Irma Vep (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

The Spectre

ZOE: Herman says that Lily
Flower has to be wicked sexy.
Otherwise, she'll be
overshadowed by Irma Vep.
- And we don't want that.
- Oh, no, we don't.
ZOE: What do you think?
- Too much?
- Mm
I don't think so.
I like her like this. She's bad.
- Yes.
- Mm.
- Let me send Herman a few pictures.
So, oops, no. Yeah.
Lovely. Show me the transparency.
Ooh, great.
Let me see.
About time. Ooh.
- Ah.
"Very happy. Favorite one so far.
"What we had in mind.
"Makes the character
far more attractive."
Herman has such a different approach.
- It's sort of fun.
- I miss René, though.
This is his show.
(SIGHS) René's vanished.
What can we do?
You know what?
I bet he'll be back.
René lives in a different world.
He has a vision,
he's overwhelmed by it.
When he was younger,
he could handle it.
Not anymore. Sad.
Herman again.
"Sex up the bondage scene
when they capture her."
You bet.
I guess he's right.
It's pretty dull in the original.
I know. But I found an expert
- Ooh.
- Who taught me a few tricks.
Do you have ropes?
He says tape makes it much easier.
Grab that chair.
- ZOE: This one?
- No, no, no.
The one in the back.
Okay, you are Philippe Guérande.
You are behind me,
but I don't notice you.
But I will have to tie
your wrists first.
Do it!
Now you can, uh, bind me to the chair.
Around, yes.
ZOE: I'm gonna make a video this time.
- Hello, Herman!
Au secours!
Au secours!
Yo, check this out.
- Help!
- LAURIE: Oh, wow.
I didn't expect Cynthia
to be into bondage.
Yeah, well, she's into anything
that makes her character stand out.
Well, I mean, I don't blame her.
- She looks amazing.
- Yeah.
Are you sure you don't want help?
I can call a bellboy.
ZOE: No, I'm good. I'm fine.
I've schlepped so
much worse in my time.
- CYNTHIA: Good night.
- ZOE: Good night.
Mira, what are you doing here?
I'm not sure I'm Mira.
Sometimes, it's like
Irma Vep takes over.
Who am I speaking to now?
Both of us.
Sit down,
if that's something ghosts do.
Well, I'm not exactly a ghost.
How did you get in then?
- Like?
- Like
walking through walls.
Do you like Herman?
CYNTHIA: He's not my type of director.
- I like René.
- I miss him.
It's his project.
He lives and breathes it
in his own weird way.
CYNTHIA: Herman seems decent enough.
I like the sexy twist
he's bringing to it.
You mean the kink.
- I guess.
- And the kink
was there from the start.
Herman's following in René's footsteps,
which is to his credit,
don't you think?
- Want one?
- Hm.
I felt a strange vibe
when you entered the room.
You actresses are witches.
- What about you?
Me? I'm not really an actress.
- I'm a singer.
- Not that different.
- And you do seem pretty confident on set.
- Mm.
I write songs about my feelings.
Or about simple things
of everyday life.
It's how I connect to my audience.
You feel that,
that's real life.
- Yes.
- Whereas
making movies is something else.
Movies are fantasy,
but you can't live in a fantasy
when the real world's falling apart.
The world is constantly in flux, for
better or worse, but we do need art.
Are movies art?
CYNTHIA: I find them mostly futile.
Even "The Vampires"?
Who needs "The Vampires" 2022?
- Seriously?
- Movies are a portal
to some sort of spiritual world.
René taught me that.
I'm not sure I understand.
Some sort of spiritual world
we don't have access to anymore.
Why is that?
MIRA: We've lost our faith.
Religion once connected us
to the world beyond.
I'm a Buddhist.
Have you always been?
No, only the past few years.
But it's helped me to detach
from the material world.
That is what movies do.
They detach us from the material world.
Most of 'em glorify the material world.
MIRA: Let me put it differently.
They help us question it.
LAURIE: And you're
leaving just like that?
- Without giving me a kiss?
- Oh, you know I was gonna say goodbye.
It's my good luck piece right here.
Gotta teach these people
how to make a film today.
- Wish me luck.
- Good luck, baby.
Go, go.
Order some food for us tonight.
I might be a little late. I'm not sure.
- LAURIE: Bye.
- HERMAN: Love you.
You come home straight
and you come home curly ♪
Sometimes you don't
come home at all ♪
What in the world's come over you ♪
What in heaven's name have you done ♪
VOICEMAIL: Hi, this is Mira.
You can leave a message.
You're out there running
just to be on the run ♪
- Well I got a heart ♪
That burns with a fever ♪
And I got a worried
and a jealous mind ♪
How can a love ♪
What happened?
As I've been trying
to explain to the gentleman,
Herman gave me this
stunning LV necklace. And,
I don't know, someone
snuck into the suite and stole it.
So, someone broke in
when you were asleep.
God, that's so creepy.
I will talk to the manager.
They will investigate.
Two gentlemen for you, Madame.
Please introduce them.
Make yourselves comfortable.
Thank you for granting us
a moment of your time.
This is a most urgent matter.
Now you've aroused my interest.
Cut! Cut! Cut!
Goddammit! Shit!
- This ain't workin'.
- Yeah, but it-it's impossible.
- I can't do it any faster.
- What do you mean?
A child can do it faster with his feet.
No, but the tape doesn't
stick. I don't know why.
- You rehearsed!
- Yeah, but, uh, not with the tape.
What the fuck you use, toilet paper?
No, like a rope. Like a
classic rope. Not, not this.
Let me get the bondage consultant.
What the fuck is a bondage consultant?
This is Thorvald. He comes from Norway.
Hey, how you doin'?
- Herman.
- Fine. Call me Thor.
ZOE: We met on the Dark Net.
Listen, how would you approach this?
Is she ready for the
ultimate experience?
HERMAN: No, no! No need for that.
Philippe, he's, he's,
he's a journalist.
He's not even a pro.
Oh I get it.
A wishy-washy amateur.
Philippe Guérande is a sleuth,
and a very good one at that.
Look, all we need is
something that looks cool
that won't hurt the actress.
Can we do that?
So you're the sub.
I'm the Vampire.
Uh, Philippe and Mazamette abducted me.
What's your experience with bondage?
Very basic, I'd say.
I had a boyfriend who was into that,
and he tried to handcuff me,
but it hurt.
Thor, I told you. This is mainstream.
So, nothing too shocking, please.
I'm just saying there's a broad range.
If you want me to turn up the volume
there are options.
No, no, no. No need for that.
We're fine on the volume.
- THOR: Okay.
- HERMAN: Yeah.
So you're the dominator.
Uh, I'm Philippe.
I'm The Vampires' foe.
There's, uh, nothing sexual about this.
Oh, what a pity. Nothing?
No, no.
Okay let me show you.
I'm watching.
THOR: Just give me your hands.
Cross them.
So, first of all
I fix her hands.
And now
just cross the binds
between her breasts
close the cross.
Too tight?
Uh any tighter,
it would be too much.
Now, how extreme is this
on a scale of one to 10?
One Max.
Well, one'll work.
- Yeah, totally.
- HERMAN: Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Perfect, yeah.
- One's fine.
I'll never betray my accomplices.
PHILIPPE: If you don't
want to call Moreno,
- I'll call the police.
- No, no, no!
Don't, don't call the police!
I just got out of jail.
I can't go back.
Then you know what you have to do.
Okay, I'll, I'll do it.
LILY FLOWER: Moreno, come
to my place immediately.
I have important news.
IRMA VEP: We're on the way.
Second guy sit down and
Cut! We have it.
Mark that one.
I think I got better movement.
You know, like, pulling down
- into the end and turning it?
- MIRA: I twisted my ankle.
- What?
I had no idea the pit
was gonna be so deep.
Sorry, sorry, sorry!
Everyone, this was Gottfried's
last shot! Sorry!
- HERMAN: It's a wrap!
Thank you.
- Thank you all.
- HERMAN: Good work! Great work!
You are a good guy, Herman.
You don't know much about movies
- HERMAN: Get the fuck outta here.
- But you're a good guy.
- HERMAN: Security! Security!
- Let me hug you!
So, I reviewed the schedule
and I think we definitely need more
steadicam days.
Yeah, René didn't like steadicam.
Why not?
Um, not sure. It's not his style.
But I did try.
Let's just say it's my style.
Can we talk?
- (SIGHS) We still have to discuss the drones.
- Yeah, the drones.
- What's up, man?
- I didn't want to disturb you
as you were shooting, but
we have a problem at the hotel.
Your wife's necklace
disappeared last night.
Laurie is devastated.
Shit! Come on, man.
Hey, have the driver, uh,
meet me out front, pronto.
- GREGORY: Okay.
- Tell Gottfried I'm sorry.
- (POPS)
- Not lukewarm.
Movie-set champagne
usually is lukewarm.
I won't bullshit you
I got bored more than
once on this show.
- But most of the time,
most of the time, thanks to René,
the ghosts were there
and they kept me going.
(EXHALES) The ghosts are his friends.
I love his ghosts.
And they love you, Mira.
- I love you.
What brought me to cinema
was a sense of freedom.
There were no boundaries.
Cinema was the wild west, you know?
You may forget it at times
but you know.
Why are we making movies now?
- Anyone?
- Why are we making movies now?
Who's willing to put their life
on the line for movies?
We live in boring
dark, dull times.
Where is the sense of adventure?
- Where's the mayhem?
- PERSON: Come on now! You can do it.
- Where's the chaos?
I try to keep the crazy alive
by being such a pain in the ass!
I mean, some of you hate me for that,
Maybe you're right!
Maybe you are right.
The industry has taken over
Lawyers, big data
franchises, platforms, you name it.
But, indie films,
they are no better. They preach
until you are sick of them.
Cinema was for bad guys,
and bad girls,
- like Musidora
like rock 'n' roll used to be.
Right on! Right on, Gottfried!
Right on!
Tomorrow I'll be gone
at least
(CHUCKLES) you won't
have to put up with me.
Let's drink to that!
- Hail chaos!
Un, deux, trois, quatre
Sorry I'm late, uh,
Gottfried put on quite a show.
REGINA: (ON PHONE) So I heard.
Yeah, they're closing the kitchen.
Do you want me to order for you?
Uh can I have
grilled fish and a salad?
And yeah, if they
don't have grilled fish,
just a steak, medium rare.
How romantic.
Does this mean that you
have some awful news?
Unfortunately, you're
not far from the truth.
WAITRESS: So, kale salad.
Grilled fish.
should I be scared?
Well, no.
- Well, it's not exactly bad news.
- Uh-huh.
- It's also good news.
- Mm-hm.
- It's good news for me
- Mm-hm.
- And maybe not so good for you.
- Uh-huh.
- I don't know.
- What don't you know?
Whether you care about me.
Regina, I care about you.
The more I get to know you,
the more I care.
What about you?
I'm a fan, remember?
You used to be a fan. Now you know me.
I am
I hope, a real person.
- I think it's the other way around.
- Ahh.
I mean, I look up to you.
You handle this celebrity
shit like it's nothing.
Stop with the Enough of the
praise. You're freaking me out.
Can we make it another, please?
You need me.
You need a self-righteous
film nerd in your life.
I'll manage.
You'll manage
when I'm gone?
- And when is that?
- Well, soon.
- Well, my feature is happening.
- What?!
- We start shooting beginning of next year.
- That's crazy!
- But I'm gonna stay with you until you're finished
with this show, and then
after that, I vanish.
How old are you?
- I'm 25.
- Twenty-five?
That is awfully young
for a first feature. Wow.
- Guess I just got lucky.
- No.
You deserve to be lucky.
Thank you. That was so nice.
- Sleep tight.
- Okay.
I just told Mira that I'm leaving.
She did mind, but it
didn't come as a shock.
I mean, I'm gonna miss her
more than she'll miss me.
I don't know.
(DISTORTED) Yeah, of course
I have a crush on her.
I mean, she's Mira Harberg.
She is a fucking goddess.
Yeah, I guess I'd let her fuck me.
But no, I'm too intimidated.
And we live in different worlds.
I mean, she'd fuck me and
then what? I'm making my movie.
I'll have to leave
and it'll be painful.
We're movin' rooms tomorrow.
It's settled.
We can change hotels, too,
if that's what you want.
Does Mira know about this?
Not to my knowledge. Only production.
She would be so happy.
Why you say that?
My misfortune. Her revenge.
Come on, baby, you're
being too harsh on her.
She was harsh on me
and now she's gloating.
She's so angry we're in love.
HERMAN: That should be
the least of your worries.
Come here.
I say you and me
go down tomorrow
and pick out somethin'
that'll make you forget
about this nonsense.
Oh, Herman, you're crazy.
That's so expensive.
It's not about the money.
You know that.
You know what it's about?
- Us?
- Us
bein' happy.
And you're sad right now.
Who cares what Mira think?
Fuck Mira, right?
Fuck Mira.
Long awaited darkness falls ♪
Casting shadows on the walls ♪
In the twilight hour I am alone ♪
Sitting near the fireplace ♪
Dying embers warm my face ♪
In this peaceful solitude ♪
All the outside world subdued ♪
Everything comes back to me again ♪
In the gloom ♪
MORENO: So, you are
the infamous Irma Vep.
IRMA VEP: I don't think you
know who you're up against.
MORENO: You're my captive now.
- Now sit.
You're my captive now. Now sit.
MIRA: Jade?
I didn't know you were in Paris.
I'm here and I'm not here.
Same as you.
These days I'm
a guardian angel to René.
Then you're failing miserably.
He looks like death warmed over.
I've been trying to pump him up
but it's a tall order.
- I thought you were angry with him.
- Oh, I am.
He blames me for our divorce,
but I blame him.
I was waiting only for a word
and it never came.
Now that movie, "Irma Vep,"
is all that's left of our relationship.
And you want to protect that.
I don't care much about movies anymore.
Once upon a time,
they were part of my life,
but it's the past.
What about the present then?
Real life. Being a good person.
Helping when I can help.
And René needs protection?
JADE: From himself.
- You want some?
- Yes.
Thank you.
Do you mind if I ask you a question?
I have this strange guilt
about being Irma Vep.
And why is that?
MIRA: I'm a Westerner.
Actually, I'm Swedish.
But I guess I've become
an American actress.
Are you comfortable with that?
Swedish, American, whatever.
Floating's fine by me.
That's what actors are about.
But that's just me.
I was wondering if, um
Irma Vep was a Chinese character,
and it's this whole cultural
appropriation thing going on,
and I'm not sure what to do with it.
I'm not sure I'm on
the right side of it.
not sure I'm doing the right thing.
Irma Vep is not exactly
a Chinese character.
Well, you redefined it.
I did what I could
without really knowing
where I was heading.
- You want to know why?
- Sure.
Because I've never seen myself as a
Chinese actress.
I grew up in the UK.
My family is from Shanghai.
And I did most of my
movies in Hong Kong.
That gives layers to my identity.
It opens me to the world.
And hopefully,
it makes me a better person.
So, it's okay for me to be Irma Vep.
Yes, as long as you
let yourself be taken over by her.
I need René.
He needs to come back
and finish the series.
Is that why you came?
That's what Irma Vep wanted me to do.
Don't you like Herman?
I don't have any problems with Herman.
He's from another planet.
And you don't mind him
stealing your girlfriend?
- I'm over it.
- I have my doubts.
You stole Laurie's necklace,
so you think you're even.
That was a stupid thing to do. A whim.
And in the end,
I got no pleasure from it.
And no closure.
Herman just doesn't get it.
René has a spiritual
connection to Irma Vep.
I feel it each time I'm her.
He has to overcome his demons
and come and finish this show.
I'm prepared to fight for that.
So do fight.
You want René you'll have René.
He's screening his latest edit now.
He's turned against his own film,
destroying it.
MORENO: So, you are
the infamous Irma Vep.
You're mine now.
Don't fight it. Let yourself go.
RENÉ: Mira.
What are you doing here?
You don't seem surprised.
Strange things, uh,
have been happening.
For me, too.
You disappeared.
RENÉ: I needed, uh, a break,
so says my, my doctor.
Are you depressed?
No, no, no, no, no.
Well, uh
But, uh,
it's not all of it.
I lost, uh, confidence.
MIRA: In yourself.
- In me then?
- No, no, no, no, no.
In filmmaking.
But, um, it seems, uh
that I, I was wrong.
How did you get in?
The roof.
RENÉ: See?
You've ended up
becoming Irma Vep.
Something happens when
I put on the costume.
Of course. You become her.
You become any character if
you live with them long enough.
RENÉ: No, Irma Vep is different.
She's a soul floating around
searching for a host.
- The host being me.
- Right now, yes.
But it could be me.
Or Regina.
Has, uh, Regina been
talking weird recently?
Actually, she did say
some strange things about
movies being magic rituals.
How they conjure up Lucifer.
She told you Lucifer
was the carrier of light, right?
She did.
René It's Irma Vep speaking.
Her soul has been
haunting cinema for a century.
She is a shape-shifter
reinventing herself every generation.
But, uh
strangely, she
always remains the same and
she never loses any of her aura.
- She's evil.
- No. No, no, no, no.
She's, she's not evil, she-
she's a spirit.
And, um, spirits are
not, uh, good or bad.
They are just spirits.
Cinema awakened her.
The same way mediums
conjure the dead to reconnect.
And Musidora
and, uh, Louis Feuillade
conjured Irma Vep
and she lingered.
She's still with us.
Sh-sh-she's a very,
very, very powerful spirit.
She can turn against you.
Why would she?
RENÉ: Black magic.
There is no controlling it.
It plays games with you.
Are you on anti-depressants?
Then you shouldn't drink.
They don't mix.
But who cares?
I care.
I want you to change your mind.
No one else can finish this series.
Just doesn't make sense.
It's your project.
It's your crew, it's your cast.
your black magic.
Herman will finish this episode.
And you come back.
Do you think it's, uh,
it's the right thing to do?
I'm sure it is.
I'm sure it is.
Do it, René.
We're doing the last rehearsal.
Remember, you're drunk, you're loud.
And when you recognize Irma Vep,
then you go wild, okay?
Shadows speaking ♪
Midnight and dreaming ♪
Howls and screaming ♪
A full moon is gleaming ♪
Tinder the spark ♪
Tonight is ours ♪
I like the dark ♪
And you don't mind ♪
You're showing me signs ♪
You could be my kind tonight ♪
I'll hide, you find ♪
Tinder the spark ♪
You light the dark ♪
Tinder the spark ♪
I like the dark ♪
Tinder the spark ♪
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