Irmandade (2019) s02e05 Episode Script


1 A NETFLIX SERIES Go, go, go, go! Come on, come on, follow him! Where the hell is he? Something's moving over there! Go, go, go! Son of a bitch! Antônio! Antônio! Antônio! Antônio! Antônio! My son! Antônio! My son! - Come here! - Fuck yeah! I fucking escaped, man! - It's the Brotherhood! - Hey, Neiva.
You're a free man! Buri says hi.
I'm here for you until he's out, okay? He's here! Where is she? - Come here, come here! - There we go! Come here, Darlene.
Come here.
Come, come! - Yeah! - Aaah! There you go, bro! Oh, my love! You! Get over here, you! We're out in the world, damn it! The world is fucking ours, damn it! We're the motherfucking Brotherhood! Somebody give me a line! - Fill it up! Fill it up! - Shit, man! Right away! Better late than never! We're the motherfuckin' Brotherhood! We're the fuckin' Brotherhood! Where's Ivan? Well, Cristina.
Shit got crazy over there, you know? Ivan didn't manage to come with us.
Shouldn't we go back for him? Sure we're gonna look for him.
Of course we will.
But for right now, we're held up.
Until the dust settles, right? Right.
In fact, I wanna make a toast.
To our brother Ivan, you know, who couldn't be here with us today.
But we're gonna find him.
- There you go.
- Right? We're going back for him, and all the others who were left behind, all right, bros? That's right! 'Cause we're the fucking Brotherhood! Come on, let's party fuckin' hard! Let's party, damn it! - Yeah, bro! - Gather 'round! - Gather ´round! - That's it, man! It's the price of living a thug life.
Ordinary folks have no idea of the hell we go through.
You know? We ain't no ordinary folk no more.
You're thug life now.
Oh come and get me ♪ Come and get me, I'm a thief ♪ Oh come and get me ♪ Come and get me, I'm a thief ♪ I no longer steal from the poor ♪ Nor do I break into shacks ♪ But this burglar came to my home ♪ And he almost had a heart attack ♪ And died in my shack? ♪ Nothing I own ♪ What did you guys think? That the head of the Brotherhood would escape in a garbage truck and I wouldn't pick up on it? - They threatened - Shut up! Shut up! Throw that motherfucker in the hole and teach him a lesson! And you.
You're even worse than those pieces of shit.
You're a scumbag.
God is watching evildoers like you.
Secretary, you told me not to Are you sure, Mr.
Secretary? Stay inside, you hear? They're here, god damn it.
What the fuck is going on? What the hell, man? Hey, hey, hey! Stay there, stay there! Don't move! - Don't move.
Do not fucking move! - Shit.
No, no, please.
- Fuck! - Fuck, no, no! Fuck! He's sick! I'm two steps away ♪ From Heaven ♪ I'm two steps away ♪ From Heaven ♪ Attention.
We have breaking news directly from the Colonel Roberto Tibiriçá Penitentiary.
Bird, Pipoco! - Come, come, come.
- Shit.
Let's go, come on.
also known as Savage Edson, from the maximum security wing.
Riot control agents came into conflict with the inmates, who did not cooperate with the inspection and - Holy fuck.
- helped the convict escape.
According to police, the inmates were unwilling Edson, Darlene, get over here! the law, so the use of violence became necessary.
Now we're fucked.
- Oh, shit.
- What the fuck is this? They killed everyone, god damn it! They killed Buri! - Calm down, girl.
- Wasn't Gomes under control, damn it? I don't know.
It doesn't make any sense.
We'll send the lawyer there.
Calm down.
We're fucked, man.
It's all over.
Damn it! There's more in the back! Go check it out! Get back! Please don't kill me.
Please don't! Please No, no, no, no.
No, not this one.
You're coming with me, asshole.
Come on, move.
The Brotherhood threatened Public Safety Secretary Fernando Gomes by holding his 13-year-old son hostage.
The teenager died tragically during the criminal operation.
Yet another innocent life, among many others.
Darlene, you let him die? No, of course not! Of course not.
Who knows what the fuck is going on.
- Tell the truth, damn it! - What the hell? What's going on here? C'mon guys, party's over.
Let's go.
Tell me what is fucking going on here! He was alive when I left.
You heard me talk to Gomes.
- Everything was fine.
- You knew the risks! What are you talking about, damn it? Ask your sister maybe.
Go ahead, ask her.
What are you trying to say? What are you saying right now, Cristina? Are you accusing me of something? You, of all people? from the maximum security wing Well, Cristina? Are you gonna tell me what the fuck is going on or not, damn it? I don't know.
I'm gonna go smoke a cigarette.
Alpha Team, copy? This is Team Alpha.
Movement confirmed in woods.
You're in the right direction.
Roger that, sir.
We'll turn these woods inside out.
Listen up! This son of a bitch could be hiding anywhere, Keep your eyes peeled.
I want you to search every corner, underneath every bush.
I want discipline I want you to do your jobs.
We'll split into groups now.
Let's go, guys.
Two go north, two go east, and we'll follow the river.
You crossed the line.
You shouldn't have said that.
If you had listened, his son would still be alive and there'd be no bloody massacre! Do you really think I wanted this to happen? I was here, hiding from the world.
My husband was in that fucking shithole, getting assaulted every day.
The Brotherhood takes risks.
You understand? We take chances.
You took a chance when you came back, didn't you? I need to know if you're with me.
Do I have a choice? You're not gonna talk, huh? There's more where that came from, damn it.
Just fucking talk! Lying piece of shit! Where the fuck is Edson?! Tell me where he is, damn it! Tell me, you fucking scum! You want more, you piece of shit? Just tell me where he is! Talk, damn it! Come on.
Shit, Buri.
It hurts, doesn't it? Look, I'm gonna help you out.
I'm gonna leave a little present.
Something to ease your pain.
The Devil's drug.
The Brotherhood has banned it.
But I'll allow it.
I don't want that shit.
Oh, come on.
We can never forget our first love.
So, I'll leave it here so you can relax your mind.
And talk to me properly.
Fucking pig! Get this shit outta here! Get this shit outta here! I established a perimeter based on the mileage reported by my informant.
Then I went through all the properties owned by proxies connected to the Brotherhood.
And found this one, in Jaraguá.
In there, there's a house, and it's close to some transmission towers, just like in the girl's drawing.
Everything points to that place being Darlene's- Firmino.
Sorry, you're off the case.
- A-Are you serious, Ernesto? - Direct orders from Gomes.
You know Gomes is in no psychological condition to make decisions right now.
That's not your problem.
He gives orders, we obey.
And he believes Pereira's got more spirit.
- I just got a lead on - Oh, please.
Edson escaped.
The Secretary's son was murdered and you bet everything on some kid's drawing? Pereira, stay out.
The Secretary wants us to respond in kind and that's what we're gonna do, Firmino.
Whether you like it or not.
What are you hiding? Nothing.
You knew the kid was sick.
I saw you arguing with Cristina.
It was about this, right? I didn't know anything.
I just wanted to get you out of jail, that's all.
I'm onto you, Darlene.
I know you're hiding something.
Wanna know the truth? Wanna know who's been lying to you all along? Hello.
I'd like to make an anonymous tip.
Mom, could you come here a sec? I'm coming.
- Hello.
- I need your help, Cristina.
Ivan? - Are you okay? Where are you? - I need a place to hide.
- Away from Edson.
- What do you mean, Ivan? What are you talking about? Are you gonna help me or not? Okay.
Go meet Flare.
He's in a flophouse downtown, Constância Building, top floor.
Tell him Ay, shit! Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I've got something for you.
What is it? - This.
- Chocolate spread! Who was calling you so early? Just a client, asking for some legal advice.
It must've been important for him to call you at 7 a.
, right? Cris, I know you have your secrets.
I wanted you to know I'm grateful.
We owe you everything we have.
Aunt Cris and I have a secret.
- We do? - Mm-hmm.
You always let me have chocolate spread.
But Mom won't let me.
But, look, keep it between us, okay? Otherwise it'll stop being a secret.
Didn't I tell you not to Get in the car, Cristina.
Bird, what's this? Get in the car now.
So, did you find the hideout? Forget it.
I'm off the case.
Wait, what do you mean you're off the case? I got you the lead, didn't I? You gotta go there right now.
What? You think this is a movie? This is the Civil Police, kiddo.
We've got a hierarchy.
Hey, man, my sister's there, surrounded by thugs! Yeah, well, I'm sorry, but that's not my problem anymore, okay? Wow.
I thought you were different from the others.
On today's trial, we're gonna talk about a betrayal of the worst kind.
There's a rat here, snitching on us gnawing at the Brotherhood from the inside.
This brings me a lot of pain.
But we have our way of doing things.
Our voice is the weapon.
And what we speak is the law.
This rat has been working with the Civil Police since the beginning.
While we were both free, the rat, afraid of going to prison, something that has happened to many of us, and still does, committed the worst of crimes.
She keeps saying she fights for justice, but she was on the other side, working with the enemy and betraying our family.
As soon as she arrived, we suddenly had to kill Formiga.
You set Formiga up so we'd think he was the rat, not you.
Right, Cristina? - That's a damn lie.
- Let the Prosecution finish.
She ratted on Scavenger.
She told the pigs about the tunnel.
She's the one to blame for the death of each and every one of our brothers during that act of cowardice.
The Brotherhood almost ended there and then because of her.
If it were up to her, Edson would be six feet under by now.
That's the path this lawyer chose.
And you still call her your sister to this day.
You showed up at the Mousetrap.
You got me out of the hole.
Then you came back asking for help.
I helped you.
That didn't mean shit to you, huh? My own sister.
My own blood.
I bought you books so you could study.
Edson, you're my brother, please.
Don't fucking call me Edson! Don't fucking call me Edson! You call me by my alias from now on.
To you, I'm Savage.
What I really want, Cristina, is to do what everyone else is thinking.
I wanna kill you right now.
But the Brotherhood fights for what's right, right? - Right? - Right, Savage.
We fight for justice.
Your time has come, Cristina.
What do you have to say for yourself? No sign of them.
Are you crazy, kid? Are you crazy? Hey, boy! You all know me, damn it.
I'm with you night and day.
And now you want my head based on the word of one single person? Is that justice, Edson? Is that justice, Savage? Is that all the proof you have? I run the faction here in the outside world, Cristina.
I gave my blood to earn everyone's trust.
And because of that, my word is law.
Do you understand? Cristina has a point.
You want more proof, right? That's fair.
You know why that cop Matos from the Civil Police died, brothers? - Because he was after you.
- That's true.
But he used you to get to me.
Right, counselor? Wanna know why? Because he knew what I know.
Bird can confirm it.
What did I tell you that night, Bird? You told me we needed another lawyer.
And I told you we'd need one after the heist, didn't I? Yeah, you did.
And you know why I said that? Because I knew that Cristina was nothing but a rat.
Are you really gonna say, to my face, that I'm lying? If that's true, then why didn't you kill me then and there? Because I'm with the fucking Brotherhood.
And the Brotherhood needed you, or else everyone would die.
Isn't that what you said? Wasn't that you cover? What happened since yesterday, Darlene, that made you change your mind, huh? What did I do? - Does it matter? - It matters.
Of course it matters.
You're only doing this because you know the massacre was your fault.
The getaway car was a silver Quantum wagon.
Is anybody there? Go, go, go.
I need backup! You knew the kid had epilepsy, Darlene.
And you took that risk anyway! It was your fault the police executed countless brothers in prison.
- I didn't know shit, god damn it! - Yes, you did! And Pipoco can back me up.
He found the kid's medical records and showed it to me, okay? I looked into it, I studied it! I found out about the disease.
And told you about it.
Tell them, Pipoco.
Yeah, I did find the papers the lawyer's talking about, but it had all these fancy words.
I didn't get any, so I passed it along.
What fucking papers? Cristina is telling us another lie! I didn't know about any goddamn disease! Are you gonna trust me or this rat? I swear I'm telling the truth, Savage.
- No one believes you anymore, Cristina.
- Sit down.
When are you gonna stop lying, rat? I didn't want to do this, Darlene, but I've got proof that the only rat here is you.
Stop lying, for fuck's sake! What the hell are you talking about, Cristina? When Scavenger was arrested, remember what he was telling in the Mousetrap? - Yes.
- Don't you start, you fucking Wait, god damn it.
He was telling everyone that your wife was a snitch, did he not? - So? - You thought he was lying.
You ain't buyin' this shit, are you, Edson? I doubted him, too.
But I thought it was really strange how they found his hideout so fast.
So I used my connections at the DA's office to find out what happened.
And? Scavenger was right all along.
Out of lust for power, Darlene made you fight and kill your partner, your brother! - You're fuckin' talking shit! - Hold on, damn it! Let go, Darlene.
Let go.
Unlike Darlene, I've got proof of my claims.
What the fuck is this, Darlene? Let's hear this goddamn tape, Bird.
I'd like to make an anonymous tip.
The name of the wanted man is Márcio Siqueira Rocha.
Better known as Scavenger.
The man you're looking for is in a house in Embu das Artes.
Edson For God's sake, Edson, hear me out.
You gotta hear me out.
What could you possibly have to say? Cristina manipulated me, Edson.
I would never do that.
You know me, Edson.
I swear I didn't rat them out.
Scavenger founded the fucking Brotherhood with me, Darlene.
When you went to the Mousetrap to see me, I asked you if it was you who had ratted out Scavenger.
And you lied to me.
You lied to my fucking face! She made me, Edson.
I would never do that.
- You know me - Fuck! Fuck! I had to do it.
- You fuckin' lied to me, damn it! - I had to do it.
- Sit down! Sit down, sit down.
- I had to do it Sit down.
For the love of God, don't kill me, Edson.
How am I supposed to believe you? But I I had to do it, Edson.
She manipulated me.
You know I wouldn't do that.
I swear! I swear to you I would never rat anyone out, I swear.
I swear, Edson! It wasn't me.
I'm not the rat.
Please, Edson - Edson - You idiot, you have anything to say? For the love of God Does anyone have anything to say? If so, say it now! Think of our daughter, Edson.
She'll grow up without a mother, Edson.
- Edson, please - You shut the fuck up! Please, don't Who here thinks Cristina is the rat? Who here thinks it's Darlene? - Look at me, Edson - It's decided.
Look at me, okay? What are you - Please, Edson! - What's right is right! I'm sorry! Edson, for the love of God Think of our daughter, Edson! Team Bravo, block all access to the gate.
Team Alpha, get ready to go in.
Pereira, it doesn't have to be a bloodbath.
We have the upper hand, so make it clean, man.
I'm in charge of this operation, Firmino, and the Secretary's orders were clear.
So, are you in or out? Firmino.
Hey, you, stay in the car.
Okay, okay, but hold on.
Why you going in like this? My sister's in there.
Okay, listen to me.
 I'll do my best to protect your sister, Marcel.
I promise.
- Ari, stay here with him.
- Sure thing.
I Come on, Darlene.
- Come with me.
- No.
- Darlene.
- Edson.
- Darlene.
- Hey, Edson! - No! Hey, Edson! - Come on.
- I'm begging you! No! - C'mon.
No! Edson, don't kill me, Edson! Edson! It's not me! Edson! For the love of God! - No! Edson! - It's our way, Darlene.
You know that.
Edson! I beg you! Bird, for the love of God, Bird I'm begging you.
- You know what follows - It's our way.
Please, don't For the love of God.
What's right is right.
Justice has been served, hasn't it? Come here.
Come, come, come.
Get in the car, now! Get in the car! Freeze, don't move! Move! Move! Stay right there! Freeze, don't move! Good.
We're good.
Let's go.
All units on alert.
Edson escaped, do you copy? Savage Edson escaped.
- Don't move! - Marcel! No, wait!
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