Isabel (2011) s01e03 Episode Script

La negociación

Here are our demands!
They must be accepted!
And if the king refuses?
Then we have the right to say
that Enrique is not our king!
The people expect authority and order
from their king, Your Majesty.
And I say that there will be negotiation.
The king will negotiate. We've been
summoned for a meeting at the court.
I'll accept all your conditions. All but one.
Juana is my daughter and heiress.
This is non-negotiable.
Then there is nothing more to discuss.
We don't want anyone at our side.
He'll be your brother's page.
Page? You mean spy.
In exchange for the page,
you won't be watched in the palace.
If you're going to follow us,
always remain 20 steps behind us.
You haven't come to negotiate,
have you, Pacheco?
Where is your brother?
Your Majesty.
Guard! Guard!
What have you done to my daughter?
Nothing will happen to her or your wife
You want the king to sign, right?
Otherwise they'll kill us.
Cabrera, step back, I beg you.
The lives of my wife and
my daughter are in danger.
Not anymore.
Kill me, and my supporters will say
you wanted to meet me to kill me.
- I bring good news.
- What is it?
The king is letting us go see Mother.
We leave tomorrow at dawn.
Remove his titles, and they'll believe you.
I assume your brother will not offer his army for free.
What will we give him in exchange?
To guarantee future peace, we propose
a marriage between Alfonso and Juana.
Will Alfonso be in our custody?
That won't be a problem.
We agree.
As for Isabel, she must have her own
place in Segovia, far from your wife.
Will you live with me?
If the princess refuses to marry
the king of Portugal won't
bring his army to Castile.
That will be the time to take the next step.
Are you talking about overthrowing the king?
Your brother and the nobles don't support
this wedding. It goes against the pact.
I want you to meet His Royal Highness,
Don Alfonso of Portugal.
I'm sorry you made such
a long trip for nothing.
I have no intention of marrying you.
How dare you refuse the king of Portugal?
What hurts more?
That I don't want a king as a husband,
or that I don't want to marry your brother?
Don't you know what's expected
of a woman of the royal family?
To have more dignity than you.
- Long live King Alfonso!
- Long live!
There will be war.
I've been informed about
Can I count on you again?
Always, Your Majesty.
And Seville.
All of Christian Andalusia, Your Majesty.
What support do we have left?
That's not enough.
It's not.
Can't we get more weapons,
more horses, more men?
The strongboxes are diminishing every day.
More moves out than comes in.
The war is finishing off the crops
the wool
the men.
A king isn't a king without
something to offer.
And Enrique only has himself to offer!
- And he does gladly.
- But Castile's nobles don't care.
He has nothing left.
Your army, Monsignor, is unstoppable.
And no one rivals my brother,
I absolve you from your sins
in the name of the Father, the Son
and the Holy Spirit.
Victory is ours!
Fonseca, send word to the Holy Father.
Ask him to force the traitors
to put down their weapons.
Remove Carrillo as Archbishop of Toledo,
remove the Archbishop of Burgos.
Take away the titles of
- I want him to excommunicate them!
- I don't think--
Do as I order, Fonseca!
We need to end this war.
Our people can't take it any longer.
The smoke came from the clearing.
Battles are in open fields.
That's why we need to avoid the clearings.
How long will it last, Father?
- The war?
- Yes.
As long as the lords want.
We have no choice but to hide and resist.
And pray.
If that was of any help
we would all live in peace.
Do you think we could have
the pilgrimage at San Isidro?
Will it be over by then?
I hope, my dear. I hope.
Mother is fixing one of her
dresses for me for the festivities.
The red one.
Let's see how it looks!
I personally can't wait.
But we won't be at San Isidro.
What a shame.
If you need men, take me.
Trust me, we have enough men.
What we need are women.
No! No!
Dad! Dad!
Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be Thy name
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done
It's your turn.
No, please, please.
Well, she's feisty.
Do you plan on taking all four of us?
Watch her.
Come on. Let's go.
How many lives does
that embroidery have?
More than a cat, I'm afraid.
Who would say that you're
the daughter and a sister of a king?
I must have missed out on
the good old days of princesses.
Beatriz, they brought you this.
It's from my father.
What news does he have?
It's about my marriage.
What? With whom?
It's a good match.
The Mayor of the Palace,
the king's treasurer.
I've always thought he was a good man.
I'm not saying he isn't,
but I barely know him.
I've heard you say that you'll only marry
someone who choose. I feel the same.
Then, tell your father.
If you want, I'll go with you to talk to him.
I don't want do disobey my father.
I owe it to him.
Besides, I've also heard you talk
about commitments and obligations.
- Is a date set?
- No.
Cabrera wants to talk with me
before making it official.
So His Holiness doesn't want
to soil his hands in Castile.
Isn't that right, Your Eminence?
That's right. He thinks it's
his duty to remain neutral.
His duty. His duty is not to err on the bet.
You can get to Rome without being
a saint but never by being a fool.
Keeping up this war is only increasing
the court's debts and my subjects' pain.
Your Majesty, the other option is to accept
defeat and that can never be an option.
Perhaps there's another option.
One that doesn't involve the battlefield.
I'm surprised you're
no longer such a warrior.
Each moment has its strategy, Your Majesty.
And being able to accept your mistakes.
Of the first, the church knows a lot.
Of the second, not so much.
What is this magic solution,
Your Eminence?
Making the Marquis of Villena
return to our side.
Pacheco on our side
after organizing this war?
It depends on what he gets from it.
He always works for his own benefit.
And he's not the only one.
There's always a price with Pacheco.
We must have a lot to offer him.
How about being related to the royal family?
to Princess Isabel.
That's impossible.
Your Majesty, he can't be serious.
Juan Pacheco is the hinge
that moves our enemies.
And his brother is
the hammer hitting our troops.
If we can reel them in, Your Majesty
there will no longer be war.
Very true. I've always known this.
Yet you berated me when
I wanted to negotiate.
What's with the change, Fonseca?
Are you afraid for your titles
in Seville now that it has fallen?
You wanted a solution.
I've given you one.
And a good one, by the way.
What loyalty can be expected of one
who's only loyal to himself, Your Majesty?
Of who has betrayed you before?
I know you don't like Pacheco,
and neither do you, Cabrera.
I don't like him either.
But the good of Castile is
more important than all of us.
And I would deal with the devil
himself to have peace!
Do what you must, Fonseca.
- Like in Seville?
- Like in Seville.
Don't hesitate between a
convert and an old Christian.
The Christian.
Let them know that we're on their side.
We won't leave them at the
hands of the usurers.
Gentlemen, how's the campaign going?
It couldn't be better, Your Majesty.
What are the plans? Which towns will join us?
We were just talking about that.
So I've come just in time.
Can I give my opinion on our strategy?
Forgive me, Your Majesty.
What were Pedro's orders? Where is he?
Very well. And your army, Archbishop?
Ready to leave for Simancas, Your Majesty.
Don't worry, we have good captains
who know what they're doing.
Yes, but I'm their king, right?
Of course, and we fight for you,
isn't that correct?
If not, then for whom?
We'll continue at another time.
Your Majesty.
Who does he think he is?
At the moment, your king.
Your Eminence!
I'll leave you with your king.
I wanted to ask you
something, Your Eminence.
Whatever you wish, Your Majesty.
I want to join your troops at Simancas.
Forgive me, Your Majesty,
but I don't think that's a good idea.
You don't think I'm capable enough?
If something happened, we'd lose our king.
There are plenty of men to fight,
but there is only one king.
And you've never been in battle.
History is filled with kings leading
their troops. Warrior kings.
And no doubt that one day you'll be one.
But right now you have
no training experience with weapons.
Then train me!
Do you think I don't see it?
You all see me as a helpless child.
If you made me king
if you fight for me as your king,
why don't you treat me like one?
Why don't you treat me like a man?
Your Majesty, you are my lord,
ask me anything but this.
I wouldn't forgive myself
if something happened to you.
Excuse me.
He hasn't come yet?
You're stunning.
He's here.
Well, here we go.
- Do you want me to go with you?
- No.
I'd rather go to the slaughterhouse alone.
Cabrera is a good man.
He's wise and hates injustice.
I don't deny it
but how can you love someone
you barely know?
Her father is a reasonable man.
He must have thought it was best for her.
Best for her and for his interests
and his business within the court!
Marriage is too serious a business
to be left to an inexperienced young girl.
Yes, but that inexperienced girl
will share vows, her life,
and a bed with her husband.
It won't be Beatriz's father going to bed
with Cabrera and bearing his children!
It will be Beatriz.
And no one asked her.
I've proven it once.
I won't marry someone I haven't chosen.
I don't want to seem pretentious but
even in tough times, I can assure
you that you'll want for nothing.
I am His Majesty's butler
and the treasurer of Segovia and Cuenca.
But I suppose you already knew that.
My father knows, and that's enough.
And I have no intention of
separating you from her.
You can still be her confidant.
As you wish, my lord.
May I?
Thank you.
Regarding our home
if you accept me as your husband
you should know that it will be you--
It's pointless to keep going around in circles.
'If you accept me.'
You've already reached
an agreement with my father.
I have nothing to accept or refuse.
My lady.
I went to your father because
I've thought of you since I first saw you.
You wore less luxurious garments
but you were as beautiful as you are today.
And you were hungry.
I have a soft spot for sweets.
It's a defect I can't help.
Your defects must be wonderful.
And there's nothing I would like more
than to enjoy them by your side.
But it's your approval I want.
Not your father's.
Take all the time you need.
And whether it's a yes or a no,
I'll listen to you and accept it.
Let's be clear on one thing.
You won't be forced to the altar.
Not with me.
My lady.
Welcome, Pacheco.
It's good to have you back.
You called for me,
and I came to listen to you.
I think His Eminence has
informed you of our intentions.
Yes, but there are still things to talk about.
Speak then.
In private, sir.
I'll leave you men alone.
I didn't mean you, my lady.
I wouldn't be of help, anyway.
My lady.
Your Majesty.
Well then.
Damn it!
I beg you forgive me, Your Majesty.
Don't apologize for
having blood in your veins.
You're a man and behave as such.
It's my husband who doesn't.
What the king does is well done.
You're as loyal as you are naive.
Or perhaps
the wealth with which the king has
compensated you is more than enough.
Speaking of what the king has given you,
are you happy with her?
My lady.
My love!
Is your hearing finished?
Not yet, I hope.
Pacheco is in there.
I see.
- And how is married life, dear?
- Wonderful, my lady.
I have no doubt.
Was the queen telling you
something I should know about?
We agreed we'd tell each other everything,
and I always keep my word.
You know I do too.
Don't you think my offer is good enough?
Your brother would marry my sister.
By God, I'm offering you a chance
to become my brother-in-law.
What else do you want?
Will your quarrel never end?
It will end when he's out of the court.
- No.
- There's no deal then.
You'll miss a chance to become
part of the royal family.
Maybe it will be Your Majesty
who loses the crown.
Our forces are strong.
Our storage boxes are full.
We are in no rush.
The war can continue.
I'm offering you an end to the war.
A return to peace.
And you're going to say no
because of that opportunist?
You'll allow poverty and death to
continue destroying Castile? For him?
And what about Alfonso?
Leave that to me.
All right.
I know nothing would give
you more pleasure, but no.
You deal with Alfonso and your people.
I'll deal with mine.
Do you have a date set for your wedding?
We don't know if there'll be one.
Pacheco accepted the offer.
The war is over.
- As you wish.
agree to the wedding?
- She refused the king of Portugal.
- Cabrera!
This is not the same thing.
Her brother Alfonso is involved,
and she has no choice. She has duties.
- Your Majesty?
- Yes?
Did Pacheco ask for something else?
It seems there are ups to being a traitor.
Son, if the king commands,
we can only obey.
This way.
Married to a king's daughter.
And heiress, if something happened
to her brother Alfonso, God forbid it.
Isabel would succeed Enrique
and, with her, you.
This isn't a gift, brother.
We didn't get it from birth.
We've earned it, you with this
and me with this.
Don't say a word until
I've spoken to the nobility.
Be careful.
Don't lower your guard.
Relax, they come with me everywhere.
Whether to the battlefield or
to ask for a girl's hand in marriage.
Will they accompany you to bed too?
No, not there.
I can take care of things on my own there.
Do you even know how to hold a sword?
You, take it.
None of you will be useful in a fight.
I will.
Have you held a weapon before?
I've fought.
Is that right? Where?
If you're willing to tell us.
On the wrong side. That's why I'm here.
Could it be that you ran away?
I'm talking to you.
Why don't you test him, Iago?
Then we'll see if what he says is true.
When I'm done, he'll only
be good for Pedro Botero.
Leave him. I don't have many like him.
He would have finished me off.
Don't doubt it.
And would you have stopped him
as you stopped me?
What's your name?
- Juan.
- Like my brother.
A good sign.
Why are you changing sides?
I'd rather be on the winning side.
He's one of us.
I want this one close.
Instead of being useful to Pedro Botero,
Master of the Order of Calatrava.
I know him, Your Majesty.
Not for his titles but for his outbursts.
He tried to violate my mother.
Sometimes it's better to look at
the future and not remember the past.
He tried to kidnap you!
He risked the lives of your
daughter and the queen!
Have you forgotten that too?
Your Majesty, as you just recalled,
he is Master of the Order of Calatrava.
That mastery demands chastity.
He has asked for a papal bull.
- I see he had everything prepared.
This wedding will end
the bloodshed in Castile.
Alfonso and Isabel will
enter my succession line.
My brother has to give his approval.
He'll give it, Isabel. Don't worry about that.
to come to Segovia now.
Receive my congratulations.
Look who's here.
My girl.
How are you?
Let's go to the window,
so you can get some sun.
Think about it carefully, Your Majesty.
This wedding is a prison
sentence for Don Alfonso.
A sentence? I'm naming him as my heir.
You refused my brother,
the king of Portugal.
A king wasn't good enough, right?
If you had accepted then, you wouldn't
have that look on your face now.
I can't. I can't allow that man to touch me.
Calm down, my girl. Calm down.
It will all work out. You'll see.
No! It won't work out!
You'll marry someone you don't love.
And I'll have children with the man
who tried to violate my mother!
I stopped it then, and I'll stop it now.
Trust me.
See? It will all work out.
Forgive me, but I think
Archbishop Carrillo is right.
He's an expert in the art of war.
I think you should listen to him.
And you're my page
and you should obey me.
I just want to protect you, Your Majesty.
Why don't you want to teach me?
You're good with a sword, a dagger, a spear.
And I know of your skill
because you saved my sister.
Yes, I saved her from the people
who are now your allies.
Does it bother you that
I will become king with their help?
No, Your Majesty.
- I just want to obey you.
- Then obey me.
Your Majesty, I'm in a hurry.
I'm expected at a meeting.
I think it's my obligation
as king to go into battle.
That thinking honors you.
It's worthy of a king like you.
You should prepare to fight.
Archbishop Carrillo thinks it's too risky.
My uncle is from another generation.
He doesn't believe that youth are
capable of making their own choices.
And you should make yours.
That's why you're king.
But he's never held a weapon.
Train him then.
You're his servant,
and you're bound to obey him.
I'm proud you're behaving like a king.
And as a man without fear.
- Now, if you'll excuse me.
- Go.
- Shall we start?
- Whenever you wish.
This is what we've fought for?
We have the king in our hands.
Why should we agree on a pact now?
Because now we have him
at our mercy. Don't you get it?
We'll be the ones to rule Segovia again.
Our armies are the strongest.
We have what we want without
spending more on weapons or men.
We won't lose anymore crops or taxes.
What else do we want?
But Enrique will remain king.
Why do we care who is king?
Don't tell me you were fighting for Alfonso?
The succession is ours.
Whether it's Alfonso or Isabel as
my brother's wife, one of ours will rule.
What more could we ask for?
What about the Mendozas?
Step by step.
Can I count on you?
Sir, I don't think you
realize what you're doing.
Think of Don Alfonso.
If this wedding comes to pass
we will become an obstacle
Pacheco must have thought of this.
He doesn't take a step without thinking.
- No.
- My God.
Don't you see Alfonso is in mortal danger?
Pacheco won't let him live if his brother
can become king by marrying Isabel.
I said no!
All right, we're done for the day.
I can still do it myself.
Supposedly, a Mendoza only kneels
before God and the king.
Now he kneels before painters too.
Do you think I like seeing
that scheming Pacheco in court?
I assure you I hate it as much as you!
But Mendozas obey the king!
And it's necessary for Castile's peace.
I recommend you do the same.
Forgive me.
I do this to protect Don Alfonso.
Any harm that befalls Don Alfonso
will be something he went looking for.
Because of his playing the king.
But he's only a boy.
I'm not a man who asks for favors,
and I never ask for myself.
I know.
But this is the second time I've come to you
and both times I've left as I came.
Someday the wheels will turn.
Hit with force.
Up, Your Majesty, hit with force.
- I'm doing it, Gonzalo.
- With more force then.
More strength!
Come on!
Pay attention to the back and disarm.
Renouncing your title as Master of the
Order of Calatrava in favor of your son.
That's courage, brother!
Who better than your own son?
What are the knights saying to
their new eight-year-old master?
I don't know. I guess they're happy.
At least now they know
he'll obey the chastity vow.
Not like his father.
No. Leave the wine.
The night is still young.
I've squeezed as much out
of the order as I could
And we have 200,000 fanegas of land.
And we'll continue with Rodrigo.
We've gotten far, brother.
Father would be happy.
In the end, they've had to accept us.
They've had to take us in.
That's why we can't get distracted.
There are court people who don't like us.
And since they won't dare face us,
they'll go for our backs.
Enjoy and stop worrying.
Today we're celebrating.
Be careful, Pedro. In houses,
in brothels, in the open fields.
- Who will dare? Alfonso?
at the court anymore.
Don't worry, Juan.
My men are always with me.
for the engagement.
How will Isabel be in bed?
Will she be more agreeable
than her crazy mother?
If she's hot enough, she won't know.
She better start warming up.
I have a dungeon near the bedroom
in the castle so she can think things over.
I'm leaving.
I have things to attend to in the morning,
and I can see you have some now.
- Good night, brother.
- Good night.
You have no idea how happy I am
that my chastity vow is over.
What's going on? Why are you dressed?
I'm going to see my brother Alfonso.
- What?
- I'll talk with him.
- Only he can say no to the wedding.
- Are you crazy?
And soldiers, and battles
on both sides, and wolves.
He said he'd take care of it.
- This is crazy.
- Beatriz, crazy or not, I'm going.
Are you coming or not?
There you have it.
It has no scent.
And no flavor, that's its merit.
But it works?
A quarter of what you're
taking could kill a horse.
But if you want to go unnoticed,
I recommend using it little by little.
And surgeons won't find it?
Christian surgeons?
Even if you killed a man
with an ax blow to the head
a Christian surgeon wouldn't be able
to diagnose the cause of death.
I hope to never see you again.
Actually, I don't recall ever seeing you.
Stop. Who's there?
My lady.
You got ready to fight
and as soon as you get here
the war ends.
You see? I bring good luck.
Don't be so sure.
Depending on where you are,
war isn't that bad.
What I've seen isn't very joyful.
Because you weren't next to Don Pedro.
You think highly of your lord.
He's the best of all.
He always looks after his men, and when
there's a profit, there's some for everyone.
You see why I always have him nearby.
I like to be flattered.
Peasant, I want to have
you near me as well.
Iago, he's to have a weapon and
stay no less than ten steps from me.
Even if your brother wanted to,
could he stop the wedding?
They will have to listen to him.
And if he refuses the agreement--
- My lady!
- What do you want?
For now, the horses!
Don't even think about it!
Let me go! Let me go!
Oh, my goodness!
the daughter of King Juan.
And the sister of
King Enrique and King Alfonso.
Let us go, before it's too late.
Oh no!
Hey, their clothing is good quality too!
Hand them over. They won't need them.
- Let me go!
- What are you doing?
My lady!
I don't know if you're a king's daughter
but you're just as prideful.
Take off her clothes.
Drop your weapons.
My lady!
Thank you, Cabrera.
My pleasure.
Get back on your horses and
allow me to escort you back home.
Don't you think the end
of the war is good news?
Yes, of course.
But I won't be king anymore.
Yes, you will.
Don Enrique has named you his heir.
He'll sign it himself.
You and your sister come
before his own daughter Juana.
- Isabel too?
- After you.
One of the best matches in Castile.
You must give your approval.
I'm not sure if I should.
Don Pedro is the lord of several towns.
He's renounced his position as Master of
the Order of Calatrava to marry your sister.
It's not that, Pacheco.
I won't be king anymore.
You're young.
You'll have enough time to rule.
For now, you'll train yourself
as you've been doing.
You'll get to know the court and rule
a kingdom in peace, not divided like now.
Don't think you're taking a step back.
- No.
- No.
And I'll prove it to you.
is yours.
The Order of Santiago.
It returns to you as master,
as your father wanted.
Do you agree then on the wedding?
Let's keep fighting.
Leave it. Don't touch it.
Gonzalo, today you'll be defeated
by the Master of the Order of Santiago.
What are you doing?
Being loyal.
Didn't you want to fight like a man?
Then do it.
It's because of my sister, right?
It's because of Isabel?
Isabel will know where you stand!
Leave me!
I don't know how to thank you
for what you did for us.
But we wanted to ask for another favor.
Don't worry.
I won't say a word about what happened.
I too must ask for something in exchange.
You must assure me you'll never
do something this crazy again.
I see you still have watchful eyes.
There's no other option
these days in Castile.
Now if you'll excuse me, madams.
- My lady.
- Forgive me for not answering yet.
- No.
I'm in no rush.
I prefer a late and sincere yes from you
than a hasty and forced one.
Do you think he'll saying
something at the court?
I think you can trust him, my lady.
And you?
Have you begun trusting him too?
- Is your throat any better?
- No.
I'll have to propose to Isabel using signs.
My lady, I'd like to ask for your hand.
You know what for.
Damn throat. It feels like it's on fire.
It's the dusty road, sir.
It hasn't rained in months.
Try some broth.
That's always worked for me.
I'll get it for you.
Look, look.
Enough! Enough with old maids' tales!
How can it be a bad omen
for battle if there is no battle?
There's nothing to fear. You hear me?
Get up! Rest time is over! Move!
You don't believe in omens?
A stork won't kill me.
Let's go.
You should choose a night
with a full moon for the wedding.
The full moon favors fertility,
and that, believe me my dear
is essential.
Now that I think about it, you won't have
that problem with your husband.
He already has four children.
- Four children?
- Yes, you didn't know?
Their mother is a
But the Order of Calatrava
demands chastity from its master.
Darling, in Castile rules
were made to be broken.
That's because no one
is there to enforce them.
She could give you some
advice on what Don Pedro likes.
Or maybe he'd rather
keep her as he has so far.
At home with the children.
There are vigorous men
and you're fortunate enough to get one.
Oh, I have something for you. Try it on.
- It's not necessary.
- Try it on.
There we are.
Now you really look like a bride
ready to give yourself to your husband.
I pray that this veil
brings you the same luck in
your marriage as it has in mine.
You look gorgeous.
Your Majesty.
Will you grant me a moment?
Of course, Isabel. Come with me.
Well, what did you want to talk about?
Your Majesty, you must allow me
to go speak with my brother.
Why? Is there a problem?
I can't get married without his approval.
That could cause trouble in the future.
I need to talk with him.
No, that won't be necessary.
- He's aware of everything. You see?
- And he agrees?
There's his signature.
Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb
Sleep, my lady.
I can't.
Are you praying for things to get better?
There's no possible way.
God, forgive me.
Why should God forgive you?
Because I'm praying that he'll let me die.
Don't say that.
That he'll allow me to die,
That I'll die before he
touches one hair on me.
God will not allow such evil.
Not while I'm alive.
I swear, I'll take his life with
this dagger as soon as I see him.
Wake up, quickly.
Put that away.
What's going on?
The lord is very sick.
He has a high fever.
He has to see a surgeon.
A surgeon? Where?
Villarrubia is closest
and it's part of Calatrava.
Hurry up, my God.
- Open your mouth, sir.
- No.
- Hold him.
- Hold him!
- Let me go! Satan's children!
- Open your mouth.
Open his mouth.
- He has the black plague.
- My God!
How can it be the black plague?
There are many men in his company,
how is he the only one who has it?
He has abscesses in his throat.
There's no doubt.
Villarrubia is a land
filled with converts and pigs.
Can we trust you?
Are you a real Christian by blood?
As far as my oldest ancestors can recall,
all of our forefathers were Christian.
Forgive us.
I'm fine if you're a Christian surgeon.
Damned be God!
- We beg you to forgive him.
- It's the disease's delirium.
43 years. 43, and you can't wait 40 days?
Only 40 days to fulfill my commitment
and marry the princess.
I've fought all my life to die as a great man,
and now you're leaving me at the door.
They should have crucified
you a thousand times.
Jew! Son of a tramp!
If the fever goes down, and he gets
through the night, he may live.
Let me know if he gets worse.
I'll stay with him.
And I with you, mate, and I with you.
Glory be to the Father, and
the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
As it was in the beginning, is now
and will be forever. Amen.
- If I die--
- Don't say that.
My jewelry and coins
divide them up between
you and my knights.
I've left enough wealth to my family.
Hold on sir. The sunrise is near.
Iago! Wake up!
He's choking! Go get the surgeon!
Go! I'll stay with him! Go!
Don't blame God, sir.
He has nothing to do with this.
Half of this is inside you, you know?
Drink the rest.
Open your mouth. Drink it all.
There, there.
Remember this in hell.
It isn't God who's taking your life.
It's me, you bastard!
Help! Don Pedro isn't breathing!
He's not breathing!
Help! He's not breathing!
I, Juan Pacheco
inform the Order of Calatrava
I will take the role of tutor to his son
Prepare my guard to go
to the court in Segovia.
I want to see their faces.
I want to see the faces of
my brother's assassin.
Leave me alone.
And you?
Have you decided what to tell Cabrera?
I can't leave you, not now.
I thank you,
but I shouldn't drag you into this.
- Forgive me.
- Don Gonzalo.
- Yes.
Something must have happened.
We're being urgently called to the court.
the Lord of Velmonte
Master of the Order of Calatrava
and my brother
is dead.
How? How?
- What happened?
- The black plague.
The black plague?
to propose to the princess.
The black death flew over
his men and only took him.
The best of all.
He was a great man.
And a great Castilian.
I accompany you in your grief.
Thank you, sir.
All night. I prayed all night
to God to stop the wedding.
- He heard you this time.
- What is it?
It's a miracle! What happened?
You'll hear it firsthand.
I don't know what you're talking about.
- You said it was the black death.
- Don't mock me.
Only him? How convenient.
A miracle, no doubt,
but I don't believe in miracles.
Maybe you should.
I warned my brother.
I warned him there are people at court
who don't like us and don't dare face us.
That they would betray us.
Why did you do it? For her?
For her brother? A boy who's
determined to be an altarpiece king?
You're confused, Marquis. I'm not like you.
No, you're not.
You're more like a cowardly bastard!
One who prefers to go through the back
and never shows his face unless forced.
Don't shield yourself with a girl.
Be a man for once in your life.
- I can't say that I'm sorry.
- You're not the only one.
Now what?
That wedding was to end this war.
Now that there's no wedding
Someone help me, please!
- What is it?
What do I have to do
so you'll show your face?
Start by lowering that sword.
Maybe the black plague exacted the
justice men couldn't bring on your brother.
Marquis! I order you to lower your weapon!
Lower your weapon, Pacheco!
What are you doing here?
- This is my home.
- You've been banished from court!
Only the king can do that, and if he hasn't,
you won't be the one to do it.
Never. The king never planned
to fulfill his part of the deal.
He never meant to keep his word.
He would never throw
you out of the court.
Or allow the wedding.
He lied.
I will not allow the king to be doubted.
No. I won't have anything to do with
someone who doesn't keep his word.
You know what that means, right?
I'm afraid I do.
For nothing. All this was for nothing.
Will this kingdom never live in peace?
Cabrera, make sure Isabel gets home
and that no one can reach her.
- Your Majesty?
Prepare your men again.
Talk with your father-in-law.
Have him prepare his troops too.
As you wish.
I know it will be difficult.
But send messengers throughout
Castile to see who will join their king.
To see who considers me their king.
- Your Majesty.
Do you trust me, Your Majesty?
I trust no one more than I trust you.
Finally you'll be forced to act like a king.
is behind his brother's death.
And Alfonso is in his hands.
But Alfonso agreed to your wedding.
He agreed with Pacheco on that.
Remember your fears about the wedding.
Alfonso was the only obstacle
It was his death sentence.
You're right.
- And you?
- What?
When will you say yes to Cabrera?
The poor man is suffering for no reason.
Why do you think I'll say yes?
Because you get as red as an apple
every time the subject is brought up.
- It's yours.
- Thank you so much.
My lady.
Do you think it was the
- No.
- Then who was it?
- Well, it's done.
- Yes.
It's done.
Now he's dead too.
But that doesn't bring your sister back.
Do you feel better?
But I'd do it again a thousand times.
What will you do now?
I'll go back to Segovia.
The war is starting again.
It's hot.
Soon it will be time for San Isidro.
Let me take that, Father.
In the next episode
it's most likely he'll try to get us here.
In Olmedo.
Pacheco is out there and
my husband is with the troops.
So don't tell me they won't get in.
I won't leave Segovia without knowing
who ordered my brother's death.
Don't think about who poured the poison,
but who ordered him poisoned.
- And that wound?
- Nothing serious.
I'm the king.
I must be respected
as the king and as a man.
In death?
He'll inherit the Order of Santiago in death?
We should never
underestimate Carrillo's armies.
Or Pacheco's.
He's back to the rebel side.
Are you on our side or not?
I am.
- Monsignor.
- Where's Alfonso?
You must go out to proclaim victory.
They told me the combat was even.
But that our troops were superior.
He demands custody of
Isabel and your daughter.
You're almost a man.
Mother, I am a man. I'm the king.
No, no! Never!
What's the strategy now, then?
Segovia, sir.
You, my girl.
Are you married yet?
I guess you think about
your brother, not my husband.
I pray for both and for Castile.
I'd like it if you had more faith in me.
What faith can I have in you?
Tell your lord he lied. He promised me!
How dare you threaten me?
I am the Holy Father's representative!
This is Castile. And Castilians
do not let impertinence pass.
They can take Segovia.
I'm not going. What do I have to fear?
My own brother taking me prisoner?
We need to siege the city again and take it.
We still have followers there.
I'm afraid most of them have died.
I owe myself to the crown, to Castile.
Well you're wrong, as a brother and a king.
I want to propose a toast to
our young and courageous king.
- To our king.
- To the king!
Take control of the situation.
Take the initiative. Make decisions.
Your Majesty!
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