Irmandade (2019) s02e04 Episode Script

Like Garbage

1 A NETFLIX SERIES [Vivaldi's "Autumn" from The Four Seasons playing.]
The governor lent me his credentials so I can take you to the soccer game tomorrow.
For real? Of course it's for real.
- Shall we? - [boy.]
Of course! [Gomes chuckles.]
Our lives are getting right back on track.
Right, son? You were all angry about the heist the Brotherhood pulled the other day.
But it wasn't the Brotherhood.
But it makes no difference.
Criminals are all the same.
My history teacher says the Brotherhood is different.
He said they fight for human rights in prison, and, uh, also Antônio, look here.
Tell your teacher that human rights are for righteous humans.
for those who deserve to go out on the streets without fear of being mugged or attacked by a crook.
Okay? Eat your breakfast.
Go on, son.
How much do we have left after paying the pig? We have 90 grand, boss.
Yo, with that cash we can buy off Régis, you know? Maybe one more dude.
The thing is, we're gonna need more money if we want to get to the wall.
- We should forget about escaping for now.
- [Edson.]
Why? Use the 90 thousand bucks, just one more month to pay off Gomes, then we'll find another job later.
Something easier, bro.
Ivan, listen.
The Brotherhood will not spend even one more cent on this fucking system.
You hear me, bro? This is the next payday.
So, we leave before then.
What if we went there and blew up the wall? - Come on, bro.
- How are we gonna get there, bro? I mean, are we invisible now? [Bexiga.]
Plus we're in the Beast Wing bro.
No way.
Let's cook up a better fucking plan here.
[gates opening in distance.]
Hey, bro.
I know how we're gonna get out of here.
Now, Antônio, you shouldn't be talking about the Brotherhood during History class.
You should be talking about Tiradentes, the revolution of '64, things like that.
We talk about stuff out on the news and the Brotherhood was on national TV.
Those communists think that criminals are saints.
You need to understand that criminals are not people like us.
They're like beasts, they're rabid, and as such, they can't think straight.
[loud clang.]
They've always treated us like trash.
It's time to show them all what we've learned.
Fuck yeah, bro.
Now we're talking, damn it.
That's right, from the dump to the world, bro.
A pig's dream is about to turn into a nightmare.
You hear me, Buri? Yo, it's not like I'm trying to be a buzzkill or anything, but even if we squeeze, we cannot fit in there, bro.
That's right.
Not everyone can go.
That's why we have to ensure those who stay behind are protected.
- And who's going, Ivan? - Obviously the Savage.
And one more.
You are coming with me.
You're coming with me.
They almost killed you once.
You're in danger in here.
Thanks, brother.
Do any of you object? Anything for the Brotherhood, right? Right, brother? Damn right.
Those who stay will be protected.
- You have my word.
- You're talkin' like it going to be easy.
Régis is with us, you know? But what about Zica? Zica could've been, too, man.
I'll have a little chat with your school's principal.
Dad, please, it's not a big deal.
What? Am I supposed to sit by while a teacher indoctrinates my son with his nonsense? Just because my teacher says it, doesn't mean I have to agree with him, okay? [camera shutter clicks.]
[car engine starts.]
[camera shutter clicks.]
[indistinct conversation.]
[camera shutter clicking.]
Yo, counselor.
This is how that piece of shit secretary starts his day.
These are the pics.
Well, Edson was clear.
There will be no escape if we don't find a way to protect the brothers who will stay behind.
The escape will happen, Cristina.
Whatever it takes.
[bottles clinking.]
[drink pouring.]
There's gotta be a way to get Gomes.
Aren't there any loopholes in his routine? No.
He goes from home to work, from work to home.
The jerk won't even go out to get the newspaper without the bodyguard.
He's doing renovations, isn't he? Can't we break in? [Darlene.]
What about this kid? - Can we get to him? - We'll find the way.
[tense music crescendos.]
LIKE GARBAGE Marcel's hot dog got spice.
You eat it and go straight to Paradise! Beautiful ladies don't have to pay and, wow You're gorgeous, huh? - So that's how you sell hot dogs? - No, that line? That line was actually written just for you, babe.
[machine whirring softly.]
If you lie, the machine will pick it up.
And you're gonna be fucked.
Are we clear? - Are we fucking clear? - Yes, sir.
Are you still involved with the Brotherhood? No.
And your sister? Is she involved? My sister, she's the Brotherhood's lawyer.
Are you sure about that? But now she's just their victim.
Are you really sure Cristina isn't simply lying to you? [breathing shakily.]
I am sure.
[machine rattles.]
- You lying to me? - No.
Are you lying to me? You're gonna regret it.
What I know is that my sister's being threatened.
She's being threatened by Darlene.
If we don't do something, she could die.
[breathing heavily.]
[gate opens.]
- Good evening.
- [Juliana.]
Good evening.
Good evening.
The only way to catch Darlene is by keeping an eye on your sister.
I can help prepare you, but you can't make a wrong move.
[tense music playing.]
Hands on the wall.
[indistinct shouting.]
Clothes off.
- [Edson.]
Word on the driver? - [Régis.]
It's all set.
He's in.
Fifteen grand for the job, plus another 15 for his silence.
And the janitor? We're working on it.
If that guy's a snitch, I'm out.
Are we clear? - I ain't going down because of this.
- Just do the damn job.
We gotta find a way to win Zica over again.
You're messing around, bro? We broke his damn hand.
And there's another thing.
Word is he hasn't given a shit about anything since Flare died.
That prick'll never come back to our side, not even if we covered him in gold.
We gotta get rid of Zica.
About a month until the escape, we'll just replace him before then.
Janitors hold a position of trust with the warden.
How do we know the replacement won't be another asshole or dirty-ass snitch? It's worth the risk.
Then what? What do you think Jordão will do? You wanna go back to the hole and miss the goddamn prison break? You cannot kill Zica, bro.
I'm not the one killing Zica, Ivan.
You are, bro.
[pensive music playing.]
Back against the wall.
- Huh.
I only have money for the commute.
- Chill out, we don't steal from workers.
You're gonna tell your boss you ain't gonna work and you'll send in a replacement.
- I really need this job.
I have a family.
- Here.
Does this solve your problem? Who will it be? ♪ Who will it be That Buri will choose to marry? ♪ Let's wait and see Let's wait and see ♪ Let's wait and see if Neiva will agree ♪ [all cheering, applauding.]
Happy birthday, brother.
Yo, make us proud, okay, bro? Make us proud.
Buri, come on, bro! Neiva when you walked into my life, I had nothing.
You're a star that shines bright, and so, I'm a comet that, uh [Neiva.]
Huh? [heavy breathing.]
- You wouldn't mind marrying me, would you? - What? [all cheering.]
For real? For real, Neiva.
You're sweet.
Love you, babe.
Cheers to the bride and groom, everybody! [all cheering.]
The engagement was in here, but our wedding has to be outside, right? - Of course.
- [Edson.]
Now listen here.
I better be your best man, damn it.
You hear me? - No doubt about it, Savage.
No doubt.
- Of course.
You're damn right there's no doubt.
Come on, toast! To the bride and groom! - [all.]
Cheers! - [Edson.]
There we go! [laughs.]
Yeah! The famous moonshine with blow.
It's even more deadly than rat poison.
Why would he drink that? Because I'll shove it down his throat until he swallows it all.
That's messed up.
That's not justice for the brothers.
If your brother says it is, then it is.
He made that very clear.
Nah, I don't think so.
[indistinct chatter.]
Well, that's a good idea.
[tense music playing.]
If I make sure Zica will help us, you think Edson will listen? Last time we thought we could go against the leaders, we paid a heavy price, didn't we? We did what was best for him.
You know that, right? [inhales.]
Cris, look, if I do this, your brother will have me run the prison after his escape.
If I'm still here, it's because I believe we can do the right thing.
[unsettling music playing.]
I need to tell you something.
You think I'm going down easy, bro? - Then fucking come at me! - Shut the fuck up.
Calm down.
- Calm down.
- [pouring liquid.]
I'm gonna be honest with you.
Because the way I see it, if you join Join forces with you guys, my fucking ass, bro! You guys broke my fucking arm! You killed my friend outside the Brotherhood What if I told you that Flare's still alive, bro? - What do you mean? - What if I told you the lawyer lied? She lied to everyone.
[breathing heavily.]
So your word means nothing? [whimpering.]
No, no, no Disappear for now and then come find me later.
- What? - Jump and don't scream as you fall.
- So Flare's alive then? - Flare's alive as hell, dude.
But no one knows, except the two of us.
Now hear me out, bro.
Once Edson gets out of here, I'm the one who's gonna be running the jail, Zica.
And you You can be my right-hand man.
And you think Savage will agree with something like that? Leave that to me and the lawyer.
You know we were on your side last time, don't you? And now I need to know if you if you are on our side.
[tense music playing.]
- I'm telling you.
I want that bottle.
- [all chuckle.]
Yeah, bro, that'd be great.
- [Edson.]
Just a little bit - Hey, Savage.
What the fuck, brother? Listen, Zica's the janitor, so a lot of people respect him in here.
He should be on our side.
How can you bring a dead man to my party, brother? You didn't learn anything, Ivan? Edson says the word, we obey.
Got it? Both of you are leaving, yo.
What are you gonna leave behind? A huge trace of blood or a Mousetrap united? A loyal one.
Without our way, the Brotherhood ain't worth shit.
You hear me, bro? And sentencing someone without a trial, bro? Is that part of our way? Edson.
Ivan's already staying behind.
But he's got vision.
Trust me, Edson.
Zica is your only chance to get out of here.
Hey, bro.
I'm with you guys, bro.
You can trust me.
All I want is another chance to show you my worth, you know? [tense music playing.]
I'm just fucking with you, man.
You're right, you've got a point.
A good point.
[music playing indistinctly.]
You're good, kid! Tell your cousin that if you keep up the good work, - I won't need him anymore, all right? - [Pipoco laughs.]
Gotta work hard, boss! - Lemme check if there's anything left.
- [man.]
Go on, kid.
[tense music playing.]
[tense music continues.]
It's okay.
The doctor said that this won't happen again.
Antônio, look.
Look at me.
Look at me, son.
Look at me.
Repeat after me, son.
This won't happen again.
It was just a scare, right? It was just a scare.
Come on, let's go to your room, son.
You need to rest.
The doctor will tell us what to do.
I'm sure that it's nothing serious.
- [door opens.]
- [Gomes.]
It'll be all right, you hear me? I never want to see you like this again.
[tense music continues.]
Here's the key, counselor.
There's this thing too.
The kid has some kind of disease.
I tried to read it, but, it's just too complicated, so All I know is the kid looks messed up, ma'am.
If that's like, bad news, you think Darlene will abort the mission? I'll talk to her.
 She'll know what's best for the Brotherhood.
Yo, counselor, she'll go batshit when she sees this.
I wouldn't want to be in your shoes.
Good luck with that.
I mean, thanks a lot, Pipoco.
Really, I feel so much better now, huh? [Pipoco laughs.]
Glad to be of service, ma'am.
["Perseguição Infernal" by Filosofia De Rua playing over speakers.]
You go.
Ten days till we're out.
["Perseguição Infernal" continues playing.]
EPILEPSY [pager beeping.]
BRING ELISA TOMORROW [atmospheric music playing.]
The counselor is in the house, y'all.
Hurry up.
- Morning, counselor.
Morning, princess.
- [Cris.]
Good morning.
[car door closes.]
- [Cris.]
There's your mommy.
- Mom! [Darlene.]
Sweetheart! [sighs.]
My God, I missed you so much! - [chuckles softly.]
- [Elisa.]
Look what I brought you.
Mm! Oh! - It's Dad, and you, and me, isn't it? - [Elisa.]
You look different.
And you look beautiful.
Hey, when are you coming back home, Mom? Dad and I will be gone for a while.
But when the dust settles, we're gonna be like this.
Like in your drawing, together.
All right? [kisses.]
[Elisa, in distance.]
Mom, I'm doing something really cool.
Yeah? What is it, sweetie? Try this one.
I'll make a bunch of apples.
- [Darlene.]
So you need the red one.
- Uh-huh.
You gotta teach Mom how to draw like this.
- [Elisa.]
Where's the green pencil? - [Darlene.]
There's the green.
There's no Yeah, but not light green.
Another shade of green.
And another.
Ouch! - How many do you want? - We need to have a conversation.
- Mom, can I stay here and draw? - Sure, sweetie.
What is it? Gomes's son has refractory epilepsy.
- It's rare - What are you talking about, Cristina? Just how do you know that? Because Pipoco found the medical record at his house.
You gotta be kidding me.
Darlene if the kid has a seizure, he'll die.
And Pipoco told you that because He realized that if we take this kid hostage and something happens to him, you're fucked, I'm fucked too, and Gomes has everyone in that prison killed.
Edson needs to know about the risks.
You're gonna do as I say.
Because I know what you are.
And I know all about the shit you've pulled.
And I can expose you, right, Cristina? I don't want a war with you, Darlene.
But this is my life we're talking about here.
I wanna lie in a bed with my husband for the first time in my life.
I wanna have a real home.
I wanna have a real marriage.
[voice breaking.]
A real family, goddammit! [cries softly.]
As a fugitive, hope is all I've got.
And you want to take that away from me because of a spoiled fucking rich kid? Darlene, it's grave.
If something happens, you'll be alone I have a nursing certificate.
I'm capable.
I can handle the stupid kid.
I already missed one chance after the shit you pulled at the tunnel.
I can't miss another one.
You want what's best, right? Then stay quiet.
This stays between us.
But if shit goes south, it's gonna be far worse than what happened at that tunnel.
Then we'll make sure nothing goes wrong.
[inmate 1.]
Come on, over here! [inmate 2.]
To the right! To the right! [heavy breathing.]
- [inmate 1.]
Let's go, let's go! - [inmate 2.]
Fuck, come on, bro! [inmate 2.]
We got him! We got him! [inmate 1.]
Good job, good job! [Buri.]
It's the same shit every day.
That fucking slacker is always chatting with the pigs.
It's only a matter of time until that fucking idiot rats us out.
That won't happen.
Don't worry about it, 'cause I trust him.
I don't buy it.
This doesn't add up.
- Why did he agree to join us now? - [Ivan.]
I told you already, man.
He'd rather join us than be killed.
[heavy breathing.]
Wanna know what I think, bro? I don't know.
It's like you're hiding something, Ivan.
You're about to escape and go meet your girl while I have to stay here in this shithole, all right? I don't want any crackhead doubting my intentions.
Crackhead, your ass, motherfucker.
Respect me, man.
- Or I swear there will be - Or else what, Buri? Go smoke your rocks out there and leave me alone, fucking junkie asshole! [breathing heavily.]
- [clamoring.]
- [inmate.]
Stop, man! [inmate 2.]
Cut it out, Buri.
Cut it out, cut it out.
- [guard blowing on whistle.]
- [inmate.]
Stop, man.
 Cut it out! - [inmate 3.]
Yo, Buri, damn it! - [inmate 4.]
Buri, stop! [inmate 3.]
Stop, damn it, chill! - [inmate 4.]
 Buri! - What the fuck? [Edson.]
What the fuck? [groans.]
God damn it! Back off, back off.
If it were up to me, you could just kill each other.
But unfortunately, my job is to protect you from yourselves.
- [Jordão.]
Take this piece of garbage out.
- [guard.]
Let's go.
Throw him in a different cell, away from his gang.
- No, no, no, sir, no! - Shut up! Shut up! See? Animals.
That's what it's like when they fight.
You have to split them up to avoid a shitstorm.
Show's over, get moving! What's the matter, inmate? That was just a small argument.
Let the inmate go.
Your payday is almost due.
Pay up, then we'll talk.
Mwah! - Hi.
- [Elisa.]
[Elisa mimics camera clicking sounds.]
Where'd you go? - To the park.
- Did you like it? [Elisa continues making sounds.]
Oh, and did you see any bird? - [whistles like a bird.]
- [chuckling.]
And what else did you see? [Elisa.]
Just the birds.
- [Marcel.]
You didn't see anything else? - No.
- Not even your mom? - Marcel.
Are you hungry, sweetie? - You want a snack? - Yeah.
I want crackers.
[tense music playing.]
We're all set, Edson.
I've talked to the other guys in here.
It shouldn't be like this, you know that.
You were supposed to come with me, not Ivan.
Well, anyway, it's a good thing that we'll have a reliable brother like you in charge of things here.
I'm here, brother.
- For whatever the Brotherhood needs.
- I know, my brother.
Now, can you do me a favor? Once you're out there, could Can you say "hello" to Neiva for me? Tell her to wait for me, all right? Of course, Buri.
So? Is Buri gonna be in charge of the Mousetrap now? Yeah, I know that wasn't what we agreed on but he's a good soldier.
He'll play along to what the leaders come up with.
And if he doesn't play along? Then his days are over.
And we'll have to find someone else to be in charge of the Mousetrap.
Hey, bro.
I know, more than anyone, I know the Brotherhood let you down, okay? But without you, bro, there's no prison break.
[breathing heavily.]
I'm with you, bro.
All right.
We're all set for tomorrow.
Yeah, all set in here, too.
What's wrong? You look stressed, Ivan.
Is there something you're not telling me? Well, at times like these, we all get pretty uptight, don't we? Is that all that's bothering you? Well [sighs.]
But since you noticed, I guess I'll tell you then.
There's something else going on as well.
What is it, Ivan? Look.
Here's the thing.
[in Portuguese.]
"What do I do with my freedom?" "I've been lonely, thinking of you.
" "I never thought I'd miss you so much.
" "My heart will never forget you.
" [singing.]
I made mistakes I dropped the ball ♪ I left my true love for an illusion ♪ But life is a school It teaches us all ♪ And that's not the end Of this love story ♪ [both chuckling.]
Sing with me.
I wanna hold you I wanna kiss you ♪ ["Essa Tal Liberdade" by Só Pra Contrariar playing.]
Yo, big boss! Let's get that rich boy! Let's go.
[music stops.]
[tense music playing.]
Fucking thief! You son of a bitch! [security guard.]
Fuck! And I just got my car repaired! [suspenseful music playing.]
[door closes.]
Well, well, well.
We're having a spectacle today.
Are you a dancer? [Cris.]
Let's get down to business, Mr.
Then just give me my money, because I'd like to leave this shithole as soon as possible.
The shithole is the same, but the deal has changed.
We ain't paying you nothing.
- [Zica.]
- [Régis.]
Don't fuck up.
- No worries.
- Go, go, go, go, go.
'Sup, dawg? Yo.
What's up? It's 4:30, brother.
We got half an hour until count time.
Let's see if you actually make good on your word.
[indistinct chattering.]
[breathing heavily.]
Go get 'em, Savage.
[suspenseful music playing.]
Go, go, go, go! [all.]
Fire! Fire! Fire! - [screaming.]
- [inmates.]
Fire! Fire! [inmates clamoring.]
[blowing on whistle.]
Sibério, fire in the Beast Wing! Fire in the Beast Wing! Bring the extinguisher! Now! [inmates shouting.]
[clamoring continues.]
- Let's go! - [inmate.]
Let's go! [Chitão.]
Go, go, go, go! Come on! [Ivan.]
- Fire! - [Chitão.]
Come on, let's go! [straining.]
- The other one.
- [Chitão.]
Come on, come on.
Pull! Pull! [tense music playing.]
[music playing over speakers.]
- [gasps.]
- Shh.
- Quiet! Quiet.
- [speech muffled.]
Let's go.
God damn it! For fuck's sake! PRISON GUARD - [Buri.]
Use your feet! - [Ivan.]
Go, go, go! - [banging on iron.]
- [inmate.]
Go, man, hurry up! Go! You didn't saw this shit right, god damn it! We did as much as we could before it fell off! [muffled mumbling.]
[video game sounds on TV.]
You're not paying? [scoffs.]
It's a comedy show.
Speaking of comedy.
- Do you know what's gonna happen - [Cris.]
To your kid? [Cris.]
If you harm me in any way [tense music playing.]
Relax, I said.
Do as I say and you'll be fine.
[inmates clamoring.]
Damn it! It's not gonna work.
We've got to break it from the other side.
Yo, Zica! Use the cart, damn it! Break this fucking thing! Come on! - Do it! - [inmates.]
Do it! - What the fuck's wrong with you? - Do it! [clamoring.]
You don't take me for a fool, do you? [Cris.]
Wanna try your luck? - Five, three, nine - [sighs deeply.]
nine, eight, five, one.
Oh! It's for you.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[clamoring continues.]
Damn it Come the fuck on, Zica! Let's go! - [Chitão.]
Come on, there's no time, man! - [Ivan.]
Come on, damn it! [inmates clamoring.]
- [crashing.]
- [inmate.]
Go, go, go, go! Shit, damn it! Not so fucking loud! Keep it down! - Fire! Yell fire! - [inmates.]
Fire! [all yelling.]
[yelling increases.]
Fire! [inmates yelling.]
Come on, come on, come on! [all yelling.]
[yelling continues.]
[suspenseful music continues.]
[yelling continues.]
Help! Fire! Go, go, go! [panting.]
This bluff is gonna cost you.
- Hello? - [António on phone.]
[chilling music plays.]
Antônio? [Gomes.]
Son, are you okay? Did they hurt you at all? They didn't do anything to me.
Just do it.
Obey them, Dad.
Or she's gonna kill me.
Antônio, my son Only one side can win this war, Mr.
[call disconnects.]
If you do anything to my son, I promise you that [Cris.]
You're in no position to do anything.
- You're gonna die, you fucking whore! - No one's gonna die, Mr.
As long as you cooperate.
[inmates yelling.]
Go on.
Go, go, go, for fuck's sake! [clamoring continues.]
Come on, guys, move, out of the way! Fuck! What the fuck is this, god damn it? Okay, let's go! Go! [grunts.]
God damn it, man! What the fuck is this, bro? - [Buri.]
It short-circuited, sir.
- You messing with wiring now, inmate? Huh? You know what you are? You're a fool.
You're stupid, you hear me? You're in jail because you're fucking stupid.
You're a crook and a fucking imbecile! [Buri.]
I'm not fucking stupid! - Come again? - There's a bunch of exposed wires.
- No, no, no.
Say it again.
- There's a bunch of exposed Repeat what you said! [Sibéria.]
Say it again! - [Buri.]
- Scream again, god damn it! Show some fucking respect! Who do you think you are? - Huh? Look at me! - [Buri.]
I'm sorry, you're right! I'm sorry, sir.
- Say it.
- [Buri.]
I'm stupid.
- Say it again! - I'm stupid as fuck.
- Damn right! - [groans.]
That'll show you some manners, inmate.
Stay down.
I'm stupid.
[suspenseful music continues.]
What do you want? [Cris.]
As it turns out, right at this exact moment, a prison break is happening.
[cart squeaking.]
What do you mean? I can't ask the police to let your gang escape.
[cart squeaking.]
All I need is for the Public Safety Secretary to learn to uphold the law.
Is escaping from jail in the law? [Cris.]
Of course not.
But it is part of the game.
The police hunting down escaped prisoners is also part of the game.
Shall we see who's gonna win? What I want is to discuss what's going to happen after the escape.
The inmate count starts at 5:00 p.
Some of them will be missing.
Jordão will call for directions.
And then? Remember how you love turning prisons into a bloodbath? That's not gonna happen.
There will be no bloodbath, no beatings, and no riot gear.
Hey, man.
- What's up, Régis? - How are you doing? [Zica.]
Go, go, go.
Damn it.
Go, go! [indistinct chatter.]
Hey, hey.
Hide! Hide! use a frying pan, but it has to be a big one.
[continues indistinctly.]
Come on, let's go.
Go, go, go! Now! [grunts.]
[clattering continues.]
Fuck! [grunts.]
[truck engine starts.]
4:46, brother.
[gate opening.]
[officer speaking indistinctly.]
- [officer.]
Pull over for inspection.
- [man.]
- [mechanism opening.]
- [officer.]
[loud clang.]
[loud clang.]
Hey, you know I'm into technology and stuff.
- You're kidding me, right? Computers? - I'm telling you! [loud clang.]
- [Jorge.]
Come on, bro.
- [clanging.]
Some guy does something in Japan, you'll know about it here, right away.
[loud clang.]
- [Jorge.]
Through a network? That's nuts.
- God damn it, bro.
It's called the internet.
- [clang.]
- [gasps.]
That's just fantasy.
It's not going to catch on here.
Suck it up! [breathing shakily.]
Hang in there.
God damn it.
God damn it.
[loud clang.]
[Jorge sighs.]
All clear.
Give me the exit form.
I thought you had it.
God damn it.
I'll go grab it in the warehouse.
Yo, buddy.
- I'm running late.
 Can you help me out? - I'll be quick.
Be right back.
Are we clear? The ones who stay behind cannot suffer retaliation.
And don't bother lying, deceiving, or taking your kid far away.
The Brotherhood is everywhere.
We'll hunt you two down to the ends of the Earth.
You're all a bunch of rabid animals! [Darlene.]
Watch your tone, you little shit.
You think you're gonna win, huh? But criminals like you always end up losing.
Your father is the fucking criminal, you spoiled little brat! - [beep.]
- [Ivan breathing heavily.]
It's 4:54 already, brother.
[breathing heavily.]
That place is a mess.
Sign here.
[gate opens.]
[engine starts.]
You okay? - I'm fine.
- Can you handle it? Yeah, let's go.
Come on.
It's already five o'clock, brother.
Count time! [Sibéria.]
C'mon, buddy, hurry up, go! Move, move.
I wanna get home early today.
Got a novela to watch.
Where's your boss? Is he in bed? He went to bed early? Did he, bro? Huh? Out of the way.
C'mon, man, out of the way.
PRISON GUARD What the fuck? God fucking damn it, man! - [radio beeps.]
- Attention, Edson has escaped! Edson has escaped! [blowing whistle.]
Holy shit.
That's it.
- Hell fucking yeah! All right! - [Edson laughs.]
- Let's get out of here! Let's go! - We're fucking out, damn it! Yeah! Fuck yeah! [laughing.]
- [Ivan.]
Fuck, step on it! - [Edson.]
We're out in the fucking world! We're out in the fucking world! [siren wailing.]
[vehicle approaching.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
We're here.
- [Bird.]
It's 5:05! For fuck's sake! - I'm sorry I'm late.
- Couldn't get them to let me leave! - Hurry! The pigs will be here soon! [Edson.]
Go, damn it! Let's go! [Bird.]
C'mon, damn it! Hurry! - [Ivan.]
Come fucking on! Let's go! - [Edson.]
Move this shit already! Come on, for fuck's sake! Come on, man! [suspenseful music playing.]
This is just a taste of what the Brotherhood is capable of.
I'll keep my end of the deal.
Let's see if you'll keep your end, though.
It's been a pleasure doing business with you, Mr.
[police sirens blaring.]
Fuck! The pigs are here! [grunts.]
- Where's the fucking car? - It's up there, up there.
Let's go! [police sirens blaring.]
Fuck! [guns firing.]
[guns firing.]
Give me that, damn it! [firing continues.]
[guns firing.]
- [guns firing.]
- [glass breaking.]
Come on, Ivan! [grunts.]
[guns firing.]
Move it, Ivan! Damn it! [glass breaking.]
[muffled gunshots.]
Hit the gas, Bird.
Hit the gas, damn it! [guns firing.]
[tense music playing.]
My dad works his ass off night and day to rid the city of scum like you! [laughing.]
You poor thing.
You think your daddy is the hero, huh? To him, justice has a price.
Eighty grand a month.
Your renovations are being funded by dirty money, you idiot.
- Somebody help! - Shut up, you little brat! Shut up! I know you need to keep me alive, you bitch.
Just try your luck, then.
- Somebody help! Security! Help! - Shut up.
- Stop yelling! - [thud.]
[breathing heavily.]
- [gurgling.]
- [phone ringing.]
For God's sake, don't do this to me, kid.
Hey, kid.
Hey, kid.
- Oh, my God.
- [phone continues ringing.]
- Bite.
Bite this! - [phone continues ringing.]
Hey! Hey! Hey! Stay with me! Talk to me! Hey! Oh, my God.
[phone ringing.]
[phone ringing.]
- Hello? - [Cris.]
You can let the kid go.
You were right.
We won, Darlene.
[breathing heavily.]
The Brotherhood won! [tense music playing.]
[music crescendos.]
[brooding music playing.]

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