Irma Vep (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Hypnotic Eyes

Bon, uh
- Yes!
- Yes.
Ah! Shit.
- Am I disturbing you?
- No. You scared me.
- Oh.
- Come in.
No, because I want, I want, I want
to show you something.
It's the original version
of, uh, the scene
we are shooting today.
Look, um
You know, I-I-I'm quite
familiar with this.
While the Grand Vampire
entertains Werner in the salon
Irma Vep steals the treasure map
from Mr. Werner's room,
but Moreno intercepts her.
Okay? Look, look, look!
It's one of the most
important scenes in the series.
It, it has to be
as striking as the original.
Between you and Moreno,
it has to be sexy.
Look. Look, look.
- Yeah.
- There is desire.
- There is seduction. Y-You can see.
- Hm.
I just spoke to Robert downstairs,
you have to understand that
with the Grand Vampire,
they're, they are more like, um
- business partners.
- Mm.
The Grand Vampire is an older man,
an, an old fart.
And she's not interested
in him - Yeah, I know.
- She's totally over him.
- You get it.
- That old fart. Yeah.
- Yeah.
Enter Moreno, you see.
- Yeah.
- Moreno. Sexy.
Yes. Sexy. Young.
- Daring.
- A very smooth villain, I must say.
Yeah, but she is a criminal.
She is the dangerous one.
- Yeah!
- But, but Moreno
turns the tables on her
- Mm.
- And, and from evil mastermind,
she devolves into
a, a damsel in distress.
How dare you?
Yeah, he, he, he humiliates her.
Uh, whoa. That's a big word.
I do not think he humiliates her.
Uh, no, I mean, she's exposing
the audience's own twisted desires.
For me, that's
quite cartoonish.
That's what makes it
True, true, but, um
you know, wh-when,
when he,
he drags and kidnaps her,
what, what makes this hot,
is that it's very chaste.
Nothing is shown.
- That's true.
- But we can feel the tension.
And, and, and most of all,
it's a great plot twist.
You don't see it coming.
Yeah, that, that's the
scene that stands out.
Y-You can check it o-out on YouTube
I know. It's, it's the most
watched clip of "The Vampires" online,
I don't I don't get it.
It's, it's the ultimate
teenage fantasy.
Uh, boys are scared of girls,
so they fantasize about taming them.
Of, of course, it, it
never happens in real life.
Everything happens in real life.
The good
the bad
in between.
Let's shoot it.
- Scene 40B-slash
- Excuse me.
Gottfried, uh Gottfried
you know that Feuillade hit a nerve.
This is the beginning of the scene
they almost got banned for.
- Production was shut down.
- Don't worry.
I'll make sure you get banned, too.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
But it's, it's not what I meant, okay?
Stay in control
Don't hurt anyone, okay?
- I'll try.
- Okay.
No promises.
But keep your animal instinct.
Be dangerous.
Try to surprise her.
Stay in control.
- Clap.
- Scene 40B-slash-2. Take one.
Cut! Cut! Cut!
A-A-Are, are you okay?
Yeah, uh, no,
I hurt myself, but I'm fine.
Fine? Okay, bec-because
I-I-I need to watch the playback.
Okay, watching playback.
- We'll do it again.
- I'm sorry. I didn't realize.
I was in character.
You got carried away.
I always get carried away.
Uh - It's the
only way for me to act.
This is our first ugh!
First scene together,
so let me be very clear,
you're gonna have to find
another way to act.
I get into a trance.
Yeah, well, with me,
you'll have to lose the trance.
Self-control How dull.
But, but if it's your wish
- It is.
- Excuse me.
Okay. This one went wrong.
Sorry, it was boring, okay?
I didn't feel any tension.
We need something more fluid, more
Yeah, yeah, no. I think I understand
what it is you need and want
and - Yes. Move like a snake.
Yeah, if, if Can you
just grab me with the scarf,
and I'll take care of the rest.
You are the lady. I'll happily submit.
- Scene 40B
- Please, please.
Wait, please, please.
Gottfried, uh
we, we shot this 14 times.
And I will do it
a hundred more if need be.
I don't doubt it.
But, j-just, uh, keep it simple, uh.
- Try to do it in a, a minimal way.
- Come on.
More minimal than what
I'm doing would be catatonic.
Exactly. It's perfect.
Catatonic. That's the word.
It's, it's right on the dot.
Let's do it catatonic.
Scene 40B-slash-2, take 15.
Cut! Next scene!
Okay, actors can have a break.
What's wrong?
I saw you sneaking in here,
but didn't tell anyone.
It's okay.
- What happened?
- No, I just can't keep it in.
Lianna was pregnant.
She had a miscarriage the other night.
He was a wreck.
- Told him to come over.
- What?
You always said you never
wanted to speak to him again.
Well, I did.
He needed comforting.
He stayed the night.
Do you still love him?
I don't know. I'm so lost.
No, no, I don't, I don't love him.
We, we had three great years together.
I, I loved him so much,
he taught me so much
He's such an amazing actor.
You know, I c
can't just erase all that.
But you gave him just as much.
He gave me confidence.
So, muster it up,
and get off your ass,
and go do your job.
Sorry, everyone's waiting
and they're freaking out.
Yeah, I know.
I'm the reliable one.
I can't break down.
I think right now, you're perfectly
capable of pulling yourself together.
Thank you. Ah, fuck.
So, you are the infamous Irma Vep.
Quite the catch.
Your ringleader will
have to wait in vain.
I'm keeping this pretty tramp
for myself.
I don't think you know
who you're up against.
I am the ringleader here.
You are my captive now.
If you plan on getting close to me,
you'll have to make me love you first.
And trust me, that will never happen.
We shall see.
Now sit.
It would seem you have
run out of options.
Like it or not,
you're mine now
for the taking.
Don't fight
Let yourself go.
Sweet dreams
my child.
The treasure map.
You're mine now.
Cut! Let's, let's do one more.
- That one felt really good to me.
- Yeah, I think
we were really into it.
Maybe we could try extending it a bit.
So, o-o-one more take, but where
you really take your time, okay?
Stretch the actions
to, to make it more intense.
It was intense enough for me.
- Just as we rehearsed it.
- Are you, are you sure?
- Positive.
- Oh.
We've done seven takes.
I think we're good.
R-René? This was almost two minutes.
You have more than what you need.
This one was perfect.
Okay Okay, l-l-let's do,
uh, some close-ups, now.
Okay, close-up and then lunch break!
- Indeed.
- Indeed.
Here. Okay.
Yeah? Good.
Sorry we kept you waiting,
but we're finally done.
- You okay?
- Yeah, we're just very late.
Well, good thing I don't
have to do much anyways.
- What do you mean?
- Well, all I have to do is
open my eyes and look like a zombie.
Yeah, well, there are a
million ways to do that.
Well, I hope we won't explore them all.
Rise up
It's time for your mission.
Take this treasure map
to the Grand Vampire.
He will mistake you for Irma Vep,
and will rush to the
hiding place in the woods.
Now I just have to sit back
and wait for you to bring me
the treasure.
You're my captive.
I will keep you under my spell
at least until the Grand Vampire
pays your ransom.
I'm sure he will pay a pretty penny
to keep
such a mesmerizing evildoer
by his side.
Or maybe I should keep you for myself.
Who knows?
No, no
What Robert
is trying to tell you is Feuillade
was obviously getting off
on having a strong woman
kidnapped and humiliated.
Well, um okay.
Well, she's, uh, evil herself, okay?
A, a murderess.
- Mm-hm.
- And, uh, she's involved in things
far worse than kidnapping.
So, it's the same old story?
She had it coming?
She's guilty of her own rape?
- But
- We don't see it the same way.
What we are seeing
is you're sexualizing assault.
You have to get rid of that scene.
So, uh, you, you all agree
with the Police Chief
who shut down Feuillade's set
for indecency a century ago?
- That's censorship.
- Did he?
Yeah, he did. Yes.
Because Musidora herself,
uh, went to the Police Chief
and she pleaded the case.
My character is a pervert.
That, that is what is
so interesting about him.
I think we should take it much further.
You straight people are so dull.
- Robert.
- Yes.
- You are a nice guy.
- You're a nice guy, too, Gottfried
- I really like you, yeah?
- I really like you.
If, if, if I was still gay
- Yeah.
- You would be my type.
Please, stop it.
But you are so repressed.
- I-I feel sorry for you.
- Stop it
- Que bon espresso.
- An espresso.
Sorry, I'm late.
Oh, nothing to be sorry about.
Uh, I-I'm so sorry
for disturbing you so late.
Oh I hardly sleep during shoots.
Good evening. What would you like?
Can I have a herbal tea, please?
Yeah, sure.
C-C-Can I ask you
a, a personal question?
Did you find, uh, the
abduction scene disturbing?
Because they want me to reshoot it.
I watched the dailies
and, um
It works.
It's sexy.
Yeah, but they say,
“sexy in a perverted way.”
That's Irma Vep's appeal.
She's a sexy villainess.
It's a strong scene.
Whatever puritans will say.
Yeah, it turns me on.
Does that make me a pervert?
Yes, it does.
- Mm.
- But
w-w-what do you mean?
I mean that everybody
has dark fantasies.
But, um, usually
we outgrow them at some point.
- I never did.
- I noticed.
Well, who cares? Uh, it's in
movies. Uh, it's not a big deal.
You can hurt some people's feelings.
And some people are very thin-skinned.
W-W-What can I do?
Well, you can start by
taking that into consideration
instead of plainly rejecting it.
And then
let your imagination loose.
Didn't Musidora
herself, um,
endorse Feuillade's twisted fantasies?
I think she wrote about
that in her memoirs.
Such an honor to receive
the illustrious Musidora.
The honor is to be granted a meeting
with the Paris Police Chief.
Please, sit down.
What a pleasure to meet you.
It's like a beam of sunshine
on a gloomy day, in a gloomy job.
- I have, uh
- Mm-hm.
Come to you to plead
on behalf of my fellow
artists and crew members
of Leon Gaumont's
production "Les Vampires."
We have been shut down
for two months now.
Sorry to be blunt
but your film is an abomination.
They are ridiculing authority,
my agents, the police,
and insults the laws of common decency.
It is a work of imagination.
I've not seen the films myself
but I understand there's
a certain catsuit.
Yes. I wear a silk catsuit.
- So I've heard.
- You have excellent informants.
Monsieur Paul Poiret
himself designed it.
Our greatest fashion
designer, and a gentleman.
Oh, it is, uh, very hot
in your office.
Uh, do you mind if I, um,
uh, t-t-take off my coat?
Please, let me help you.
- I am actually wearing a Paul Poiret dress.
- Oh.
- Please we'd be more comfortable here.
- Oh.
Nothing in the film
can hurt my modesty.
We never see any skin.
You are living proof
that one can be very suggestive
without showing anything.
Do not make me blush.
It has shocked many
among your audience.
Consider the fact that
we have competition
from, uh, the international
film industry.
America is releasing
"The Perils of Pauline."
It's a French production, uh
production française. Pathé Brothers.
True, but shot in New Jersey
with an American cast and crew,
whereas we are giving jobs
to our own heroic young men
returning from the front.
You have a point there.
Shutting us down puts talented
technicians and artists out of work,
and gives the edge
to foreign filmmakers.
I understand.
I say this with the utmost respect.
It, uh, could be considered
you are not only a beautiful woman
you are also very smart and persuasive.
We will give the film
a closer second look.
I will let you know
what our final decision is.
Don't tone it down too much, though.
You wouldn't want to
disappoint your many fans.
I will see to it myself
it does not happen.
Oh, hi.
Hi Sorry.
I'm not familiar with, uh, this area.
- Oh.
- I live on the other side of town.
- It's a long trip.
- I know, Bastille. I was there.
- So, yeah, thank you for coming all the way.
- Please, it's okay.
I just need to understand if
Have things cooled down
with you and Robert?
'Cause, uh, yeah, we're
having our next scene tomorrow.
And we just want to make sure that
Mira can stay focused
and get her job done.
do you like Robert?
Uh, nothing wrong with him.
Because he sees, um,
the Grand Vampire as a This, um,
evil mastermind.
He thinks he has
to be cold and distant.
- Not for me to judge.
- He's a bit too cold and distant.
- Yeah.
- He's a fine actor.
- A fine actor?
- Yeah.
- You don't think so.
- Okay
let me tell you a story.
Did you know that, uh, Louis
Feuillade, uh, could be a difficult man?
On set or off set?
No, off set he was a gentleman,
but, on set, he was uncompromising.
So, one day, for some reason,
he got angry with the, the actor
who played, uh, the Grand Vampire.
His name was, uh, Jean Aymé.
One day, Jean Aymé didn't show up.
Louis Feuillade was a, a
good man, but very stingy.
So, the next morning, when,
uh, Jean Aymé came on set
Louis Feuillade went straight to him.
- Wow. Yeah, he was ruthless.
- Yeah. Wow.
Poor Jean Aymé. I mean, that
must've been real hard on him.
You know what? In the
end, it was better for the film.
What do you mean?
I mean, I think it's cool
when Moreno takes over.
Yeah, yeah. F-F-For a moment,
Irma Vep and Moreno were, uh,
the Bonnie and Clyde of the time.
- Uh-huh.
- Sexy outlaws.
- Yes, yes.
- Yeah.
So, let's, let's, let's
kill the Grand Vampire.
Let's get rid of him,
exactly like Feuillade did.
But that's not in the script.
The question is have you
have you discussed this with Robert?
Not, not No, not, not, not yet,
but, um,
he will know
soon enough.
Hey, uh,
what's the fuss?
- Gottfried has disappeared.
- Yeah
so I've heard.
Everybody seems to be in a panic.
We had to do some fittings
on his three-piece suit.
It's shooting this morning.
Not anymore. Problem solved.
I promised Gregory I would
keep track of him last night.
No one else volunteered.
And then I
put it off to some PA,
and now this poor guy
is gonna lose his job.
Cool down. You don't have
to worry about Gottfried.
He's probably sleeping off
his booze somewhere.
He'll show up.
Where's your dress?
My dress is right here.
They just dropped it off.
Want to see it?
I'll adjust that here.
You look very sexy
without being obvious at all.
- That's what we want, right?
- Yes, it is.
She has to be devilishly sexy.
Well, you are.
I I might keep it on.
Go to set. Just to get used to it.
Where did you put the gun?
About what you said the other night.
When I dropped you at your hotel,
you said something.
You remember, right?
You said, “Next time.”
I like you.
I genuinely do, but, um
this is not my world.
You mean Paris?
I mean Paris. I
I mean René. I mean
Irma Vep.
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