Is Love Sustainable? (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Will you go out with me without expectations of marriage?
- What?
- Dad, starting today.
I've decided to start marriage hunting. Good luck.
If it'll make you happy, then
What are you talking about? You're going to do marriage hunting together, Kyoka.
The company's new business division is a marriage agency.
I think it's probably just a back sprain.
But you should get an x-ray just to be safe.
I missed you so much.
I finally got to see you.
Are you all right?
Just take your time. Okay, I'm almost there.
Are you okay?
I'm so sorry. Thank you very much.
- Thank you very much!
- Take care.
Getting old, huh?
Oh, not Kyoka-chan, her dad.
Sorry, I didn't expect this to happen at a time like this.
It's okay. I was going home anyway.
But that guy earlier
That was different.
Hey dad, don't you remember that boy
We've known each other since childhood. Kyoka and I.
We lived near each other when we were kids.
She was a family friend.
Really? Hayate-kun (Fuwa-san)?
Yes, that's right.
Then who's that consultant?
What's your relationship with Kyoka-chan?
Oh, well
- Friend.
- Friend.
Then can you give me Kyoka-chan's contact information?
Dad, breakfast is ready.
How's your back?
Are you okay in that position?
An email from the marriage agency.
There's a woman I want to meet again.
What's she like?
No, no, no
They'll tell me more about her after I sign up.
Hmm, well done.
"We are very happy to have you and Kyoka as our guests."
"We've received many inquiries."
"I regret to inform you that we were not able"
" to make a connection this time."
- "Go-En" (Connection, relationship)
- No Go-En eh?
That's a typical Japanese phrase, a superficial refusal.
They even said "many inquiries".
It's very Japanese, but not hurtful.
That's a nice, gentle lie.
Hey, um, I'm sorry about what happened previously.
I'm going again tomorrow. Can you come with me?
Dad, I wanted to talk to you about that
Higashimura-san, the consultant? I told him we'll go together too.
I understand.
- Shall we have dinner then?
Alright, alright.
We lie, yet we want to be honest.
That's what everyone wants, right?
But in yoga, it's not about being right,
it's more about not hurting people.
For example, if you're invited out for a drink and you don't feel like it.
You lie and say, "I've got some things to do".
You might say that's bad, right?
But this is a gentle lie that doesn't hurt the person you're refusing.
It's a kind lie.
You just want to lounge around at home, right?
Thank you for your hard work. Thank you very much.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
Good work. Good lesson.
Thank you for your hard work.
It's been a while.
Kyoka-sensei, recently, you've been working a lot of shifts, and traveling to different studios for teaching.
It seems like you've been busy too, lately.
Well, I want to be honest with you, Kyoka-sensei.
I'm finally opening a studio in Ginza.
We'll be even busier from now on.
I'll be counting on you.
Yes, I'll do my best.
Nice to meet you.
You're lying about something, Kyoka-sensei.
Lying about what?
I can feel it from you.
I feel "something".
What's that? There's no such thing.
Degenerative scoliosis with slippage of the fourth lumbar vertebra.
Numbness in the legs is a result of this bony growth.
If the numbness gets worse,
we can do an MRI.
Here you go.
Thank you.
- Thank you for waiting.
- I want to apologize for the other day.
No problem. Are you all right?
- Yes, I'm fine.
- Thank goodness.
Then, let's go to the room.
I'll see you next week at the same time.
Thank you very much.
- Good work.
- Good work.
I ordered delivery for lunch today.
That's great. Thanks for the food.
So something good happened?
The opposite.
Now, please fill out this form to become a member.
Someone got injured suddenly, and they found out I'm a doctor.
When they found out I was a doctor, things got tense.
At least if the doctor wasn't beautiful
Or maybe she has a flaw that she can't talk about
A flaw?
Most guys would be too shy to say it outright.
"For such a high spec girl why hasn't she married until this age?"
"There must be a reason."
Why are you on a marriage hunt now?
I feel like I can find pure love now.
When I go to a marriage agency,
they ask me what I'm looking for in a partner education, income, occupation, height
I guess the marriage agency is good because they're quick to respond.
But at that time
I realized I wasn't really looking for that in a partner anymore.
What? Really?
You don't have to expect something from them.
I got that much on my own.
I'll do my best on my own.
Now that I'm over 40
I felt like I could get married simply because of love.
That's cool.
Not really, the person I love isn't appearing at all.
About 30% of our members who got married last year
were introduced by AI.
You can meet your first match on a trial basis.
Higashimura-san, please find a trustworthy man for my daughter.
Ah, yes.
Are you sure your dad's okay to be on his own?
I think he should walk around. It'll be fine.
Is that not to your liking?
This is a café, but their vegetable curry is very popular.
I thought you might like it.
It's delicious. It's just I'm like a child.
I don't like carrots. My son can eat them, but I
What do you do with your kids when you work late?
I can leave my son two days a week
at a place nearby, um
Your parents' house? It's nice to be close to home.
Many of my friends who have kids moved close to their parents' house.
Yes, well
I didn't tell my father earlier,
that I wanted to cancel my membership.
That's fine.
I'm sorry.
I was originally planning on just accompanying the first party.
Oh, right.
Fuwa Hayate-san, from the matchmaking party.
Ah, Hayate?
It's been over a decade.
There's really nothing there.
He was so small and snotty
He asked for your contact information Kyoka-san.
Is that OK?
What? Oh
Fuwa-san is my son's teacher.
I invited him to the matchmaking party.
We were a little short on people.
I didn't know if he was reliable.
So are you matching me with him, as my marriage counselor?
No, just
as a friend.
That's okay. I'm friends with Hayate, too.
I see.
I'd still like you to set me up with someone.
I'll see what kind of man AI chooses.
Maybe we can be friends.
I see.
You joined a matchmaking agency?
- Is that not good?
- No, it's not a bad idea.
It's interesting.
Kodama-san, I can introduce you to them if you'd like.
That's okay. I just think it's a waste of time.
A waste?
There's no "Samu" period. You're supposed to get married right away.
What? Is it possible you've never heard of this word?
I'm embarrassed to say I haven't heard of "Samu" yet. Please tell me more.
I've only recently gotten into that kind of relationship.
What kind of relationship are you in?
No, no, he's not my boyfriend yet.
We go for spas together at the bathhouse.
Where do you meet guys that bare their skin like that?
I talked to him in the elevator of the bathhouse.
In the elevator. Then we started seeing each other once a week.
Sometimes we run into each other once a week coincidentally.
But really, we've only held hands.
Oh, that's "Samu", isn't it?
- That's right, it's "Samu".
- That's when it's the most exciting!
Wait a minute. Who's "Samu"? A foreigner?
That's not it. "Samu" is from SOME-thing.
Something that's more than a friend and less than a lover.
Oh, SOME-thing.
Going out to eat together
Meeting up with LINE friends, it's fun to be in "Samu" status.
But even friends go out to eat, right?
But you look for restaurants that he likes.
Don't you want to know more about them? These friends?
You wear cute lingerie, for example.
Yeah, I wear military pants with stretchy elastic.
Please stop that kind of thing.
Then, Goto-kun in our department is
Yes, we were classmates. We shared the same dormitory over there.
He studied economics at UCLA.
I wasn't a very serious student
UC no, no, it's great
- Hello.
- Hello.
Nijiro, your dad's here.
Let's go home. Shall we go?
- See you.
- See you.
Excuse me. Have a safe trip.
I got a hold of Kyoka. Thank you.
Not at all.
She's my first love, Kyoka.
Oh, really? Really?
Boom! Boom!
Spare my life, please!
Segawa-san, your match is here to see you.
Nice to meet you. My name is Segawa Yukiya.
I'm Sawada Kyoka. Pleased to meet you.
Kyoka, the apricot flower. That's a beautiful name.
Shall we sit down for now?
I'm the same as you. I'm very careful about what I eat.
I try to eat foods that are low in fat, and that don't contain any artificial additives,
- and also organic foods.
- Ah.
I try to eat foods that won't weigh me down because of my work.
That's all I'm saying.
Sounds great. If we're going to share a life together
we have to have the same taste in food.
With an 83 percent AI match rate
I'd say you two are a perfect match.
When you two have free time
you both like to travel.
I've traveled to over 50 countries, mostly in Europe.
I speak English, Spanish and French for everyday conversation.
I can read German, well, I can read most of the literature, but I can't converse in German.
But I can take you to most of them.
- That's impressive.
- You get used to it.
I not very high spec.
But if you're asking me if I'm low spec, I'm not.
Segawa-san is a dam researcher at the university.
He often goes abroad for academic conferences.
What about your travels, Sawada-san?
Well, I used to work for a travel agency.
I like warm, tropical places, both domestic and international.
I like to go to places I like on my own.
Alone? Why, even if you're married?
Because you're kind, aren't you Sawada-san?
It's tiring to be careful being around people, but after you're married, you'll be able to get back into it.
Good. Do you like Japanese sweets?
I like them because they're low in fat.
Yes, especially "mitorashi dango" (sweet dumplings made with soy sauce and sugar).
- That's too good!
- Too good?
I like an dango with red bean paste.
There's a shop in Akabanebashi
that serves delicious an-dango made with additive-free azuki beans.
Shall we go there this weekend?
I have some things to do this weekend.
What is it? Is it a hobby or something?
Well, maybe not this weekend, you two can take it easy from here.
- What?
- Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
I've never done yoga before. Can I do it as a beginner?
Yes, please come to my studio.
I work on a dam.
Dam and yoga.
I don't think it's very common to have two jobs with two katakana letters.
(dam-ダム , yoga=ヨガ)
- I guess it's fate.
- I thought that was a great commonality.
Pull your left leg back and lift it up to the height of your hip.
Once stable, extend your right arm forward.
Take it easy. Breathe as long as you can.
- Hand towards the mirror.
- Yes!
If you can do it, raise your legs higher.
Thank you very much.
- How was your first lesson?
- It was a lot of fun.
- It was the best, Kyoka-chan
Thank you for your hard work.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Kyoka-chan, that hurts!
I've always wanted to take one of your lessons.
But I don't like that kind of thing.
Then I apologize. Do you have a few minutes after this?
It's my lunch break.
Then come here for a minute.
Wait Hayate.
- Hey, where are you going?
- My favorite place.
Over there. What?
So, when I was 10, my parents were transferred to Malaysia.
Then I went to college in the U.S. and moved back to Japan after that.
Oh, I didn't know that.
You've certainly grown up to be a fine man.
I've grown up. I'm 28 now.
Twenty-eight? No wonder I'm getting old.
You should be glad you're not married yet, even at your age.
- What?
- You're free, right?
You're still looking for a husband?
Well, the party was just for company.
I mean, I'm not marrying
You're not?
You don't have to be so serious in marriage hunting.
Many Japanese girls have a backward-thinking, marriage-oriented approach to love, putting conditions on their partners.
American girls are different?
If you want to talk about that, we're going to need a longer line.
That different?
But if you meet someone you really like
that alone is a miracle.
I've never
met anyone yet.
Well, I'm sure the people at the party
are desperately looking for someone like that.
That's right.
You shouldn't go there with an empty heart.
I went with a light heart.
But it's important to be serious.
[Sign: "A serious drink"]
I'm glad I got to meet Kyoka.
Hayate, you haven't changed.
Back then, I used to get dropped off at Kyoka-chan's place, right?
That's because my mom ran away from home.
Dad couldn't take it anymore and got divorced after that.
It must have been tough.
I didn't know about that at all.
Kyoka-chan, are you OK with lots of fat?
I'm always concerned about food because of work.
But you say that and want to eat ramen here
- It's so good, you'll laugh for sure.
- Eh?
Good food doesn't lie.
- Doesn't lie?
- Yes.
I always eat while laughing.
Oh, let's bring your mum next time.
I love your mum.
my mom is not
Sawada Kyoka
Yes, I'm fine.
I'm going to cancel my membership after all.
I see I understand.
But, as for my father,
please don't tell him yet.
Yes, um
It's a rule that we ask why you're leaving.
May I ask?
I had a serious drink
It was so good, I cried.
Sawada-san, you're wearing a beautiful scarf today.
Kyoka arranged everything from top to bottom.
There's no need to be so nervous about a blind date.
The one you're meeting enjoys reading. I'm sure you'll get along well.
But there's a difference between having the same interests and getting married.
What? With my late wife
our hobbies and everything else just didn't match.
I'm sorry. My daughter told me not to compare others to my wife.
- I just
- It's fine.
- Hello.
- Osaki-san.
Sawada-san, this is Osaki-san.
Your ho-hobby is reading, isn't it?
All the books that won the Naoki Prize
If you tell me what your favorite book is
I'd be happy to read it.
I recently re-read "Tannisho" in its original text.
I was deeply moved by it.
"Tan.." ?
"Let a good man pass, but not an evil man."
Do you know it?
I'll see you next week.
Thank you very much.
A person by the name of Segawa-san
has been calling here repeatedly.
Segawa-san oh, about those red bean dumplings
- What for?
- I got his number.
Thank you.
You deceived me, didn't you?
Deceived you?
I saw you holding hands with a young man.
I'm going to the marriage agency now to ask for my membership fee back.
What? Wait a minute.
Depending on the case, I may sue you for fraud too.
She was holding hands with a young man?
They weren't just holding hands.
You were holding hands with a young man.
You went to a hotel with him, right?
No, we're just childhood friends.
That's a lie!
No, I'm not lying.
He took me by the hand as a shortcut to the ramen shop.
Do you normally hold hands with a friend?
But that was really
Higashimura-san, she's just a fake.
Isn't she colluding with this company to cheat others of their money?
No, Sawada-san
is not the type of person who would lie to hurt people.
Then why?
Why not me?
Fifty-eight people.
In two years, I've been turned down by 58 people.
I'm above average. I even dress well.
Am I that low in market value?
And now my ranking has sunk even lower.
Segawa-sama, I'm so sorry we didn't have a chance to make a connection for you
What do you mean by "chance connection"?!
I don't want you to apologize.
Why didn't anyone choose me?
What's my flaw?
- You do have flaws.
- Higashimura-san!!
No one is without them.
You need to meet someone who can help you with your flaws.
That's what connection is all about, isn't it?
That's not true.
There are no ranks in compatibility.
It was our inability to introduce you to someone who was a good match.
I am truly sorry.
At the least, I
don't think it's your fault, Segawa-san.
Right now, I have something I want to do.
I don't have time for marriage.
Marriage is about the happiness of the other person, isn't it?
The other person?
Yes. I'm over-capable of taking care of myself but useless with others.
I can't even take care of my father's chores.
I'm truly sorry causing you distress, Segawa-san.
I'm truly sorry.
Sawada-san said she's quitting marriage hunting.
She's already withdrawn.
So this time
When did you quit?
I'm sorry I didn't tell you.
I knew this lie was a bad one.
That's why you don't have to lie anymore either, dad.
Mother's letter was in the divorce papers.
I read it.
She asked you to take care of me.
She asked you to re-marry, and you wanted to do marriage hunting together.
She didn't just ask me to re-marry.
As your father, I just want you to be happy.
If I'm always here, it would be hard for you to get married.
My happiness and dad's happiness are different.
What's the difference? Getting married and living with someone you love
I have someone I love!
If you like someone, you get married or go out with them right away
I don't want it like that.
You like him, you do things with him, but you're not in a relationship. Isn't that a "Samu" relationship?
I don't know what you're talking about.
You can't be happy in a relationship that doesn't lead to marriage.
I don't want to be married the way like you and mom were.
Oh, no
You don't want to get married because of me?
- No, that's not what I meant.
- Then what is it?
- I have to go to my night class.
- Wait a minute.
I have to go!
What? What?
Did it break?
Excuse me, Doctor.
My friend's dad hurt his back. He just got here.
Oh, yes, please.
Good evening. How can I help you?
- Sorry to call after hours.
- It's fine.
Are you all right?
Ah! Ah!
Is there something wrong with me?
No, no I'll help you up.
Knees down, please.
I'll help you up. One, two, three, here.
There's nothing wrong with the bones.
Do you walk everyday?
Sometimes I walk, but mostly I'm sedentary.
Oh, I remember, you write dictionaries.
Oh, yes.
I shouldn't have lied about being a librarian in front of you like that.
I'm so embarrassed.
Oh, no, no, no.
Uh, no
To put it simply, I'm not popular with the men.
In a marriage, a woman who is a doctor is
Then isn't that a good lie to tell, a lie about working hard?
In the special situation of marriage hunting, lying in order to increase the marriage rate is not
Please don't say any more.
That's very depressing.
I'm sorry.
But compared to my daughter, who says she doesn't want to get married, I think that's very decent of you.
Slide your upper body to the right.
She's over 30 years old.
And now she's saying she doesn't want to get married.
Left hand to the ceiling.
I understand that marriage is not the norm in this day and age,
but as a parent
I know, my parent worry about me too.
No, no, no, I wasn't referring to Hinata-san
Is it something that you just want to do?
I want to believe in the miracle of meeting the right person at the right time.
I haven't had such a miracle for decades.
That's why I went to the party.
Higashimura-san, a moment.
Front of the pelvis.
Keep your eyes focused on one spot.
Draw in your inner thighs.
Let's press hand to hand.
Higashimura Seita: Can we meet today?
This is an apology gift from Segawa-san.
Dumplings. Mitarashi dumplings.
It seems he searched for a good place to get you something you would like.
He wanted to apologize in person, but I knew you wouldn't like it.
I see.
I'm sure you'll have a chance to meet your connection soon, Segawa-san.
But this will you take half?
Actually, I don't like dumplings. They used to get stuck in my throat.
So you hate dumplings and carrots.
We don't match at all.
In this job,
I've been wondering what it means to be compatible.
I guess it means we share the same values.
But we have different tastes in food.
Or how often you wash the bath towels. Or if you're an anti-Giants fan.
Regardless of our hobbies or differences in values
You can fall in love with someone regardless of differences in values, right?
You have to acknowledge those differences.
And give up a little.
And accept it as a couple as a parent and a child.
I think that's what a family is.
Your father and your mother, who passed away
He said happily that he and your late mother didn't share the same interests.
My father said that?
So after today
It's a little early, but I can go home instead of going back to the office.
- I see.
- Yes.
Come here.
Oh, I'm sorry.
No problem.
I didn't know you worked at a travel agency,
despite being your friend.
But now that I think about it, you're always eating my favorite curry,
and I'm always talking about myself.
Next time, let's eat something you like.
Let's talk more about you
Excuse me.
Please go ahead.
What? Now?
I'm with a friend.
I just joined Kyoka's yoga studio.
Let's have dinner to celebrate.
Oh, today
Oh, I have something to attend to.
Ready. go!
Isn't it good? Yes, it looks delicious.
I'll try it too. Looks good.
Here we go. Ready, go!
Oh, it's good. It came out well!
But is it okay to eat flour with sugar, fat, and sauce?
As a yoga instructor, to eat all this?
I just wanted to eat something I really like today.
So from now on, Kyoka-chan,
let's go eat my forbidden favorite food.
Then you'll look forward to seeing me.
Then I'll get fat and we won't be able to see each other as much.
Then maybe not. Let's eat soba instead.
So, that friend you left behind because he didn't like okonomiyaki? Is he a yoga-colleauge?
Oh, it's almost ready. Sauce! Sauce!
I got some Worcestershire sauce.
- Does it go with it?
- It doesn't!
Anna: Next vacation, sleepover OK
Yes! These dumplings are delicious!
Wanna come by and eat dumplings with my dad?
- He'll love it.
- Really?
I used to love your house, Kyoka-chan.
So the day I got to stay at Kyoka's,
I was so happy I wanted to cry.
It was so much fun, I wanted to be Kyoka-chan's kid.
I want to live with you forever.
You had such a nice family. You looked so happy.
I'll stop by some other time.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Bye bye.
I'm home.
I'm sorry.
I just wanted to say
I can't have the kind of marriage where the wife supports the husband.
I can't get married.
I can't take care of someone who doesn't know where his socks are like my dad.
I can't feed the neighborhood like my mom.
Despite that,
I love dad and mom and this family.
I'm happy to be born in this family.
That's why, your consideration for my happiness
Maybe Kyoka will have a miraculous encounter, at a time that's right for you.
What's with that all of a sudden?
Kyoka, you
Talking about friends,
hobbies, tastes and values
We're a family to the point where none of that matters?
Hmm? Is there something wrong with my Japanese?
Well, say that we're a father and a son, there's no point in talking about compatibility.
It's no use, right?
I see.
You found a good friend.
Yeah, well
How about you, dad?
Well, I'm, you know, something's happening
- Do you want some dumplings?
- Oh, yes.
I'll get them ready.
"Samu" [Some] - made from the English word "something"
"Samu" [Some] - made from the English word "something"
It refers to the stage in which both parties are interested in each other before getting into a relationship.
"A friendship so far out"
"that it would be a lie to call him a friend"
"Friendship, it's hard."
"and a lover so far that it would be a lie to call him a lover."
"An ambiguous and happy relationship established by an unrequited love."
Sorry, I'm getting off.
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