Irmandade (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Rat Trap

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES How many went down? [Cristina.]
Three, maybe four.
[breathes deeply.]
De Paula, too.
[Edson whispers.]
Fuck! [inhales sharply.]
- After all the chaos, Scavenger - What? Scavenger said that someone might've squealed.
Scavenger wouldn't speak without reason.
Tell Darlene there's no way we go through with the robbery.
- I can help - We'll get to the bottom of it.
Board members only.
- But I - Talk to Darlene.
From now on, you're the only lawyer.
We'll find out if there's really a rat inside the Brotherhood.
Got it? RAT TRAP [door unlocks.]
[door locks.]
SÃO PAULO STATE JUDICIARY POWER How long have you been lying to me, Cris? I was only trying to protect you, Marcel.
You read his file, didn't you? Marcel, that's no place for you.
Promise me you won't go see Edson.
- Promise me.
- Excuse me.
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
[Edson grunts.]
Viola, Lanky, get over here.
Here's the deal.
There's a rat among us.
I want to know who.
I want all hands on deck on this mission.
Tell me every little thing you hear.
Our full focus now is on finding the rat.
But if there's a rat, he's outside, right? - Yes, bro - Fuck it! You're the Brotherhood, damn it.
Turn up the heat on everyone.
Whatever it takes.
We need to find and get rid of this rat fast.
- Got it, bro? - [Viola.]
Let's do it.
- [Lanky.]
- All right.
[breathes deeply.]
[engine starts.]
Cristina? Get in the car.
Scavenger sent me.
Get in.
I ain't got all day.
Get in.
- [breathing heavily.]
- Come on.
- You're from - The Brotherhood.
Put this on and lean your seat back.
- Where are we - Not your concern.
Put the bag on and lean your seat back.
[breathing heavily.]
We're here, ma'am.
It's time.
Let's go.
[door closes.]
Let's go, ma'am! Come on.
Let's go.
The lawyer is here.
We can begin.
Everybody's heard about last night's raid.
We lost some good brothers, and some went to prison.
But that didn't happen for no reason.
There's a fucking rat right here in the Brotherhood.
And we already know who it is.
[indistinct chatter.]
There's some shit going down.
- Lost something, partner? - Edinho? It's all right.
I thought I'd never see you again, brother.
Hey, Lanky! Get the boy some soda.
Have a seat, bro.
A brother who snitches is a rat.
And rats have to die.
Rules are rules.
Everyone knows the statute.
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
This worthless shit was supposed to be on the lookout with Ivan, but simply didn't show up.
He must've gotten cozy with the cops.
I swear, Darlene.
I didn't squeal on anyone! [sobbing.]
I drank too much.
I woke up the next day, I don't even know when, in no condition to show up, Scavenger.
I know I fucked up, but that's all.
I'm not a rat! - I'm kneeling before you guys - No one's kneeling.
Sit down.
You have to understand, when I got out, I was dying for a drink.
That's why I fucked up.
Ask Ivan if that's not the fucking truth! That was all! [Darlene.]
Talk, Ivan.
Everyone here knows what it's like inside.
Formiga turned to booze.
Drank his ass off.
But he never owed anything to anyone inside.
Now he's out here and it's hopeless.
He starts drinking and it's hard for him to stop.
It's an addiction, you know? What's your deal? You're just gonna protect your buddy? If Formiga fucked up, he should pay for it.
But I trust him.
- If he says he didn't do it, he didn't.
- It wasn't me, bro.
That's the thing, brother.
Formiga has a drinking problem, right? That's the fucking point.
Word has reached us that because of booze, Formiga got himself into a lot of trouble in jail.
He was caught with moonshine, said some shit to the warden, got into fights Don't you see his rap sheet is as long as my fucking arm? Yeah, he got into some trouble.
So what? He got out for good behavior, Ivan.
I also left the Mousetrap, damn it.
I know how it works in that shithole.
Good behavior, with such a dirty record? - Seems like he got off easy, right, Ivan? - [breathing heavily.]
You got off easy, right, pal? You cut a fucking deal, didn't you? You got a deal for ratting us out, didn't you? - Scavenger, I swear - You snitched on us for a clean record? - No, I swear [whimpers.]
- Speak, smartass.
Fucking tell me! Tell me now, damn it.
Say you're a motherfucking rat.
Say it.
No, Scavenger [Scavenger.]
Confess or I'll blow your face off.
- I swear to God, man - Do it, fucking asshole.
Hey, Scavenger.
We need to discuss it more, damn it.
That's why we called you, ma'am.
His record How was it, Cristina? [breathing heavily.]
His record, damn it! You still in shock? Need a fucking drink? How was it? If it was clean, he made a deal with the cops.
His record was dirty.
With all the warnings you talked about.
Then how did he get out? I did my job.
I asked the judge to take into account that he developed his drinking habit in prison, and whatever poor behavior he had was a consequence of that.
And the judge is your little bitch? He bought your crap? I promised that Formiga would get compulsory treatment outside of jail.
And he agreed.
Are you doing this treatment, Formiga? That's right I mean, I haven't gotten around to it yet.
And there's something else.
I know no one asked for my opinion, but this rat thing I was with De Paula the entire time, and I thought he was quite Quite what, ma'am? I might be new to crime, but I thought De Paula was careless when he brought me to you.
He could've been followed.
Damn, bitch! What the fuck are you saying? [scoffs.]
You're fucking kidding me.
So, you're assuring us that this dickhead just fucked up? Is that it, Cristina? I don't know.
I have doubts.
But in law, when we have doubts, we can't just go out condemning people.
How is it done here? Come here.
What the fuck? - [door opens.]
- [shudders.]
[door closes.]
Hey, brother Was it hard for you, all these years in here? When I got in here, I was your age, you know.
I was young.
I didn't know shit.
Bro, you won't believe what I found.
No way, man.
No way! Fuck! What a Yo, Viola! Didn't I tell you I played left-back in the minor leagues, dickhead? Fuck, they always said I was full of shit.
[clicks tongue.]
Damn! Here it is.
Sweet, bro.
Where did you find this? I was cleaning up the house with my girlfriend.
She's moving in.
- You're getting married? - [scoffs.]
I don't know.
Actually, she's pregnant.
Only three months, but it's starting to show.
- Nice and round.
- Hey.
You've got to do things right, kid.
- Take care of the girl and the baby.
- Of course! Who do you think I am? [both chuckle.]
How about you? Are you married? Do you have kids? [chuckles.]
I've got a wife and a beautiful girl.
Cristina got to meet her.
She didn't tell you? Cristina's my lawyer.
Didn't know that.
She didn't tell you anything? All right, fam.
After discussing Formiga's actions, we We can't say we're 100% sure that Formiga here is the fucking slimy rat in the Brotherhood.
[sighs in relief.]
But you fucked up big time, you left your brothers hanging, and now you'll suffer the consequences, you hear? Uh-huh.
[Formiga shuddering.]
Open your hand, asshole.
[Formiga shuddering and whimpering.]
- [sobbing.]
- [whimpering.]
We still have to get to the bottom of this.
If there's a rat, we'll find him.
No one makes a move without telling leadership.
Or we won't bother with a trial.
It's going to be swift.
- We clear? - [Formiga sobs.]
You're free to go, all right? I'd have blown that asshole's face off already! The Brotherhood does what's right.
We couldn't be sure he was the rat.
We can't sentence a brother just like that.
You think hard, Darlene.
Think real hard.
But then I want to know my partner's opinion.
I've wasted enough time listening to his bitch.
Ma'am Thanks a lot, but why did you I'll explain later.
Let's go.
Same car assignments.
[car approaching.]
[police siren sounds.]
Evening, Officer.
Want a special one? License and registration.
Here's the registration.
About the license, sir It's still in the works.
In that case, we'll have to impound the vehicle.
It's all I have.
[officer 1.]
That's it? Look, I'll have more tomorrow.
I have some money This isn't a bar where you can put it on a tab.
- Excuse me.
- [Marcel.]
What? The grill, bro? Without the grills I can't make hot dogs.
I'm a working man.
[car door closes.]
Fuck! [chuckles.]
Hey, ma'am.
Shit, what was that? Yeah, Formiga, the important thing is you're alive.
- That rehab thing - I made it up, but from now on, it's real.
I'm putting you on a program, you hear? - But when the guys said - If Ivan believes you, I do, too.
Trials are meant to dispense justice.
Justice was served, wasn't it? Or are you actually the rat? Of course not! Fuck off.
Then it's settled.
What kind of fucking rehab is this? Is drinking part of his treatment, ma'am? This whole rehab thing, Ivan I was ashamed, bro.
Too ashamed to tell you.
Imagine if I told you.
You'd have forced me to stop drinking.
If you'd stopped, you wouldn't have fucked up.
Save it for tomorrow.
Tonight, I'm gonna get fucking wasted.
I'm alive.
Okay, bro? You're a real prick, you know.
Thanks, ma'am.
Have a seat, ma'am.
Let's have a drink.
[upbeat music playing.]
You were the real deal today.
I was just trying to be fair.
Even I was getting suspicious of Formiga.
If it weren't for you [romantic song starts playing.]
So wanna dance? Bad idea? Shall we? It's like a virus that spreads Through a thousand fantasies ♪ A simple exchange of looks ♪ I feel so lonely because of this pain ♪ That seems endless ♪ Then I drown myself in a glass of beer ♪ Hoping that it'll have all the answers ♪ I get home drunk every day ♪ I face the bedroom ♪ Easier said than done.
I didn't say anything.
The song.
These guys get stinking rich, then start saying that love is what matters, not money.
Easier said, right? [both chuckle.]
He's just saying there are more important things in life.
Sure there are.
But money helps you get everything else.
You're quite the romantic.
Piss off, man.
Fuck off.
He told me to be careful with you.
Really? Why? You're the boss's sister.
Am I off-limits? It's not on the Brotherhood's commandments, but it could get tricky, right? - But we're just dancing, right? - [song continues playing.]
I should go.
You sure? Take care.
Is there a problem? Scavenger won't rest until he's sure there isn't a rat within the faction.
Darlene, I mean it.
I don't think I know what you think, but it's no use now.
We did a tight search on the older brothers.
They all seem clean.
You mean that If there's a rat, it's a new brother.
I wanna solve this once and for all.
Get the files on these new recruits and take them to Edson.
Darlene, are you sure I want everything, okay? Audits, records, files.
See if they can find anything wrong.
I'm good at this, I can help.
Do what I say.
It's up to the founders now.
Let them work it out.
What do you mean you cleared Formiga? He's innocent, Andrade.
What did you expect me to do? Such a good girl.
Worked out great, it seems.
Can't you put the treatment in his record? I'm an investigator, not David Copperfield.
Andrade [snorts.]
Andrade! I'm going to die.
[sighs and sniffs.]
Here's what you do.
Uh Stall them.
Tell them you didn't find Formiga's file.
I'll figure something out.
- How? - Do you want my help or not? [clicks tongue.]
Andrade [sighs.]
[line disconnects.]
[breathing shakily.]
[inhales deeply.]
[indistinct chatter.]
What's up, brother? Sweet! How's it hanging? Huh? Tripping balls? Come here.
Listen up.
- [Buri.]
I don't have any money.
- [Shotgun.]
Do I look like a charity? What about your family? My family is gone.
They don't visit anymore.
Are you shitting me? [Buri whimpering.]
Man, I'm telling you, my family abandoned me here! - Are you screwing with me, asshole? - [muffled whimper.]
I want my money.
Shut the fuck up.
You're a dead man! [indistinct arguing.]
Go call your mommy! Where's your mommy? Where is she? Hey, Shotgun, what the fuck? The fuck is this, bro? What the fuck? [Shotgun.]
Calm down! - Shit, that hurts! - [Edson.]
Fucking son of a bitch! I told you no crack in the Mousetrap, - you fucker.
- [groans.]
- Easy! This is something else - Easy, my ass! I saw this motherfucker drooling the other day in the yard.
You asshole! Fuck, that hurts! - You crossed the line.
- [screams.]
Now you'll pay for it, motherfucker.
Hey, man! You want to go back to the hole? [Shotgun sobbing.]
And you, Buri, get your shit together! Quit smoking that shit, it's fucking with your head! [Shotgun sobbing.]
Fuck, Viola! Are you kidding me, brother? They're smuggling crack in here under our noses! This isn't like weed or powder.
People get buzzed.
It's not good for us, man.
Look at Buri, he's doped all day.
You're right.
But, hey That's not the only thing you're upset about.
[inhales sharply.]
Talk to Raimundo and get Buri moved into our cell.
He's not staying here.
[doorbell buzzing.]
- What is this? - Hey.
Is Carlinhos there? There's no Carlinhos here.
For real? Carlos Eduardo.
Do you know where he lives, then? You got the wrong place.
[clicks tongue.]
Thanks anyway.
Could you get me a glass of water? I need to take some meds.
Are you serious? You can't spare a glass of water? Fine.
Hang on.
[siren sounding.]
- What the fuck? - Ooh! [Andrade.]
Still bruised up? [softly.]
[engine starts.]
Be careful People of São Paulo, Osasco and ABC ♪ [siren sounds.]
The police are here to protect you ♪ Policemen are lawless criminals ♪ They kill the people And aren't punished ♪ They are peace officers Kings of the South Area ♪ Dressed all pretty in their blue uniforms ♪ [whistles.]
[breathes deeply.]
So? - I got some of the files, but not all - Forget that.
We found out who the rat is.
Word has reached us that cops have been going to Formiga's house.
I need you to tell Ivan to pop him today.
What do you mean, Edson? That's an order, Cristina.
But is there no other way? What if it's a mistake? You said you'd do anything for the Brotherhood, didn't you? Or did I mishear? Give him the message.
Marcel was here.
You didn't tell the kid anything, did you.
Not a word.
Why? Look at what I'm off to do, Edson.
Why do you think? So? You sentenced the kid to death! So it worked? You're welcome.
Stop playing the fool, Cristina.
I saved you.
That's what I did.
You shouldn't have set him up, Andrade! Fuck! What did you think I was going to do? Okay.
You're going to arrest Ivan because he's supposed to kill Formiga By all accounts, I don't know anything about this possible death.
But you do know! I won't intercept anything.
They're outlaws, they'll figure it out.
This isn't right, Andrade.
Just like forging public documents isn't right, is it? You knew this was the only way.
You practically begged me.
In this life, girl, we either play dirty or we die.
[knocking at door.]
Come on in.
So how's it going? Want some coffee? Have a seat.
Have a seat.
They've sentenced Formiga.
What? After the trial, someone saw him talking to a police officer.
Word got out and it reached the Mousetrap.
The leadership has concluded that he's the rat.
Fuck, he swore that it wasn't him, Cristina.
They can't be fucking serious! - How is it possible? - Ivan The order is for you to pop him.
Holy shit.
Holy fucking shit.
It's Formiga, damn it.
Holy fucking shit, man.
It's Formiga, damn it! What if you help him escape? Huh? We'll pretend that you were too late, that you missed him.
That you never found each other.
No one needs to know.
I'll know.
You'll know.
What if someone else finds out? They found out about Formiga, didn't they? I don't want to be sentenced, too, Cristina.
- We could - We could what? We can't do jack shit! There must be a way! Rules are rules.
You squeal, you die.
Tell the leadership that I will do as I'm told.
He's your friend That's enough! You've done your part.
Tell the leadership that I will do as I'm told.
[doorbell buzzes.]
Hey, ma'am.
Is there a problem? Formiga, I I came here [breathing shakily.]
The leadership thinks They told Ivan to pop you.
Is this a joke? You lied in that trial, not me! It's not about the trial.
Word has reached the Mousetrap that you talked to a cop here.
He showed up out of nowhere and knocked! What was I supposed to do? Listen to me.
Ivan must be on his way.
You still have time to escape.
- Like hell I'm running away! - You have to be quick! [inaudible.]
That was the order.
[breathing heavily.]
Why are you doing this? Doing what? Why are you obsessed with bailing me out? First the lie at the trial, and now this.
I just want to do what's right.
Can't I do that? How are you so sure I'm not the rat, ma'am? I don't have to be sure.
I just don't think it's fair that you die.
That anyone die! [chuckles.]
- It's you, isn't it? It's you - [breathing shakily.]
Calm down, Formiga.
You're nervous! Calm down? - You're coming with me.
- You got it all wrong! - Fucking rat! You think I'm stupid? - You're not thinking straight! - Come with me quietly.
- You're upset! Listen to me! We're going to Ivan's house.
Get in the car.
Go, go, go! Let's go.
Start the car.
Come on.
- Hurry the fuck up.
- Calm down! You're going to confess to Ivan, one way or another.
Fucking go! I was trying to help! I just It was right under my nose! Rat.
- You got it wrong.
- Sure I did.
I just wanted to help.
I got out of jail too easily.
You're gonna die after I crush your hand to bits.
Hey, easy there, rat! Come with me.
Let's go.
Out of the car.
Come on.
Ivan! I have the rat! Open up! Ivan! Open the gate.
- Formiga - Shut up and open it! Go! - You got it all wrong! - I got it just fine! - You can't do this to me.
- Hurry up or I'll blow your brains out.
- I'm opening it.
- Hurry up.
Ivan! Ivan! Fuck.
[Cristina whimpering.]
[gun cocking.]
Formiga! [doorbell buzzes.]
Calm down, Formiga! You're nervous! [Formiga.]
Calm down? [Cristina.]
Calm down! You got it all wrong! Call Darlene.
- [breathing heavily.]
I don't - Call Darlene now, or I'll blow your head off! - I don't know her number! - Of course you know it! Call her now or I'll blow your fucking head off! You think I'm stupid? I'm not falling for your bullshit! Dial the number! You're not going to get him! What are you talking about? - [Cristina.]
Drop the gun, Formiga! - [groans.]
- Ivan! She's the rat, Ivan! - [sobbing.]
- Put that gun down, Formiga! - It's her, bro! - You're not going to get him! - It's her, Ivan! - Put the gun down, Formiga! - Ivan! - Cristina's the rat, Ivan! - Put the gun down! - I got her, bro! - You're not going to get him! Put the gun down! [Formiga.]
Ivan! [grunts.]
[grunts and groans.]
[panting and sobbing.]
[theme music playing.]

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