Isabel (2011) s01e01 Episode Script

Isabel, la reina

Kingdom of Castile, 1474
Your Majesty. Your Majesty?
The king is dead!
The king is dead!
What happened? Why the hurry?
I'm sorry, but the message we bring
Before he died, did my
brother say anything
or sign a document about
who would inherit the throne?
No, Your Highness.
Can you attest to what you say?
Do not doubt this.
There's no time to lose.
Your Highness, there is
something you must know.
Diego Hurtado de Mendoza
has convened a meeting
to discuss who will inherit the throne.
daughter of the late King Enrique.
There's nothing to figure out.
I've been patient for long enough.
Your Highness, perhaps you should wait
for the meeting to reach a decision.
On the contrary,
that's why we should hurry.
We, the Mendozas, have asked for much
but we have only received leftovers.
- But--
- I will not wait, Cabrera.
I beg you to give these gentlemen
dry clothes and warm food.
Then call the knight commander,
the judges, and the councilmen.
That is the protocol, is it not?
Is something bothering you?
Your husband.
What will he think of not being
present at the proclamation?
Fernando will understand.
He's fought for this moment too.
What if he doesn't?
His character is as strong as yours.
Then he will learn something important.
He might rule Aragon,
but I am in charge of Castile.
Aragonese-French border
- Bad news?
- King Enrique is dead.
So why the seriousness?
It's going according to our plans.
We won the battle, and you'll be
king of Castile as well as of Aragon.
What else did your wife say?
Isabel didn't send the letter,
my friend Alonso from Palencia did.
I see. So what are you worried about?
That she wants to be declared
queen without my being there.
I hope she doesn't make that mistake.
Don Rodrigo de Ulloa,
lord treasurer of the kingdom.
Don Garci Franco,
member of the Royal Council.
Do you swear to God that
the king Don Enrique died
and you were there to see it?
- I swear.
- I swear.
Did the king, in his last words, say
or write the name of someone as the
rightful heir to rule these kingdoms?
I swear he did not say or
write anything about that.
I swear this as well.
I do appeal to the right of Princess Isabel
to succeed King Enrique to the
throne as his legitimate sister
and as universal heiress
by the Treaty of Guisando.
And as Her Highness is here,
she should be proclaimed here
according to these kingdoms' laws.
Does anyone oppose this?
So be it.
Long live the queen! Long live!
Long live the queen! Long live!
- Is everything settled?
- It is, Your Majesty.
Walk by my side. You deserve it.
Finally, you will have the throne.
And you will get your revenge.
What are you thinking about?
A child with whom I used to play chess.
Isabel. Your turn.
There's something I don't
understand about this game.
What is it?
Being a queen is important, right?
It is.
Then why can she only move
one space at a time?
Even bishops and towers
can move more freely.
Good question.
Hello, darling.
Don Gonzalo, is my daughter
a good chess player?
She learns quickly, Your Highness.
Let us pray she'll learn Latin quickly too.
It's time to pray.
- How was she last night?
- Fine.
But you can never know.
She's so happy and suddenly--
Yes. It's as though she can see him.
As though she can talk to him.
People are talking about it.
May I ask you a question?
and not her husband?
In all these years, I've never heard her
mention King Juan. May he rest in peace.
It is a long story.
Why are you sewing?
Because there's no money
to pay for seamstresses.
King Enrique won't answer my letters.
I just sent a message
to Archbishop Carrillo
to see if he can get something,
given his influence.
Isabel and Alfonso are his brothers.
He must have better things to do.
Are you sure? Will this device work?
You will have a son, you'll see,
Your Majesty. I've prayed for that to happen.
It's a shame that science needs prayers.
Do not lose heart, Your Majesty.
Your problem is the coitus, only that.
If it was different, this cannula
wouldn't have your seed.
Now we just have to simulate the--
Stop talking and do
what you have to do!
Yes, Your Majesty.
Calm down, Juana.
It seems you allot more time
for combat than for prayers.
And you more time for
intrigues than for swords.
I know you only need to use words
to manipulate things to your will.
Not anymore. Everything's
getting worse at the palace.
Enrique only has eyes and ears
And an heir hasn't been born yet.
That worries me the most, Pacheco.
If he can't do it with
the second wife either
he won't be able to say that
he's the victim of a curse again.
Even the people joke about that.
They say it is a hundred times easier to
swindle a Jew than for the king to have a son.
And if he doesn't have one,
we know who will inherit the throne.
The prince Don Alfonso.
Of course. It could never
be his sister Isabel.
A woman ruler of Castile?
I pray that God never lets that happen.
Women are not made
to reign over kingdoms
but to get married and procreate.
When Isabel grows up, she will marry a
foreign king or prince as is the custom.
Don Alfonso will be the heir.
Hunting in Madrid?
Can't you stay with me
during these hard times?
No, of course. You'd rather go
to your reserve with your animals.
Calm down, please.
The doctor said you had to rest.
I do nothing but rest, Enrique!
Please. I don't want to be alone.
And you won't be. You have your ladies.
And if you need anything,
Juana, anything
as Mayor of the Palace, will get it.
There are matters with which
only a husband can help.
Don't follow me. I want to be alone!
Enjoy your animals, they seem
to please you more than I do!
I'm so sorry, Your Majesty.
You do not deserve those words.
She's not wrong. Do you know why
I like animals more than people?
They are loyal when accompanying
you and courteous when fighting.
They never betray you
or demand anything of you.
Go on!
Come in.
Good night, Your Majesty.
You are here alone.
You called me. How can I help you?
Your Majesty, please.
The king ordered me to call you
if I needed anything.
Will you reject me?
I will never do anything
the king doesn't order.
Good night, Your Majesty.
What beautiful flowers.
Their scent
Say no more.
Beatriz, why would you pull them out?
For you, Your Majesty.
Don't call me that.
I'm not the queen anymore.
For me, you will always be.
I should have never been a queen.
Understood? Never!
What's wrong?
You have to forgive me.
- My lady, are you okay?
- My lady!
I only hunted one.
Stop complaining. You're better at Latin.
At court, Latin is more useful
than hunting rabbits.
I'd love to know the court.
Is it true they listen to
music all the time there?
And that plays are performed,
and poets read their work?
It's true. Your brother is
like your father in that respect.
Maybe he'll invite us someday.
In time, Isabel.
Wait here.
What could have happened?
I don't know.
We have to go back to the palace.
What happened?
Nothing, but when we get there,
stay in your bedchambers.
You did what you had to do.
We were so scared.
he were there in front of her.
We couldn't see anyone,
and then she suddenly fainted.
Calm down, Beatriz.
Isabel, what are you doing here?
She is my mother.
My lady, now she is resting--
I want to be with her!
Do as I say.
- But--
- Immediately!
Orders are to be obeyed.
Come in. Come in.
Please, Don Juan. Eat with us.
Thank you, sir.
You know that I don't
follow Moorish customs.
- What do you want?
- To talk to you.
Don't move.
Pacheco, if you have anything to say,
I will not talk in front of this upstart.
Are you daring to insult me?
You are an upstart, are you not?
You occupy a position that others, by right
of their lineage, deserve more than you.
Leave. Leave.
Undress your torso.
- Your Majesty.
- Obey your king.
See it?
This scar?
I do.
But you didn't see the sword thrust
that caused it. You were not there.
I was.
On the brink of death
at the Moorish border.
None of the nobles did anything to
And he was about to lose his own life.
Look at it closely, Pacheco. Look.
Look at it closely.
Every time you don't understand
remember it.
I will.
But you, you must
remember many other things.
- May I leave, Your Majesty?
- Of course.
Now you can get dressed.
Excuse me, Your Majesty.
You know I don't like Pacheco,
and he likes me even less.
But everyone in Castile knows
he's always been loyal to you.
But I'm not sure if he's done it
to stay near the throne.
Castile needs new and loyal men.
It needs them as much as I need a son
to end all the jokes and rumors.
How dare he treat me like that?
And in front of that sissy.
He must prefer him to his wife,
that's why she won't get pregnant.
Don't believe the rumors you spread.
Remember your enemies used to say
the same of you and the king.
Don't change the subject!
I educated him, got rid of anyone
who stood in his way to the throne.
And he repays me like this!
- Calm down.
- Why would I?
Damn our need for kings
if they're going to be like him.
He doesn't like his position.
I have to do everything.
He'd rather play the lute,
talk to poets, and buy exotic animals!
Do you know what he gave
the ambassador of India?
Gold? Spices? No! What for?
A leopard.
- A what?
- A leopard!
A kind of lynx, but with fewer whiskers.
Everything is collapsing
yet you're able to laugh?
We still have more cards to play.
Remember when we talked about
the heir presumptive, Prince Alfonso?
I received a letter from
You know him well.
One can deduce that King Enrique has
not paid the amount agreed upon
when his father Juan II died,
leaving his stepmother and his siblings
Isabel and Alfonso penniless.
In case something happens to the king
we should probably start
thinking about the next one.
What are you planning?
I was thinking that if you donated some
money, along with some of mine
Prince Alfonso and his tutor
might thank us in the future.
That's a good idea.
I'll take it to them.
I'd rather do it myself. Your
He can't have forgotten what you did
Time heals almost everything.
Money heals the rest.
Yes, but--
You're an expert in prayers and swords.
Let me do the talking.
Thank you for your courtesy.
You make our trip twice as pleasant.
First, because it is good
to see such beloved people.
You have nothing to
be grateful for, Your Excellency.
In this house, we even treat beggars kindly.
Even more so when
you come from the court.
Thank you, Your Highness.
I see your daughter is a deserving
heiress of her mother's beauty.
And your son fulfills the requirements
for a Master of the Order of Santiago.
That's what his father, the king,
wanted on his deathbed.
Alfonso will honor that charge.
A charge of incomparable riches.
It's a shame that all those riches
go through the court first.
Because we don't receive any.
I've been informed of this
by the Archbishop Carrillo.
I came to solve that problem.
now that we know the good news,
it'd be better to let the men negotiate.
Children, time to sleep.
Don Gonzalo, you know I trust you entirely.
I think I'm going to leave too.
I'm a man of action, and
words confuse me more than wine.
Life has many ups and downs.
Here we are, face-to-face again.
Yes. I hope to make better memories
than the last time we saw each other.
I will be honest with you.
I know there are things for which
you will never forgive me.
It's hard to forgive someone
who instigated the death
of my friend and master,
Have you been enjoying the
power you received from that?
The past is like spilled milk.
It cannot be recovered.
We have to think in the present.
For the benefit of Castile.
For me, the children come first.
And I will fight for them
without suffering the past.
I'm glad to hear that.
Our interests could soon be the same.
Excuse me for troubling you, my lady.
What are you doing here?
I just wanted to talk to you.
I know about your financial problems.
And I know that I have
no royal blood like you--
I beg you, let me enter my bedroom.
Listen. I could offer you security.
You would lack nothing.
Neither you nor your children.
You're so beautiful.
I order you to move away!
Why are you whining?
I will not hurt you.
Leave us.
My uncle, the Archbishop of Toledo, and
I will give you what the king owes you.
I hope this is enough.
It's more than enough.
You mean to say this money
doesn't come from King Enrique?
The king has other tribulations that
I pray won't harm the kingdom.
I guess you want
something in exchange.
That you keep taking care of the children.
And that you let them know who's
protecting them inside the court.
Help! Please, help.
You're not queen anymore.
And if you ever were, it was because
you were forced to sleep with the king.
Like a prostitute.
Leave her alone!
Well, the princess is bossy.
Daughter, go back to
your bedchamber, please.
Not until he leaves.
- Will you make me?
- No, but I will.
What are you doing, you bastard?
No one has ever called me that and lived.
Sheath that sword, brother.
My lady, I'm sorry for this affront.
You had better go rest, my lady.
Please retire to your chambers as well.
If you want to work together
keep your mastiff away.
What were you trying to do?
Nothing, I swear.
I was just being kind.
But she scorned me.
She looked at me with repugnance.
Who do they think they are?
They're no better than you and me.
Just do what I say.
You understand, brother?
Just do what I say.
Three have failed.
But it has worked.
- My device has worked.
- Is this true?
May I die right now if it is not,
Your Majesty. The queen is pregnant.
This opens a new path for medicine.
And no one can say a Jewish doctor did it.
Could you please leave? Could you?
I assure you, I will pay you with interest.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
We are going to have a baby.
- Aren't you glad?
- Of course.
As much as you are.
This is the reason you
brought me to Castile.
I never would have been happy
if it hadn't happened.
Thank you, Juana.
This is why I dare now
to ask you something.
What is it?
The future of Castile is in my belly.
And nothing will come between
our son and the throne.
I called you urgently,
as my most important men
because I wanted you to be
the first to hear the news.
The queen is pregnant.
That is wonderful news, Your Majesty.
Your happiness is ours, sir.
We should celebrate it with the people.
No, there will be time after he's born.
But take care of spreading the news.
I'm tired of rumors and intrigues.
- It will be done.
- I have another order.
I want Isabel and Alfonso to be
brought to the court immediately.
My wife desires it. And I do as well.
Your Majesty, their mother is in poor health.
Taking them away from her
could lead to terrible consequences.
There would be worse consequences
for them and for my son
if someone wanted to use them
against me. And my kingdom.
I think that's a wise decision, Your Majesty.
I have no thoughts about
what my king says. I simply obey.
Curious way of hiding your lack of thought.
I beg the Marquis of Villena
not to vilify anyone
for their loyalty to the king
in front of a Mendoza.
I'm sure he didn't mean that.
Right, Pacheco?
Of course not, Your Majesty.
Great, great. For a minute I thought that
even these happy days wouldn't
free me from your arguing.
- May I have a word, Your Majesty?
- Speak.
I would like to be in charge of
My lady.
Don't take my children
away, Your Eminence.
The king will have the son he wanted.
Why is he taking mine away?
I beg you to stand up,
my lady. Stand up.
Everything is ready.
Don't be sad, Mother.
It's just a trip.
We'll finally become
acquainted with the court.
What if we don't want to go?
If the king orders it, we have to go.
Orders are to be obeyed, Alfonso.
Don't worry, Mother.
I don't know what I will do without you.
We will come to visit you.
You must be happy.
They finally remembered us.
If they didn't care, would they call us?
That's what worries me.
That they could care too much.
Don't worry.
We will be careful and well-mannered.
And never let anyone
insult our dignity and pride.
Because we are the offspring of kings.
And because you educated
us to behave so.
Stop crying, please.
I don't want to remember
my mother crying for her children.
Swear you will protect them.
With my life, if needed. Believe me.
Here they are.
Isabel, Alfonso, welcome to the court.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
Mayor of the Palace.
You can ask him for anything.
It will be a pleasure
to serve you, Highnesses.
Where is my brother, the king?
He didn't come to receive us?
He must be taking care of
government affairs that couldn't wait.
That must be it.
I've been told you're very pious.
I made them place a small altar and
a prayer desk in your bedchamber.
Thank you very much.
I will be able to pray for my
mother and feel less lonely.
Don't worry, your bedchamber is near
mine in case you ever need anything.
Well, there's nothing left to say.
to their bedchambers.
Of course, Your Majesty.
We'll go to the kitchen first.
I'm sure you must be hungry
after the trip. This way.
Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread
and forgive us our trespasses
Your Eminence.
Your Eminence, please, open up.
Your Eminence.
What is it, Your Highness?
Isabel, wait.
Isabel, darling, you don't look well.
Did you sleep poorly last night?
It was hard in the beginning.
But then I was able to
sleep without any issues.
Good morning, Your Majesty.
May I come in?
Don't you have a mass
to give, Your Eminence?
I came precisely to invite
Alfonso and Isabel to the mass.
My lady.
- Apologies.
- No.
He will clean it up.
Don't do it, Alfonso.
Remember what we've been taught.
Clean up what you've spilled!
We are the offspring of kings.
My brother will not clean anything.
Thank you, but that is not
the duty of an archbishop.
I ask permission to leave the room.
Do as you wish.
That way I won't have to
tolerate you, insolent child.
Let's go, Alfonso.
Do you know where the king is?
Take me to him, I beg you.
Wait for me outside.
I understand your hurry
to have a child, Your Majesty.
But all this is unnecessary.
Who are you to tell me what is and
what is not necessary, Your Eminence?
History has its ups and downs, Your Majesty.
It is not advisable to sow the wind,
lest you reap the storm.
Look, the king is practicing archery.
That must be the government affairs
that prevented him from receiving us.
I beg your pardon for
interrupting, Your Majesty.
Brother, sister, I'm so glad to see you.
No, no, I beg your pardon for not
receiving you personally.
Yesterday, I had a busy day and today
today, I was going to say hello
after practicing archery.
How have you been feeling here?
That's what I wanted
to talk to you about.
Speak in all confidence, Isabel.
I beg you to let us go back
No. It's not that easy, sister.
Then let her come to the court.
She already reigned,
she no longer belongs at the court.
Why did you make us come?
Isabel, a king doesn't have to
explain any of his orders.
Relax, it is my sister who asks.
You are here for your own safety.
These are tumultuous times,
and any deceitful noble
could use you for mean-spirited
purposes against the throne.
But we will always be loyal to you.
You're too young for me
to explain everything in detail.
You will understand in time.
When my son is born,
- Really?
- Of course.
Exercising power is complicated.
It has certain responsibilities.
And you, as part of the royal family,
have to learn yours.
For example, Isabel, soon you will have
to marry whomever you're told.
Pardon me, but I will
marry whomever I wish.
When that day comes, Isabel, you will
have to put Castile's good before yours.
Stop, let her.
Let her dream while she can.
Let me propose something
that I think you'll like.
Would you like to be godmother of my son?
Me? His godmother?
It would be an honor, Enrique.
From the way you look at those targets,
I'm sure you'd love to practice.
- Can I?
- He finally spoke!
I was afraid you were mute.
Of course you can.
Bring the bow!
Enrique will never stop surprising me.
He's like two different people in one.
Doesn't receive his siblings,
lets the queen humiliate them
then treats them with effusive love.
He's capable of not
greeting you on Monday
and then remembering your children's
birthdays the following Wednesday.
That's dangerous.
Sometimes I think there's
something wrong with him.
He's the king. Let us hope things
change after his son is born.
By the way, since you have a
special relationship with God
ask him if the Holy Spirit
made him get hard.
Who's going to believe that
an old beggar man did it with science?
I'd rather believe in
miracles than in rumors.
I suppose you know about them.
I know them well.
I spread them. Who else could it be?
He travels with the queen,
he visits her in her room.
It's his duty.
He's the Mayor of the Palace.
Looks like he's also the stud.
And well paid too.
The king doubled his goods
since the queen got pregnant.
Follow Alfonso more closely.
Protect him. Him and his sister.
Let them know we are with them.
Are you still considering Alfonso
as a possible heir?
You never know.
If the king doesn't change,
we'll have to do something.
Poor things. They only think of
The king promised them to
let them go after his son is born.
That's right. His son.
If it's a girl, only a miracle will let
Alfonso and Isabel leave the court.
Is it a boy or a girl?
A girl, Your Majesty.
Let me see her.
Hello, my love.
Won't you come closer?
Will you love her less
because she's a girl?
You have what you so dearly wanted.
Can we return to our mother now?
This is not the moment.
- Come in.
- Sister!
We have to talk to Enrique.
We have to remind him of his promise
that after he became a father
What's wrong?
We won't go back home, Alfonso.
But why?
Because she's a girl, Don Gonzalo,
that's why my kids won't come back.
And you know as well as I do that a son
would have assured the succession.
A daughter who marries a foreign king
would put Castile in the hands of strangers.
The life of my children won't be the
same after the birth of that girl.
Don't worry, I will do
everything to protect them.
I know you will.
And that you will fight.
Even if you know the battle's already lost.
I have so much to
thank you for, Don Gonzalo.
- Please, my lady.
- Let me speak.
In case I can't tomorrow.
instead of hating me for causing
educated my kids as if they were yours.
You didn't sign his sentence.
But I
made the king sign it.
I'm so sorry.
That's why
God is punishing me, Don Gonzalo.
I know it.
That's why the spirit of
To remind me of my sin.
May I ask you for a favor?
Visit my children.
Let them know their mother loves them.
That she will always love them.
And come back with news about them.
I swear I will. But first I will try
to have them visit you.
- How are you going to do that?
- I will talk to the Mendozas.
Only they can convince the king
to let them come back.
Do you like it?
I'm afraid of talking about
art with Your Excellency.
You know much more than I do.
You're always prudent,
This painting is worse than crap on a salad.
Do you know who painted it?
- No, Your Excellency.
- I did.
Dear Lord, I'm such a disastrous painter.
Maybe that's why I pay good
painters to work freely.
It's a way to balance the scale, I suppose.
You know we Mendozas always
look for balance and justice.
No one in the kingdom
doubts our family's honor.
That's why I came.
Thank you for your words.
But your efforts are in vain.
Aren't you going to do
anything for the children?
I shouldn't.
You are a good Christian. You must
know that their mother is very sick.
Do not insist.
The king made a decision,
and our duty is to obey.
I'm not a schemer like Pacheco,
who moves like a weather vane.
And we don't want to be more
king-like than the king himself
We Mendozas must be stable.
And we don't have any other
influence but that of the king.
I'm sorry, Don Gonzalo.
Then thank you for your time.
It's nothing.
It's always a pleasure to talk
to someone as cultured as you.
By the way, I'm going to
the court in a few hours
to pledge allegiance to Princess Juana,
if you want to come with me.
I would, just to see Isabel and Alfonso,
but I know that's not possible.
I've written to the king many
times without receiving an answer.
That's something bad about our dear king.
His lack of elegance,
of attention to details.
Don't worry, come with me.
I will make sure you can see them.
I give you my word.
That's more than enough.
Nothing is worth more than
the word of a Mendoza.
A meeting of the nobles with the king.
The play begins.
Stop joking.
Don't you see that this is all a farce?
What is he doing with the Mendozas?
Haven't you heard the latest news?
The daughter of
Don Diego Hurtado de Mendoza
And he will become earl of Ledesma.
A man whore has never been so well paid.
Do you need any more proof?
Their Majesties, the king and queen!
Look at them, following behind like lapdogs.
You finally understand the situation.
The king will speak.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
We gather here today for a single reason.
To pledge allegiance to my daughter,
Juana, as heiress to the throne.
You may begin.
As I call your name, you will pledge
by kneeling in front of her.
princess of the kingdom.
Don Alfonso of Castile,
prince of the kingdom
and His Excellency Master
of the Order of Santiago.
- What are you going to do?
Pledge, I don't have a martyr's spirit.
But if what you say is true,
we have to do something.
And we will.
Come see me this afternoon,
and you'll find out.
His Excellency
- The Archbishop of Toledo.
- Your turn.
Look at her face,
she looks just like her father.
We can call her 'Beltroneja.'
Maybe we'll be lucky and
they'll let us go back now.
Don't delude yourself, Alfonso.
Come in.
- Don Gonzalo!
- Alfonso.
Thank you very much, Your Excellency.
It's nothing.
I do what I promise.
Tell us, how is our mother?
She wants to see you.
That's why she sent me,
to bring her news about you.
But how is she?
Very good. She enjoys walking
through the fields again
and the only thing she lacks is you.
That's her only sorrow.
How is your life at court?
- Awful.
- Don't exaggerate, Alfonso.
Not that bad. They take care of us.
We miss your classes and our mother's,
but we can't complain.
- But we just talked--
- Nonsense.
Everyone has bad days, Alfonso.
Tell our mother we are fine.
That we can't complain.
Sometimes I don't understand you.
Why don't we go walk in the garden?
It's a nice day.
I would love to.
Alfonso, could you leave
me alone with Don Gonzalo?
I have a message for Beatriz.
I'll wait outside.
Tell me.
Give me a minute to write her a letter.
I won't delay,
Of course, I'll wait outside.
Ignore my brother's complaints.
Thank you for the advice.
Isabel, were you being sincere?
Is it true that you are
doing all right here?
Is it true that my mother is doing well?
Of course, why would I lie?
And why would I?
I am the daughter of kings. I never lie.
I see you act as responsible as a queen.
If God wants me to be a queen,
do not doubt that I will be ready.
And all thanks to you.
I hereby want to declare
that I was forced against my will
to pledge allegiance to Princess Juana.
The daughter of the queen
but not of the king.
Are you sure of what you say?
Are you sure you want to continue
working as a public notary?
- Yes, Your Excellency.
- Then keep writing, fool.
Do you want to declare this as well?
No, your oath is enough.
I write this letter to you, Beatriz.
But I want you to read it out loud
But not my mother.
I don't want her to suffer.
I'm sorry, Don Gonzalo
for not being clear with you
in front of Alfonso.
He still doesn't understand that
there are some responsibilities
we must assume as a royal family.
Sometimes with sorrow.
Tell my mother her children
love her more every day.
And we always have in mind
the day of our farewell.
To you, Don Gonzalo
thank you for your care and attention
which seem more like those
of a father than of a tutor.
I can call you a father
because I nursed at the breasts
of your wife, my dear Clara.
To you, Beatriz
My best friend.
My sister.
I want to tell you I miss you.
I can't talk to anyone here or
have fun the way I did with you.
I swear that if one day God lets me
I will make those
putting me through this hell pay.
Because I'm not going
to turn the other cheek
but will take an eye for an eye,
a tooth for a tooth.
Because I don't understand
being locked away here
far away from my family,
because that's what you are to me.
I love you. Isabel.
Sorry, Alfonso, I must have
been daydreaming.
It's getting cold.
We should go back to the palace.
What for? I don't want
to see anyone there.
Do you know why I come here?
And I remember the people
I love that they don't let me see.
It's been four long years.
Don't go to pieces, sister.
Enrique ordered a party to
celebrate your eighteenth birthday.
Yes, but our mother won't be there.
I miss her too.
A lot.
But there are things
I prefer not to think about.
You are wrong. We have to do it.
I don't forget, and I won't.
Let's go to the palace.
If you don't mind, I'd rather
stay here a little longer.
I'm surprised you trust me this much.
I know that only you can intercede
for us before the king, Your Majesty.
I'll think about it.
I beg you.
It's just a visit to our mother.
We've been here for years
We don't know anything about her.
And she was already sick when we left.
Think of her, as a fellow mother.
How would you feel
if someone took your child away?
I beg you. For my sister and me.
Leave us alone.
Stand up. You are the
Master of the Order of Santiago.
I will talk to my husband, the king.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
But I will ask you for a favor first.
During your sister's celebration,
you will find out what it is.
And if you want to see your mother again,
you will accept it without complaint.
Is that clear?
Yes, Your Majesty.
Excuse me, I have important things to do.
Our brother's objectives are very clear.
Sometimes I think God wanted him
to have his brain between his legs.
Look at Alfonso.
Doesn't he seem very sad?
Very sad and very alone, yes.
It looks like he's at a funeral
instead of at his sister's celebration.
Attention! Your Majesty the Queen
Brother, stick with the other woman.
We had problems with the mother.
Let's not have them with the daughter.
You look beautiful, Isabel.
Isn't that true, Alfonso?
Your dress is beautiful, sister.
A little bit low for me,
but when the queen wants something
Everyone knows
I don't like parties, and that more
than two is a crowd for me.
But today is a great day.
My daughter, the princess Juana,
is growing healthy and happy.
And my dear sister is celebrating
her eighteenth birthday.
Congratulations, Isabel.
As a birthday gift,
I will let you do something
you've been waiting to do for a long time,
which you've earned with your perseverance.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
Did you hear that?
But I have another reason to be happy.
I announce the latest appointment
as Master of the Order of Santiago.
That's the title Father left you in his will.
What did you do, Alfonso?
- Did you hear that?
- We aren't deaf.
I can't stand it anymore.
It's time to exercise my oath.
- Are you coming?
- Of course.
I'm so happy to see you again!
You've become a woman!
Yes, but remember
I'm still your older sister.
- Beatriz!
- Alfonso!
- I'm so glad to see you.
- And my mother?
Where is our mother?
I will go with you to see her.
Admiral Don Fadrique, Count of Benavente,
Count of Alba, Rodrigo Manrique
Count of Miranda, Bishop Carrillo.
- Are you sure, Don Diego?
- I am, sir.
All of them are planning something
against you under Pacheco's orders.
And there's more.
Save me the reading, please.
It's an affidavit.
It's dated the same day we
pledged allegiance to your daughter.
Pacheco swears that he
pledged against his will and
The ignominy is enormous.
I can't even say it.
What did the traitor say?
That your daughter is the child of the
Damn bastard!
He's been preparing for this the whole time.
Alfonso and Isabel will be his
next pawns if we don't stop him.
We must bring them back
to the court immediately.
It's us.
Isabel and Alfonso.
You aren't my son.
Where are my children?
Where are my children?
This is why I gave away
the Order of Santiago?
To see a mother who won't recognize me?
- Where are my children?
- Mother.
Mother, calm down.
Calm down. Calm down.
Come on, please eat something.
You won't get anywhere if you don't eat.
Thank you, Clara, but we are not hungry.
I'm going to get some fresh air.
I beg you stay, Alfonso.
Will you tell me the truth?
Will you tell me that my mother was sick
the last time you visited us?
What would be different
if you had known the truth?
Did you know?
I knew it the moment
I saw Don Gonzalo's face.
Do you take me for a fool?
Why didn't you tell me?
Because sometimes responsibility
is more important than truth.
You always have something to say.
But sometimes words aren't enough.
What's going on, Don Gonzalo?
Is my mother still calling out to
It's time for you to explain
everything I need to know.
He was my teacher and my best friend.
No one ever defended
your father the way he did.
He fought against the nobles
who made a mess of Castile.
And that was his downfall.
Pacheco got the king
to sign his death sentence.
I don't understand.
If they were such good friends
Sometimes kings are weak and accept
horrible things to keep their power.
But King Juan couldn't stand the pain
of what he did and died a year later.
You were only three years old.
And my mother began
having hallucinations.
Why did my father want you to be my tutor?
Because he felt guilty.
And because he knew
I would always be loyal.
Maybe because I'm not as ambitious
I'm restricting myself
to fulfilling the honor he gave me.
If you aren't ambitious,
what makes you keep fighting?
I want Castile to get rid
of the nobles who suck its blood.
And who kill whenever they want.
I want a king of Castile who commands
and doesn't let others command him.
I dream of it every night.
May I share that dream with you?
Nothing would make me happier.
Sir. I'm sorry, I have orders from the king
to take the children back to the court.
Alfonso is outside with my men.
What's going on?
This is not the time for explanations.
Your Highness,
we have to leave immediately.
Not without saying goodbye to our mother.
One day I will make Enrique pay for this.
Calm down, Alfonso.
We have to stay calm.
We can't show pain or suffering
because that will make us weak.
The day will come when
those who kept us apart
from our mother will regret it.
What if that day never comes?
I swear to God it will.
I won't do anything else in life
except fight for that.
They're denying our daughter's
right to the throne.
What else is there to think about?
These are our requirements.
They must be accepted!
A Mendoza never betrays his king.
Even when he is wrong.
The king will negotiate.
He's summoned us to the court.
It's not worth being a king's son
if I have to live like this.
It would have been better
if we had been born peasants.
Castile is divided in two.
And Alfonso and Isabel are in the middle.
We don't want anybody with us.
He will be your brother's page.
Page? You mean spy.
I will accept all of your conditions.
All of them, except one.
I will not disinherit my daughter.
Don't even think about it!
I don't want to see you
anywhere near my daughter
or I will forbid you from walking
freely through the palace ever again.
We have to convince the nobles
who remain undecided.
Offer them posts in the future.
Bribe them, if necessary.
If you're going to follow us,
always stay 20 steps behind us.
They have to think we are
negotiating in good faith.
You have to give them
something important.
- What?
How is it possible that you don't see this?
Kill me.
And the war you want
to avoid will start tomorrow.
Why do this to us?
Don't you know what they expect
from a woman of the royal family?
To have more dignity than you.
Everything is ready.
Bishop Carrillo is waiting
for you in the stables.
They want the king to sign, no?
If not, they will kill us.
I am simply fulfilling my duty.
You have a great future
ahead of you, Gonzalo.
You are the king, no?
You were born to give orders.
One day I will tell the queen
how much I hate her.
- To Castile.
- To Castile.
I have to avoid war.
Are you aware of the
consequences of that decision?
- Long live King Alfonso!
- Long live!
What are we going
to give him in exchange?
We have to stop that wedding.
If the king of Portugal puts
his troops at Enrique's service
all we have done so far will be worthless.
The nobles are becoming divided.
They are nothing without Pacheco.
I won't negotiate with the king.
I'll take him out of the palace
and bring him here.
Are you planning to kidnap him?
If something really is happening,
the less noise we make, the better.
What's going on here?
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