Is Love Sustainable? (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Let's feel our own breathing.
Let's feel our breath.
Let's feel this moment.
The soft breeze on my cheek.
The scent of the trees.
The scent of
It smells burnt!
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait
Dad, can't you at least turn off the gas?
You can smell it, can't you?
- Dad!
- What?
You can't even smell when you're concentrating?
- Fire!
- I made curry for dinner last night.
- So I'm warming up leftovers.
- Burnt curry?
I made it savory.
Not many Japanese find this savory.
Here's your breakfast.
- What?
- You use a lot of plates,
it's a hassle to wash them, and it's not good for the earth either.
You're not nice to me. You're always
I'm not as nice as you.
Dad, you and I are both working now.
- You need to help around.
- Yeah
I haven't charged my phone.
What? Where'd I put my phone?
Move, move, move. I have to charge it.
What is it? Is it here? What?
Hey Dad.
- Call me now.
- Again? You're sloppy, messy
Yeah, whatever, hurry up!
You know, I was reading the weather forecast.
You said your battery was low, so I put my phone here to get your charger.
If you put the newspaper on top of my phone, I won't be able to find it, right?
You look for your phone every morning.
You're always looking for the charger.
You've got to learn where it is.
Fold your own laundry.
Yeah, yeah.
- Ah! Ah!
- Stretch your lumbar vertebrae
Makes you look older.
Oh, my phone.
Where did I put my phone?
Where did I put it?
Oh, here.
I wonder if there's still a Japanese word to describe the act of looking for your phone at home.
I wonder if there's a Japanese word that describes the act of looking for a smartphone at home.
"Marrying online - Remo-kon"
Remote marriage?
I'm off.
I don't care what kind of marriage it is.
Yoko-san, do you think she can get married?
Wait up I'm getting on.
Is it really worth it to get married, I wonder?
Some people say it's a difficult time to live in.
I'm glad I was born in this time.
It's like some kind of statistic.
Some people have typical families.
Some live with their spouses
Single mothers?
Whatever their lifestyle
At 25, they call it unsold Christmas cake.
I'm more free compared to the Showa era.
But now that there are so many different ways to live
It's harder to find someone who wants to live the same way as you.
It's harder than it used to be.
I'm here now in my body, my head, my soul
I want to spend it all doing the things I want to do.
I don't have time for marriage.
Good morning. Good morning.
Good morning.
- Good morning, Kenshin-sensei.
- Good morning.
- Kyoka-sensei.
- Huh?
- Your front's in the back.
-No way!
Inhale, lift your right arm from the side
Exhale, and roll your upper body to the left.
Take it easy. Go as far as you feel comfortable.
Eyes on the ceiling.
Breathe with your chest open.
Yoga is not only about doing difficult poses.
Keeping one's body and mind clean in daily life,
is one of the teachings of yoga.
Cleanliness in your life
Do not let negative emotions
such as jealousy and attachment take control of your life.
The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.
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- Good work
- Good work!
Oops, that's it!
- I'm sorry. Are you okay?
- I'm fine. I'm fine.
I'm sure the students would be surprised if they were to see the real Kyoka-sensei.
I really didn't have time today.
Well, just because I'm an instructor, doesn't mean I have to follow all the yoga teachings.
I'd be a hermit.
I'm trying to be a hermit.
I'd be sitting on the terrace in the morning, thinking about smoothies.
I think about it, but then I wouldn't have time to stretch.
I'd get up so early, I'd be hungry. I'd be eating chocolate by now.
I see you're watching Mikako's Instagram.
I wasn't talking about her.
You're jealous that she has 100,000 followers?
- Good work.
- Good work.
-Good work.
- Phew.
Oh, tell you a secret.
I have to be everyone's MIKAKO.
Or my students and fans will be sad, right?
I'm nice to myself and to everyone.
Ahimsa chocolate? Ahhahahahaha!
Non-violent chocolate? Yes.
- I'm off to the studio in Aoyama.
- See you later.
Kyoka-sensei, why are your shifts so packed these days?
The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.
The time you enjoy
Self-analysis sheet
Start your self-analysis by looking back at yourself. What is your personality?
Look back at myself
Shoulders, relax, suck in your tummy.
You work as hard as you can for your job, for your goals.
No, I work too hard, and my time off is messy and sloppy.
Feel the present moment
Cleanse your mind and body.
The contradiction is that I'm not doing what yoga teaches.
Be kind to yourself and be kind to others.
There are times when it's hard to be kind to others.
I started yoga to be kind.
Let's go!
New sensation, Amazon grown delicious Cheesecake drink
Amazon grown?
Strong skin
(Cartoon macaron)
Japanese Dictionary
("Gacha" is already in the dictionary, right?
Yes, but it's used for toys and games.
So I thought I'd include an example of a word used these days to express coincidence.
Or fate or destiny
The linguistic difference between "fate" and "destiny" is
Sensei, anything else?
I was out on the town earlier,
looking for more examples of expressions
- (This is bad, isn't it?)
- (It's bad.)
- (Right?)
- (And then my dad got really mad and said I can't stay over.)
(I told him it was Erica's house.)
(Seriously, I got a bad gacha from my parents)
(Hey wait a minute, that dude is eavesdropping on us)
- (That's gross!)
- (What's going on?)
- (Really?)
- (Why is he doing it?)
- (What is he writing down?)
- (Is it bad?)
- (Gross!)
- (Whoa, it's huge!)
I was really defeated.
Sawada-sensei, please moderate your work ethic.
If you're like that, I'm worried your daughter will never get married.
My daughter, because of me?
I'm sorry.
Is there something wrong?
- No
- I'm sorry.
If there's something wrong, just let me know. It's fine.
May I ask you to turn around?
Turn around.
Excuse me. Open your chest.
Clear the airway
Oh, this way.
Ah, uh
[Independent Entrepreneurship Seminar]
Eh~ Nice to meet you all.
You can call me Danny.
I joined with the goal of launching a platform
that would allow any user to share their product designs
within a year or two.
I look forward to working with you.
Now, the two of you who just arrived,
please introduce yourselves.
In order to eliminate any preconceived notions of status,
we'll call each other by our favorite nicknames.
Well, then
I'm Seita, as in "Haru" (for the word "Sei") and "Taro" (for the word "Ta").
That's my real name
I can't think of anything else. I'm looking forward to working with you.
As for me, I'm Kyoka, with "Anzu" (for the work "Kyo") and "Hana" (for the word "Ka")
As the name implies,
I was born on a rainy spring day.
I'm looking forward to working with you.
It's how many advocates you get that
determines the size of your business.
What's important is the power of attraction.
It's the ability to draw people in.
So here's your homework.
The next time you talk to a stranger.
Describe your business as if you're trying to seduce a woman.
Now, please open the self-analysis sheet I gave you.
Shall we hear from each of you why you're attending this seminar?
Let's see
Well, I
I work for a general real estate company.
Two years ago, I was transferred to the New Business Department.
Uhh. or something
Are you dissatisfied with your current position?
No, not at all.
Right now, it's not so much about me.
It's more about people.
I want to find a family-friendly way to work.
That's why I came to this seminar.
You're very devoted to your wife.
I don't have a wife.
I have no intention of getting married.
Let's continue with
I believe that Japanese business is about each individual
Excuse me!
I'm sorry about before.
Not at all.
I'm a yoga instructor.
Ah, so that's what it was!
I have an occupational hazard.
Thank you.
See you later, Kyoka-san.
If you don't mind.
Would you like to have some tea?
I'm glad to meet you.
Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.
- Seita-san
- Kyoka-san.
It's written "apricot flower and rain" and pronounced as Kyoka.
It's the rain that falls in spring when apricot flowers bloom.
Kyoka rain. I've never heard it before.
That's normal. My father is a Japanese word nerd.
He's a linguist who compiled a Japanese dictionary.
Wow, that's amazing.
He can't do anything but work.
He couldn't even tell if the curry was burnt or aromatic.
I live with my father.
We got into a fight this morning over some curry leftovers from dinner.
Is he a single father?
No. My mom passed away two years ago, so I moved back home.
We fought a lot.
I'm sorry, I know it's hard to react.
No, no.
I'm sure your father is happy to have his sweet daughter back at home.
I'm sure your father is happy to have you around.
It's about money.
I came home to save money for my own business.
I haven't told my company yet.
That's why you went to the seminar.
That's why I'm not nice to him.
- Seita-san on the other hand.
- You're the one who is nice, Kyoka-san.
You're making dinner for your father.
It's not easy to cook for family every day.
- It's a lot of work.
- No, it's just curry.
Curry is amazing.
It's like eating traditional Chinese medicine, with all kinds of spices.
Spices like licorice, turmeric and cloves.
And coriander. Did you know that coriander is the fruit of the pak choi plant?
No, it's
Sorry, I just like curry.
That's very well understood.
I'm sorry.
Parents gacha
Parents gacha
A negative term for being born to less than ideal parents.
Derived from the method of obtaining items from a game.
Parents gacha - Failure
Oh, stop!
I don't care about the content of the seminar. I'm just asking if there were any good guys.
It's useless to expect Kyoka-san to know that.
Your antenna for marriage is broken.
Hey Suzu, this is Kazuma-kun's, isn't it?
Even if he comes back, he'll probably get into a fight and leave again.
I mean, what's with this creature? Gross!
If you've lived together for four years and you're not getting married, why don't you just break up?
Isn't that a waste of time? If I don't get married and get my money back,
the last four years will be a waste.
I paid 10,000 for that.
[Marriage Charm]
If you can get married for 10,000, it's a bargain.
It's the most important thing in life.
Why are you working so hard to get married?
There are just as many single guys as us.
Be more natural.
You're over 30. Why are you being so lax?
Girls have to work hard now. It's not like it'll just happen naturally.
Kyoka, maybe you don't feel threatened because you live with your parents.
Maybe it's the other way around.
When I'm at home with my father
"Mom, why did you marry him?" I wonder.
Was it a good decision to get married?
I want to ask her.
Dad, how are things lately?
Compared to when just before you died.
But getting back on one's feet
You had an interesting mom, didn't you?
She won the AKB singing contest.
Before she got married, she was traveling the world as an interpreter, right?
But once she got married, she went straight into the home.
Aww, my ideal life.
I wonder if that's true.
Maybe there was something she really wanted to do.
Maybe she wanted to be a mom.
Whenever I go to the shrine to pray for my Mom,
I always pray for the health and happiness of the family.
Even on Tanabata
I've never prayed for anyone's happiness.
I can't be like my mom.
I can't live my life putting someone else first.
Anyway, for now.
I want to have my own ideal studio.
And one day, I'd like to do yoga by the ocean in the tropics.
I want to live like a human being.
Kyoka's face has lost spirit when she was working.
So you're not getting married?
No, I just don't want to get married now.
I just want to fall in love normally.
I want to fall in love with a normal, kind person.
Most normal, kind people want to get married, don't they?
They exist? People like Kyoka.
Yes, there is.
(A relationship of trust with an investor.)
That's the very lifeblood of starting a business.
Investors are serious. They're not sentimental.
Not to mention the advantages and disadvantages.
You need to present the advantages as well as the disadvantages logically and concretely,
so that you will gain credibility.
Your merits and the investors' merits.
Let's find the greatest common denominator.
(Highlighted: Merit - Demerit)
When I was a kid, getting wet in the rain was fun.
Spring rain is so gentle.
So this is what you call Kyoka rain.
After meeting you, Kyoka-san,
I remembered how nice it is to be in the rain.
Oh, excuse me.
You must be hungry.
Yes, I am.
Very hungry.
Wanna go eat?
Shall we go?
Anyone can make curry, but the taste is totally different.
Each family has its own taste.
This place uses an original blend of spices.
It contains a spice called mace.
No, it's
What's that? Maybe it's too spicy?
May I make a suggestion?
I think we're two people who are not going to get along very well.
- How's that?
- Well, first of all, I
First of all, I have a dream of opening a yoga studio.
I have a goal of opening a yoga studio, and I'm not currently planning on getting married.
I see.
So, the advantage is that
I don't have to say "When are you getting married?"
I won't pressured any man into it.
And as for the disadvantages
I'm a messy, sloppy person.
I'm too lazy to take care of myself.
I can't take care of my husband.
I'd rather have a wife.
She'd change my clothes. She'd take the labels off my plastic bottles. She takes out the trash on garbage day.
She'd sort out all the mess we have to live with.
- I understand that.
- You get it, right?
In short, my disadvantage is your advantage. I think.
- What?
- Because
You don't want to get married either, right?
- Well
- Which is why,
I don't see any reason why we shouldn't be together.
As a precursor to marriage,
will you go out with me?
No, but I
Oh, you mean you're rejecting me?
- Uh, Uh.
- You're right.
Don't worry. I don't mind at all.
I'm sorry, it came off like a presentation.
- No, it's not that
- It's just that I was thinking too much.
I'm sorry.
I'm a single father.
Divorced. I have a son.
He's in second grade.
That's why I'm not married.
I see.
Kyoka, you have your own dreams and goals.
But I don't have dreams or goals anymore.
Right now, my son comes first.
But working at a company
It's hard to raise a child.
That's why I went to the seminar to find more freedom in work.
A balance between work and home?
Yes, I am.
For my son.
That's why Kyoka is too good for me.
- You should find someone with a better future.
- Perhaps
is it the health and happiness of your family that you pray for at the shrine?
Even tanzaku strips during Tanabata?
Well, yes.
I love it,
without a doubt, your son, and his father.
I can't do it, but
I admire that way of life.
Thank you.
Somehow, you've cheered me up.
- If you don't mind, can we
- Will you forget about that
You go first.
If you'd like
we can be friends.
- Friends?
- Yes, friends.
Let's exchange LINE accounts.
Add friend
Add friend
Let me get it.
If you need anything, just call me.
- If I need anything
- Even if you don't need anything.
Yes, I understand.
Thank you Dad.
Dad. Dad, wake up.
Your phone was ringing.
Yeah, I was asleep.
Thank you.
Sawada Kyoko: The curry was very delicious. Thank you for today.
Me too.
Me too. Thank you very much!
Are you working again?
- From your boss?
- Huh? No.
From a dear friend.
Hmm? What's that smell?
- Did you wash your head?
- I did.
- No, Daddy's washing it.
- No!
No! When dad does it my head gets all bubbly!
- No, no, no, I don't want to!
- Okay, okay, okay, okay, I got you
- I'm home.
- Welcome home.
What are you doing?
I'm cooking curry. I want to know how to prepare it.
It's fine to be cooking or preparing.
- But why are you doing this all of a sudden?
- I'll do a little bit of housework from now on.
You can get married without worrying about your father.
It's late, so I thought you were seeing your boyfriend.
No, it's nothing like that.
- Just leave me alone.
- I can't leave you alone.
So, how's it going? Getting married?
I don't know
Hey, what's marriage?
- What?
- What does the dictionary say?
No, it depends on the dictionary
Let me see
A man and a woman become husband and wife.
That's like saying when you look up "idiot" and the dictionary says "moron".
How would you explain the meaning of marriage, dad?
I don't know yet.
- You don't?
- Anyway, you should get married.
What's going on? You've been saying marriage, marriage, marriage
If you can't get married because Kyoka got screwed by the parents gacha, I can't die in peace
What are you saying?
Mom is finally enjoying her freedom in Heaven.
If mum was alive and died now, it would be so sad.
She's already died once.
So stop talking about dying.
It'll make it even harder for me to get married.
He thinks about the meaning of words all day and has no ability to live.
If you're going to cook, why didn't you do it while she was alive?
I wonder if she was happy.
I'm sorry.
So don't talk about dying anymore.
It's already been two years since mom died.
Did you call the temple to let them know about the third anniversary?
This way please.
Please go that way.
I'm sorry, Auntie Chieko, for leaving everything to you on such short notice.
No problem. How's it going?
How's life together?
Yeah We're not similar at all.
But we're getting by.
They were a close couple.
But I've only known them after they became parents.
I can't imagine how my father married my mother.
Back then
Rintaro was still a poor scholar.
Everyone was against it.
Yoko was working hard.
What do you call it now, a disparite marriage?
Sounded like a big love affair.
I didn't know.
You and mom were deeply in love, weren't you?
Of course you were. You got married.
Of course it's still hard and you miss her.
It's not only because Yoko died that I'm lonely.
When Yoko died
I, who only exists when I'm with Yoko, died too.
You might have liked this person
The person I am when I'm with Yoko
The meaning of marriage?
You know
I still don't know.
Just talking about meaningless things.
Talking with Yoko was more fun than anything else.
It was fun.
I'll get rid of everything except the ones Kyoka wants to keep.
Put them in this box.
Dad, you don't have to do this.
I don't need the stuff anymore.
I promised Yoko earlier
Even if we're reborn, we'll be together.
Dad, this
To Rintaro
Divorce Papers
That's not it right? Maybe it was practice.
Maybe "practice" is a strange word.
Maybe it's a surprise.
You know Mom, she was always up to some mischief.
Leave me alone.
I'm extremely sorry.
That's what I'm saying, these letters look like grains of rice.
- I can't read them.
- Sir, can I help you?
- Are you the boss?
- Yes.
We are truly sorry.
It's okay. We'll do our best.
- Can you do it by the end of the day?
- Yes, I'll do my best.
Let's do our best.
What's wrong?)
We're almost there.
- Let's do it together.
- I can't do it.
If I do my best and still end up like Sawada-san
I don't want to work hard.
Hello. I'm Higashimura.
You're early today.
- My afternoon appointment got cancelled.
- Is that so?
Daddy is here.
Sawada Kyoka: Can we meet now?
(Are you working? Oh
I can keep him for an extra hour.
I'll be here until the end.
Thank you.
Nichiro, your dad has to work.
So let's build a big secret base with him.
Yay! Okay, let's go.
Sorry, Seita.
- I thought you were busy
- No, I have some free time.
What happened?
I'm just came from a memorial service.
You said to call even if there's nothing wrong.
I'm sorry. It's hard to go anywhere dressed like this.
Of course.
I'm fine.
Shall we go?
- What? Where?
- Let's go.
So, where are we going?
I thought it'd be better if we just got on the first bus that came along,
without deciding where to go.
That cloud looks like a turtle.
There, see, under the big cloud.
Sea turtles lay their eggs in the sand, right?
Yes, when the temperature of the sand exceeds 29.5 degrees, a female is born.
If it's less than that, a male is born, you know?
What? Then
So if the temperature goes up, it'll be a female-only world?
- Yeah.
- That's sad, isn't it?
- Sad?
- Yes, it's sad. Only females.
If only females are swimming in this world,
that's a terrible destruction of nature.
Is there some misunderstanding?
No, I just don't want to get married.
- Men are
- That's yeah.
You know, right?
- I'm sorry.
- No, don't be sorry.
Even if you've been married for a long time
Eternal love?
I don't know about that
Even married couples.
One person may love the other for a long time.
But it's hard to keep feeling the same way about each other.
I'm divorced you know.
- I'm sorry.
- Ah, no!
But it's true, I had fun.
It was a good time.
A good time
Let's make a bet.
If the next guy who gets on
If he wears a pink shirt, I'll buy you a drink.
A pink shirt?
Is there anyone like that? I wonder.
Is pink unfair?
I'm sorry, we're in the middle of nowhere.
"The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time."
The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.
Oh, wow.
I really enjoyed the bus.
Then, that's good.
It's beautiful.
It is.
Today was the third anniversary of my mother's death.
I didn't know that.
I'm sorry. I'm just talking about meaningless things.
It meant something to me.
Yes, it did.
It was a really good time for me.
It's been a good day.
I haven't seen a sunset like this in a long time.
And I bought a juice.
Me too.
I'm always busy at this time of night.
You really pushed yourself to come, didn't you?
- I'm sorry.
- It's ok.
We're friends.
When I'm with you,
I feel like I can be nice to people.
Like Gandhi?
In yoga, there's the idea of ahimsa, non-violence.
You must not do violence to others.
You may think it's obvious.
Among people,
I am also included.
Do not force your mind and body
Are you forcing yourself to be violent?
I want to be kind.
To others and to myself.
Open your chest.
Create a pathway for air.
In through the nose.
Breathe out through your mouth.
Slowly exhale.
- Good morning.
- 'mornin.
Oh, you heard me.
I'm making breakfast now.
- Did you make this, Dad?
- Yes
Oh, that's right.
I've decided to start marriage hunting today.
I went to a marriage counselor and was invited to an engagement party.
What? Wait, wait, wait!
I know the divorce papers came as a shock.
I was surprised too, but don't get desperate.
I'm not desperate.
You don't have to go here.
Maybe you'll meet someone naturally.
You think your dad's gonna meet someone natural?
I don't think so, but
But if I remarry, you won't have to take care of me anymore.
How's that sound?
It's great.
Good luck. If it makes your father happy
What are you talking about? You and me are going to get married together.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I signed up for two marriage parties.
What? Parent and child?
I'm going.
- Are you ready?
- Oh, yeah
Hey, that's it!
Dad, your hem is frayed.
Oh, damn it.
Come here, come here, come here, come sit down
Lift your legs. Ready?
Ouch! Ouch
A stapler? You know Yoko would have never
When you meet other people, don't compare them to mom, OK?
Please wait over there.
What's your name?
Sawada Rintaro and
My daughter, Kyoka.
Then please wear this tag.
Men, that way. Women, inside.
Please fill out this profile card and wait.
I thought you didn't want to get married?
No, you're the one who doesn't want to get married.
Our company's new division is a marriage agency.
- We match people in marriages.
- Ah, then
Excuse me.
Do you know your number?
This is the worst.
Please wait here.
Why are you here, Kyoka?
I'm here accompanying my father.
Then the parent-child attendee is Kyoka
Higashimura-san, a word, please.
Yes, it's time.
Men, please move to the seat to your right.
- Yoga instructor?
- Yes.
That's nice. Then you have a soft body.
You can draw pictures with your toes.
No, I'm not a circus act.
I do yoga early in the morning in the park.
Kamehameha! You mean the kind where you shoot a "kamehameha," right?
(Dragonball reference ☺)
There's no Kamehameha, and that's tai chi by the way.
Can we take a break from yoga for a minute?
You want to talk about something other than yoga?
Your Blood Type is O? O blood type is good, isn't it?
In case of an emergency, that blood type can be transfused to other blood types.
Okay, time's up.
I feel like I'm at a sushi restaurant.
Thank you.
So, if by any chance we get married
I'll live with your daughter?
Oh, no, no
Excuse me, but does your daughter have a bit of a father-coplex?
No, it's not a father-complex, it was just too hard for me.
Okay, time's up. Please move to the next seat.
Thank you.
It must be tiring.
Yes, it's my first time.
It's my first time too.
My name is Sawada.
I'm Hinata.
So you're a librarian.
Yes, from the National Diet Library.
I go there often.
I see.
About once a week
I go to the Library about once a week to do research.
- I see.
- Somewhere in there
That's the worst view of my parent's marriage hunt.
What? Oh, no, no, no.
Oh, that's a coincidence.
- So you work from home?
- Yeah, sometimes I'm home.
but sometimes I'm at the Library doing research or
There's going to be some clients this afternoon who need to restock.
We'll need to restock the check sheets and
This is my daughter.
It's true. She's a beautiful young lady.
This is Komiyama-san, a respiratory surgeon.
and Ogawa-san, a tax accountant.
I'm sorry. I'm going home after all. Good luck with your father.
What are you talking about? What's the point without you here?
If you want to remarry so badly, go get married on your own.
I want Kyoka to be happy.
I'm telling you that's none of your business!
- Kyoka-san, calm down.
- I have to take care of her, just like you.
A girl who burns curry, you need a wife of your own!
- Stapling the hem of my trousers!
- Sir, please calm down.
That's right! A woman like me can't get married!
You know what? Who would want to marry a woman like me?
Well, what's the point in getting married
- I'm sure you're right about the stapler
- Don't insult my daughter!
-But you said
- My daughter is indeed a careless and clueless person.
She loses her phone in the house and eats a bowl of rice in the morning.
In a word, messy. Yes, messy and strong-willed.
But she's kind.
She's a sweet girl.
She said she couldn't leave me alone, so she came home and
Oh, Dad?
- Ow! Ow! Ow!
- What's wrong?
- What's wrong?
- My back
Will you let me check for a moment?
Ow! Geez
I'm an orthopedic surgeon.
You said you were a librarian Ow!
I think it's here where the pain is strongest.
I think it's probably an accident, but just to be safe
You should get an x-ray.
Is there somewhere he can rest?
- If you don't mind the couch.
- Okay, I'm going to move you.
- Please hold on to me.
- I'm sorry.
- One, two, three.
- Take it easy.
Kyoka, here's your father's bag.
Thank you.
Insurance card. Where is it?
This is
Divorce papers?
What's that?
"Thank Goodness."
"If you found this letter"
"I guess that means you're settled enough to sort through my things."
"I'm sorry I left things the way they were."
"Rintaro, that day"
"Thank you for accepting my proposal."
"From that day until now, I've been very happy."
"Thanks to you, Rintaro-san,"
"I learned the meaning of the word "marriage."
"you don't have to be my husband anymore after I'm gone."
"So now"
"Rintaro, please find someone you want to propose to."
"Don't worry. I'll enjoy it here."
"The only thing I'm worried about is Kyoka."
"Please, until she finds happiness."
"Just for a while longer."
"Please take care of her."
"Love, Yoko."
Mother proposed
You were happy, Mother.
You are indeed Kyoka.
I thought so, but I wasn't sure.
I'm sorry.
I guess you don't recognize me.
- But I'm a little shocked.
- Fuwa-sensei.
My son's school teacher
Hayate. I'm Fuwa Hayate.
Ah~ Hayate!
Long time no see! What? How long has it been?
You've grown up. I didn't recognize you at all.
I missed you so much.
I finally got to see you.
What? No, wait a second.
No, it's not!
That's not what it is.
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