Invincible (2021) s02e00 Episode Script

Presenting Atom Eve (Special)

[insects trilling]
[Prince Lizard] Lizard League!
Divide and conquer.
We'll find the serum faster
if we split up.
No, my son.
That's not a tactically
sound strategy.
Remember our talk.
There could be
hidden dangers here.
We need to stay together.
Strength in numbers.
- But, Mom
- [Queen Lizard] Prince Lizard.
Do not disrespect me.
I let you do the explosion,
which was noisier than
I would've liked.
I'll take it from here.
What is your command, my queen?
Move deeper into the lab.
Our intel was spotty, but the
serum should be on this level.
The flames of this burning world
will warm our cold blood.
until the Lizard League rules all!
[metal screaking]

[Queen Lizard] The Guardians
of the Globe!
[War Woman] Stand down
and surrender.
This is your only warning.
This doesn't have to get
any uglier than it already is.
[laughs] If heavy hitters
like you are being sent in,
there's no telling
what's housed here.
Pity you won't get
a chance to see it.
Are you sure about that?
Don't let them get away.
I got them.
[grunting] Come on, Iguana.
You're better than this.
You're not some hired goon.
Don't waste your time, Samson.
That dame's a lost cause.
You guys still say "dame" in Atlantis?
- Darkwing not coming?
- Ah!
Still healing after
the Chronodile battle.
- [growls]
- Little help?
Red Rush?
Busy in Russia.
And Martian Man's helping
Dark Blood
on some important mission.
I'm sure we're fine.
But I called in
the reservist just in case.
[Immortal] Really?
Don't let him hear you
call him that.
She's mine.
[chuckles] You wish.
He has a problem with "reservist"?
He refused to join the team,
but said he'd help out
if needed.
Is that not the very
definition of the word?
You've got
a lot to learn about men.
No interest.
War Woman! It's gonna
Just in time.
[scoffs] New suit?
Plain white thing
not flashy enough for you?
Yeah, the tailor said
it wasn't iconic enough.
everyone's running around
with a big letter on
their chest these days.
Is that what this is?
I only needed a diversion.
They're gonna bring
the facility down on top of us.
And you weren't due
for two more weeks.
[Polly] I'm sorry,
Dr. Brandyworth.
I don't mean to
let you down. [grunting]
I know how important
this baby is.
No, you didn't do
anything wrong, Polly.
I should have found
another woman.
[pained groaning]
They're getting closer.
We have to get you
to a hospital.
I'm not gonna make it, am I?
[moaning] I can feel it.
Take care of my baby.
Promise me you will.
Polly, you're gonna be fine.
[tires screeching]
[Brandyworth] I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry I did this to you.
[phone ringing]
Erickson, there was an attack.
I'm getting Polly
somewhere safe.
Bring my specimen back.
[Brandyworth] She's in labor.
We're headed
for the valley hospital.
That child is too valuable
to leave her birth
in the hands of
civilian doctors.
We have a hospital.
Turn your car around.
No, the facility is compromised.
We can't risk it.
The stress she's under
Bring her back. Now!
You'll get your weapon,
and in the end,
you'll thank me for it.
[phone shatters]
Be careful.
This woman is in great danger.
- Her baby's a superhuman.
- We can see that.
- We can take it from here, Mister
- Dr. Brandyworth.
But the child about to be born
is unique
in every conceivable way.
You must be ready for
any unexpected
[electricity buzzing]
No. No
No [sobs]

- Maternity. Where?
- Um, third floor.
[Brandyworth] Erickson
[Erickson] No. No.
What have you done?
Where's the specimen?
They didn't
They didn't survive.
Search the hospital.
Find me the bodies.
You better save some tears
for yourself, Brandyworth.
You'll need them.
[both sobbing]
It's nobody's fault.
Bad things just
They just happen.
[both crying]
[nurse] Mr. And Mrs. Wilkins?
We all thought
she was gone, but she
- she came back to us.
- Oh. [baby cooing]
- What?
- [nurse] She came back.
All on her own.
We don't know how, but she did.
- Aw
- [nurse] Your daughter is a fighter.
Oh, my God Oh, my God!
Oh, thank you. Thank you!
- [sobbing]
- Oh.
- Oh
- Oh, she's just perfect.
She's just perfect.
Our Samantha Eve Wilkins.
[Alice Phoebe Lou: "Witches"]

You've got this golden way of ♪
Making my body sway ♪
Of making my mind fly away ♪
Of making it fly ♪
It's the world
I love to be in ♪
Come on, let's go high
above the ceiling ♪
Oh, we could be feeling ♪
Oh, what we could be feeling ♪
I'm one of
those witches, babe ♪
I'm one of those
witches, babe ♪
Just don't try to
save me 'cause ♪
I don't want to be saved ♪
I'm one of
those witches, babe ♪
I'm one of those
witches, babe ♪
Just don't try to
save me 'cause ♪
I don't want to be saved ♪
Me, I've got
my own little magic
Sam sure loves her LEGOs, huh?
[sighs] It's the only thing
she'll play with.
Thanks, Zak.
We'll be back by 10:00.
Oh, you have our number
if you need anything.
Don't worry, Mrs. Wilkins.
We'll be fine.
[dog barking in distance]
At least you will be.
I'm screwed
if I don't prep for this test.
Huh. You like chemistry, Sam?
Then any idea why mercury is
a liquid at room temperature
when it's surrounded by solids?
- [Eve] Valence electrons.
- Huh?
Mercury's 6s valence subshell
has two electrons.
6s electrons don't like being
friends with other particles.
To be a solid, they got to bond,
and they don't want to.
So liquid.
- [giggles] Mercury's funny.
- Hmm.
What else do you know?
- Wha?
- [gasps]
Mr. and Mrs. Wilkins
your daughter's a freaking genius.
No, seriously.
Look at this.
Sam's been making molecules
for me.
Check it out.
That's baking soda.
This one, this one is glucose.
And believe it or not,
that's magnesium.
I have no idea what that is,
but it looks super cool.
Adam, last year,
when Samantha kept writing
letters over and over again,
- do you think it was this?
- [scoffs] Don't be absurd.
She wasn't reading
science textbooks.
She could barely read at all.
Oh, that's the thing.
She has these
molecules memorized
like she could just
see them in her head.
[soft exhale]
Well, I-I think it's pretty cool.
But seriously, thanks, Sam.
I'm gonna ace my test.
Mr. P won't know what hit him.
Maybe Zak's right.
- It would explain a lot.
- [scoffs] He's 16.
For all we know,
he made it all up.
What if he didn't?
There are special schools.
Ones for gifted kids.
Oh, she's not gifted.
She's just weird.
- Public school's fine.
- The neighbor called me last week
because she'd been staring
at his tree for an hour.
Maybe she's not weird.
Maybe she's smart.
The neighbors are
talking about her?
Huh Uh, what's the name
of that school for weirdos?

[wind whistling]
[Phase Two grunting]
[Rodgers] Now concentrate on
maintaining your form.
- I said
- I'm trying.
[Erickson] Why you still bother
with these failures is beyond me.
He can barely keep
his skin on his bones.
[pants softly]
Phase Two's abilities are
still impressive.
I don't want impressive.
I want the ability
to change reality.
I want death on command.
I want powerful beyond measure.
And I almost had it.
Return to your tube.
You shouldn't be out
for too long.
- But
- Go.
- We're making progress.
- You're making failures.
And if I don't see
something different soon,
you go in the tube next.
[alarm buzzes]

[kids chattering]
[bus engine starts]
- [Eve] Hi. I'm
- Samantha Wilkins, right?
Um, yeah.
I guess you know
I'm the weirdo that lives
across the street from you.
That's what my mom said.
I'm Val, the even weirder
weirdo who lives
across the street from you.
[Val] Okay, okay.
My turn. Truth or dare?
Hmm Truth.
Tell me something
you've never told anyone.
Something your parents
would be super pissed about.
Maybe I want to run away,
but I'm too scared to do it.
- [Val] Why?
- Because I'm 12 and it's scary.
I mean, why do you
want to run away?
My parents think
I'm a weirdo, too.
They just want a normal kid
who does her piano lessons
- and gets straight A's and stuff.
- Uh, it's their fault.
They put you in a special
school for special kids.
That's a guaranteed
weirdo-making move.
[Eve] Yeah, but all the kids
there are so boring.
They just want to be
lawyers or doctors
or astronauts or whatever.
So, what do you want, then?
I want to do
something that matters.
- Hey, I'm serious.
- I know.
- That's why it's so funny.
- [laughing]
[Betsy] Samantha?
Samantha, where are you?
I said you could go out
for an hour.
- It's been all day.
- Sorry, Mom.
When your mother says
come home, you come home.
You got homework to do if
you want to get your grades up.
My grades are great.
There's other subjects
than science.
Everything else is
lame and boring.
Your mother and I were told
you were special. Silly us!
We thought that meant you should
go to a school for special kids.
What's so special
about them anyway?
They don't have any fun
or care about anything.
They're just a bunch of freaks.
They're freaks?
Look at yourself.
Isn't that why you belong there?
[door slams, locks]
- She-she knows I didn't mean it.
- [scoffs] Didn't you?

[spark buzzes]
[electricity buzzes]
Oh! [grunts]
[soft clinking]
[gasps] Oh, my gosh!
Uh-uh-uh, change back.
Change back. Change
[knock at door]
I'm busy!
I made you a snack, sweetie.
Cream cheese and olive sandwich.


Mmm. [chuckles]
[Eve] Dare.
But I get to pick what it is
- and you can't tell anyone.
- Okay
Give me something.
Like, anything.
Spearmint, right?
[electricity buzzes]
Now it's cherry.
Try it.
- Ew, no.
- Try it.

- How'd you do that? [gasps]
- Look.
It's President Val. [chuckles]
Sam, I'm serious.
How are you doing this?
You know how I used to
say I could, like,
- see molecules and stuff?
- Yeah, weirdo.
Well, I can also
change them around.
Like, move electrons
from here to there.
It's crazy.
- Change them around?
- Exactly.
And it's not just
little things like gum.
- I can make stuff.
- What?
Like out of thin air.
Stop it.
[chuckles nervously]
It likes you.
Stop. I said stop!
Sorry, I just thought it was fun.
It's not, okay?
It's freaking scary.
Come on, it's cool.
Normal people aren't
supposed to be able
- to do things like that.
- [Eve] Who cares?
Maybe I'm a superhero.
Do you know how much fun
we can have with this?
- [Val] I should go home now.
- Wait I'm sorry.
Val. Val.
[Maple Glider: "Good Thing"]
There are no words I have to say ♪
In this moment ♪
[Eve] Val.
You're asking me if I'm okay ♪
But I need time ♪
To process ♪
All these things that
make me lose my focus ♪
And all these parts of me
I had not noticed ♪
Before you came ♪

- Uh
- Oh, pink.
It's your favorite color.
Yeah. This dress
could change that.
Oh, don't be silly.
It's adorable.
Remember to write
a thank-you note to Aunt Penny.
[gasps] Hmm.
[birds chirping]
I wish you were a puppy.
I wish I had a puppy.
Huh? [gasps]
[door opens, slams]

[gasps] Cool.
[Le Tigre: "Deceptacon"]
Who took the bomp ♪
Every day and night ♪
Every day
and night ♪
I can see your disco ♪
Is sucking my heart
out of my mind ♪
I'm out of time,
I'm out of fucking time ♪
I'm a gasoline gut
with a Vaseline mind but ♪
Want to disco,
want to see me disco ♪
Three, four ♪
You got what
you been asking for ♪
And your fantasy wheels ♪
And everything you think ♪
And everything you feel ♪
Is all right, all right ♪
All right,
all right, all right ♪
[sidekick] This is fucked up.
Why are we stealing dogs?
Because no one
gives a shit about dogs,
and they pay for them
down at the lab.
You need the money or not?
[sidekick] I guess.
Just seems kind of mean.
Spay and neuter your pets, man.
Not our fault there's too many.
[dogs barking]
Shit. Hurry.
Keep your pants on.
- [Eve] Hey.
- Huh?
Ugh. What the hell?
[sidekick] Dude, I think
it's a Powerpuff Girl.
- Shut up.
- You shut up.
[Eve] Both of you, shut up.
What are you doing?
None of your business.
Doesn't look like
it's your business, either.
Buzz off, Powerpuff.
Come on.
We need to get the rest.
If I can do that,
imagine what I can do to
those dumb masks you're wearing.
[electricity buzzing]
[both groaning]
[masks clanking]
What now?
You gonna leave them squirming
like turtles on their backs?
- Don't come any closer.
- Don't worry.
I know who you are
and what you can do.
Who are you?
[men grunting]
[metal scraping]
Maybe we could
speak somewhere else?
Ever heard of stranger danger?
Hard pass, creep.
I'm not here to hurt you.
I just want to talk about
where you came from.
Where your powers came from.
There's no easy way to
say this, but
I made you, Samantha.
I know about the birds
and the bees, dude.
My gross parents made me.
Adam and Betsy Wilkins
are not your real parents.
I'm adopted?
[quietly] Man,
that would explain a lot.
My name is
Dr. Elias Brandyworth.
I was the assistant director of
the Pentagon's Department
of Superhuman Research.
[Eve] Sure you were.
And now you eat
out of dumpsters?
Yes. Yeah.
To stay off the grid.
To protect you.
You were one of
my projects, Samantha.
A superhero with almost
limitless potential,
but under the control of
the U.S. military.
You're crazy.
I'm leaving.
You can see molecules.
Turn paper into stone.
Feel the chemical composition
of the world in your bones.

But you can't change
people or animals.
Never people or animals.
I hid you with your parents
when I realized I couldn't trust
the people I worked with
and how cruel your life
with them would be.
- Then, why come find me now?
- Because of your powers.
The military thinks you're dead.
If they discover you're not
they'll come for you.
You must stop using them.
What? No.
I can do things that matter.
I can help people.
I'm begging you not to.
What's that noise?
What noise?
[soft buzzing]
You have to go.
It's not safe.
Do not use your powers. Go!
[soft whirring]
- Eve!
- Mom! [grunts]
Where were you?
Nowhere. I mean, I
[groans] snuck out.
Why would you do that?
I was worried sick.
I don't know.
I'm sorry.
First you got expelled,
and now this?
I said I was sorry.
Sorry doesn't cut it anymore!
Your father and I have done
everything for you.
Sent you to a special school,
looked the other way
with these odd
little habits of yours.
- Why can't you just be?
- Normal?
Now that
that's not what I said.
It's what you meant.
- Oh, Eve.
- I just want to go to sleep.
I love you, Samantha. I do.
But I wish you'd
try harder sometimes.
[door closes]
[tech] We sent a drone out
after our sensors got pinged,
but we lost contact
after she flew away.
- It's her.
- We don't know that.
It's her!

[keyboard clicking]
[alarm buzzes]
[Eve] Old man,
white hair, grubby clothes.
Have you seen him?
Are you sure he isn't here?
Ugh, yes, I looked twice.
He's not here.

[alarm ringing]
[Killcannon] Hmm?
Nice soul patch, bro.
Makes your face extra punchable.
[growls softly]
Get out of my way, kid.
Sure, once
you give that all back,
and sit down nicely
and wait for the police.
The name's Killcannon,
not "Gets beat up by
little girls" Cannon.
Then I guess you'll need to
go down to City Hall
and get it changed.
Huh, you [groans]
The hell?
Mm. You're gonna regret that.
[both grunting]
- [groaning] Uh
- [laughing] Sorry, kid.
You're just not made for this.
I literally was.
- Samantha.
- [gasps]
How do you keep doing that?
I have a lot of time
on my hands.
But you didn't listen to me.
You can't use
your powers, Samantha.
You can't.
It's Atom Eve
when I'm in costume.
Atom Eve?
Where'd you come up with that?
Atom because duh.
Eve because it's my middle name.
No, the cape is cute.
The name is awesome.
I wish I could say the same
for your actions.
I'm a freaking badass.
Not quite what I mean.
When I heard the fighting,
I was afraid
you might be using your powers.
What? You don't even take
a day off on your birthday?
How do you know
it's my birthday?
My parents didn't even remember.
I was there, you know.
It was an important day
for me, too.
You told me that before,
but I don't think
I got all the details.
Trade you a burger
for some answers.
- [slurping]
- Mmm.
Tell me about my parents.
My real parents.
You said I was adopted.
So, who was my real dad?
I didn't know your father.
Okay, then my mom.
Was she your science partner
or something?
Is that where I get my smarts?
Yes, that's exactly it.
She was a valued colleague.
She volunteered her pregnancy
for an experimental procedure.
[Eve] What procedure?
[Brandyworth] We manipulated
her amniotic fluid,
induced controlled
mutational change.
Flooded her system with
rapidly decaying particles.
I monitored her around the clock
as she approached term.
We became close.
She begged me to
make sure you had a life.
That you didn't grow up
in a lab alone.
[Brandyworth] That was when I
first realized you weren't just
an experiment or a weapon.
And I was making
a terrible mistake.
I-I made plans to get her out,
help her run away, but
she went into labor early.
We saved you, but
A normal life.
That's that's all
she would have wanted for you.
[sirens wailing nearby]
A normal life.
We'll pick this up later.
If you keep doing this,
they're going to find you.
I'm wearing a mask.
I'm using a fake name.
I'm apparently a
government-designed superweapon.
I'll be fine.

[Eve] Um
Fall back and, um,
form a perimeter or something.
Get the hell out of here.
[exclaims] We'll fall back
and form a perimeter.
Great idea.
Get off of me.
[snarling, growling]
[Eve] What?
What's happening?
She's dying.
It's hard for us.
We're not perfect like you.
Who are you?
You don't know?
I have to speak for
our siblings.
They've never been
out of their tanks
long enough to learn to talk.
"Our" siblings?
- [Phase Two] You're Phase One
- [gasps]
Phase Two,
Phase Three,
Phase Four,
Phase Five.
Each attempt less
successful than the last,
but all one big happy family.
Okay, so you're
less good versions of me.
Then this should be easy.

[snarling weakly]
Look what you're doing!
What I'm doing?
I didn't start this.
I don't even want to do this.
Then die already.
[both grunting]
[horn honking]
[breathing heavily]
[tires screeching]
What are you doing?
We're gonna die.
It'll be worth it to see
the life drain from
your perfect eyes.
[truck horn honking]
[brakes screeching]
[horns blaring]
Oh, thank God.
[breathing heavily]
[metal scraping]
[Phase Two] It's a shame we had
to fight like this, sister.
We could have been
a family together.
Wouldn't that have been nice?
Sure, we could have all
moved in with Dr. Brandyworth.
One big freak family.
He's not our family.
We're the best
they could make without him.
They talk about us
like we're not there.
Not real.
Don't matter!
All we hear is
how perfect you are.
And how perfect we aren't.
[Phase Three snarling]
[Eve moaning]
[tires squeal]
[engine revving]
[footsteps thudding]
Look who it is.
- Let him go!
- [Brandyworth shouts]
You actually like this monster?
- Good.
- [shouts]
[both groaning]
Thank Thank you.
[Phase Two shouts]
They can change into things.
[Phase Two grunting]
Alter their bodies.
I can't do any of that.
They wanted you to be
a perfect weapon.
But even I have a conscience.
I implanted a subconscious block
to prevent you from
altering living tissue.
You were perfect,
but with limits.
I wasn't there
to do the same with them.
[Phase Two grunting]
Get up.
Look at me.
[pained groaning]
Look at me!
[fading groan]
Help him.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
Goodbye, Eve.
[Eve sobbing]
I wish everything
was different for us.
They killed themselves
trying to hurt me.
Samantha, we have
[tires screech]
[guns cocking]
[Erickson] Brandyworth.
What a treat.
Didn't think you'd crawl out
from under your rock as well.

[muffled] You have
to let her go.
She's just a child!
[Erickson] No, she's a weapon.
- [Eve groaning]
- [Erickson] My weapon.
And it's taken me years
to get her back.
I'll come back.
I'll make you someone else.
You are back, Dr. Brandyworth.
And you will make me
more weapons like her.
[Eve] Hey.
Let him go, and I'll stay.
[Erickson] The man who tore you
from your mother's womb,
and you want to save him?
But no.
We have plans for both of you.
I said you could have me
but not him.
I told you those
restraints were theoretical.
Go on.
Do something else you'll regret.
You just told me
how valuable he was, stupid.
I did.
But now that I have Brandyworth,
his research partner
isn't needed anymore.
- Are you sure?
- Do it!
[alarm buzzes]
[alarm blaring]
Who who is that?
Where do you think
all your brothers
and sisters came from?
[Erickson] Good old Mom.
[Brandyworth] Oh, God!
She's alive.
Technically alive.
We didn't get her back up
and running in time
to save her from
massive brain damage.
But, well,
we both know
she only had one use anyway.
You monster!
[alarm rings]
[bullet ricocheting]
[glass shatters]
[muffled groaning]
Do something!
She was barely alive
to begin with.
[Brandyworth] Oh!
Damn it!
That was an accident.
You murdered my whole family.
Eve, calm down.

You murdered my whole family!
I see it all now.
Every single molecule around us.
I can touch them,
taste them, control them.
I could rearrange
your cells to make you
whole new people
from the monsters you are.
You ruined my life.
Took everything from me.
Killed people
I didn't even know I loved.
I am Samantha Eve Wilkins.
And I defy you to
even remember who I am.
[Erickson exclaims]
[Gordi: "Aeroplane Bathroom"]
Do you see yourself? ♪
Do you see yourself
unravelling? ♪
Do you know ♪
That these bones
were always mine ♪
What? Uh
Where am I?
Where before this ♪
Where before this
was I traveling? ♪
Was this always ♪
Was this always by design? ♪
Oh, God.
And where have you been?
- Adam, wait.
- Don't stick up for her!
She's late for her own birthday.
You couldn't even call?
Did you eat my cake?
How dare you!
I need to go.
Go? Go where?
Hey, like it or not, we're
the only family you've got.

- [knock at door]
- [Betsy] Samantha?
Please come out.
It's your birthday.
Let's try again.
[Eve sobbing]
Only one I've got.
Oh, Sam.
Oh. Oh
It's okay, dear. [shushing]
It's all going to be okay.
I promise.
Mm. You're home early.
- Yeah, light day.
- [Mark] Dad.
Dad, look.
I'm gonna be
Duct Tape Man.
Like, even if
I don't get powers,
I can just tie people up
with duct tape.
You can do anything
with duct tape.
I don't know if
that's gonna work as well as
you hope it will, kiddo.
And you might rethink
that as we peel all this off.
Go upstairs and run a bath.
That should help.
A little. [chuckles]
That boy is never
getting his powers, is he?
Don't ask me.
You're the superhero
space alien.
But even if he doesn't,
we'll love him just as much.
Finish dinner
while I untape the boy.

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