Irmandade (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

I Got You

Come here, my brother.
All set.
This shit is strong.
I've seen people die because of it, but it works.
I'll be back.
- I'll be back for you.
- You'd better, bro.
- I'm gonna get you guys out.
- I'm counting on that.
I'm counting on you to carry out this mission.
- You'll be my right hand outside.
- We're the same blood.
- We're fucking brothers.
- We're fucking brothers.
Fuck yeah, bro.
And if I die, I'll come back as your guardian angel.
Come back as a ghost, brother, - so you can fuck with the cops' minds.
- You bet.
Now drink that shit.
So? - This is fucking disgusting! - Just wait.
It'll kick in.
It really works? - Yeah.
- It's no good.
- It's for real.
- You sure it'll work? It'll kick in.
You took too much already.
Hold on for a second and you'll see.
So? - Is it working? Breathe! - You okay? - Breathe, Scavenger! - Breathe, bro! Talk to us.
- What's going on? - Hey, Scavenger.
Easy, bro.
- Help him out! - Go get the men! - Get the cops! - He's sick! We have a sick inmate! We have a sick inmate! It's not good for the patient.
What? He's not a patient.
He's a criminal, Doctor.
And a good criminal is a dead criminal.
- Open the door! Out of the car! - Fuck! Everybody out! - Open the fucking door! - Open it, fuck! Open it now! - Put the gun down! - Open the door or we'll mow everyone down! Fucking move! Get out of the car! Fucking go! Uncuff me, motherfucker.
You were a real tough guy while I was passed out, weren't you? How about now that I'm looking you in the eyes? Speak up, motherfucker! Fucking cop.
Talk! You're not a fucking man.
If you're not a man, you won't need these, right? I have half a mind to kill you, asshole.
But I'll let you live so you'll remember me forever.
Every time you look at your wife, you'll remember you're a fucking coward.
Let's go! Let's go! Let's get out of here! Go, go, go! Start this shit already! Let's get out of here.
This is the fucking Brotherhood! I GOT YOU FOUNDERS EDSON - SCAVENGER IMPORTANT MEMBERS I can't do this to my brother.
It's not to your brother, it's to Scavenger.
Your brother is already in jail.
Scavenger escaped over a year ago, and now he and Edson are fighting like husband and wife.
- You're an asshole.
- Faction leaders are the assholes.
I'm merely a servant of the law.
About that law Who does it serve? It serves you, doesn't it? Or would you rather join your brother in jail? Hmm? So cut the Mother Teresa act and get me Scavenger's address, so you can go back to your little life.
Your brother won't even know about it.
And how would I do that? You know this guy? - It's Edinho's lawyer.
- Ah.
That's right.
He's the middleman between Edson and Scavenger, which allows your brother to lead the faction from inside the jail.
This has all been confirmed by my former source.
The snitch that was murdered? I was at the trial.
You'll ask your brother to make you a lawyer for the faction, too, get close to him, and get me Scavenger's whereabouts.
They'll never accept me.
If anyone finds out, I'm dead.
Nobody has to find out, then.
When you meet with your brother, make sure you put on a better face.
You don't want him to get suspicious.
Marcel? Marcel? You can't do this to me.
Dad! Your brother is a criminal.
His faction is a danger to law-abiding citizens.
You snitched on me once.
Are you gonna do it again? Don't fall for this murderer's silver tongue.
If you don't cooperate, more people will die.
Is that what you want? I only kill people who deserve to die.
Enough talk.
I haven't got all day.
What's the verdict? You have to do what's right.
You snitched on me once.
Your brother is a criminal.
You have to do what's right.
- Dad! - deserve to die.
Is that what you want? What's the verdict? Cris, are you in there? Hi, Marcel.
Juliana had a fight with her parents.
Can she spend a few days with us? Of course.
I thought I'd make dinner.
I've already got the groceries.
Okay? - Will you be here? - Mmm-hmm.
Thanks, Cris.
Cris, are you in there? PENITENTIARY COL.
ROBERTO TIBIRIÇA This moonshine turned out really fucking nice! How can you drink this shit? Let's celebrate! We're in the Brotherhood.
You're the only brother I have, Formiga.
If that.
What the hell, Ivan? Are you enjoying jail? - We have protection now.
- Yeah.
White-collar help, Italian mob-level ties.
Okay, sure.
- Not a fucking chance! - Come on, Viola! Don't give me that crap.
Huh? Hey, man, next time you lay your eyes on someone else's wife, there'll be no forgiveness, all right? Edson, it wasn't like that It wasn't like that, my ass! You better keep your fucking eye on the ball, boy! I lead this shit around here, you get that? Discipline is across the board.
Visitation day is over for you.
My mom's coming from Fuck that! Sit down.
If you wanna see your family, you gotta toe the line.
What about the new brothers? You got visits today? No, we don't.
Then you're doing me a favor.
Keep an eye on this punk and don't let him leave the shack today.
Got it.
Let's go, Viola.
Wicked, brother.
Edson is wicked.
He's wicked until you're the punk.
I'm bulletproof.
Since I joined the Brotherhood, I became holy.
A holy thief.
Take off your clothes.
I'm a lawyer.
Lawyers come on business days.
Today everyone is a visitor.
Take off your clothes.
Take everything off.
Take it all off.
You can crouch down there, please.
Now cough.
Okay, you can get dressed.
What the fuck is this? It's a Walkman.
I'll be right back.
Olivério wishes you good luck.
Who gave you this teddy? - It was Mommy! - Yeah! Tell me, what's his name? Mr.
Ha! What a funny name! Mr.
Tell Daddy why you got Mr.
Because I got an A at school.
Really, baby? - Yes.
- Are you for real? - Yes! - You're crushing it at school? What are you doing here? I want to talk.
We have nothing to talk about.
Ed She's your sister.
She did right by you.
She saved you.
If I knew she was involved What? You'd rather be dead? Is this your daughter? Who are you? That's Aunt Cristina.
You're very beautiful, did you know that? Yes, since I was teeny-tiny.
Shall we take a walk? Can I have some chocolate cake? I think we've got some.
Let's go get it.
Twenty years without visiting and now you decide to show up? What the hell? - I need work.
- What? I need to work.
What's that got to do with me? I was fired for getting you out of the hole.
Not even my boss stood by me.
Cristina, life has taught me that there are two families, you know? The bad one is the one we're born into.
The good one is the one we choose.
Dad's dead, Edinho.
Fuck him.
He's better off dead.
I'm here now.
I'm not buying it.
Something doesn't add up.
What do you mean? Twenty years without visiting, working for the DA's office, playing the good girl, and now suddenly you want to work for criminals? It doesn't add up.
Your wife was the one who called me.
And she was right.
You were going to die, and I saved you.
I saved you when not even your lawyer wanted to get his hands dirty.
I can do more.
I don't know you.
I don't know who you are.
And I can't trust someone I don't know.
I'm the same Cristina.
I'm still the clumsy girl that you used to push on the soapbox cart.
That listened to Gerson King Combo on full blast because you taught me to.
The only difference is that I'm a lawyer now.
Thanks to you.
You think a girl like me would have graduated on her own? I remember, Edinho.
You'd save all the money you made selling fruits in the neighborhood to buy me books.
I wasn't exactly selling fruits.
It doesn't matter.
That's the reason I'm here.
Isn't that enough? What about Marcel? Is he all grown up? Is he a man now? He's a big boy.
He works, has a girlfriend.
Looks gorgeous.
He knows I'm in here? Marcel's having a baby, Edinho.
I'm sorry, Edinho.
I shouldn't have told Dad about the weed You were a fucking kid! You were ten, for fuck's sake.
So, you want a job? I got two inmates I wanna spring out of here.
There's a shitload of problems here at the Mousetrap.
The suit can't handle it all.
He's got no time.
If you're brave enough I'll do the impossible.
I got you.
I got two inmates I wanna spring out of here.
There's a shitload of problems here at the Mousetrap.
The suit can't handle it all.
He's got no time.
If you're brave enough I'll do the impossible.
I got you.
Welcome, ma'am.
It's a pleasure to meet the boss's sister.
It's my pleasure.
The first one is over there.
Good luck.
You'll need it.
Where's the lawyer? What did you expect? A white man? You're the one who said it.
- Ivan, right? - Hmm.
You have two choices: go back to your cell or trust me.
What do you prefer? So, it seems like you and this partner of yours were into blowing up ATMs.
We were into the money, ma'am.
But there was no other way of getting it.
So we got good at the ATM business.
So good you killed a security guard, right? Occupational hazard.
Looking over your case, I think we might have a solution.
Your partner, however, with his record The deal was to get us both out.
Yes but we need to get the warden's approval, convince the judge down at the forum I know.
But isn't that your job, ma'am? If justice was done, we could be out on the street.
We've done three-fifths of our sentence, plus the time served, and we signed up for work-based therapy Went to law school, Ivan? There isn't much to do here in the cage, so I ended up flipping through some stuff.
But without a suit, it's hard.
In the meantime, we rot in here.
It won't be easy but I'll do everything I can.
Nothing was ever easy for me, ma'am.
But I'm trusting you.
Good behavior? You have to be shitting me.
You could make a case for Ivan, but Formiga's an alcoholic.
He gets into trouble every week.
Do you want to end the faction or not? Watch your tone with me, girl.
I just want to get this over with.
We're not here to do charity work for the Brotherhood.
It's the only way.
Either you sign it or they'll never accept me.
This shit better work.
Thank you.
José, your son shouldn't speak to anyone anymore, from inside or outside prison.
Only to me.
Everything will be fine.
Don't worry.
- Hi.
- Hello.
We still haven't properly met.
Cristina Ferreira.
De Paula.
I wanted to clear up some things.
Care to have a coffee nearby? Of course.
I thought the DA's office was slow, but this penitentiary It's too much bureaucracy, for God's sake.
Too much.
I'm thinking that I'll be able to release them.
Hmm? How? Beginner's luck.
What is it that you want? - I want to show that - You want to take my place? No Not at all.
I don't want to compete with you, De Paula.
Quite the opposite.
I can help you.
I hadn't seen my brother in 20 years.
I want to get closer to him.
I can be your assistant, if you'll allow me.
Who'd have thought a relative of Edson's would show up out of nowhere? Where there's money, there are always vultures flying around.
Isn't that true? You don't understand.
Problem is, I play a different game.
Your brother is in a fucking cage.
There are people out here as powerful as him.
And these people trust me.
Do you understand? Twenty years without seeing him? I think you should do that again.
Get lost.
- It moved! - No, it didn't! - Kick again, baby! - We're not naming him Baby.
- Cris! - What? What a pain.
Hello? Andrade.
De Paula threatened me.
This is getting too risky! This isn't the time to talk about work, darling.
I'm scared! You need to do something! Calm the fuck down.
He's all bark and no bite.
He's afraid of your success.
It's my life you're talking about.
Trust me.
Record everything your brother says.
We'll get to Scavenger.
It's the only way you'll be free once and for all, isn't it? Cris? Damn.
- Tell me what's going on.
- There's nothing going on, Marcel.
I just want to sleep.
Let me sleep.
So that's it.
Now we're The wind, Ivan! Feel the wind, bro.
No way! A fucking dog! I'm speechless, ma'am.
It's a new life for us.
I only did what was right.
You did what no one else could.
Fuck, ma'am! Your ride is already here.
Check out the wheels, bro! They even sent us a chauffeur.
Thanks, ma'am.
Didn't I tell you I'd do it? What now? What do you mean? Edinho, I don't want to just be other people's lawyer.
- You're getting paid, aren't you? - Yes, but it's not just that.
You're not being well represented.
Why? Did De Paula get Ivan and Formiga out of jail? Did he rescue you from the hole? It's not just the lawyer work he's doing.
I know.
But I could do that, too.
No way.
That isn't how we play it here.
We've got our own rules.
And who makes those rules? You or Scavenger? - What do you mean? - Edinho Are you sure they're acting on the Brotherhood's behalf? Or are the guys outside fending for themselves? What are you saying, Cristina? Where did you get that from? What are you saying? Good luck.
He's all yours.
You gotta trust me! The judge is on vacation and someone else is in his place.
You know how it is.
You're full of excuses.
What about Scavenger? Thursday.
Don't fuck it up, De Paula.
The cops are all over this.
- You have no idea.
- Have I ever failed you, Edson? The guy's house is right behind the church.
It's going down the same time as the mass.
Whoever is around will only hear praises to God.
Thank Pastor Lauro for lending us the shed.
What is it? Lauro Tavares, also known as Beet.
Lopped off a lot of heads before he found Jesus.
Got released from the Mousetrap, left the Brotherhood, became a pastor.
You know how it goes.
A good pastor is a pastor with a history.
What now? Now I do my job.
If it all works out, you'll be free as of next Thursday.
Happy are those who listen to the word of the Lord.
A toast? There's nothing to toast to.
Cristina, the Brotherhood is a criminal organization.
And you and I are the heroes in this story.
I just want my life back.
What's up, bro? What's the problem? Spit it out.
What if she's right, Viola? Are you doubting Scavenger now? He said the suit is with us.
He can be trusted, got it? So what? Now that he's out there, he can do whatever he wants? That was the deal, wasn't it? What if the deal isn't working anymore? Cristina really got inside your head, didn't she? Damn it, bro.
Where's the sugar? You really put your trust in this girl.
Brother she's seeing something we're missing.
We're in here and she's out there.
You see? All due respect, brother, it's time you had a suit on your side.
I get nauseous sometimes, but it's cool.
Are there any tests you need to do? I've set it up at the health center, but they can only see me next month.
What's that for? Hey! At my place, De Paula? If it were up to me I'd be far away, and so would you.
But Edson told me to take you with me.
Edson? Where to? Where do you think? To meet with Scavenger.
I can't.
I have work.
Do you think I'm happy? You're coming with me.
Edson's orders.
You're coming, like it or not.
Focus on the operation.
Let's go.
Get in.
Get in.
Today's the day I'm getting promoted to Homicide.
Dream on.
- Hi, sir.
- On watch by yourself, thief? Yeah, it seems someone lost track of time.
Suits in the area.
Everyone stay sharp.
As soon as we're sure Scavenger is in there, we move in.
- You were careful, right? - As always.
Did you miss me? Do I look like I missed you? Who is she? Edson's sister.
I'm the new Brotherhood attorney.
What the fuck? He always said he was an only child.
We followed different paths for a while.
You gotta be shitting me.
You see what I have to go through? This is a hellhole! First, he sends his wife in here to chime in, and now his little sister, too? Can you believe that? - So, did you bring the stuff? - Yeah.
All taken care of.
Well done, De Paula.
Memorize this, Cueball.
Let Edson know that we're on schedule.
No hiccups and we'll have the money soon.
So, speaking of which What? You thought I wouldn't be true to my word, you suit? I'll get it for you.
Our man's in the house.
Get ready to breach.
Count it.
Everyone in position.
We're blown! 5-0! 5-0! 5-0 in the area! - We're blown! We're blown! - What the fuck? - Were you fucking followed? - No, I followed the protocol.
- Did you really? You sure, asshole? - I swear! - I followed the whole protocol, I swear! - You sure, asshole? Fucking go! Fuck! Keep going! Let's fucking go! What are you doing there? Do you want to get shot in the face? They're gonna get you! Follow me.
Now! Give me some help! Come on! Lift this up! Embrace our Lord ♪ Hallelujah! Don't stop singing! If we have faith, no harm shall come to us! - Hallelujah! - Embrace our Lord ♪ - You drive.
- Me? Yes! Don't you know how to fucking drive? The key's up here.
Start that shit already! Are you crazy? Son of a bitch! Come on.
- You can't arrest me, kid.
- Shut the fuck up.
I'm an attorney.
I was just doing my job.
Your job? Is that your job? You're coming with me, you piece of shit.
Let's go! - Where the fuck is Scavenger? - He's not here.
Let's go, motherfucker! Put your hands in the back.
Don't look at me, motherfucker.
Where the fuck is Scavenger? Hold on to God's righteous hand! Glory be to God! Glory be to God! Glory be to God, brothers.
- Amen! - Amen! Take a turn right there.
Turn right.
Turn right! Stop.
You're a savior, brother.
You're heading to the Mousetrap, all right? Tell Edson it wasn't De Paula who dropped the ball.
- What? - I know how the cops work.
Tell Edson there's a snitch in the Brotherhood.
Now get out.
Get the fuck out!
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