Isabel (2011) s01e07 Episode Script

La reina puesta

What do you know, Isabel?
That your wife is pregnant
with another man's child.
We need Castile on our side.
That's why you need to get married.
And who is the chosen one?
Her name is Beatriz.
Juan Pacheco's daughter.
What do you want?
The agreements that we both signed
say that I am the princess of Asturias.
And as such, your direct heiress.
He's a very strong boy.
I am honored to announce to you all
a marriage proposal between Isabel
and His Majesty Alfonso of Portugal.
No, I will not get married.
I'll explain everything to the people.
- Your Highness.
Write a letter to the king saying that in
accordance with the Treaty of Guisando
I do not accept this marriage.
The King of Portugal says
that if we renege again
the next time he comes to Castile,
he will bring his army.
There's no time for negotiation, Pacheco.
And there won't be.
When they get to Segovia,
order their arrest.
What's going on?
Don't make this
more difficult, Your Excellency.
Are you aware that I will
use force if necessary?
Do what you have to do.
- Stop!
- Guards!
Leave. Isabel needs you.
Consent to this wedding and sign.
In your dreams.
I will not leave without your signature.
Will you sign it or not?
No, I will not.
Don't do it, or your men will die.
The King of France wants a wife
for his brother, the Duke of Guyenne.
King Louis would love to have
a Castilian sister-in-law.
You can trust me,
or you can not and keep fighting.
But France is a strong kingdom.
One that would help me fight and win
the war caused by your refusal.
You help my cause and I help yours.
Soon, Castile and Aragon
will share the same king and queen.
Just as we have always dreamed.
Isabel is the future.
Are you suggesting that
I marry Fernando of Aragon?
That's correct, my lady.
You know that King Enrique wants
me to marry the Duke of Guyenne.
The brother of the King of France.
Yes, I know.
But Fernando is the ideal candidate.
He's your age, and he's not only the
prince of Aragon but also the king of Sicily.
Besides, we also share with Aragon
our habits, locale, language, and blood.
You yourself are Fernando's cousin.
What do we share with France?
Carrillo is right.
Fernando is the best option.
The King of Castile wants Isabel to marry
the brother of King Louis of France.
How do you know that?
If I'm to be king,
I need to know certain things.
That is the reason why
I made you come here.
If Castile and France unite under
that marriage, they will crush us.
Like a hammer and anvil.
What can we do?
- Strike first.
- Have you be the one to marry Isabel.
Do you have a problem with that?
I'd prefer to marry Isabel
than Pacheco's daughter.
But how will you have her marry me?
If Isabel decides to marry you,
no one will be able to change her mind.
And that will be Carrillo's job.
Yes, it's true,
the Duke of Guyenne is also your age.
But marrying him would represent
a move away from Castile.
And marrying Fernando doesn't?
Aragon needs many things.
We can use that in our favor during
the wedding negotiations.
I don't know.
Obeying the king might be the
best thing for Castile and for me.
Maybe if I don't refuse, he'll carry out
everything to which we agreed in Guisando.
And he'll respect that I am his heiress.
Are you putting your trust in him again?
Isabel, this is not the time
to abandon our ideals.
Not after so many years of fighting.
And tell me, how many men have died
during all these years of fighting?
How many more will die if I
choose to marry one or the other?
I cannot bear any more deaths.
In the end, the dead will come
after me at night like my mother.
Your Highness, war has always
existed and will always exist.
The war is not important,
but the cause has to be fair.
And yours is.
Do you also think I should marry Fernando?
Yes, my lady.
What a coincidence.
I thought only Enrique
could choose my suitors.
But I see that all the
matchmakers are in my own house.
And what do we do with Pacheco?
Act surprised when you receive news of Isabel
and the Duke of Guyenne's wedding plans.
Act like you're disappointed.
But he must keep thinking that we
want Fernando to marry his daughter.
Then he won't know about our true plans.
I will, Your Majesty.
Go to Castile immediately.
When Carrillo tells you it is time,
go see Isabel.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Son, you have a gift for women.
I ask you this for Aragon's sake.
Win that woman.
You know I always try to please you.
Don't worry, Isabel will be my wife.
I want to see it.
What have you decided, my lady?
Before I choose my husband,
I need to know everything about him.
Yes, Your Highness?
Go immediately to Aragon and France.
- With what purpose?
- Find out everything.
About Fernando of Aragon
and the Duke of Guyenne.
Find out what their habits are.
If they like hunting, gambling, wine
if they are good Christians.
Bring me this information and I will
decide who my husband will be.
Don't worry. I will.
Look at me.
You are my eyes.
Remember you are her eyes.
And those eyes must prefer the Aragonese.
I understand the Duke of Guyenne and
the King of France are not very close.
What are you trying to say?
That perhaps marrying Isabel off
will not make her move to France.
But instead make the duke come to Castile.
Is that true?
Mendoza, it's in our best interest
to have Isabel as far away as possible.
Don't listen to rumors.
My contacts say it is nothing
like what Pacheco says.
Your contacts haven't helped us much lately.
And the way you've negotiated the
king's affairs hasn't helped either.
Calm down, gentlemen, calm down.
We are marrying Isabel
to the Duke of Guyenne.
No more talking.
As you wish.
- May I leave now, Your Majesty?
- Yes.
He doesn't look very happy.
Don't be so negative, Mendoza.
You never know when
we might need Pacheco.
Good morning, Your Excellency.
It is not a good morning at all.
I hope wherever he is, they're taking
care of him the way he took care of you.
I will thank him forever.
He risked his life to save mine.
And he saved it.
Everyday I come here to remind him
that his death was not in vain.
What's wrong, Your Highness?
What if I'm wrong?
What if I've spent my whole life
not following reason, but my pride?
I've fought since I was a child,
only to see my brother die.
And see my mother lose her reason.
- Your Highness
- And see other people dying for me.
What if I lose in the end
because of my risky bet?
I've never met anyone with
as good of a judgment as yours.
Whatever you decide, it will
undoubtedly be the best for Castile.
It's not only Castile. It's me.
Everyone wants to choose the man
with whom I will have to share my life.
Palace decisions
Nights in the bedroom
How can I choose a man for life
if I don't even know him?
Because you think the men
you know don't deserve you.
- Gonzalo.
- Whatever you do will be done well.
If you don't mind, I would like to be alone.
Your Highness.
I swear I had nothing to do with it.
I cannot know through my contacts
whether you're involved or not, Pacheco.
If we're in this together, we're in it for
everything. What did you want to tell me?
To have everything under control.
Now you can.
A wedding between Castile and
France puts Aragon on edge.
I know. What do you think? That I want
my daughter to reign in a wasp's nest?
You don't know me, Peralta.
Do you still want to marry
my daughter to Fernando?
These are the conditions
for the wedding to happen.
It will happen.
- Leave everything to me.
- I have to know your plans.
We will keep our agreement secret.
Mendoza wants to use Isabel's wedding to
move me away from Enrique, but he won't.
- And then?
- Go back to Aragon.
If I can't stop that wedding
I will do whatever it takes to pit
half of Castile against the king.
My daughter will be Queen of Aragon.
But not of an Aragon defeated
and captured by France.
I would be a bad father if I let that happen.
Come in.
This is my wife, Maria of Portocarrero.
- It's a pleasure.
- We're having a dinner party for you.
Unfortunately, I just informed your father
that I have to go to Aragon.
The king is not in good health.
King Juan is a strong man.
He will recover.
He is strong, but time does not stop.
Our best wishes to him.
Sir. Ladies.
The old king won't last long.
And then my daughter will become queen.
What can you do for my eyes, Rabbi?
I can empty that cataract.
- Will I be able to see again?
- Yes.
Then do it. Do it as soon as you can.
Let me consult the astrology books.
Come closer, son.
I can't see you, but I know you
as well as if I had given birth to you.
What's wrong?
You put your health in the hands
of a Jew and his superstitions.
What do you want me to do?
Go blind?
Father, you have to assume that
a long life comes with aches and pains.
I'm a man and a king, and I will do
whatever it takes to continue that.
If that man can make me see again, I don't
care if he's Jewish, Moorish, or Navarrese.
The stars are on our side.
The first week of the next month
will be favorable for the operation.
I'll come earlier to prepare you.
Thank you, Rabbi. I trust you.
Your Highness.
Go and talk to him. Everything
I had to say, I said to Carrillo.
I'm warning you.
Son, I beg you.
You have to make a good impression.
Don't you find it humiliating that Isabel
sent someone to approve me?
The objective is too important
to consider that minor detail.
Bring me that document and the lens.
I've been commanded to obtain as much
information about you as possible.
And I've been told to appear polite
and charming, like the perfect husband.
I apologize for this situation.
I understand that it is your obligation.
Ask me whatever you want.
I'll be honest. Everyone who serves the
princess wants you to be the chosen one.
So there aren't many questions to ask.
If you don't ask anything, may I?
How is she?
The princess?
- I don't know what to tell you.
- We'll start with the basics.
Blonde or brunette?
I just want to know what my future wife is like.
Like how Isabel wants to know what I'm like.
She is blonde.
She is elegant, but modest.
She is austere.
She doesn't like excessive luxury or jewels.
She is a very devout Christian.
She never speaks lightly.
She is very conscious of her duties.
- She is strong.
- Strong?
Her character. I've never met a woman
and very few men with her strength.
Believe me. She is an exceptional woman.
- Would you like to ask something else?
- No, no. That's enough.
Good. I'm off to Paris to
interview the other candidate.
- The Duke of Guyenne?
- Yes.
Believe me, you can
save yourself the journey.
- You don't know him?
- No.
When you see him, remember me.
His Highness, the Duke of Guyenne.
- Carrillo.
- Peralta.
Thank you for your hospitality.
You're welcome. Sit down.
The important thing is that
nobody know you're still in Castile.
- Especially my nephew.
- Don't worry.
Pacheco still believes we want to marry
Fernando to his daughter Beatriz.
I would love to see his face when
he finds out the favorite is Isabel.
If she accepts.
She will. She is intelligent and will
understand that this is the best option.
Then, why the doubt?
She's had to deal with many situations.
Separation from her sick mother,
her brother's death, Enrique's betrayals
Pacheco's threats.
But she is strong and will recover.
Would it be helpful if I talked to her in person?
Do you think that if
the French move she can begin--
They can move out of Paris if they want.
Isabel will not decide on
What about Rome? Isabel and Fernando
are cousins. We'll need the Pope's approval.
One step at a time, Peralta.
For now, let's wait for
Isabel's positive answer.
The worst thing we could do is force her.
That's not the way with her.
Besides, she's quite nervous already.
Enlighten me, Father, God Almighty,
to make the right decision.
Make my decision not bring
more death and sorrow.
In return, I promise that
if I become queen someday
I will work to make your kingdom on
earth bigger than it has ever been.
I know that I am being selfish.
I'm only looking for a good king.
A good husband and
father for my children.
I will never want anyone but him.
And I will follow all the commandments
of the Holy Mother Church.
My children will serve you
like I will serve you.
What's wrong with the Andalusians
now that makes them not want to pay?
Sir, the Andalusian nobles are complaining that
they're paying taxes to finance
the war on the unfaithful.
- But we have no war.
- But we have unfaithfuls.
It would be a thousand times easier to deal
with the Moors than with all those Andalusians.
Your Majesty, if they knew in the south how you
think, they'd understand why there's no war.
I don't care.
The Moors may be Moors,
but at least they're civilized.
If it's not about a drought,
it's about oil or wheat.
They just want to fight. Fight!
Fight about stupid things.
Can't they remain in peace?
Because your brother was
the King of Andalusia, not I.
Send out royal messengers.
Tell them they must pay,
otherwise I will go to Andalusia myself.
With an army.
- Do you know something of the French?
- Not yet.
But maybe Mendoza knows something.
- He was the one who started this.
- Let's not start this again, Pacheco.
We're on time to stop
that mistake, Your Majesty.
It will not be one. We'll send Isabel
to France, and we will be happy.
To the Duke of Guyenne, the man who is
finally plucking that thorn from my side.
Don't tell this to your wife. She wouldn't like
hearing someone talking like that about Isabel.
Don't worry, sir.
Come on.
Tell me what you're thinking.
I fear when you're silent.
I feel bad for Isabel.
First a Portuguese, now a French
Like she a piece of merchandise.
I looked at her with the delusion that
everything was going to change.
Why didn't you tell me the truth?
I couldn't have told you.
I swore to keep the king's secret.
And that's above everything.
if you had known,
you would have told Isabel.
If you had asked me to keep it a
secret, I never would have told her.
You are my husband.
And I owe you my loyalty.
Forgive me. Don't be mad.
There definitely cannot be
a different choice than Fernando.
We know that. The problem is
convincing Isabel. Can you do it?
What worries you?
- Seeing is believing.
- Explain yourself.
The Duke of Guyenne is so ungraceful
that if I tell Isabel, she won't believe me.
Do whatever it takes to convince her.
She's waiting for you in
her room to meet in private.
Yes, Your Excellency.
And change your expression.
You look like you're going to a funeral.
Let's go out for a moment.
a time of big responsibility for you.
But you know I trust you blindly.
I'm sorry. Carrillo irritates me.
Now it's your turn to speak. Without him,
Isabel would be locked in a tower.
Yes, but you envision a
new Castile in your head.
And he represents more of the same.
Carrillo is to Isabel
what Pacheco is to Enrique.
Do you think I don't know that?
Now we have to shut up and watch.
Support our common ideas.
Our time will come.
But now you are the one who must act.
Don't fail.
She has to pick Fernando.
If she had seen what I'd seen, I can
assure you that she would have no doubt.
But we're pressing her so much that
she will think I'm exaggerating.
What's wrong?
Who is that man?
A new servant. Why?
The right shoulder higher.
The left leg more inclined. A bit more.
A bit more, please. More.
That's it. Wait.
Take the sword, good man.
Don't fall down.
A bit more inclined.
Guyenne is like this in person.
- You are exaggerating.
- No.
I swear this good man is
better-looking than he is.
France might be big and powerful
but I assure you the Duke of Guyenne is not.
The legs are actually more misshapen
and his arms are like wires.
The eyes the eyes of this
good man are like beams of light
compared to the odd stare of the duke.
Thank you, my good man.
You may leave now.
I'm very grateful.
Believe me, Your Highness.
The Duke of Guyenne needs a blind
man's guide more than a squire.
Of course, and I'm sure
Fernando is the opposite.
There's no point of comparison.
Fernando is a young, good-looking man.
Temperate, discreet
Are you okay?
Couldn't be better.
I hope you enjoy it with Isabel
as much as you do with me.
How do you know it is her?
Please, Fernando.
Everything is known in the court.
Everybody has friends,
and friends have ears.
We should tear some ears off.
Why didn't you tell me
anything about Isabel?
When you told me about your anger
and fear of marrying Beatriz Pacheco
I didn't want you to get involved
in the palace's problems.
That's not why you
didn't tell me the truth.
Because Beatriz Pacheco isn't of royal blood.
Just like I am not.
Because you couldn't understand
losing me for someone equal to me.
But it is different with Isabel, right?
You can't hide anything from me.
I can read your mind.
I'm sorry.
We both knew this was going to happen.
You like women.
A lot.
But there is something you
like as much, or even more.
You can't deny it.
I hope you will be faithful
to your princess of Castile.
So, what have you decided?
I'm going to pray for
God to help me decide.
- Wait. Can I speak to you honestly?
- Please.
I know you've been praying to God for
days to help choose your husband.
Don't you think you should stop that now?
Whatever enlightenment he wanted
to give, he's given already.
The longer you take with your answer,
the less you're listening to his advice.
Which must be to choose Fernando.
And choose him now.
We don't have much time.
Your Highness, you asked me to be your eyes,
and I'm telling you what I saw.
Fernando is a remarkable prince.
He is ingenious, discreet, and your age.
And he has an extramarital child.
As you can see.
We haven't hidden anything.
And I thank you, because that's
a sign of a non-virtuous Christian.
Yes. He isn't.
But even the most virtuous can commit a sin.
Your Highness, in this day and age,
even bishops have children.
Take Carrillo, for example.
He has one.
Besides, that's proof of
good health and fertility.
And, as you have seen with King Enrique,
that's something the crown needs.
So I have to forgive his lack of virtue.
You are virtuous enough.
It is certain that the children you'll
have will be from your husband.
You are not like Juana of Avis.
To be upright, you have
to allow others to twist.
Should I worry about Enrique's reaction?
Decide without fear.
Listen to me. You will never be alone.
You know we would give our lives for you.
Your brother the king wants you to marry who
he wants without asking you what you want.
He just wants to keep you
away from the court.
The king, your brother,
kept you away from your mother.
He has signed pacts he hasn't fulfilled and
allowed Pacheco to use force against you.
Are you going to listen to a person
who has hurt you that much?
Do you accept Fernando as your husband?
He doesn't have an easy job.
He'll have a worse one with me
if he doesn't make it.
Sometimes I think you are not conscious
of the fact that we are on the same side.
I know what you have done for Isabel,
and I respect it, but listen to my advice.
Before knowing you, when Isabel and
Alfonso were kids, I prepared them for this.
Never forget that you and I
are in this together.
There will be a wedding.
Castile doesn't know the favor
it will owe you forever.
And the King of Aragon too.
Can you speak Christian?
I was telling him to place the chair
next to the window. I need light
- for the operation.
- Son, let them work.
- I don't trust them, Father.
- I do, and I'm getting a needle in my eye.
I still believe you are taking
an unnecessary risk.
- I can't battle blindly.
- Maybe you're too old to battle.
I'm the king and I'm still the one who
decides what I can and cannot do.
Everything's ready, Your Majesty.
Take me to the chair, son.
Could you step aside, sir?
I told him to hold his head.
- Ready?
- Not yet, Father.
Do you like it, Father?
You are beautiful.
Everything I've done in my life will be
worthwhile just tp see you as a queen.
If she becomes one.
She will.
I'm just saying it is too difficult to
play the king without being one.
Because in the end they always win.
- And their children marry other kings.
- Mother.
Why are you always so negative?
- Has any news from Aragon come?
- They will come.
- Don't listen to her.
- She never does. She's like you.
I hope the water soaking
you is from the rain.
And not from a problem
with your boat in the river.
Don't worry. The boat
arrived safely and silently.
Come in and make yourself comfortable.
This is your home.
Thank you for your effort
and patience, Mr. Peralta.
I see that not even bad weather can prevent
you from accomplishing your mission.
Don't worry, Your Highness. One can hide from
Pacheco and the king, but not from rain.
Here. Dry yourself.
Allow me to keep it as a token
for my first day in battle.
Not for drying the rain, Your Highness.
Believe me when I say you make
the King of Aragon very happy
by accepting Fernando as your husband.
His late mother longed for
this union. You know this.
God writes straight in crooked lines.
This union can only bring
benefit to both our kingdoms.
Aragon and Castile will be stronger together.
I have made you come so I
can give my positive answer.
But I want to tell you
of my concerns first.
Fernando and I are second cousins.
We would need the Holy Father
to grant us a bull to get married.
I don't have to say that without that papal
bull, nothing we've said has any value.
- Don't worry. That bull exists.
- It exists?
You told me the King of Aragon asked for it
when I was three, and it was denied.
He did it again after that.
Why didn't you tell me?
It wasn't a bull for him to marry you
but to allow Fernando to marry
any member of his family.
And would Pope Pablo accept that bull?
A pope never argues against
what another pope has signed.
Beneris will bring it from Rome.
You just took a big weight off my shoulders.
Now I don't have any problems with this.
Take this.
Send your king my
best wishes with this letter.
And tell my future husband I want
to meet him as soon as possible.
the details of the wedding.
- Have a good trip back, Peralta.
- Thank you, Your Highness.
- Your Eminence.
- My friend.
Send your king my greetings and
tell him I hope he recovers soon.
I hope what we've just decided
is the best for Castile.
I will return to my room.
That bull you mentioned
The document does exist, but
the pope died before he could sign it.
So what will we do?
Negotiate with Rome.
We'll bribe whomever it takes.
Isabel has accepted, so now nothing
can stop that wedding from happening.
Come in.
Gonzalo. What are you doing here?
I wanted to apologize for
my behavior the other day.
I should be the one apologizing.
I shouldn't have talked about my
tribulations in front of your friend's grave.
You are going to be a queen.
You should never apologize to anyone.
I am not a queen yet.
And even when I become one,
I will always apologize to God.
And I will apologize as a woman to my
loved ones if I have failed them.
Have you spoken with Peralta?
And what did you decide?
I'm marrying Fernando.
Can I still count on you being by my side?
Only death could prevent that.
And it seems that will not happen soon.
Your Highness.
They have captured my messengers.
Who do these Andalusians think they are?
First they don't pay,
then they want to humiliate me.
This cannot continue.
I'm running out of patience.
I'll go there myself.
Let's see if they can say to the
king's face that they're not paying.
You don't need to make that
uncomfortable trip, Your Majesty.
I can take care of it.
No. I will go myself,
and you will come with me.
Don't you trust my capacity
to solve the problem, sir?
Yes, but four eyes can see more than two.
We'll depart tomorrow.
Diego, I'm glad to see you.
- Tell me you bring good news.
- I do.
The French delegation has set a date
to negotiate Isabel's wedding.
- When?
- They'll be here in three weeks.
Three weeks. Then we will have to pass
- Three weeks?
- Yes.
- I have to go see Isabel.
- No.
You cannot make any journey
in your current state.
I must go see her because
she is going to France, right?
Most likely.
Then I will probably never see her again.
I'm sorry, but I'm going to see her.
Father, do you see me?
Like I haven't seen you
in two years, my son!
Please, Your Majesty,
don't make any sudden moves.
You are prodigious, Rabbi.
Now the other eye. Come on.
It is not that easy.
We have to spend a day searching for
stars that are as favorable as today's.
- Let me look.
- Look, look.
My son, you have changed a lot.
The appropriate date according
to the stars is in 12 years.
12 years? Come on, that's
stupid. The next month at the latest.
Your Majesty, I find your lack
of respect for my faith offensive.
Lack of respect? If you were
Christian and you told me
that you wouldn't do it until the next Jacobean
year, I would tell you the same thing.
Besides, I command it as a king.
End of story.
As you wish, Your Majesty.
You have to see how those Jews are.
There's no one as prepared as they are,
but they are really susceptible.
Father, now that you can see--
- Better than see.
- I have something for you.
Peralta, come in.
Your Majesty, I'm glad to see you like this.
I'm more grateful to see you, that's for sure.
I bring a letter for your son.
Read it, now that you can.
Congratulations, son. You made it.
They will send their conditions
for the wedding soon.
I'm not worried about that now.
'Order what you would like me to do now,
as it is my duty to do it.'
Do you see how you worried
in vain about her pride?
This shows that Isabel is a humble woman
who knows what her place in marriage is.
Aren't the conditions you want to impose
on your husband a little overboard?
All of them stand for the causes
for which we've fought.
All of you said that
the important thing was my cause.
Because it was fair.
And fairness is what I request.
Write this down.
Fernando will live in Castile and
will not leave without my permission.
Our children's education
will take place in Castile.
That way I will control this marriage.
He will recognize my brother
Enrique as the King of Castile.
But we are not even sure that
Enrique considers you his heiress.
He will.
I don't want more conflict than needed.
The heiress to the throne will be me,
Isabel, not my husband.
Maybe you shouldn't press
that too much in the beginning.
If we are gambling,
it should at least be worthwhile.
Yes, I agree. What I don't know is how
we are going to negotiate everything.
Aragon needs us against France.
They will accept.
- Your Highness.
- What's wrong?
King Enrique has sent a message
saying he is coming to see you.
We must hurry. That means the
negotiations with France have ended.
What do we do?
Act normal. Make the king
think you'll do what he says.
What worries you, Carrillo?
Excuse me, but you don't
have experience in lying.
Don't worry. I know lying is a sin.
But I expect that when I confess, you will
forgive my sins without a penitence.
Important issues take me to Andalusia.
But before I go, I want to
discuss certain issues.
In three weeks, the French delegation
will come to propose their conditions
for your wedding with
the Duke of Guyenne.
It will be led by the Bishop of Albi.
They'll be welcomed,
if that's what you're worried about.
- Your Highness.
- Carrillo, stop it.
In the negotiations at Guisando,
I promised peace and obedience.
And I will fulfill my part of the agreement.
During our absence, the person
in charge of mediating your issues
Bishop of Burgos.
I'll be glad to do it, Your Majesty.
I don't find his presence here necessary.
I understand your presence less.
Don't you have something to do in Toledo?
As their archbishop,
you have left your parish
quite abandoned.
I trust I will solve my issues in Andalusia
in time to return and
say goodbye to the French.
And he is in charge of making
everything come to a good end.
That's how it'll be.
Do you swear to God that you are going
to marry the Duke of Guyenne?
I swear to God.
I'm glad to hear your words.
That's all then.
Have a good trip, Your Majesty.
I see you are very quiet, Pacheco.
Too much kindness.
Isabel has sworn to God.
My sister would never do that in vain.
Your Majesty
Did Cabrera ask your permission
for his wife to come see Isabel?
- Is there something wrong?
- Nothing, Your Majesty.
Beatriz de Bobadilla is Isabel's best friend.
She will tell her the truth.
Swearing to God in vain
and lying to her best friend
are two things Isabel is
not capable of doing.
Not without thinking she'll go to hell.
Maybe you were too kind.
Do you think they won't suspect anything?
You make sure that Aragon
accepts the wedding conditions.
And let me know where
it can be celebrated.
The safest place is Valladolid.
He is loyal and he's related to Fernando.
I'll go there as soon as I can.
Leave it to me.
nor the king will be able to stop me.
I haven't sworn to God in vain to
continue being captive to Enrique.
Isabel of Castile will receive
manors and rents in Aragon
and soldiers, if needed.
A dowry for the bride will be given.
The groom will not own properties
of the crown of Castile
or make designations without
Isabel's consent.
All decrees will be signed jointly
except for the ecclesiastic,
which will be signed by Isabel only.
We need your answer.
The Duke of Guyenne's people
will soon visit our princess.
Who does that woman think she is?
How could she demand all that?
In the end, she is a woman with character.
- Like your mother.
- Don't compare, Father, please.
Your mother didn't stand back either.
She stood up for Catalonia and
Navarre in their worst hours.
wanted to join the two crowns.
Your mother always wanted
you to marry Isabel.
If she was here and heard those
conditions, she wouldn't think the same.
Come here.
Do you see this necklace?
It's made out of rubies and pearls.
I gave it to your mother
when we got married.
And now I will give it to Isabel as a dowry.
- Father, please--
- Stop talking.
I will give it to Carrillo because
I have nothing else to give.
You know what?
I had it pawned by some usurers in Valencia.
I almost had to use force to recover it.
You had it pawned?
- You are the King of Aragon!
- I'm the king of a poor kingdom.
That's why we need this wedding.
I promise many things
but I don't even have a single florin
to give Isabel. Only this necklace.
And my son.
Take it and take care of it.
Listen, son.
Let's be clear.
If your mother were here to see
how much we need this wedding
she would have done the same.
And she would tell you
what I'm telling you.
Accept everything, son.
Not without her accepting
a condition from us.
Isabel knows the strength she will
gain in Castile with me by her side.
We will put forward some
conditions, but accept theirs.
One more thing.
You are getting married.
So clear up what you have to clear up.
Don't worry. I knew this would happen.
I haven't been the first
and I won't be the last.
As a matter of fact, you have a son.
And I know you take care of him.
If I were a peasant, a son of mine
would never go hungry.
Now that I'm king, that will never happen.
Change that outlook.
It's not bad news.
On the contrary, you are getting
married to the princess of Castile.
When the day comes,
we will say goodbye.
Cheer up.
Because your wedding day is unique.
- It's had a high price.
- And it will be higher.
You didn't think it was
all about saying yes.
In all negotiations, both
sides have to concede.
And every contract changes
with the day-to-day reality.
I'm just warning you, I'm not tame.
We know it, and we're glad, Your Majesty.
One by one the towers are falling.
You have been cured
of your blindness too.
It's a miracle what this rabbi has done.
I have to warn you that
there are certain rumors.
It's said the Jews enjoy
excessive favors in your court.
When a Christian surgeon
knows how to do that, we'll talk.
It is not incompatible to enjoy
the abilities of the Jew
and avoid their bad reputation.
You are a man of faith.
How can you be so sure the Lord had
nothing to do with your healing?
The Lord has to do with
everything, Monsignor.
Well, if that's the case, give him
the credit in front of your people.
Everything is signed now.
We still need to decide on
a place for the wedding.
Valladolid is a safe place.
of Castile and a relative of yours.
We have to think that it will be
difficult for Isabel to leave Castile.
I will go to Valladolid.
- It will be a tough journey.
- I'll make it.
Even if my future wife shows a lot
of character, I am still the man.
If someone has to take a risk,
it is going to be me.
It has to be soon. Enrique and Pacheco have
gone to Andalusia to appease the situation.
Now is the time then.
It is, but Isabel will need protection.
And protection costs money.
Leave with 200 of my best men
and think a little less of money.
We will need 20,000 florins.
And weaponry.
And give her this ring as
proof of my compromise.
It's small compared to everything
Castile requests, but
tell her I give it to her
with all of my heart.
And tell her to hold on,
that everything will be fine.
I will.
And Saint Jerome says
'A woman, especially if she is married
has to wash her hands, arms,
and face every morning'
Could we leave Saint Jerome for a moment?
I have to ask you for a favor.
There's something hurting my soul.
Tell me.
You know that today is the
anniversary of my brother's death.
God rest his soul.
I would like to have a mass in
the presence of my mother.
She is old and delicate.
She cannot travel.
I think you might have to tell
about your trip to his Majesty
or at least to the Marquis of Villena.
- Couldn't you postpone your trip?
- Your trip?
You mean our trip.
I thought of you being the one
to conduct the mass.
Thank you, but--
We'll be back in one week.
Okay, okay. Let me think about it.
Now let's continue listening
to Saint Jerome.
'A woman, especially if she is married
has to wash her hands, arms,
and face every morning.'
'She has to take care of her
nails, teeth, and hair too.'
I know people in France are very
relaxed about hygienic issues
but that won't be an excuse.
Don't worry, Monsignor.
You'll see how she will make
the French adopt Castilian manners.
Beatriz! What are you doing here?
I came to see you. I had to
see you before your wedding.
Sir, Beatriz de Bobadilla, wife of
I would say my sister.
- Monsignor.
- A pleasure to meet you.
I see that if you'd come a little later
I would have met your child too.
Excuse us. She is already married and
we have women things to talk about.
Go ahead.
Is the wedding going to be
in France or in Castile?
And you are going to live in France, right?
Although I've heard
the Duke and the King so maybe
you'll be lucky and get to live here.
Beatriz, I have to tell you something.
- I'm afraid.
- Of what?
You know how important
marriage is to me.
I don't know if I will be ready for
the things that will be requested of me.
Isabel, you'll know how to do them.
- Your mother prepared you for it.
- I hope I have the same ability you have.
Why are you smiling?
You scared me.
I thought you were about to confess
you were not going to marry.
No, Beatriz. I will obey the king.
Until now everything has been tears and
sorrow. I want to be happy and have kids.
In Castile or France.
I want to be a woman and
mother before queen.
I know you'll be happy. But you'll have
to make that French be clean.
- Are you sure that's what you heard?
- Yes, Monsignor.
Thanks. You may leave now.
- Your Highness, are you ready?
- Yes.
I've sent a message to Carrillo
Thank you. Good luck.
When the truth comes out
Don't worry about me.
I'm at home, in my land.
I'll know how to disappear, if necessary.
Mother, it's me, Isabel.
Where's my mother?
- Your Highness.
- What happened? Where's my mother?
The king gave the villa to the dukes of Plasencia
and they made your mother get out of here.
Where is she? Where did they take her?
- To Madrigal.
- Monsignor?
I have no idea. Nobody told me anything.
Let's go to Madrigal right now!
Saint Engracia, virgin and local martyr.
This image will be on the
altarpiece of the basilica
that we'll build as gratitude for the
miraculous healing of my blindness.
I touched the nail and the
darkness started dissipating.
Will the saint work on the
miracle of the papal bull too?
The one we have doesn't count.
Let's hope that Beneris can convince Pablo
to give us a new one, although
it's not an easy job.
Enrique is close to this pope.
Without the bull, we'll be
celebrating an illegal wedding.
Illegal but necessary.
- We're fooling Isabel.
- For her own good.
Tell her the truth and you will hurt her.
She won't want to marry Fernando and
will marry the Duke of Guyenne.
She will go to Paris and will
never come back to Castile.
We don't want that, right?
I know it's hard for you.
But if I have learned something as a king
it's that time and money can make
something illegal become legal.
They can turn a lie into truth.
I hope we get the bull.
I'll tell Beneris to pay whatever is
necessary to get it immediately. I swear.
Perfect. Now that we all agree, I'd like to
give you something special for Isabel.
It belonged to my wife,
whom I loved so much.
I'll give it to her myself. She should be
God knows this gift will cheer her up.
I hope so. And speaking of saints
let all of them guide you
to make Isabel the queen.
because if that doesn't happen,
all of our efforts would be in vain.
And I wouldn't like to have
placed a high bet for nothing.
You are taking my son, Carrillo.
And your son is taking the best wife.
Madrigal de las Altas Torres
I warn you. Your mother is not fine.
I'm Isabel, your daughter.
My little girl.
You don't have to work.
We can call a maid to do that.
It's not necessary. I'll do it.
- But you are a princess.
- No.
I'm her daughter.
You have a visitor.
What are you doing?
I'll do it.
- Who's coming?
- Some gentlemen are asking for you.
They're foreigners.
The cardinal is coming to close the details
of your wedding with the duke.
Weren't they coming next week?
Let them come in, but make them
wait a little. To them, I am a princess.
It's been very difficult to find you.
I'm sorry about the inconvenience.
It's the anniversary of my brother's death
and I wanted to be with my mother.
That's what I thought too.
There was a misunderstanding.
The important thing is we are here.
Especially your wedding with
my lord, the Duke of Guyenne.
It's a source of great joy, of immense
happiness and satisfaction for
your father King Juan of Castile,
who will be smiling in heaven.
He would have been happy watching
our two great Christian kingdoms
united by the holy sacrament.
Of course.
A wedding of this lineage requires
long and careful preparations.
Details about the dowry.
The establishment of the--
That's right. There are
many aspects to consider.
I'm sorry, but I can't
discuss that right now.
The law of Castile says
that as heiress
I should consult with my nobles and
counselors before making decisions.
My lord the duke respects
the laws of Castile.
Thank you.
But maybe we could set
the date of the wedding.
We would still have time for
consultations and negotiations.
Yes, that's right.
I'm sorry, but I won't be able
to please you in that matter.
I see. The laws of Castile
I think that we'd better talk to
your brother, Enrique the king.
As you like.
Like he has done what
he wants with my mother.
I return from fighting in Andalusia,
and I find chaos in my kingdom!
What the hell is Isabel
She talked about a mass with her mother.
He was with her, in Madrigal.
Your Majesty, I don't doubt
your good intentions.
But, as I have seen
Isabel has no intention of marrying
my lord, the Duke of Guyenne.
It was impossible to
make her commit at all.
Not even about the place for the wedding.
She refused to even talk about it.
You made me make this
long journey for this?
find you or the bride.
I had to go from town to town to find her.
I have come to marry the brother
of the King of France.
Not of Peregrino.
My sister must not have taken it well
Who would have thought
she'd be going there?
I told you I wanted no interruptions!
I'm sorry, Your Majesty, but I have news
from our lookouts in the frontier with Aragon.
Let me guess. You are not
bringing good news.
Coming from Aragon, they cannot be.
They have seen troops
entering Castile two days ago.
Carrillo among them.
They have fooled us. All of us.
Fernando and Isabel, that's the plan.
She is a child, for God's sake.
She is a girl!
And she is doing what she wants with us!
I ask for an order to
arrest her in Madrigal.
- Granted. Is your wife her friend?
- They are very close.
Doesn't she know anything about this?
She lied to me.
Isabel lied to me.
Why do they never tell me the truth?
Isabel is making a mistake.
Rejecting the King of France's brother.
Fighting Enrique again.
And what is he going to do?
The king.
He has issued a detention order.
This time Isabel
has gone too far.
Tell me, daughter.
Do you have news from Fernando?
No. There I have no news
and I won't have them.
They have fooled us.
I swear by all that's holy
that Isabel will pay for this.
I swear.
Where have you been
all this time, my daughter?
Nobody comes to see me.
What about your brother?
He is dead, Mother.
He came to see me recently.
Your Highness, the mayor
wants to see you.
What's wrong?
The court has issued a
detention order against you.
Don't worry, I won't arrest the princess.
The people wouldn't allow it.
They adore you.
And I respect you for your father
and for your mother, who
always treated me so well.
- We have to get out of here immediately.
- It's not safe.
There's a convent nearby.
Nobody would enter that place
to arrest the princess.
coming back from Aragon.
Find them and tell them I need help.
Don't worry about her. I am
responsible for her security.
- It's late, isn't it?
- Yes, it's late. Very late.
Your Highness, the sooner we depart,
the safer you will be.
he has to come with me to the convent
because I need spiritual advice.
We'd better have him close and isolated
before he knows about the order.
One moment.
You and all the people who have
escorted me must leave.
There could be retaliation.
I'm sorry. They would have to kill me
before I leave your mother.
Let's go.
This means Pacheco and the king know
about the wedding with Fernando.
Will Isabel be safe in the convent?
She wouldn't be safe even in the Vatican.
Do you think my nephew will stop
because she's in a convent?
After what she's done to his daughter
Pacheco and his men are closer.
They will get to Madrigal before us.
Or not, if we hurry up.
If we hurry up and bump into them,
it will be an open field battle.
A lone horseman could get there
earlier and avoid that problem.
That's right. I have just the man.
- No. Monsignor, I believe I should do it.
- But you are too tired.
Yes, but I'm the only one
who knows where the convent is.
And we have no time to lose.
I need a fast and fresh horse.
Mejias, switch your horse with this man's.
Take her to Valladolid.
- I will, sir.
- One moment, Gonzalo.
Tell Isabel that the
King of Aragon sends this.
I will, Monsignor.
Change of plans.
We're off to Valladolid.
As the apostle Saint Peter says
God prefers the incorruptible ornament
of a peaceful and affable spirit
over that of ostentatious
and luxurious garments.
- Are you listening, my lady?
- Yes, Father.
The women of that time waited for God
while standing at their husbands' side.
Thus Sarah obeyed Abraham
and called him 'sir.'
And you, their daughters--
Your Highness!
A present from the King of Aragon
and his son Fernando.
What's going on? Where are you going?
I don't have to explain anything to you.
I'm free to choose my life and
free to choose my marriage.
Tell that to anyone who needs to know.
Where is she?
She's gone.
Gone? Where?
You fool!
Your uncle is an archbishop.
But only the pope can issue
the bull they need for the wedding.
And he will never do it.
You can't meet Fernando in Aragon.
Impossible. I doubt Fernando could cross
the frontier without being noticed.
If I can't go to Aragon and he can't
come to Castile, what's the solution?
I'm sorry I have to talk to you this way.
But your king seems to have eyes
and ears in our own court.
Those eyes and ears are Pacheco's.
The same man who put men at every
frontier to stop me from entering Castile.
Pacheco is not the king and
neither are you, Your Eminence!
You've been her guardian,
defending her from other men.
Will you know how to be her guardian
when another man lives in her bedroom?
Despite what our spies said,
Fernando was not seen in Catalonia.
Then where is he?
I'm not lucky with Rome.
Nothing I have requested has been granted.
But this time you must
make him sign this bull.
We must stop that wedding at any cost.
We must kill the monster before
it grows and takes our eyes out.
- If we're caught, we'll be killed.
- You're right.
We won't be safe unless we get
to a town affiliated with Carrillo.
They won't get the bull from Rome.
And without a bull, there'll be no wedding.
I know Isabel.
She would never do anything
that goes against the Church.
I need advice, Father.
I'm going to get married soon.
Congratulations, daughter.
I'm afraid of the consummation, Father.
Get ready. We're going to Trujillo.
You can't govern if you're afraid of war.
You can't provoke them with the
same joy as a gentleman's duel.
The people are dying.
The country becomes poorer.
I will not inherit a destroyed country.
He has eyes, but he can't see.
He won't listen.
He will have lost the throne
before he realizes it.
Do you want to make the wait shorter?
It's about your bull.
Have you come to a decision?
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