Invincible (2021) s02e01 Episode Script

A Lesson For Your Next Life

- Are you serious, Grayson?
- [grunts, coughs]
Thank you.
It's about time.
[Cecil] Someone murdered
the Guardians of the Globe last night,
tore them limb from limb,
but Nolan was the only survivor.
Cecil Stedman.
Director of the GDA.
Bow before Doc Seismic!
[sinister laughter]
[Allen] Your planet signed up
for the program.
- Request from Urath.
- Urath? This is Earth!
- Come work for the GDA.
- It is my pleasure to introduce
the new Guardians of the Globe.
Black Samson.
- Shrinking Rae.
- Oh, yeah!
- [Robot] Monster Girl.
- Josef is finally standing still
and I still can't see him!
[Olga] They know who did this,
and they don't care.
Which is why
I'm moving back to Moscow.
[Mark] Please don't lose
interest in me while I'm gone.
Go, go, go, go, go!
[Donald] What does
sending Mark away get us?
[Cecil] A chance to see
what this kid can do.
Come on, guys!
[Robot] I need your expertise
in tissue growth
- and DNA replication.
- [Rudy] I wasn't expecting this.
[Eve] I don't know
if being a superhero is
what I want to do right now.
I can irrigate deserts.
Stop natural disasters.
Bring food to the starving.
[Rudy] You will come with me
back to prison.
[Nolan] I am from Viltrum,
but it's not the planet
I've told you about.
Our most trusted officers were
each given a planet to weaken.
I was one of those lucky few.
And now, we need to
get Earth ready
to join the Viltrum empire.
I do love your mother, but
she's more like a pet to me.
[Mark] I don't give a shit
about Viltrum.
This is my home and I won't
let you destroy it!
[Cecil] What will you have
after 500 years?!
I'd still have you
[distant thudding, crashing]
[loon calling]
[spits, chuckles]
I've been hit harder before.
Like way harder.
So arrogant.
Just like your father.
I'm trying to save lives.
Why can't you trust me?
After what Omni-Man did?
After what you did?!
[pained groan]
- You!
- Yep.
Immortal your way out of that.
The Immortal lived
for thousands of years
trying to make this planet
better for all its people.
I thought he'd see the truth
like you did.
I think he was trying to
lead us away.
[Nolan] So we must be close.
[Mark on screen] People
of Earth
we know you all feel like
we're the bad guys
because my dad and I
took over your planet.
But you're going to be part of
the Viltrum empire now.
That means no one goes hungry,
no one dies from cancer,
and no one ever
messes with Earth again.
I didn't get it at first either.
But I came around
and you will come around, too.
And in the long run,
you'll thank us.
But you need to remember,
the more you resist,
the worse this gets.
We didn't destroy your cities.
You destroyed them
by fighting back.
Your new Viltrumite rulers
are on the way
and it's time to join us
in welcoming them.
And if you still think
you can stop us,
don't forget I'm
People of Earth
we know you all feel like
we're the bad guys
because my dad and I
took over your planet.
You're going to be part
of the Viltrum empire now.
That means no one goes hungry,
no one dies from cancer,
and no one ever
messes with Earth again.
I didn't get it at first either.
But I came around
[voice fading] and you will
come around, too.
[indistinct chatter]
Were you followed?
The Immortal led them away.
We're safe.
[Eve] Yeah.
That's what Rex thought, too.
Did you retrieve the null energy?
If this doesn't make
Omni-Man have a bad day,
nothing will.
[Angstrom ♪646] Oh, no.
Oh, God, no.

- Told you we were close.
- Hey, Eve.
You look good.
- [Mark] Eve!
- Robot!
[electricity buzzing]
Get back!
[panicked clamoring]
you too will die.
But you should have died at birth.

Last chance, Eve.
You and your stupid
resistance made us kill
thousands of innocent people.
[Eve] Ah!
Stop this, or I stop you.
- Please.
- I'd rather die.
- What? Eve
- [moaning]
I would never kill you.
But I can't let you hurt
anyone else.
[Eve choking]
[bones crack]
[faint groan]
I'm sorry
you had to do that, Mark.
- She didn't leave you a choice.
- [sighs] She's not dead.
- Just paralyzed.
- [faint groaning]
Huh, so that's what
you were practicing
on those protestors last week.
I couldn't figure it out.
Yeah, I've got some people
who'll take care of her,
so, you know, I can visit.
[Nolan] Hi. Since you were
all part of the resistance,
- we need to kill you.
- Murderers!
- [Nolan] Ah. A volunteer.
- Don't touch me!
Hey, buddy, you sentenced
yourself to death
when you joined club resistance.
Justice will come for you.
For all the friends we've lost
to your senseless cruelty,
for all the families
you've torn apart.
- You will reap what you
- [Nolan] Let's do this, Mark.
I missed lunch because of
that riot in Bangkok.
Yep. Way ahead of you.
What the hell was that?
- A portal or something?
- Eh. Who cares?
Let's finish this off.
I'm starving.
[panicked murmuring]
[Radiohead: "Karma Police"]

Karma police ♪
Arrest this man ♪
He talks in maths ♪
He buzzes like a fridge ♪
He's like a detuned radio ♪
Karma police ♪
Arrest this girl ♪
Her Hitler hairdo ♪
Is making me feel ill ♪
And we have
crashed her party ♪
This is what you get ♪
This is what you get ♪
This is what you get ♪
When you mess with us ♪
[sirens wailing]
Karma police ♪
I've given all I can ♪
And it's not enough ♪
I've given all I can ♪
But we're still on
the payroll ♪
This is what you get ♪
This is what you get ♪
This is what you get ♪
[woman screams]
When you mess with us ♪
For a minute there ♪
I lost myself, I lost myself ♪
Phew, for a minute there ♪
I lost myself,
I lost myself ♪

We all remember that day,
when titans touched down
in Chicago.
The battle.
The devastation.
The cost in lives.
For some,
the pain will never fade.
But for many others,
the healing has already begun.
In only a few short weeks,
crews have been hard at work
rebuilding the city
that had been so devastat

[Debbie] You don't have to go
back if you're not ready.
[Mark chuckles softly]
Neither do you.
I think we're both dying
to get out of this house.
Hmm. Yeah.
- See you later, Mom.
- You too.

[accelerated buzzing]
[Mauler 1]
Who holds a grudge this long?
I said I was sorry.
Get back from the door
if you want to eat.
That's the thing.
I don't want to eat
that garbage.
- I want real food.
- I said, "Get back."
Turn around.
- I'm not gonna
- Turn around!
[Mauler 2] You should count
yourself lucky there, Pete.
[scoffs] We could've
torn your arm off.
Smashed your head in.
Ripped out your liver.
Made your spine into a belt.
I ain't scared.
You get back, too.
Or you're both going hungry.
Instead, we barely
gave you a concussion.
That means we like you.
That means you're a friend.
That means when
we break out of here again,
we don't kill you.
As long as you keep us
in good food,
- which you're currently not.
- Don't try to bargain with me.
We've got security turned up
to a hundred on you two.
New cameras,
new guns, new doors.
New guards.
You ain't going nowhere.
- Did you?
- [Mauler 2] Oh, yeah.
I shit portals now.
Didn't I mention that?
[Pete gasps]
[alarm blaring]
Down here, hurry!
Go, go, go, go, go.
- You think, uh?
- Couldn't be worse than the salmon.
See you around, Pete.

[Mauler 2] Ugh.
Where the hell are we?
I bet he knows.

Holy shit.
What happened here?
[Angstrom Levy] A tragedy.
But don't worry.
This isn't your world.
My name is Angstrom Levy.
Hi, Angstrom.
Why'd you break us out?
And what do you want?
That's basically
the same question, idiot.
I'll explain as we go.
This Earth's too dangerous
to stay here for long.
Let me guess. You can open
portals between dimensions.
- I mean, I don't like to brag.
- But not within the same dimension.
- Hmm. Why do you think that?
- Because we're walking.
And because you needed to find
a crater deep enough here
to reach us in the GDA's
underground prison there.
Ah, you two are sharp.
You know, I was worried
freeing you could be a mistake.
Still might be, if you don't
tell us what you want.
I need your help with
a very specific problem.
Last time we helped someone else
with their very specific problem,
- it didn't work out so well for us.
- Look, I'm a pacifist.
I don't hurt people,
I don't kill people.
I only use my power for good.
Working with the two of you
is a real ethical
and moral stretch for me,
but I don't have a choice.
There's no one else with your
scientific je ne sais quoi.
Trust me.
I've looked everywhere.
Now, I can't force you to help me.
But I will leave you here
forever if you don't.
Or somewhere worse.
[Mauler 2 groaning]
I miss when we only
worked for ourselves.
[Mauler 1] Me too.

[bell ringing]
[indistinct chatter]
- Is that Mark Grayson?
- He's back already?
[student] Did you hear
what happened to his dad?
I feel so bad for him.
[Todd] Mark
- Mark Grayson.
- [Mark sighs]
Todd, listen, I [grunts]
[students exclaiming]
- I'm, uh, sorry your dad got exploded.
- [Mark] Oh. Uh, thanks.
- But I don't really want to
- That sucks, man. Totally sucks.
- Talk about it.
- I can't imagine not ever
seeing my dad again,
and my dad's a dick.
I hear your dad was
an okay guy though.
And he was like, jacked, right?
[muffled] I bet you wish
you got those genes, huh?
[high-pitched ringing]
[dialogue inaudible]
[heart pounding]
Thanks, Todd.
Mark appreciates it.
- Hey, you okay?
- Good talk, man.
See? I'm not an asshole.
I'm not an asshole!
- It's fine.
- Yeah, it's fine.
But are you fine?
Todd's right.
My dad might as well be dead.
- That's how it feels anyway.
- Sure.
I don't get to be sad.
I'm part of the problem.
I'm the reason all those
people in Chicago died.
- Wait a second
- [Mark] I shouldn't be here.
I should be out there.
Making up for all my mistakes.
You didn't kill those people, Mark.
- Omni-Man did.
- But I didn't save them.
You stopped your dad
and saved the planet.
And it almost killed you.
You don't owe anyone anything.

I'm not so sure.
[horns honking]
[bell jingles]
Good to see you, kid.
What can I do for you?
Going back to school
made me realize
it's the wrong place
for me right now.
I need to be out there.
You need to start
calling on me again.
- Hey hold on.
- I'm better, I'm stronger, I'm ready.
No, you're not. [sighs]
You're not, Mark.
What do you mean?
You think I haven't been watching
your early morning outings?
That's why I need you.
I need to do more.
It's only been a month, Mark.
Focus on your mom,
your grades, your girlfriend.
You want to go to college
with Amber, right?
You can't do that
if you don't graduate.
I can save lives.
You did.
You saved a ton of them.
But you also went through
an emotional tumble dryer
and I need to know
your head's stopped spinning
before I let you back in the game.
So no. Not yet.
You can't stop me.
I don't need your permission
to be a superhero.
- You know who else said that to me?
- I'm not my dad.
I'm not my dad!
Take some time off, kid.
Some real time off.
You need it.
[bell jingles, door closes]
- This thing still going on?
- It's not going well, sir.
The Guardians could use some help.
They could really use
I'm not making the same mistake
I made with Nolan.
There's only one way
this kid goes back out there,
and that's on a very short leash.
That's for stepping on my
favorite bar, you piece of shit!
Don't call me that!
I'm the Giant.
And I want to be
president of America.
And an astronaut.
[Dupli-Kate] Um, those are
Very specific requests.
Based on his speech patterns
and vocabulary,
the Giant seems to have
the mental capacity
- of an eight-year-old.
- [roars]
An eight-year-old what?
Explains the astronaut part.
Maybe we can buy him
some comics or something.
I don't care how old he is.
He needs to go down. Now.
[Robot] That's an excellent
suggestion, Samson.
There's a multilevel parking
garage beneath this intersection.
I will detonate
stress points in the concrete
and drop the Giant into it.
We can neutralize him there
without endangering
- You okay?
- I'm-I'm not sure.
Blow up Rudy's charges.
[Black Samson] Come on!
[Giant] Why are you so
mean to me? Why you do that?
- What happened?
- I don't know.
I couldn't move.
My heart was racing.
I was all sweaty
- [giggles]
- [Rudy] Why are you laughing?
That's fear.
Before, all this was just
a video game for you.
Now you're here, in person,
playing for real.
It's a big difference.
Don't worry.
You'll get used to it.
Just like the first time
you used the toilet.
[Giant shouts]
[Angstrom Levy]
Sure. I'm a genius.
But I'm not the right
kind of genius.
Recognize this?
[Mauler 1] That's one of our
somatic encoders.
- But bigger.
- I hadn't noticed.
I based it off your design.
It reads, copies,
and writes human minds.
- Except
- [Mauler 1] You can't get it working.
I bet you can't.
What's this thing seat?
A hundred?
- Yes, a hundred, but
- The connectome buffers crash out.
I thought I had enough.
Hmm. That's not gonna cut it.
You'll need twice as many
processing units.
This is exactly why
I broke you both out of prison.
How long to get it working?
Not long.
But two questions first.
One, what do you need it for?
Two, what's in it for us?
And no more bullshit about
stranding us
- in some other dimension.
- Sure, sure.
Instead, let me appeal to
your philanthropic nature.
Huh. Go on.
[snaps fingers]
There's an infinite number
of dimensions. [music]
And I was born with the ability
to access all of them.
You must have been
a fun kid to babysit.
Some differ from ours
in the smallest way.
Others couldn't be more different.
Remember that
world-changing battle
between Omni-Man
and Invincible a month ago?
In most other dimensions,
they teamed up
and took over the planet.
- You're kidding.
- And we're the bad guys.
Now what's important is
that each dimension has
something unique and valuable.
Shakespeares we've never read.
Technologies beyond
our understanding.
New ways of thinking.
Philosophies of peace.
[snaps fingers]
All our problems
famine, war, climate change,
cancer, have been solved
somewhere else.
And I can be the conduit
of that knowledge.
A Prometheus who raises
the bar for everyone
by sharing what works.
I'll help our world first,
of course,
then everywhere else.
I can save billions
upon trillions of lives.
- Sounds like fun.
- But saving lives isn't really our jam.
To do this,
I need deep knowledge
of those other dimensions.
Good thing we've
always been inquisitive.
We've always been?
Meet the family.
[indistinct chatter]
[Mauler 2]
I did not see that coming.
'Cause you're the clone.
They're all
alternate versions of me,
and I've gathered
ten times more in safe houses
scattered across other dimensions.
They don't have my ability
but they have something
almost as valuable
Intimate local knowledge
of their home dimensions
that will help me figure out
what they do best
and how to get it here.
Which brings us back to you.
I need to copy all their
know-how and put it in here.
Why not just ask them questions?
Because only someone
who can see the whole puzzle
can put it together.
Help me do this and I'll give you
any single dimension you want,
as long as you promise
not to hurt anyone.
- We want one with no superheroes.
- Good food.
And a population
that thinks we're gods.

Mark, I'm home.
[Olga] Debbie
- I've been waiting for you.
- Olga.
Eh. The backdoor was open,
so I let myself in.
You like stroganoff, yes?
The roads,
the weather, coffee shops
oh, and pizza.
There is no good pizza
in Moscow.
None. It's all for shit.
Italy. That's where you need
to go for pizza.
I know, it's obvious, but it's true.
I was, I was there
just last year with
[sighs] with Nolan.
[sighs] That is why
I came to visit.
[scoffs] Want to hear
something crazy?
When I saw you with
that knife, I thought
[both laughing]
I would never.
Too obvious.
Poison would be much better.
I know Nolan lied to you.
You were hurt as badly as I was.
Both our husbands died that night.
You can be sad
and angry at the same time.
That's how I felt
after burying Josef.
Nolan killed so many people.
He almost killed Mark.
Said I didn't matter.
That I was a pet.
Twenty years.
Twenty years and I was
a goddamn fucking pet!
He was a bastard.
The worst kind.
But he's gone now.
I-I I'm sorry.
I'm fine.
I'm fine. I just
ugh, I needed that.
I don't have
anyone to talk to, so
I keep it all inside
and it's, it's like acid
eating me away until I'm hollow.
I have to go back to Moscow
in a few days, but, uh
[Debbie] What's this?
- Something that helped me.
- Hey, Mom.
- Oh, hi, Olga.
- Oh. It's good to see you, Mark.
Uh, I'm gonna go to my room.
- Olga made dinner.
- I already ate.
[door closes]
You can't help him
until you help yourself.
I'm fine.
Really, Olga, I'm fine.
[faucet running]
Ongoing, repeated fuck-ups
- of monumental proportions.
- That's a little harsh, Cecil.
That was the nice way
of saying it, Kate.
Don't push me.
You're slow. Unprepared.
Take-downs take too long
and the public pays the price.
Hey! We put our necks
on the line
- every single day
- Shut up, Rex. This isn't about you.
We've done an analysis of
your last 15 engagements
and narrowed it down to
a failure of leadership.
Phew. [laughing]
Off the hook.
Oh. Uh sorry.
- I'm still adjusting to my new body.
- And I'm instituting a change.
The Immortal is now in charge.
A couple thousand years
of experience
- should turn things around.
- Nice entrance.
Was he waiting for his cue?
You were, weren't you?
Like, just over there or something.
Did you work it out in advance?
I mean, it looked effortless
but I feel like a lot of
preparation went into it.
It's also obvious
the team needs more muscle.
Meet Bulletproof.
Amazing. Ho, ho!
It's just a whole afternoon
of new friends.
And what do you do?
I mean, other than have
the most obvious name ever.
I do everything
you wish you could.
And that's rich coming from
a guy called Rex Splode.
You think up that
grade-school shit yourself,
or did somebody
help you with that?
[stammers] I-I
- came up with it.
- Yeah, I figured.
Come on, man, I know your type.
Be better.
I-I was trying to be bett
New training schedules are
in your lockers.
First session is in 30 minutes.
I still want you on the team, Rudy.
You good with that?
This was not
the outcome I desired.
But yes, of course.
I understand.
Good man.
I knew I could count on you.
Screw him.
He's making a big mistake.
[Rudy] No.
Cecil's right.
My leadership has been
suboptimal and that's a problem.
And like any problem,
it needs to be fixed.

[school bell ringing]
[Eve] Hey, stranger.
Eh. Otherwise,
life out in the woods is good.
Maybe a little lonely,
but I don't mind.
Sounds nice.
- So
- So?
So this is where
you tell me how you are.
I don't know.
Okay, I guess.
When was the last time
you went out as
- Invincible?
- Yesterday morning, but
I'm just flying around like an idiot.
And I can't stop thinking
when I was a kid, I always
wanted to be my dad
What if that happens?
What if I become him
and I don't even know it?
You're not your dad, Mark.
We all know that.
- The whole world knows that.
- Cecil doesn't.
[Eve] So prove him wrong.
[Donald] We tracked them down
to a warehouse near the harbor.
We don't know what they're
building in there yet,
but it's big, sir.
[sighs] Let's find out
before they turn it on.
- Get me the Immortal.
- [GDA agent] Director
- Mark, it's not a good
- I'll work for you.
I'll follow orders.
I'll let you make all the calls.
Just put me back out there.
Sir, energy levels
just went off the chart.
[alarm beeping]
Someone get this kid an earpiece.

[quiet chatter]
Power's stable.
Neural matrices spinning up.
Buffers ready and networked.
You know who else
could have pulled this off?
No one in a million
different dimensions.
[both] Boom.
That's right. You two are
about to change the world.
- All of them.
- Open your portals
and we'll connect
to the other nine machines.
[Mauler 2] Trans-dimensional
interconnects are stable.
Bringing them online.
[Mauler 1] One thousand minds,
Your throne.
[sighs deeply]
[Mauler 2] We're doing
a ton of processing
behind the scenes so you'll
remember that you're you
and not them.
Even though you'll have
everyone's memories.
It's a first for us.
But that means,
once we start the process
It's impossible to stop.
At these power levels,
severe brain damage would be
- the least of your problems.
- I understand.
I'm ready.
- Let's ride the lighting.
- Nice.
[all grunting]
I I am large. [chuckles]
And I contain multitudes.
Locked and stable.
We're laughing.
- Don't say that.
- Why not? [rumbling]
That's why, you idiot.
[Cecil over earpiece]
Spit it out, kid.
Okay, there's like a giant
mechanical Christmas tree
with, like, a bunch of
the same guy sitting on it,
and some portals,
and the Maulers, and
[Cecil] It doesn't matter.
Just stop them.
Hey, shut it down,
or I take it down.
Make us.
You have no idea how much
I wanted you to say that.
Uh wait!
you don't understand.
Stop fighting and listen to me!
He's stronger than he looks.
Maybe. No way
he lives up to his name.
He's definitely not
- [growls]
- [Angstrom Levy] Stop.
This is for the greater good.
I've heard that before.
Then I'm sorry.
Maulers, help your brothers.
- You were using other us's?
- You said we were special.
[Mauler growls]
Stop him, but don't kill him.
- Oh, we're gonna do both.
- Shut up and enjoy the show.
No. That's enough.
I said stop.
Quit whining, we're almost done.
[pained groan]
I won't build
my utopia with blood.
[alarm ringing]
[Mauler 2] Stop.
There's too much power!
You'll kill us all!

[groans faintly]
- Are you injured?
- Huh. I guess he really is
[Invincible] No, no, no.
Not again.
Hey! Hey, hey, buddy.
This was the Maulers, okay?
And apparently,
lots of them.
Look, I don't know
what they were up to, but
I'd say you stopped it
pretty fucking spectacularly.
[Cecil] I can't believe I'm
saying this, but listen to Rex.
There were other people here.
And even the Maulers didn't
deserve this.
[Cecil] Everyone here
did this to themselves.
Whatever they were planning,
you stopped them.
This is what happens
when you follow my orders.
We did good today,
do you understand me?
Head home.
We'll handle the cleanup
and try to puzzle out
what they were up to.
Immortal, check the site
for survivors
- and report back to me.
- Understood.
[Mark] Mom?
- Mom
- Mm. Huh?
Oh, my God. Mark!
- It's okay. I'm fine.
- What happened?
I'm working for Cecil now.
I stopped the Maulers,
but things exploded.
- Are you okay?
- What?
No, I'm just, uh tired.
Oh, I must have accidentally
Have you eaten?
- No, I guess I forgot.
- I'll make dinner.
[Debbie] No, you don't have to.
I can order.
I want to.
Okay. That would be nice.
Some mail came for you.
- [Amber] You first.
- No way, you first.
Okay, same time.
"Congratulations on being
accepted to Upstate University,
Ms. Bennett?"
Ms. Bennett.
Wait, this is yours!
What do you want it to say?
I want it to say that we're
going to college together.
I don't believe you.
[chuckles softly] Okay
I believe you now.
Oh, my God.
I got in. I got in!
[both laughing]
I guess I get to keep my
superhero boyfriend after all.
[laughs] I guess you do.
[Mark gasps]
Hey, Immortal.
Thanks for the support today.
I-I don't know if you heard,
but I'm working for Cecil now.
So, you know,
if you need some help
or want to team up,
just give me a
Cecil thinks you're on our side.
I'm not so sure.

I'll be watching you.
[indistinct radio chatter]
I told him not to
take off the damn helmet!
[groaning nearby]
Is that you?
How are you even breathing?
[labored breathing]
What did he do to me?
You did that to yourself.
And this to me.
He did this.
Made me a freak.
He ruined everything!
[pained groan]
He killed so many
people I knew.
People I loved.
Millions died because of him.
[scoffs] Your brain's scrambled.
You've lost track of
what memories are yours
and which come from the others.
They're all my memories!
All of them!
You need a hospital.
I need revenge.
I need to make him pay!
I won't rest
until I've killed!
Fine. Go.
Don't worry about me.
Just had half my body melted
helping you mutilate yourself.
That's the last time
I work for anyone else ever!

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