Irmandade (2019) s02e03 Episode Script

Two Weights, Two Measures

1 A NETFLIX SERIES [tires screech in distance.]
[atmospheric music playing.]
- [guns firing.]
- [tires screeching.]
- [man 1.]
Get down! - [man 2.]
Go, go, go! [firing continues.]
Shit! We left some of the coke behind.
- Killing cops was a mistake, god damn it.
- No way they'll figure out it was us.
What about Wellington? What if they check his record? [Cris.]
We left his body behind.
Wellington's clean, Cristina.
Nothing on him can be traced back to us.
[atmospheric music playing.]
Are you wounded? No.
Are you? CIVIL POLICE [tense music playing.]
[camera shutter clicks.]
[tense music continues.]
No way in hell that fucking money goes to the warden, you hear me? That money is going to our prison break.
That's right.
We gotta show 'em who's boss.
Can we really trust the jailer, bro? Yeah.
He's got a family.
He ain't gonna fuck this up.
He ain't crazy.
Plus, he said the other officers can be bought.
Yeah, but we're gonna use up all the cash without knowing Bro, we can't be in the hands of those pigs.
We just can't, bro.
We gotta focus on the outside world and run this shit from out there.
Damn right.
We gotta leave this hellhole soon.
But if we pay Gomes off, we buy more time, bro.
We can keep this on the down low.
They won't notice until it's too late.
The Savage is right.
Paying Gomes off is too humiliating.
We can't be afraid of the warden, man.
They should be afraid of us.
- [Chitão.]
Yo, yo, yo.
Check it out.
- [TV host.]
 I can't.
This is a disgrace! Those thugs have no shame! Do you know who they're robbing now? The police.
They're robbing the police.
You heard me right.
Over 250 kilos of cocaine, people.
[all laughing.]
- Yeah.
- [TV host.]
 And they're not just robbing.
They're actually killing as well.
It's scary stuff.
If they're doing that to police officers, imagine what they'll do to regular citizens.
This place is worse than the Middle East.
We're at war! This is war! - [Ivan.]
Fuck, they killed pigs.
- It's true.
They're killing us [Ivan.]
Holy fucking shit.
[TV host continues indistinctly.]
A lot of it was left behind.
We only got half the coke.
Half is better than nothing.
Darlene, shouldn't we wait for a while until the dust settles? See what the cops do before we make a move, huh? Look, the sooner we get rid of it, the better.
If things go south, we'll disappear for a while.
Yeah, you're right.
- Come on, guys.
Hurry up, Nelson.
- [Darlene.]
Hold on.
- [Nelson.]
Last one.
- Don't get too excited.
You did a good job back there, but I'm the one who calls the shots out here.
Of course.
What about the new lawyer? [Darlene.]
We'll deal with that later.
The pigs got a good look at you during the heist, right? Go dump this car, then stay here on the down-low.
All right.
Yo, Bird, that shit's staying in the nest, huh? [Pipoco.]
Come on, let's go, boys.
Let's turn this snow into fucking money! [engine starts.]
I'm sorry about your partner.
It's okay, counselor.
It's either a 100 years as nobodies, or ten as kings.
It's part of the life I've chosen.
And the same goes for everyone, right? [car door opens.]
- [car horn honks.]
- [Nelson.]
Is this really necessary, bro? Give me your guns, guys, come on.
Oseas in the house, yo.
All clear.
Come on, boss.
What's taking you so long? Weren't we gonna do business in my office? Did they change the weight of a ton and nobody told me? We had to leave some behind, okay? 'Cause the pigs caused a mess.
But the stuff's here.
All you think about Is luxury and wealth ♪ You want everything You lay your eyes on ♪ Don't chicken out.
Let's discuss that in my office then.
Come on, give us a hand, dude.
Oh, my God, how I miss Amelia ♪ Now that was a real woman ♪ [TV host.]
 Do you know who they're robbing now? The police.
They're robbing the police.
You heard me right.
- Over 250 kilos of cocaine! - [boy.]
Your turn.
Hey, can I play too? What's this? Oh hey, I don't have this one, dude.
- I'm grabbin' it for myself.
- Give it back, Uncle Oseas.
- Not that one! - No, I'll give it back later.
This one's going on my sticker album.
Damn, I didn't have this sticker, bro.
[tense music playing.]
Two more kilos.
268 kilos, boss.
How much, Kelvin? [Kelvin.]
268, boss.
[Kelvin giggles.]
How much did she promise me, Flare? Half a ton.
[tense music playing.]
God damn it, Flare.
You brought this friend of yours, claiming he was cool.
Now what? Do they think I'm gonna snort all this, all by myself? [snorting.]
No, I resell this coke.
And I promised I'd sell 500.
But I only have 250.
What do I do now? I'm out of the game, aren't I? [Darlene.]
What do you want, Oseas? - A discount? I'll give you one.
- Sorry, what do you think this is? A dive bar, for fuck's sake? I want the rest of my fucking quota, god damn it! I told you, man, the pigs made a mess.
Is that my problem? It's not.
- Is that my problem, chump? - It's not.
You know what? I'll keep this pathetic amount of coke you brought me.
But I'm only paying after you bring me the rest.
[tense music plays.]
Come on, you know there's no way I can get the rest.
Get out.
Get the hell out, now! Get out! Get her out.
I'm not leaving without the money.
Yo, Kelvin, fucking deal with this.
Take this damn trash out! What the hell, man? Is he taking us for fucking clowns? Tell your boss to give us a break! What was that, bro? [cocks gun.]
What do you think? That your little buddy is gonna help you, player? Huh? What? Do you think I have to pay because these guys fucked up? No, no, it's not like that, boss.
- [Nelson.]
It's only fair, bro! - [Oseas.]
Come again? [Nelson breathes deeply.]
With all due respect, big boss.
You have the drugs already.
It's only fair that we leave with the cash, you know? Then look me in the eye.
Aren't you gangsta? It's only fair that we leave with the cash, all right? With all due respect.
We did our job, man.
All right.
All right.
Let's go get the cash.
Yo, Moacir.
Hey, grab the suitcase for the kid here, please.
Oh, my God.
- He's fucking all over me.
- [cackling.]
Come one, get the fuck out! Out! Yo, DJ, take care of this, bro.
Get that piece of shit out of here.
[breathing heavily.]
- [Flare.]
This shit ain't right.
- [Kelvin grunting.]
This shit ain't right, man.
This shit ain't right.
- [flies buzzing.]
- [Kelvin.]
What is it, Flare? [breathing shakily, sniffles.]
This shit ain't right, bro.
Shit's crazy, bro.
Hear me out.
Either you accept it, or else you'll be seeing your buddy in hell.
Come on, damn it.
Give me some light.
[Kelvin cackles.]
Guess this room's taken.
C'mon, damn it.
- [Flare grunts.]
- Come on.
I'm bad at this, but let me try.
[pager beeping.]
TROUBLE WITH OSEAS Hey, Uncle, look at my drawing! Uncle? Are you mad at me? [chuckles.]
No, sweetheart, of course not.
So, what did you wanna show me? Wow! What a beautiful drawing! Is this beautiful girl you? - Mh-hmm.
And Daiana.
- [Marcel.]
Oh, really? Did you know I wanted to be a sketch artist at your age? - Really? - Mh-hmm.
I'm gonna teach you something I picked up.
So give me a pencil.
Se, if you hold the pencil up like this, .
you can make a little shadow.
- Hmm.
Try it out, let's see it.
[door opens.]
Be right back.
You don't think she's gonna see my dad, do you? I don't know, sweetie.
- She promised me to take me see my mommy.
- [car door closes, engine starts.]
[knocking on door.]
- What the hell, Pereira? - [Pereira.]
Check this shit out.
- Come on, I'm not on the heist case.
- [Pereira.]
But you're on the Matos one.
Look at this.
The dead crook didn't have a rap sheet.
But he was using a police gun.
Now guess who used to own it.
[gun firing.]
Those fuckers who took Matos, used his gun to steal the drugs.
It must've been the Brotherhood, don't you think? That's a declaration of war, pal.
We have to go after them.
- I need to talk to the Secretary.
- [Pereira.]
Fuck yeah.
[tense music playing.]
Fucking traitor! Hey, hey, hey, brother! I can explain! Calm down! Brother! - I had no I had nothing to do - Shut up.
I said shut up.
- I had nothing to do with it.
- Save your bullshit for the trial.
- Come on, man.
- Move.
Sit down, rat.
Sit down! Piece of shit, sit down.
Yo, Savage, for real, I can explain Shut the fuck up, god damn it! You're here to listen.
Brothers the Brotherhood exists to unite us convicts, right? [all.]
That's our revolution.
To bring order and ethics to crime.
- Right? - Right.
We have got no money, no drugs, and no way out of here because of an ex-brother who in the past, pulled some fucking tricks on us.
Then asked us for a new opportunity, which we gave him, then fucked up and tricked us again.
You slippery motherfucker.
You put my woman in the front of a barrel of a gun, you son of a bitch.
You were trying to sweet-talk us into another shit show, asshole? In all honesty, I'm no traitor, brother.
I don't even know Oseas, brother.
I'm friends with Flare and Nelson, who work for him, you know? - But I didn't - Now that shit hit the fan, you don't know Oseas, asshole? Damn it, boss, I might be crazy, but I ain't dumb, bro.
You guys own this prison.
I'm alone here.
Why would I fuck it up like that, bro? [Edson.]
I don't fucking care about your buddies, Zica.
You're the one who gave us this tip to sell the drugs.
It was your responsibility.
Now own it, bro.
Yo, honestly, brother, it doesn't sound like he acted in bad faith.
Let me talk to Flare, I can try to bring him to our side to try to turn this around.
I-I have an idea.
Just Why should I listen to you again, you son of a bitch? If he's got an idea to get the blow back, let's at least hear him out - I told you he'd fuck up, didn't I, Ivan? - I'm sorry, boss Please, bro, give me another chance, for real Another chance? Is that what you want? Shut up.
Stop crying.
Up in here, you son of a bitch, the way you act, and what you say, you can't undo, and it's law! - I'm sorry, Savage.
- Shut up.
Fuck your apology.
- Okay, break his hand.
It's the deal.
- No, no, no! Brother, for real, man! - No, god damn it! - Shut up! - No, no, no! - Enough.
What the fuck is this? - Back off, hands on the wall! - What the hell, bro? - Shut up.
- Wait, god damn it! - Let's go.
- [Edson grunts.]
- Back up.
Move, move! - [Edson.]
What the fuck? What's going on? - Fuck, bro! - [Robson.]
You think you own the place.
[ominous music playing.]
Which one of you takes over the gang in his absence? No Savage, no talking.
Oh, yeah? Well, without talking, there's no Savage Edson.
Who is the fucking second-in-command, god damn it? - It's - It's me.
- You can talk to me.
- [Jordão.]
Then come.
Cuff him.
Back off.
Move, move.
Come on.
Killing cops again, huh? Did you forget who you're dealing with? Every time you throw me in here, I come back stronger.
Then let's see if you'll come back this time.
Open gate three.
[vehicle engine revving.]
I got him.
[door closes.]
This one's been promoted, Mr.
[Gomes chuckles.]
Do you think I'm screwing around? Do you know how many police officers died during your heist? Your deadline is almost due.
Until then, Edson stays in the hole with no water or food.
And if I don't get my money, that hole will become his grave.
Sir, with all due respect Shut up, you fucking filth.
Let him finish speaking.
[paper rustling.]
And I want the first lady's head on a plate.
SEIZED DRUGS STOLEN The Civil Police is thirsty for blood, and I wanna indulge them.
- Yeah, but no one knows where she is, sir.
- [scoffs.]
You gotta be fucking kidding.
Look, you little piece of shit.
Don't try to fool us.
Do you want Edson alive? Then figure it out.
[indistinct chatter.]
[gate closes.]
Hey, I need to talk to you.
In private.
- [Cris.]
That's out of the question.
- Look, I don't want that either.
But we could buy some time to pay Gomes and to free Edson from the hole.
On top of that, you'd be the big boss out there.
Are you're crazy, Ivan? It's Darlene, damn it.
Look, she's hiding at a safe house and she's not leaving.
Not until we deal with this, okay? [breathes deeply.]
There's another way.
Zica said we could bring Flare to our side.
- [Cris.]
Nelson's buddy? - Yeah.
But we'd be going behind Edson.
That's not our way.
Our way is gonna end up killing him, Cris.
And if we don't do anything, we die with him.
Darlene will never go for it.
You gotta stop being afraid of Darlene.
Especially now that she's hiding.
She's off the grid.
Look Get real, Cris.
The one pulling the strings for the Brotherhood out there, is you.
And now I'm the one pulling the strings in here.
We have our own way.
And we're doing this to save them both.
[Neiva giggling.]
Hey, Zica.
We need to have a little chat.
I told you already, I had nothing to do with that Hey, relax.
Today is a sacred day.
It's visiting day.
That idea you mentioned during the trial.
That's still good? Why should I help you? The Savage wants to disown me, bro.
Because getting our money back, man, is your only chance of getting out of this alive.
Yeah? Yeah.
Tell us, what will it take to get Flare on our side? [Neiva kissing.]
[breathing heavily.]
What's up? You're acting weird.
- Did I do something wrong? - No.
No, no, no.
It's got nothing to do with you, Neiva, come on.
I've got a lot on my mind.
We should be planning our escape by now, but Edson's in the hole, so We're stuck.
Got it.
You really like him, huh? - Edson? - Mm-hmm.
He's fucking Savage, you know? The man saved my life.
He gave me a second chance, got me off crack.
He was the first to even look at me here, and treat me like a human being, you know? If it weren't for him, Neiva, I'd be dead by now.
But I'm here.
I've got you.
How can I ever repay him? You said it yourself just now.
He's Savage.
Right? That guy's strong.
- [chuckles.]
- He'll get out of there.
He'll come back.
Yeah [Buri.]
And if he doesn't? What then? [Neiva.]
Well, I guess someone's gonna have to take his place as the new big ass boss in that case and keep up the fight.
- Hmm? Right? - Mm.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
[Neiva giggles.]
[tense music playing.]
[boys laughing.]
I'll check her out.
Hold on.
Hey there, miss.
Are you lost? No, actually, I'm looking for my friend, Flare.
- [Ângelo.]
Oh, Flare.
- You know this ain't a club, right, lady? You better hit the road, alright? It's kind of urgent.
I know him from Travessa do Carmo.
Maybe you could ask him to come down? Go ahead.
- [beep.]
- Flare, do you copy? [static.]
This is Kelvin, bro.
Tell Flare that his lady friend is here.
She's from Travessa do Carmo.
She's asking him to come down.
Who's asking? Tell me your name, come on.
It's Jéssica.
Tell her to come upstairs.
So, Jéssica from Travessa do Carmo, huh, you dog? [cackles.]
Cut it out, bro.
You can go up, lady.
Damn, I'm shaky as fuck.
Nice, Flare! Damn! [Oseas.]
Look at that, man.
What a nice specimen, man.
Real nice shit, huh? - Can I talk to her, boss? - She's ovulating, man, look.
[Oseas sniffs.]
- You'll end up making a baby, huh? - [Kelvin chuckles.]
- Can I go? - Go on, go slip her the old salami, man.
Let's go down the stairs.
Keep going.
Keep going.
Go, go, go.
- I'm here because - Hey, what the fuck? Jéssica? You sure as hell ain't from the Carmo, god damn it! - That's your made-up girlfriend's name - Made-up, my fucking ass, bitch.
I was sent by Zica.
I just wanna talk.
I have a proposal for you.
Then talk, damn it.
What the fuck did he tell you? He said you and Nelson were more than just friends.
[breathing heavily.]
Did he say that to anyone else? Huh? [breathing heavily.]
Then that secret dies with you.
We both want the same thing! Your boss stole from the Brotherhood.
If you help me recover our money, I will help you avenge Nelson.
And you'll never live in fear again.
Lunch time's over, Flare! What the fuck, brother? We've got deliveries to do, damn it.
Come on! [laughs.]
Be right there, damn it! I didn't come this far to die like Nelson, all right? You don't have to live like this.
You can fight! Shut the fuck up, god damn it.
Keep it down! - I'm not taking that risk.
- You take that risk every day.
Look what happened to your boyfriend.
Nelson didn't deserve to die like that.
- Keep it down! - Brotherhood does things the right way.
- Keep it down! - Come on, think.
- We fight for justice.
- Shut up! - Everybody has a voice.
- That's a fantasy world.
This is the fucking real world, damn it.
Survival of the fittest.
That's not our way.
Listen to me.
If our plan works out, not only will you get back at Oseas, you'll also own his drug house.
Hmm? You'll have money.
You'll have power.
You'll be able to live your life however you want, with the Brotherhood beside you.
What if this shit doesn't work? [breathing heavily.]
[footsteps ascending stairs.]
Hey, Flare fucking scored some, huh? [Kelvin cackles.]
That's the stuff, huh? [Cris unzips bag.]
Call me.
Let me tell you, man.
If she's not satisfied, I can do a few neat things to her next time, bro.
- [Flare.]
No need.
- "No need.
" [cackles.]
Who would've thought, huh, Flare? [breathing heavily.]
Get off my fucking head.
Chock full of worms.
All rotten.
Like the worms that are eating me six feet under.
And soon enough, they'll be eating you too, right? - [laughing.]
- If I have to die, I'll die.
Always following my way.
Never bowing to no pigs.
So you're gonna leave the Brotherhood in the hands of that cocksucker, Ivan? And not just the Brotherhood, right, dude? Because your little sister's included in that package.
What my sister does with her own life [sighs.]
is her own business, not mine.
It's not your business, until it is, right? You're just here to mess with my head, motherfucker.
You're going cuckoo, aren't you? All of this is already in your fucking head.
You keep going on about your way, then show me your fucking way! How can I know for sure the Brotherhood will stay a brotherhood, once the Savage ain't calling the shots no more, you ass? So sweet.
[dogs barking in distance.]
Another one, Tamara.
Oh, man, sure thing.
You got it, my friend.
NO CREDIT GIVEN THANK YOU What are you moping about, huh? What's going on? LIfe's crazy, right? Yeesh It's crazy, it's freaking insane, it's bananas, it's completely whacked, friend.
That's why we've got no time to waste.
- [Tamara.]
- I'm off.
- Take care, okay? - You too.
[pouring drink.]
[indistinct chatter.]
[tense music playing.]
Hey, counselor.
What's the plan? [pig snorting.]
You sure about this, bro? [Flare.]
I'm trusting what the lawyer told me.
The cops have been looking for this body like crazy.
Check this out.
POLICE - Let's wake this corpse up.
- [Flare.]
Let's do it.
kicks the ball to Cafu, who's beat down by Zinho.
- He's crossing the ball - Come on, come on.
Come on, bro.
Fucking get it.
- Goal! - Offside Offside, man! Wasn't he offside? - Damn! Wasn't he offside? Messed up? - He messed up! They messed up, 'cause the defense fucking sucked.
Fucking sucked? Fucking sucked, my ass! - [Kelvin.]
Relax, man, - It was a damn illegal goal! God damn it! - They'll turn this around.
- Fuck this.
Every fucking day! - Match is rigged.
- [Oseas.]
All matches are! Right? Always! Sit down, man.
For fuck's sake.
Shit, man, no can do.
I'm working, you know? I got some cash to bury.
Two grand, bro.
Then get outta here.
You already jinxed us anyway.
Go, get out.
[sport commentator continues indistinctly.]
[unzipping bag.]
[tense music plays.]
- [commentator.]
Goal! - [Oseas.]
Fuck! Go fuck yourself! [DJ.]
Calm down, bro.
Tell me, who the fuck is that? He's a fucking piece of shit! [sports commentator continues indistinctly.]
Fuck! Jesus, man! [men continue shouting.]
[zipping bag.]
[sports commentator continues indistinctly.]
Beat the shit out of him! Go, go, go! [Kelvin cackles.]
[men shouting indistinctly.]
[Kelvin cackling.]
Damn! Get him, you animal! Fuck yeah! [Oseas.]
That guy's a striker, bro! He scored twice, and he's beating the shit out of those guys, dude.
Where are you going? You're not watching the game? Why would I watch them fight, man? That's no game.
That's a bunch of animals.
What the hell, bro? You sound like a real princess! Did you hear that? Fucking kick him already, bitch! - C'mon! Just knock 'em down already, man! - [DJ.]
Go for the ribs, bro! [pager beeping.]
[breathes deeply.]
I'd like to report a crime.
I saw some suspicious activity near Oseas' crib last night.
I think they've been dumping bodies there.
Here's Matos.
Or what's left of him.
[flies buzzing.]
Let's get the motherfucker who did this.
This is fucking disgusting.
- [snorting.]
- [man.]
Check it out, bro.
- Damn! - [sniffles, howls.]
Wow, holy shit.
This shits hits like a truck, bro.
[tense music playing.]
- So, Ângelo Five girls will be enough? - [Ângelo.]
- [Ângelo.]
That's the stuff.
- [woman.]
All good.
All good.
Freeze! Hands where I can see them! SPECIAL FORCES - [guns firing.]
- [groans.]
[body thuds.]
[woman moaning.]
- Hey! Get down, get down.
- [woman gasps.]
- [gun cocks.]
- [woman yelps.]
Run, go! - Go on, bro.
It's your turn.
Go on.
- [chuckles.]
Check out my skills.
- Oh, man! That shit moved.
- No, it didn't.
- I'm saying it moved because it moved.
- Nah, it didn't! - It moved, man.
- I'm telling you, it moved! - It moved, didn't it? - It moved.
I'm telling you it moved, man! Everyone's saying it moved! Didn't it move? - It moved.
- Didn't it move? Man! Holy fuck, bro! God damn it, I'm gonna go take a shit, man.
- [man.]
- I've gotta wipe myself too.
I gotta get some water.
[Kelvin cackling.]
[men laughing.]
[man laughing.]
Shit, dude.
Your face! [Kelvin cackling.]
He shat himself! - [officer.]
Freeze! Don't move! - [gun firing.]
Hands behind your back, now! Hands behind your back! [clamoring.]
Go, go, go! Move! - Hands back.
Keep your hands - [officer 2.]
Keep your hands back! - [officer 1.]
Get the fuck down! - [officer 2.]
Stand down! Stay down, stay down! [officer 1.]
Let's go! [officer 2.]
Come on! On the ground, now! Hands behind your back! Hurry up! [grunts, breathes heavily.]
[guns firing.]
[officer 3.]
He jumped! He jumped! - [panting.]
- [guns firing.]
Hey! [tense music continues.]
Holy shit.
- The cops are here! - Fuck! Damn it! Don't move a muscle, bitch.
Go up against the wall! - Don't move! - [gunfire.]
Go against the fucking wall, damn it! - Let's go.
You're coming with me.
- [woman whimpers.]
Go, go, go, go! Go, go, go, go! Fuck! - [woman.]
Hey, what's going on? - [baby crying.]
Pick the baby up.
[officer 1.]
Clear! [officer 2.]
Let's go.
[baby continues crying.]
Fuck! I was set up! - Let's go, god damn it! - [man.]
The pigs! - The pigs are here, let's go! - Hold it! Hold it! Come on! Fuck! Come on, let's go! - [Oseas.]
Go, go, go! Go, go! - [man.]
Come on! Let's go! You bunch of motherfuckers, you are busted! [Kelvin cackles.]
What's so funny, crook? Go on, laugh.
I'm gonna break you, you bastard.
You can take him away, officer.
POLICE [Firmino.]
What's this? POLICE Take a look at this, Pereira.
MOTEL - OPEN [tense music playing.]
Is it all here? [woman.]
It's all there, but feel free to check.
I'll see you next month.
[door opens.]
[siren blaring.]
- Get up.
Come on.
- [officer 1.]
One at a time.
You're not staying out here in the streets.
Come on, man, move it.
Quit stalling.
[phone ringing.]
[officers clapping.]
- [officer 2.]
Yeah, good fucking job, guys.
- [officer 3.]
Yeah, nice! Congratulations.
Oh, hey.
 Pereira, you can take him.
- What are you doing here, boy? - I want to help you, sir.
I wanna help you bring the Brotherhood down for good.
Do I look stupid to you? Do you think I'm going to trust the big boss's brother? So you won't even listen to what I have to say? Okay.
Spit it out.
What you got for me? Darlene Look, I know how to get to her.
[gate opens.]
[gate closes.]
[rain pattering.]
You're alive, brother.
- [Edson.]
- You're fucking alive, bro! Ivan gave our money away.
- Wha What do you mean? - To the pigs, man.
[thunder rumbling.]
- Yeah, boss.
Fucking alive.
- [Edson.]
What's up? - Glad you're alive.
Fuck yeah, dude! - You're doing good, Bixega? - Fuck yeah.
- What's up, Savage? This fucker's still around, bro? [men.]
Only thing better Than Scavenger's death ♪ - [Zé.]
The lawyer's here! - [man.]
Oh, counselor.
Can you get the steak, man? Damn it.
steak, some garlic bread ♪ [man.]
Now we're talking.
Let's do it again! What's up? What's up? [men.]
Hey, lawyer, hey! Hey, lawyer! - 'Sup? - [Zé.]
Welcome, counselor.
What's he doing here? [Pipoco.]
Yo, what you got for me there? You got any red meat there? Oseas got away from the cops.
It's too risky for Flare there.
He needs to stay here.
Come with me right now, Cristina.
Are you out of your damn mind, Cristina? You went behind mine and Edson's backs and brought a traitor to my hideout? Traitor? The kid put his ass on the line to help us.
We gotta protect our own, don't we? Flare's with the Brotherhood now.
Oh, so you're initiating people, too? No.
Of course not.
But I trust him.
He only helped us because I gave him my word, Darlene.
And your word's worth more than Edson's, god damn it? You know that Gomes wanted you dead after the heist? Wait, what? Yeah.
And the way out was blaming the heist on Oseas.
But you betrayed us to do that.
Betrayed? Come on.
You'd never allow it.
I had to risk it.
Either that, or else you'd be in jail and Edson would be dead.
You still don't get that the faction has a way of doing things, huh? [Cris.]
It was the right call, though.
You don't get to decide what's right, counselor.
So, Ivan.
[rain pattering.]
- What did you do with the money? - Tell him, Ivan.
I paid Gomes, brother.
Oh, you paid Gomes.
And how are we supposed to escape with no fucking cash? Hmm? C'mon, you were gonna die.
I was gonna die.
I really was, asshole.
I was gonna die for the damn Brotherhood.
Without bowing to no fucking pig.
Ivan, listen to me.
I'm only gonna say this once, okay? You're a shot caller, all right? But I'm the one who runs the damn Brotherhood.
I'm kingpin of this whole fucking thing.
And if I tell you the Brotherhood won't do things your way, you just obey! With all due respect, I mean Brother.
I was the one who who got our money back.
Okay? [Edson.]
"Our money" my ass, you fucking asshole! What do you want, Darlene? Take the boy somewhere else? I'll do it.
Now he fucking knows where I am! He's never gonna snitch on us, Darlene! He's lost I gotta protect our own, right? And whoever puts the family at risk has to be punished.
has to be punished, bro.
Break his hand.
Hey, come on.
 We can't do this.
I'm the one who decides what we can and can't do.
You still don't get it, Cristina.
- Break his hand.
- I gave him my word, Edson.
I get it.
Of course I get it.
Wait a sec, bro.
Wait a sec.
Wait, wait.
I helped you guys, come on! I got you the money back.
I fucking helped you, guys, damn it! Ow, ow, ow! - [bone breaks.]
- [screams in pain.]
[Zica groans.]
It's all procedure.
- It's your procedure.
- It's the Brotherhood's procedure, Ivan.
And if you don't abide to it, you suffer the consequences.
Let's move.
[Zica whimpering.]
[tense music playing.]
You gotta kill Flare.
Where are we going, counselor? We're taking you to a better spot.
Thanks, counselor.
Damn, you guys are the shit.
You guys are the fucking shit.
Brotherhood's the shit, bro.
["Vou Festejar" by Beth Carvalho playing.]
[Flare singing along.]
You argued with me ♪ No reason why ♪ I'll celebrate ♪ Your pain ♪ Your sorrow ♪ Your payback was cheating on me ♪ - Gimme your gun.
- What the fuck, Cristina? Do it, Flare.
- What the fuck, man? What did I do? - [Cris.]
Do it now.
Come on, dude, give me your gun.
- Come with me.
- [Flare.]
What are you [Bird.]
Get out.
- [car door closes.]
- Get the fuck out.
What did I do, man? Answer me.
You're not gonna say anything? - Seriously? - Shut up.
- [Flare.]
That's how you repay me? - [Cris.]
Move! [Flare.]
I did the job for you! Seriously? Please, man, come on.
Damn it.
- I didn't do anything, man! - [Cris.]
Keep fucking moving.
- Why are you doing this to me? - Move it! [Flare, echoing.]
Don't do this to me, please, man.
Up on the railing.
Up, damn it.
[unsettling music playing.]
- Don't do it.
- Get up there.
Please So your word means nothing? Huh? For fuck's sake, I did what you told me to do.
Damn it, don't do this to me! Fuck! [gunshot echoing.]
["Vou Festejar" continues playing on radio.]
[brooding music playing.]

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