Irmandade (2019) s02e01 Episode Script


1 [suspenseful music playing.]
At this court, crime is the judge and I'm the one who decides what's fair.
My investigation points to the fact that Edson is the leader of a criminal faction called The Brotherhood.
It's been over 20 years since we've had any contact.
Edson is being tortured in the hole.
This time, he's not gonna make it out alive.
All I want is justice.
I just work here as an attorney.
What are you trying to say? [Andrade.]
You'll ask your brother to become a lawyer for the faction as well, get closer to him and find out about Scavenger's whereabouts.
Are you saying you want me to be your informant? She was working at the DA's office just the other day.
She can help us because of that.
- [tires screeching.]
- [guns firing.]
Go tell Edson.
The Brotherhood's got a rat.
Betrayal will not be forgiven! No bullshit will be forgiven! - [slams.]
- [groans.]
If a brother disobeys, there won't be a trial anymore.
You're just the girl fucking Edson.
You ain't fuckin' coming in here, telling me what to do, you cunt.
You'll be the only one there who I trust.
The guy's a psycho.
What if we could get rid of him? - I'm not a snitch, all right? - No one ever knows.
Hello, I'd like to make an anonymous tip.
The name of the wanted man is Márcio Siqueira Rocha.
Better known as Scavenger.
There's some funny talk going around, you know? [Edson.]
Yo, Scavenger! You talkin' about my old lady, sayin' she ratted you out? She's the only person that knew the address of the hideout.
You suspect me? You know what we do to rats, don't you? You have the balls to kill your wife? Can you imagine if your husband heard that? [Darlene.]
Hello, I'd like to make an anonymous tip.
No foolin' around.
Where's the fuckin' money? - [weapon thuds.]
- [body thuds on floor.]
He said I'm gonna get 20 years, Cris.
I'll get you out of here.
I have something big for you.
An escape.
Blow it up, Big Mouth! [explosion.]
There's one condition.
That you'll assure me that no one's gonna get hurt.
- [gun firing.]
- [groans.]
How could you do that to your own brother? I didn't do anything, Darlene! [grunts.]
You were spilling your guts to that son of a bitch Andrade! [sobbing.]
No, Cris was there too! - [Cris.]
You're gonna say what's going on? - You tell me, you little rat bitch.
[tense music playing.]
Let me make it up to you.
I'll get you in there.
You get the tape and trash it, and you could kill Andrade.
[tense music builds.]
- [gunshot.]
- [groans.]
BROTHERHOOD This is the Secretary of Justice of São Paulo.
The warden will be released of all his duties immediately.
[tense music builds.]
[music crescendos.]
[gun fires.]
[unsettling music playing.]
[gasps, coughs.]
A NETFLIX SERIES [clamoring.]
[helicopter blades whirring.]
[clamoring continues.]
[tense music plays.]
Today marks the beginning of a new era for us.
An era of peace, justice, and union between us brothers.
Today, we won our first battle.
- [alarm blaring.]
- [helicopter blades whirring.]
But the war, my brothers the war has just begun.
[breathing heavily.]
[newscast music playing.]
[female newscaster.]
Attention, we have breaking news for our city.
The riot at Roberto Tibiriçá Penitentiary is yet to be controlled.
- The inmates managed - [radio switches to music.]
- No, no, no.
Change it back.
- [beep.]
and a new Public Safety Secretary is being appointed amid the crisis.
Led by Edson Ferreira, the Brotherhood faction reveals their power [unsettling music overpowers dialogue.]
[indistinct chatter.]
[clamoring continues.]
- [clamoring.]
- [man.]
Bring him here, bring him here.
[indistinct clamoring.]
- [inmate 1.]
Hey, you're gonna die! - [inmate 2.]
You're a disgrace! [Edson.]
Now what we gotta do, is decide the fate of this pig in a uniform.
'Cause those who stand with the Brotherhood, stand on the right side of the wrong life.
And here, our voice is the weapon and the word is the law.
We're gonna do justice for this motherfucker here.
This hopeless loser has humiliated, beaten up, and tortured a bunch of our brothers.
Tortured to death.
He's a piece of shit who treats us like animals.
- Is anyone here a fucking animal? - [inmates.]
No! - Is anyone here an animal? - [inmates.]
No! - [inmate 1.]
Fucking pig! - [inmate 2.]
Scumbag! But contrary to what these pigs think, we're human as fuck.
We suffer, we cum, we love, we think, and we dream.
You're lucky that, the way we do it, even the biggest son of a bitch like you, has the right to say something in their defense.
[man breathing heavily.]
Well then, pig? Give us one reason not to drop you right now! Say something, you asshole! [unsettling music playing.]
Go fuck yourself, you son of a bitch.
[inmates clamoring.]
Kill him! Fucking kill him! [yelling indistinctly.]
[unsettling music fades away.]
[camera shutter clicks.]
They killed one of us.
What was the First Lady of the Brotherhood called again? Was it Darlene? I'm gonna make them pay.
- Cris - [baby cooing.]
- Everything will be all right.
- [sighs.]
- [Cris.]
It's over.
- [Marcel grunts.]
[Cris sighs.]
[baby coos.]
It's Aunt Cris.
[unsettling music playing.]
[sighs softly.]
[tense music playing.]
DA [tense music rising.]
Any brother here wanna speak up? [Buri.]
Drop him, Edson.
- Drop that pig.
- Do it! [Buri.]
Drop that goddamn piece of shit! I know you gotta be a tough savage, but you just told the Secretary you'd let the pigs go, man.
That shit's in the past, brother.
Now, we gotta think about the future.
- [inmate.]
Kill him! - Kill that motherfucker! - Drop him! - [inmate.]
Kill that piece of shit.
[indistinct clamoring.]
[water running.]
Kill that son of a bitch right now! [clamoring continues.]
[unsettling music playing.]
[knocking on door.]
Cris, for you.
Both sides have spoken.
So the final decision is in the hands of the founder.
- Listen to me.
- [man groans.]
You, motherfucker, you never listened to our cries for help.
You never listened to our cries for justice.
I sentence you to a taste of your own medicine.
It's an eye for an eye.
And an ear for an ear.
- [slashing.]
- [man screams in pain.]
[inmates clamoring.]
Who's there? [Lázara.]
I know what happened.
I saw it on TV, ma'am.
I'm really scared.
I can't keep your money here anymore.
I can't.
- I'm not with the Brotherhood any longer.
- [Lázara.]
What do you mean? Are you really bailing on me? Like I said, I'm not [Lázara.]
If the cops catch me, I'll tell them everything I know.
Including the whole story about your little brother.
What he did here in my house.
Don't do anything stupid, Mrs.
I'll be right there.
Wait for me.
[hangs up phone.]
You can't get involved with them again.
Let this be a lesson, damn it! She's coming.
I have to go now, but I'll be back.
Those who stick with the Brotherhood, make our family stronger.
But those who fuck up, get this kind of justice.
Soon the pigs will be here, and we'll surrender but with our heads held high.
'Cause everything is gonna be different from now on.
What is right is right.
But the wrong comes at a cost.
- Savage Edson.
- Savage Edson.
That's fucking savage.
- We're the fucking Brotherhood! - [all.]
We're the fucking Brotherhood! [indistinct clamoring.]
- [dog barking.]
- [motorbike revving.]
[female newscaster.]
In a different area, the police are looking for a woman who, according to eyewitnesses, fled the scene after shooting an investigator in charge of the faction.
She is considered armed and dangerous.
[rock music playing in distance.]
[horn honking.]
Oh, hello there.
Where is the cash? It's, um, same spot, ma'am.
I didn't touch it.
[tense music playing.]
- [gun firing.]
- [glass shatters.]
[dogs barking in distance.]
- [man 1.]
Oh my God! She has a gun! - [man 2.]
No, no, no! Don't shoot! [man 3.]
And then she spit in his face! [woman 1 chuckling.]
For real? What do you mean? [man 3.]
I know, right? - Where is she? - [man 3.]
What the fuck? Where's the fucking bitch who came this way? - [man 3.]
No, don't point the gun at me! - [woman 1.]
Oh my God! Run! [gate slams shut.]
- Hey, open the gate! - [woman 2.]
What the hell? - Hey.
- [woman 2.]
I have a daughter, please.
- Where's that bitch? - [woman 2.]
No one here.
- [Darlene.]
She's in there, isn't she? - [woman 2.]
She's sleeping.
Nothing's gonna happen to her.
I just want that bitch! - I said open the fucking door! - [dogs barking.]
[man 4.]
Cut it out! Shush! Keep it down! [Darlene.]
Have you seen anything? Looking for a woman.
Walked around here.
- Stay back! - [man 4.]
Calm down, lady! Look, I haven't seen anything.
Put the gun down.
Please, look! Something's off for sure.
My dogs won't stop barking.
- [Darlene.]
Tell them to stop barking! - [man 4.]
Keep it down! - [clattering.]
- [Darlene.]
You hear that? She's over there, goddammit.
[dogs continue barking.]
[tense music playing.]
[car engine starts.]
- [tires screeching.]
- [Darlene shouts.]
[gun firing.]
I'm gonna kill you, you bitch! - [gun firing.]
- [tires screeching.]
- [firing continues.]
- [engine revving.]
[tires screeching.]
[tense music continues.]
[tires screeching.]
Out of my way! [tense music continues.]
[horn honking.]
I'm going! [tires screeching.]
STOP ["Ratamahatta" by Sepultura playing.]
[tires screeching.]
[tires screeching.]
["Ratamahatta" continues playing.]
[tires screeching.]
[horn honking.]
[horn blaring.]
[tires screeching.]
God damn you! [gasps.]
Over 6,000 homicides in our city.
WANTED CALL 190 That's not a civilized world.
It's the Wild West.
Things are so upside down, that there's a faction running crimes from within prison.
The locked-up husband gives orders to his wife on the outside.
What is this? Do they think they are Bonnie and Clyde? - Thanks a lot.
- [Waldemar continues in background.]
Hey, Firmino.
A shootout was reported at Brighter Street.
You know where? In front of that old lady's house, the one we suspect is keeping the Brotherhood's cash.
Since when do you investigate rumors, Matos? There are shootouts there every day.
So what? Should we just sit around doing paperwork, while that skank roams around worry-free? Hey, Chief.
We just got a tip.
I'm gonna need backup.
I was just on the phone with the new Public Safety Secretary.
- Rules have changed, guys.
- It's urgent! Anything about the Brotherhood goes to him.
- We got a tip, right? - [Matos.]
Then sit your butt down on that chair and write a report.
What the hell, Chief? They killed one of guys.
All we're gonna do is fucking paperwork now? Matos, your partner died precisely because he ignored the paperwork.
Firmino, why don't you go fuck yourself, man! They killed Andrade, yeah? So? What are you gonna do? You pussy! - [Ernesto.]
Hey, Matos! - You're a pussy, man! - I'm sorry.
- I know you and Andrade were close.
But we can't take things personally here.
Take a few days off, cool your head.
- Then we'll talk, all right? - Excuse me.
Excuse me, Chief.
 Come on! Hey, don't do anything stupid, damn it! [Edson.]
Yo, we're surrendering.
All of us.
You can come in now, but no bullshit.
Take it easy, okay? [officer 1.]
Hands on your back.
[officer 2.]
Don't fucking move! Stand back! [officer 1.]
Come on, hands on your back! Come on! [officers continue shouting.]
[officer 2.]
 Hands on your back.
Don't fucking move! [unsettling music playing.]
Hey, move it.
Come on.
[door unlocking.]
One of our guys needs medical attention.
Yeah so what? Want me to kiss his boo-boo? [indistinct clamoring in distance.]
PRISON GUARD [tense music playing.]
Turn around and sit down.
Come on.
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
[brooding music playing.]
I am Mauro Jordão.
The Mousetrap's new warden.
By the Lord's grace.
I know the history of this prison.
It holds only the finest thugs.
The cream of the crop of criminality.
And you, leaders of the Brotherhood, are definitely at the very top.
You burned the other wing down.
Now the inmates who live there are simply fucked - [sobbing.]
- while you're being accommodated here, in this cozy little place.
Now you'll be near to those you deserve to be surrounded by, rapists, pedophiles, and others who've also received death threats.
So listen carefully.
This place is inescapable.
The only way out of here is going straight to Hell.
We're already in Hell, damn it.
Well, well, well.
[Mauro laughs.]
If it isn't him.
[Mauro chuckles.]
Edson Ferreira.
We need to have a little chat.
A private chat.
I'm not going anywhere.
Not until my brother here gets medical attention.
Oh, so demanding! Sibério, take him away.
[breathing shakily.]
- [door opens.]
- [Mauro.]
Are you satisfied? Savage Edson? [door slams shut.]
Go back, Régis.
- [Régis.]
- We're fine.
Sit down.
Get comfy.
[keys jangling.]
[chair scraping on floor.]
So, you're the almighty boss.
We've got no boss, man.
- [Gomes.]
What do you mean? - I mean, we're all equals.
I hear they're calling you Savage Edson around here.
Hey, if someone says you'll bust the Mousetrap's gates open like Moses parted the Red Sea, they'll believe it.
Right, Jordão? All he needs is a staff now.
You shouldn't worry, Edson.
I'm here because I believe we can come to an agreement.
You help me, I help you.
We don't need anyone's help.
What the Brotherhood wants is for prison to be run lawfully.
Is that so? What about that head that you cut off? Was that lawful? And what about the good citizens that you rob, and kidnap, and murder? Is that lawful? Or should the law only protect you? You've already achieved a lot of things, right? You got the previous warden fired, you arranged for inmates who served their time to be freed, You even got the old Public Safety Secretary sacked.
Actually, I should even thank you for that.
Cut to the chase, damn it.
- The governor wants your head.
- Tell him to come and get it, man.
He sent me to get it.
But once you're dead, you're no use to me.
Now if you're alive, then we can do business.
I don't do business with guys like you, man.
I know your rep.
A fucking shitload of inmates died in your tenure.
I know you.
That's exactly why I got my job back.
The people, the governor.
Everyone is thirsty for blood, Edson.
You know, after spending some time away from my job, I I became more pragmatic.
Do you know what "pragmatic" means? [scoffs, chuckles.]
I want peace.
Eighty grand every month, and you keep your inmates nice and quiet in this prison.
And for our part, we promise to uphold the law, right? Absolutely.
That's the price of peace.
I have a counteroffer for you, sir.
Eat a bag of dicks.
You fucking pig.
[tense music playing.]
Damn it, Edson.
[keys jangling.]
I thought you were smarter than that.
But apparently, you just enjoy getting fucked.
[Edson grunts.]
[distant screaming.]
[door closes.]
[distant screaming continues.]
Move, asshole.
[locking handcuffs.]
He should be in the infirmary.
- What the hell is he doing here? - [Gomes.]
No, no, no.
No, you're in no position to tell me what to do.
Brotherhood Brotherhood 'til the end, Edson.
So? - Are we doing business or not? - You are a fucking son of a bitch! - [groans.]
- Shut your mouth, scumbag! - Fuck! - [Gomes.]
Wrong answer, Mr.
Jordão [dark music playing.]
- For fuck's sake, let him go, man! - [Buri.]
No! No, no, no! - [Edson.]
Don't do it, goddamn it! - No! [screams.]
What the fuck? Let him fucking go! Are you fucking crazy? [gasping.]
- [Edson.]
Fucking coward! - Ivan.
- Dimas.
- [Edson.]
He's gonna die.
You crazy? - All of them are your leadership partners - Let him go, goddamn it! Oh, him too.
What's your name, fella? [grunting.]
- [chuckling.]
- [Edson.]
For fuck's sake, man! Let him fucking go! [Edson.]
He is fucking dying, for fuck's sake! [Gomes.]
I'll ask you one more time.
Are we gonna do business or not? [groaning.]
I'll pay you! [Buri choking.]
Eighty grand every month, or I'll kill them one by one.
This whole list.
Tell them to take this guy to the infirmary.
[Buri coughing.]
MOTEL - OPEN [keys jangling.]
[locking door.]
[breathes deeply.]
["Olhos Coloridos" by Sandra de Sá playing.]
[breathes deeply.]
[in Portuguese.]
My colorful eyes ♪ Make me reflect ♪ Minding my own business ♪ And I can't run away anymore ♪ [chuckles.]
- My curly hair ♪ - [singing along.]
Everybody wants to imitate ♪ They're all frizzy ♪ They want to curl up ♪ You laugh at my clothes ♪ You laugh at my hair ♪ What are you looking at? You laugh at my skin ♪ I'm the fucking lawyer! - [scoffs.]
- You laugh at my smile ♪ The truth is that you ♪ We're the fucking Brotherhood.
Have Black blood ♪ We're the fucking Brotherhood.
[tense music playing.]
[breathing shakily.]
We're the Brotherhood, damn it.
- [Matos.]
Where's Darlene? - [breathes heavily.]
I don't know.
I swear to God, I don't know! [Matos.]
You lying old hag! - No, please! It's the truth! - I'll ask you one more time, all right? Have mercy, for the love of God! Okay? Just 'cause you remind me of my granny.
- Talk! - She was here! Then there was a shootout! The lawyer ran away and she chased after her! Lawyer? What lawyer? [dogs barking in distance.]
[unsettling music playing.]
Look at Daddy.
- Look at Daddy.
- [baby cooing.]
[both chuckling.]
[tense music plays.]
- [Darlene.]
Where is she? - [Juliana gasps.]
- [Marcel.]
Calm down! - Darlene! Darlene! - Calm down, Darlene! Calm down! - [Cris.]
Darlene! Where the fuck is she, you asshole? Don't do it, for the love of God! My daughter's right here! - No! - [gunshot.]
[breathing heavily.]
Yo, Régis.
I heard we've got special guests in the Beast Wing? Orders from above.
Yeah, I just thought the purpose of this wing was to protect those at risk.
And then you bring these big shots here? They're not gonna drop anyone.
They have a deal.
What if they do? Just mind your own business and don't step on their toes, you'll be fine.
[locking door.]
Yo, what are you guys putting in this, man? [Edson.]
I ain't paying shit! You be careful, brother.
That Secretary is bad news.
He spilled the blood of many of our good brothers.
And if you're caught slipping, he'll spill even more.
It doesn't matter, Dimas.
If we cave in right off the bat, bro, the revolution ends before it even begins.
Dead people can't start a revolution, Edson.
Who said anyone's dying? Nobody's dying! Didn't we turn the tables once? We'll fucking do it all over again! And how are we gonna deal with all this fucking Beast Wing shit, huh? Didn't the Secretary promise us peace in this prison, man? Let's pay that fee and have peace.
And how are we gonna pay that shit? We're fucking broke.
Eighty grand is a fuck ton of money.
We'll break it down for everyone, even the new guys.
- We'll say we're trying to score big.
- [Edson.]
What are we gonna say? That we're scared of the damn pigs? We're gonna say that the pigs run the damn faction now? [Ivan.]
Aren't you the Savage? Just lie.
Who's gonna doubt you? Listen, homie.
The day my word ain't worth a fucking dime, I'm dead, the Brotherhood's dead, you're dead, everyone's dead, man.
Straight up, Edson.
You're the founder, you have the final say.
But if the brothers have no voice, that's when the Brotherhood's actually dead.
You know my vote.
And I'll go with what Edson says.
No offense, brother, but I'm gonna have to agree with Ivan on this one, all right? [inmate.]
Me too, Savage Edson.
[engine hissing.]
Wow, the car is pretty beat up, huh, ma'am? Yeah.
So can you fix it? Look, ma'am, you know I owe you a debt of gratitude.
To you and the Brotherhood, who helped my husband a lot when he was in.
So you can pick any car you like.
[engine stops.]
Marcel? Ju? [Cris.]
I'd like to make an anonymous tip.
The name of the wanted man is Mar [clicks tape off.]
So you're digging around my stuff now, Marcel? What are you gonna do with this tape? Give it to Edson? So he'll kill Darlene? I know what killing feels like, Cris.
I have blood on my hands.
Is that what you want for yourself? It's too risky to have her on the loose.
I'm doing this for you guys.
What about that sweet ride outside? Is that for us, too? I had an accident, I had to get a new one.
When Dad passed, I remember I remember you saying you'd look after me.
You'd protect me.
But I was too stubborn, you know? So I was saying I didn't need anyone's help.
But I always did, Cris.
And now I see you're the one being stubborn, sis.
Snap out of it.
Turn her in to the police.
Start over.
A life away from the Brotherhood.
It's the right thing to do.
There's gotta be a legal way out.
The law isn't for people like us, Marcel.
There are some things we do, sis, that can't be undone.
[distant clamoring.]
- [Ivan.]
 You can do one more.
- [exhales.]
[Edson puffs.]
- [Edson grunts.]
- [Ivan.]
One more.
Where are you going, bro? You lost? [Zica.]
'Sup, brother? I gotta have a chat with the boss.
I got some some word that could be of interest to the Brotherhood.
What is it, Zica? I'm sure you're aware disowned fuckers got no voice in here.
Yo, I know I screwed up, brother.
But, come on, that was ages ago, dude.
You you even got a new name now, right? You're Now you're "Savage Edson", right? You like to run your fucking mouth, huh, Zica? You pulled some fucking tricks on our brothers.
Know what I mean? Now you come here saying you're a fuckin' new man? Everyone here knows you got death threats.
Shit, I'm asking for forgiveness in front of everybody, Edson.
Humiliating myself, bro.
I'm trying to get back on the grind with you and the brothers.
Time's up for this hopeless twit.
Come on, man.
 I heard you need money to sort some things out, pal.
You know? I I got a really nice heist for you.
We don't take no "really nice heists" from screw-ups.
500 kilos of coke, man.
And it's just sitting there in the Evidence room.
Just do the math, huh? We're talking millions, easily.
Plus, we'll be taking it from the cops.
We humiliate the pigs.
Huh? And just how can we be sure this shit's legit, my man? Damn, I'm all by myself here, bro.
You run this whole place.
I've got a lot to lose, but you don't.
You can only profit.
What's your price? It's a fair price.
Look, man.
All I want is to get back on the grind with you all.
For real, y'know? I wanna strengthen the faction.
And hey, I'm the janitor here, bro.
I have access to every place in here.
You feel me? I can get anything you want in here.
Come on.
Let's close a deal, man.
Will you bet your fucking hand in case things go south? - You heard him, boys.
- [Zica.]
You bet.
You better watch out.
I'm legit, brother.
I'm legit.
For real.
[turns off engine.]
- [tense music playing.]
- [breathing heavily.]
How are you, Edson? Alive.
What's up, Cris? [exhales.]
I have something to tell you.
About Darlene? I know.
Word spreads fast in here.
The pigs are after her, right? Is Elisa okay? I'm not sure.
I'm not in the know.
It's all wrong, Cristina.
All wrong.
That motherfucking new Secretary was given free reign to do whatever he wants here.
He's charging us millions not to kill us all.
What? [Edson.]
All I need to know is whether I can count on you.
An old brother proposed a a drug incineration heist.
We can't mess it up.
I need your help to find out if his fucking story holds up.
Edson, I I don't know.
We're trying to find out the incineration date.
But only the DA's office knows, got it? Edson, I was dragged out of there in handcuffs.
They don't trust me anymore.
I I can't You helped us kidnap that journalist.
You made our voices heard on national television, damn it.
You're a fucking badass.
You're the reason the riot happened.
If it wasn't for you, I'd have fucking died.
And without you, there's no heist.
And without a heist, everybody dies.
Make this shit happen, Cristina.
With the leftover money, we can expand.
There's almost no one left on the outside.
- I have no one.
- [Edson.]
She's gonna figure out the rest.
There's a couple of brothers who'll be out soon.
They will be able to help you two.
I told you already, Edson.
Darlene and I - [Edson.]
Look at me.
Look at me.
- [sighs.]
Do you think I wanna be in here, damn it? You think I wanna be here? Putting all this money in the pockets of fucking blackmailing pigs? And lying to everyone? One day in this shit hole, and it's already fucking unbearable.
But we gotta do what we gotta do, don't we? We don't have much time, Cristina.
And if you and Darlene don't come together on this shit, the Brotherhood will be over.
- I don't even know where Darlene is.
- [Edson.]
I do.
A country house in Embu.
We were gonna live there after the escape.
She has to be there.
What were you gonna tell me? Nothing.
It was nothing.
[door closes.]
- [tense music plays.]
- [Cris gasps.]
I know what you did for Andrade, and I know Darlene is after you, you fucking snitch.
You know where she is? [exhales.]
If I did, I'd have told the cops a long time ago.
So you're gonna find out, you bitch.
All right? If anyone from the police learns what I know, they're gonna want a pretty serious chat with you.
Now, it'd be even worse if the Brotherhood knew what a rat you are.
Can you imagine? That pretty face of yours separated from your body? Anything else? I know where you live.
I know you have a family.
And I know you can figure this out for me.
[car door opens.]
You've got one day.
[tense music continues.]
Old man, you trippin', huh? [breathing shakily.]
- You're dead, goddamn it.
- I fucking know.
The whole world saw.
You made a point of showing it.
[eerie music playing.]
You killed me and decided to work for these sons of bitches? [grunts.]
For fuck's sake! We're gonna fuckin' rob the cops! Are you fucking kidding me? Remember this fucking thing right here? BROTHERHOOD'S STATUTE NO MORE PRISON VIOLENCE Our fucking statute.
We were the ones who wrote this fucking thing, weren't we? You were there, goddamn it! Sick of being beaten up, sick of taking shit from everybody, and keeping your head down all the time! The Brotherhood was created to clash against those bastards, not for you to kneel right in front of their feet and lick those motherfuckers' boots! I'm listening to my brothers, damn it! [Edson.]
I'm not on my own.
Be careful, bro.
Things change around here.
And they change real quick.
Those at the bottom, rise up against those on top.
You keep listening, and keep listening, and listening, and before you realize it, you've got a new nickname.
One day, you're Savage Edson.
The next day, you're Edson the Chicken Shit.
Isn't that right? [cackling.]
[punching buttons.]
I got the address.
[foreboding music playing.]
[footsteps approaching.]
We need to come to terms.
Are you here to kill me? - You fucking rat.
- If I wanted to, you'd be dead already.
But I'm here for my brother.
The one you snitched on? Dirty bitch.
I came in peace, Darlene.
Stay right there.
- Don't do anything stupid.
- [Darlene.]
You're gonna die! - [gun fires.]
- Stop right there! Listen to me, Darlene.
I talked to Edson.
The new Public Safety Secretary is blackmailing the Brotherhood.
We're gonna have to pay him 80 grand a month, otherwise that son of a bitch is gonna kill everyone in there.
Starting with Edson.
[car door closes.]
[tense music playing.]
They came up with a heist.
But they need someone with access to the DA's office.
If I'm gone, you don't have anyone to do it.
[tense music continues.]
I didn't have to be here, Darlene.
But either we do this together, or your husband, the father of your daughter, will die.
And the Brotherhood dies.
You fucking hypocrite.
When you snitched on the Brotherhood, why didn't you think of that? Huh? I was blackmailed the whole time, you know that.
Cut the fucking "I'm a saint" act.
I know who you are.
[indistinct chatter.]
I believe in the Brotherhood, Darlene.
I want to be by your side, fighting together.
- I wanna make up for the bad I've - Rats die, you fucking bitch.
It's the only way you can make up for all the shit you pulled! You guys need me.
I know what I did can't be forgiven, Darlene.
But give me a chance to try and redeem myself.
Let's start over, the both of us, together.
Why should I trust a bitch like you, rat? Because you love Edson.
And I know you're in this situation because you want justice to be truly served.
And there's another thing, Darlene.
If I pull any shit, you can always turn me in.
[tense music continues.]
[doorknob rattles.]
- What the fuck? Did you snitch on me, too? - Calm down! [Darlene.]
You bitch! - Is that it? - Shh! [music crescendos.]
[insects chirping.]
Are you lost there, pal? Put your fucking hands up.
Come on.
- Come on! - [gunshot.]
[body thuds.]
Nice to meet you.
Fuck's sake.
Sup, ma'am? It's done.
[trunk door opens.]
There he is.
Just like the counsel ordered.
This pig tortured a bunch of people in the hood to get to you, Darlene.
Someone would slip eventually, you know? You tried to beep me earlier, didn't you? I missed your page.
Was it urgent? [Darlene.]
It was nothing.
Let's clean up this mess, shall we? - We have a heist to plan.
- Let's go.
[suspenseful music playing.]
Find us a new lawyer.
We're gonna need one after the heist.
[music crescendos.]
[closing theme music playing.]

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