Irmandade (2019) s02e02 Episode Script

Just Dust

1 - [indistinct chatter.]
- [tape recorder clicks.]
["Chuva de Cristal" by Cassiano playing.]
- [boiling.]
- ["Chuva de Cristal" continues playing.]
[glass shatters.]
Let me finish this detail here.
Let me see.
- Nice! - Ah! [laughing.]
- [Buri.]
'Sup, Bexiga.
- [Bexiga.]
Yo, Buri? Would you be down to make me a clown tattoo? - Where? - Here.
Oh, come on, Buri.
You've never even dropped a cop, man.
You never know what the future holds, right, brother? - But a tradition is a tradition, right? - [Bexiga.]
But Buri has cut some heads off.
I can make you a guillotine here.
- Cool, cool.
- [Chitão.]
What about that weird snake you have? What does it mean? - It means he likes to bite ass.
- Hey! Have some respect, man.
- [Régis.]
Chow time.
- My bad.
Hey, this is from Buddhism.
You don't know that, homie? It's about evolved spiritually.
Got it? The walk of life, the walk of death, renovation.
You know.
Thanks, bro.
All right.
You're talking all fancy, huh, Dimas? - You sound like a poet.
- Poet my ass, son of a bitch.
I'm a crook.
[all laughing.]
- [Edson.]
Take them.
- Spoons.
Every day is the same thing.
[clicks tongue.]
- [man.]
What? - [Chitão.]
Let's see what's on the menu.
Take a guess.
The shitty food.
- [Buri.]
Salty as fuck.
- [Chitão.]
Crazy bad, man.
I miss my granny's food.
What's going on? - What the fuck, Dimas? - [Buri.]
Are you choking? - [choking.]
- [Buri.]
Edson! - [Edson.]
What's going on, man? - [Bexiga.]
Dimas! Fuck! - [Edson.]
Dimas! Dimas! - [Bexiga.]
Sir, we need help! - [Edson.]
What the fuck is this? Shit! - [Bexiga.]
Help us! [Edson.]
Dimas! Fuck! Dimas! Fucking shit, bro.
They put fucking glass in this shit! Nobody eat anything.
Nobody fucking eat anything! - [Bexiga.]
Hey! Somebody help! - [clamoring.]
[eerie music playing.]
Damn, what a fucking heavy-ass pig.
God damn it.
Shit, man.
We should've burned this pig along with his car.
[pigs snorting.]
[lighter clicks.]
This pig stinks like hell, bro.
- This one here is even worse.
- [Miúdo.]
'Sup, piggie? Gimme that, bro.
- [grunts.]
- I can do it.
Rest in Hell, Matos.
[insects chirping.]
Well, the image looks kind of bad, but that's it.
Seven police officers in the operation, plus the DA's prosecutor.
And the whole time they're on watch? Sometimes more than watched.
Check this out.
- This one always gives himself a treat.
- [Miúdo scoffs.]
He just slips it into his pants.
Oh boy, that's a nest of vipers.
You're right.
And you know it.
If one of them reacts, it's gonna be a bloodbath.
One step at a time.
We'll figure out the details once we meet with Edson.
- [Miúdo.]
All right.
- When's the next incineration? I don't know.
I tried to get them to tell me, but I couldn't.
What do you mean you don't know? That's the easiest 10% anyone's ever made.
Bro, I'm putting myself at risk just being here, all right? - What do you mean at risk? - No, I'm gangsta, bro.
Leave the incineration date to me.
I'll find a way into the DA's office.
I know it inside out.
Last time you were there, you left that office in handcuffs, right? But this time I'll be with her.
- Anyone tries anything, I'll ice them.
- We're not icing anyone, Wellington.
We can't draw any attention.
If you can't get the date, we can't do this heist.
You do know we can't afford to screw this up, right? Well, I'm here to make sure we won't do that.
No? What about the drug deal? My buddy says his boss will buy it all.
We just got to close the deal.
And this buddy of yours, can we trust him? Leave that part to me, Cristina.
Let's see if everyone here keeps their promises.
- [Darlene.]
Shall we? - [Miúdo.]
Let's go.
You want to kill me, don't you, you cowards? [Jordão.]
Just a little surprise.
Dimas had nothing to do with this.
You put fucking glass in his food? [door closes.]
We had a fucking deal! Our deal didn't include your people killing police officers.
Detective Matos is the guy that drove this car.
He was after the Brotherhood, now he's missing.
- I don't know shit about that! - [Gomes scoffs.]
Who even told you? [Gomes.]
Edson, let me explain this real slow, so you can understand.
You can't draw any attention.
You can't kill a police officer.
If you pull this kind of shit, the press gets all over it, the people get scared, the governor gets on my back, and we can't keep the goddamn deal! Damn it, if we can't do any fucking thing.
then how the fuck can I pay you? - [Gomes.]
Figure it out.
- How are we supposed to do that? You think killing cops is fair? Okay.
But fairness goes both ways.
If you fuck up out there, there will be shards of glass.
There will be suicides.
There will be a fucking slaughter in here! [breathes deeply.]
Understood? [tense music playing.]
Hey, he asked you if you understood.
["No Pagodo Do Vavá" by Grupo Raça playing on radio.]
What's up? Is this 69 Finito de Almeida Street? Marta Santos, delivery for Marta Santos? Look, my friend, we just closed.
There's nobody here.
Damn it.
What am I gonna do with this fucking pizza? That's not my problem.
DA'S OFFICE Hey, can I use your phone for just a minute? Just to call my boss.
[police siren blaring.]
Oh, hey.
This lady, Marta Santos, she's not here at, uh, Finito de Almeida Street.
Ah, this friendly doorman says she ain't here [receiver clicks.]
The dude's telling me to throw the pizza away, man.
I ain't letting this pizza go to waste.
What do you think? Let's eat this damn thing, bro.
Eat away, bro.
C'mon, dude.
It's fucking great pizza.
I'm not throwing it away [Nelson.]
It's on the left, yeah? Hold on real quick.
[engine turns off.]
- [car door closes.]
- Hey, boss.
Before I forget, here's the lawyer's number.
The dude's good.
So, Darlene, you're not gonna tell me what's going on? Everyone will know in due time.
Let's go.
[rock music playing over speakers.]
There they are.
- Hey.
'Sup, bro? - [man.]
What's up, bro? You know the drill, don't you? - I have a gun, bro.
Go ahead.
- Excuse me.
What about her? You'll get your little toys back on the way out.
Okay, bro? - Cool? - All good.
Let's go, guys.
Come on.
This shit smells weird, Darlene.
- Let's check it out.
- [henchman.]
What's up, Flare? - Nelson's in the house.
- [Flare.]
What's up? - Nelson? - Hey, Flare! [Flare.]
I'm chill, man.
Damn, bro, you're gangsta now? [laughs.]
Yeah, bro, I am a gangsta now.
Now we're talkin'.
Come on.
[breathing heavily.]
[tense music playing.]
ARRESTS [loud bang echoing.]
[bang echoes louder.]
[man whistling.]
[door closes.]
[whistling continues.]
[filing cabinet closes loudly.]
[man humming.]
[door closes.]
[humming fades.]
[humming continues faintly.]
INCINERATION DATE: AUGUST 5, 1994 [dark music playing.]
I think this is the last one.
- We got everything, right? - Man, everything and then some.
- [chuckles.]
- I don't know what I'd do without you.
You can count on me for as many all-nighters as you need.
You remind me of myself when I was your age.
Irene [sighs.]
I'm taking the exam for Assistant District Attorney.
- [Irene.]
- After all this work, I mean [Irene.]
You have to study a lot, you know? Do you think I have a shot? [inhales deeply.]
Forget about the world, forget about your life, forget who you are, where you're from.
You're very good, girl.
Who knows? Maybe one day you'll end up where I am now.
If you don't apply yourself, justice doesn't get done.
[unsettling music playing.]
[camera shutter clicks.]
[indistinct chatter.]
[tense music playing.]
Hey, bro, get up.
Let the girl sit down.
Come on, Nelson.
[door closes.]
They're here, bro.
[exhales sharply.]
'Sup, Flare? This shit gonna be good? [Nelson.]
It's gonna be good as fuck, man.
It's over half a ton.
I'm gangsta, man.
It's good, bro.
I'm telling you, it's good.
He's legit, trust me.
Where are you from? Who are you with? We're Brotherhood, you know? [tense music plays.]
[Oseas continues laughing.]
I'm really blessed by the Lord, my man.
Yo, Flare! You gotta give me a heads-up, bro! We ain't savages, dude.
Take a look at this place, it's a fucking mess! My bad.
It's not every day that we find ourselves, you know, hosting these celebrities in my humble little store.
It's really a pleasure.
[Oseas chuckling.]
[Oseas coughing.]
Yo, I think I'm gonna ask for an autograph, man.
What do you think about that, Moacir? Oh, I think there's a difference between being famous and being gangsta, right? - [cackling.]
- [Oseas chuckling.]
We ain't kids, you know? We've been messing with this shit for a while.
Hey, bro.
Am I supposed to deal with a thug's woman? A gang leader's chick, bro? - Is that right? Am I to do that? - No, man.
- You bring this shit into my house.
- They're here.
What did you say? - They're all here.
- Who? No.
We're not a gang.
We're a brotherhood.
They're a brotherhood.
[unsettling music playing.]
I'll pay 1,500.
The market price is three grand.
Sometimes even more.
So what? Are you in the fucking market, you asshole? Tell me! Are you in the fucking market? Word on the street is that this shit is stolen, man! The drugs are stolen! You come to my house with that shit? Drugs are drugs, man.
We can do 2,500.
You're still gonna profit, you know? [chuckling.]
Who the hell has that kind of cash to pay you right here and now? - Smell the scent of power.
- [scoffs.]
Two grand.
You wanna try your luck with me, man? Wanna try it? Fifteen hundred or nothing.
Fifteen hundred.
All right.
And now, why don't you look me in the eye? 'Cause I'm the person talking here.
Or are you afraid of women? Afraid of women? No, I'm even into chicks like you, you know? Dominant girls.
It's a deal then, fam.
[belches loudly.]
- Yo, DJ.
- [DJ.]
Take out the trash, bro.
- [DJ.]
That's right.
- Take it out.
Come on, come on, come on.
[keys jangling.]
[keys jangling.]
[unlocking door.]
[door opens.]
[pouring liquid into glass.]
[switch clicks.]
- [Elisa.]
Aunt Cris! - Lilica? No, no.
Don't come too close.
What are you doing here? [Juliana.]
Darlene's neighbor brought her here.
She said Child Protective Services will take her if the parents don't show up.
And? And we're all that's left of her family, Cris.
Where's Mommy? Do you know where Mommy is? - We'll take care of you, okay? [kisses.]
- [Elisa.]
Come on, sweetie.
There's a warm bed waiting for you.
Is her mother still alive, Cris? You didn't show him the tape, right? No.
Did you change the locks? I did.
And I made you a copy.
Here it is.
What the fuck is this, Marcel? You're not the only one to protect yourself, Cris.
Oh, and you think that changing the locks to your house and buying that thing you don't even know how to use is enough to protect you? [Marcel.]
- [Cris.]
Give me that.
- No.
- Hand it over.
- No! No! [grunts.]
- You idiot.
- I'm a grown man, Cris.
I'm a father.
If I can't protect my family, what am I? Nothing, right? So here.
- Your damn fucking key.
- [key clatters.]
[breathing shakily.]
[mellow pop music playing over radio.]
[phone ringing.]
[phone ringing.]
[answering machine beeps.]
You called Jarbas's Butcher Shop.
I can't answer right now.
Leave your message after the beep.
It's me.
[Darlene on phone.]
What do you want? Elisa is here.
Wait, what? Either she stays with us or CPS will take her.
Bring the girl by here.
She'll stay with me.
You want me to bring her over there? What kind of life will she have in the middle of nowhere? Shouldn't she stay here with us? Okay.
But after things settle down, she comes here.
- Okay? - Okay, don't worry.
I'll take care of her - as if she were my own daughter.
- She's my daughter.
You got it? And you'll do whatever I decide.
You're right.
[receiver clatters.]
[singing in Portuguese.]
[woman giggling.]
Hey, Buri.
My friend's cousin wants to meet you, man.
Bring her here then.
Neiva, this is Buri.
Nice to meet you.
He's taking care of everyone.
Right, Buri? He needs no introduction, Chitão.
This guy's famous, man.
- [Chitão.]
I'll let you guys chat then.
- [Neiva.]
- [Chitão.]
All right? - [Neiva.]
- I saw you on TV.
- Oh yeah? Mm-hmm.
It was awesome.
[Buri chuckles softly.]
You know who you remind me of? [chuckling.]
I dunno who that guy is.
C'mon, Buri, from Guns N' Roses.
- He dances like this.
No? - [Buri chuckles.]
How does it go again? No, I'm not doing it again.
[both chuckling.]
Anyway If your hair was longer, I could color it blonde, just like his.
You think I'd look good with blonde hair? Oh, let me see.
Oh, your hair is so thin [chuckling.]
You don't have a boyfriend, do you? [giggling.]
Matos was going after Darlene and the Brotherhood.
There was no other way.
There is always a reason to kill a pig.
But for fuck's sake, that motherfucker said we can't kill any cops.
What are we gonna do then? The area will be crawling with cops.
The brothers said there'll be gunfire for sure.
I don't know what we're gonna do.
All I know is, if they find out we're behind that shit, this goddamn place is gonna become hell.
Fuck, man.
[woman screaming.]
Fuck! - [Bexiga.]
Easy, easy, easy, easy.
- [Ivan.]
Easy, easy.
Call the nurse, bro.
- [Bexiga.]
Easy, easy, easy.
- [Ivan.]
Come on, call the nurse.
- [Bexiga.]
Nurse, damn it! - [woman.]
My husband.
- [Bexiga.]
Nurse! - That's it, bro.
Breathe, breathe, breathe.
Help her up, bro.
Help her up.
Come on, come on.
Help her up.
Dimas is gone.
Get the nurse first, bro.
Call him on the walkie or something.
Help me up.
Come on.
[woman sobbing.]
[woman speaking indistinctly.]
[pensive music playing.]
Let me tell y'all something.
[woman sobbing.]
You don't need to be afraid of me.
[Edson sighs.]
Many of you aren't even in the Brotherhood.
The man who just died was damn legit.
He was my friend.
My comrade.
From a long time ago.
He was murdered by cowards.
By the system we all know, which keeps doing this to us.
So much pain.
Dimas, you warrior.
Rest in peace, brother.
[woman continues sobbing.]
Your name will not be forgotten.
That's why the Brotherhood exists.
To fight for those who no one cares about.
[pensive music continues.]
If we keep our heads down, they'll keep doing this to us.
We're the fucking Brotherhood! - [all cheering.]
- Brotherhood! It's the fucking Brotherhood! [clamoring.]
Listen to me, Cristina.
We're gonna do the same to them.
We're gonna get revenge.
What about what you just said? That if you kill one cop We ain't killing one cop.
We're killing all of them.
- Edson, you're angry right now - [Edson.]
In here, those who are fucking part of the Brotherhood, must be ready to kill and to be killed.
That's the founder's final word.
[breathing heavily.]
[pensive music continues.]
[Ivan exhales.]
And I thought the worst part was behind us.
I guess it never is.
We're all used to it by now.
You'll get used to it eventually, right? [Cris scoffs.]
What's wrong, huh? - Nothing.
- Oh.
Shit, I know you.
The ADA who is - overseeing the incineration - Hmm.
was the first person to ever support me, really.
To ever believe in me.
- And now - Yeah.
But there's lots of people here in the Brotherhood who have faith in you, you understand? She has a family, Ivan.
- She has nothing to do with this.
- [sighs.]
Isn't all of this about justice? And who decides what justice is? You know that? [Ivan exhales.]
[upbeat music playing.]
Hey, bro! Grab some fries! - [indistinct chatter.]
Check it out, bro! Look at how tall that building is! [Zé.]
Damn, bro! I can't believe I'm in the favela! I can't believe it.
Look, it's so much bigger now, bro! - We're fucking free.
- [Zé.]
Freedom! [Pipoco.]
Thank God the lawyer bailed us out.
Thank God, the lawyer, and the Brotherhood! - [Ze.]
Of course! Let's go to the samba! - [Cricket.]
Yeah - Let's go to the samba later! - Whoo! We're out in the streets! - [Zé.]
Freedom! - [Pipoco.]
We're fucking free! [Cricket.]
We're out in the streets! We're the fucking Brotherhood! [upbeat music continues.]
Zé da Leste, Pipoco, and Cricket.
The Brotherhood has always been by your side.
But now that you're out, it's time to help those who are still in the pen.
Edson's the boss in there, but for you, I'm the one who calls the shots.
Let's get ready for the heist, because if there's one fucker left alive by the end of it, that means we failed.
- [gun fires.]
- [Zé.]
Geez - Shit! - [Miúdo.]
A fucking boss! [Zé.]
Next in line.
Buckle up, homie.
Let's see if I still got it.
It's like riding a bike.
You never forget.
[gun firing.]
[men cheering.]
[indistinct chatter and laughter.]
Yo, homie.
Are you the real deal or is that gun just for show? [chuckling.]
Clown tattoos are for cop killers.
Check it out.
Hey, dude.
Wellington eats cops for breakfast, bro.
Just watch.
Watch him, dude.
[gun fires.]
- [men cheering.]
- [Miúdo.]
That's the way you do it! [Darlene.]
You have to practice, too.
All right, you're up.
- [gun firing.]
- [Miúdo.]
Oh! - Close! - [gun firing.]
- [Miúdo.]
Check this out, bro.
- [gun firing.]
He got skills too, bro.
He got skills.
[gun firing.]
[men continue laughing.]
- [Wellington.]
Homies, the lawyer's coming.
- [Zé.]
Suit up! - [Zé laughs.]
Now we're talking! - [Pipoco.]
Come on, ma'am! [gun firing.]
[bird cawing in distance.]
I don't think she saw it.
Did you think you'd have a desk job? Huh, counselor? [Pipoco.]
Hey, ma'am.
Firing a gun ain't about pity.
Firing a gun is about hate, you know? - Go on.
- [Zé.]
It's true.
[tense music playing.]
[gun firing.]
- [indistinct cheering.]
- [man.]
What? - [Cricket.]
You know the one.
- [Miúdo.]
Let's play it.
Yo, that's it.
 This one goes out to that son of a bitch Scavenger.
- Let's go.
- [Miúdo.]
Let's hear it then.
Some wings, some raw steak Some garlic bread ♪ Ain't better than than the day They cut Scavenger's head ♪ Some wings, some raw steak Some garlic bread ♪ Ain't better than than the day They cut ♪ - Hey, let me improv over that.
- [Miúdo.]
Let's hear it.
Pipoco is my name And the ghetto is my game ♪ A gangsta in the hood And in the church I'm always good ♪ [men laughing.]
- Do some improv for the lawyer.
Come on.
- [all.]
Ooh! - I dare you, come on.
- [Miúdo.]
I wanna see that.
Yo, Mr.
Secretary You're stupid, so be wary ♪ Cristina's for the good ♪ - [Miúdo.]
Hey, ma'am, do it for us.
- [Pipoco.]
Close it up! Close it up! Yeah, we're the fucking Brotherhood ♪ [all cheering.]
- [laughing.]
- So good.
- Damn! - [Pipoco.]
Hey! The Counsel's a lawyer Preparing for war ♪ And she ices all the traitors Tears of cops pour ♪ So don't mess with the lawyer Don't you ever misbehave ♪ A prosecutor destroyer She'll send them fuckers to the grave ♪ [laughing.]
Some wings, some raw steak Some garlic bread ♪ [inhaling.]
Ain't better than than the day They cut Scavenger's head ♪ - [snorting.]
- [laughing.]
[unsettling music playing.]
I know what killing feels like, Cris.
I have blood on my hands.
Is that what you want for yourself? There's gotta be a legal way out.
The law isn't for people like us, Marcel.
Go ahead.
[unsettling music continues.]
That's it.
That's it! [gasps.]
We'll swap the cocaine for flour! [Pipoco.]
Damn, she's crazy wasted.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Come again? We'll swap the cocaine for flour! [Cris.]
For the heist! They'll burn the wrong powder, they'll never know they were robbed! And how are we gonna switch half a ton of coke with a bunch of cops and a skank from the DA's office - protecting the drugs at all times? Huh? - For real.
Her idea is dope, though.
It won't be easy.
But it's better than a straight gunfight with the police.
If it works, we'll get out of there without firing a single bullet.
And nothing's gonna go down in the pen, too.
- Holy fucking shit! - Goddamn criminal mastermind! - [Zé.]
Fuck yeah! - [men laughing.]
That fucking Scavenger! - [guys resume singing.]
- Come with me now, we need to talk.
Come on, Brotherhood! [men.]
Ain't better than the day They cut Scavenger's head ♪ What the fuck was that, huh? I'm just trying to help.
Who? The Brotherhood or your ADA buddy? You wanna help? Follow my husband's orders.
That's how it works.
Darlene, my plan is safer and better for everyone.
- It wouldn't be just for all those - Just? Who is just? Your brother, who fights every day for us? Or your ADA friend, who sent you to jail first chance she got? What do you think, Darlene? We bust our asses, and then just one thing goes badly, everybody dies out here and in the joint.
Or a quiet and perfect heist, with no sacrifices.
I know you still don't trust me, but it's a good plan.
And when it comes to it, you gotta choose what's best for the Brotherhood.
Some wings, some raw steak Some garlic bread ♪ Talk to Edson.
He'll decide.
- Now listen to me.
- [gasps.]
Look me in the eyes.
I am trusting you.
You have my daughter, god damn it.
If something happens, brace yourself 'cause I'll hunt you down in Hell.
[breathes deeply.]
Flour? Mm-hmm.
And Darlene was okay with that plan? I'm here, aren't I? [Edson chuckles.]
You're gonna get far in the Brotherhood, my sis.
I learned everything from you, Edson.
You're seeing stuff no one else sees.
[Edson sighs.]
Hey, what's wrong? [clicks tongue.]
To think that all this is just to pay off that motherfucker [sighs.]
One day we'll make them pay.
Edson, If this heist goes well, a big chunk of the money will go to the Brotherhood.
We're growing.
One day you're gonna be free, making justice out there.
Could you imagine? You and I out in the world? [chuckles softly.]
It's gonna happen, brother.
[intense rock music plays.]
I'm sure of it.
It has to happen.
[rock music rising.]
So this is the model, homie.
Follow the model.
CIVIL POLICE [laughing.]
Hey, come on, pay attention, bro.
[rock music continues.]
INTERNAL AFFAIRS [music ends.]
[vehicles approaching.]
- [Nelson.]
Good afternoon, officer.
- Good afternoon.
- [Nelson.]
Incineration today, right? - That's right.
[car revving.]
Hey, they're here, okay? [suspenseful music playing.]
They're in the hangar.
Copy that.
Come on, over there.
This way.
In this corner here.
Come on.
They're here, Bird.
- [Darlene.]
Copy? - Copy that.
[suspenseful music continues.]
Come on, let's set it up.
- Hi, how are you? Hurry up.
- Good morning.
- They're unloading.
- [officer.]
Hurry, I wanna have lunch.
- Let's do it in batches of 30kg.
- [Batista.]
Ma'am - [Irene.]
Batista, how much in each batch? - [Batista.]
Thirty kilos.
They've started weighing it.
Weighing the goods now.
- [officer.]
Done, Batista? - [Batista.]
 C'mon, that's 30, ma'am.
- [Irene.]
Thirty, check.
Take them.
- All set? - There we go.
- There we go.
- They're fucking burning it all.
- [Cris.]
Stand by, Darlene.
He didn't grab anything yet.
And if he doesn't? We'll go back empty-handed? [Cris.]
Calm down.
[suspenseful music continues.]
It's a lot of stuff, huh? - A lot, right? - [beeping.]
- Here's thirty more, ma'am.
- Thirty more.
There you go.
All this snow is about to turn into ash.
That's such a shame.
- Hey, officers, please.
Come on.
- [Batista.]
Hold your horses.
- [Alves.]
Just joking, ma'am.
- [Batista.]
Come on, Alves.
Let's move on.
You're free to proceed, Alves.
Let's focus now.
Old habits die hard, bitch.
- [chuckles.]
- [Cris.]
You can come now.
Let's go, let's go.
- Let's go.
- Let's move, boys.
- [Pipoco.]
Move, move, move.
- [starts engine.]
I'm a gangsta, man.
For sure.
- [tires screeching.]
- [sirens blaring.]
[tense music playing.]
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
Internal Affairs.
I'm gonna need all of you to cease your activities so we can search each and every one of you right now, okay? Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon, ma'am - Irene.
- [Miúdo.]
Nice to meet you.
- The incineration's in progress.
I understand, ma'am.
This is a surprise check.
We have received intel that drugs are being smuggled out of the drug disposal incinerations.
Uh, I'm sorry - On what basis, sir? - Who is the informant, pal? - Tell them it's classified, Bird.
- It's classified, ma'am.
Gentlemen, I need you to surrender your weapons and prepare to be searched.
Gentlemen, hands on the table.
Please, cooperate.
Sir, can you put your hands on the table? Come on, man.
Have some respect.
What do you mean, man? You want some affection? [Alves.]
Hey, take it easy, man.
Want a massage? What's the problem, buddy? Got an itch? Peterson, come here.
Spread your legs.
Hands on the table, now.
- [Miúdo.]
What the fuck is this? - [man.]
Nothing, sir.
Hand it over.
[unzips pants.]
What is this? [Miúdo.]
Peterson, take care of him.
Handcuff him.
We're gonna need to search all your cars.
And I need you all to come with me.
Okay? Is all this really necessary? Absolutely Fonseca! I need to stay.
Deal with the shit, Cristina.
Ma'am, officers Fonseca and Pascoal can stay here.
I need you there.
No, but someone from the DA's office must watch the drugs.
With all due respect, I know this isn't exactly your responsibility.
Look, ma'am, I know this isn't exactly your responsibility.
But we need you as a witness so no crime goes unpunished.
- so no crime will go unpunished.
- [exhales.]
If you don't apply yourself, justice doesn't get done.
Look, ma'am, If you don't apply yourself, justice doesn't get done, right? [suspenseful music playing.]
Uh, all right.
But your report must say that you requested me to be a witness.
Of course, Mrs.
District Attorney.
- Yes! - [Miúdo.]
Officers, please follow me.
You guys as well, come on.
Stand by, Zé.
Hold on, not yet.
- It's just these two vehicles? - Exactly.
Hold on.
Gentlemen, we'll begin the search.
I'm gonna need you to open the trunks and the hoods, and remove the spare tires.
And once you're done, you'll step away from the vehicles and let officer Peterson do his job, okay? - Come on.
- Okay, let's go.
Open it, pal.
Let's go, guys.
Go, go, go! [suspenseful music continues.]
Go, go, go.
Let's go.
Move, move.
[indistinct chatter.]
One more, come on.
See those things over there? Take it all out.
All of this shit.
This, put it on top of the car.
- What's your status, Darlene? - [Darlene.]
Stall a little bit longer.
I dunno, Peterson.
Keep stalling.
They haven't finished yet.
Okay, let's have those seats removed.
Come on, we already took everything out, pal.
No, let's have those seats removed.
That's right.
The law must be enforced.
- [man 1.]
Go, go, go! - [man 2.]
Don't drop them.
- Look.
Go, go! - Take that one.
Look, gentlemen, I'm sorry, but I'm not staying here all day.
We have a protocol and we have to follow it.
I understand, Mrs.
District Attorney.
, but they must cooperate if we are to proceed - with due diligence.
- Look, ma'am, uh, I just I really need them to cooperate so I can proceed with due indigence.
Diligence, damn it! - Due diligence! - I mean, due diligence.
I'm sorry, I'm worked up.
Very well.
Proceed with due diligence while I do my job, okay? Tell her she should stay and bear witness.
Ma'am, I really Mrs.
District Attorney, please, I Shit hit the fan.
[tense music playing.]
Don't move.
Don't make a sound and we won't hurt you.
Cristina? [breathing heavily.]
We don't want any violence.
[inhales deeply.]
Did you join the faction with your brother? After everything I taught you? I'm not here to discuss that.
I just need you to cooperate.
I thought you were different.
Apparently, if you live with a monster, you become one as well.
Monster? People like you are the monsters, District Attorney.
People who throw piles of poor Black people in jail and don't even care that they're all treated like animals.
I was different, right? Hmm.
From whom? I was so different that, after one mistake, I left your office in handcuffs.
You were good at what you did, Cristina.
But you ruined your own future.
- You're saying I was good at my job? - [Irene.]
I'm way better in the faction.
And listen close.
I know where your daughter lives.
I know everything you have to lose.
- So, tell me, will you cooperate now? - Mm-hmm.
Go on.
Get back there.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
What the fuck? Shit.
What's this? She's gonna cooperate.
You better cooperate, otherwise you'll be the first one down.
Let's get this over with.
She's all yours, Zé.
Come on.
You can come now, Bird.
It's all clear.
Okay, sir, I think we're done here.
Gentlemen, thank you for your cooperation.
I'm glad nothing else was found.
We may resume the operation now, okay? Bring the offender.
All right.
[indistinct chatter.]
Whoa, whoa, whoa! - What's up, Savage Edson? - Been chatting with Régis? Hey, it's not what you think, brother.
You don't know what I think, brother.
That dude needs money, you know, bro? [Régis.]
Come on, get in.
Let's go.
C'mon, guys.
Hurry the fuck up.
[lock clicking.]
Yo, Régis.
Zica was telling me that your daughter needs braces.
She deserves the best treatment.
The Brotherhood can help, man.
[Régis scoffs.]
I appreciate it, but I can't accept.
And you know that.
Here's what I know.
If you ain't with me, you're against me.
That I know.
Hey, brother.
I don't want any trouble, man.
Then, I'll help you and your family.
I'll turn your lives around.
You help me, I'll help you.
All right? All right, bro? [breathes deeply.]
What do you have in mind? [tense music playing.]
I need to get out of this fucking hell.
Thank you all for your cooperation.
With your permission, my men will help out so we can all go home as soon as possible.
Shall we? - [Batista.]
Let's do it.
- [Miúdo.]
Let's go, guys.
In batches of 30 kilos, okay? - Thirty, sir.
- Thirty kilograms.
We need two more over here.
Twenty-five, twenty-seven.
- Thirty kilos, thirty kilos.
- [beeping.]
Hey, man.
Are you all good? [man.]
Thirty kilograms.
INTERNAL AFFAIRS Let me help so we can finish this today.
Internal Affairs is always welcome.
- [Miúdo.]
Thirty more, right? - [Wellington.]
Thirty more.
Two more.
Three, six, nine, twelve, fifteen, eighteen.
twenty-one, twenty-four, twenty-six, twenty-eight.
One more, 29.
And another one.
- [Zé.]
Relax, we're almost done.
- [Miúdo.]
Thirty kilograms.
[uneasy music playing.]
CIVIL POLICE [uneasy music continues.]
- [gun fires.]
- [groans.]
- [Miúdo.]
Don't come near the table! - [gunshot.]
- [groans.]
- [Zé.]
Calm down! Take them on! [man.]
Don't move! Don't move! [indistinct shouting.]
- Stay the fuck away, or I'll shoot her! - Don't kill any cops! Get down! Come on! No one else needs to die today, sons of bitches! - Go, go, go! - [indistinct shouting.]
Don't shoot, don't shoot! - Come on! - All right, all right! Get in, damn it! Get in the car, Zé! [indistinct shouting.]
Let's go! [Miúdo.]
Let's go! Hurry up! [tires screeching.]
[guns firing.]
[firing continues.]
- [crashing.]
- [guns firing.]
Open! [guns firing.]
- Darlene's stuck back there, Bird! - [grunting.]
Go, go, go! [guns firing.]
Cover me! Go.
- Cover me! Cover me! - One more! - Go, go, go! - [firing continues.]
Open! I'm fucking stuck! Help me! - [gun fires.]
- [groans.]
[guns firing.]
Come on! [Miúdo.]
Let's go! Let's go! Where's Wellington? He's dead, god damn it! God damn it! [Miúdo.]
Go, go, go! Are you sure Wellington's dead? God damn it! - [bullets ricocheting.]
- Let's go! [guns firing.]
[bullet casings clinking.]
[closing theme music playing.]

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