Irmandade (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Right is Right

1 [camera shutter clicking.]
What were you doing at the crime scene? Fucking answer me! What's your connection to those murderers? What murderers? You guys? [officer.]
You know damn well I'm talking about the Brotherhood.
What's your connection to this criminal organization? A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES ["Hey, Meu Irmão" playing on stereo.]
[indistinct chatter in distance.]
Hey, my brother ♪ Where are you? ♪ Hey, my brother ♪ Where are you? ♪ [police siren wailing.]
This is the police! We received a complaint.
[young Edson.]
You're an asshole, Dad! You're an asshole! [officer 1.]
Good morning, sir.
There he is! Freeze, punk! Go, go, go! Freeze! Go, go, go! Police! Freeze! Freeze! - [grunts.]
- [officer 2.]
Police! [officer 1.]
Go, go, go! [man yells.]
[officer 1.]
Over there! [officer 3.]
Run! Run! Get him! [officer 2.]
Go! Get him! Out of the way! Freeze, punk! [woman screams.]
[officer 2.]
Freeze! Freeze, punk! One more step and I'll send you to hell.
Come on, surrender! - [Edson.]
Let me go! - Stay put! Stop moving! Hold that punk! You're not gonna escape! Secure him! Bring this piece of shit.
- Sit down.
- [Edson grunts.]
No, no - Let me go, you coward! - Shut the fuck up! [groans and coughs.]
[officer 1.]
Let's give this punk what he deserves.
- [groaning.]
- [officers yelling indistinctly.]
Stop! - You're fucked, punk! - Pothead! You piece of shit! Son of a bitch! You fucking thug! Take this piece of shit to the van.
You can't do this to me.
[exhales heavily.]
RIGHT IS RIGH Spent the night out again, Marcel? The tide is turning.
I'm just going with the flow.
- Right.
- [upbeat song playing on stereo.]
Can you make hot dogs when you're exhausted? [chuckles.]
Are you kidding me? Those bags under your eyes tell me you also had some fun last night.
I didn't sleep well, that's all.
Some coffee will take care of it.
- Maybe a gallon of coffee.
- Dumbass.
Give me a kiss.
Be careful.
- [Cristina.]
Don't forget to eat.
- [Marcel.]
[announcer 1.]
the opponents of his group for the 1994 World Cup.
[announcer 2.]
Nelson Mandela has just been elected president of South Africa.
- ["Chacina" playing on stereo.]
- In this first democratic election, South Africans chose their first black president Blood everywhere ♪ There's no right time here, sucker ♪ You can die anytime Don't be afraid of me ♪ Hey, you Look at the massacres in the ghettos ♪ - Ma'am? - [Irene.]
Morning, Cristina.
You recommended that this case go forward, but I don't see enough evidence.
Not yet.
But if the case comes to a halt, the investigations will cease, and this criminal will go unpunished.
You're right.
Cristina, do me a favor.
Give this file to Jean.
It has to be taken back to criminal court.
- Criminal? - A fellow ADA asked for my opinion.
Ask him to take it ASAP, because the trial is tomorrow.
[breathing heavily.]
Cristina? Cristina? Is everything okay? Yes, yes.
- Tell him I need it ASAP.
Thank you.
- Okay.
[breathing heavily.]
Rocha asked you to make a copy and then return this to criminal court.
- Sure.
- Leave the copy with me, okay? You got it.
I'm sorry, Mrs.
Rocha, I was sick all night.
I can't come in today.
Thank you.
COURTROOM [Andrade.]
The victim had been collaborating with my investigation.
But before he could testify, he was killed in an ambush.
He was stabbed ten times, and then left in the prison yard to serve as a warning, like an animal - [De Paula.]
- slaughtered after being tortured.
That comparison is leading the witnesses.
- Please continue.
- [Andrade.]
Thank you, Your Honor.
[both exclaiming.]
José Carlos Andrade, do you believe Edson Ferreira, who's now standing trial, is the man who ordered the murder? Yes.
My investigations point to the fact that Edson is the leader of a criminal organization called the Brotherhood, and thus the one who ordered the murder, along with his associate, Márcio Siqueira Rocha, aka Scavenger, who escaped from prison with the help of the defendant.
That is, if the defendant didn't commit the murder himself.
Thank you, Investigator.
The witness is dismissed.
The court calls the defendant Edson Ferreira to the stand.
Edson Ferreira.
Arrested in 1974 for drug possession.
Committed a number of crimes in prison, extending his sentence.
He's sitting here on the dock today being tried for yet another murder.
Do you maintain your not-guilty plea? What difference does it make? I've been in jail for 20 years.
So you admit to the crimes? You also admit to being the leader of the criminal organization? I've spent 20 years getting beaten, being treated like an animal.
The system is the criminal organization, Mr.
The Brotherhood is the opposite.
We exist to stand up for prisoners' rights and to fight your oppression.
Objection, Your Honor! The defendant is slandering the judiciary I'm slandering no one.
I listened to you, but now it's my turn to talk.
- I do the talking now - Order! Order! I will not tolerate this kind of behavior in my courtroom.
Stick to answering the questions you've been asked.
Are you involved in the victim's death? Your Honor this is how crime works: Snitches die.
A man who does that isn't a man, he's a rat.
We are all witnesses to what he's just said.
Ladies and gentlemen, this man is a criminal, a murderer, a psychopath! - Objection, Your Honor! Come on.
- [judge.]
Order in the court! At the Mousetrap, we get beaten every day, we are tortured, we have no medicine, we are mistreated.
The warden backs all of it, that bastard Olivério Noronha.
- He's the psychopath.
- Wash your mouth before talking about me! Criminal! Punk! But now we're organized, and we're not bowing our heads to any oppressing system.
Order! Order! Take this man away! No way we're bowing our heads to your oppressing system.
We won't! We won't! [gasping.]
[toilet flushing.]
So, you know my man.
You can't just sneak up on me like that.
I saw you crying, whore! I don't know what you're talking about.
Excuse me.
[breathing heavily.]
Do you know who she is? [sirens wailing.]
I've got bad intentions Clear this place out ♪ I'm in the mood and I could shoot One, two, and they're down ♪ I'm much worse than meets the eye ♪ A black man with no mercy 100% pure poison ♪ First there's a "boom" Then comes the "ta" ♪ [guard.]
Open cell three.
I have a mission And I ain't stopping ♪ My heavy style shakes the ground ♪ One word, one shot I've got plenty of ammo ♪ On the fall or on the rise My attitude goes beyond ♪ And it's inclined For evil and for good ♪ Maybe I'm a sadist An angel or a magician ♪ A judge or a defendant A thug from heaven ♪ Trickster or sucker Bloodthirsty for sure ♪ Sniper, if necessary ♪ Revolutionist, madman or bandit ♪ Old but modern, immortal Where heaven meets hell ♪ Bad spell Random like a heart attack ♪ Do you think he took the blame? That's his problem, bro.
Like running your mouth, huh? GILMAR FERREIRA - Marcel, there's something I - You think we're doing it? What? Living by the rules Making Dad proud? Sometimes I think Is something wrong? Remember Ju, the girl I've been seeing? I think We never think it'll happen to us, right? Marcel, - are you saying that - Yeah.
But we're thinking of terminating it.
We're not even married.
She makes so little doing nails for fancy ladies.
And the hot dog stand Well, you know.
Same old story.
This is serious, you know.
Are you sure? I just wonder what Dad would say.
He'd say you should keep it.
He'd say, [both.]
"You must always do the right thing.
" [Cristina chuckles softly.]
What about you, Cris? What do you think? I don't know what's right anymore.
Speak! Where the fuck is Scavenger? I don't talk to dirty torturers.
I know.
I know.
You want human rights, is that it? Don't worry, you'll be treated just like you treat your enemies here.
HUMAN RIGHTS [breathing heavily.]
Wait a second.
May I? [Olivério.]
He's all yours.
Edson [clears throat.]
you understand that this is going to have us running in circles and won't get us anywhere.
I'm saying this for your own good.
You give up Scavenger and your life in here will be much better.
You could even ask to be transferred, right, Olivério? God damn it.
[clicks tongue.]
I don't do that.
That's what rats do, motherfucker.
- I'm a man.
- [Andrade.]
It's a real pity.
A real pity.
This time around, either he talks or he dies.
- [Andrade.]
Let him die.
- [Edson continues screaming.]
But before that, try to get as much as you can from him.
- Until his last breath.
- [Olivério.]
It'll be my pleasure.
Raimundo, show Andrade out, please.
Yes, sir.
Go ahead! Beat me up! I'm not saying a fucking thing! We're coming for you! We're coming for you, son of a bitch! Thanks.
How are things over there? Any messages from Edson? Look, Darlene, I'm not gonna lie to you.
Things aren't looking too good.
Spit it out, Raimundo.
Cristina! Cristina, right? What are you doing here? How do you know where I work? We need to talk.
I'm sorry I never looked for my brother.
I didn't know You did what you did, and that's it.
I'm here because I need your help.
- What do you mean? - Edson is being tortured in the hole.
I need you to get him out of there.
Don't you have an attorney? It has to come from the top.
Get the warden scared.
And you're with the DA's office.
I saw him disrespect the judge, the prosecutor, the warden.
I saw his file.
The things he's done.
It's no reason for him to be tortured to death.
Is it? A little bird comes and tells me when things get out of hand.
He won't come out alive this time.
You need to do something.
I'm sorry, I really can't do anything.
Let your brother die, then.
It won't be the first time you turned your back on him.
How come you never told me any of this? Irene, I know what having a criminal for a brother may mean in here.
This is the District Attorney's Office, Cristina.
What if they decide to open an investigation? No one in my family has ever even visited my brother.
It's been over 20 years since I last heard from him.
Until I came across that file.
Your signature.
- That's all.
We ask for an investigation and Edson stops being tortured.
Do you know what this looks like, politically? It's not even my jurisdiction.
What would I argue? That what they are doing to him is against the law.
And heading a faction from inside a prison is okay? [scoffs.]
I just want justice.
You read the things your brother did.
I'm sorry, Cristina, but I don't think helping him is serving justice.
I'm sorry.
[indistinct conversation.]
- [Juliana.]
Is he always like this? - [Marcel.]
Cris? Wow.
I'm sorry, Juliana.
I'm thinking about work.
I've got so much going on.
What did you say? She asked if I've always been irresistible like this.
[Cristina chuckles.]
Irresistible? You haven't seen pictures from when he was 12.
- Come on, sis! Don't! - I like the sound of that.
- No, give me a break! - [Cristina.]
He was all ears and knees.
- We also have your pictures.
- These little ears? Have you seen yours? You look so lame! [chuckles.]
Get real! As if I'm gonna show you my album! - [Juliana.]
I wanna see it.
- [Marcel.]
You're not seeing anything.
[breathing heavily.]
You're such a cutie! Who's ticklish? Marcel, I'll be right back.
I'm gonna put on a song for us to sing.
- [young Edson.]
You can't do this to me.
- [voices echoing.]
- You can't do this to me.
- Cristina, you can't do this to me.
You can't do this to me.
You can't do this to me.
Dad! [knocking on door.]
This is the police! You called the police, Dad? - Don't call me Dad anymore.
- I can't believe you're doing this to me.
You're an asshole, Dad! You're an asshole! [officer.]
Good morning, sir.
[voices echoing.]
Cristina, you can't do this to me.
Take this piece of shit to the van.
[Edson continues groaning.]
You did the right thing.
You must always do the right thing.
You can't do this to me.
Still a way to go? Yeah.
I'm getting some things out of the way.
There is no employee of the month here, you know.
I know.
I have a case to wrap up.
I'm going home soon.
Okay, it's up to you.
- [breathing heavily.]
- [metal clanks.]
The attorney from the DA's office who called earlier is here.
Olivério Noronha, thank you for seeing me.
Do I have a choice? ADA Irene Rocha requested that an investigation be opened.
An inspection will take place here at the penitentiary.
Inspection? Inspection Who does this ADA think she is, prying into how I treat my prisoners? Your methods are against the law.
This isn't a luxury hotel, it's a prison.
Inmates are here to be punished, they're not on vacation.
Investigate all you want.
You won't find anything wrong.
What about the hole? If they find out, you'll get fired.
I have my sources, Warden.
And one of them has guaranteed that you are complicit in the torturing of an inmate, Edson Ferreira.
That man is the leader of a faction.
He has the same rights as everyone else.
But if you remove the inmate from the hole immediately, I can make sure this document does not leave this room.
Are you blackmailing me? I am proposing a deal.
Who has more to lose? Come with me.
You said immediately, didn't you? Yes, but I don't need to see it for myself.
I'm going to show you that I'm a man of my word.
Get up, thief.
Move it, thief.
[engine stops.]
[crying softly.]
You're unbeatable, man.
I've always said that.
I'm pissed, Viola.
That's why I don't die.
Call the men.
It's tomorrow.
Shouldn't we let the dust settle? Hmm? I'm going to show that worm that he can beat the shit out me, throw me in the hole, try to kill me but it just makes me come back stronger.
Right? That's right.
Hey, Jean.
[indistinct chatter.]
[chatter stops.]
Did something happen? Mrs.
Rocha wants to have a word with you.
Cris It's urgent.
Ma'am? Cristina Ferreira, you are under arrest for forging official documents.
- Remain calm.
- This is a mistake.
- Remain calm.
- I work here.
I'm an attorney.
- What are you talking about? - Handcuff her.
- Irene? - Please remain calm.
I work here.
You're terribly mistaken! [man.]
Take her.
[indistinct chatter.]
Let me talk to the princess over there.
Hey, princess.
Did something wrong, huh? Made the wrong choice.
I know your type.
You're the good girl, aren't you? A goody-goody.
[all laugh.]
[Andrade whistling "The Four Seasons".]
It's this one.
Let her out.
[gate unlocking.]
Come with me, young lady.
Hurry up.
I don't have all day.
Come on.
Look at that.
The bitch really is the shit.
["The Four Seasons" playing on stereo.]
[music stops.]
What do you want from me? Where are you taking me? Would you rather go back to jail? No, I just want to know what's going on.
Show me your little arms.
Does it hurt? Hmm? There you go.
I've decided to give you a chance.
[hip hop music playing on stereo.]
[greeting indistinctly.]
Hey, Viola.
Call the men.
We need to talk.
Come closer.
Let's go, guys.
WELCOME [Edson.]
Today is February 12th, 1994.
Remember this date.
You're being baptized.
You're becoming our brothers.
From now on, you're the Brotherhood.
We're not here for charity.
No one here is Jesus, Mother Teresa or the Pope.
What we want is to be treated like human beings.
We demand justice.
Are you fair? [all.]
- [Edson.]
Are you fair? - [all.]
Yes! [Edson.]
Because the worms in uniforms aren't.
The gangs in this cage aren't.
The thieves who only think of themselves aren't either.
Should we talk to the geezer and demand justice, though? They think it's absurd that we want the law to be upheld here in prison.
So, we follow the teachings of the Lord.
We turn one cheek, and then the other.
And what do they do? Tell me, Viola, what do they do? They slap both sides.
They slap both fucking sides! Take a seat.
Look at you.
Young, with a good job at the DA's office, a bright future ahead of you.
That's none of your business.
I'm a police officer, Cristina.
So, it is my business when someone commits a crime.
What about the torture at the Mousetrap? Isn't that a crime? What I did is nothing compared to that.
Larceny, identity theft, forging a government document.
Doesn't sound like nothing to me.
How many years would that be in prison? As a lawyer, you must know.
You're nervous, aren't you? Hmm? Let me refresh your memory: at least five years in jail.
And you'll never work as an attorney again in your life.
I imagine your job is important for you and your family.
What do you want? FOUNDERS EDSON - SCAVENGER Who's tired of being thrown in the hole like an animal? [all.]
Me! Who's tired of eating shit mixed with shards of glass? [all.]
Me! Who's tired of being humiliated by old fucks in uniforms? [all.]
Me! [Andrade.]
I want to help you.
But you have to help me help you.
How? A team.
You and me, me and you.
You'll get closer to your brother and keep me up to speed - You want me to be your snitch? - No.
I want us to dismantle a criminal organization It's very different.
Edson is my brother! [Edson.]
Our brothers have to do right by the family.
Betrayal won't be forgiven.
Sneaking around will not be tolerated.
You hear me? - Okay? - [all.]
We have to share the same vision.
And start to understand that fighting and killing each other over stupid shit won't get us anywhere.
You know about the things he does, right? Look, your brother is a murderer.
[both exclaiming.]
Snitches die.
If we band together, the Mousetrap won't be able to hold us and the whole city will be afraid of our revolution.
Because we exist, we resist.
We're fighting for justice and we're never gonna stop! [breathing heavily.]
It doesn't make any sense.
I will never get out of this alive.
Never is too extreme.
Never is extreme.
I see a lot of potential in you, Cristina.
- Potential to be a rat.
- No.
Potential to do the right thing.
What's right is right! [all.]
What's right is right! - And what about what's wrong? - [all.]
It comes at a cost.
I can't.
You know what? Fuck that.
If God is for us [all.]
Who can be against us? [Edson.]
We own it all! [all.]
And if we don't, we destroy it! [Andrade.]
I'll take you back to that dump.
I'm trying to help you, and you're just fucking around.
What do we do for peace? [all.]
War! War! War! This is the fucking Brotherhood! [all.]
The fucking Brotherhood! Fuck! The Brotherhood, fuck yeah! We're the Brotherhood! We're the Brotherhood! We're the Brotherhood! Wait! What exactly do I have to do? [rat squealing.]
[theme music playing.]

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