Isabel (2011) s01e02 Episode Script

Campanas de boda

You'll have a son,
you'll see, Your Majesty.
And if he doesn't have one,
we know who will inherit the throne.
- The prince Don Alfonso.
- Not his sister Isabel?
A woman ruler of Castile?
I pray that God never lets that happen.
For you, Your Majesty.
I should never have been queen.
Do you understand? Never!
She's my mother.
My lady. She's resting now, it would be--
I want to be with her.
I've received a letter from
his tutor, Don Gonzalo Chacón.
You know him well.
One can deduce that King Enrique
has not paid the amount agreed upon
when his father Juan II died
and that he has left his stepmother and
his siblings, Isabel and Alfonso, penniless.
We're going to have a child.
I want Alfonso and Isabel
brought to the court immediately.
My wife desires it.
Don't take my children, Your Eminence!
The king will have the son he wanted.
Why is he taking mine?
Isabel, Alfonso, welcome to the court.
You're here for your own safety.
In time you'll understand, and when
my son is born, you'll return to Arévalo.
His son, because if it's a girl, it will take
a miracle for Alfonso and Isabel to leave.
- What is it?
- A girl, Your Majesty.
What is it?
We're not going back home, Alfonso.
My children's lives won't be the same
after the birth of that girl.
Don't worry, I'll do what I can
with Santiago to protect them.
I hereby declare that I have been
forced to swear, against my will
loyalty to Princess Juana.
It's just a visit to our mother.
It's been years since
we were brought from Arévalo.
I'll talk with my husband, the king.
I announce the latest appointment
of my always loyal Beltrán de la Cueva
as Master of the Order of Santiago.
That's the title Father left you in his will.
What did you do Alfonso?
Where is our mother?
You're not my son.
Where are my children?
All of them are planning something
against you under Pacheco's orders.
What is that traitor saying?
That your daughter is the child of the
queen and Beltrán de la Cueva, not you.
Damn bastard!
Alfonso and Isabel will be his
next pawns if we don't stop him.
Beltrán! Beltrán!
We must bring them back
to the court immediately.
The day will come when
the ones keeping us away from
our mother will regret it.
Why have they brought us to the court?
The king allowed us to go
to our mother in Arévalo.
It's for your safety, Your Highness.
Can I stay with my sister?
Guard the door until further notice.
Why are they doing this to us?
I don't know, Alfonso.
I don't know.
It's time to say 'enough!'
We've had it with a king who,
instead of fighting the Moors
dresses up like them!
A king who eats on the floor like the infidels!
That's Enrique, don't fool yourselves.
A king who allows the Jews
to steal our wealth!
Who allows the converts
to reach positions of power!
Is that the Castile we've fought for?
No! No!
These are our demands.
They must be accepted!
- Yes, sir.
- And if the king refuses?
Then we have the right to say
that Enrique is not our king!
Because a king is more than any of us,
but not more than all of us together!
- Never!
- Because we are Castile!
We are Castile!
You cannot allow this impudence!
Stop whining, Your Eminence.
I'm not deaf!
Let me think.
They're denying our
daughter's right to the throne.
What else is there to think about?
An immediate answer is needed.
If you allow them to offend you once
and go without punishment
nothing will stop them.
I think I should talk with them.
Are you going to negotiate?
The people expect authority and
leadership from their king, Your Majesty.
And I say there will be negotiation.
Summon Pacheco. I know him well.
I know how to handle this.
You cannot negotiate!
Your Majesty, you'll be seen
as the most cowardly of kings.
We must go to war.
And you, will you go to war?
No, you'll be in your church, praying.
It's easy for you to send the children
of others to die in the battlefield.
I need to be alone.
I'll go hunting.
Tell Cabrera to meet me at my study.
May I be of service?
You are the count of Ledesma and Master
of the Order of Santiago, my good Beltrán.
Let the new Mayor of the Palace do his job.
Don't summon Pacheco yet.
I'll see if I can convince the king
that this is madness.
So many problems and
he wants to go hunting.
Yes, you'll start getting used to his ways.
The king chose wisely in
making you my replacement.
There are some who won't forgive
a convert like me being here.
To many at the palace, I'm an outsider.
If it's any help, the same happened
to me without my being a Jew.
What's new in the court is always suspicious.
The princess is coming through!
Is it necessary to have them
under such surveillance?
- They're two kids.
- My thoughts exactly.
But keep this a secret.
I don't want the queen to find out.
Your Excellency.
This young man wants to talk with you.
He brings a letter from the Masters of Aguilar.
From Córdoba.
A good reference, no doubt.
You're excused.
I'll leave you with your visitor.
You chose a bad time to come here.
These are hard times.
At the Moorish border
there are very few quiet days.
- What's your name?
- Gonzalo Fernández.
Are you good with a sword, Cordovan?
I do my best.
We'll see if it's true.
What do you want to talk about in private?
There are matters in which discretion
and tact are important, Your Majesty.
The Mendozas, always good politicians.
Take a seat and explain yourself.
There is some information you should
consider before deciding to negotiate.
The people have lost their crops
because of bad weather.
Am I also to blame for hail?
No, no, Your Majesty.
But the people are hungry
and need to take out their rage.
See how the Jews are getting
richer while they're getting poorer.
The Jews keep buying uncultivated
land and hiring unemployed farmers.
The people dream about
reconquering Granada.
And they're shocked that
your guard is a Moor!
I don't know better warriors,
and they're loyal to the death.
Your Majesty, I don't doubt that
there is truth in your words.
But in politics, looks are worth
more than the truth.
The rebels are taking advantage of this
to say you are not your child's father.
That's a lie!
I brought in the best physicians.
It's also true that when you remarried,
you barred witnesses from the bedchamber
and you announced that you wouldn't
show the blood-stained marriage sheets.
They're barbaric customs!
But if you had followed them,
they would have been a great help now!
I apologize, Your Majesty,
but I had to say it.
Do you also doubt my paternity?
I never doubt what my king says.
Then what are you getting at with all this?
Pacheco's tactic is to tell a thousand lies,
so one will end up looking true.
If you negotiate with him, it will appear
as though he's telling a thousand truths.
What do you propose?
To use force.
A strong king is always respected.
The people will understand your
indignation at all of this slander!
I'm sorry, but I will negotiate.
I must prevent war.
Have you thought about
the consequences of that decision?
And you? Can you think of how many
men will die on the battlefield?
Can you imagine how many women
and children will die from their lost crops?
My dignity is worth much less than all that.
As you wish.
I have nothing else to say.
I rely on your loyalty.
A Mendoza never betrays his king.
Even when he's wrong.
Is she well this morning?
She's been like this for a few days.
She suddenly gets an attack,
but she's as strong as an oak.
And she won't give up
until she sees her children again.
She asks me about them every day.
I don't know what to tell her.
Tell her that they're fine.
That we get a messenger from the
court who brings us news about them.
I'm not good at lying.
Do you know anything about them?
- I'd tell you, if I knew something--
- Even if it was bad news?
Castile is divided in two,
and Alfonso and Isabel are in the middle.
I don't know if there could
be worse news, Beatriz.
I've had it. I can't take it anymore.
Stop complaining, Alfonso.
Or do you want the entire court
to know about our sorrow?
- What does that matter?
- It matters!
A lot.
The queen wants to see us unhappy,
and that's a pleasure I won't give her!
You're always showing strength, sister.
But deep down, you're as scared as I am.
Alfonso, please.
We've lost everything, Isabel!
What we inherited from our father
and our mother. Everything!
It's not worth being a king's son
if I have to live like this.
It would have been better
if we had been born peasants.
What are you doing?
What I should.
We are who we are.
We can never lose our dignity,
much less in front of anyone.
You're tough to defeat.
Thank you.
Can I remain at the court?
You remind me of me
when I first got here.
Like you, scared and with no friends,
but willing to do anything to stay.
And here I am.
And regarding friends
the truth is, I haven't made many.
Good friends are few.
That's what my mother said.
Your mother was smarter than a saint.
All right.
Go look for Cabrera.
Tell him to give you
a room and new clothes.
I think I know what your jobs will be.
To what do I owe this honor?
I thought you were hunting.
I canceled the trip.
I think it would be good
if I visited you more often.
To silence the rumors.
As you wish.
You're the king, no?
You were born to command.
It's a pity you do it so rarely.
Are you going to doubt my decisions too?
More than anyone.
I'm your daughter's mother, and I won't
allow her right to be questioned.
Neither will I, of hers or yours.
You're my wife.
But it wouldn't be the first time a wife died.
Your first wife, Blanca.
You repudiated her.
You said she was a sorceress, and
her family locked her away in a castle.
How can I be sure the same
won't happen to me?
Imagine that Enrique
won't want to negotiate.
He will.
I made Enrique king.
I know his weaknesses.
It will happen.
I assume you'll do the same with Alfonso.
That's why we want him in
our custody, so he'll be our king.
Someday, history won't be about kings.
People who are mediocre and think highly
of themselves for being born in a palace.
Sometimes I think we're fighting
for different goals.
Do you want to win this round?
Then play with me, and you'll win.
Don't do anything that I don't know about.
You know that I watch your back
more than anyone else.
I let you take the lead, but this song
is sung in chorus or it isn't sung at all.
The king will negotiate. We've been
summoned for a meeting at the court.
Forget it.
We don't want anyone at our side.
He'll be your brother's page.
Page? You mean spy.
Your Highness.
I think your brother must
have something to say.
It's his page, not yours.
And Alfonso is my brother, not yours.
I convinced the king to have a page
guard you, and that's what you'll have.
I will not let you make a fool out of me.
That's your problem. Let's go, Alfonso.
What now?
Earn his trust.
You have your mission. Carry it out.
As you wish, Your Excellency.
It will be tough for the Cordovan.
If you're going to follow us,
always stay 20 steps behind us.
Do you understand?
Yes, Your Highness.
Good morning, my lady.
What do you want?
They're here to negotiate.
You came just to tell me that?
I came to see my daughter.
To remember that I can't fail her.
Here, this is for you.
It shines like the sun.
But not as brightly as your eyes.
Your Majesty.
I beg your forgiveness,
but they're waiting for you.
Let them wait.
He's taking his time.
To make us nervous.
I taught him that, and it works.
At least on you.
His Majesty, the king.
When the king comes in, everyone rises.
New times, new customs.
Someday, someone will
put you in your place.
- It won't be you, of course.
- Calm down.
Gentlemen, calm down.
We're here to negotiate with civility,
and that's what we'll do.
All right.
What is the first topic on the agenda?
The minting of your new currency has
caused economic trouble, which affects--
Your proposal is accepted.
- Accepted?
- Accepted.
We'll do what you think is best. Next topic.
We propose removing the
privileges given to Jewish usurers.
I accept your request.
We propose that Moors and Jews
are made to live in restricted areas
and are identified with
markers on their clothing.
I accept.
- We propose--
- Let's save time, gentlemen.
Pacheco knows that
I'm bored by long meetings.
In this outcry, you say you
rebel for the good of Castile.
And for the good of Castile,
we must reach an understanding.
So that swords do not replace words.
I assume you agree on that.
Of course.
Not so fast.
Words tend to have double meanings.
You are the master of that game.
But my words only want to prevent
our fields from being covered in blood.
What do you propose to avoid that?
I'll accept all of your conditions.
All but one.
I will not disinherit my daughter.
Your daughter, La Beltraneja.
Let's go outside and see if your
sword is as brave as your tongue!
Calm down, Beltrán. Let the king speak.
Pay attention because
I will not say it again.
Juana is my daughter and my heiress.
This is non-negotiable.
Then there is nothing left to say.
Gentlemen, the show is over.
Good thing it was easy.
Why don't you shut up already?
You're dismissed.
You're here.
Did you expect me to be awake?
It's been an exhausting day.
I know.
Sleep, Your Majesty.
Sleep in peace.
I'm very proud of you today.
You want to negotiate again?
Yes, personally.
You left the negotiation
and called him a cuckold.
- He won't go for it.
- He will.
He'll think that I'll want
to profit from the situation.
That I may want to return to his side.
Is that the reason you want to see him?
Give me the letter back.
Trust me.
You ask for a lot when
you never listen to my advice.
I'll be honest with you.
I'm not going to negotiate with the king.
I'm going to get him out of
the palace and bring him here.
And he will sign everything he has to sign,
even his abdication if necessary.
Are you planning on kidnapping him?
You tried the same with his father,
and it didn't work.
Because Álvaro de Luna prevented it.
I must recognize that the bastard
was a respectable opponent.
But the Alcázar is impregnable
even for an army.
You said it. For an army.
I only need my brother, two
soldiers, and money for bribes.
Everything's ready, Juan.
But your brother can't stop
thinking about the same thing.
For the love of God, they're still kids.
He doesn't know?
What should I know?
I told you I needed two soldiers.
Two soldiers willing to give their lives.
Because they will.
If they do what they have to do,
their families will be repaid generously.
Or their daughters will pay
for their cowardice.
- Lock them up.
- Let's go.
God will never forgive us for this.
If the king doesn't yield, there will be war.
More people will die than
those girls and their parents.
God will keep a tally
and he'll forgive us.
Send him to hell.
I know him well. He must have realized
it would be better to return to me.
And you'd accept it.
A traitor who has betrayed you
and then his own cause.
It would be a war won without battles.
That's what matters.
Send an answer immediately.
We'll meet tomorrow.
As you wish.
I was proud of how you
defended our daughter.
And you'll continue to be. Don't doubt it.
The nobles are becoming divided.
They're nothing without Pacheco!
Where is your brother?
I was told he was coming with you.
He'll be here shortly.
His stomach is in tumult,
just like Castile.
But we can start.
What do you want, Pacheco?
To reach an agreement, like you.
Read this. I beg you.
She's not trying very hard.
She could swallow it for all I care.
All our sorrows are because of her.
Don't say that, Alfonso.
She's just a child.
Where are you going?
To teach my niece how to spin a top.
Did something happen?
- May I?
- Yes.
Look. You need to hold it like this, okay?
You put it at the center, and you have--
Don't even think about it!
I don't want to see you
anywhere near my daughter
or I will forbid you from walking
freely through the palace ever again.
Bring the girl.
The king wants to see me in my chambers.
One day I'll tell the queen
how much I hate her.
And that day will be today.
We have to tell Cabrera.
Your Majesty.
Guards! Guards!
I want to see the queen.
Didn't you hear me?
I am Isabel, the king's sister.
I have orders to not let
anyone through, Your Highness.
I just want to give the girl her top.
Shut your daughter up, damn it!
I swear I'll call the king
if you don't let me through.
You want to come in? Then go ahead.
What's going on here?
Nothing if you stay quiet.
Don't cry. Look what I brought you.
Give me that top.
Take something of mine.
The top.
If you get this top back,
then we will free them.
If not, then you know what to do
if you want to see your daughter alive.
I don't understand, Pacheco.
These are the same requests as before.
Are you going to continue reading all
this slander about Your Highness?
There's a part about you too, Beltrán.
Read it, please read it.
There's no need.
I'll tell him.
The queen said the king
was calling for her urgently.
Yes, Your Excellency.
The king is with the Marquis of Villena
and must not be bothered.
Maybe he changed his mind.
I'd be the first to know if the king
wanted to send a message to the queen.
- We have to call the guards.
- Not so fast, Your Excellency.
Since when do you give orders here?
I don't know about palace life
but I do know about skirmishes.
If something is really going on,
the less noise we make, the better.
Better for the queen,
her daughter, and Isabel.
- Take me to the queen's chamber.
- I'm going too.
No, it's better if you
wait in your chambers.
He's right. Guard, go with him.
Follow me.
I can understand why you'd
want me to leave the court.
But forbidding me from coming
closer than 14 leagues to the palace?
Envy blinds you, Pacheco!
And you are blinded by ambition!
How dare you accept the
Master of the Order of Santiago?
Alfonso inherited that
title from his father's will!
Enough, enough!
You didn't come to negotiate,
did you, Pacheco?
Where's your brother?
Here he is.
What have you done to my daughter?
And nothing will happen to her or your wife
if you come with us immediately to Ávila.
- You want to kidnap the king.
- Calm down, Beltrán, calm down.
Order your lackey to get out.
And to say we don't want
to cross paths with anyone.
Do it, Beltrán.
- But Your Majesty--
- Do it!
They want the king to sign, don't they?
Or else they'll kill us.
You can't murder a little girl.
- Do you know him?
- No.
Call the Monteros.
We don't want to see a guard
until we reach the sunlight.
- And you won't.
- Let's go.
And my wife? My daughter?
When we're gone, give this to the
soldier I have posted at the door.
He'll set them free.
Do you trust him, Your Majesty?
Do I have a choice?
Come on. We need to hurry.
Come with us.
Stop! Set the king free!
You promised to remove your guards.
I swear I did.
Explain the situation to this Jew.
Cabrera, step back, I beg you.
The lives of my wife and
daughter are in danger.
Not anymore.
Not now, Pedro.
Take them to the dungeon.
Thank you.
It's my duty to protect you.
But it's difficult to do from 20 steps away.
Forget about that, Gonzalo.
Because it was necessary.
Once, you were my best friend.
And I don't know what changed.
I can't stop thinking about what
my father would do in my place.
I don't know what he'd do because
I helped you take the throne from him.
As you're trying to take mine now.
It's not about taking your throne,
but returning you to the right path.
And the right path is yours?
Did you know?
Everyone around me is telling me
I should kill you and your brother.
You won't do it.
Why not?
Because you're smarter than that
and you're looking out for your future.
Kill me
and my followers will say that
you met with me to kill me.
The people will see it as treason.
They won't know about the kidnapping.
I'll let them know.
You have power but not
the power of persuasion.
You've done great things
for Castile with my help.
Who remembers that now?
Now, the people think you care more
about the Moors and the Jews.
That your daughter isn't yours.
The people believe me, not you.
Tell a thousand lies and
one of them will seem true.
You know that not all of them are lies.
You know that you need me.
That without me,
you can't rule over Castile.
Kill me
and the war you want to
prevent will start tomorrow.
- Cabrera.
- Your Majesty.
Accompany the Marquis of Villena
and his brother to the city limits.
They're free.
As you wish.
I'm proud of you.
Cabrera told me everything.
We had to act quickly.
Quickly and successfully, and you did it.
I want you to join the
Royal Guard as deputy captain.
Do you accept the offer?
You named me Prince Alfonso's page.
I owe my loyalty to him.
Do you owe it to him or to his sister Isabel?
Why do you say that?
I am simply fulfilling my duty.
You have a great future
ahead of you, Gonzalo.
Don't ruin it by falling in love
with someone you shouldn't.
On guard!
Your Excellency.
Pacheco and Girón
the king has let them go.
Cheer up, brother, at least
we're alive to tell the tale.
Yes, but not the soldiers you recruited.
Have you freed their daughters?
And paid what was
promised to their families.
Anyone who fights for us will know
their cause will be rewarded.
What cause? The one you shamed
in this ridiculous skirmish?
What will we do now?
More wine.
We have to convince the nobles
who remain undecided.
Offer them posts in the future.
Bribe them if necessary.
We need to double our army.
We'll burn the crops that
the good weather grew.
Castile will become ungovernable.
It won't be enough for Enrique
to have Mendoza at his side.
And he'll give in.
- Are you in?
- I am.
Then let's not think of
this event as a failure
but as the starting point
of our final success.
Let's toast.
- To Castile.
- To Castile.
You killed a man.
It was necessary, or else
I wouldn't have done it.
Have you killed many others?
A few.
How does it feel?
At first you think that the man
might have a wife and children.
Then you realize that if you
hadn't done it, he'd have killed you.
- I bring good news.
- What is it?
The king is letting us go visit Mother.
We're leaving tomorrow at dawn.
The page is coming too.
It's so good to see you
doing better, Mother.
I thought you'd never come.
Sometimes I think you've forgotten me.
Are they treating you well there?
Very well.
Who is this young man?
This is Gonzalo.
My page.
I like you. You have a
transparent look to you.
Tell me everything.
- I like that guy too.
- Beatriz!
Don't be shameless.
Seeing them together seems like a miracle
after everything that's happened.
That's not the problem.
It's what's to come.
Pacheco has doubled his
followers in towns and cities.
His army is now bigger than ours.
I'm close to becoming
a king with no supporters.
You deserve that for not acting quicker.
Why did you come here?
- To berate me for my mistakes?
- No.
To prevent you from making more.
You're asking me to negotiate? Now?
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Secure my daughter's future by
proposing her as Alfonso's wife.
If my plans fail, at least we'll have that.
What plans are you talking about?
Buying time to find an army
that will beat Pacheco's.
The army of my brother
Alfonso, the king of Portugal.
You'll have to be clever.
They need to think that
we're negotiating in good faith.
You need to give them something important.
- What?
- Beltrán de la Cueva.
Yes. Pacheco hates him above all things.
Banish him from the court.
Remove the title of Master of the Order
of Santiago. Then they'll believe you.
Beltrán has always been loyal.
There is no triumph without sacrifice.
And it won't be the only one.
I assume your brother will
not offer his army for free.
What will we give him in exchange?
I'm impressed with your strategies.
The pillow has given you
plenty of ideas tonight.
These aren't the results of one night.
I've been thinking about a solution
since you forgave Pacheco.
Have you, Your Majesty?
How did it go, Your Majesty?
You know this is the only possible solution.
I do.
How will Beltrán take it?
But if he knew that I was behind this,
it would be even worse.
I'm sorry.
No one has been as loyal as you.
But I have no choice.
Say something. Don't make this harder.
Thanks to you, I'm the count of Ledesma
and Master of the Order of Santiago.
I married a Mendoza.
Few in Castile have more than I do.
But I'd give everything
my life
for one thing.
For this day to have never come.
My resignation from
the Order of Santiago.
I'd rather resign
than have it taken away.
Say goodbye to Pacheco for me.
It seems like it was only yesterday.
In light of your outrageous last visit
I ask that we avoid irony
and personal matters.
All right.
We've gathered here to end our quarrel.
To do so it's necessary for
everyone, everyone--
to yield a bit.
As a token of good will, I give you this.
Don Beltrán de la Cueva's resignation
letter as Master of the Order of Santiago.
And this is a notarized edict in which
I restitute the title to my brother Alfonso.
A good offer, no doubt.
Now it's your turn to yield.
What do you want?
Only two things.
Limit the expulsion of
the Moors and the Jews.
Exclude those who converted
to Christianity from this law.
We agree.
What is the other condition?
Safeguard the dignity of
the king and his daughter.
It's impossible to coexist alongside
a humiliated and insulted king.
They're right.
Thank you, Your Eminence.
That's why, to guarantee
peace in the future
we propose marriage between
Prince Alfonso and Princess Juana.
Will Alfonso be under our custody?
That won't be a problem.
Then, we agree.
As for Isabel, we ask that she
be given her own place in Segovia.
Far from your wife.
And that her future marriage
be agreed upon by all of us.
We accept.
Write down this agreement.
We will reconvene in 30 days
to sign and make this official.
Choose neutral ground.
At Medina del Campo
in the Hour of Angelus.
So be it.
Gentlemen, until then.
Until then.
I appreciate your willingness to negotiate.
You could have had it all earlier.
We could have avoided all
of this quarreling.
And saved us money.
Everything went as planned, Your Majesty.
Yes, now we only need the
Portuguese to keep their word.
Sintra, Portugal
It fills us with joy to hear
your proposal of a union
with your sister, Her Excellency
Princess Isabel.
For our part, we will put at your service
1,500 men on horseback
and 3000 men on foot.
Just in case you need them.
They've told me that Isabel
is as beautiful as her mother.
And she's in the line of succession.
She may not be first in line,
but in Castile
you never know.
Do you know what this is?
An Italian invention to poke food
and bring it to your mouth.
I can tell just by looking at you
that you bring news.
You don't look too happy.
I don't know if I should be.
At this court they like to bring you
a cold dish after a hot soup.
You should be happy.
Your future looks magnificent.
But I don't want to marry that child.
She won't always be a child.
You should think more about
how you will become king of Castile.
If I'm going to be king,
I can't decide where I should live.
We'd prefer living with
our mother than with Pacheco.
There's something else you should know.
Here comes the cold dish.
Isabel won't go with you.
The king and the nobles
have reached an agreement
for the sake of the future of the kingdom.
And I?
Can I live with my mother
or do I have to stay here?
No, you'll have your own place in Segovia.
- My own place?
- Yes.
You won't live with the queen anymore.
That's why I'm here, to stay with you.
And I didn't come alone.
Come in.
Are you going to live with me?
Yes, Your Highness.
Your mother insisted
that Chacón and I come.
And I?
Will I go alone with Pacheco?
No, Gonzalo will go with you.
You'll leave this afternoon.
This is the first time we've said goodbye.
Think of how we'll say hello
the next time we see each other.
I don't know if I can get used
to not being scolded by you.
Soon you'll be able to scold
anyone you want.
- When I'm king?
- When you're king.
I don't know if I'll be king,
but I'll always be your brother.
And I your sister.
- Is there something in your eye?
- Yes, that must be it.
Promise you'll take care of him.
You know I will.
Everything is ready.
Archbishop Carrillo is waiting in the stables.
Be careful. You know Pacheco.
I don't go where I'm not invited.
You leave without my
paying the debt I owe you.
- Who knows if you ever will.
- Good luck, Cordovan.
Thank you, Your Excellency.
I'm sorry.
You'll think I'm a child.
No, Your Highness.
A man should cry for what he loves.
If he doesn't, he isn't a man
or he doesn't know how to love.
I don't know which one is worse.
Do you like it?
Yes, very much.
I'm glad.
Now let's see if I can find everything
that Don Gonzalo has asked for.
It's not my fault. Her mother made the list.
As befits a former queen,
she looks after every little detail.
Don't worry if you don't find everything.
I don't like too much luxury.
But I do, and I'm living with you.
Holy Christ!
Don't you smell it?
The smell of buns coming from
that shop on the corner.
May I buy some sweets to
celebrate the princess' new home?
That's fine.
- Allow me to treat you.
- You can go, of course.
Well, tell me.
Is something wrong?
I know you as well as a father would.
All this time I've had to hold up Alfonso
and support him as his older sister.
I haven't been able to cry my grief away
because I've been wiping away his tears.
And here I am now, setting up a doll house.
Waiting for someone to decide my destiny.
Praying every night that I won't have
to marry someone I don't know.
Why is a woman worth less than a man?
It's tradition.
Both must fulfill their duties.
And I will. You and my mother
have raised me to do so.
And I'll support Alfonso
in whatever is needed.
But am I allowed to be sad,
just for today?
Can I choose one?
You don't have to. They're all yours.
A crown prince should dress like this.
Did you hear that, Gonzalo?
All of them.
I can have a thousand suits made.
Of these you can only choose one,
so my jeweler can make you a ring.
What do you think? Do you like it?
The biggest isn't always the best.
What do you know?
We are not to go against the prince.
So be it.
What's wrong?
Bad news.
They're coming from Portugal.
Your brother has left Portugal.
Yes, he'll be here in a few days.
A messenger arrived before him.
He offers 1,500 knights
and an infantry of 3000.
- Enough to stop Pacheco and his men.
- Yes.
I knew we could count on him.
I only ask for one thing.
Let me handle the marriage arrangements.
I know well how my brother thinks.
And who will tell Isabel?
I'll deal with my brother.
You should deal with your sister.
Send word to Don Gonzalo Chácon
that I want to see him urgently.
No! No! No!
I told you I wouldn't marry
anyone I didn't want to.
My lady, the king commands it.
Will you talk again of traditions?
No, I swear I understand you.
But you want to move quickly,
and we must go one step at a time.
I will take few steps in Castile
if I'm living in Sintra.
Don't you see?
He's marrying his daughter to Alfonso
so she becomes queen of Castile.
And he's marrying me to Portugal's
king, who's 20 years older than me.
If we don't have children,
who will inherit Portugal's throne?
His daughter, Juana.
How can you not see that?
I see it, Isabel. I do.
What surprises me is that you realized it.
Why do you say that?
Because I'm a woman?
No, because you're very young.
Enrique has given the princess to the king
of Portugal while negotiating with us.
Promising that Isabel would not
marry without our approval.
Enrique has tricked us.
We must stop it.
If the king of Portugal puts
his troops at Enrique's service
all we have done so far will be worthless.
That must be the plan.
The queen must be involved.
What do we do?
I'm sure my sister doesn't know anything.
And I doubt she'll agree to this.
It doesn't matter. They'll make her agree.
Maybe we should support Isabel.
Let her see we would be
on her side if she refused.
Who would we send?
It won't be easy to reach her.
With your permission, I will do it.
Leave immediately.
Pedro, give him the best horse.
Go wish your page good luck.
If the princess refuses to marry
the king of Portugal won't
bring his army to Castile.
That will buy time for the next step.
What are you thinking?
Enrique can't be our king anymore.
Are you talking about overthrowing the king?
Why not?
His Royal Highness,
Don Alfonso V of Portugal.
- Sister!
- Alfonso!
Welcome to Segovia, Your Majesty.
It's an honor to welcome you.
The honor is mine, Your Majesty.
I hope this meeting brings
our kingdoms closer.
And so
where is my future queen?
She isn't here yet, Your Majesty,
but I'm sure she's on her way.
- Go get her, please.
- Even if you have to drag her.
You'll never guess what this is for.
What are you going to do?
I don't know.
My soul asks me
to refuse marriage, but
But you're afraid.
Come in.
We have a visitor.
- Gonzalo.
- Your Highness.
What are you doing here?
I bring a message.
It's a private message.
They can listen to
whatever you have to say.
Hurry, it's not good to make
a king to wait, much less two.
Your brother and the nobles
do not approve of this wedding
since it goes against the
agreement made with the king.
You don't know how happy you make me.
I feel stronger now.
I'm sure you won't be
the only one to be happy.
Your Highness, it's Cabrera.
I'm coming.
Will you be here when I return?
No, Your Highness.
I must leave for Ávila immediately.
I must give you something first.
You must give this hug to my brother.
My lady, please! We can't delay anymore!
Doña Isabel of Castile,
princess of the kingdom.
We've been waiting for a while.
Forgive me, Your Majesty.
I want you to meet His Royal Highness,
Don Alfonso of Portugal.
I'm sorry you made such
a long trip for nothing.
I have no intention of marrying you.
Isabel! Isabel!
You'll marry whomever I say.
No. I'll marry whomever I wish.
Let go of me!
How dare you refuse
the king of Portugal?
What hurts more?
That I don't want a king for a husband,
or that I refuse to marry your brother?
What do you think?
That a princess doesn't have obligations?
Don't you know what they expect
from a woman of the royal family?
To have more dignity than you.
Enough! Your Majesty!
You're crazy!
Just like your mother, crazy!
Isabel, calm down! Calm down!
What's going to happen now?
We must prepare for the worse.
Castilians! Castilians!
It is our painful duty to announce
our monarch's betrayal!
Our once beloved has not
honored his duty!
He stops being our king!
Get him out!
- To the ground, sod!
- To the ground!
- Castile!
- Castile!
- Castile!
- Castile!
- Castile! For King Alfonso!
- Castile!
Long live King Alfonso!
Long live!
Long live King Alfonso!
- Long live King Alfonso!
- Hurray! Long live King Alfonso!
I've been waiting for you.
I came as soon as I got your message.
There are tough times ahead, Beltrán.
- There will be war.
- I know.
I've been informed
about the farce in Ávila.
Can I count on you again?
Always, Your Majesty.
In the next episode
Victory is ours!
We have to end this war.
Our people can't take it anymore.
History is filled with kings who
lead their troops. Warrior kings.
Who cares about who will be king now?
Or were you fighting for Alfonso?
It's from my father.
What news does he have?
It's about my marriage.
So His Holiness doesn't want
to soil his hands in Castile.
That's right. He thinks
it's his duty to remain neutral.
Marriage is too serious a matter to be left
in the hands of an inexperienced girl.
I'll never marry someone I don't choose.
Your turn.
You're losing a chance to
become part of the royal family.
Maybe Your Majesty will
be the one to lose the crown.
- Stop!
- Stop!
- My lady!
- What do you want?
Why should we make a pact now?
He's at our mercy now, don't you see?
At the moment you know
nothing about weapons.
Then teach me!
You've reached an
agreement with my father.
I have nothing to accept or refuse.
This wedding will stop
the bloodshed in Castile.
Alfonso and Isabel will
enter my succession line.
I'll kill him with this dagger
as soon as I get to Ucaña.
You're a man and you act like one.
My husband is the one who doesn't.
What the king does is well done.
Does it bother you that I'd
be your king with your help?
No, Your Majesty.
- I just want to obey you.
- Then obey me!
A quarter of what
you're taking can kill a horse.
In the end they'll make
you behave like a king.
I'm Isabel of Trastámara,
the daughter of King Juan.
The sister of King Enrique and King Alfonso.
What about Alfonso?
Leave him to me.
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