Isabel (2011) s01e05 Episode Script

El pacto de Guisando

So, what is the truth?
We are risking our lives in Olmedo,
and we miss Pacheco and his troops.
I'll take his place.
- Never underestimate Carrillo's army.
- Or Pacheco's.
He went back to the rebel side.
Stay in the tent and don't let
anyone in until I come back.
Let's go, I don't want to see
dead people anymore.
- Sir, you must proclaim your victory.
- Let's go!
Have we won?
To win in the battlefield the King must
proclaim his victory.
And your husband hasn't done that.
Do you have information
about my brother?
Alfonso did proclaim the victory.
He demands the custody of Isabel
and your daughter.
Or they will take Segovia.
I know this city. It is impenetrable.
Those doors will open from the inside,
not from the outside.
- Your Majesty.
- Isabel. Stand up, please.
I trust neither Pacheco nor Carrillo.
I don't like them, and they don't like me.
I can only trust you and Chacón.
We have to enclose the city
and take it back.
We still have supporters in there.
I'm afraid most of them have died.
We will go negotiate.
I believe it is fair to grant the petition
concerning the separation of Joan
of Aviz and her daughter
who was kept under custody
To guarantee the fulfillment of the truce
requested by Henry.
Let me introduce you to someone.
Pedro of Castile,
one of my most trusted men.
Has Toledo fallen magically,
I don't know what you are
talking about, Your Majesty.
I don't know what business
you have in Toledo.
But I'm sure you've benefited
from the events.
And I wouldn't be surprised if Segovia
went back to Henry.
If there is a good offer.
Don't play demure.
We all know about your reputation.
Mind your own business.
The King has a fever.
Alfonso! Alfonso!
Isabel doesn't want to be bothered.
We have to do something. We'll have to
send letters to the villages
to our allies. They have to understand we
have not surrendered yet.
Out with the old, in with the new.
It's the law of life. Isabel must start
assuming her responsibilities.
She will, but respect her pain.
Give her some time.
Dear Lord
Why did you take my brother?
Haven't I prayed thousands of times?
What was all that for?
I was separated from my mother, and now
you take Alfonso from me.
Is that my punishment for being Queen?
Do you want my crown to be made
of thorns like yours?
Tell me, you who are omnipresent!
I swear I will serve as Queen
as I serve as a Catholic.
But don't test me anymore.
Do whatever you want with me,
but take care of my people.
If you don't go in, I will.
- None of us will go in.
- She's our Queen.
You said she was ready for this
- You know her well. Do you have doubts?
- Not until now.
But now is the time for her
to step forward.
When we took Segovia we had the victory.
We should've finished the thing
and not have wasted time
with pacts and negotiations.
It is time to react.
I came to offer my condolences.
We wouldn't need condolences if
there weren't deaths.
Bad things come from arguing
with you, Marquis.
Calm down, Gonzalo.
Leave him. I can defend myself.
What are you implying?
What you already know.
I understand that you feel
the loss of a loved one.
The more sudden the death is,
the harder it hurts.
Don't try to pretend, please.
If you had really felt sorrow or pain
you would have offered your condolences
before wearing the cross of Santiago.
Shut up now. Who do you think you are?
You're right. I'm just a servant
with no lord now.
With no lord and no dignity.
Dignity is what you lack.
This is not right. Leave.
You're crossing a line you
should never cross.
Yes, please.
Unsheathe, Pacheco.
That would be the last thing
you do in your life.
Is it so complicated that you must
argue in a moment like this?
You could at least wait a couple of hours.
- Excuse me, Your Majesty.
- I command you to leave!
We should not lose sight of
our main objective.
We're searching for new armies
to recover Toledo.
- We've been stuck here for days.
- For a bigger cause.
I know, I know, but
Alfonso, God save his soul, would
understand what I'm saying.
Do you have something to say?
Thank God I don't. Every time I say
something problems appear.
Our armies must advance.
To stop would make us weaker
than the enemy.
What do you think, Isabel?
I want to travel to Guevara.
I have lost a brother, and I'm at war with
the one I have left.
I only have my mother,
and I want to see her.
The roads are dangerous.
Gonzalo and I will go alone.
That way we won't get noticed.
But, Your Majesty, this is probably
not the right moment.
It is.
Haven't I signed up as a Queen?
I command it as a Queen.
What a good start.
The Queen puts her personal interests
before the common interest.
You should have taught her bad, Chacón.
- You're right.
- Do you accept being a bad teacher?
No, I mean whenever you talk
you make problems.
If we keep going like this you will spread
your sorrow to the horses.
What should we do
to avoid it?
They say you're a good jockey.
Put me to the test.
I'm sure I'll get to the other side
of the lake before you do.
I doubt it.
You should be happy now having the order
of Santiago in your hands.
- Thanks to you for negotiating.
- And Alfonso's death.
Sometimes I think you have a pact with
death. It is always beneficial.
- I am like Isabel in that way.
- What are you saying?
The death stopped her wedding
with Pedro Girón.
And the death has given her the crown
of her brother Alfonso.
What are you implying?
And you?
It seems like you trust the word
of a servant over mine.
We are together in this issue.
We are family.
Swear to me you had nothing
to do with it.
What did the doctors say
my brother died of?
- Natural death.
- What did they say about Alfonso's death?
Natural death.
Well, if that's what the doctor say,
why believe otherwise?
Let's go eat.
Let's celebrate we're alive.
You don't stop thinking about
your daughter, right?
Every single day I think about her.
I wonder if she misses me
if she tries hard or
or how she named her new doll.
Come in.
Good night, Your Majesty.
Good night.
I bring good news for you.
Alfonso of Trastamara
died a few days ago.
Let him have as much glory
as the peace he leaves us.
This paves your daughter's path to
the throne, Your Majesty.
Luck is on our side.
I'll finally see her.
I hope everything will go back to normal.
Is it known it was the King?
He will attack. He will attack for sure.
Don't insist. We will not attack.
But Your Majesty, this is our time.
We've regained
Toledo and Burgos.
And they are confused
with Alfonso's death.
Isabel already signs as his heiress.
That girl as Queen of Castile
I can't believe it.
No one will take her seriously.
The people will know which side to take.
Do you want to know
what the people think?
Read this, Cabrera.
Can't you see how destroyed
the field is?
The sheep have spread,
the vegetables are lost.
Don't they know how to collect?
Because during the time
of division, the King
who is the head, is not accepted.
And the whole Royal Crown is dissipated.
That's what the people think, Mendoza.
Are you going to listen
to some popular verses.
If they say the truth, why not?
Your Majesty, the rebel side
is weakened without Alfonso.
If we advance now we could have
the final victory.
No, we are in mourning. My brother has
died. He was a boy.
- A boy who betrayed you.
- A boy.
And I want the Castilians to know that just
as they cry for their people
I cry for mine.
I would say by your look
the meeting didn't go well.
It didn't for them.
The King ordered mourning for Alfonso.
Are they complaining about that?
No. It is because the King doesn't take
the chance to attack the enemy.
And what do you think?
I don't know, Beatriz.
Where did that mourning come from?
He wouldn't even talk to him
when he was alive.
Alfonso and Isabel walked around
the palace like two strangers.
Poor them.
I'd would like to be next to Isabel now.
I'd like to help her too.
But you know that is not possible.
I know, my love. I know.
To sew your own shroud. Who could have
thought such a thing?
If you don't want to sew
with me, don't sew.
I do want but at least don't make me
watch you trying it on.
Sooner or later you will have
to see me with it.
If the Lord doesn't call me first.
In that case, we could sew yours too.
Honestly, I prefer to sew tablecloths.
My child.
Are you in mourning?
Yes, Mother.
You are my son's servant.
Where's Alfonso?
Where's Alfonso?
Alfonso has died.
How did it happen?
In the battlefield?
That's how it happened.
He died fighting.
Leave me alone, I beg of you.
Let's pray together, Mother.
No, no, no. I don't want to pray,
I just want to be alone.
Pedro, I finally found you.
What's wrong?
Do you really want everything
to be like it was before?
Did you hear what I spoke with Fonseca?
Yes, I did.
And there are things I don't understand.
How was the past time when you
missed me? Explain it to me.
Don't worry.
I will tell you about the past
that you long to go back to.
A husband who doesn't love you.
Who doesn't know how to protect you.
Who abandons you and your daughter.
How can you miss all those things?
I gave birth to my daughter
so that she would be Queen.
That's above everything, Pedro.
I have just one question.
Do you love me?
I love you like I have
never loved before.
No matter what remember these words.
You protected me bravely.
No matter what you could have lost
you treated me like a woman
and like a Queen.
Don't make it more difficult, Joan.
Joan. What's wrong? Joan.
Clara, will you dine with us?
No, Your Highness.
Your brother Alfonso is always late.
You know him.
She doesn't have fever.
And the dizziness?
In the mornings.
Nausea and fainting.
I grieve because my daughter
is not with me.
And because you have one with you.
What did you say?
The son you are carrying inside of you.
No, no, no. That can't be true.
You didn't have your first period and soon
the second one will pass.
We'll see who's right.
Don't go, please.
Monsignor can't know about it. If he knows
the King will know.
And that cannot be.
I won't say anything.
I know you are generous.
I will be.
if you help me with the abortion.
If that's what you want,
the sooner the better.
So be it.
I can't leave her alone.
You can't stop fighting now.
Your mother has Clara and her servants.
She will have everything, Your Majesty.
She won't have her children.
What else would she need?
What if I'm wrong?
What if everything I'm doing
is to end up like her?
Everything I achieve in the meantime
will have no use.
Don't let the suffering do
that to you, Your Majesty.
Thank you, Gonzalo.
Thank you for always being next
to Alfonso and myself.
It has been easy.
Do you remember how you made me
stay 20 steps away.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I better go.
- Joan.
- Yes.
Please forgive me for the other day.
There's nothing to forgive for someone
who loves me that much.
I promise I won't give you more problems.
I'll know my place.
I won't dream of impossible futures.
Could you please stop making the bed?
I'll do it.
It is my mother's bed.
Okay, but tell me how my
husband is doing.
Again? I have told you
the same many times.
That's better, it is like he's here with me,
and I can see him.
You miss him.
As much as he misses you.
I'm sure he doesn't have time for
that. The time here goes slowly.
But I must not complain.
I knew who I was marrying.
There are some duties that
come before love.
You're right. Sometimes I wonder if all this
suffering is worth it.
You can't talk like a sad old woman.
You have a life ahead of you.
At my age every girl is married.
I am not even able to understand
the affection of the people around me.
Any peasant could give me life lessons.
Listen to me, Isabel.
Any peasant, baker or noble
and their kids, and their kids' kids
could never give you a lesson.
The lesson will be from you
to all of them.
Because you will be their Queen.
Their future and Castile's
will be in your hands.
That's your destiny, and it is above everything.
Does it hurt?
If everything goes right, it doesn't.
Is it fast at least?
Do you know the romance of the Moorish
King who lost Valencia?
Then start repeating it.
If we're lucky
you will only need to repeat
it a couple times.
What are you doing?
- Get out.
- Don't.
- Stay.
- Get out!
Get out now!
Why, Joan?
Because it would be
a dishonor to the King.
- The King?
- Yes, the King.
Which King? Because nobody has seen
him around here.
How many letters has your King written to
you since you've been far away?
Do you really think he misses you?
Pedro, I have to think about my daughter.
I have sacrificed my honor.
And I would give my life for you
if it was necessary.
I'm sorry.
I want the child you are carrying.
He is not worse than your daughter
because I'm not a King.
It is not his fault.
If you really love me
If it is true nobody
has ever loved you like I do.
I beg you.
Give birth to our son.
What are you doing here?
- Did you miss me?
- Isn't is obvious?
- Are you bringing bad news?
- No, I just came looking for Isabel.
- Are you leaving again to Avila?
- Yes, tomorrow morning.
I'm sorry, Clara, but it is necessary.
There are pending issues,
and Isabel has to go back.
Poor girl. She doesn't want to leave her
mother alone. She's a good daughter.
I know, but now Isabel has
to be a good Queen.
- How is her mother?
- Bad.
Alfonso's death has been
very difficult for her.
But right now the daughter worries me
more than the mother.
Do we expect an attack from Henry?
That's what Carrillo fears. But he hasn't
given signs of life.
We have to go back to Avila right away.
That way you will be protected.
- We'll depart at dawn.
- Agreed.
Tell me, Your Majesty.
Could my mother come?
I don't want to leave her alone.
Here she has company and protection.
She needs peace and tranquility.
She won't have that if she's with us.
- I'm sorry, Isabel.
- More water, please.
You finally say something. You are in
Castile, we drink wine here. Serve him.
No, I prefer water. Thank you.
Do you feel sick?
In that case you can't go tomorrow to
Avila. I brought enough soldiers.
I'd have to be really sick to stop
performing my obligation.
- Let me help you.
- Don't even think of it.
- Why should I sit down while you serve?
- You're our guest.
Someone has to serve the guests.
Meat pie.
I'll go check on her mother.
I'll try to make her eat.
I'll go with you, that way I can help you.
Why is everyone is trying
to help me today? Eat, please.
Clara, let her go with you.
Come with me, then.
You really appreciate Isabel, right?
Like I appreciated Alfonso,
may he rest in peace.
The problem with appreciation is
it can be confused with something else.
- I don't understand.
- You know it. And I do too.
Isabel's destiny is to rule Castile.
There are affections
the crown cannot allow.
Those are distractions.
If you really want to serve the Queen,
leave her service once we get to Avila.
We still need men like you
in the battlefield.
If you love Isabel that's the best
you can do for her.
That's what I'll do.
Keep this conversation
between you and me.
On my honor I will.
In that case I don't have to worry.
I wouldn't doubt your honor.
Madame, you should eat
something, please.
I don't want to.
Not when it is time to say goodbye.
You can't lie to me.
I can see it in your eyes.
You're leaving, right?
Before you wake up in the morning.
Don't worry about that.
I don't sleep much lately.
This is my life. Saying goodbye
continuously to the people I love.
I promise we will meet again soon.
Don't promise something you
don't know you'll fulfill.
Come here and give me a hug.
God be with you and give you strength.
I will pray for you every day.
I have to get ready for the trip.
Goodbye, my daughter.
- Yes, Mother.
- Take good care of your brother.
He is still a boy.
Don't worry. I will.
You've spoken with Gonzalo.
What is worrying you now?
Sometimes I think we're going
too fast with Isabel.
She's strong.
Yes, but she needs to be very strong
to endure what she's living.
And to endure power's pressure.
The Noble people see the crown like a
tool at their service.
- Are you worried about Pacheco?
- Yes.
Nobody told me I was going to end up
allied with my best friend's murderer.
What would Alvaro say
if he raised his head?
- He would congratulate you.
- Are you sure?
He could make a pact with the devil
to defend the King.
And he did it with Pacheco many times.
Until it killed him, like Alfonso.
What are you saying?
I can't say anything because
I have no proof.
But sometimes I think I didn't protect
him as I should have.
You do what you can.
Yes, but I feel alone. I need
someone to help me.
I've thought on your nephew,
Gutierre de Cárdenas.
He knows about law, is a good speaker,
knows how to use a sword, and he's loyal.
I need to have more eyes
to see everything.
If I lose Isabel
I wouldn't forgive myself.
Not only for Castile
They're like our own kids,
and we've already lost one.
I'll tell him to depart to Avila right away.
He will make his horse fly if needed.
Don't worry. My nephew will get there in
less than two nights.
I'll tell him he must be your shadow, your
eyes, your hands
he has to protect you from anyone
who may hurt you
You or Isabel.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, Your Majesty.
I see you don't recognize me.
I'm Gutierre de Cárdenas.
I'm Clara's nephew,
I am also the nephew of
This is my nephew.
I know about you. Gonzalo told me
about you during the trip.
Forgive me for not recognizing you.
No, it's normal. The last time you saw me
you were a kid.
He's good negotiator and law expert.
The more eyes the better we'll see.
Welcome. If Chacón has picked you
it's because you are valuable.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
Do you know something about Gonzalo?
I haven't seen him this morning.
I still have to organize my things.
May I leave?
- Tell me.
- Gonzalo is still traveling.
- He volunteered.
- Why wasn't I informed?
He said he didn't want goodbyes.
I don't understand.
Wasn't he happy here?
Gonzalo is a soldier, and his function
is to be in the battlefield.
The same way yours
is to govern.
We all have to respond to our destiny.
We have news. A letter from Henry.
A letter from the King?
Yes, he has sent messengers with it to
every city and village in Castile.
From your face I wouldn't
say it's good news.
It is not.
We never have good news
in Castile lately.
Dear Isabel.
While in the village in Madrid
I received news about our brother's death.
I pray to God to protect him.
My pain is bigger not only
because he's my brother
but because he dies
at such a young age.
I beg that above our differences
you understand that my pain
is as big as yours.
I hope the people of Castile will know
this letter has been sent to all
of its cities and villages.
I would have expected a bigger reaction
from you, Your Majesty.
Your daughter's future
is being compromised.
Henry never defended my daughter in a
good way. I am not surprised.
You may leave.
- There's more in the letter--
- It's enough.
I've sent this message everywhere for
every Castilian to know
their desire for peace
is the same as mine.
As I would like it to be yours.
Signed, the King.
Now he wants to talk.
It seems like Henry lost
his euphoria in the battle.
That's normal in him.
Why does he want to talk?
To keep lying to us?
We have to take advantage
of this moment of weakness.
I have to warn you his weakness is false.
Many nobles after Alfonso's death have
decided to change sides.
After Toledo they have
recovered Burgos.
That means we're
at a disadvantage.
Clear and evident.
Henry promises peace to everyone he
talks to, and Castile is tired of war.
If he's at such advantage why would
he want to negotiate?
- I'm sure those are just rumors.
- They are not. I can assure you that.
And who do you think you
are to be new here and speak?
Yes, maybe those are just rumors.
But we can change things
up, right, Pacheco?
We'll surprise them. We'll attack Burgos.
We'll go to Alaejos and kidnap his wife.
Henry only cares about his daughter.
And we can't get to her.
The Mendozas are protecting her.
We can't surrender.
I accept your opinion,
but not your orders.
I decide what we are going to do.
And I want you to respect it
to the last minute.
And what do you decide?
To negotiate with Henry.
Castile can't have two Kings and you have
already signed letters as the Queen.
To err is human. I resign as Queen.
Letters will be sent to everywhere
to inform the people.
You are making an enormous mistake.
The mistake would be to stain
the crown with blood.
Castile needs peace.
I'll let Henry rule.
And when he dies
- I will inherit his crown.
- Henry's supporters won't accept you.
They'll want to see his daughter
Joan on the throne.
I can prevent that from happening.
If you order that, of course.
Do it in my name, Pacheco.
You'll go see Henry.
You'll take a letter to him
that I will write myself.
It is the time to save Castile
from the chaos.
I don't want anymore
soldiers to die in the battlefield.
God save you. You just saved my life.
My name is Alvaro Añañiel.
Gonzalo Fernández.
You would have done the same thing.
Me? I'm not sure. There were four
and you killed three of them.
You are bleeding.
It's nothing.
You have no fear, as if you have nothing to
lose, even your own life.
Let's get out of here.
The night is coming.
Chacón, you fooled me.
Thanks to your influence all the war efforts
have been in vain.
Are you accusing me of manipulating her?
She is young and always listens to you.
I swear to you this was not the case.
I'll be clear, Carrillo. You have protected
Isabel like no one else.
You have never failed to fulfill your promises.
They're like my children,
and I'll thank you forever.
We can think differently
but I will always be loyal.
I would never lie to you.
- Then, Isabel
- She has decided on her own.
I'm as surprised as you are.
I thank you for your letter
and I think the time has come to stop this
war that benefits no one.
I respect you as a King and I swear
I won't do anything to you.
I'm sorry to interrupt, Your Majesty.
For now, Your Highness is just fine.
Can I help you?
Chacón told me you were writing a letter
answering the King
If you need help
Do you have experience writing
these kinds of letters?
You're lucky. I don't have any.
But don't worry.
I have very clear idea of what I want
to say and my writing is good.
You can go to sleep with no worries.
As you order. Good night.
I want to make a request.
Let us come to an agreement that
the nobles do not use the crown
as though it were theirs instead
of belonging to their faithful servants.
That's the answer I was waiting for.
I knew it.
As soon as I read your letter of
condolences for Alfonso's death,
I knew what you wanted, Your Majesty.
- Are you behind this?
- I told Isabel to give this step.
It was harder to convince Carrillo.
You know he likes to argue.
I don't know why he is a priest and not a
soldier. What about Chacón?
Chacón is nobody, like we all know.
Everything's under control as I promised
But we have to give Isabel an answer.
I'll write myself a letter to invite her to
discuss each point in her letter.
We'll meet in Guisando, near Avila, where
she lives. A month from now.
- That much time?
- I have to send a message to Rome.
I want the Pope to mediate the
agreements as an impartial witness.
Call Monsignor too. Nobody in Rome
knows Castile better than him.
And nobody receives more flattery and
gifts than from you.
Like you used to say, 'If you want
something you have to pay the price.'
I see you have thought of everything.
But we still have things to think about in
this negotiation.
Isabel offers peace. On the condition of
being your heiress.
Where is your daughter after that?
You already believe she is the heiress.
I believe what I need to believe if it
benefits myself.
If you want advice as a proof of my loyalty
- Tell me.
- Go reconcile with your wife.
Without her your position is more fragile.
But Isabel--
She doesn't have our
experience in negotiating.
We'll make peace but not at any price.
Let me manage the situation.
I agree.
Do you want to know something,
my dear Pacheco?
You will always be the same intriguing
man. You have no solution.
You have no solution either.
What are you doing here?
Do I have to make an appointment
when I'm the King's right hand?
And what are you doing waiting
outside the door?
I'm waiting for the meeting to end.
What meeting?
I see you don't know a thing.
Good morning, gentlemen.
Now you know the same as I do.
I'll let the King know you're here.
There's no need.
I guess we have confidence.
Be quiet, please!
- I am a bad painter and you move a lot.
- Juana, don't move.
No, no, I'm telling you.
It is outrageous!
Go play with the girl.
I want to know what's wrong with my
He'll tell you later. Go now.
Go with the girl, please.
Come with me, sweetie.
- Tell me.
- The king.
He has met Pacheco to make the peace
It will be in Guisando on September 18.
- Did he tell you himself?
- Yes.
And he ordered me to inform you.
Sometimes with this King
I have the feeling of spending days traveling
but then end up in the exact same place.
Take a sit, please.
Drink some water.
I'm tired of being loyal to him.
I'm tired of risking my life for him, and
watch traitors receive gifts and prizes.
You have always asked me
to be loyal to the King.
I beg you this time don't ask me that.
I don't want to go back to the palace.
You will go back to the palace, Beltrán,
and you will do it because I say so.
Please, Don Diego.
You will go back to the palace to give the
King a message
from the Mendoza family,
which you are part of.
You will tell Enrique
our loyalty has ended.
The Mendozas have sworn on our
honor to protect her daughter and heiress.
We do it because she is and
she deserves it.
She is like a granddaughter.
You know that.
But the Mendozas' loyalty has reached its
Our honor.
And the King has laughed at our vow.
None of us will go to Guisando, Beltrán.
I want to leave the court.
Whenever you want.
The King wants me to go with him to the
Treaty of Guisando.
Yes, Your Majesty. Count 30 days, only 30.
That's the time it will take
for you to go back to the court.
To your house.
My house.
I had almost forgotten about it.
What's wrong? I thought you would be
I am. It is just that
I'm so surprised that it is difficult to
I thought that if he negotiated with Isabel
my daughter and I would stay out of the treaty.
If Enrique tells you the news with this
it means that he wants to cheer you up.
It means he hasn't forgotten
you and your daughter.
This is a big day for Castile.
I'll let you have some rest.
It's enough.
One month.
By then
What am I doing now?
- Enrique wants to negotiate?
- Yes, he wants to meet in Guisando.
We'll see how it ends up.
We'll have to go well prepared and
knowing everything beforehand.
This is good news, clearly.
Tell Carrillo to order the troops to come
back home until new orders are given.
It would be a good thing to keep some
troops if the situation changes.
Unnecessary. The negotiations will
come to a good end.
Now, if you don't mind,
I would like to be alone.
- Are you fine?
- Yes, really.
It's just that I need to think about
everything that happened lately.
It's been a lot of things
and they happened very fast.
- Of course, Your Highness.
- Gonzalo.
Leave the fancy treatment for the
moments when we have an audience.
For you I'm just Isabel.
As you like.
Isn't she too melancholic for good news?
I understand her.
Negotiating with Enrique is complicated.
- I would lose my patience really fast.
- Is that it?
Do you think it is something else?
I don't know, you know her better, but
Are you sure she's ready
for all what's coming?
No doubt about it.
I finally found you! The war is over!
No more war!
Wake up!
Wake up.
Fight, my friend.
Don't leave us now that everything's over.
Help! Help!
- Have you finished?
- Yes, Your Majesty.
You will hide it with this.
Besides, you don't look like you're
I will by the day Enrique gets here.
I won't be able to ride
a horse with this thing!
So, you and Don Diego are not coming
with me to Guisando.
We won't, Your Majesty, and I will let you know
that I'm leaving the court.
- Are you leaving me?
- You leave me no option.
- Leave us alone, please.
- No.
I want him to stay and witness my
departure and my words.
How could Diego Mendoza think I would
betray my own daughter?
Negotiating with Isabel is betraying your
daughter and wife.
Cabrera, explain it to him.
I'll go get my wife in Alaejos to bring
her with me to Guisando.
That's right. I have prepared the trip.
You see? You see?
I'm just giving away some things,
but I'll fix it later, as always.
With Pacheco's help, I guess.
I would ask him or the devil for help if
necessary for Castile.
Be careful, they could both be the same
thing and you could end up burnt.
Why do you reward betrayal and dishonor,
Your Majesty?
The Mendozas talk a lot about honor
and it spreads to you.
And I'm proud.
And what use does honor have when
there's death and misery?
It is very easy to talk about honor for a noble.
Even for a King like me, do you know why?
Because hunger never goes to mansions
and palaces.
Sometimes I think the plague,
is the only invention of God
that makes all men equal.
Because there's no money to bribe it or
weapon to conquer it.
Do you want to leave?
Do it. I won't appreciate you less for it.
But tell the Mendozas,
that I don't accept anyone
giving the King honor lessons.
Because I don't mind destroying mine or
my family's if it is for my people's peace.
It seems like it is time to say goodbye.
There's no other option, my friend.
You're a good man, Beltrán.
I think of you in the same way.
I hope you never have to leave the court in
the same way I did.
Where's Carrillo?
He doesn't want to participate in
negotiations with Enrique.
He is loyal as he is obstinate.
If you're ready we can start studying our
Let's start.
Is there an answer from Enrique to our
No, Your Highness.
They just communicated that tomorrow
we will be visited by Monsignor of Beneris.
- The papal mediator.
- He could mediate an answer from them.
It's been days since we sent our letters.
Yes, and we said everything clearly.
Especially in the part related to the
succession rights that would be yours.
What is supposed to be for her daughter,
You think I wouldn't marry someone
I don't like?
Yes, since they haven't answered
and haven't canceled
the Guisando meeting
we can assume
they agree completely.
Then it is not, right?
Absolutely, you know how Enrique
negotiates. Face to face to the end.
He learned from Pacheco.
I even think they're preparing the
Guisando meeting together.
Pacheco? Isn't he one of ours?
Pacheco is with nobody, Cárdenas.
You should talk to Carrillo.
We need him on our side.
Monsignor of Beneris
is coming tomorrow.
I hope he can help me convince him.
Don't insist anymore!
I won't do it. Isabel, you know I appreciate you.
I admire your strength, but don't ask me
for something I can't fulfill.
Not even for Castile's benefit.
Castile's benefit!
Henry can't bring but disgrace.
Because of his weakness and lack of control.
We don't need him.
- Enrique is the King!
- Shut up!
I should have punched you in the face the
last time we saw each other.
Keep interrupting and I will do it now.
If you want to, together
we could make the
kingdom recover its past glories.
What past glories are you talking about?
Isn't Castile the mine the nobles exploit
until they finish it up?
- That has to change.
- Enrique will not allow it.
We'll have to make him do it.
That's why I need you.
You've been always my protector and
armed force.
Our journey won't end in Guisando.
That's where it will begin.
If you make a pact with the King
he will take me out of that journey.
Do you think he won't take revenge
against me?
Enrique knows I will never go back with him.
I'm not a man of pacts and I don't like to
make reverences.
I have my hands stained with blood
because of this war.
And they will easily find an excuse to kill
me if it's necessary.
I swear to you
what you're saying will not happen.
I come with the Pope's authority to forgive
every sin and fault to everyone who
participated in this war.
You wouldn't have to be out of it.
I will write myself a document to
guarantee your security.
Would you take that document to Rome
for the Pope to approve it?
If that's what you want, I will do it.
Are you coming with me
to Guisando now?
I will go with you.
Your Highness.
- Come immediately.
- What's wrong?
- Gonzalo.
- He's been asleep for days.
- What's wrong?
- He was wounded when he saved my life.
I'll call a doctor. Take him to the guest
No, to Alfonso's room.
- Alfonso's room?
- He was his best friend.
There's nobody better than him
to use his room. Serve him.
Will he be ok?
He has lost a lot of blood and the side
wound is in really bad condition.
He's very weak.
I'll come back tonight to clean his wound.
Can't you do anything else?
Pray, Your Highness, pray.
He's always been a fighter.
He will recover.
Why are you up?
And you? Why don't you sleep?
I see you follow my wife's orders.
Yes, but I don't need an order to worry
about you.
Is Isabel still with Gonzalo?
Do you fear that young man could distract
Isabel from her duties?
Yes. Gonzalo swore he wouldn't come
back but I can't complain about it.
He doesn't even know he's here
next to the woman he loves.
And probably
he'll never know, thank God.
- I've been in politics for too long.
- Why do you say that?
Because I'm not happy
for a good man who's recovering.
The good of the majority should be
held before that of the individual.
That's right and that's why I did it.
I've seen a lot of people I love dying.
I want you to witness what I'm about to say
and remind me of it if I don't do it.
I swear that I'll leave it all when Isabel
becomes Queen.
I would have fulfilled my mission,
and you will be my substitute.
- No, thank you--
- You will be my substitute.
I will go back with my wife
to live the days I have left in peace.
Without hoping a good man
to die like I'm doing now.
For Castile's future.
- Juana.
- What?
We have to depart tonight.
Fonseca has received a letter that
confirms the King is coming tomorrow.
- What's wrong?
- I don't know what to do.
What are you talking about?
And this late.
Are you pregnant?
And you
Do you want anything else?
Your testimony has been very helpful.
What kind of servants do you have?
They're not informed about anything.
I will fire them immediately.
I can assure you that.
That That's what I should do with you.
Kick you out of the court
and take all your charges.
How could you not know anything about
what was happening in front of you?
My wife is pregnant!
She came here to be safe and to be
watched by you,
and now she's pregnant because of your nephew!
Forgive me, Your Majesty. I'm really sorry.
What I'm sorry for is that he didn't
break the nape of your neck like a rabbit.
Get out.
- Do you want me to--
- Get out!
The Mendozas leave me,
and now I find out my wife is having
someone else's baby.
I've had enough trying to defend
my daughter was mine.
Calm down, Your Majesty.
Send soldiers to find Juana and that idiot!
- Lock them up in the palace.
- As you wish, Your Majesty.
And I want nobody to know my shames.
If anyone discovers this I will have no
argument to defend in Guisando.
Don't you have anything else to say?
No, Your Highness we can make the
negotiations with what we've discussed.
- Chacón, I have something to ask you.
- Tell me.
I want Gonzalo to be the leader of my
personal guards when he recovers.
- But--
- Make it happen.
Gonzalo's been unconscious for a long time.
The strange thing is that he is still alive.
- The doctor---
- I don't care what the doctor says.
God won't disappoint me.
Not this time.
Your Highness, we'll depart to Guisando at dawn.
You have to concentrate. We are risking
our future in this.
I know. Do you doubt me?
I'm only saying that if you want to be
you can't think of anything else.
Thank you.
It's Gonzalo. He's awake.
Thank God.
Good morning, Gonzalo.
You have slept a long night.
I thought I wasn't going to see you again,
Your Highness.
You tried hard for that to happen.
Your friend Alvaro told me you were
fighting as if you were trying to die.
No, I don't want to die.
I just want to serve you.
You won't be able to serve me if you're
that reckless.
- Isabel.
- Tell me, Gonzalo.
What do you feel for me?
Respect and affection.
I want you next to me always.
As a friend and as a soldier.
Especially when I'm Queen.
Now you have to get some rest.
We'll talk when you're better.
Don't ever doubt me.
Eat something else, Beltrán.
Yes, eat. Eat and stop thinking of Enrique.
At least while we're with the family.
I can't. I'm sorry.
I'm thinking he will soon meet in Guisando
with the rebels.
With Pacheco.
Castile is strong. It will survive this hit.
And we'll help with it. Calm down.
I hope God listens to you.
I just want you to listen
to what I'm about to say.
There are places to talk about certain
things and this is not one of them.
Your Excellency, you have a visit.
At dinnertime? Who is the--
- Your Majesty.
- It's me , Don Diego.
What are you doing here?
We need your protection.
You will never see a Queen beg as I'm
begging you for help now.
You can't say I don't treat you like a
I had never slept in a royal bedroom
until last night.
An advantage of the palace being empty now.
I would like so much to be next to Isabel.
If everything goes right,
you'll see her soon.
That way I will tell her the news.
- What news?
- I will be a mother.
What Castile will our son live in, Andrés?
For our own good and his, I hope
everything is going fine in Guisando.
Change your expression, Your Majesty.
You look worried.
I am.
But they don't have to know it.
Remember, Isabel, when Enrique's serious,
be serious.
If he smiles you smile,
and if he stares at you--
I'll stare at him firmly.
Don't worry I know the lesson.
Is this good?
Let's go meet them.
You lead.
Yes, Your Majesty.
As a papal representative,
I declare canceled all the vows of each side,
as well as the crown succession,
the reason for the negotiation that starts
It is time to show respect to the King.
Stand up, stand up. Don't bow.
You're almost the only family I have left.
Let's never fight again, Isabel.
We won't fight again, Your Majesty.
Hug me as an equal.
[In the next episode]
Castile is full with these newsletters.
Capture every armed man.
- Who are you protecting her from?
- From the King.
Be conscious that I will use the force if it is
Do what you have to do.
You are the captain of my army.
Why do you fight like a soldier?
A good captain fights next to his men.
We won't have war again.
My family has done more for your
daughter to be Queen
than you with your
indecent conduct.
To win the war we need time and money.
We need Castile as an ally.
I'd like the wedding negotiations to be
Nobody keeps a secret like I do.
Enrique pays for the silence,
and Rome makes the palaces
with Castile's gold.
I warned you and you didn't
listen to me.
I was always loyal to you, though.
Until you negotiated with Isabel after
making us swear to protect your daughter.
And a Mendoza never swears in vain!
Excuse the way it is being handled
but your wedding is a state issue and
King's responsibility.
Remember. Seven days.
Take your sword, quick.
We need Castile on our side and that's
why we need you to get married.
I told you already. It is time to call the court.
The Treaty of Guisando was signed by the King.
He has to fulfill his promise,
with or without Pacheco.
Why did I sign the Treaty of Guisando?
A king commands, he doesn't concede!
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