Irmandade (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

What Brothers Are For

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES I know that asshole Amauri is going to put me on the schedule during the Brazil game.
So typical of him.
Stop it, Patrício.
We're a month from the World Cup, man.
Still, it's gonna be the first Cup I'll watch with my son.
You won't be missing much.
They're playing horribly.
All defense.
But it's the fucking World Cup! [breathing heavily.]
Let's go.
[engine starts.]
That's my son.
We called this press conference today to announce the arrest of Márcio Siqueira Rocha, also known as Scavenger, one of the country's most dangerous criminals.
CAETANO RAMOS PUBLIC SCHOOL 3RD GRADE - CLASS 2 - DEPARTURE 12:15 This operation is the result of months of investigations, in a joint effort between the Intelligence Department and the Department of Public Safety.
Thanks to this joint effort, the city can now rest easy.
- [Ivan.]
Out! - [Fubá.]
Get the fuck out! - [Bocão.]
Go! - [Ivan.]
Get out! - Open the door! - [Fubá.]
Get out! Out! Look down at the ground! We just drive the money.
We don't have the keys [Fubá.]
Shut the fuck up! So you admit that there is a criminal faction that organizes bank and armored car heists from inside the prisons? [Fubá.]
Everyone against the wall! Look down at the ground! Unfortunately, yes.
But after this operation, the faction's days are numbered, I assure you.
How can you be sure that the heists have ceased if the faction operates from within the prisons? Get down.
Get the fuck down! [Andrade.]
From what we know, Scavenger is one of the leaders and he is their contact on the outside.
He was responsible for the Brotherhood's heists.
He was actually planning a big heist on a transportation company, - but we managed to stop it.
- [pagers beeping.]
With him in protective custody, we estimate that we've avoided damages worth Eight hundred thousand reals? Forget you saw me, and I'll forget about your family.
Is that clear? [Darlene.]
Let's go! [Darlene whooping.]
WHAT BROTHERS ARE FOR [both laughing.]
We're good now.
Stop, Cristina.
- Turn around.
- [officer blowing whistle.]
Are you crazy? Turn around now! If I do, they'll come after us.
It's a routine stop.
Just slow down and pray that they let us through.
They won't take me alive.
No way I'm going back inside.
Are you crazy, Cristina? Why are you pulling over? [engages parking brake.]
What the hell is she doing? [car door closes.]
She's turning us in.
Let's go out shooting.
- Shut up, man! - Wait.
I am a wedding caterer, and I've got all the food and my staff with me in the car.
I need to get to Interlagos ASAP.
I was following the signs, but I ended up here.
Now I'm lost.
Can you help me? [inaudible conversation.]
[gun cocking.]
Thank you so much.
Holy fucking shit! [exhales.]
What did you say to him? That we were in a hurry to spend 800,000 reals.
[Cristina and Ivan breathing heavily.]
[rap song playing on stereo.]
What's up with you? I'm thinking of quitting.
Leaving crime behind, you know? [sighs softly.]
Have you talked to Edson about this? It's not that easy, you know.
Why did you get involved in this crazy life? [keychain jangling.]
[metallic door opening.]
[footsteps approaching.]
[keys jangling.]
[lock opening.]
[door creaks open.]
Hey, my man.
A bunch of shit went down while you were in the hole.
I heard.
Scavenger got pinched.
- But at least the heist happened.
- [Viola.]
But that's not all of it.
There is some funny talk going around.
Like what? [Viola.]
About Scavenger.
He was talking trash at the police station where he's being held.
About what? That he got pinched because he was ratted out.
- Who? - Darlene.
He says Darlene was the rat.
She did it so that she could do the heist without him.
[women moaning.]
- [Edson.]
- [woman moans and gasps.]
- [Tupã.]
You scared me, Edson.
- [Edson.]
Get out, bro.
It's my visiting time.
Your time's up.
I need the room now.
All right.
For sure.
Let's go.
Hey, honey Do you have anything to tell me about Scavenger's arrest? Scavenger was getting too violent and authoritarian.
He was running his mouth.
He ended up attracting attention.
But Scavenger is telling everyone that he got caught because you ratted him out.
And you believe him? You know what we do to rats, don't you? You know what we do to fucking rats around here? You'd have the balls to kill your own wife, the mother of your child Listen up, Darlene.
In the world of crime, there are no fucking exceptions.
Understood? Did you or did you not give Scavenger up? Fuck! I had to do the whole heist by myself because fucking Scavenger got arrested.
I got money for the Brotherhood, to pay for your escape.
And instead of thanking me, you're suspicious? [Darlene.]
I've never lied to him like that.
Relax, Darlene.
Scavenger is going to get sent somewhere far away.
I hope he goes to hell.
This will all blow over soon.
Get in.
Come with me.
I drove here.
I need to show you something.
Where are you taking me? You'll see.
[inmates chattering in distance.]
Big Mouth, we're coming down.
- [Big Mouth.]
All right! Come down.
- Come on.
[objects clattering.]
What's up? [Big Mouth.]
Don't mind the dust.
This is Big Mouth.
You already know him, right? Pito here takes care of the electrical.
Júnior is our handyman.
You know Fubá.
And Amado, the foreman.
They are getting Edson out of the Mousetrap.
You're digging a tunnel? Scavenger wanted to rescue him by blowing everything up, shooting everyone.
So, I changed the plan after he got pinched.
This is Cristina, our attorney.
She's going to communicate with Edson.
How are things here? We're just starting.
Let me explain it to you, ma'am.
Come closer.
This is where we are.
We're going to dig under these houses, across this field, under the prison wall, and then about 30 meters to Edson's cell.
[Darlene on recorder.]
I have a tip for you.
The name of the wanted man is Márcio Siqueira Rocha, also known as Scavenger.
You can't use a hotline recording.
It's completely illegal! This is our trump card! The boss's wife ratting on his partner.
If you let me stay I've had it with your methods, Andrade.
You embarrassed the entire department during that press conference.
Give Firmino all of your files.
What? Firmino? - There's no way Firmino - It's an order! [breathing heavily.]
[indistinct chatter.]
You need to tidy things up around here.
At least make it look decent.
I can do that to your face.
- [Firmino laughs.]
- How's that? So aggressive.
You hung yourself at the press conference.
Everything I know about the Brotherhood is in this box.
Don't fuck it up.
I know you, Andrade.
I want to know if there's anything you want to tell me that isn't in this box.
There is.
Go fuck yourself.
[vehicle horn honking.]
[upbeat song playing on stereo.]
Come here.
I want to show you something.
When you asked to borrow the van, I didn't think it'd be for this.
I thought you said you needed to get back to work.
I said that I needed to work and make money.
Marcel Come on.
I even had business cards made for you.
[Marcel clicks tongue.]
I'm sorry.
This is cool.
Hey, Cris Where did you get the money for this? With the Brotherhood, right? Fuck, Cris, let me back in.
I'm Over a kilo of coke went down the drain, Marcel.
After that big a fuck-up, it's over for you.
I was going to get arrested.
Forget about it.
You're better off this way.
That life isn't for people like us.
Then why are you still there? [Firmino.]
What's your teddy's name? No name? I'll call it Fabiano, then.
- [Elisa.]
- Fabiano.
What's going on here? Did you know that leaving a child this young alone at home is abandonment? Come here.
You could lose custody of your daughter, ma'am.
Jorge Firmino, investigator.
So? [Patrício.]
It's none of them.
Are you sure? [engages parking brake.]
[Cristina sighs.]
I'm going to have to lay low for a while.
Fucking hell.
[Cristina breathes deeply.]
I need you to take care of the tunnel.
There are a bunch of guys working on it.
What do you need me for? You're the only one I trust to keep an eye on all of that money.
[door closes.]
[footsteps approaching.]
I can't do that, Darlene.
I'm leaving the Brotherhood.
This is not for me.
I can't do it anymore.
Are you out of your mind? I'm not asking.
I'm telling you I'm leaving.
You think it's that easy? Take the heist money and go back to your old life? What about the things you witnessed? The things you did? That we did? That tunnel is to rescue your brother, damn it.
You know how many times I thought of leaving, Cristina? Too many.
But I didn't.
Do you know why? Because I love your brother.
And do you know why I love Edson? Because he fights for real justice.
Because in the Brotherhood, with him, I feel like a person.
We need you, damn it.
Are you going to abandon your brother again? [breathing shakily.]
[speaking indistinctly.]
[engages parking brake.]
[jackhammer drilling.]
[lock clicking.]
[drilling continues.]
[jackhammer drilling loudly.]
[indistinct commentary on radio.]
[floorboard creaking.]
What the hell? Are you crazy? Damn, ma'am.
You don't look too smart.
Who sneaks into a house full of criminals? That's not how we treat visitors, Fubá.
I'm not a visitor.
I'm here to stay.
What? Darlene had a little problem.
From now on, I'm the one in charge of the tunnel.
Is there a problem, Fubá? Ma'am Let me show you to your room.
This way.
[drilling continues.]
Sorry, ma'am, but this is the best room in the house.
[loud clapping in distance.]
- Are you expecting anyone? - No.
[knocking at door.]
Can I help you? Sorry to barge in like this, but the gate was open.
I'm Genésio, your neighbor in front.
How can I help you? I saw you going in with a suitcase.
Where is the lady that used to live here? [chuckles.]
She doesn't live here.
She was just watching the place for me.
- [bags thudding loudly.]
- Shh! [objects clattering.]
- [Cristina sighs.]
- [Genésio.]
Excuse the mess.
We're renovating, you know? [Genésio.]
I don't want to bother you, but I'm here as the neighborhood rep.
I spoke to the other lady, and she assured me that this endless noise would stop.
But it hasn't.
We are working as quickly as we can so as not to be a bother for too long.
But it's still a bother.
Genésio, right? I'll talk to my employees to see how we can speed up the process.
- [Genésio.]
Thank you.
- [Cristina.]
No problem.
Did Darlene talk to you about the jackhammer noise? She did, ma'am.
But how can we dig a tunnel without making noise? By hand! Dig a tunnel this size with a shovel? - It's full of gravel in there.
- Shh.
Keep it down.
If the neighbor is the problem, we get rid of him.
No one is getting rid of anyone.
Do you want the police nosing around next door? She's right, Fubá.
If the old man disappears, we're done.
But Fubá is right.
Digging by hand is fucked up.
That's not what we agreed on.
If you wanna change the plan, then we're gonna need more money.
The deal was to dig a tunnel.
Nobody said how.
And let me remind you no one is here for the money.
We're digging this tunnel for the Brotherhood.
[Fubá sighs.]
[siren sounding.]
- [Jáder.]
- [officer.]
I wasn't expecting any transfers today, Officer.
It's not my problem if no one told you, pal.
Who is the perp? Márcio Siqueira Rocha.
[knocking at door.]
Excuse me, sir.
Did you know that Scavenger was coming in? I requested it, Jáder.
I don't mean to question your judgment, but isn't dividing the leaders a better way of weakening the Brotherhood? Do you know anything about plants, Jáder? No.
Do you know what happens when you put two large plants in the same vase? No.
There isn't enough space, water or nutrients for them.
Eventually, one kills the other.
So, I decided to give Scavenger the opportunity to settle the score.
Okay? Is there anything we can do to help? The beauty of nature, Jáder is that it is self-regulating.
In our case, we just have to give more water to one of the plants.
Hey, Scavenger! - What the fuck, bro? - What's wrong? You been talking about my girl, saying she ratted you out.
You'd better explain.
- You think I'm crazy, bro? - Fucking crazy.
She's the only one who knew where the hideout was.
She wasn't arrested.
Then she led the heist! Don't give me this shit! [Edson.]
You've known Darlene forever! She's one of us! She didn't rat anyone out! She's a rat and a liar.
Watch how you talk about my girl, brother.
Say one more word about her and I'll bust you up.
You're going soft, man.
[blowing whistle.]
That bitch has gotten in your head.
- That's it, motherfucker.
- Bring it on.
[Edson yells in pain.]
[water trickling.]
[radio commentator 1.]
The Brazilian team begins to prepare for the 1994 World Cup.
The day is coming! Does Brazil have any chance of winning? ["Capítulo 4, Versículo 3" playing.]
[radio commentator 2.]
Another player is out.
Ricardo Gomes injured himself I've got bad intentions Clear this place out ♪ I'm in the mood and I could shoot One, two, and they're down ♪ I'm much worse than meets the eye ♪ A black man with no mercy 100% pure poison ♪ First there's a "boom" Then comes the "ta" ♪ I have a mission And I ain't stopping ♪ My heavy style shakes the ground ♪ One word, one shot I've got plenty of ammo ♪ On the fall or on the rise My attitude goes beyond ♪ - Have a good rest.
- Thank you.
And it's inclined For evil and for good ♪ Maybe I'm a sadist An angel or a magician ♪ A judge or a defendant A thug from heaven ♪ Trickster or sucker Bloodthirsty for sure ♪ [radio commentator 3.]
The 1-1 draw in the friendly match against the weak Canadian team has left the fans wary.
Old but modern, immortal Where heaven meets hell ♪ Bad spell Random like a heart attack ♪ Violently peaceful, true I came to sabotage your judgement ♪ I came to rattle your nervous And blood systems ♪ For me it's not enough Crazy dog Brown ♪ Number one guide Terrorist from the ghetto ♪ [radio commentator 4.]
And the fans cannot wait any longer for this moment! Brazil's kick-off in the 1994 World Cup will be tomorrow in the US.
The black fury resuscitates again ♪ Racionais, chapter four, verse three ♪ [TV commentator.]
Go Brazil! Goal! - Goal! - [inmates cheering.]
[fireworks bursting in distance.]
[all cheering.]
[TV commentator.]
Brazil! [fireworks continue bursting.]
[TV commentator continues indistinctly.]
Shotgun, come here.
Bring the men together.
We need to talk.
- [Shotgun.]
Okay, okay.
- [Scavenger.]
Right now.
- [Shotgun.]
Gather up.
- [Scavenger.]
Everybody, get together.
Let me tell you what's been going on.
Here's the deal.
You heard that the Brotherhood is over.
The Brotherhood's dead.
Split up, brothers.
Got it? I'm here 'cause Edson is a fucking rat.
- He fucked everything up.
- [inmate 1.]
Yeah, we heard.
We need to do things by the book, all together.
Who's with me? Let's do our own thing.
[inmate 2.]
Hell yeah! Now we're the Cult.
Are you with me? - The fucking Cult! - [inmates clamoring.]
Are you sure you don't need anything else? I'm sure, Mr.
I'll be fine.
[vehicle door closes.]
[vehicle departs.]
[loud clattering.]
[dog barking in distance.]
[sighs softly.]
See that, ma'am? The wall foundation is much worse than we thought.
We need to use the jackhammer.
Imagine the noise it'd make to get through this.
I said I don't want trouble with that neighbor.
So, now what? [TV commentator speaking indistinctly.]
[loud clapping in distance.]
The tunnel's a no-go.
You think we can blow up the wall? Well, hi.
You disappeared, and now you show up asking me to blow shit up? Sorry.
But this is serious, Ivan.
[door closes.]
We were digging and they got to the foundation.
It's pure concrete.
We can't get through.
Do you think we can blow it up? [Ivan scoffs.]
- Not possible? - Of course it's possible.
But not only can it all fall in, there is the noise, too.
And they'll have to keep digging until they reach the cell.
[Ivan sighs.]
What if they don't need to keep digging? They can start digging from inside until they reach the foundation.
And then we blow it when they get there.
[TV commentator.]
It's a goal! And what do we do about the noise? [TV commentator.]
Goal! Goal from Italy! Free kick taken, Dino Baggio scores.
Yo, thieves.
You all know that Scavenger is now tight with a bunch of angry brothers.
Saying that I'm not acting right, defaming my wife.
Scavenger is no longer in the Brotherhood.
Now it's war.
[inmates chattering.]
Cult, he says? Cult my ass! Fuck the Cult! We're gonna kill those motherfuckers! Full-out war against him! [inmate.]
This is the fucking Brotherhood.
We can't let this idiot take over the Mousetrap.
The son of a bitch wants power, he doesn't want unity.
We're gonna kill him! Are you with me? - Are you fucking with me? - [inmates agreeing.]
Are you with me or not? We're together! We're fucking Brotherhood! [Viola.]
What the fuck? [inmates clamoring.]
[blows landing.]
[blowing whistle.]
[Edson spits.]
If your idea works, it'll be cooler than Brazil winning the Cup.
We're here.
[man clapping.]
Who is this guy? We're about to find out.
- [engages parking brake.]
- Wait here, okay? - [jackhammer drilling.]
- [clapping continues.]
[car door closes.]
- [man.]
Good afternoon.
- Hi.
Do you live here? I'm a city official.
I'm here to inspect the work.
Inspect? [man.]
Yes, we received a complaint.
But we weren't given notice or anything else.
This is the procedure.
I have to inspect the work.
Do you have ID? Sure.
- [Ivan.]
Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
Sir, I need to go in for a minute.
I'll be right back for you, okay? No, I can't wait.
I need to see the work now.
Can you come with me, ma'am? Stay calm.
[drilling continues.]
I apologize for the mess.
You know what it's like.
- The documents are all here.
- [door closes.]
License, permit.
Big Mouth, this gentleman is a city inspector.
He needs to see the papers.
Ask the men to turn off the jackhammer, please? Yes, sure So? All good? The documents are okay.
But I still need to check the site.
Shall we? Of course.
Guys, we have a visitor.
The city inspector is here to check the work.
- Where is all of this dirt coming from? - [Amado.]
Uh It's from the plumbing, sir.
Looks like too much.
What would happen if, hypothetically, you find something that is not up to code? I'll stop the work.
Stop completely? That's right.
What is that blue tarp for? [Cristina.]
It's nothing.
As you can see, the renovations are almost done.
Why go through all this trouble if we can come to a better agreement? What are you talking about? I'm saying that I will pay you for the inconvenience of coming over here and not finding any issues.
Are you trying to bribe me? Who do you think I am? That cross It's St.
Camilo's, isn't it? Yes.
You have someone in your family who is sick? My son.
I have a great devotion to St.
Camilo, too.
Hospitals are expensive nowadays, right? If you let me, I can help St.
Camilo help your son.
[Cristina breathes deeply.]
- I hope he gets better.
- Thank you.
[car door opens.]
- [sighs.]
- [car door closes.]
I asked for time to think and you almost risked everything.
- I'm sorry, ma'am.
I didn't think - No.
Fuck that.
Who do you think you are making all of the decisions? If there's a fucking wall, we use the fucking jackhammer.
And did it work? Or did it barely make a dent, and get us an inspection? Was that your strategy? Fubá, I know you don't like me, much less taking orders from a woman, but you gotta understand that I'm the one who makes the decisions here.
I'm tired of this shit! Working like a dog and taking orders from a ho Take your things and leave.
Are you firing me? You can't do that.
I can't? [Fubá.]
Hey! Back off Are you deaf, bro? Get lost, motherfucker.
Go! Get out! [engages parking brake.]
We dug this far, but we can't get past the wall.
So, you dig from inside the cell until you reach the wall, too.
When the tunnels meet, we blow up the wall.
Blow it up? Are you crazy, Cristina? [Cristina.]
Ivan is a specialist.
He said it's not impossible.
The explosion will alert the police and they'll surround the place.
It'll go south.
Not if we do it during the game.
It's the World Cup.
There'll be fireworks and screaming.
No one will hear it.
But the World Cup already started.
It just started.
There is still a month to go.
That's if Brazil makes it to the finals.
It's our only option.
[Edson clicks tongue.]
Scavenger in the yard all day recruiting men into the Cult, while I'm digging a tunnel to escape like a coward.
What the fuck are you talking about? We're scum in here, but we're monsters outside.
So? What's up, ma'am? Wanna go for a ride? Open the door.
Come on, open the door! I said open the fucking door! - [car engine starts.]
- [car door closes.]
[TV commentator.]
One of the highlights of the World Cup is the Argentinian team.
Maradona played really well, - but it was Batistuta that stood out - [knocking at door.]
They kick off the match.
Who is it? It's me, Mrs.
Easy, lady.
Get in.
Close that door.
Don't fuck around.
Where's the fucking money? Tell me now or grandma dies! Fucking move! I'm not fucking around here! - [Cristina.]
It's in the kitchen.
- Show me.
Go! Don't try anything smart.
I'm gonna ask one more time.
Where's the money? Behind the oven.
Go and get it.
Show it to me.
You got a garbage bag? Fubá, you're stealing from the Brotherhood.
They're gonna hunt you down.
Shut the fuck up.
Fill the fucking bag.
Hurry up.
I ain't got all night.
Come on, God damn it! Hurry! I'm not kidding! There.
You got what you wanted.
Don't make things worse, Fubá.
Take the money and go.
I ain't going nowhere.
[gun cocking.]
You think you're real smart, don't you? In my world, your degree isn't worth shit.
I'm the smart one here.
[Fubá groans.]
[body thuds.]
[dogs barking outside.]
[breathing heavily.]
[theme music playing.]

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