Irma Vep (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

The Poisoner

- Ahh.
- A-ha!
Oui, oui.
Who is financing the show,
would love to have a word with Mira.
Gautier, how kind of you to visit us.
Such an honor.
- I hope I'm not disturbing.
- You would never disturb me.
- Sure?
- Yeah.
You don't need to concentrate?
Ah, it's not that kind of scene.
- Mm-hm.
- Oh, wow, it's been so long.
- Five years.
- No.
- No, it can't be. No.
- Mm-hm.
Savage Desire was
a huge success in Asia,
thanks to you.
Not just the perfume,
- the whole line.
- I'm so glad to hear it.
And now we have a new
venture in the works.
Yes! It's all very exciting!
Um, do you mind if we walk to set?
- Yeah, sure.
- I don't wanna be late.
Can you hold this?
Please be careful
with your head and feet
as we'll be going under the crane.
Would you like any tea, coffee?
- Merci.
- I'm good.
Dreamscape is our biggest
investment this year.
It's a whole new line.
- Cosmetics, cologne, perfume, of course.
- So exciting.
We're planning, uh, you to campaign.
It will be shown in theaters
all over the world,
- TV, internet, you name it.
- Yeah, of course.
It will be a major event.
- I'm sure.
- And, uh, you know what?
- Benoit will do the photoshoot.
- Mm No.
- Yes, yes.
- Oh, I absolutely love him.
- He's the best. The best.
- He's the best!
You know we are finalizing
the deal with your agent.
Great, yeah.
So, I think we should close
by the end of the week.
My team tells me they're
having a harder time
than usual closing your deal.
Ah, yeah. Well, you know, Zelda,
she, she can be a pain.
- But we love her.
- We love her.
Sorry to interrupt,
but we need one last rehearsal
with you before shooting.
Are you guys ready?
Uh, yes, we've been. Bonjour.
- We've been ready for a while.
- You should've told me.
- I-I mean, obviously, filming comes first.
- Yeah, sure.
- You were in the middle
- Would you agree? Yes?
Of a conversation,
so I didn't want to
No, it's all good.
Carla: Excuse me, sorry.
What, what's going on?
Guest 1: Open the door,
please! Open the door!
Guest 2: Let us out! I
can't open the windows!
- Guest 4: Please, I can't breathe!
- Open the door!
The door, please!
Hey, the windows are sealed!
Please, let me out!
Mira: It's so desperate.
He wouldn't have got off his ass
and faked interest
in our series otherwise.
Gautier actually said the words,
"I love this show," to you?
It didn't sound like he meant it, but
I can get you two mil over their offer,
but, uh, we gotta make 'em sweat.
Whatever. They're sweating, all right.
Zelda: Good.
Have you thought about "Silver Surfer"?
They have a director now.
Joshua Briggs.
He says he'll do it if you do it.
No fucking way.
Don't use my name like that.
I told 'em we were still discussing.
- I can't believe this.
- Listen
It's a good project
with a great director.
You should give it some more thought.
Well, I gave you a straight answer.
Eh, more of a gut reaction.
We're ready for you.
Gottfried we've got two options.
So, this is the first harness,
and this is the second
one, but don't worry.
We're gonna try them and
see which one fits you better.
No way I'm wearing your harness.
Uh, but the car will be moving,
and we cannot use
a stuntman for this shot.
I do my own stunts.
It's in my contract.
I have to keep you safe
when you do your own stunts.
If you're not wearing the harness,
I cannot guarantee your safety.
you need the harness.
- Insurance will not cover it.
- I'm not wearing a harness.
Harnesses are for sissies.
Gregory: You are wearing a harness
or we are not shooting.
Fine with me.
I will fucking sue you.
You have no idea.
I was joking.
You have no sense of humor.
See that big eight-wheeler
coming down the track ♪
Means your true-lovin'
daddy ain't comin' back ♪
Movin' on, I'll soon be gone ♪
You're flyin' too high
for my little old sky ♪
I'm movin' on ♪
I've warned you baby,
from time to time ♪
You just didn't listen,
didn't pay no mind ♪
So I'm movin' on, I'll soon be gone ♪
I'm through with you,
too bad you're blue ♪
I'm movin' on ♪
They blocked the windows.
Open them all, fast! Fast!
Let some fresh air in.
Are you all right?
- Where is my necklace?
- It's a burglary.
- Where is my bracelet?
- Where is my gold pendant?
- My pearls?
- I'm sorry, it's the Vampires.
The Baron de Mortesaigues
is not who he claims to be.
Welcome, Cynthia!
- Thank you so much for coming.
- Hello.
I know the contract
was very last minute.
I wish I could have
made it a day earlier,
but I was stuck in Hong Kong.
No problem. We are so
glad to have you today.
We just need to rush to the studio.
OK That's fine by me.
- Hi. I'm Carla, First AD.
- Hello.
- Great to meet you, Carla.
- Did you sleep on the plane?
- Yes, like a baby.
- Aw, great.
- Be careful with this one.
- Oh, OK. No problem.
- You're good?
- Yeah. Mm-hm. Good.
Because you'll go straight
to wardrobe for fittings,
and then we'll drive you to the set.
So, it's a short scene
we're doing, right?
Carla: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Very short.
- But with René, you never know.
- So I've heard.
- You're prepared for the worst then.
- We never even met.
- So, I hope he won't be disappointed.
- No.
OK, so here's the scene.
- Oh, OK.
- Moreno
You remember Moreno, right?
- Sure, the Vampires' foe.
- Exactly.
So, he was tipped off that the
Vampires are up to something
in a plush hunting lodge
located in Fontainebleau Forest.
And so, he will use his maid
to, uh, spy on the, um, Vampires.
But first, he has to hypnotize her.
- Right.
- Yeah.
I actually ran into
the actor playing Moreno.
He is super tall.
I don't want him to look like
a giant standing next to me.
As long as you feel
comfortable wearing them.
Cynthia: I'm perfectly fine.
I can run in these.
Madame asked for me?
Would you like some cleaning service?
Or you wanna clean my boots?
Please, come in.
- You're looking for me, sir?
- Yes, Lily.
I need you for a very special mission.
Of course, sir.
Please sit down.
Do you trust me?
I do, sir.
Look deep into my eyes.
Please obey.
Yes, sir.
You are now ready
to accomplish your mission.
lead her out.
Be careful.
She's in a trance.
you will follow Aurélien.
Who are you?
We lived together for five years
and you don't recognize me?
- You can't be Jade.
- Why is that?
Because, uh you are not here.
You're not even in France.
You are in Hong Kong, or in London,
or or god knows where.
Didn't this used to be my flat?
Yes, it was.
How did you get in?
Didn't you use to say
I was a spirit?
I said a, a free spirit.
Free spirits appear
and disappear at will.
How many years
since, uh, we divorced?
- Ten?
- No.
More like 12.
I haven't
heard from you since.
You know full well why you didn't.
No, I never got it.
But, uh, I don't want
to rehash painful memories.
So, you're remaking "Irma Vep."
No, not really.
Uh, I'm extending it into a series.
And without me?
Uh, you don't act anymore.
No, I don't want to be
an actress anymore.
Or maybe
you want to be remembered
forever in your prime.
Do you really remember me?
I remember the good times.
I remember
how much we were in love.
But, uh
I don't, uh, remember
the person you really were.
I loved you.
But I'm not sure I knew you.
I'm a different person.
I've been in and out of love.
I lived many lives in many cities.
And it
all feels so
Sometimes, uh, I Google you
but I immediately close the window.
I don't want to know.
Your films sometimes
come out in Hong Kong.
- I avoid them.
- Huh.
There's too many ghosts.
So, how does it feel
remaking "Irma Vep" without me?
It's another movie.
You know, like
all films are different.
But then the ghosts of "Irma Vep"
are not just ghosts,
they're our ghosts.
I should have, uh,
discussed this with you?
You never responded to my e-mails.
I-I need a cigarette.
No, I'm fine going
to China for Dreamscape,
but three cities tops.
In and out, right?
Yeah. One location, one night.
OK, then it's back to LA
for the Dreamscape commercial.
Three days Four max.
Yeah, and then I'm done.
Well, you'll do some magazine covers.
Good for us, good for them.
Show up on the fashion circuit.
Paris, Milan, New York.
It'll be painless, OK?
Bring your friends, they'll pamper you.
- I don't wanna be pampered.
- Well, I will show up personally
to make sure they don't even try.
Mira: That's not what I meant.
Gautier will throw you
a party in Paris, right,
he'll show you off to his investors.
All you have to do is flash your smile,
make them happy,
and then you're outta there.
Mira: Thank god.
OK, do we have a deal?
Cool. Talk to you later.
Mira: Ah, morning.
Regina: Good morning.
Looks like a bad day?
Uh, spoke to Zelda.
She closed the Dreamscape deal.
Told you to avoid that shit.
It makes you so miserable.
It's part of my job.
- Yeah, it's not the most ethical part.
- Oh, spare me.
OK, if Dreamscape allows
me to do "The Vampires,"
I'm fine with the deal.
You can do whatever you want
you're a big star.
Oh, you're so far off.
You call me a big star
'cause these luxury brands
get me on magazines and billboards.
Not because I've been lucky
enough to make a few good movies.
Why are you up so early?
You have a late call today.
I'm gonna go and see René.
He texted me, like, at dawn.
He said he needed to talk, like, now.
- Now.
- Where?
His place.
You're actually willing
to go to his place?
For what?
For a hug and a croissant.
You want me to come with?
Absolutely not.
Could be safer.
- Is that cold milk?
- Yes.
Uhh, you can stay in the car.
Do you want me to show you his text?
Yeah, I'd love to see his text.
It is quite funny.
Regina: "Please, Mira."
What meds is he on?
Uh, uh
are you coming in?
Yes Yes, I'm coming in.
- Are you having one?
- Yes.
Um, sure, yeah.
Then I'll have one, too.
Make yourself comfortable.
You know, um, I was supposed
to be on set an hour ago,
but I just can't go.
I woke up in the middle of the night.
- I had to speak to someone.
- Sure.
Yes, well, uh, my shrink,
uh, blocked my number.
Oh, I-I don't blame her.
I called her over 20 times last night.
Sorry I'm in, I'm in a bathrobe.
Yeah No. No worries.
I didn't have the energy
to get dressed.
- Uh
- Anxiety?
I-I lend you this one.
These pictures, they are my kids.
Yeah. I thought, yeah.
It's nice photos, yeah.
Who am I?
- Who are you?
- Yes
who am I
to tackle the work of a director
like Louis Feuillade?
Uh, no, no thanks. Um, but
you're doing something
completely different.
You already reinvented it
once and it was amazing.
No No, he, he intimidates me.
- "The Vampires" intimidates me.
- Right.
How can I do something
better than that?
He, he wrote the playbook.
Don't you think?
I like it well enough.
You know, it's, um, it-it's
graceful, very inventive,
but it's no masterpiece.
It's no Dreyer or Lang.
- Uh, excuse me.
- Uh, I-I, uh, I think
I-I think it's in the kitchen.
Uh oh!
Why? Why even touch it if I know
nothing I do could
ever stack up against it?
I think you're mistaken.
I think we're on the right track.
- No.
- No?
No. N-N-Not at all.
I should never have
gotten involved in this.
Uh, what about me?
No, you're, y-you're great.
You're You're always great.
You, you, you are genius.
- Don't go overboard.
- No.
You are magic You have some magic.
I've lost it, if ever I had it.
Wow, you're being self-indulgent.
- I can help you get over that.
- How?
First of all, stop whining.
- It's, uh Carla.
- Don't answer.
- No?
- Please, no.
I-I had a dream.
You had a dream?
Jade Lee visited me
and, uh, she talked to me.
Was she angry with me?
No Ab-About what?
About me taking over her part.
About someone else playing Irma Vep.
No, she wasn't angry.
She was very quiet
but, uh, she left me doubting myself.
The movie I made with Jade happened
- in unique circumstances.
- Like any art, right?
All that was fresh and pure
will be stained and, uh, compromised.
Doesn't sound very encouraging.
But, uh
you can save it.
Can I?
- Yes.
- Well, I have to.
This is all we have right now.
That's, uh, what you have been doing.
You are making it relevant again.
How am I doing that?
You have faith.
And, and, and your heart is pure.
- My heart is pure?
- Yeah.
Wow. That sounds
straight out of a fairytale.
I don't think my heart is pure.
You don't believe in fairytales?
I do.
It's why I texted you. You understand.
Movies are fairytales.
Not all of them.
Yeah, but o-only the best.
I think they need us.
So, I will get dressed.
that's an excellent idea.
And I'm gonna just open the door,
- if that's OK with you.
- Please.
Are you guys coming down?
Yeah, we were just on our way.
Look There.
Where's that guy galloping
to at this hour of the morning?
Something's fishy.
Ah, oui.
C'est beau.
Very good.
I knew you'd like it.
You knew right.
Try this on.
It's good.
Is this what I think it is?
Come in.
Crew Member: They're
waiting for you on set.
Mr. Werner went horse
riding early this morning.
He's getting suspicious
He must have hidden the loot.
Well, I'm sure there is a treasure map.
We have to get hold of it.
Yeah. I have a plan.
This is the place.
It's Irma Vep.
This is where they're staying.
Our informant was correct.
Sorry to disturb,
just picking up the clothes.
Could you give me
a ride back to my hotel?
You don't want to use your car?
I'm so sick of the traffic.
And I already told
my driver he could go.
- I thought it would be much faster on your bike.
- Oh.
Let me put away these clothes
and I'll swing by in a minute.
Um, are you sure you can do this?
Pretty sure I can't,
but it's way faster.
But what if we get pulled over?
Chill, girl, you're the
one who said fast.
So, are we having a drink?
It's getting a little late
for me and I'm bushed.
- Yeah.
- But were you not the one who
The one who?
Nothing, forget it. Misunderstanding.
Not tonight.
You sure?
Not tonight. Next time.
Hello? Eamonn?
Are you OK?
You want to talk, or?
Lianna, um
she lost our baby.
Oh my god.
What week w-was it now?
I thought we were in the clear.
It happened to me.
No, I-I-I was much younger.
It was much earlier, I was six weeks.
Where is Lianna?
Um Copenhagen.
Why aren't you with her?
'Cause I have to shoot
tomorrow and the next day.
Yeah, and they couldn't let you go?
There are tons of extras and
it's a really expensive location,
and they couldn't work
around it, but they're
they're gonna shuffle the schedule
so that I get a few days off.
They're actually trying their best.
So, can she come here, or?
No It's the same problem.
She's got a show tomorrow night.
- Sh-She just had a miscarriage.
- Sold out.
But she wasn't pregnant when they
What's that thing when
they did the medical
before the before the tour,
and so, the insurance
doesn't cover the losses.
You didn't think it was
reckless while she was on tour?
I mean, we were willing
to take the risk.
We wanted this baby.
I'm gonna have a drink, um.
Do you want something?
No I'm fine.
Anyway, if she doesn't play
tomorrow night, she's fucked.
It's a breach of contract.
Mira: Yeah, but how
is she gonna manage?
Eamonn: She'll pull through.
She's been through worse. She's strong.
I don't think I've
seen you in love before.
That's not fair.
I loved you
and then you cheated on me with Laurie.
But now you're over me
and so is Laurie.
Time is a healer.
S-S Sorry for the platitude.
Time doesn't heal.
buries pain
but the wounds remain.
After Copenhagen,
she has two days off, so.
But you two spoke, right?
I mean
Not much. We
We were on the phone for,
like, two hours, but
we were only crying.
But we didn't wanna hang up.
I needed to hug her.
but you came to hug me instead.
I came for
I need it.
- And I woke you up. I'm sorry.
- No, it's fine.
I wasn't really sleeping anyway.
It's like
my whole world has just fallen apart.
Sorry, I'm being really melodramatic.
- It's stupid.
- No.
Love it seems I just can't find ♪
Love it seems I just can't find ♪
Seems that I'm the one love,
the one love left behind ♪
I've searched it just
won't come my way ♪
I've searched it just
won't come my way ♪
It's love that I want now,
so what more can I say ♪
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