Irmandade (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Blood on your hands

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [commentator 1.]
Brazil is the four-time champion! Four times! [commentator 2.]
Go Brazil! [commentator 1.]
Brazil is the only team to have four World Cup titles! That's what I'm talking about! [commentator 1.]
Brazil is the four-time champion! - Hey, Viola.
We're fucking free! - Fuck yeah! - We own it all now, bro! Fuck! - You can say that again, brother.
- We're out of that fucking Mousetrap! - Let's go! - Let's go, bro.
Hurry the fuck up! - [Lanky.]
Go, come on! - Come on.
- Yeah, brother.
Let's fucking go! Go! [Lanky.]
Go, go! - [Edson.]
Come on! - [Viola.]
Let's go.
You saved us, brother.
You saved us, partner.
- Let's go.
- [Viola.]
Hey, brother.
- [Ivan.]
Look who's here! My brother! - [Big Mouth.]
Come on! - [indistinct commentary on TV.]
- [fireworks bursting in distance.]
- What's going on? - [Matos.]
Nothing to see here.
- What was that noise? - Leave, ma'am.
- What's going on? - This is a police operation.
- I heard a shot! - No, you didn't.
- Please, ma'am.
- No! Let me in.
Let's go, bro.
- Hey, my man! Nice! - Hey, man! Yo, my brother! [indistinct chatter.]
- We did it, brother.
- We did it.
It worked.
Shh! What the fuck was that? I'll go check.
[door opens.]
Son of a bitch! Hold it! You lose.
Hands on your head.
Hands up! Nice to see you here, you son of a bitch.
You thought you were going to dig your way out of my prison? Look around, Mr.
Look around.
Who's the criminal now? Cris? Cris? [Darlene.]
Cristina? Are you there? No action here.
I'm meeting you over there.
Who's next? Shoot me if you have the balls.
Shoot him.
- [Andrade.]
Go, go, go! - [man.]
Motherfucker! [national anthem playing over stereo.]
- [gunshots.]
- [indistinct shouting.]
What's happening, Cris? Cris, please, talk to me! - Let me in! - You'll be arrested! - I live here! I need to get in! - No! Look at me.
They're killing everybody inside! Help! [Darlene.]
Cris! Fucking answer me! [yelling indistinctly.]
Andrade, do you copy? Copy.
That crazy lady is freaking out here.
This is gonna get ugly.
That's enough, Olivério.
Let's go.
Let's go up.
It's over.
Let's go.
You're being taken in for aiding in a prison break and collusion.
Upon arrival, you can contact your lawyer.
[siren wailing.]
What were you doing at the crime scene? Fucking answer me! BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS What's this? Knock it off! Let's get to work! You're going down in history with this one, Andrade! I was just doing my job, pal.
No need to be modest.
- You know it was more than that.
- [Andrade.]
Mmm-hmm? Firmino spent all morning questioning the rat.
The sucker wasted his time.
There you go.
It's over.
You murdering piece of shit! You promised! You promised you wouldn't do that! - You bastard! - Calm down.
- You murderer, you promised.
- Easy.
You promised me.
You did what had to be done, Cristina.
Hmm? Family is family, right? So? [sighs heavily.]
[door closes.]
There's another one alive here! Cris Thank you.
I'm so sorry.
Viola was a great guy.
Are you the Brotherhood's lawyer? Tell me how it happened.
I deserve to know how my father died.
They They went in to kill them.
I knew it.
I want to join the Brotherhood.
I'll get the motherfucker who did this to my father.
I swear.
Are you crazy, Jonathan? You wanna end up like your father? What is the Brotherhood going to do? The Brotherhood is done.
[EKG beeping steadily.]
Weren't you in jail, Cristina? They couldn't prove my involvement in the escape, so they let me go.
What did the doctors say? That we have to wait and see how he reacts.
You told Jonathan that the Brotherhood was over.
Why did you say that? Oh I don't know.
I just thought What's left, Darlene? How do you think the police got there so quickly, huh? Uh During the interrogation, I realized Olivério had found out about the tunnel.
After the explosion, they were already on alert.
That's what they said.
You think it's bullshit? I don't know, Cris.
I don't know what to think.
This is so hard.
Really fucking hard.
Hey Shh [Darlene sobbing.]
[footsteps approaching.]
So, they thought they'd escape without me noticing? From my own fucking prison, hmm? [groaning loudly.]
You're damn lucky to be alive.
[breathing heavily.]
Actually you may have been better off dead.
Get it through your head.
I see everything in this shithole.
And from now on whoever dares to say the word Brotherhood will get stepped on like a roach.
I'll step on you like a roach, are we clear? [Ivan screaming.]
Are we clear? [screaming.]
No, I'm not hungry.
You gotta eat something.
Come on.
The São Paulo police thwarted a prison break that promised to be like something out of Hollywood.
Our correspondent Lídia Neves in Itapeva will give us more information.
I am at a residence close to the Colonel Roberto Tibiriçá Penitentiary, where criminals dug a tunnel to rescue leaders of a dangerous criminal organization.
The criminals tried to resist and shots were exchanged with the police, who killed some of them during this face-off.
" Thanks to the job done by the police, led by José Carlos Andrade, the operation was carried out efficiently, and none of the criminals managed to escape.
You're not going to say they were killed in cold blood, you whore? People here in Itapeva are calling you a hero.
I appreciate the recognition.
I'm happy to be able to do my job and contribute to the well-being of [man.]
It's a good thing they're dead.
Bunch of hoodlums.
What was that? Are you fucking crazy? Asshole.
Calm down, Darlene.
He's not the problem.
Jonathan is right.
We have to retaliate.
We are the Brotherhood, damn it! Retaliate how? By putting a bullet in Andrade's head and that lying reporter's face.
An eye for an eye.
Weren't you the one who said killing police is stupid? I don't give a fuck.
I don't give a fuck anymore.
What we really need is to make them take back those lies.
Show everyone that the police are no good.
- On TV, for everyone to see.
- What do you suggest? Should we send them a letter saying it was a massacre and they must out the police? [César.]
The last suspect in Salim Nassif's kidnapping was arrested yesterday.
He was connected to the MIR, the Chilean Movement of the Revolutionary Left I have an idea.
- These are the images that came in today? - Today.
We have more material coming in.
Do we have the hotel in Miami? We can skip this bit.
Lídia, you have a call.
They say they have a tip for you.
About? That thing you were writing about.
The driver's license mafia at the agency.
- Want me to get rid of them? - No.
Let me talk to them.
Hello? Speaking.
I have a tip for you.
No, I can't give my name, but I work at the agency.
I saw your story on the fraud involving the licenses.
I work in the testing center.
I've been taking pictures of the documents and keeping them.
If you want, I can show you.
What time? Okay, got it.
Thank you.
[bell tolling.]
- [Lídia screams.]
- Calm down.
Come on.
- Shut up.
- Let me go! - Let me go! - Go, go, go! [Lídia whimpering.]
[Lídia breathing heavily.]
You got the wrong person.
I don't have any money.
We don't want money.
What do you want, then? What do you want? [Lídia.]
You're wrong.
I I have nothing to do with this.
Shut up and do as we say! [Lídia sobbing.]
Or else you're fucked.
Start recording.
Do it now, bitch.
"My name is Lídia Neves.
On July 17th, I lied to the whole country, in this news program you are watching.
" Read the fucking letter! I'm trying, but I can't [Darlene.]
Do it! [Lídia.]
Let me breathe for a second.
I can't You'd better read it or I'll kill you now.
Do you hear me? [Lídia.]
I can't do it.
Please, let me go.
Have some water.
You calm now? Do you need anything else? Some juice, maybe? [Lídia.]
Okay, let's try again.
- I can do this.
- Look at the camera.
"My name is Lídia Neves.
On July 17th, I lied to the whole country, in this news program you are watching.
" The Brotherhood is fighting oppression in the prison system.
If this video isn't played on the next news edition, I will be killed.
" With all due respect, I know what she says by heart.
Can we talk about what we're going to do? These people are serious.
Playing the video is playing their game, and sets a precedent.
We can't allow that.
I can't risk my employee's life.
Can you imagine the blowback from that? Just let us do our jobs and there will be no blowback.
César, trust us.
Our best men are on this.
- Andrade is the one - Andrade got us here! [Andrade.]
Are you kidding? Andrade.
Wait outside, please.
- With all due respect, sir - Wait outside.
Is everything okay? Yeah.
Let's go, then.
We're leaving, Bird.
If anything goes wrong, you know where to find me.
Hey, Darlene You think it's a good idea to go out now? I know they'll be looking for us.
We need an alibi.
We can't call attention to ourselves.
With all due respect, he's really young, okay? He doesn't know shit about this.
I'll be the only professional here.
We'll be back at night.
Trust each other.
All right.
Listen up, Cristina.
You can't do that in front of the hostage.
What? That water.
You can't cross me like that in front of everyone.
She was losing it.
I just thought if she calmed down You don't think anything without talking to me first.
Are we clear? The idea is that they play the tape, then we let her go, right? Darlene, this isn't a regular kidnapping.
If we are violent, it'll only make things worse.
What is it? You came up with this and now you're scared? I just don't want it to go wrong.
It'll only go wrong if they don't play the tape.
Your ID.
- [Cristina.]
- [exhales.]
- I'm so sorry.
- You don't have to be sorry.
It's not your fault.
I'll get you out of here.
And you know what we'll do when you leave? Don't make promises you can't keep, Cristina.
I do promise.
I might be able to do something I'm not stupid.
I'm back in this hole, and they are not going to let me out.
It's over.
Darlene and I are doing something that we think will be good.
[Ivan sighs.]
It will help.
We'll let everyone know what happened to you in that tunnel.
We're going to screw them over.
Do you understand? Look at me, Ivan.
Look at me.
I'm going to finish them, and then I'm going to get you out of here.
- And then we're gonna swim naked - Cristina.
I want to ask you a favor.
Whatever you want.
I don't want you to be my attorney anymore.
- Why? - I don't want to see you anymore.
I'm fucked up.
You remind me of everything that is out there that a piece of shit like myself can't ever have.
I'm not going to do that, Ivan.
I am the one who's doing it.
[EKG beeping steadily.]
What are you doing here? Visiting my brother.
Weren't you in jail? Yeah, I managed to get off.
From murder? I think their evidence didn't hold up.
Edinho is a beast, isn't he? I heard they shot him up close.
And here he is, alive.
Is everything okay? Yeah.
I'm fine.
I'm going to grab some juice.
Do you want anything? No.
We need to talk.
I don't talk to murderers.
You're in no position to decide anything.
Where is your hideout? Are you crazy? What hideout? You know what happens if I pull this trigger? Or I can finish what I started.
Go ahead.
You think this is a joke, do you? I think that if you kill someone here, there'll be a lot of shit to clean up.
Where the fuck is the hideout? [spits.]
[Darlene grunts.]
[Darlene breathing heavily.]
So, you don't know anything? [Darlene.]
Hello? I have a tip for you.
The name of the wanted man is Márcio Siqueira Rocha, also known as Scavenger.
- That's not me.
- Really? Can you imagine if your husband heard that? You think he wouldn't recognize his little wife's voice? Edson is in a coma.
And you're the reason he's like this, you bastard! What's going on here, Darlene? It's fine, Marcel.
We're just talking.
- Is that true, Darlene? - Get out of here, kid.
Want to go back to jail? [door closes.]
[indistinct chatter in distance.]
What's up, Escobar? [Scavenger.]
You wait here.
Hey, bro.
Are you too cool now, Ivan? You come up in my yard and don't talk to me? I have to kiss your hand to come into the yard now? Things are different around here now.
If you're not with us, you'll suffer the consequences.
The Cult is in charge now.
Will you remain faithful to the Brotherhood? That bullshit changing sides It doesn't work for me, okay? In my hood, brothers keep their word.
I'm aware of that.
I know you play by the rules, man.
I respect that.
But the Brotherhood is done, brother.
How will you survive on your own now? All I want is to do my time alone, Scavenger.
None of that faction shit, brother.
If I come in kissing your hand, how does that make me look? Alive.
I'll give you one week to think about it.
All right? [footsteps approaching.]
Is everything okay, Bird? All good.
Is Darlene here? Not yet.
What's wrong, Jonathan? The kid's a bit nervous.
What happened? Her.
She just kept talking crap to me.
What did you do? Nothing.
I just didn't feed her.
Aren't you hungry? I can understand your resentment.
But I am just an employee.
Haven't you ever worked for someone, or done things just because you were told to? [Cristina.]
This is not about me.
But you're standing here, in front of me.
Do you think it's fair that I alone pay for the network's mistakes? This isn't about you, either.
Of course it is.
What do you want? Revenge? The police killed people, and now you threaten to do the same.
- That's the path to barbarism.
- It's the path to justice.
You don't know what you've gotten into.
What if they don't play the tape? What are you going to do with me? Are you going to eat or not? [Cerol whistling.]
Hey, Marcel.
What's up? All good.
Come here.
Let's go for a ride.
What ride, bro? You crazy? - What's going on? - Darlene wants to talk to you.
Get in.
Don't miss our amazing TV and video offers.
We have a four-head video cassette recorder No word from Darlene.
Do you think something happened to her? She probably got caught up at the hospital with Edson.
She could have called to let us know.
[announcer continues on TV.]
I think it'll be after the last break.
They wouldn't play it and then continue with the news.
- Don't you think? - Yeah.
It'll be great watching those fuckers swallowing their lies.
This shit's going to be epic.
The presidential candidate for PSDB, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, will be the first name on the ballot.
Come on! Hurry! Come here, quietly.
Come here.
- Quiet! - We're the Cult, motherfucker? You think you're going to sleep in the Cult's cell for free? [inmate 1.]
You're off the hook 'cause Scavenger respects you, asshole.
- You hear me? - [inmate 2.]
How are you liking it? [inmate 1.]
Look over there! Over there, motherfucker.
So, where's the Brotherhood now, fucker? Huh? [grunting.]
Come on, it's your turn now.
Quiet, motherfucker.
If you close your eyes, he's dead.
the breakup was caused by Serbia's refusal to sign the peace agreement put forward by the UN.
And that's all for today's news.
Good night, folks.
[phone ringing.]
- Hello.
- [Darlene.]
It's me.
- You on your way? - Things went south.
Andrade showed up at the hospital.
He's on to me.
I can't go back.
Fucking hell, Darlene! What now? Marcel was there.
Did you know they've met? Who? Marcel and Andrade? Yes.
No, I mean I don't know, Darlene.
It's a Brotherhood case.
Maybe Andrade questioned Marcel at some point.
Forget about that, Darlene.
What matters is this.
- They didn't play the tape.
- I heard.
It's time to put the pressure on.
Pressure? Do you have any other ideas? I don't know.
Maybe they'll play it later.
Do what has to be done, Cristina.
An eye for an eye.
I'm trusting you.
[line disconnects.]
So? Cristina? - Now what? - Now we find out who she called.
They didn't play it, did they? I told you they wouldn't.
What are you going to do? [Lídia.]
What are you going to do with me? What's that? Pliers? You're going to cut me? Blame the fucking network that didn't play the tape.
You can't blame them! You're the one telling them to cut me! You! - [Bird.]
Relax, lady.
You're not gonna die.
- No! Get off me! For God's sake, don't do this! Let me go! No! Get off me, please! No! Please, don't do this! Get off me! - [Bird.]
Help me out here, damn it! - Please let me go! For God's sake! You're crazy! Don't do this! - Please don't! Please! - Hold her other hand.
Stop! Let her go.
What the fuck was that, Cristina? Listen.
I'm going for a walk so I don't have to look at your face.
You can't just leave, Bird.
Fuck that.
I didn't rat on anyone! I swear! What's going on, Darlene? Why did they bring me here? How could you? Your own brother.
Blood of your blood! I didn't do anything, Darlene! Do you know what Edson would do? He'd rip your head off and throw it in a ditch, Marcel.
I swear on my daughter's life, I didn't do anything! [Marcel grunts.]
[Marcel crying.]
Confess, you rat! Confess! [Marcel crying.]
You were let go a day after the massacre.
You know that son of a bitch Andrade very well.
That cop was there, - the bearded one.
He let me go.
- Of course.
With one condition, right? - Right? - No! [crying.]
No, no.
Cris was with me.
Ask her.
She knows I didn't say anything to anyone.
- Cristina was with you? - She's the one who got me off.
[Marcel sobbing.]
Let's get out of here.
Let's go now! Fuck.
Hey, mister.
Have you seen this individual? No, sir.
- Do you live around here? - Yes, sir.
Maritacas Street, you know where it is? Take that little street, second street on the left, up the hill.
Darlene shouldn't have let you be part of this.
It's all wrong.
I wanted to avenge my father.
Don't you want to avenge your brother? I spent my whole life doing the right thing, not committing crimes.
I believed if I did things right, I wouldn't end up like my dad.
And what did I get? A father killed by the police like a dog.
By the the people who should be protecting us.
What's worse? A finger cut off or what they've done to us? Not everyone sees it that way, Jonathan.
How about you? How do you see it? The cops are on to us.
Leave that bitch and let's bounce.
- They're on to us? - We can't leave anyone here.
What now, Cristina? Did we do all this for nothing? [police siren wailing.]
Take her.
Police! Police! Oh, my God, Jonathan! You're bleeding so much! Jonathan, there's too much blood! Oh, my God! Take this and hold it tight.
Jonathan! Open your eyes! Look at me! You need a hospital, you're bleeding too much! [Jonathan.]
Don't stop.
Don't stop, Cristina.
If you stop, I'll spend the rest of my life in prison.
[Lídia whimpering.]
[muffled groans.]
[muffled screams.]
[bone breaks.]
[dramatic music playing.]

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