple hundred miles west of here.
That's not blood on you, is it? Bye? Look, be quiet! Just sit tight until I call on you, and hope to hell I don't have to.
Sit tight? Hey, we're not your kids in the back seat while you run in to buy cigarettes, Cecil.
What the hell's going on? I said, sit tight.
Oh, come on.
I mean, come on! For once, you're right.
We need to know what's happening.
Robot, can't you do a little hacking and find out what's going down? Oh great.
The hits just keep on comin'.
Look who crashed again.
You know, we'll all be lucky if murderbot here doesn't strangle us all in our sleep.
Hello! Robot! Hello, anybody home? You know what he needs? He needs one of those spinning ball things so we know he's still alive.
I'm very much alive, more so now than ever.
What the fuck? Who the hell are you? You all know me as Robot, but my real name is Rudolph Connors, though I'd prefer if you called me Rudy.
The Robot you knew before was simply a drone I controlled remotely.
What? How do we know you're telling the truth? Ask me something only Robot would know.
Why the fuck do you look like me? How the fuck do you look like me? That is a much longer story.
One that can wait until whatever crisis this is has been resolved No, no, no, forget the crisis.
You can explain now.
I've got 'em! Invincible and Atom Eve.
Approximately 300 miles away, traveling north-west over Rideout National Forest.
Sir, Omni-Man's closing in on their location.
Estimated time to intercept Six minutes.
Can't you use your teleporter? To bring Mark and Eve back here? You need to be wearing one of these, and it can't do us all at once.
We need to buy some time first.
Let's bring the hammer down.
That sucks.
I'm sorry you got dumped.
I thought once I told her the truth, we'd be good.
A little naive, maybe.
Hey, you're the one who told me not to tell Amber I was Invincible.
Yeah, but I didn't tell you to string her along for five months while being an asshole about it.
I thought you'd figure that part out yourself.
Oh, my god.
I haven't figured out anything.
I don't know who I am, who I'm supposed to be Yeah, took me a while, too.
I was with Teen Team for three years, and with Rex for much longer than that.
And now you're this.
Uh, I'm still Atom Eve, and I've saved more lives in the last three days than I did in the last three years.
I didn't mean it like that.
Um, and trust me, being out here is an upgrade to living with my parents.
I should call my mom, though.
You wouldn't dare.
Okay, we've got him.
He's down.
Hit him again.
400 billion dollars for the world's most expensive nosebleed.
Omni-Man is back on course to intercept Invincible and Atom Eve.
Power up the teleporter.
You said we couldn't teleport them yet.
It's not for them.
Then I received Cecil's alert, and left for here as quickly as I could.
Any questions? Uh, yeah, a few! First, why me? I mean, sure, I get that anyone would want to be me, but why specifically me? And second, why a kid version of me? That's just weird.
It's messed up.
You didn't even ask first.
That's what you think is wrong with this? There is so much wrong with this.
He did it for me.
What? What are you even talking about? We were both prisoners in our own bodies.
Monster Girl slowly getting younger, and me trapped in a mechanical tomb of my own creation.
I escaped my prison.
Now I'll help you escape yours.
No! Don't give him any sympathy! He still hasn't told me why he stole my kid face! You're ruining my childhood, and that's hard because it already sucked.
I adapted your DNA because I noticed Monster Girl found you interesting.
What? Wait, what? Oh, my God I don't even know how to feel about that! Goddamit, Robot! Will you please stop fucking me up? So, you lied to us about who you really were, freed the Maulers from prison, stole Rex's DNA, conspired with criminals to grow yourself a new body, and you expect us all to be like, "Oh sure, who wouldn't?" I Yes.
I mean, I did.
I need time to process this.
I bet everyone else does, too.
Ya think? Hey! I know why Cecil's holding us at high alert.
What the fuck is going on today? What is that? Huh, I'll tell you what that is, not our problem anymore.
We should check in with Cecil.
Forget it.
I'm done with all that.
So are you.
That's not why I came out here.
You came out here to get away from Rex and all that superhero bullshit.
Rex had nothing to do with this.
I came out here because I needed to start over, but that doesn't mean ignoring the world when it needs me.
The world was fine before I came along.
It'll be fine without my help.
Better, probably.
I get that you're feeling shitty because Amber dumped you, but trust me, you'll feel worse if you sit here and do nothing when you could save lives.
I doubt it.
Fine, but I'm going.
You thought that could hurt me? No.
That was just to get your attention.
Jesus, Nolan, right for the throat? After everything that we've been through? Keep out of this, Cecil.
You know I can't do that, Nolan.
I've faced death more times than I can count, but I'll be damned if that didn't put my balls in my throat.
I just wanna know why.
Every one of the Guardians risked their necks for you, over and over again.
I never needed their help.
They were weak.
They were your friends, and so was I which is why I know you didn't kill them for the fun of it.
You had a reason.
You wanna get it off your chest? Fine, don't tell me, but what about Debbie, huh? Doesn't she deserve an answer? Don't say her name.
Why not? You hurt her, not me.
She and I have that in common now.
I'm a good liar.
I'm a very good liar, but you, you're better.
You fooled her.
Hell, you fooled all of us for what, 20 years? Wait, does Mark know that his dad's a murderer? Does he know? No? Well, what's he gonna do when he finds out, huh? This is pointless.
You can't stop me.
Yeah, you're right.
I can't, but I can do the same thing I've been doing since I figured out you were a lying piece of shit.
I can buy us a little more time.
-Ha! What are those things? Dead soldiers.
Serving their country one last time thanks to that monster over there.
Shut it! I feel dirty even talking to you.
Bring 'em over here, bring 'em over here right now.
Teleport me to Invincible and Eve's location.
Once they get these strapped on, you bring us home.
Sir, Eve and Invincible are back on the move.
Intercept in four minutes.
Shit! Get him out of here and get Hail Mary out of the icebox and feed her this! What a dick.
You want revenge? Quit complaining and finish the build.
I'm almost done here.
It's charged.
I built it exactly to the schematics.
How do we know he'll revive? Cecil couldn't bring him back.
Cecil's an idiot.
He's not called The Immortal for nothing.
I'll get the collar.
You must be desperate.
I beat this thing already.
Sure but we removed its pain center, and juiced it up with every drug, enhancement, and upgrade we had.
Plus, all that really pissed it off, and it blames you.
Good luck.
There are two news helicopters moving in on Omni-Man's fight.
Omni-Man appears to be fighting the same creature he battled in the sea of Japan over half a year ago.
We need to go help.
Keep your asses parked until I tell you to unpark them.
If this all goes south, you're our last hope against Omni-Man.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Did he just say we're his last hope "against" Omni-Man? Yeah, he did.
Oh, fuck.
I'm pretty sure that's what happened to the last "last hope against Omni-Man.
" That should buy us five minutes or so.
Teleport me to Invincible's location.
Can't, sir.
Hail Mary was so big, she burnt out the teleporter.
Well, goddammit, get it working, or we're all dead.
Where do you think he's coming next? Mark's with Eve again.
Call her phone.
Took you long enough.
I'm not here to help.
Just here to make sure you don't get hurt.
Well, then you shouldn't have come.
Jesus, Mark, you sound just like my Dad! Eve! It's Mark's mom.
I need to talk to him! You just missed him.
What's going on? Dad! You okay? Mark? You mean Invincible.
It's about time we did a team-up.
Blech! Come on! But I need to help them! Do not do that.
Get to Guardians HQ.
What? Cecil! Listen to me and do what I say.
Call that thing off, Cecil.
Call it off! Mark's in there.
I can't do that, Debbie.
Why not? Because I can't.
Nolan killed the Guardians, he killed Donald.
He's shrugged off everything I've thrown at him, and now I don't know if Mark is with his father, or against him.
So I can't call off the one thing that might stop them both.
This is why I have always hated you.
That's why I hate me, too.
What now? I don't know.
He should just be alive.
He's not.
You're so observant.
What are you doing? Even Frankenstein needed an extra kick to come to life.
One, he's not Frankenstein.
Two, it was lightning, and not whatever you're doing, and three, that was only in the movie version.
I know, but this also feels good.
Wake up, you useless murdered idiot! Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! Activate the collar.
Where is he? Immortal, you're going to destroy Robot and the new Guardians of the Globe for us.
-Where's Omni-man? Where is he? Robot gave us bad schematics.
No kidding.
H'a! Didn't you fight this thing before? Yeah, but it's tougher now.
Cecil sent it after me.
Cecil? Why would he do that? There's so much you don't know, Mark.
What? Uh, okay.
Uh, maybe you can fill me in after we've taken care of tentacles here? Mark? Sir! What? There's a new contact approaching Omni-Man and Invincible.
Mach three.
Goddammit, I told Eve to stay away.
It's not Atom Eve.
Omni-Man! You bastard! I'm having a hard time believing what I'm seeing here, folks, but the Immortal, or someone who appears to be him, has suddenly attacked Omni-Man.
As you all know, the Immortal was murdered eight months ago, along with the other members of the original Guardians of the Globe.
The killer was never caught.
Murderer! We trusted you! You betrayed us! You should've stayed dead.
Dad? I'll kill you! H'a! H'a! Dad? Mark We need to talk.
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