Irmandade (2019) s01e06 Episode Script


Come on, Marcel.
Help me.
Let's go.
Come on.
DECISION Ten days until we hit dirt, and another 15 to the foundation.
And that's if no cop disturbs our work.
There's plenty of World Cup ahead.
It'll work! I'm not so sure, Darlene.
Brazil will make it to the finals.
You'll see.
When the fireworks go off, you'll be the one running toward the goal.
Fireworks, Darlene? The team is all fucking defense.
Damn that stubborn Parreira.
Listen to what I'm telling you, Edson.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
Come on.
You'll see.
Soon, you'll be playing with Elisa in the street, hmm? Going for a joyride in our brand new car.
- We'll put on some Raça Negra.
- Raça Negra? Fucking your wife in a real bed.
Hmm? You say some nice things, Darlene.
But when I look around, all I see is fucking concrete.
At least Cristina and I are trying to get you out.
Norway is beating Ireland, making the competition tight in group E.
Really exciting! Meanwhile, the Brazilian team is preparing for its second game.
The squad will face Do you think it'll hold? I hope it does.
Amado reinforced it well.
What's wrong? Forget about it, Cris.
Your brother did the right thing.
If he hadn't killed that motherfucker Fubá, you'd be dead right now.
The brothers are all on your side.
And listen I'm on your side.
Okay? Remember I told you about leaving? Come with me.
Let's start a new life.
Aren't we making big bucks with this? We finish this job and then we disappear.
I can't, Ivan.
You're always trying to solve other people's problems.
Look at us, Cristina.
Hiding here underground when we could be, I don't know, swimming naked by the sea.
You're dreaming, Ivan.
I've spent too much time locked up, Cris.
If I don't dream, I'll lose my mind.
Leave? What do you mean, leave? Leave and go where? Leave this life of crime.
He says he's tired of hiding.
Don't you think he's done enough for the Brotherhood? I didn't ask for "enough.
" I asked for it all.
Edson, he's taking care of the tunnel.
He took care of Formiga.
He stood by me after the thing with Fubá.
He's on the outside, Cristina.
Who got him out? Tell me, who got him out? He's giving his blood to get you out of here, Edson.
Blood, my ass.
He's doing it for the fucking money.
You're not being fair.
Let me tell you something.
I'm the one who decides what's fair around here.
At this court, the judge is the crime.
He's only out when I say he's out.
Come on, guys.
Hurry up.
- Fill this up.
- Okay.
Let's go, guys.
The clock's ticking and the World Cup will end.
If we don't get to the wall, we're screwed.
We're digging like crazy here.
Nonstop, Edson.
If you want out, just say the word.
Bro, there's a cop in the area.
Close the hole.
- Hurry! - He's fucking coming! Do it now! Move it, now.
Get out, Buri! Get out of the hole! - Let's go! Come on, Lanky! - Fuck.
You're staying put, brother.
Stay in there.
No, no! Stay in there! Stay.
- Let him out, come on! - Just hang on.
Hold your breath.
What's up, thieves? All good in there? Everything's fine.
Renato Freitas, come with me.
The justice officer is here with paperwork for you to sign.
Sure thing.
Is something going on here, guys? All cool.
What a dirty fucking cell.
Clean it up.
Come on.
My shift is almost over.
Let's go.
Fucking hell.
Come on out, Lanky.
Get some air.
Get out.
Come on.
- Fuck.
- Come on.
Take a breath.
I almost fucking died in there.
Well, you're alive.
Come on, Buri.
Get in there.
No, boss.
Let's go, Buri.
Get in there, bro.
Fucking hell.
- You're up, Lombriga.
- Didn't I tell you? He's fucking useless.
Help me out, then, you fucking junkie.
Come and help.
Marcel, what do you think about Charles and Diana? Marcel, I'm talking to you.
What? The names.
Charles if it's a boy and Diana if it's a girl.
I don't know.
I guess it's fine.
What's up with you? I have to stay here and rest and you're acting like a zombie.
Talk to me.
Hmm? What's the matter? I was thinking about Edinho about Cris.
My dad spent his whole life telling us to do the right thing, to toe the line.
If he were alive, he'd die of heartbreak.
Are you Marcel Ferreira? Can I have a word with you? Who is it? You'll have to come with me to the station.
Let's go.
Cris! They took him.
- Where is he? - Over there.
It's okay.
Calm down.
Have a seat.
I'll find out what's going on.
I want to see my client right now.
Marcel Ferreira.
Just a minute.
They say they have proof, Cris.
What do you mean? What proof? Proof of what? They found my hot dog business cards beside the body.
And what did you say? Marcel, you didn't Firmino said that if I didn't tell the truth, they'd come after you, Darlene, everyone.
And what did you say? That I did it all alone.
Don't worry, I didn't give you up.
I took all the blame.
Fuck, Marcel! You shouldn't have said that.
He said that I'm gonna get 20 years.
How can I do 20 years? Firmino, right? Either you let my client go, or I'll file a habeas corpus saying the arrest was arbitrary.
Go ahead.
While you're at it, try to find a judge interested in defending a murderer.
He confessed because he was coerced.
My ass.
I'm not like that weakling that was investigating you all before, ma'am.
With me, if you fuck up, you pay for it.
- I can ruin your career.
- Are you going to threaten me in my own precinct? If you want, I can stick your brother in with the dukes.
They'll love a new ass to play with.
Cristina Ferreira? Is she okay? Cris Bring him back to us.
Promise me.
Go already.
Go on.
This is not chess.
Hey, Viola, what are you gonna do on your first day out? Besides hiding really well to avoid getting caught? Come on, boss.
We need to dream.
- Tell me, then.
- Listen, bro.
I'm going to pick Jonathan up from work, get the Opala out of the garage, get a cooler full of beer, and head out.
Just leave.
Head to the Taboão country house.
- Grill some meat.
Can you imagine? - Invite me.
Damn good, dude.
How about you, Buri? What are you gonna do? - I'm not going, brother.
- What? What? Shit! I'm not getting in this fucking narrow hole, bro.
So dark, all that dirt above us.
You're crazy.
What are you saying? I don't want to be buried when I'm dead, let alone while I'm still alive.
Are you crazy, Buri? You're going with us.
We're family.
I'm going to go to a nice hotel with my girl.
Hotel room? You? - He doesn't need half an hour.
- With a hot tub Fucks like a rabbit.
After their win against the USA, Brazil moves on to the quarterfinals Hey, you.
Come with me.
They scored at the end of the match, and now they will face the Netherlands.
Arms out.
Your daughter was born.
She's beautiful.
She looks like you.
When will I get to go home and see her, Cris? The judge says he's not going to let you out.
This system is fucking rigged.
He didn't even allow bail.
But listen.
I'm going to appeal.
I'm going to die in here, Cris.
- You won't die.
- I will, Cris.
You don't understand.
Some of Scavenger's allies are in my cell.
They hate Edinho, the Brotherhood.
If they find out who I am, I'm screwed.
I'm fucked.
Dad was right.
He was right all along.
Marcel Look at me.
Look at me! You saved my life, bro.
I'm getting you out of here.
How? I'm gonna get this motherfucker.
Green Opala.
License plate EMV5558, in front of the bank on Javari street.
Yes, ma'am.
Yes, ma'am.
I'll start the investigation right away.
I NEED TO TALK TO YOU IT'S URGEN What's up? I need you to free a murder suspect.
Haven't you heard, girl? They have me doing desk work.
Soon, I'll be participating in crossword puzzle contests.
I can get you back in the game.
What do you mean? I have something big for you.
A prison break.
And who's breaking out? Edson.
And everyone else.
The whole Brotherhood.
So You're giving me your brother to save some random guy? That random guy is my younger brother.
What a family! You're gonna turn everyone in and still have a brother in jail? One of them can live in prison.
The other one can't.
Tell me what I need to know.
- When is it happening? - There's one condition.
You can't make demands.
What is it? You have to assure me that no one gets hurt.
And after you have everyone, Edson gets transferred to another prison.
You're asking for a lot, ma'am.
If Edson goes back to the Mousetrap, Scavenger and Olivério will kill him.
So, are you gonna help me or stick to your puzzles? What part of "the case isn't yours anymore" did you not understand? My source can give me what Firmino doesn't have, sir.
Last time you said that, we ended up humiliated on national TV.
Now it's time to turn the tables.
Spit it out, Andrade.
The Brotherhood is planning a prison break at the Mousetrap.
Call Olivério! That's his problem.
Let him take care of it.
And miss out on all the media that this can get us, sir? A bust like this? The villains are on the table.
All we need are the heroes.
It's an election year.
I think the governor might like this.
All right.
But this time, we do it right.
Are you still awake? What's going on? It's Marcel, isn't it? You'll get him out.
You got a loser like me out.
This is your own brother.
That's not all.
I talked to Edson.
He's not letting you go.
Why don't you just run? Take whatever you have.
Spend some time in Bahia.
Isn't that what you want? Do it now, since everyone is busy with the breakout.
Cris If the explosives don't work, it's my responsibility.
Didn't you explain it all to Big Mouth? It doesn't work like that.
Don't you want to be free, Ivan? - You know that I do.
- So? Take your chance and run.
I'm not gonna run penniless just so your brother can come after me later.
I need the money, Cris.
After the breakout, I'll grab my money and scram.
Then, if you want to, you can come with me.
The impossible has happened.
The Brazilian squad has made it to the finals.
They will face Italy tomorrow in one of the biggest derbies of the world.
It won't be an easy match.
The transition from Cruzeiro Real to Real was a milestone in this government.
Former minister Fernando Henrique Cardoso Hi.
What's up, sugar? What's wrong with you? I'm just tired.
That's all.
Marcel is going to be fine.
Marcel isn't like you, Edinho.
One day they'll all learn to be.
Where's Elisa? I figured it'd be best to leave her at home.
It's our last day.
God willing, you'll be with her outside tomorrow.
I need to get back to the cell.
Lots of dirt left to shovel.
If we don't hit the foundation, it'll all be in vain.
I'm going now.
Darlene, come here.
If there's time and we can make it to the wall before the game, we'll need someone outside on the lookout.
If the flag is in the window, that means we did it, okay? You know what? I'll watch for the flag.
No way.
Stay home.
Far away from here.
Have you forgotten the police are on your tail? My man is in danger because we ratted on fucking Scavenger.
I can't live with the guilt of leaving Edson inside this hell hole with him.
Have you told the press anything yet? No.
Hey, follow him.
Are you sure you want to be part of the operation? I agree to let you guys blow up my fucking prison, and you think I'd miss the party? - No fucking way.
- Let's go.
Today, the '94 World Cup comes to an end with its grand finale.
Brazil faces Italy, a classic encounter.
Let's move on to the lineup.
Where's the fucking foundation? The expectations are high for all Brazilians.
It'll be a game full of rivalry and tension.
Both teams have three World Cup titles and are fighting for the fourth.
The Brazilian team will play with Taffarel, Jorginho, Aldair, Márcio Santos, Branco, Mauro Silva, Dunga, Marquinho e Zinho.
Cris, are you there? - Hi, Darlene.
- No flag.
Don't worry.
When they hit the foundation, Brazil will score.
The referee kicks off the match in the Rose Bowl stadium! Brazil starts changing passes in the defense.
Mauro Silva, Aldair, Branco passes a long ball forward.
The best player in the World Cup receives the ball for the first time.
Fucking hell.
Where the fuck is it? Apolloni cuts the pass.
No danger in the play.
It's a good start.
The Brazilian team puts pressure on their opponent.
Here comes Jorginho.
And Dunga.
He's the captain and he encourages his teammates.
The game goes on.
Dunga is the symbol of the Lazaroni team's defeat, and he now has his chance at redemption.
He played really well Where's the fucking wall? Where the fuck is it? Where is it? We did it.
Let's get out of this hell hole.
It worked, Cris! It fucking worked! They put up the flag.
Come on! Come on, Brazil! Give daddy some fireworks! Get ready.
It's on.
Jorginho retreats quickly to the defense.
What if someone shows up right now? - Look at this mess.
- Quiet.
We'll sleep dreaming of freedom and wake up with a beating.
Parreira is scared.
We're almost there, Cris.
But the Italian team isn't in a rush.
They're combining.
They are holding on to the draw.
And the referee blows the final whistle.
The game ends in the Rose Bowl Stadium.
The game goes to extra time.
Cris? Cris? Hi, Darlene.
I'm coming over.
I want to be there when he gets out.
Did you hear me, Cris? Darlene, you can't come here.
What do you mean? I can help.
I want to be with my man.
What if someone in the Mousetrap notices? Darlene, you have a better view of the prison from there.
If anything strange happens, you're the only one who can tell us.
You have to stay there.
That's an order.
Do you understand? I planned this.
You have to stay where you are! All right.
Trust me, Darlene.
It's best for everyone.
- The ball is with the Italian team.
- Come on, Brazil! - Come on, Brazil! - Fucking score! in the end of the extra time.
For now, the Italian team is combining.
They're waiting for the final whistle.
Brazil fights for the ball.
Baresi receives the ball.
He's not rushing.
He holds on to the ball.
The referee blows the final whistle.
Extra time is over.
Fuck, penalty kicks.
For the first time in history, the World Cup Get ready, Olivas.
in the penalties.
The players are exhausted and nervous.
- Come on, Santos! - They're showing it.
Here comes Márcio Santos.
Go for the net! Come on! Score, score, score! Pagliuca.
- He takes his position.
- Go, go, go.
Brazil has a chance to take the lead.
Márcio Santos will take the shot.
Come on! Márcio Santos takes position.
Get ready.
Come on, Márcio, come on! - Pagliuca saves it! - Motherfucker! - Fucking hell! Fuck! - Ugh! Fucking defender! I told you, bro.
- A defender to shoot a penalty kick? - For Chrissake! - How could you miss that? - Fuck! Are you crazy? Albertini takes no distance.
Taffarel - Shit! Fucking Italy scored.
- Italy scores it.
Romário is up.
Get that finger ready, Big Mouth! Here he comes.
Brazil's biggest football hero This one is it for sure.
Everyone ready, okay? Okay.
Romário kisses the ball.
He takes his shot - Come on.
- Goal! Fuck yeah! - Damn! - Romário! Romário! Blow that shit up! It's not working! What's going on? Where's the fucking noise? What's up, Cris? It didn't blow, Darlene.
We pressed it and it didn't blow! Fuck! Are we going in or not? I pressed the button.
You all saw.
Didn't you test it, Ivan? Test it how? By blowing it all up? I'm going down there.
- Dunga! - Brazil! Our captain, Dunga! Fuck.
Here comes Roberto Baggio.
He's taking the penalty kick.
It's the team's best player.
- He was chosen as the best player - Go.
If Taffarel saves it, Brazil is the champion! Let's save it! He takes no distance.
- Let's go.
- Baggio takes the shot - It's over! - Blow this motherfucker, Big Mouth! Brazil is the four-time champion! So, Cris? It's done, Darlene.
Brazil is the four-time champion! Four times! Four times! Fuck yeah! It's over! - Fuck, dude! - Let's take over the world! - Let's go! Fuck! - Go! Let's fucking go.
- I'm not going.
- Come on! No, I can't! - Just jump in! - I can't, Edson! We have to go, brother.
I can't explain why, but I can't get into this hole.
I'm not going, brother.
Listen to me.
Take care of yourself, bro.
Let's go.
Come on! Take care, man.
- Let's go! - Four-time fucking winners! We did it! Pito, stand by the door on lookout.
Everyone else, go and help our brothers.
- Let's go! - Let's go, now! Hey Are you okay? I'm going to the getaway car, okay? It's over.
Over! Now.
Let's go! Go, go, go!
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