Irmandade (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

My Word is my Bond

Go say hi to her.
Auntie Cristina! If it weren't for you, the tape never would've played.
Thanks, Cristina.
- Let's go see Daddy.
- Sure! Come on! I forgive you, Cris.
For everything.
Whose blood is that? No! Please, don't! - Please, don't.
- No need to be scared.
It's only water.
Want some? I had to do it, all right? My hands What about them? The knot is too tight.
Not only did you cut off my finger, but now you want me to lose my hands, too? An operation like this undermines the civil police, damn it! Calm down, Ernesto.
We proved that the leader's wife participated in the kidnapping.
Did you arrest the bitch? No, sir.
Don't let those 15 minutes of fame go to your head, okay? You have a future here, Andrade.
You've already proven your worth Go, go, go.
All clear! Let's toss this pigsty! - Shit! - Andrade, come here.
Take a look.
No, no, no.
It was good for something.
Give me the box.
Take everything.
Empty that.
- Where's your neighbor? - I don't know.
- Where's Darlene? - She said she'd be back yesterday.
What about you, sweetie? Do you know? No? Where's Mommy? Did you know Mommy is just like Daddy? She's a criminal.
From now on, you'll see her in prison.
Okay? All right, sweetie? Let's go.
- Hello? - Hello.
Good afternoon.
I'm calling from the hospital.
May I speak to a relative of patient Edson Ferreira? I dreamt of you my whole life.
What? I always thought that Dad was wrong.
That it was all a lie.
What are you talking about, Marcel? I went to you because you are family.
We are family.
But all you care about is that stupid faction! The Brotherhood is family, too, Marcel.
Is this family? Fucking answer me! Is this family? Dad was right all along.
You're born a criminal and you die a criminal.
Marcel Marcel! We've got rotten meat coming in.
What did they do to this guy? Feeling sorry for him? Keep him.
Holy shit.
What's that, Doc? A sedative.
No way, Doc.
There's a bunch of guys after me.
I need to stay awake.
You need to rest.
Otherwise, you won't last much longer.
Give me the adrenaline, Doc.
Unless you wanna take care of a dead man.
How's Elisa? That piece of shit.
I'm gonna have to lay low for a while.
As soon as I find a place, I'll send for her.
Thank you.
Hey, can you put on channel six, please? With all due respect, ma'am, why don't we just end this shit? All in good time, Cerol.
The news is about to start.
I hope they play the video.
Let's hope.
Are you hungry? Yes.
Drop it! Drop it now! Drop it! Are you crazy? You wanna fuck things up when it's almost over? Do you really think they're going to play the video? Why don't you kill me instead of torturing me, you sadistic bitch? - You monster.
- Shut up! If I were a monster, you'd be dead already.
Hands in front of you! - What are you going to do? - Give me your hand! Calm down, please! I'll be quiet, I promise.
That hurts! - Does it hurt? - Yes.
Too bad.
The freedom and the power that every woman deserves.
Magnolia soap.
Good evening.
Don't fuck it up, motherfucker.
It is with great sadness that we bring you this announcement.
Our reporter Lídia Neves has been kidnapped by a criminal organization called the Brotherhood.
In exchange for her release, the kidnappers demand that we broadcast a video.
We will show that video now.
"My name is Lídia Neves.
On July 17th, I lied to the whole country, in this news program you are watching.
What happened after the escape attempt at the Colonel Roberto Tibiriçá Penitentiary was not a heroic act of self-defense by the police officers.
What really happened on that fateful Sunday was a pre-planned massacre.
An absolutely cowardly act, led in a treacherous way by police officer José Carlos Andrade and the prison warden, Olivério Noronha.
As usual, the government has once again turned a blind eye to the violence against the prison population, and is therefore completely complicit in these violent, criminal acts.
And not only was this newscast an accessory, but it also purposefully lied in order to distort the facts.
It helped fuel and perpetuate violence against inmates and all those people who have no voice.
The Brotherhood is fighting oppression in the prison system.
There is no negotiating.
Either you play the video or I die.
" We have nothing left to lose but our lives.
We are many and we're armed with the truth.
All we want is dignity and justice.
We're not afraid.
If we must die, we'll die fighting! What's right is right.
Brothers looking out for each other.
This is the Brotherhood! May God protect our reporter Yes.
Yes! We're the fucking Brotherhood! We're the fucking Brotherhood! The fucking Brotherhood! Brotherhood! Brotherhood! Brotherhood! You're famous now.
- Go fuck yourself, you piece of shit! - Fucking bastard.
What are you laughing at, sucker? What are you snickering at? This is the fucking Cult! - Fuck you! - Stop it! - Get off of me! - You irresponsible brat! Go to hell! This is the Cult! Fucking got it? You fucking piece of shit! Arrogant son of a bitch! Brotherhood! Brotherhood! Your boss delivered the message.
It'll all be fine.
For you.
There's no undoing what you did to me.
There's a lot that can't be undone.
One step.
Another step.
One more.
Stop here.
Head down.
Stay here and don't move.
Did you see it? Did you see it? Take her, Cerol.
And get rid of the car.
What's going on? Give me the gun.
Are you going to tell me what's going on? You're the one who's gonna talk, you snitching bitch.
Get out.
Come on, get out.
Get on your fucking knees.
No! Please don't kill me! If you take off this hood before I drive away, I will blow your brains out.
We gave our lives for you, you piece of shit! Darlene! You're convicting me without giving me a chance to defend myself? Do you think there's an excuse for what you did, Cristina? That's not how the Brotherhood works.
You know that.
Let me tell you how the Brotherhood works.
It's very simple: if you snitch to the cops, you die! Do you know why Andrade got me? Because I saved Edson! I did what you asked! Poor you, right, Cris? Fucking rat! I swear I did what I could.
I protected you, I protected Ivan.
Protected? Who did you protect? Tell me.
Tell that to Edson.
Tell that to the men he killed.
He was your fucking brother.
Darlene, I made a mistake.
I made a lot of mistakes.
But things changed.
I changed.
Shut up, you fucking rat! That fucking Andrade has me eating out of his hand because of that anonymous tip you made me give.
He recorded it.
I didn't know anything about that.
Are you gonna keep lying to my face, bitch? - Where is the fucking tape? - I don't know, Darlene! I told you to call in the tip because Shut your filthy mouth! Rat! I swear.
I don't know about the tape.
I don't know.
I don't know, Darlene, I swear.
Get on your knees.
Darlene Now.
On your knees.
Wait! Darlene, let me make it up to you.
I'll take you to him.
To get the tape.
And kill Andrade.
Let's go, thief.
You gotta be kidding me, Scavenger.
Didn't you say you took over the prison? I'm sorry for being so blunt, sir, but you brought Edson in on the same day they played that video.
The man is turning into a legend.
You're going to have to end the legend.
Do you mean what I think you mean, sir? We have to be very careful.
After the escape, the human rights people are all over us.
Even the new nurse is a do-gooder.
Don't worry, sir.
You'll have nothing to do with this.
Hey, man.
What's up? Time's up, man.
Shit's gonna get crazy.
- Wanna take care of this right now? - Chill, bro.
I'm extending an olive branch.
I heard you have access to the infirmary.
What do you want, Scavenger? There are people in there that are fucking up our progress out here.
You want me to catch a murder charge, brother? What do I get out of it? Kill Edson, and you get to do your time in peace.
Isn't that what you want? Not taking orders from a dead man is easy.
- What about your orders? - I give you my word.
Do I look like a liar? If you do this for us, you'll be free of the faction.
So? You either do this for us, or shit's gonna get real crazy for you, Ivan.
You can stop this fucking war from happening.
Say something! Hey, thief! I hear you need to change the dressing on your wounds.
Hello? Hello, Andrade? I thought you didn't want to talk to me anymore.
Darlene found out everything.
She wants me dead.
I need help.
I know where she is.
I can give her to you.
You're in touch with Darlene? Meet me in the gallery.
I'll tell you everything I know.
I need protection.
3:00 p.
? 3:00 p.
It's a date.
Seeing you talking to him makes me wanna rip your head off.
Take her, Cerol.
Let's go.
Your present is under the gurney.
Don't fuck this up, thief.
Take a deep breath.
Good morning.
He's all yours.
This place is no good, brother.
I know.
Now you know what the Brotherhood is for.
Things have changed, Edson.
What about you, brother? Have you changed? Or do you still want to leave the Brotherhood? I'm a wild horse, brother.
Always have been.
But you're here now.
You know what the prison was like with the Brotherhood.
But now Look at what they did to our brother over there.
What's the point of being a wild horse if you're stuck in this shit? Come on.
We have an hour and a half before he gets here.
- This is the room? - Yes.
Go, Cerol.
- Now you're done, you pig! - Get off of me! - It's over, motherfucker.
- Let me go.
Give me the keys.
Keep it down, motherfucker, or you die.
Calm down, Buri.
- Hold him, Buri.
- Don't make a sound.
Nice and quiet.
Let's go.
Quiet! Is this adrenaline, Doc? Quiet, man.
Stay right here and no one will lay a hand on you.
There is a coward in this yard! I got beat, I got shot, I was in a coma and this coward ordered my death but didn't have the courage to come kill me himself.
That motherfucking son of a bitch is tight with the cops and the geezer.
Whoever wants what's right is tight with the inmates.
I thought your word was your bond, little bitch.
Little bitch? I'd be a little bitch to order the death of a man who can't defend himself, motherfucker! Don't you watch TV anymore? Who do you think you are, talking to me like that, you rat? I came back from the dead, motherfucker.
I'm unbeatable.
And you know how I roll.
You know I'm old school.
One on one.
Or are you too scared to fight a man who just got shot? Unbeatable my ass.
You're going to die, you son of a bitch.
Gather around, vultures.
You've got a feast coming your way.
Let's get this over with.
Nobody interferes with this shit! No one gets in this shit! Bring it on! Come on! WELCOME I brought you into my house, rat.
You took care of my daughter.
I had no choice.
You made your choice.
Cerol, let's get that tape.
Look everywhere.
Sit down and don't move.
Bring it on! Aren't you a fucking badass? Bring it on, motherfucker! You're gonna die, motherfucker! Calm down! Come on! What are you waiting for? Fuck, yeah! Fuck! Come on! You're gonna die! Go! Fucking go! Come on, Scavenger! Go get him! Stab him! Stab him! Come on, fuckers.
Come, motherfuckers, come! Stay away! Stop this shit.
Stop this shit right now! Fuck! A war among us only benefits that piece of shit Olivério and all the oppressive cops out there! Fuck! Why do you think that motherfucker Scavenger ended up in here? It was all fucking orchestrated! That fucking geezer knows there are only tough dudes in here.
Men who will fight to the death.
Now listen up, for fuck's sake! They want us to kill each other in here.
They know that if we band together, if we all band the fuck together, we'll make a fucking army! They know it very well! Let's stick together! Let's become one! Now here's the deal.
If you wanna fight us, you will die.
But if you want to do what's right, we're in this together till the end.
Together till the end.
We're the fucking Brotherhood! We're the fucking Brotherhood! We're the fucking Brotherhood! Brotherhood! Brotherhood! Brotherhood! Brotherhood! We're the fucking Brotherhood! Let's own this shit! Let's take over! Brotherhood! Buri, you know what to do.
He's all yours.
Do you have a lighter? Lighter! Brotherhood! Let's own this shit! It's time! Let's take what's ours! Let's own this shit! Where is the key to the other block? Where's the key to the other fucking block? - I don't have it.
- You don't? He doesn't have it.
Can you read? HUMAN RIGHTS Can you read, you fucking coward? What do you say, wild horse? Better than freedom, right? - Enjoy.
- I got this.
What's right is right.
Come on! Go faster, Cerol.
The tape is probably in the safe.
Now we wait for that pig to open it.
You're of no use to us anymore.
What if the tape isn't in the safe? What if Andrade doesn't show up? Darlene, you don't have to do this.
Forgive me, Darlene.
You're going to pay for what you did in hell.
Put the fire out, Cerol.
Don't make a sound.
It's him.
Watch out, Cerol.
He's fucking early.
Come on, damn it.
Come here.
Don't move or you're dead.
Stay there.
They took over the prison.
The two cell blocks, infirmary, yard.
- How many hostages? - Three correctional officers.
- And Scavenger is dead.
- Sir? Sons of bitches! SWAT is ready.
On your command.
I want to resolve this peacefully.
Let the hostages go.
No way, you fuck! I will only speak to the Secretary of Public Safety.
You know that this is better kept between us.
Fuck you! Edson, listen to me.
What do you think will happen if this gets out of control? Eh? When it comes down to it, might is right! - I don't care! - Fuck! You don't have the guts to authorize another massacre after what was on TV.
There will be no fucking Secretary! There will be a SWAT team moving in and fucking you all up! - Let's go up there! - Motherfuckers! Go fuck yourself, motherfucker! Less than ten days after the failed escape attempt, the Colonel Roberto Tibiriçá Penitentiary here in Itapeva, also known as the Mousetrap, is in flames.
The faction known as the Brotherhood has taken over the prison and is holding correctional officers as hostages.
The situation right now is tense.
RESISTANCE Yeah, fuck! We own it all! There are TV crews here.
- Where? They're here? - Talk to them directly.
Hey! Shut up! Let's listen.
If the Secretary of Public Safety doesn't show up here, there won't be one hostage left standing.
Fucking shoot, if you want.
Go ahead! If he doesn't show up here, no one survives.
Got it, motherfuckers? Shh.
Motherfucker! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come get us, you fucking torturers! Motherfuckers! Brotherhood! BROTHERHOOD Take a look! If the Secretary of Public Safety doesn't show up here, there won't be one hostage left in this shithole! VIOLENCE AT PENITENTIARY Hey! Mr.
Secretary, SWAT is ready to move in with your permission.
What a fucking mess you've made here! With all due respect, sir, trust me.
I know what I'm doing.
The fucking head was shown on live TV.
Listen up.
I am the São Paulo State Secretary of Public Safety.
I am here to talk to you.
To negotiate.
What do you want? Mr.
Secretary, what we want is for the law to be upheld in here.
We are treated like animals.
All we want is to be treated like humans.
And we want the immediate resignation of that torturing criminal, Olivério Noronha! Gentlemen, what you are asking for, I can't deliver right now.
Oh, really? We've got more heads to send flying! He's going to die, motherfucker! He's going to die now! He's going to die! Motherfucker! You're gonna die! Calm down! - Let's negotiate.
- No compromises! Can you fly, motherfucker? 'Cause you're about to! We're gonna send more heads flying! You piece of trash! Release the hostages.
Warden Olivério Noronha will be relieved of his duties immediately.
- We're the fucking Brotherhood! - We're the fucking Brotherhood! Brotherhood! Fuck! - We're the Brotherhood! - We're the Brotherhood, Buri! Die! Easy, Cristina.
I know you.
I know you.
You'd never
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