Irmandade (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

One-Way Ticket

- We need to get him to a hospital.
- Are you crazy? We'd all go to jail.
I told you I can handle this.
Help me out here.
We need to stop the blood.
Help me.
Dab it.
Keep dabbing it without stopping.
We can do this.
You fucking dragged me into this.
Formiga, you son of a bitch! Grab him.
Hold on tight.
- Okay, go! - Keep holding! - Come on.
Come on! - Almost fucking done! It's okay now.
ONE-WAY TICKE Do you think he'll make it? We're working on it, aren't we? Cris, tell me something.
What were you doing in the middle of all this? Uh I I went to give Ivan the order to kill Formiga.
But we were very unlucky.
He showed up at the same time.
All right.
No more being the go-between.
It's too risky.
I want to help the Brotherhood.
You're more helpful alive.
What is that? That's one down.
I'm tired.
I'm going to bed.
Don't drive by yourself.
Stay the night, okay? Okay.
Where am I? Calm down.
Fucking hell.
Here Take this pill.
Ivan Will you do me a favor? Don't tell Darlene that I went to tell Formiga to run away.
You shouldn't have gotten involved in this.
I said the same thing to that I told him, God damn it! We have to look ahead now.
Isn't that how it works? There are times when there is nowhere to look.
Alone in the hole, you know? What are you talking about, Ivan? The darkness It's What kind of coffee is that? A special one I made for you.
How do you take it? Cristina has agreed to turn Scavenger in.
- Good.
- Yeah.
You're here, Cristina? What is he doing here? You invited me.
But I didn't tell anyone.
- It's too risky - It's time to take a risk.
In fact, you owe me an address.
Address? Whose? Scavenger's.
Tell her.
You rat! You were right, Dad.
Marcel and I should have stayed away from Edinho! There's no turning back from what you did.
There is, Dad.
I swear there is.
Who are you? It's me, Cristina.
I'm your daughter.
You're not my daughter.
Yes, I am, Dad.
Look It's me, your daughter.
It's me, Dad! I'm scared to death and you're being sneaky? Are you trying to kill me? I just came to get some water.
That damn Andrade is the one I'm losing sleep over.
Andrade? Yeah.
The cop who's investigating the Brotherhood and bought Formiga off.
You know him.
The one who testified at Edson's trial.
I'd forgotten his name.
Go get some rest.
Skulking around will only invite trouble.
I lied, Marcel.
But I did it to protect you.
Edson is not who he seems.
Then why are you his lawyer? It's a long story.
But he's dangerous.
Then let's hear the story, Cris.
Because what I saw was a man respected by everyone.
Respected? Respected because he orders killings, beheadings.
He destroys whoever gets in his way.
Think about your family, your son It's my son! It's my family, Cris.
Listen to me.
I just want what's best for you.
Well, well! You were right! Did you find Scavenger's address? Unfortunately, I didn't.
But now we have a chance to catch him red-handed.
" What's that? Security is an armored car company.
They must be planning a new heist.
A heist? Yeah.
And we know there's no heist without Scavenger.
- Am I free now? - No! No, no, no.
This isn't worth anything without the details.
I want a date, a time, and a location.
You want me to ask Darlene if they're pulling an armored car heist? They've taken me out of the game! Figure it out.
You may not be the go-between, but you're still the faction's lawyer.
Don't you feel any remorse? A man is dead because of us.
Because of you.
You're the rat, here.
You know what? I'm out.
You can lock me up.
This isn't worth it.
Better yet, I'll turn myself in! If you step inside a police station, I'll personally take these photos to your friend Darlene, and they'll know who the snitch is.
You wouldn't dare.
I gave you my word you'd be free if you gave us Scavenger, didn't I? Now I'm giving you my word that I will end you if you don't cooperate.
This is classified information on the Brotherhood.
You can't see it.
That's why it's good.
The Brotherhood knows that you're after them, that you can screw everything up.
So what? What if I use your name to make them need me again? That's all I got, right? You.
You have to be good for something.
SEARCH AND SEIZURE WARRAN AND POLICE INVESTIGATION Where did you get these documents, Cris? You mentioned that Andrade guy the other day.
It reminded me of a friend of mine, Sueli.
Sueli is in the Justice Department.
She can inform us of whatever warrant this Andrade asks for.
Raids, arrest warrants What if this Sueli sells out the Brotherhood? No I know her very well.
She's a friend from college.
She hates her boss.
I don't know, Cris.
Well I made it very clear that she could end up very well off.
So what? This is all old stuff.
This is only the beginning.
We need to know what to ask for.
If you're planning something, I can try to find out what he knows.
When I was there, I looked around to see if they had anything on you.
And? Clean as a whistle.
Hard to believe, isn't it? Listen up, Scavenger said we're good to go for the Security job.
He's given us the route, information on the employees' relatives, everything.
But that's useless, Viola, if that cop is onto us.
Even if they know you target armored cars, they can't watch everything.
I can check with Sueli to see which companies he's looking into.
So, you guys in? Yeah, but we can't forget about Scavenger.
He'll have to warm up to the idea as well.
It's two more to split the profit Brother, a good idea is a good idea.
We don't have time to build rapport.
So, Cris Can I trust this girl Sueli 100%? Yeah, completely.
I'm gonna trust you, then.
You're both in.
Anything else about the heist to tell her? Date? Location? Anything that might be useful.
You'll have to check with Scavenger.
When can you two meet up? I'm going to chat with the girls over there.
Hey, man.
We need to talk.
Secrets between brothers now? I wouldn't know.
- Are there, Cris? - No.
No more secrets as far as I'm concerned.
What's wrong? The police stripped down my hot dog stand.
The police did what? - Why didn't you - Hey.
I told you I don't want you controlling my life anymore.
I'm not here for a pity party, all right? I want to join the business.
Just like Cris.
What business, kid? You're not a suit.
That I am not, bro.
But my van has no use now.
I can move things around, help with distribution.
Marcel, you're about to become a father.
Your sister is right.
The life of crime is not for fools.
I'm no fool.
I know the risks.
But I know the Brotherhood isn't all about crime.
It fights for those who are tired of being under the world's heel, of being treated like shit by the cops, of working like a motherfucker to provide spare change for their families, while others are walking around in shoes that cost more than I make a month.
- Marcel - The boy spoke the truth.
Come closer.
You said all the right words.
You're in.
You're made of stronger stuff than you think, Cris.
We all are, aren't we.
But the world, being the way it is, makes us forget about our strength.
Excuse me.
- Hey, what's up? - What's up? Here.
Here's your part and Raimundo's.
Let's go, Cris.
Cough harder.
You can get dressed.
LOVE CORNER OCCUPIED MOTEL What the fuck took you so long? It's our turn, babe.
Hey, hey, hey.
Wait up.
What's the hurry? - Come here.
- Can I now? Here.
Now we're talking! You brought the stuff! - You like it? - I'll show you how much I like it.
What do you want now? Is this what you want? Shit, Tupã.
What the fuck is that? Prayer time, bro.
It's sacred.
What, you're gonna get high in the name of the Lord? Now we're talking.
If we're gonna sin, let's do some heavy sinning.
Hey, Buri, smoke this.
It'll help take the edge off.
Take another puff.
It'll help.
You like this crackhead, don't you.
It's a vile addiction, Viola.
There shouldn't be any crack coming inside, brother.
We're not as in control as we should be.
Look at him.
- Put this on.
- What the fuck is this? Scavenger's orders.
We're just following them.
This is how he treats people representing the Brotherhood? Without the blindfold, she stays.
Let's go.
This is too much.
What's this about Edson making decisions on my play without talking it over? Cristina is with us, all right? It's about time she got some recognition.
She was working at the DA's Office just the other day! And that is exactly why she can help us.
Shield, Techforce Andrade requested a breach of confidentiality on the main armored car companies.
He knows their routes and hours of operation.
He even asked for reinforcements.
That's useful, Scavenger.
If Security was on the list, we would all be done.
But it isn't, is it? That only proves that the plan was well thought out.
New things come up every day in the investigations.
I can also find out the dates when big police ops are going to go down and the areas under surveillance.
I just need the time and place of the job to make sure there won't be any cops.
And how much is that going to cost? In Brotherhood's deals, everyone is equal, right, brother? My people did all of the work.
We figured it all out, actually.
We even got pictures of the driver's family.
Now we have to share with these two chicks? I can share my cut with Sueli.
I don't mind.
With them, the heist is safer.
It's worth it, brother.
Things have changed.
This is the new deal.
The guys who pack heat take the risks, so they get a better share.
No fucking way.
Half goes to the ones doing the deed and half to the Brotherhood, as always.
I'm with the fucking Brotherhood, too.
I founded this shit.
But there are brothers out in the front lines, taking heat, and there are brothers sitting on their asses in prison.
So this half-and-half shit is done.
The ones packing heat get paid double! "Sitting on their asses"? Edson is taking heat, too, damn it! In fact, you promised to break him out, right? Or did you forget? Are you implying that I'm not going to keep my word? I was in this game long before you opened your legs, Darlene.
You're just Edson's squeeze, all right? You're not going to tell me what's best for my faction.
Edson wanted to get his sister in on the deal, didn't he? Now he's going to have to deal with what I've decided.
From now on, you pack heat, you get paid double! Now you want to take money from the organization to put in your pocket? Then the heist is on hold until I can relay this to Edson.
You may be one of the founders, but the Brotherhood is not only yours.
Watch your mouth.
I mean what I say, Darlene.
You sure you have the balls to threaten "Edson's squeeze"? It's the code.
Bros before hoes.
Let's go, Cristina.
Let's go, Fubá! Hey, what's up? My time's up, honey.
Hold on, doll.
Hurry up! I don't have all night.
Just wait.
Hmm? There you go.
Yeah, yeah.
Bye-bye now.
RAIMUNDO ALVES SOUZA - EXTRA 300,00 - Hello? - Olivério? Damn.
It's 3:00 in the fucking morning.
Tell me something.
Raimundo Alves de Souza is a correctional officer at the Mousetrap, isn't he? One of the best.
Why? I found out something you might like to know.
Hey! - What's up? - Hi.
Hey Remember to tell Edinho that I was the one who gave it to you.
I think he's well aware of that.
What is going on? It's always been 50-50! I don't get it.
That's what I said, but your partner won't listen.
I think we should give in.
What do you mean, Cris? It's better to do the heist than not, isn't it? Fucking Scavenger is the one in our way, not you.
Hey, Darlene.
Don't talk about Scavenger that way.
How should I talk about him? As expected.
Did he disrespect you, by any chance? No.
Then that's it.
And tell him the split has always been this way, and will continue to be so.
With or without the heist.
Got it? - Come with me, thief.
- What for? Olivério wants a word.
Want me to come with you? Don't worry.
Give him that message.
Here he is, boss.
You're going to spend some time in the hole to think about your actions.
What actions? Corrupting correctional officers, for instance.
You're kidding.
I'm not kidding.
Not kidding at all.
- Take this scumbag out of here! - It's a mistake - Scumbag! - You know me, boss! Get off me! Olivério, don't do this! The fun is over, thief.
How are you? Ma'am, please step into this room.
You can go straight to the search room, young lady.
Come on, let's go! Go, please.
Take your clothes off.
Where's Raimundo? Where's Madalena? Take your clothes off.
Okay, fine.
What's going on here? Squat.
- Wait.
- Come on.
- Be careful.
- Get in.
Let's go.
How much for a croquette and a soda? Marcel.
- I'm fucked.
- What do you mean? I lost everything.
I threw it all in the sewer.
The cops were headed my way and I freaked out.
What's important is that you're okay.
Maybe I could Go home, Marcel.
It's not your fault, all right? - We're fucked, aren't we? - What do you think? No drugs, no commerce, no fucking heist! Now it has to happen, right? Do you want the Brotherhood to survive? I'll talk to Scavenger.
Ayrton Senna went beyond all limits and won three Formula 1 World Championships.
But today his brilliant career was tragically interrupted.
At 6:30 p.
, Dr.
Maria Teresa Fiandri announced Leaving already? Yes.
I mean, I was.
What remains is the memory of a true champion, a national hero.
Fuck, man.
It's Senna.
That's fucked up.
My dad loved him.
Yeah - And everyone else in Brazil.
- Hmm.
Can you believe it? All of a sudden Yeah.
But he lived a crazy life.
He died living his dream.
Do you think it's worth it? I think it depends on the dream.
What's yours? I don't know.
I guess I've always wanted to be a lawyer, to help others.
What? I want to know your real dream, not what you want for other people.
I don't know.
No one's ever asked me that.
Well, I'm asking you now.
Tell me.
I think I've always lived my father's dream.
What he wanted for me.
Never exactly my own.
What about you? What is your dream? My dream is to be free.
To enjoy myself.
But now I'll just take the heist money and spend it all.
What do mean? You're participating? Of course.
You're in no condition, Ivan.
Do you think Scavenger cares about that? But you can relax.
I know what I'm doing.
You took good care of me.
I'm ready for another round.
WHERE'S THE ADDRESS? So? After this huge fucking blowout, Scavenger agreed to back down on the split of the profit.
- So the heist is on? - Yes, but it's gonna be his way.
You and Sueli are out.
Was everything okay with Elisa? Yeah.
She's so sweet.
I read her one story and she fell asleep quickly.
You know what? I'm scared shitless.
Of Scavenger? Of everything.
If I go to jail, what will happen to my girl? I've always dreamed that she'd grow up like you.
College, nice job.
We'd prosper.
What if something goes wrong? Barely seven with both parents in prison? Hard to swallow.
We act tough, but when the time comes, it's all about them, you know? Darlene Do you really need to participate in this heist? To mislead the police, we need an inconspicuous woman to drive.
And there's no way I'm letting Scavenger lead this thing.
There must be some other way.
You know what? Go and check with Sueli if that son of a bitch Andrade is planning anything for the day of the heist.
- But you said that Scavenger - I'll pay it out of my share.
My life is worth more than the money.
On the 6th, on Lemon Street.
Will you look into it? I'm on it.
So? What's the heist date? I didn't get it yet.
Cut the bullshit, girl.
If I find out you're keeping something from me, I'm going to fuck you over.
I'm tired of playing nice.
Let go of me! Do you want out or not, Cristina? Of course I do.
Can I help you? I want a one-way ticket to Asunción, Paraguay.
I need the date of travel and the passenger's name, please.
May 7th, Wallace Coutinho? It's one of Scavenger's pseudonyms, isn't it? Holy fucking shit.
Seems like Andrade found out that Scavenger was planning to leave the country on the 7th.
One day after the heist? He wants to run away with all the money! Fuck.
We need to kill this motherfucker right now! Calm down, Darlene.
Who are we taking this to? With Edson in the hole, everyone will take Scavenger's side.
What do we fucking do, then? What if we could get Scavenger out of the picture, without violence before the heist? What do you mean? Anonymous tip.
He goes to prison, that's it.
Are you crazy? I'm not a fucking snitch.
If anyone finds out, we're done for.
Darlene, he's the traitor.
We'd just be doing justice.
And no one needs to know.
No, no, no.
There must be another way.
We need the heist money.
- Can't we pull it off without him? - It's too risky.
Darlene, he's dropping the ball.
You know the ins and outs.
You could do it! - You think? - I'm sure.
And if I step into Scavenger's role, who's gonna play mine? Get anyone else.
It has to be a woman.
A reliable one.
So are you with me? Hello? I have a tip for you.
The name of the wanted man is Márcio Siqueira Rocha, also known as Scavenger.
That's right.
Truco, thief! You mean six, fool! I raise! Now we're out.
Fuck you all! Look at this fucking card! In your face! - Learn how to fucking play! - Fuck you! You're not paying attention, bro! Get real, bro.
You gave me the wrong signal.
- Pay attention.
- Use the right signal.
I'm going to take a piss.
But I'm taking my cards.
Are you calling me a cheater, boss? And would you be here if you weren't? Right? Go.
Freeze! Police! Hands on your fucking heads! Where's Scavenger? You're under arrest, you son of a bitch.
I think you owe me something.
Here it is.
Cut it out, Andrade.
I'm just kidding, doll.
Who would've thought that document would get you into so much trouble? We make quite a pair, don't we? So, you're not gonna tell me how you convinced the first lady to snitch? That is none of your business anymore.
Let's go.
Come on.
Let's fucking go!
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