Isabel (2011) s01e06 Episode Script

La figura del rey

They separated me from my mother,
and now you take Alfonso from me.
Is this my penance for being queen?
Swear you had nothing to do with it.
What did the physicians say my brother,
- Natural causes.
- What have they said of Alfonso's death?
Natural causes.
This eases your daughter's path to the throne.
Was it known he was king?
Your Majesty, the rebel band is
weakened with Alfonso's death.
If we move now, we could have victory.
No, we're in mourning for my brother.
- The roads are dangerous.
Gonzalo and I will go alone.
The less people
the less attention we'll get.
- Where's Alfonso?
- Alfonso has died.
I need someone to help me.
I've thought about your nephew,
If you really want to serve the queen
I want the child in your womb
I beg you!
I let Enrique reign
and when he dies, after a long life,
I'll inherit his crown.
Enrique's followers won't accept you.
They'll want to see his daughter
Juana on the throne.
You know her best but, is she really ready
for what's coming her way?
Don't even think about doubting that.
Go to Guisando with your wife.
Without her your position is weaker.
- But Isabel--
- She doesn't have our negotiation skills.
We'll get peace, but not at any price.
I want to leave the court.
- You're abandoning me?
- You leave me no other choice.
Hold on, friend. Hold on.
You can't leave now. It's all over.
I have with me the pope's
permission to forgive all sins
and errors to those who've
been part of this dispute.
- Gonzalo!
- He won't hear you. He's slept for days.
- What's wrong?
- He got hurt saving my life.
I wish that when Gonzalo gets better
he's named chief of my personal guard.
Send soldiers to find Juana and that bastard!
And lock them up at the palace.
As you wish, Your Majesty.
We need your protection.
You'll never see a queen
beg for help as I do now.
You're almost the only family I've got left.
Let's never argue again, Isabel.
Episode 6
Whoever wants to know
what's going on in Castile
read! And whoever can't read
ask the priest.
May all of Castile know,
the Mendozas support Princess Juana.
I don't understand, Your Majesty.
Why so many letters?
Why so many hugs?
Do you doubt my sincerity?
Forgive me, but we haven't
moved forward in days!
Because there are those
who don't want to do it.
Because you're as stubborn as a mule.
Once you've made up your mind, it's set!
True, I'm not like you, who changes
his mind and side as you please.
Let's set aside personal issues.
- Where were we?
- That Isabel will marry who she chooses.
Can we know what's required
from the chosen one?
Be of similar age, to have healthy children,
to be of royal blood
and the marriage will not
make Isabel leave Castile.
Good thing it's just that.
I also thought you'd specify
hair color, height, and the size of his penis.
Excuse yourself, Pacheco.
There's no need to be so rude.
Forgive the forms, Highness
but your wedding is a matter of the State
and the king's responsibility.
Nor the State or the king will sleep with
or have children with whom I marry!
Forgive me.
I have matters to attend to.
Let's continue this afternoon.
- Do you know where the queen is?
- Yes.
Where is she? We must go get her
and take her to Segovia.
I don't think we'll be able to.
She's under the Mendozas'
protection at Buitrago
her and your daughter.
The Mendozas swear by their honor
to defend princess Juana's rights,
the king's legitimate daughter
and reject Guisando's agreements
because if the king doesn't keep his word
Castile has a bad king.
Take it easy, Highness.
These kinds of negotiations are never easy.
Easy? These negotiations are impossible.
Can't you see Enrique just wants to stall?
He'll gather forces and get
a bigger and invincible army.
- He already has it.
- We still have time.
We won't start a war again!
It's your decision, but let me tell you
these negotiations will be worthless!
Don't be so pessimistic.
I actually have good news for you.
With Rome's approval, a friend of yours
will be sent to help me mediate this conflict.
Pierre de Peralta.
What news do you bring?
Relax, I was just leaving.
I'll leave you to your secrets.
What's wrong?
Castile is filled with these wall posters.
The Mendozas reject King Enrique.
They're not only guarding his daughter,
but the queen too.
Wasn't it agreed Fonseca would
look after the queen at Alaejos?
That's right
and it was difficult to separate
her from her daughter.
What's she doing with the Mendozas now?
Who are they protecting her from?
From the king
or they wouldn't reject him publicly or
brag about having mother and daughter.
to Buitrago and find out what's going on.
I have the horse ready.
Kingdom of Aragon
Good luck in Castile, Peralta.
We need it.
So many fronts are killing us.
Don't worry, Your Majesty.
You'll soon hear the good news
about the war against the Frenchman.
Yes, we'll need time and money to win this war.
We need Castile as our ally
but a settled Castile,
not one lost in inside wars.
We share interests, family ties
- and borders.
- You've said it.
So, since you're going,
I'd like to give you an assignment.
I didn't expect you before nightfall.
I missed your scolding.
Come closer, son.
Are you hurt? You're walking
differently. Are you limping?
Nothing, I fell from my horse in a skirmish.
Don't lie to me. Your voice
seems weak, you're injured.
For a man with bad sight,
you don't miss a thing.
Don't worry
the one who hurt me won't brag about it.
You're my army's captain,
why fight like any soldier?
Because a good captain
fights alongside his men.
The lost of a soldier
is covered by another one.
But there's no substitute
for Aragon's future king.
- Go rest.
- Thank you, father.
Tell me about the other
assignment you were talking about.
I want you to arrange
my son's wedding in Castile.
We need an alliance
that will cover our backs.
- Who do I ask Enrique for in marriage?
- No, no.
You don't need to talk with him.
I want you to talk with Juan Pacheco.
I want to marry Fernando
with his daughter Beatriz.
But she doesn't have royal blood.
We need to be beside the ones who rule.
And the one who rules in Castile
is Pacheco.
When I was a little girl,
I played with dolls, not soldiers.
In these times, it's better if your
daughter gets used to soldiers.
It will be good for when she's queen.
If she becomes one, someday.
She will. You can be sure about that.
Don Diego.
I'll always be grateful for your support.
Keep your thanks for others.
I don't do this for you, but in spite of you.
My family has done more
so your daughter will be queen
than you with your indecent behavior.
Let's go take a stroll, okay?
No, I want to keep playing, can I?
Of course.
Of course you can.
- You're talking about a wedding?
- Yes, son. Yes.
Wouldn't you rather send me
to a battle than to the altar?
There are many ways of winning
wars, not only with a sword.
We need alliances.
France is a giant next to Aragon.
- David beat Goliath.
- That seldom happens, or never.
How can you know if it was true
or the writer's invention.
We need Castile on our side.
That's why you need to get married.
- And who's the chosen one?
- Her name is Beatriz.
She's Juan Pacheco's daughter,
the Marquis of Villena
the man who governs Castile.
Bad thing when a king
doesn't rule over his kingdom.
I hope that his daughter is pretty.
You'll just need to have
as many children as possible
and you've got experience in that.
Later, you can do as you please.
If you do it as a prince,
what won't you do as king!
Thank you, gorgeous. Don't go too far.
Good evening to you.
It's not so good right now.
A stranger sits next to you
only when he wants something.
True, but I doubt you'll find a stranger
who can be as generous as me.
You're not a sodomite, are you?
Relax, you're not my type.
I'm only interested in knowing
if you do work for the Mendozas.
You'd better forget about me.
Won't you eat?
Thank you, Your Majesty, but I think
better with an empty stomach.
And you should listen to your physicians
and eat with more frugality.
It's funny how at times you look after
my health and others try to ruin it.
Where are you going?
Won't you welcome Aragon's envoy?
Do it for me. My health asks me to take a nap.
Tell me about your friend Peralta.
He's my friend, just like King Juan of Aragon.
What are you thinking about
that's making you smile?
I'm thinking about the facts of life.
Did you know King Juan of Aragon
wanted to marry you to his son Fernando?
- When?
- When you were three years old.
I can see the tradition of marrying me
without my consent is an old one.
He even asked the pope
for a bull because you're cousins
but Rome didn't give the approval.
The pope likes to make things
difficult in those matters.
Yes, it wasn't easy for Enrique either
to get the bull to marry Queen Juana.
- Who's your cousin too.
- The pope must have had his reasons.
Especially economic ones.
It isn't a bad idea.
There's Peralta.
- Peralta.
- Aragon's king sends his regards.
Give him mine when you see him.
If you get out of this
negotiation's tedium alive.
At your feet, Highness.
I've heard good things about you.
- Don Gonzalo--
- Let's not tire our guest with introductions.
He probably wants to eat
and rest after his trip.
I'd like nothing more.
Come with me.
It seems Peralta is better
friends with your nephew than you.
I need a glass of wine.
I'd better go with him. I don't want
to see what he's like after some wine.
You want my daughter
to marry Fernando de Aragon?
You seemed surprised.
I'm thinking of what you'll want in exchange.
And it can't be small for a king to marry
his son to a Marquis' daughter.
I see you don't go around the bushes.
Let me guess
you want me to make sure
Castile never allies with France.
That would surround Aragon with enemies.
Could you get that from your king?
I get what I want from Enrique.
What about military support?
- If Aragon's king pays for the wedding.
- You can count on it.
Then lets toast to Fernando and my daughter.
- You'll want to meet the bride.
- Of course.
But as discreetly as possible.
I'd like for the wedding negotiations
to be kept secret.
No one can keep a secret like me.
I've heard it wasn't easy to get the pope
to agree to Enrique and Juana's marriage.
Why are you so interested
Because the Vatican's aisles are crooked,
and you know what goes on in them.
You flatter me with your words.
Tell me about that bull.
Give me a reason to do it.
How much would it cost to know?
Paying me more than Pacheco.
I've had it with his manners.
The future belongs to Isabel,
and I swear she won't forget about you.
The future is always uncertain.
- Make me an offer.
- You'll have it by tonight.
I want it signed by Isabel herself.
You'll get what you want!
Our hands and feet are tied
if we don't get a good chance.
All these years of effort
would have been pointless.
Tell me about that bull.
The pope never signed it.
But then?
Enrique's marriage is illegal.
It wouldn't matter if the girl is his daughter
or not, she couldn't inherit his crown.
If it was found out.
There have been three popes
since he got married
how can it still be secret?
Why do you think Enrique is the Christian
king who pays Rome the most?
It's not because of his faith, I assure you.
Castile gives Rome generous amounts
to the war against the unfaithful.
Have you heard lately of any
battles against the Moorish?
Enrique pays for silence
and Rome builds palaces with Castile's gold.
- Are you sure we're not lost?
- We have to go around.
If the guard sees us, we're ruined.
And we aren't exactly going to the palace.
Where are we going then?
To a clearing where the lady
usually walks at this time of day.
We're here.
See with your own eyes what I told you about.
I'd like to speak about the bull in front of him.
The more we have, the better.
- So it will be.
- And two important things.
First, don't say what we know in public.
It would be disrespectful to him.
He's the king. If you humiliate him,
he'll get back at you some day.
And the second thing?
Never corner him. When the weakest
enemy has no way out
he can kill you out of desperation.
Sit down. Sit, I beg you.
You're up early.
Let's begin. Who'll speak first?
With your permission, Your Majesty,
you know we're here for Isabel's wish
to be the crown's heiress.
That's the condition to prevent war.
Do you accept this?
- We do.
- Since you agree that Isabel can
succeed you if you marry her
with a foreign king or prince
that would take her far from Castile.
That's not our concern. Every wife
must be loyal to her husband.
As a wife, I'll obey my husband.
As a mother, I'll look over my children.
But as queen, I won't obey anyone.
With your permission, Your Majesty.
- Is it time?
- By God, it is.
Can we continue?
Yes, we will
but the king and I alone.
It's in your best interest, Your Majesty.
You know. What?
What do you know, Isabel? What, what?
What do you know? What?
That your wife is expecting another man's child.
It will be difficult to keep stating
you're Juanita's father.
It took your wife seven years
to get pregnant with you.
And look at how quickly
she did with someone else.
You also doubt I'm her father.
Only you, your wife, and God know that,
and I won't get in such private matters.
For not wanting to get into it,
you sure can talk about it.
I beg you, I beg you to stop
disrespecting my honor.
I don't disrespect your honor.
I want to save it.
You're the king and deserve my respect.
Since you respect me, tell me
how will you keep my honor safe?
Because in the document we'll sign,
nothing will be said of your paternity.
What about the one that will say that
the Holy Ghost got my wife pregnant!
Your marriage with Juana de Avis is null.
Because you didn't have a bull
allowing it because you're cousins.
Legally, your marriage doesn't exist.
Legally, Juanita can't be your heiress.
Your honor and manliness
will be safe from rumors.
I decided not to continue this war
because as you, I don't like
to use death to be queen.
I believed your loving words
when our brother Alfonso died.
They were true.
I know, I know.
As much as mine
when I wished you a long life as king.
I'll support you in everything
but now it's your turn to support me.
What do you want?
Nothing you don't know about
and wouldn't be fair.
The agreements we'll sign
will say I'm Asturias' princess
and as such your direct heiress.
It will state that if we start war between us
I'll lose that right.
And it will be countersigned by Castile's courts
which will be summoned as soon as possible.
It will also say that Queen Juana
will leave Castile and return to Portugal.
All the sorrows she's caused you
and I, deserve that journey.
It will say you'll suggest
who will be my husband
but that I'll marry who I want
from the ones you suggest.
Because I'll never leave Castile
the land I was born in
and where I'll die
the land that I love.
The agreements have been signed.
Long live the king!
- Long live!
- Long live Castile!
- Long live!
- Long live Asturias' princess!
Long live!
- Bad news?
- The worst.
the court's new seat.
Recognized by the king as his heiress.
Enrique has given in.
- As always.
- Yes.
But he didn't choose his enemy wisely this time.
He won't have my army or loyalty.
Let's see how long he can manage.
It's your house now, Highness.
No, this is just a golden cage.
Enrique will still be making
the decisions in Segovia or Madrid.
- Don't be pessimistic, Carrillo.
- I am.
Sooner or later Enrique
and Pacheco will betray you.
Remember these words when it happens
because I won't be here
to tell you 'I told you so.'
- You're leaving us?
- That's right.
Why are you leaving now?
The courts will soon ratify me
as Asturias' princess and heiress to the crown.
They've given us people
to collect taxes in cities and towns.
Keep on with your dreams, ma'am
and if something threatens you, let me know.
I'll be at my palace in Yepes,
just 14 miles from here.
So we can still count on you?
I won't let anything happen to Isabel,
as it did to her brother, Alfonso.
Isabel is Castile's last hope.
But let me warn you
if I come back it will be
because of a serious matter
and if that happens,
the game rules will change.
We'll do what I decide.
you'll leave without even hugging me?
You haven't eaten a thing.
Why does it matter whether I eat or not!
Can't a king even decide
if he wants to eat or not?
Leave, both of you.
Your Majesty, we must make plans
for the future.
But perhaps it would be
better to discuss it in private.
What are you saying?
Everybody knows your wife
is Isabel's best friend.
Yes, that's true.
As true as my loyalty to the king.
I trust Cabrera, Pacheco. Speak freely.
First, we need to earn
Mendoza's trust back.
Let them know we think like them.
- That your daughter's future is first.
- And then?
Get Isabel out of Castile.
She's a threat to you.
And I have a plan to get both things.
A plan which needs tact, time, and discretion.
What I say here can't leave this room.
I swear it for my life.
And I swear for yours, that I hope so.
I'm so happy everything turned out fine.
Me too.
No one could tell. You're gloomier
than Our Lady of Sorrows.
It's been a tough day.
Come here.
Won't you greet your son?
Or daughter.
I don't care what it is.
I only dream it will be born fine.
It's wonderful to think Isabel will be its queen.
I hope it will be that way.
It will. How can you doubt it?
You still don't worry about being
excommunicated for being an alchemist.
By God, Peralta, I'm Toledo's Archbishop.
Taste this.
- What's in it?
- You don't want to know
but trust me.
It will give you impressive strength.
It will help you on your
non-stop journey to Segovia.
Then the horse will need it more than me.
I'm sorry for what happened, Carrillo.
It's hard to keep secrets from
a friend of Aragon like you.
You don't need to say anything.
Between men of their word like us
it's better to be silent than to lie. Besides
- I'm retired for the time being.
- You, retired?
I can't believe it. What about Isabel?
Isabel is like clay. She needs
to be molded into a good vase.
Enrique and Pacheco are playing with her.
Isabel doesn't know it, but she'll need me soon.
Can I give you some friendly advice?
I don't know what strange business
you have with my nephew, Pacheco, but
be careful, never trust him.
- Can't you see I'm busy?
- No, no, I was leaving.
So this potion gives strength
I can imagine what you want it for.
- Good luck.
- The same to you, my friend.
What are you waiting for?
I'll be queen?
Future queen of Aragon's crown.
Yes! Yes!
So, I'll give my king the news.
- If there's something you want to know?
- May I?
- Ask, my dear. Don't worry.
- Thank you.
Is Fernando as brave and
handsome a man as they say?
- He is.
- I'd like to go out and tell everyone!
If you want to be queen,
you must be discreet, darling.
I know father, it was just a saying.
You know I always obey you.
If to be queen I have to remain silent
I'd be a fool if I didn't stay quiet.
Thank you, darling.
Leave us alone. We need to talk.
Forgive my daughter's familiarity.
She's a lively young woman.
Don't worry, I'd probably react
the same if I was told I would reign.
What steps should we follow now?
I'll leave for Aragon today
to share the good news.
I'll have the wedding agreements written down
and I'll personally bring them in due time.
- When will that be?
- As soon as the war with France lets us.
But you have my word.
This wedding will take place.
It's the king of Aragon's wish.
You'll try to marry Isabel
to Alfonso of Portugal?
- Again?
- That's right, Excellency.
And how will you convince him?
Offering him another wedding
at the same time.
His son's Don Joao with Princess Juana.
That way we'd guarantee my daughter
would be Portugal's queen.
And if Alfonso and Isabel
wouldn't have any children
my first grandchild would become
king of Castile and Portugal.
And Juanita, both kingdoms'
Queen Mother.
Isabel has refused once to marry Alfonso.
How will you get her to agree this time?
We'll delay the courts until we're certain
Alfonso of Portugal will agree.
And in those courts, what will be voted
won't be her confirmation as Asturias' princess
but her wedding with Portugal's king.
And I assure you it will be agreed to.
War has impoverished Castilians.
They'll be happy with a tax reduction,
and once it's granted
they'll accept anything I propose.
If she refuses this time
Isabel wouldn't be disobeying me
but the people represented
in the courts. She'll be on her own
- with no support.
- Isabel will only have two choices
to marry Portugal's king or be nothing.
Do we have your support, Mendoza?
Yes, you'll have it.
When I see Isabel and Alfonso
of Portugal go into the same bedroom
which I doubt.
I expected more from you.
And I've expected more from
Your Majesty for a while.
I told you, you were making a
mistake and you didn't listen. Despite
that, I was always loyal,
until you negotiated with Isabel
after making us swear we'd
defend your daughter.
And a Mendoza never swears in vain!
Make your plans true, and I'll support you.
Until then, I only promise not
to show belligerency to the crown
and of course keep defending your daughter
who by the way is expecting you.
Come with me.
What are you doing here?
I forbade you to come.
I need to talk with you.
- No, no. Get her out of my way!
- Enrique.
Enrique, please.
- Get her out of my way!
- Enrique!
Please, listen to me. Enrique, please!
Enrique, please. Listen to me! Please!
Ma'am, you have a wonderful figure.
Beatriz! Oh!
What a joy!
- Are you?
- Pregnant and happy.
We have so much to talk about!
You can leave.
Congratulations, I know of all your
successes through my husband.
It hasn't been easy.
Sometimes, understanding
my brother can be very difficult
It's as if he's two different
people in the same body.
They say those are the
consequences of politics.
Be careful, so it won't happen to you.
I'll always be the same.
But let's talk of something else.
From now on, we'll see more
of each other, I swear.
When I'm sad, I think
about them to cheer me up.
Once the courts have passed,
I'd like nothing more than to present
my child to your lady mother.
And I to see her again.
Is he as grumpy as usual?
When needed, yes. But nothing of this
would be possible without him.
And Gonzalo? That handsome guy
who was your brother's page?
Did something happen to him?
He was gravely injured, but thankfully
That's good news.
Why does they make you sad then?
Because you're right in that politics
causes extraordinary reactions in people.
Few people have been as caring as him,
and there are few I care for as I do him.
And I hadn't remembered
about him until you asked.
Esteemed Gonzalo
forgive how late this letter comes to you.
I could tell you court demands a lot of work
but none is enough to forgive the oversight
of one who has served and helped me so well.
I hope you get better as soon as possible.
When that happens, I want you by my side
because I miss you.
Because I want, the day my dreams come true
for you to be at my side.
Stop with the mystery. Is she beautiful or not?
Well, she doesn't posses a delicate beauty
but she's agreeable.
- Strong.
- Dumb.
No, he said strong.
Don't misinterpret his words.
- How are her hips? Good.
- Wide.
With your aim and her hips,
she'll bare good children.
And besides being strong and having wide hips
is there anything interesting about her?
I thought she's a willing
and dedicated young woman.
And she's Castile's most powerful
man's daughter. Enough.
Yes, enough. Forgive me. I'm not hungry.
You're priceless as a matchmaker.
I'm sorry.
I've never seen your son like this.
Neither have I. And I know the reason.
I know of his many mistresses,
and I've never been worried.
They were women of one night, a week mostly.
Not now, he's been with
that Aldonza for a while.
- Do you know her?
- She's a noble Catalonian.
- From Cervera.
- Is she good looking?
She is.
She must be more than good looking,
or she wouldn't be a threat to our plans.
Calm down. when your father proposes it,
he must have his reasons.
To marry a woman who doesn't
even have kings' blood.
He's afraid of France. I'll have to
take care of keeping the French at bay.
I'd rather know you're married
than dead in battle.
- How can you be so sweet?
- Don't be so sure about it.
- I also have a temper.
- I know, I know.
- Thank you. Get those wounds looked at.
- Thank you.
Let me guess. Another beaten collector.
True, another who's collected
bumps instead of coins.
Each of the three cities
the king gave you usufruct
- only one pays.
- What's going on?
From what I've heard, some haven't
even got the letter ordering payment.
- But the king sent it months ago!
- And what's worse
others have gotten this.
This poor man brought it.
Orders from Segovia to not pay our collectors?
He isn't summoning the courts
to ratify me as Asturias' princess.
His wife Juana is still in Castile
and he has us in poverty.
- He's not keeping his word.
- This is Pacheco's doing.
The king signed the Guisando agreements!
And he has to keep his word,
with or without Pacheco.
- Arrange for a meeting with him.
- Yes, Highness.
What are they up to now?
I'm sorry it took you months
to set up this meeting.
My African domains needed my attention.
Thank you for your apologies,
but they're not necessary.
As king, you decide when
and with whom to share your time.
What do you think of our offer?
Interesting, I won't deny it.
But your king has made me
look like a fool once before.
To be looked down on by that girl.
It won't happen again. I swear it.
I admire you. You're tenacious and ambitious.
You never consider anything lost.
And you're daring.
You didn't mind traveling here,
even knowing you'd hear my complaints.
The occasion was worth the risk.
Do you accept?
I need time to think.
Leave for Castile.
I'll send a messenger with my answer.
You can leave.
- As you wish, Majesty.
- By the way, Pacheco
how's my sister?
I'm worried. The last time
I saw her on that disastrous day
she was extremely thin.
Don't worry, she's gained some weight.
What's wrong with Mom?
Nothing, beautiful.
Don't worry, darling.
Don't worry.
It's all over.
He's a strong boy, just like his mother.
How is she?
As good as a woman
can be after giving birth.
Don't worry.
- There's another one coming!
- Another one?
I have it on.
- It suits him well.
- Perfect.
As if he's always been Sicily's king.
If I had to wear this always
- my eyebrows would be at my knees.
- Calm down.
You don't need to wear it every day.
Being king is in your heart and head
not in what you wear on top of it.
I know. You're my example.
Sicily's king.
- Can I hug you?
- I command you!
You can still order me while I'm not king.
We'll talk face-to-face later.
Thank you, father.
What for? You deserve it.
You're my son, my best captain,
even my guide when needed.
Go enjoy the days you've got left as prince
with that friend of yours.
You're an old fox, Majesty.
Older than a fox and as blind as a bat.
But I'm no fool.
I had to give something to my son
in exchange for a forced wedding.
And you encourage him
to have a good time with Aldonza.
- Weren't you worried?
- I know my son.
If you forbid him something,
he'll work harder to get it.
Have you sent Pacheco
a message with the news?
Yes, Majesty.
You must ask for permission
before entering, my daughter.
I'm sorry, I couldn't help it, Father.
I'm nervous to know about my wedding.
What have I told you?
In times of bad news, show your best smile.
And in good times, conceal your joy.
You need to learn to control your emotions.
When you show yours,
you're weak in front of your enemy.
Is it a time of good or bad news?
Take a seat.
This message just arrived from Aragon.
You're not marrying a prince anymore.
What is it?
- What's with that face?
- Forgive me.
But I was so excited.
You're not marrying a prince
because you're marrying a king.
Fernando will be named king of Sicily.
Forgive me for not controlling myself,
but, it's just that I'm so happy!
I'm very happy too, dear.
Cry, laugh, do as you please
because you'll be queen.
And a queen can allow herself everything.
Hasn't Portugal's answer arrived today, either?
It will arrive, and it will be good.
He's making us wait to show us his pride.
I hope so. Isabel is getting impatient.
And that worries you?
She should be the one worrying.
What's got you so optimistic today?
I've never seen you with that smile.
Because I know our plans
will all be accomplished.
Excuse me, Majesty, news from Portugal.
Give them to me. Leave us, go.
King Alfonso has accepted our offer.
He won't come, but he'll
send a committee with full authority
They'll be here in a month.
Make sure they need nothing, Cabrera.
They'll need for nothing, Majesty.
Perfect, I told you.
It's time to call the courts.
I don't get it.
He hasn't kept his word in months.
He doesn't even answer our
request to meet with him.
And now he calls the courts immediately.
My brother the king is fickle and forgetful.
If it was only Enrique, it would be normal,
but having Pacheco with him
I always suspect the worst.
Let's not be pessimistic.
Step by step, we're
on the road to what we wanted.
And when the courts
proclaim me princess heiress
all of this will be but a bad memory.
What are you doing?
I'm supposed to be, with Isabel.
She named me captain of her guard.
Let me go with you.
I want to be your guard.
I'm but one, but it's more than none.
Besides, something tells me
a great adventure is waiting for us.
You read too many chivalry books.
Maybe we'll even inspire one.
I'd waste more time talking you
- right?
- Don't even doubt it.
Very well.
Tomorrow there are Castilian Courts.
Isabel will be confirmed as Asturias' princess.
I want to see her joy with my own eyes.
They've talked about sheep,
the price of bread
punishment to road thieves,
but nothing about us.
Let's wait.
Is something wrong?
They're up to something. I know it,
and I should have seen it sooner.
I take the word
to announce by the grace of Our Majesty,
the king, taxes will be reduced by a third.
He wants to have everyone happy.
Yes, soon, they'll be asking
for something, you'll see.
Thank you, Castilians.
Don't take it as a gift but as recognition.
I do it to give you something back
for the war's losses.
A war that came to an end thanks to
my sister Isabel's dialogue and respect.
It seems it's our time.
Speaking of her, a key piece in our
future is the last topic of this session.
I'm glad to inform everyone here
with his Majesty Don Alfonso, Portugal's king.
We ask of your approval for this
engagement through a hand count.
They've tricked us!
They've deceived us all this time!
Carrillo was right.
How could we have been fooled?
I want to see the king right now!
It won't be possible. He left
as soon as the Courts ended.
- What do we do now?
- It's complicated.
What's been approved
in courts has to be obeyed.
I'll do it, don't doubt it.
I've already said no to the Portuguese
and this time will make two.
It won't be that easy.
They've been very clever.
- Explain yourself.
- The first time you refused to marry him
you disobeyed the king's order.
- And now?
- You'd disobeyed the people of the courts
and the people is your strength. If you refuse
your image would be that of a willful
woman who puts her interest before all.
And all we've fought for and suffered
until now will be for nothing?
It seems like a bad dream
where this happens again and again.
No! I won't get married.
And I'll explain to the people
- Highness.
- Write to the king saying I won't accept
according to Guisando's agreements,
which state that
I must accept the candidate
the king has proposed.
- I'll do as you say, Highness.
- Do it now!
Highness, you have a visitor.
Who wants to see me now?
- Highness.
- Gonzalo!
Soon, soon. Don't worry.
I expected to see her in this reception.
- Is there a problem?
- No.
No, it's all been discussed and Princess
Isabel is willing to fulfill
our agreement with Portugal.
I'm glad to hear that.
Especially after the last time
with his Majesty, the king Portugal.
The palace's steward
will show you to your rooms.
You probably need to rest for a while.
Tonight we'll lavish you as you deserve.
Thank you, Majesty.
But before we leave, I'll tell you
you have seven days to arrange this wedding.
After that time, I have
orders to return to Portugal.
I don't think we'll need
to wait that long, Excellency.
I hope so, and so does my king.
He ordered me to give you this letter,
so you'll understand his urgency.
I'll leave you, so you can read it calmly.
Remember, seven days.
When you please.
The king of Portugal says
that if we insult his honor again
the next time he returns to Castile
it will be with his army.
Mendoza was right. Isabel wouldn't be so easy.
Damn Guisando agreements.
Why did I sign them!
A king commands, he doesn't yield!
And I've given in to too many things lately.
She'll accept the wedding,
I'm sure. But before that
I need a favor from you.
Offer to meet with them
as a reply to your sister's letter.
Say you'd rather talk to them
than with Isabel.
- There's no time to negotiate, Pacheco.
- There won't be any.
When they arrive at Segovia,
order their arrest.
Carrillo abandoned them a while ago
and I need to be alone with Isabel.
Be aware that I'll use force if necessary.
Do what you have to do.
I'll go with you. I can tell them
myself I won't get married.
Isabel, I beg you. The king
and you know I'll support you,
but if he wants to help, we can't refuse.
- There's nothing to lose.
- Yes, there is.
We can't allow the Guisando
agreements to be forgotten.
Remind him all that he signed.
- I will, don't worry.
- And if he's doing it for his daughter
tell him she'll never be Castile's queen.
I'll beg the pope, if necessary,
to show there was no bull.
- It's justice.
- Rome moves on other things.
It seems they sometimes forget Jesus
kicked the merchants from the temple.
What do we do, Isabel?
Go in my name.
And don't give in to anything.
The king is hunting?
- I'm sorry.
But that's not possible. Take them away.
- What's going on here?
- Don't make it harder on me, Excellency.
Pacheco, right?
Why are two soldiers guarding
I need to tell you a secret.
our son won't see Isabel rule.
Move, prisoners!
Come on, move!
Excellency, the palace is under siege.
- Let's go.
- Follow me!
Get up! Come on!
Apprehend every armed man.
What are you doing here?
A courtesy visit.
I have a message from the king.
I'm glad to see you healthy.
It's an honor when Villena's Marquis
worries for a simple soldier.
- Now if you'll excuse me.
- Of course.
Apprehend him.
- Don't even think about it.
- Help!
Your sword, quickly.
We need to get out of here.
- Sign your wedding's consent.
- Don't dream about it.
I won't leave without your signature.
If you haven't by tomorrow,
I'll throw you from there if needed.
- You wouldn't go that far.
- No one will know. Your mother is crazy
and her daughter could be too.
And crazy people do strange things
when they're out of their minds.
Tomorrow morning, that's the limit.
Pacheco and his men have taken the palace.
- We have no chance to win.
- The important thing is to save Isabel.
Only Carrillo can help us.
Stop! Guards!
Leave, Isabel needs you.
It's time, run!
What are you waiting for, bastard?
Isabel was right.
Carrillo is the only one
who thought this could happen.
Don't trouble yourself.
The important thing is to learn
from mistakes and fix them.
We won't be able to fix them
when we get out of here.
I swore to protect Isabel and Alfonso
and I've lost them both!
Save your energy for better thoughts,
- As Isabel always says, God is on our side.
- I hope.
But I swear that if we get out of this
there will be no mercy for Pacheco.
Let him in.
- What is it?
They have Isabel hostage.
- At Segovia with the king.
- I knew this would happen.
- We must go help them, Eminence.
Yes and we won't go alone, I swear.
Get your arms ready!
You're going to sign it!
I didn't hear you.
I won't sign it.
You've wanted it.
You'll spend the rest of your days in jail.
And I'll assure you they won't be a lot.
Don't think about it,
or you'll be dead men.
Are you all right?
What are you doing here?
Negotiate but my way.
You're wrong,
We'll see about that.
Go to Segovia with those two guards.
They're the only two left alive.
And if he threatens Isabel again,
I'll lead my army to wherever he might be
and I won't care if he's king, I'll make
him pay for all the harm he's inflicted on her.
I told you it wouldn't be that simple.
Isn't Pacheco coming?
- I'd love to talk to him about what happened.
- No.
He went to see off the Portuguese committee
Well done. Since he couldn't
do what he was supposed to
let him endure the unpleasant time.
Decisions must be taken.
Things can't go on like this.
Or Castile will be the world's
laughing joke. You can't
humiliate a king, much less twice,
as we've done with Alfonso.
You should worry more about
Castile's king than Portugal's.
I've been worried for a long time,
but sometimes I think it's useless.
Especially if you keep putting
your trust in a man like Pacheco.
Will you turn your back on me again?
I will, if one key condition isn't met.
Tell me, what is it?
Defend your daughter's
right as your heiress.
But that would mean starting a war again.
No, not necessarily.
The king of France is looking
for a wife for his brother, Guyena's Duke.
He's around the same age as Isabel.
Isn't that one of her
conditions for her possible suitors?
Let's play along with her then.
King Louis would be thrilled
to have a Castilian as a sister-in-law.
It would be the best way
to win the war against Aragon
chocking King Juan from the north and south.
And if Isabel refuses again?
If she refuses again
you should still promise the King of France
that our armies will fight next
to his against Aragon.
In exchange, he'd send us his
to finish off Isabel and her people.
I signed an agreement with her to avoid
a war, and we'll have two. Bad idea.
But necessary.
You've seen what agreements
and talks have gotten you.
Listen to me
and Isabel will soon be an anecdote.
All right.
One more thing, Don Diego.
Has my wife given birth yet?
Yes, sir.
She had twins.
- Can I ask you a favor?
- You don't need to tell me.
As soon as I get to Buitrago
I'll kick her out of my house.
Come in.
Excuse me, Highness.
There's someone who wants to see you.
There you have her,
thanks to your handlings.
- I don't know why I let you in.
- Because I'm the king!
Yes, and I pray each day
for you to stop being king.
Calm down, Carrillo. Leave us alone.
- No, Highness.
- I beg you.
What do you want?
I come to offer a solution to all our problems.
Is it Pacheco's idea?
- Because if it is--
- No, no, it was Mendoza's
and mine.
You want a husband your own age.
I have the perfect candidate.
He's only two years older than you.
- Who is it?
- Guyena's Duke.
The king of France's brother.
You want me far from Castile?
You just accept the wedding.
I'll make sure you can keep a house in Castile.
Can I trust you?
Because I'm tired of you
never keeping your word.
You, you'll see who you want to trust.
Your King's word, or the word
of those guiding you.
work for you out of devotion?
They're waiting for you to get power,
and then they'll want their reward.
Let me rest. I beg you.
All right.
I'll leave things clear.
You can believe what I say
or not believe and keep fighting
but France is a strong kingdom
that would help me fight and win
the war out of your refusal!
Get out, Enrique.
All right, I'll go.
You'll see how more men
should die for your ambition.
- Is something wrong?
- Not at the moment.
I want to see Isabel!
Not before you listen to me.
I'm listening.
When I left for Yepes, I told you
that if I had to come back urgently
the rules of the game would change.
- Do you remember that?
- Yes.
And you agree it must be that way.
- Yes.
- All right.
I'll tell you what you'll do.
I'll leave my best men to protect you.
And don't negotiate anything
with no one until I come back.
- What will you do?
- I'm going on a trip.
- Where to?
- To where our problems can be solved.
They want to marry Isabel
with Guyena's Duke?
That's right, and you know
what that means for Aragon's interests.
How come we didn't know anything?
- Pacheco hasn't mentioned it.
- I told you not to trust him.
Tell me, Majesty.
What agreements did you
have with my nephew?
I think that our friendship
and the information I bring
deserves an answer to my question.
We were negotiating Fernando's
wedding to his daughter.
With Beatriz?
Don't fool yourselves.
There's a better candidate than her
to be Fernando's wife.
- Who?
- Isabel.
She has kings' blood, she's Fernando's age
and she'll end up wearing
Castile's crown on her head.
You're very sure about it.
I swear for life, Isabel will be queen.
- What do you think, Peralta?
- I liked what I saw of her.
She has character and determination.
And your son will like her
much more than Beatriz, for sure.
Think about it, Majesty.
You help my cause, and I'll help yours.
Soon Castile and Aragon will share monarchs
as we've always dreamt of.
Beatriz Pacheco might be
the present, but
Isabel is the future.
A few days ago, troops were
spotted coming into Castile.
- This can't go on, I'm out of patience!
- I'm a man
a king! And I'll hold onto
a burning nail to remain as one.
I can't carry on with more death.
There have always been and will be wars.
The war isn't the important thing,
but that the cause be just
and yours is.
Carrillo will be to Isabel
what Pacheco is to Enrique.
- You're Aragon's king.
- I'm the king of a poor kingdom, son.
- That's why we need this wedding.
- Do you like it, Father?
Do you accept Fernando as your husband?
Do you still want to marry
my daughter with Fernando?
I ask you for Aragon, win that woman.
Don't worry, Isabel will be my wife.
Isabel and Fernando are cousins.
We'll need the pope's approval.
Step by step, Peralta.
That's Guyena's Duke in person.
- You're exaggerating.
- Carrillo's right, Fernando is the best choice.
I hope you enjoy it as much
with Isabel as with me.
Tell me you bring good news!
The French representative sets a date
to negotiate the wedding with Isabel.
- When?
- If there's a risk to take, I'll take it.
- It must be soon.
- Now's the time then.
To swear by God in vain and lie
to her best friend, are two things
Isabel is incapable of doing.
Do you swear by God to marry Guyena's Duke?
Show me the right path, God all mighty
so I'll make the right choice.
My God, she's only a girl!
She's a damn girl,
who's doing what she wants with all of us!
I request an order to arrest her at Madrigal.
- Granted.
- We're leaving for Madrigal, now!
Where is she?
- She's gone!
- Gone? Where?
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