Isabel (2011) s01e04 Episode Script

Tragedia en la corte

In previous episodes
We need to end this war.
Our people can't take it anymore.
Your turn.
It's from my father.
- What news does he share?
- About my marriage.
It's your yes I want. Not your father's.
Take all the time you need.
History is filled with kings who lead
their troops. Warrior kings.
And you'll be one, one day, but now
you have no knowledge of weapons.
Teach me then!
What's in that magic salve, Your Eminence?
In making Villena's Marquis return to our side
By offering to marry his brother, Pedro Girón
with Princess Isabel.
I'll never marry someone I don't choose.
You'll miss the opportunity
to be related to the crown.
Maybe it will be Your Majesty
who will lose the crown.
Our army is strong.
Our strongboxes are full.
We are in no rush.
Pedro Girón?
The master of the Order of Calatraba,
Lord of Velmonte, Frechilla, Morón--
I know him, Majesty. He tried to abuse
my mother. He tried to kidnap you!
He endangered the queen's
and your daughter's lives!
Is this what we've fought for?
We have the coward king in our hands.
Why should we accept a pact now?
We finally have him where we want him.
Don't you see that?
Does it bother you I'll be king with his help?
No, Your Majesty.
- I just want to obey you.
- Obey me then.
Half of half of what you're taking
can kill a horse.
I'm Isabel of Trastámara, King Juan's daughter
King Enrique and King Alfonso's sister.
Now you look like a bride
ready to give yourself to your husband.
Open your mouth and drink the rest!
There, there.
Remember this in hell!
It isn't God taking your life.
It's me, you bastard!
The black death flew over his men
and only took him.
- The best of all.
- There's no wedding.
- Girón is dead.
- It's a miracle!
Never. The king never intended
on keeping his word.
Nor to allow the wedding.
You know what that means.
I'm afraid I do.
Cabrera, make sure Isabel goes back home
and has contact with no one.
Prepare your men.
Send emissaries where there might be
a noble in Castile who stands by their king.
And who thinks that their king is me.
Episode 4
After recovering Valladolid,
Don Enrique departed with 400 horsemen
to Portillo, with the intention
of capturing Don Alfonso.
The noblemen of Castile rise up,
sick of that who is not king, nor man.
After the death of Pedro Girón, his brother
Juan Pacheco, marquis of Villena,
tried to rebuild his power.
But many suffered damages, leading the towns
to request a ceasefire from both sides.
A little enthusiasm
would not be out of place.
Go and ask for enthusiasm to the women
who lost their husbands in battle.
To the families that suffer hunger for
being left without crops. Ask them for it.
Meanwhile, the loyal troops of the young king
destroy everything on their way
through the valley of Duero to Olmedo.
Certain that the Lord Almighty
wishes their victory.
Great news.
They would be if only they were true.
So, is it a lie?
A positive lie is always better
than a negative truth.
- Then what's the truth?
- We will risk our lives in Olmedo.
And we really need Pacheco and his troops.
Without him, we'll be at a disadvantage.
I will take his place.
I'm sure that will encourage
our troops, Your Majesty.
But we need Pacheco back.
Before going to Olmedo.
You know where your family is, nephew.
Your people, your beloved ones.
I know where my brother is. Six feet under
when he had to be at the palace.
You have to look forward.
I don't want to!
I had everyone in my pocket.
Enrique, Isabel, Alfonso--everyone!
I will not leave Segovia until I know
who ordered my brother killed.
Doctors say--
Ulcerative tonsillitis, how convenient.
Just before becoming part of the royal family.
Let's not be naive.
Okay, we won't.
If someone killed Pedro Girón
don't ask yourself who did it,
but who sent him.
Think who could take advantage of his death.
Would the queen allow a wedding like that
when people wonder if
her daughter is really the king's?
You think Beltrán would like to see your brother
as part of the royal family if he marries Isabel?
Tell me, who is with Enrique?
Juana and Beltrán.
Also, do you think that Enrique
does nothing but renege on pacts
and delay the war with tricks
like your brother's wedding?
This is war, Pacheco.
And in a war
one tries to defeat the enemy in any way.
Don't you understand?
If you have suspicions, I'll clear them for you.
It was them.
Go back to your people.
Do it for your brother. Do it for Pedro.
And serve Alfonso?
A boy who thinks he's king of something.
I don't trust him.
Even if he offers you
the cross of Santiago's Order?
Would he be willing to grant it to me?
That's what he told me.
He might be a boy
but he knows that without your army,
we'll lose at Olmedo.
And if we lose at Olmedo,
we'll lose the war.
That was my father's cross.
For years it was in Beltrán's power.
And now that I finally have it, you want me to
give it to the one who betrayed me?
No, I want you to give it to
the one who can help us win the war.
Fine, I'll sign a document granting it.
It's a wise decision, Your Majesty.
I agree with you.
That traitor shouldn't have the cross.
And he won't get it.
- But you said--
- He won't have it while I'm alive.
From Cuéllar to Medina del Campo,
he'll try to intercept us here.
In Olmedo.
Will they give a fight?
They will.
They didn't rise to surrender.
But you've told me that in the last battles
their troops have retreated
instead of engaging ours.
It could be a strategy.
We can never underestimate Carrillo's armies.
Nor Pacheco's.
He's back to the rebel band.
The serpent sheds its skin again.
Did you doubt it?
This changes things.
But if it has to be in Olmedo, so be it.
Beltrán, Mendoza,
I trust you to plan our strategy.
Your Majesty, I suggest that during the battle
you have Princess Isabel watched.
While our men are distracted,
they might try to take her to her brother.
If they have a bargaining chip,
better not make it two.
Will they try to attack court?
Pacheco knows about that.
He did it with my father
and to my advantage.
I'll talk with Cabrera about reinforcing
the guard day and night.
Fine. But just in case,
I'll be watching Isabel closely.
Watch her, but don't bother her, I beg you.
- We might need alliances in the future.
- Alliances?
Win the war, and we won't
have to ally with traitors.
Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't
send my wife to command the troops.
- Is there anything else?
- Yes.
And it's about you, Beltrán.
Pacheco has put a prize on your head.
He swears he'll look for you in the battlefield.
Then, I have nothing to fear.
You know he won't be facing you.
He's promised a good price
to whomever kills you.
Many of his men in Olmedo
will be more interested in killing you
than winning the battle.
What do you want me to do, Don Diego?
Don't wear your family shields.
Go unnoticed, I beg you.
Your Majesty, I won't be the one hiding.
He's the coward, not me.
What kind of joke is this?
When he's dead?
I'll inherit the cross of
Santiago's Order when he dies?
No, don't do it!
- It's the king's will.
- What king?
- The king we're fighting for.
- We're not fighting for him.
If we don't defend a king,
there's nothing to fight for.
Many noblemen, the people, myself!
We wouldn't understand
a new Castile without a new king.
And that's Alfonso. Don't you forget it!
You could have said it when you begged
me to come back with my army.
Do you want to change sides again?
You know I could, but it's not
what we're talking about!
- I have not inherited the cross!
- Don't you have a conscience?
Do you only look after yourself?
Clean that.
You're right, he's deceived us.
But there's no going back.
There wouldn't be if I took
my army and went back to Enrique.
You're right about that.
You'd surely lose Olmedo.
Are you on our side or not?
I am.
I'll be loyal to Alfonso while he lives.
While the king lives? Or while you live?
I always survive the kings.
It's probably because I have
the same blood as Toledo's Archbishop.
It's dawn.
You should be with your husband.
Don't worry about that.
He supports my decisions.
Cabrera supports you or he has no
choice but to accept your will?
And what's love if not accepting
the loved one's wishes?
Your wedding was beautiful.
Thanks to you,
who helped me with everything.
That's not why it was beautiful
but because it was enough to look at
both of you to see your love for each other.
Come in.
My lady, the queen wants to see you.
Your Majesty.
Is there any news?
The armies are even in strength.
I ask you not to expose
yourself too much, Your Majesty.
I am the king.
I must be respected as king and as a man.
I'll be at your side.
Your Majesty.
My men are about to enter the battle.
I beg you to let me join them.
Go Beltrán, but be careful.
Remember they're looking for you.
Long live Enrique!
I'll go with him.
Watch over your son-in-law!
At my age, he should be watching over me,
not the other way.
It will calm him a bit. Hold it to his face.
What are you doing? Will you cut off his leg?
If I don't cut it now,
his blood will poison his entire body.
Hold him tight!
I need you to hold him!
Won't you give him anything for the pain?
If I don't cut now,
we'll only be giving him the last rites.
Help hold him or shut your mouth!
Watch out what you say, Jew,
and how you say it.
You're talking to the king.
He might be the king,
but I'm the surgeon.
Your Majesty!
Fear is friends with good sense.
A sensible king is a good king.
Are you all right, Your Majesty?
What are you doing?
- What are you doing, Gonzalo?
- Don't leave the tent or let anyone in.
Where are you going?
- To my room to pray.
- Do it here.
It's as good place as any to pray.
Have you never seen the rosary prayed?
I was wondering who you're praying for?
I guess you're thinking about
your brother and not my husband.
I pray for both and for Castile.
Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses.
As we forgive those who trespass against us
Are you all right, Beltrán?
- I didn't find Pacheco.
- But he's been found.
He was surrounded by
three men when I reached him.
They're three dead men now.
- And that wound?
- Nothing serious.
Your Majesty, victory is almost ours.
If you can call this carnage victory.
How many men has death
taken in this battle?
Five hundred? A thousand?
History will say these men
died for a good cause.
Minstrels will write songs for these heroes!
But they won't hear them!
And every time their children hear them
they'll remember the day they lost
their parents in a useless war!
Let's get out of here.
I don't want to see another corpse.
Sir, you must proclaim victory!
- Let's get out of here!
- Please, sir!
You can't abandon the post!
Your Majesty!
Your Majesty!
Put it on.
Enrique has left the battlefield.
You must go out to claim victory.
Go out.
Do you bring news?
I really can't tell you, my lady.
They tell me combat was even,
but our troops were better.
Did we win?
To win on the battlefield,
the king must claim victory
and your husband didn't do it.
Why didn't he?
We don't know, my lady.
He abandoned Olmedo and left for
Medina del Campo with his men.
Excuse me.
Do you know something about my brother?
Alfonso did claim victory.
He stayed in Olmedo.
So he's alive!
Thank you, Lord.
Thank you.
The armies were even.
Blood turned Olmedo's golden fields red
and then, the young king entered the fight.
Without fear, he didn't shun the enemy
and he made the usurper flee.
Who would have thought that this king
would be up to the challenge.
I didn't think he'd come back alive.
I want to propose a toast
to our young and courageous king.
- To our king!
- To the king!
I was surprised I didn't
see you at Olmedo, Marquis.
My troops were there.
That's the important thing.
And my uncle, Monsignor Carrillo,
who's a better battle strategist.
I'm a better strategist at the desk
and that's where I spent my time.
And what's our strategy now?
Segovia, sir.
Let's take Segovia.
It's time for you to see your sister.
Nothing would make me happier.
So be it.
You and Monsignor prepare it all.
Excuse me, I'm tired.
Hold on, Gonzalo!
Gonzalo, yesterday in Olmedo--
Yesterday in Olmedo, I was
at your service as I should be, sir.
But they
they think--
They're all with you
and that's the only thing that matters.
Now we must think about Segovia.
Only in Segovia,
as the Marquis of Villena says.
Isabel will be hoping you
free her from the queen
as soon as possible.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
You can go.
He demands custody
of Isabel and your daughter
or they'll take Segovia.
Can they do that?
Their troops are closer,
but Cabrera has troops to resist them.
And the Alcázar is impregnable.
Your Majesty, the problem isn't Segovia.
The problem was Olmedo.
The enemy has a high morale now.
Sir, we can't lose Segovia.
Your wife, daughter, and sister are there.
And the royal treasure.
Your Majesty knows that us Mendozas
are always loyal to the king.
But from that loyalty, I must
tell you you're making a mistake.
The rebel band is always one step ahead of us.
They have the will we're lacking!
And with Pacheco's troops,
they're at the same numbers as us.
If they haven't got more.
What do you suggest then?
That you act as a king!
Take control of the situation.
Take the initiative. Make decisions!
That's why you're the king
and why we obey you.
Were you looking for me, my lady?
Yes, have you stocked up
food to resist the siege?
I assure you the city and
the palace are well protected.
Carrillo's troops are at the city doors.
- They can't get in.
- Don't tell me they won't get in!
Pacheco is outside, and my husband
commands our troops, so don't say that.
I order you to have everything
ready for when it happens.
It will be done, Your Majesty.
Where's Isabel?
- At her house.
- What's she doing there?
Bring her here, immediately.
I won't go! Am I to fear
my own brother will take me prisoner?
If his troops get in, God forbid it.
When an army raids a city,
there could be excesses, looting.
Soldiers who don't differentiate
between friend and foe.
My lady you should listen to him.
Tell Juana she should come herself to ask me.
When they get here,
they'll find me at my house.
Then I'll stay with you.
No, Beatriz.
Your place is with your husband.
Do not insist, it's my duty.
I'm at your service.
You understand, don't you?
You make your own decisions.
Be careful, I beg you.
Take care of her.
Don't worry.
We'll be alright.
I know this city. It's impassable.
I know its walls and agree.
I can assure you, you'll be dining
with your sister at the palace tonight.
May God hear you. We can't wait
to see her, right, Gonzalo?
- Of course, Your Majesty.
- Don't worry.
Rest in your tent. I'll call you when it's time.
Very well, I'll be there. Gonzalo.
Alfonso is right. The city is ready
to resist a long siege.
And Enrique's troops will be here in a few days.
Cities are watched over by men.
You just need to find the right one.
Those doors will open
from the inside, not the outside.
Nephew, you scare me sometimes.
There's no reason,
as long as you're at my side.
My lady.
The enemy army has entered the city.
Those were the troops that would never get in.
Those the walls they'd never pass.
I don't know how it happened.
I'm sure Pacheco knows.
Your husband's troops must be close.
There isn't enough to loot in the city,
so you have to rob the palace?
Open that door!
- Monsignor.
- Where's Alfonso?
Sir! Over here!
Are the queen and her daughter
still at the Alcázar?
I must tell you it's useless
to try and get in there.
I know, as well as she knows
it's pointless to try and come out.
What will happen with those in the Alcázar?
We'll send word to Enrique.
There's a lot to talk about.
Brother! Your Majesty.
Isabel! Get up, please!
- I've missed you so much!
- Me too.
You're thinner.
Come on. Let's get out of here.
- Gonzalo.
- My lady.
Thank you.
Pacheco promised me I'd be having
dinner here with you tonight.
- And I didn't believe him.
- Better.
I don't like Pacheco.
Neither do I.
But thanks to him, we're together again.
I don't trust Pacheco or Carrillo.
I don't like them, and they don't like me.
I can only trust you and Chacón.
And I didn't have either at my side.
Gonzalo was there.
Yes, Gonzalo was there.
And you?
Happy to be rid of that Portuguese witch?
You have no idea.
She was dishonest to me and dangerous to my life.
But it's over.
Promise me we'll stay together.
I promise.
And it's a king's promise.
You know what I'd like?
To celebrate it with mother,
and for her to see you as king.
Let's go to Arévalo and see her.
Really? Can we?
The road is under our control.
We can go without any danger.
Besides, I'm king. I can do what I want.
In his writing, that traitor
refers to you as an usurper
and Castile's noblemen as traitors
and the troops who follow you, as rebels.
That's why I ask he be sentenced to die.
Diego Enríquez
you're sentenced to die by hanging for treason.
The sentence will be executed
tomorrow at dawn.
Wait a moment.
Has this man committed a blood crime?
- No, but in his writings--
- Has he held a weapon against our men?
Your Highness, his pen--
I don't think it's reason enough to kill him.
We've seen too many deaths in this city.
Your name is Diego Enríquez?
Yes, sir.
You're free.
- You're freeing him?
- Yes.
I guess we want to send Enrique a message.
- Yes, but--
- Who better than him?
Let him go.
He's the king.
Your luggage is ready.
Now I have to prepare mine.
It won't be necessary, Beatriz.
You're not coming to Arévalo.
But, my lady, my place is next to you.
No, your place is next to your husband.
I've kept you from him long enough.
But he's at the Alcázar surrounded.
My brother has ordered
you'd be escorted there.
Besides, his troops can't get in the Alcázar.
When the negotiations start,
you'll be able to come out safely.
My lady, I
feel as if I am betraying you.
Don't talk nonsense
and don't cry, please.
From now on, we'll be on enemy sides.
Will we ever be together again?
Of course.
It was Alfonso's doing.
If it was up to Palencia or Pacheco,
I'd be hanging in the square.
- Did the whole city fall?
- All, except the Alcázar.
- Your wife and daughter are there.
- Who's protecting them?
Cabrera and some of his men.
They're safe, Carrillo knows he can't
take the Alcázar before you get there.
We must leave immediately.
We need to siege the city and claim it.
We still have followers there.
I'm afraid most of them are dead.
And those who're alive won't be
of much support after what happened.
We can only trust our troops.
Beltrán, who else can we get to join us?
No. We'll go. We'll go to negotiate.
- But Your Majesty--
- Beltrán, I won't risk my family anymore.
Enríquez, I must ask you to return
to Segovia and say we want to talk.
- Yes, sir.
- Mendoza, we must talk to Fonseca.
We need Rome's mediation.
As you wish, sir.
Do you know who we are?
Isabel! Alfonso!
My children.
Where's your sister? She'll miss it.
There you have her.
It transcended by divine mystery
to where the muses live
that there were parties at Arévalo
for Don Alfonso's birthday.
Us, Jupiter's daughters,
know of all the misfortunes, dangers
and chores the gods tested the king with.
That's why we decided to come to the party.
But since the trip from Parnassus
is filled with dangers
we asked to be changed
into colorful feathered birds.
May the party begin and may joy
and good fortune do as you wish.
God wants to make you so good
you'll be better in victories
than those before you.
And in temporary grandness,
your reign be such
that will grant you both glories,
the earthly and heavenly.
Thank you for your wishes, sister.
To thank you for this performance
I give you the town of Medina del Campo.
Excuse me.
What's the matter with you?
Don't you see?
Can't you see anything?
No, I see that even in private
you address me formally.
I'm your brother, Isabel.
That's why I organized this party.
Because you're my brother.
Because I wanted to celebrate
your birthday with mother
not to be given the town's income
as a knight who's served you well.
I didn't do it because you're king. I did it
because you're my brother and I love you.
And I
- I love you too.
- You forget it at times!
Were you thinking of me as your sister
when you agreed to my wedding to Girón?
Or were you thinking about you?
Or in Pacheco's interests?
You never considered what I could want.
You know I have commitments, Isabel.
I owe myself to the crown, to Castile.
Well, you're wrong
as a brother and as a king.
Fortunately, God is over the king
and he fixed your mistake.
The Holy Father suffers
to know that Christians
are fighting against Christians
and not against the enemies of the faith.
We trust that your presence here
will guide us to find our way.
With the Lord's help.
We came to talk.
In that case, let's talk, gentlemen.
First, I want to see my wife and daughter.
I think you haven't understood the situation.
You don't have the right
to give orders anymore.
You've lost Segovia
and we set the conditions.
If you're going to ask for something,
I beg you to do it politely.
I want to see them, please.
How much you've grown!
I promise we'll all be together soon.
Juanita, go play.
Don't promise what you can't deliver.
You're my wife. I'd like it
if you had more faith in me.
What faith can I have in you?
Tell me.
You're incapable of imposing yourself.
Incapable of making decisions.
You don't behave as a man
on the battlefield or in the palace
or the bedroom.
I knew Segovia would fall like a ripe fruit.
The saddest thing is that for a moment I
hoped that my husband, the king
would prevent it.
I beg you
Trust me.
Soon it will all be settled.
We'll be together again, all three of us.
No, no! Never!
You've asked for a six-month truce to
get the treasure out of the Alcázar.
You must offer something in exchange.
I won't allow you to separate
my daughter from her mother.
You must understand that
the royal family is non-negotiable.
I'm the king!
Not mine!
And why do you complain?
It's the same thing you did with the princess.
Isabel has been your hostage all this time.
Keep your treasure.
Your wife and daughter will be under siege
until they don't have anything to eat.
You know we're capable of it.
Is it so difficult to understand
they can't succeed you?
Is a crown worth more than their lives?
I won't allow anyone
to talk like that of my king!
Does that offend you? Or is it seeing
your mistress and daughter in danger?
The Holy Father sends me to
make you reach an agreement.
You're Christian gentlemen.
You must follow His orders.
If you don't cooperate
you'll be excommunicated.
You? You'd excommunicate us?
If you don't give us a choice.
I think we should stop the negotiation.
- I can't accept it. I promised Juana.
- Patience, sir. Patience.
I think you don't understand what's going on.
The excommunicated don't
give alms, Your Excellency.
What do you mean?
The Holy Father wants peace for Castile
but I guess he also wants
money for the crusades.
What would he say if you
go back empty-handed?
How dare you threaten me?
I'm the Holy Father's representative!
And this is Castile.
And Castilians don't take well to impertinence.
Watch your words
if you don't want to have an accident.
- What's wrong?
- Trouble in Toledo.
Our allies have confronted the Jews.
And Alfonso is against them
against those who took
the city in his name.
My lady, I need your help.
Is it about Toledo?
The nobles have murdered
converts praying in churches.
They've taken the Jews' possessions
without the king's approval.
My brother did the right thing
apprehending the murderers.
There's something you must understand.
In Toledo, Jews support Enrique
and those nobles won the city for us.
Alfonso must rectify, or we'll lose the city.
And who knows if after it, the war.
But it's God's law that--
God rules in the churches,
but in war we must support our allies.
And sometimes, being fair isn't the right choice.
I beg you, don't go against me in this,
no matter what you think.
Now more than ever
the end justifies the means.
You never taught me this in class.
Theory is one thing
and reality, another.
You ask me to allow punishment
to those with other beliefs?
That's not fair.
But what about true faith?
If true faith should rule above
why should I allow converts to be killed
in churches while they pray?
A church is a sanctuary, Chacón.
You taught me that.
Taking advantage of their power
they've killed helpless Jewish families
and taken their property.
That's not a matter of faith.
It's business.
I'm not with Pacheco,
so please, don't act like him.
Don't dress in justice what are interests.
Those men fought for you.
They gave you Toledo.
So I should allow any kind of abuse?
Don't be naive.
When you have power, you can create order.
Losing Toledo now would mean
If you want to be king
you should learn to behave like such.
I am king! I am the king!
And everyone wants to tell me
how to be a good king
when they just want me to do
what's good for them
what favors their interests.
Pacheco, Carrillo, and now you.
The party muses wished
I'd be a kind and fair king.
Do you remember?
One looked a lot like you.
Let's go, Gonzalo.
Having studied the situation, carefully
I believe it's just to grant the request
that Doña Juana of Avis
and her daughter be separated
one from the other
and kept under custody
to guarantee the fulfillment
of the truce asked by Enrique.
This decision, is approved
by Rome's Holy Father
and must be obeyed.
As a neutral part of the agreement
I offer my palace, Majesty
to welcome your wife under custody.
Is it necessary to separate them?
Let's not start again, I beg you.
Do you accept?
We accept.
I ask that princess Doña Juana
stay at the Mendoza's house.
I'll take her.
How appropriate.
We accept. We accept.
My lady.
What's wrong Carrera?
What are you doing here, Beltrán?
- What are those soldiers doing here?
- My lady.
Due to the agreements between
your husband and Alfonso's group
you must leave immediately
under Monsignor Fonseca's custody.
Are you going with me?
- No.
- I promise I'll take care of her.
It will be for a short time.
I swear nothing will happen to her.
Ask your lord why he lied to me?
He promised me!
My lady.
He hasn't signed the decree returning
power to Toledo's nobles.
- Who does he think he is?
- The king.
The king? What king?
A Christian king doesn't protect Jews.
He's the king because we want it.
Calm down.
Go to Toledo with your men.
And don't worry about the negotiations.
I'll handle them.
And going against his orders?
No, nephew. There's a limit.
What is it?
We can get a king to do what's best for us.
What we shouldn't do is act behind his back.
We'll go to Arévalo. We'll convince him
and make him sign what he has to.
But nor you or I will disobey the king.
We owe him respect.
Yes, we agree on Alaejos Palace.
We'll leave tomorrow.
I assure you Doña Juana will feel
at home there. I'll see to it.
Do you know that if I was still on your side,
nothing of this would be happening?
I didn't push you away.
You left on your own!
After what you did to my brother.
I swear that I nor any of my men
had anything to do with your brother's death.
But it's too late now.
It's never too late.
It's never too late to get Segovia back
and for Alfonso to stop getting in the way.
Don't be offended, Marquis,
but we've been through this.
It's been too many times
that you've changed sides.
How can I be sure of your loyalty now?
What do you think about getting Toledo back?
- How?
- Without battles.
How can you do that?
My lady.
All my house is now at your service.
Thank you.
Allow me.
You'll see how the time you spend here
you'll feel as if you're in your own home.
Monsignor, my home is where my daughter is.
Allow me to introduce you to someone,
Don Pedro of Castile.
One of my trusted men.
- A king's grandson.
- My lady.
Is it true you're a king's relative?
Son of María of Castile
Catalina of Castile's grandson,
Pedro I's great grandson.
- Pedro I, the cruel.
- My family prefers law-abiding.
Kings and queens don't own our own lives.
Much less what history says about us.
If you'll excuse me, I'd like to retire.
Of course. Go with Doña Juana to her rooms.
What a sad woman.
And so beautiful.
We've lost Toledo.
you're that city's bishop.
What are the chances of getting it back?
Right now, not many.
What do you suggest?
We need to gather more troops.
I suggest we all go to Ávila right now.
It's a safe city for the king and you.
The right thing would have been
to support our own.
Not turn our backs on them
when they needed us.
I trusted the king to be better advised.
Did Toledo magically fall, Marquis?
As Segovia magically fell?
- I don't know what you're saying, Majesty.
- And I don't know your interests in Toledo.
But I'm sure they've benefitted
with what has happened.
- If the offer is good.
- Alfonso.
- You're offending me, sir.
- I'm offending you?
I to you?
I'm your king and won't allow you
to give me lessons in dignity!
I assure you he doesn't mean it, Majesty.
Do you remember Diego Enríquez?
The chronicler you wanted to hang in Segovia?
Damn it! Answer your king!
Do you remember or not?
I read the chronicles you confiscated
and they talked about you.
Do you know what they said?
They said you surrounded Enrique
and I with the greats of the kingdom
that you make some call him king
and others me.
Meanwhile you put a foot on my shoulder.
Another on Enrique's
and you pee on both of us.
That chronicler is an intelligent man,
don't you think, Marquis?
It should be me kneeling before you, Majesty.
Mother, please.
Take care of your brother.
There's no need. He's a man.
Not yet, but I'm trying.
And you, find a good husband for Isabel.
The best.
I promise.
Give me your blessing, mother.
You're a good son.
May God make you a good man and a good king.
Bring peace to Castile.
I'm so proud of my children.
Go now.
My lady.
Keep being their family.
- I will.
- God bless you.
Monsignor, let's go to Ávila.
Majesty, I'd like to talk about
my nephew, Villena's Marquis. His--
Carrillo, once we've recovered Toledo
Yes, Majesty.
I want Pacheco out of my court.
Alfonso, you're a man now.
You should eat, my lady.
Thank you, Monsignor,
but my stomach has shut down.
At least try the wine.
It opens the appetite.
- That's what surgeons say.
- No, thank you.
And don't insist.
I won't say yes again in front of you.
I did it once, when you married me to Enrique.
If I had refused then,
I wouldn't be living this torture.
Allow me
to insist
and don't think anymore in the past
and let's toast to the future.
Are there reasons for it?
There always are.
For this war to end
for peace to return to Castile
so that you'll see your daughter again
soon, at your side.
So be it.
And for us both
to enjoy your stay in this house.
What are you doing, Monsignor? Please!
Don't act so prudishly.
We all know of your fame
and of you Portuguese ladies
Like dogs in heat
- through the palace's rooms.
- Let me go! Let me go!
- Please!
- And you not being satisfied
with a husband who refuses your bed.
Release me, I command you. Release me!
- You're not one to give orders anymore.
- Please!
Don't get involved in what's not your business!
You don't know what you've done.
I hope you're the one
who doesn't know what he's doing
and I hope you don't try it again.
If you're in this house,
it's because you're my nephew!
Otherwise you'd be begging!
Don't try it again.
Is that clear?
He's just a boy. We'll talk at dinner.
We'll fix it all.
There's no need. It's all very clear.
He needs me more than I need him.
You may leave, Gonzalo.
I have things to talk about with my sister.
- My lady.
- Good night, Gonzalo.
You're lucky to have him at your service.
I think he'd prefer to serve you.
He knows that's impossible.
Gonzalo did something for me.
- What was it?
- I'm not proud to tell it.
I'm sure he wouldn't want it either.
- Let's say that in Olmedo--
- He looked after you.
Something like that.
You need to rest, my lady.
- Good night.
- Don't leave!
If you want, I'll be by the door all night.
- I don't think he'll try again.
- Don't leave me alone, please.
I'll be outside.
Who are you?
I'm a bastard.
A bastard with king's blood in my veins.
A nobody.
You're not a nobody.
the first person who's protected me
since I arrived in Castile.
There are important letters to sign,
matters with ally cities.
They can't feel ignored. We can't allow
what happened in Toledo to happen again.
It's strange he isn't here yet.
My brother has never slept much.
Gonzalo, tell the king
What's wrong?
Come on, speak!
It's the king.
He's burning up, Highness.
- He's delirious.
- Alfonso.
Relax, you'll be fine.
You have to fight
as you did in Olmedo.
Do you remember?
They've told me
you fought like a hero, without fear.
Isn't it true, Gonzalo?
Yes, it was.
Like a hero, I saw him.
The surgeon can't draw blood.
The fever isn't going down.
That can't be. Find another surgeon.
He's the best in Ávila
and one of the best in Castile.
- What's wrong with him?
- Probably something he ate.
Highness, I'm sorry to insist,
but the letters can't wait
and we don't know when he'll be
able to sign or if he'll even be able to.
- You must sign them.
- No.
It's your duty.
My lady, I understand your grief.
It's my own, but Castile is above
anything else, and you know it.
- If Alfonso doesn't get through--
- I said no!
My brother won't die.
It's reality, Isabel.
If what we don't want happens
to your brother, you're his heiress.
And if Alfonso was conscious,
he'd make you sign as such.
- But--
- Destiny
gives us tests we must overcome
responsibilities to assume
to be queen is now yours.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
- Isabel!
- Alfonso! How are you?
Chacón and Gonzalo, Isabel!
Don't trust anyone else!
Chacón and Gonzalo, promise me!
I promise.
Do you think I was a good king?
The best of kings.
Alfonso! Alfonso!
I've lost a brother, and I'm at war
with the one I've got left.
Is this my penance for being queen?
Alfonso of Trastámara
died a few days ago.
What did the physicians say
my brother died of?
- Of natural causes.
- What have they said of Alfonso's death?
Majesty, the rebel band is
weakened without Alfonso.
If we advance now,
we could have sure victory.
No, we're in mourning.
My brother has died.
What's with the mourning over his brother?
He didn't even talk to him while he was alive.
- A dead king, a new king, right?
- It's life's law.
Isabel must start assuming her responsibilities.
I swear I serve you as queen,
as I serve you as the Catholic I am
but don't test me anymore.
She's our queen! You said
she was ready for the responsibility.
- You know her well. Do you doubt it?
- Not until today!
But now she must take a step forward.
I love you as I've never loved before.
Don't make this more difficult, Juana.
We start well--the queen puts
her own interest before the common one.
That girl as queen of Castile--
it's madness.
No one in their right mind
will give her any credit.
Monsignor can't know it.
If he does, the king will know.
- I'll be a grave.
- Death stopped her from marrying Pedro Girón
and death has placed in a platter
her brother Alfonso's crown.
What are you trying to say?
Your pregnancy doesn't show yet.
I'm Gutierre of Cárdenas.
Let me introduce you to my nephew.
His future and Castile's will be in your hands.
That's your destiny.
Ready above everything, Isabel.
Hold on, hold on, friend.
Help! Help me!
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