Irmandade (2019) s02e06 Episode Script


1 A NETFLIX SERIES - Where's Edson? - I don't know.
Marcel! Want to look for him? three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten Look over there.
- Come, Marcel.
- Where is he? - Boo! - Gotcha! Come with me, Cris.
It'll be all right.
Come Put your gun down, Marcel, and forget you saw us.
You're on his goddamn side? - So you're a pig now.
- Edson I thought you were trustworthy, god damn it.
You're a rat like Father.
Don't you dare talk shit about my dad.
Dad took care of us.
We all had peace.
That peace you're talking about was my war.
I'm not afraid of thugs like you.
Cut it out, stop.
Cut it out! Can't you see this won't accomplish anything? Ari, copy? We're done here.
Operation successful.
Almost wiped them all out.
Only the kingpin's alive.
What's up, Cris? Get ready for the manhunt.
Secretary gave us the all-clear.
Attention all units.
Full alert.
Edson the Savage has escaped, but he's still in the area.
I repeat: Edson the Savage has escaped.
Did you use my daughter, you fucking son of a bitch? Elisa is gonna learn what's right from me, okay? Close all roads within a two-mile radius.
Just surrender or I'll have no choice but to shoot.
Then shoot.
Shoot, damn it! Fucking shoot already! You're not gonna fucking shoot, boy.
You're a coward.
Listen up, you piece of shit.
Those who were born to be pigs will never ever be real men! That's enough, Edson.
Let's go! Don't sweat it.
No one's gonna look for us here, okay? Yes, the police went in, guns blazing.
POLICE KEEP HUNTING THE BROTHERHOOD Yes, they killed who they had to kill.
Or do you think the people of São Paulo should just take it mildly? These criminals are animals, my dear listeners.
These people don't even deserve a funeral.
People? They're not even people.
They should be fed to the dogs! Actually, I wouldn't even give my own dog that kind of meat.
Rotten meat.
Can I call the Secretary? Very well.
I'm here with His Excellency, the Public Safety Secretary.
He's going to tell us a little bit about the manhunt for São Paulo's public enemy number one.
Please, go ahead.
It's true, he's still roaming out there.
He's the leader of a faction of criminals.
And he didn't hesitate to kill his own wife.
A murderer.
He took the lives of many innocent people.
Including the one who was most precious to me.
My son.
I've been using a firm hand.
And now, it's time for an iron fist.
So, Edson, you may try to run, or hide like an animal, But I promise you I won't stop until you, and every single remaining member of your criminal faction, are punished for all that you've done.
Your days are numbered.
You heard it, right? Your time has come.
It's checkmate.
What now, huh? Are you gonna let that piece of shit keep messing with our heads? Or are you gonna answer him in kind? I'm gone already, you know? Lots of our guys threw a seven too.
But you're here, damn it.
The Brotherhood's fucked, but you can't let it fucking die.
Honor your fucking roots! Rub it in their faces.
Show the whole world what we started in the clink.
You cut my head off, didn't you? Why did you fuckin' do it? So you can hide like a cockroach? Or to start a fucking revolution? Look what I've got for ya.
You know where he is, don't you? He's out in the world.
He's in a brother's house.
What's the address? Will you give me more? Hey, Flare! Flare! Yo, Flare! What do you want, asshole? You here to kill me? Talk, motherfucker.
Who the fuck are you? The lawyer sent me, damn it! She didn't tell me anything.
Why should I trust you? I'm unarmed, brother.
I'm only here because the leaders fucked me over, like they did with you.
The pigs are right.
It's time for the checkmate.
You've got to be kidding me right now! We ain't got time to fucking kid around.
I gotta send them a fucking message! We are all that's left out here.
- Now's not the time - Counselor.
- The pigs fucking killed everyone.
- Damn right.
God knows what the hell they're doing to Buri in the pen! If now not the time, then when is it? Blowing up a police station, Neiva? - You think that's easy? - Keep your voice down.
We can fucking do it.
We're the fucking Brotherhood! Think about all the innocent people, Edson, that could end up dead.
Think about the risk we'd be taking.
The Brotherhood could end if we mess it up.
This is war, damn it.
Don't you fucking get it? If we give up and bow down, then yeah, that's the end of the Brotherhood.
- Damn right, Savage.
- There's another way.
If we bring Gomes down, then the war stops.
I'm done negotiating with those fucking pieces of shit.
And I'll tell you what, damn it.
If one of our guys dies on their account, then we kill three, kill five, we kill ten pigs in return.
- It's time we tell them what's up.
Right? - Straight up.
We gotta sacrifice.
- We'll shed blood for the cause, right? - Goddamn right.
They own the entire fucking state, man! You know what they'll do? They're gonna hunt us all down, one by one.
So fucking be it.
Let them hunt.
Let them kill, whatever they want.
But one fucking thing's for sure, damn it.
After this bomb goes off, our Brotherhood's ideals will only spread.
It doesn't have to be like this.
Listen here, Cristina.
The plan is in fucking motion.
Tomorrow we're stealing those goddamn bombs.
and before they even realize what's going on Hmm! boom! You're right about one thing, Cristina.
Out here in the world, we're the only ones left.
And that's why I need you to tell me that you'll stand with me to the end.
Right? Right, damn it? We're the Brotherhood, right? - Hey, give me some meat, bro.
- Almost done.
Take it.
At my place, the visitors are the ones who serve me.
Hmm, sorry about the mess, dude.
I've been holed up in here for so long, I feel like a zombie.
I just came out of the clink, bro.
This is like a five-star hotel, y'know? Who's there? Shit, man! Hey! All right, Cris! How are you? - Well, a few scratches here and there.
- What's up? - Welcome.
Make yourself at home.
- Look.
There's some sausage, if you want, and some stuff, if you want a smoke.
Anyway, what's up, counselor? Do you still think the Brotherhood can take over the drug den? Damn, I dream about that every day.
But now I gotta see what's the situation there.
That Brotherhood is as bad as the Italian mafia.
Did they kill more cops than you can count? Oh, yes, they did.
Did they kidnap our fellow reporter? Yes, they did.
Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, keep your windows and doors closed, - because that is one dangerous thug! - Fuck, man, those guys are the shit.
The Brotherhood should fucking pull up and show who's boss to these pieces of shit.
The Brotherhood, Tamara? Did I hear right? Did you say "Brotherhood"? Those guys who fucked me over? Is that right? You're gonna buy the Brotherhood tee now? Huh? Now I gotta stay locked up in a room because of those fuckers every day.
And here you are, praising those motherfuckers out loud, huh? What's with this bullshit in my crib? The cops killed my brother at Carandiru, Oséas.
I'm just saying someone should deal with those pigs.
What, and I don't? I don't deal with them? Huh? Go do your fucking job! Go! - Close the bar.
- Everybody get the fuck out! Everybody get out.
This shit belongs to Oséas, motherfuckers! Change the channel, too.
What the hell, Biro? You serving me this beer or not? Damn it, your brother let me out there! And now he comes up with something like this? Blowing up a police station, Cris? - Edson's lost it.
- I told you, there'll be no bombing.
I'm just stringing Edson along.
You know I want to be sure about the drug den plan.
Edson won't listen to anyone's ideas.
When he realizes that this other plan will bring us peace, justice, and cash, and expand our faction, he'll realize that we don't need to bomb anything.
So why haven't you talked to him yet? He doesn't know I let Flare live.
I need to take my time before talking to him.
At the right time, in the right way.
You let Flare live because you think with your head, But he doesn't, though.
You know Edson's not like that.
You're trying to convince him to end a war he started himself.
- He created the whole Brotherhood.
- Now he's destroying it.
The police killed everyone, Ivan.
Edson's only doing what he thinks is right.
Hey, listen to me, Cris.
You're smarter than all of us combined, counselor.
It's about time you call the shots here in the outside world.
Are you insane? I can't betray my own brother.
This is about justice, isn't it? Ivan, you and Flare make sure we take over the drug den.
And I make sure Edson stays on our side.
All right.
You know, I I fucking care about you a lot, you know that, counselor? And I'll always be I'll always be on your side on this journey.
But Be careful, you know? I don't want you to get hurt, Cris.
You're free, Ivan.
You're free.
Use that and shit goes south.
- Hi! How's it going? Uh - Hey.
Do you know how can I get to that one street, uh Doctor, uh Colonel Américo Pinheiro.
Hold on.
I'll go down there and show you.
Calm down, man.
- What the - Where are the keys? - What keys? - Keys to that lock, god damn it.
- Where are they? - Here, here, take it.
Now, come with me.
Come with me.
Keep it down, okay? Don't fucking try anything funny! Don't fucking pull off anything, you hear me? Here, get down on your knees.
Stay there.
If you move, if you get up, if you try anything, you're dead, okay? PRIVATE SURVEILLANCE I'll fucking kill you both! - That's enough.
Come on.
- Hold on, damn it.
Let's go.
Let's go, Edson! You can't do this.
That's enough to blow up a mountain! Shut the fuck up! Are you crazy, Neiva? He got and up and started running Come on, Edson, let's go.
Please, man, for the love of God! Let's go! Come on, let's go! You killed him Why did you do that? You said my name, damn it! Listen, Cristina! If I have to blow up the whole fucking world, for one of ours, I'll fucking do it! God forgives, I fucking don't! Let's go! Let's fucking go! No one likes living in fear, you know? When Oséas ran away, there were even fireworks near the favela entrance.
When you say it like that, you make it sound like it's easy.
Turning an entire favela to our side.
It won't be easy, but I know my 'hood and I tell you, it's doable, okay? I don't know.
Yeah, and Oséas is still hiding.
Ivan, relax, brother.
Hear me out.
Tamara and I know this place good.
Check it out.
His watchmen are all holed up in that building over there.
If we find a way to take those dudes out, Oséas loses his shield.
And, bro, if the Brotherhood comes in and did it how they do it, people would even party, man.
We'll have so many dead presidents on our hands, we'll never eat bad meat again, just filet mignon.
Okay, we need to figure out how we're gonna plant this.
I'll find a way into the police station.
Go in, set up, leave.
No one's after me.
What the hell is this? "It's on.
You can tell your brother now.
" What the fuck's this? - Ivan and I came up with a plan.
- Who did you say? Ivan? What the fuck? So Ivan's alive? What? You wish he wasn't? Ivan's Brotherhood, right? What the fuck have you two been plotting behind my back? No one's plotting anything behind your back, Edson.
I had to be sure it was on before I told you.
Didn't you see? Told me what? We wanna be in control of Oséas's drug den.
And then the Brotherhood gets their revenge on the Secretary.
With cash, time, patience, and lives, so the Brotherhood can grow.
And why should we care about this fucking drug den? Oséas is the son of a bitch who stole from the Brotherhood.
And Flare says Oséas has lost cred in the favela, and Wait a minute.
Didn't you fucking kill Flare? You taught me to do what's right, Edson.
Killing Flare was just wrong! Listen, Cristina.
I killed my own wife based on your word.
Now I see your word can't be trusted! How long have you been using my faction behind my back? Isn't that the Brotherhood's way? - I thought everybody had a voice.
- I am the way.
- I started this goddamn thing.
- And I worked my ass off for you out here.
If it weren't for me, there would be no riot, no heist, no prison break, nothing! Everything I did, I did for the Brotherhood! Bullshit! What else can I do to make you see that, Edson? Listen closely.
I'm gonna tell you this one last time.
Once and for all.
We can lose Scavenger.
We can lose Darlene.
We can lose any damn motherfucker.
I am the Brotherhood.
And if I give you an order, you abide.
So tomorrow, you are taking the bombs.
And you are going to plant them in the fucking police station.
And you'll be sleeping here tonight.
- On top of it? - Nice and slow.
If you're in the Brotherhood, you gotta be ready to kill or be killed.
If there's anything that life has taught me, Cristina, it's that you get two families, you know? The bad one you're born into, and the good one that we choose ourselves.
I only kill those who deserve to be killed.
It's time we tell them what's up.
I ain't killing just one.
I'm killing all of them.
I am the Brotherhood! I am! And that's why I need you to tell me that you'll stand with me to the end.
Hello? I'd like to file a report.
Where the fuck is she? Come on.
Let's go, bro.
What's right is right, Cris.
All right, Do Vale, let's go.
Get into position, okay? Don't lose focus! C'mon, go, go, go! Hurry up.
C'mon, get into position! Hurry! Make sure you get everything.
Okay? Everything.
POLICE Attention, all units.
Prepare to engage.
Isn't the Secretary putting on his little show now? - How long has he been in there, huh? - It's been a while, sir.
Zoom in on the Secretary.
Close up on Gomes.
Go on, go on.
Focus on him.
End of the line, Edson! And let this be a lesson to you, once and for all.
Those in the law's crosshairs will either get arrested or die! I'm with you, brother.
Then you should live to tell my tale.
Wait for the signal, then blow it all up.
- What the hell do you want? - It's about my monthly pay.
Yo, you better miss me with your excuses.
Oséas doesn't want any delays.
Then tell him I'm not paying.
Are you crazy, woman? You're paying right now.
I don't have any cash.
What are you gonna take from me? Where the fuck are last night's earnings? The hell I'm telling you.
Do you think I was born yesterday? Galego.
Hold the fort for a bit.
I'll be right back, boy.
- Come with me.
- What? No I'm telling you.
I'm strapped, damn it! You ain't gonna find anything there.
You're wasting your time.
What's up, lady? I heard Oséas is back in business.
Tell him I got an offer he'll want to hear.
Sorry, appointments only, lady.
Tell him I know Flare is.
Is that Enough for an appointment? Ivan.
Keep your eyes peeled.
 Cris is going in.
Sounds good.
I'm all set over here.
If you keep this up, you leave me no choice, Edson.
What do you want? You're getting this, right? That's the stuff.
Today our ratings are gonna skyrocket! What do you want me to do? Do you actually want us to go in guns blazing? Do you, Edson? He's coming out, okay? He's coming out! - Get him! - Hands behind your head! - Come, come, come! - Hands behind your head! Get down, down, down, now! Come on.
Stay on the damn ground! Hands on your back.
He's in there.
He's alone.
Go on in.
And you can aim right for the man's head.
- Go.
- Roger that, sir.
I told you not to wake me up.
And then you guys go and wake me up because of some whore, man.
Some random cock-sucking bitch! - She said - What the fuck did she say, dude? Tell me what she said to them! Fuck, she couldn't say what she's gotta say after noon, god damn it? If I wanted to wake up early I wouldn't be a crook! Do I look like I'm working class? Tell me, bro! - Not at all, boss.
- Then look in my eye, bro! - No, no, big boss.
- Good.
God damn it.
What the fuck, Bazooka? - So, boss, the lady showed up - Lady? Lady, my fucking ass! That's the fucking bitch that got together with Flare to fuck us over! I'm with the Brotherhood.
We've got an offer for you.
They have an offer for me! Then tell them to give me one reason not to torture you until you tell me Flare's whereabouts and where to get my stolen money back! Flare's right here.
Hey, guards, Flare's here, man! He came in with this whore! Find him for me! Find him, god damn it! I'm here all right, asshole? Soon I'll be dancing on top of your damn grave, son of a bitch.
Let's go.
Come on, man, go.
What the hell? Why did you leave this fucking door open? - What the hell are you thinking? - Sorry, boss.
- Look down when you're talking to me! - My bad, boss.
- Fuck! - Just look out there.
The favela has a message for you.
I have a little message for you too.
I have this crazy urge to cut up your entire fucking face, that bitch-ass whore face of yours! BROTHERHOOD - WHAT'S RIGHT IS RIGH What the fuck is this? What's with all this ruckus in my 'hood? What the fuck is this, god damn it? WHAT'S RIGHT IS RIGH Ivan.
Where the hell are you? What, you're not happy, huh? What's with all this Brotherhood shit? The residents want to change things around here.
They're with the Brotherhood.
Not gonna snipe that son of a bitch? He's on the fucking balcony! Come on, Ivan! The motherfucker's right there! Flare.
Flare, something's wrong, man.
What do you mean? - I don't know.
Ivan's not answering.
- Shit! Fuck! I'm going there.
They're all with us.
They want justice.
What about you? Justice, huh? You know what justice means around here? It means beheading rats like you and Flare.
And hanging your heads on the wall like trophies.
And that's what I'll do! Where's the Brotherhood to help you? Where's the Brotherhood to help you now? Where's the damn Where's the Brotherhood, huh?! The Brotherhood's not just here to save me.
They're here to save this entire favela.
Save it from what, motherfucker? Who wants the Brotherhood's help, huh? Do you want the Brotherhood's help, bro? Do you want the Brotherhood's help, huh? Do you? Flare does.
The people out there with fireworks and those flags! They're tired of being stepped on by you! And the risk of being killed any time for any reason! You're a fucking talker, huh? That bitch yaps too fucking much, man! That's a fuck lot of talking! I can do whatever I want with you.
You know why? 'Cause I'm the boss around here, asshole.
And I didn't do anything yet because I want you to tell me where my cash and where that son of a bitch Flare is! So you ought to start talking, motherfucker, okay? Do I need to cut your eye out, huh? To make you talk? Huh? Actually, I'm gonna cut your eye out anyway.
Do you know why? 'Cause you can still tell me where my money is with one eye.
- I'll fucking rip your eye out - Oséas! Hey, asshole! Show your face, you clown! Come and get me, motherfucker! Hey, you piece of shit! I'll fuck you up, you son of a bitch! You fucking coward! I'm here! Come on! Why isn't anyone Go to hell, you cock-sucking motherfucker! Don't do anything stupid! Don't try anything! Don't move! There's more where that came from! Nobody do anything! You know the Brotherhood, don't you? You saw on TV what we're capable of, both good and bad.
But we don't want to start a war.
The one person who had to die is already dead.
The Brotherhood is about peace and justice among the brothers.
You got it? Are you with us? Are you with us, god damn it? - Hell yeah.
- Yes, ma'am.
Yeah, we are.
We are with you.
- There we go, bro.
- Hell yeah.
Hey, people, we are the Brotherhood! And we're here to bring discipline! We're gonna run this place the same way we run the penitentiary! By doing things the right way! The right way is the law! Each brother and each sister will be respected! And your discipline will be your own protection! From now on, all conflicts will be resolved by means of debate! We found the suspect.
What's right is right! You're surrounded, Edson! Because word is bond, brothers! It's just a matter of time now! - You understand? - One, two You can destroy From now on, nobody steals from members of the community! No one murders anyone without a trial! What's right is right! And what's wrong will be punished! - We're the fucking Brotherhood! - We're the fucking Brotherhood! We're the fucking Brotherhood! We're the fucking Brotherhood! We're the fucking Brotherhood! We're the fucking Brotherhood! We're the Brotherhood! We're the Brotherhood! We're the fucking Brotherhood! That's right! Fucking Brotherhood! We're the fucking Brotherhood! Yeah! We're the fucking Brotherhood! There you go, you piece of shit.
See, you got beat up for nothing.
Your leader is done for, got it? Go.
That way.
Keep walking, man.
Come on.
Go, go.
Savage, can only do his work of evil six feet under.
so he had to explode himself.
the São Paulo Civil Police may have just taken down Edson Ferreira, the criminal known as Edson the Savage, leader of the Brotherhood criminal faction.
The police learned Edson's whereabouts from an anonymous tip.
- The sources - Time to talk, bro! You were the one who ratted on Savage! I am no rat, man.
Oh yeah? Then why did you just leave the hole? It was Savage.
He gave me the strength to endure the torture.
The crack.
I didn't smoke it.
I tricked them.
I tricked the pigs, man.
- I swear! - Are you getting emotional, bro? - I swear I tricked the pigs.
- Huh? The Brotherhood's got a new leader, brother.
I'm the one who enforces our way now.
And if we think that you're a rat, Buri then you're a rat, motherfucker! You're gonna die, asshole! You're gonna die, you're gonna die! God damn it! You're fucking dead! Hey, back off.
Run to the pigs while you still can, you son of a bitch! But from now on, Buri, the past is in the past, brother.
And each and every clink in Brazil will follow our brand new way.
- Brand new way, my ass! - Come on.
Come on! - The Brotherhood is Edson's word! - Come on.
- The Brotherhood is Edson's fucking word! - Come on.
Try your luck, you goddamn fucking clown! We're the fucking Brotherhood! We're the fucking Brotherhood! We're Brotherhood! So it's always been you, huh? I told you I'm unbreakable.
End of the line, Edson! Those in the law's crosshairs will either get arrested or die! You're surrounded, Edson! Where is everyone? I don't know.
Where's my daughter? I told you I don't know.
I want to hear you say you're a rat.
Darlene really rat on Scavenger? Tell me, damn it! It was your idea, wasn't it? And the tunnel? Who was the snitch? I had no choice.
- Marcel was gonna die - You killed all my brothers, god damn it! You know what, Cristina? Your time has come.
But first I wanna know why you ratted on me again? Now, after everything that went down.
You drifted apart from your way, Edson.
This war makes no sense.
The Brotherhood can't go on this way.
- This ain't your story.
- You'll always think that.
You founded it.
And saw it grow.
But now, the one fighting for real justice, the one fighting for what's right is not you anymore.
If we're to have a future, then I am the Brotherhood's future.
Fuck your future, damn it! No! But I thought we'd stay together.
Where is he? You found him! Come! Come! - Come here! Come! Come here - Come here! Come give him a hug! Give him a hug! Oh, you're so cute! Ah! All right! With the Brotherhood in the house, no one's starving in the 'hood.
- 'Sup, Bazooka? All good around here? - Tamara! Good, check it out.
The Brotherhood's here, you know how it is.
We all do, right? So tell me, you need anything? Everything checks out Great.
Hit me up if you need anything.
- Yo.
- 'Sup, brother? From the new den.
Yeah, our way also makes money, bro.
Damn right.
We're taking over the world.
The clink, the den From now on, we own everything, counselor.
The Brotherhood does.

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