Isabel (2011) s01e08 Episode Script

Nueva guerra

In prior episodes
Isabel and Fernando are cousins.
We need to get a papal bull.
Step by step, Peralta.
Carrillo will be to Isabel
what Pacheco is to Enrique.
In the name of Aragon I ask you,
win that woman's heart.
Don't worry, Isabel will be my wife.
This is what the Duke of Guyenne
looks like in person.
You are exaggerating.
I hope you'll be happy with
the princess of Castile.
I know that lying is a sin,
but I hope that when I confess
you will absolve me
without harsh penitence.
Swearing by God in vain
and deceiving her best friend
are two things that Isabel
is not capable of doing.
Do you swear to God that
you will marry the Duke of Guyenne?
I swear to God.
Your Majesty, I don't doubt
the veracity of your good will.
But from what I've seen
Isabel has no intention of
marrying the Duke of Guyenne.
Give her this ring as proof
of my commitment.
It's modest in comparison with
all that Castile offers, but
tell her that
I give it to her with all my heart.
And tell her to hold on.
Everything is going to work out.
She's just a girl, for God's sake!
She's a damn girl, and she's doing
whatever she wants with us!
I request a warrant
to arrest her in Madrigal.
What's wrong?
My lady, the court has issued
an arrest warrant against you.
Don't worry.
I'm not going to arrest the princess.
The people wouldn't allow it.
Do Pacheco and the king know about
the wedding with Fernando?
Will Isabel be safe at the convent?
She wouldn't be safe even at the Vatican.
Take her to Valladolid.
I'm free to make my own choices
about my life and my wedding.
Tell that to anyone who ought to know.
Where is she?
She left.
She left? Where?
What are you doing here?
For God's sake, take that off.
You have to offer your
naked body to your husband.
Isn't she tasty, brother?
Indeed she is.
Don't run away.
- Stay put.
- No!
No! No! No!
Take her. She's yours.
Your husband is your lord.
He owns your body.
No! No!
Move aside.
Move aside!
Move aside, Pacheco.
Leave my lady alone!
It's useless to run away.
Sooner or later you'll have
to give yourself to a man.
Thank you.
I would do anything for you.
Wake up.
It was just a bad dream.
Calm down.
It's okay.
Soon you'll have a husband
and you won't have to sleep alone.
Dear Prince
and powerful King and Lord.
You know that after the death
of the king Don Alfonso
brother of mine and yours
I could have retained the crown
he wore when he was alive.
But for you, for good,
for peace and tranquility
I decided to accept you as king.
And become your legitimate
successor and heiress.
Are you okay? You don't look well.
I didn't sleep well last night.
However, Your Majesty
you broke the pacts signed in Guisando.
You delayed the fulfillment of your promises.
And you wanted me to marry the
king of Portugal without consulting me.
Then you promised me
to the Duke of Guyenne.
A fine and noble prince, but one who
would take me away from my country.
That was the idea, no?
I have consulted great
prelates and gentlemen
your subjects and servants of God
about the man I should
marry for Castile's sake.
For her own sake, she means.
And all of them praised and
approved my marriage with Fernando.
The prince of Aragon and the king of Sicily.
A man with whom both you and I
share a lineage and a bond.
She's finally showing her cards.
Your Majesty gave the order to arrest me.
You sent our neighbors
from Madrigal to do it.
This is why I had to go to Valladolid
with the help of the Reverend Don
Alfonso Carrillo, Archbishop of Toledo.
There you have the brain behind
this sedition, Your Majesty.
Isabel has proven she has the brains
to make all of her moves on her own.
A little too much brains, I'm afraid.
Go on, Cabrera.
I beg you, our lord and king
to cease with these grievances.
They are not going to stop.
You know that.
For my part, I assure you that both I
and the King of Sicily will swear
obedience to you as our lord.
It needs your signature, Your Majesty.
I'm not going to force the king into a war.
I don't want that. He doesn't either.
Send the letter. I expect an answer.
There is no answer.
I don't have to give one.
Wouldn't you be better off sitting?
- I'm not sick. I'm pregnant.
- But--
I know, I look like a giant loaf of bread.
A delicious loaf of bread.
Leave me alone, I'm not in the mood.
I'm sorry.
I just can't get over it.
I can't believe that Isabel
lied to me about the wedding.
She deceived you and the king.
Think of the bright side.
Is there one?
She knew that our love is so strong that if
she had told you, you would have told me.
- You would have, right?
- Yes.
Yes, but only if you had
promised not to tell the king.
Then it was best that she didn't tell you.
I wouldn't have wanted
to be in that position.
I would have never thought
that Isabel would lie to me.
I'm like her older sister. Her best friend.
Besides, Isabel is a devout believer.
it's one of the sins she has despised
the most since she was a little girl.
Politics turn the biggest
believer into a pragmatist.
And into a liar.
What will happen now?
I don't know.
Isabel wrote a letter to the king
asking him to respect her decision.
And she pledged loyalty until
her death, like she did in Guisando.
But the king is outraged.
And what about Pacheco?
What can I tell you that
you don't already know?
Pacheco is Pacheco.
Nothing good can come out of this.
Poor Isabel.
Weren't you angry with
her just a moment ago?
Yes. Yes.
But I love her with all my heart.
I can't stop thinking about her.
I can't help it.
Didn't you want an answer from Enrique?
Here it is.
He has reinforced all of the patrols guarding
the paths between Castile and Aragon.
In Calatayud, you can't even have a drink
at the tavern without Pacheco finding out.
You can't meet Fernando in Aragon.
It's impossible. I doubt Fernando can cross
the border without drawing any attention.
If I can't go to Aragon, and he can't
come to Castile, what's the solution?
He will talk to Fernando and King Juan.
He'll inform them of the situation
and see what they'll be willing to do.
- As you wish.
- When can you leave?
- Be very careful, I beg you.
- Of course, my lady.
Monsignor, say what you want to say.
When I had to rescue her
I thought it was clear that
we were playing by my rules.
She should take advice
from those who know best.
- She does.
- It doesn't seem that way.
- She's the one who makes the decisions.
- We'll see about that.
What do you mean?
Are you trying to do
something behind my back?
I would never do that.
In fact, you should thank me for
doing things behind Isabel's back.
We haven't heard whether or not
No, but the news from
Aragon gives us hope.
King Juan thinks we will get it.
Let's hope it is God's will that we get it.
In any case, I'm with you in this lie.
Is that not support enough, Carrillo?
Your Majesty.
I don't understand why you're smiling.
Fernando won't meet with him.
The Catalonian nobles are
at war with King Juan again.
He sent his son to lead the troops.
It feels good to know I'm not
the only king having problems.
How did you find this out?
I know someone in the Aragonese court.
I expected nothing less from you.
With a little luck,
With a little luck,
a Catalonian sword will bring us joy.
- Nothing would make us happier.
- Very few things.
It's nonsense, all of this. It's madness.
This marriage between Isabel and Fernando.
And the Aragonese people know it.
What are they going to do?
Become enemies with Castile?
France? Even Rome? No.
With my uncle Carrillo behind this
I wouldn't be so calm.
Your uncle is an archbishop.
Only the pope can issue the papal bull
they need to get married.
And he will never approve.
I don't understand.
We scheduled a meeting.
It won't be possible.
Aragon has its own problems.
The prince of Aragon
has to be there for his people.
Is that so hard to understand?
And on top of that, you have the impudence
to ask my son to put his life
in danger by going to Castile.
No, we've had enough with your impositions.
Your Majesty, I put myself in danger
to come here for this?
You can go back to Castile
whenever you want.
Have a good trip.
This can't be.
I need to talk to the king again.
- Schedule a meeting.
- Impossible.
The king has spoken,
and I can't go against his word.
I understand.
The king likes to hear morning prayers
in a chapel at the cathedral.
If you happen to run into him
It's not good for you
to sleep so little, my lady.
You need to be well rested
for the coming days.
Don't worry. I'm okay.
Don't you have any work to do?
I don't want to see them
in this house again.
- But my lady, they're good kids.
- They behave like animals.
They behave like newlyweds.
They just got married.
They're young. They're in love.
They're at that stage when the only thing
they want is to be with their loved one.
Those moments should last forever.
You'll understand soon, my lady.
Calm down.
Did Peralta send you?
I was hoping to see the king.
You'll have to settle for his son.
- I thought you were in Catalonia.
- So does everyone else.
Except for my father, Peralta, and
the men who will go to Castile with me.
I ordered that no one else know
how I'm getting there.
- Does your father know of our meeting?
- Yes.
I'm sorry that we have to talk like this.
But your king seems to have
eyes and ears in our court.
Yes, they belong to Pacheco.
The same person who hired men
to patrol all the borders
in order to prevent me
from getting to Castile.
How do you plan on getting to Valladolid?
It's better if you don't know that.
Go back to Castile.
Go back insulted because
of what happened here.
And when are you going?
I swear I'll be there.
Trust in my strategy.
But how will we know
that you've arrived in Castile?
I will let you know.
Give my regards to the princess.
Are you still having problems sleeping?
I'm having problems falling asleep.
But don't worry about me.
Have you heard anything
about your nephew?
- No.
- Are you worried about him?
My nephew is fulfilling his duty,
the same as everyone else around here.
We haven't received an answer from the king.
I don't think we should wait for it anymore.
That is, if we ever had to.
Do you agree with Carrillo that
I shouldn't have sent that letter?
You are the princess.
You make the decisions.
Sometimes I feel like
Monsignor doesn't think the same.
Don't you think that as well?
My lady, to opine is not my job.
Speak freely. I beg you.
I'm ordering you.
Monsignor Carrillo is only loyal to himself.
You know better than anyone else
that if it hadn't been for Carrillo
the princess wouldn't have been
able to escape from Pacheco.
I know, sir.
I also know that he wouldn't have done it
if he hadn't been thinking of his own benefit.
Leave him alone.
He's not at fault.
I'm the one who asked him.
I beg you to pardon me.
My lady.
When my brother Alfonso died,
his last words were to say
that I could only trust two people.
You and Gonzalo.
I don't doubt that he is loyal to you.
What concerns me is that it may be
something other than loyalty.
Rest assured that is not the case.
Are you done speaking with the princess?
I must ask you a question.
Is there something going on
between the princess and Gonzalo?
If there was, I would have told you already.
You know how grateful I am that
you got me in the princess' service.
I promised I would take care of her
and keep you informed about everything.
There is nothing, then?
Nothing I should be worried about?
He is in love with her.
Even a blind person could see that.
And what about her?
She cares for him, certainly.
But you should not be worried.
On the contrary
there's nothing about being
queen that terrifies her more
than her marital duties.
I thought you were in Catalonia
fighting with your sword in hand.
But in the end, you and
your sword came to fight here.
I thought I would never see you again.
That was just a hoax.
There are Castilian spies in the palace.
We can't trust anyone.
I leave for Castile tomorrow.
I'm going with two henchmen.
They'll pretend they're traders
and I'm to be their servant.
Why are you telling me?
What if I were a spy?
So you're going to be a servant.
You're not suited for that part.
All of this is like a chivalric novel.
I'm the knight who disguises himself and
endures adventures and
dangers to get his lady.
Yes, that's true.
She's also blond and virtuous.
She's being stalked by bad men.
She is in danger. Like in the novels.
Exactly, it's just like a novel.
The only thing missing is monsters.
Yes. But let me remind you
something about those novels.
In those novels, the hero never finds
passion or pleasure in the blond lady.
He finds that in other women
who will never be his wife.
That's it for today. Thank you, you can go.
What do you want?
I want to ask you two questions.
Do you have a problem
with Monsignor Carrillo?
I'm asking. Don't be afraid to answer.
Monsignor and his nephew,
the Marquis of Villena.
I've seen them both under
Master Alfonso, may he rest in peace.
Both of them are the same.
They don't care about sides in a feud.
- I appreciate your sincerity.
- To opine is not my duty.
My duty is to serve and protect the princess.
That's all.
That brings me to my second question.
So far, you have been her guardian,
protecting her from other men.
Will you still be her guardian when
another man shares her bedroom?
I don't expect an answer to this question.
When will the problems in Andalusia end?
The nobles there will never leave me alone.
Things are worse in Trujillo.
- What's wrong with everybody?
- It's money, Your Majesty.
Or rather, the lack of it.
And Aragon? What do we know
He had to come back through Calatayud.
Alone or with Fernando?
Alone and angry.
And why isn't that good news?
Because despite what our spies said,
Fernando wasn't seen in Catalonia.
That's strange. He never misses a fight.
Then where is he?
I don't know, Your Majesty,
but let me give you some advice.
Send troops to Valladolid before it's too late.
No, I have too many open fronts already.
For God's sake, guard the borders.
You only have to detain one man.
As you wish, my lord.
Everything is good so far.
Yes, but we are still in Aragon.
- We'll have to ask if we can lodge here.
- Sit down.
Remember that I am the servant.
I suppose you would like
a jar of wine, my lords.
- Sir, excuse me--
- Ramiro.
Yes, a jar of wine would be nice.
That's how you would ask your servant?
Bring a jar of wine, you idiot.
Yes, sir.
I have a feeling that
even if we get to Castile
I'll never get used to
treating him like a servant.
We are soldiers not comedians.
Why do we have to do this?
Your servant doesn't seem very efficient.
I think you need another one.
- No, we're good with this one.
- All the way to Valladolid?
That's a very long way.
The money won't be a problem.
I can sleep with your servant.
I knew you wouldn't be a good servant.
What do you think you're doing?
I'll leave you when you get to your princess.
- No sooner.
- You're crazy.
I'll go back before you get to Valladolid.
I'll be a servant like you.
In the name of the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
- Hail purest Mary.
- Conceived without sin.
I confessed this morning, Father.
Then you didn't have
much time to commit a sin.
I hope I didn't.
But that is not why I came to you.
I need advice, Father.
I'm getting married soon.
Congratulations, daughter.
But there is something
inherent to the sacrament that
I'm afraid of the consummation, Father.
- Do you love your future husband?
- It's not about that.
It's just the thought of sharing a bed
with a man, and letting him do with me--
What husbands do with their wives.
Just thinking about it is unbearable.
The closer the wedding and
that moment get, I
I can't bear it.
Have you thought about
taking the holy vows?
Many times, Father.
But I must marry. I beg you not to ask why.
What should I do, Father?
Child, you will answer to your husband.
You will become his wife.
You must not deny him the use of marriage
as many times as he may need.
Even if it disgusts me?
It is not something you do
for pleasure but out of obligation.
Don't forget that you are a woman.
My child?
Tell me about her.
I don't know much. I don't know her.
You must know something.
She seems to be very prudish.
They say she is intelligent. She has been
educated as a princess, and you can tell.
She makes her own choices.
She is temperamental.
Too temperamental.
But I'll deal with that.
Do you get an idea?
She is not like the women you're used to.
- Of that I can assure you.
- Does that matter?
A lot.
Based on what you told me,
she's very religious. A virgin.
Probably not very sexual.
But she is also intelligent, moral, and proud.
It's as though you knew her.
I know her type.
But she doesn't seem
to be like anyone I know.
She has a kingdom on her back,
and she knows it.
I don't care how proud or determined she is.
She'll be my wife soon, and
she'll have to do whatever I say.
You're wrong.
You should use this trip to learn humility.
- Now that you are a servant.
- I am a man.
I am a king, the son of a king and a queen.
No woman will tell me what I have to do.
Maybe I'm wrong, or maybe
you'll have to get used to it.
Maybe I'm not the one
who needs to learn humility.
Who is he?
A cloth trader.
He says he comes from Soria.
He's never seen so many
armed men at the border before.
- Do they know about our trip?
- They have suspicions.
We can't go through Calatayud.
- That would be insane.
- What is the safest road?
- There isn't one.
- Don't be pessimistic, there is one.
The port of Bigornia,
Bigornia? At this time of year?
- It is full of bandits.
- Well, that's the only way.
But it is no journey for a woman.
If you keep underestimating
what a woman can do
I predict a tough stay for you in Castile.
I'll bring your breakfast.
I don't know what is more dangerous,
the port of Bigornia or this woman.
I wanted to pay my respects to you
before going back to Rome.
Have you heard about my plans
Follow me. Follow me.
As you know, the miraculous
recovery of my sight
took place because of
the intercession of the saint.
I hope Carrillo was generous enough.
I know, I know.
But I'll tell you what I told him.
It's going to be hard.
Did you tell him where the relics of
Oh, yes, here. Look, look.
I'll tell you what he answered with certainty.
It has to be done no matter what.
I know I won't see
this construction complete.
Your Majesty, there's no doubt
you'll see it by grace of our Lord.
But I know my son will
complete it successfully.
Look, I have no luck with Rome.
They have never granted my requests.
But on this occasion you must
get this papal bull signed.
Did you want to see me, Your Majesty?
Yes. Get ready, we're going to Trujillo.
- Now?
- Now.
The riot has grown.
We must prevent it from expanding.
Hurry up. Our men are ready.
I won't take long.
Come to my office. We have to talk.
He's the king. It's his decision.
We have to make him change his mind.
Can't anyone see what's happening?
We have to prevent
that wedding from taking place.
We have to kill that bug
before it grows and kills us.
Don't you have the borders under control?
That doesn't guarantee anything!
It's easier to stop an army
than one man alone.
The king is sure about this.
There won't be a papal bull.
Without it, there will be no wedding.
I know Isabel. She would never
do something against the Church.
And I know Carrillo.
He's made a big bet,
and he won't stop for anything!
- Not even for the pope?
- For nothing!
Marquis, I'm a man of numbers and money.
Not intrigues and battles.
I'm sorry I can't help.
If you, being who you are,
can't persuade the king
I don't stand a chance.
If we don't prevent this wedding,
soon neither of us will be who we are.
It doesn't look like anyone is here.
Who would be here,
in this godforsaken place?
That is why this is the right path.
- Are you cold?
- Yes.
Today you're going
from one kingdom to another.
But tomorrow you'll be king of both lands.
That'll be tomorrow, my lord.
But if we get caught here today
- We're going to be in trouble.
- You're right.
We won't be safe until we get to
a village associated with Carrillo.
- Which one is the safest?
- Burgo de Osma.
Let's go.
- Is there any news from Fernando?
- Not at the moment.
It's now or never.
Enrique sent most of his troops to Trujillo.
Pacheco has gone with him.
It's the right moment.
If we strike now, it would be final.
He doesn't have enough troops
to fight at all of the battle fronts.
- We must seize the opportunity.
- I said no!
It would only be good in the short term.
It would start a civil war again.
You cannot reign if you are afraid of war.
Or if you provoke them with the same
ease as a feud between two men.
People are dying and
the country is impoverished.
I will not inherit a country in ruins.
If you'll excuse me, I will go with her.
This girl doesn't know
everything I've done for her.
She does. The princess knows.
If it wasn't for me,
Or sleeping with an old Portuguese man
who could be her grandfather.
And she is grateful, Monsignor.
A woman, a girl
can't assume these responsibilities.
She lacks character. She is weak.
Nobody knows the princess as well as I do.
And I can assure you that if she is
missing something, it isn't character.
You know her so well yet you haven't
noticed what I have these last few days.
She has doubts. She falters.
She is more insecure than usual.
Believe me, her doubts are not about
the state. They are more personal.
There is nothing we can do about that.
They say Princess Isabel is very religious.
Well, she can't imagine what's coming.
Believe me, until now, all you had
to do was express your wishes
for women to jump to fulfill them.
Don't kid yourself.
Many of them did so without
knowing that I was the king's son.
I never liked having an advantage
in certain matters. Especially in love.
If I ever got anything from a woman
because of the crown
I'd be a lousy king for
taking advantage of that.
And a worse man for being weak.
So stop lecturing me, Aldonza.
Thank you, I appreciate it.
I appreciate it so much
that if I hadn't any obligations
there would be nothing that
could keep me from your side.
- I only wanted to help you.
- I know, I know.
But don't worry.
Damn it!
Give us everything you have. Everything.
The wagon, the mules.
You two, get off the horses
and give us your clothes.
Really, you don't want to do this.
Do you want us to tie you to a tree
until the wolves come here?
As you wish.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Get out of here. Come on.
Your future husband is taking
a great risk by coming here.
Yes, it seems so.
Like the heroes in the novels.
Defying dangers, going on adventures
to rescue their beloved.
I am not his beloved yet.
We don't know each other.
What was your wedding like?
Certainly not like yours, my lady.
Not like a princess' wedding.
Do you love your husband?
He is my husband.
But are you happy?
Sometimes I am.
And sometimes not so much.
But if you're asking if I'm happy
to have him at home at night
then yes, I'm happy.
But nothing that I tell you will be useful.
I'm not you. I'm not a princess.
Sometimes I wish I wasn't one.
- Do we turn around?
- Keep going. God's will be done.
Where are you going
and for what reason?
We are going to Burgo de Osma.
To the fair.
Could you show me your hands?
- Are you the servant of these men?
- Yes. Yes I am.
You don't look like a servant.
Not of these men. Not of any men.
- I can assure you, these men--
- I doubt that you're a servant.
It looks like they serve you.
- Ask my lords.
- No.
No, I'm asking you.
Because if you are who I think you are
the only lord you have is a king.
And not the king of Castile.
And if you are who I think you are
you shouldn't be going
We are the Archbishop of Toledo's men.
So it won't be necessary
for you to draw your sword.
Are you Carrillo's men?
We assumed you would go
And that if we didn't prevent it,
they would arrest you there.
- Which route should we follow?
- We'll go with you.
- But, sir.
- Yes?
Until we get there,
you should keep playing the servant.
You don't know how lucky
you are that I recognized you.
No less than you that you didn't
have to brandish your sword.
Fernando got to Castile.
My men are secretly escorting
him to Burgo de Osma.
So he's going to be here?
In two days, you will be able
to hug your future husband.
Then we should organize a reception
to welcome him, don't you think?
Yes, that's fine.
- Yes, my lady?
I want you to write a letter to the king,
announcing the arrival of my future husband.
For the love of God,
why are all these letters necessary?
It's my duty to the king.
You have no obligation to the king.
Neither do I.
And if you had listened to me,
he wouldn't even be the king anymore.
I will not be the one to start a war.
What do you think is going
to happen when he finds out
that you got married against his will?
That it won't cause a war?
I'm giving him no motive to do so.
I told him I respect him as my king.
For God's sake.
You have no idea how these things work.
Why don't you listen to me?
You don't take any of my advice.
I think I have the right to know
if my words have any effect.
I want to know if you take me into account.
I beg you to leave
Your Eminence and me alone.
My lady, I'm obliged to remind you.
I convinced the Aragonese, I took you
You're the reason why I'm here. I know.
Don't doubt that for a second.
Without you, none of this would be possible.
I'm indebted to you.
Your future and that of Castile
will be golden with the Lord's help.
I want to know if I'm in or out of that future.
You are in, Monsignor. You are in.
If he's coming from Burgo de Osma,
wait there for him.
- I don't want anything bad to happen.
- Don't worry.
The princess is waiting for you
to write the letter.
Get up, get up.
Your Holiness, I bring greetings from
His Eminence the Archbishop of Toledo
and His Majesty, the King of Aragon.
- What do they want?
- To offer support for your crusade.
Financial support.
And a commitment to expel all the infidels
from the peninsula for good.
In exchange for what?
A papal bull so Isabel of Castile
can marry Fernando of Aragon.
- As you know, they are related.
- I know.
But Enrique already asked for a papal bull
so Isabel could marry Alfonso of Portugal.
And I granted it.
You'll understand,
I can't give two different papal bulls
for one woman to marry two different men.
Your Holiness, I can assure you
that Isabel will not marry Alfonso.
- I see.
- That is why I would like to request--
I will think about it.
I can't promise anything else.
Welcome to Castile, Your Majesty.
We can call off this charade.
I guess you're looking forward to it.
Could you give us more
appropriate clothing?
Of course, but I don't think
they'll be worthy of a prince.
Anything will be better than this.
And I suppose the other servant
would like women's clothing.
Yes, that's right.
And transportation back to Zaragoza
by tomorrow if possible.
Of course.
We'll spend the night here and
tomorrow we'll leave for Valladolid.
They are waiting for you there
to introduce you to the princess.
Don't worry. I'll be very discreet.
I'm not asking for discretion.
I want her back in Aragon
safe and sound tomorrow.
Do whatever is necessary.
My lady.
- I'm sorry.
- Do you have a minute?
What I'm about to tell you is not easy.
Not for me, and
I think it'll be worse for you.
You have served me better
than I could have ever asked for.
You say this as though
you want me to stop.
This is not a matter about which
we could speak, out of decency.
But even if I don't know much
about these things, I can imagine
how hard this situation
must have been for you.
- My lady--
- We talked about what would happen.
And words are easy to say.
But now, what would have been
has become a reality.
Tomorrow or the day after,
my husband-to-be will be here.
The wedding will take place soon.
I appreciate everything
you've done for me.
But I don't have the heart
to ask you to stay by my side.
If you want to leave, I'll understand.
Now, more than ever.
My lady, I'll say it again, and I'll say it
a thousand times more if necessary.
You will become the queen,
and I am just a soldier.
I know.
And I know where my place is.
I beg you to let me stay in your service.
I don't want you to feel bad.
It would be worse if I didn't do this.
- You look like yourself again.
- Not entirely.
It's so sad to dress as a Castilian.
No color, no joy.
- What happened to the servant Alonso?
- He went away with the other servant.
Get used to that smile earning forgiveness.
Well, not every time.
It's time for me to say goodbye.
Thanks for everything, Aldonza.
I should be the one thanking you.
I know you don't like my lectures, but
let me say goodbye with a piece of advice.
Be patient with Isabel.
Don't expect her to be what she's not.
Love her for who she is.
And if you don't manage to love her
respect her.
I wish you happiness with your wife.
Will we see each other again?
If you ever want to,
I won't be able to say no.
I hope I don't hear anything
about Trujillo for a long time.
- Cabrera, you're here.
- Any news during our absence?
This letter arrived for you, Your Majesty.
It came from Valladolid.
- Pacheco.
- Yes, sir?
You were right.
Fernando of Aragon arrived in Castile.
- Sir.
- One man. Just one man.
You had to prevent one man from crossing
our borders and you couldn't do it.
I advised you a million times
to send your troops to Valladolid.
And all of those times I said no!
I don't need you to start wars.
I need you to avoid them.
You need me to see the future,
because you are not capable of doing it.
I told you that was Carrillo's plan.
That he wouldn't stop for
the pope, for anything.
I told you it was a plan against you
and against the throne.
Did you listen? No!
You took half-baked measures, as always!
Do something. Condemn Isabel.
Name Juana as the heiress!
Be a king for once!
Now you want to declare my daughter
as the legitimate heiress?
After shouting from the rooftops
that she wasn't even my daughter?
Fix now what you didn't
know how to prevent.
Fix this mess.
It was waiting for the right
occasion to be opened.
Here's to Fernando and Isabel.
And to us, who made this possible.
Tomorrow Isabel and
Fernando will finally meet.
We have struggled so long
for this moment to come.
We have to start preparations
for the wedding.
We can't spend much.
I'll take care of it.
Are you going to be the godfather?
No, I'm going to be the one
officiating the wedding.
I will be completely happy.
No, but I have to leave.
Enjoy the wine.
What a surprise to see you here.
You are my uncle, and I care about you.
That's why I'm here, to prevent
you from making a mistake.
Stop that wedding.
Or at least distance yourself from it.
There will be terrible consequences for Isabel.
I wouldn't want you to suffer
as well because you're on her side.
This is unworthy of you, nephew.
Don't try to win a hand
when you don't have good cards.
I left wine a thousand times better
than this to come hear you.
I see that things for Enrique are
a lot worse than I imagined.
He doesn't know what he's doing.
He has eyes, but he is blind.
He doesn't listen.
When he least expects it, they are
going to take the throne from him.
Do you want to make that happen sooner?
I can pull back his troops.
I can make them go to your princess' side.
In months, weeks, she would be in Segovia.
Haven't you changed sides a lot already?
I'm like you. We share the same blood.
They are nothing without us.
We have no sides, we have ourselves.
No, you played and you lost.
It's a little too late
to try to change your cards.
What I'm about to achieve is
greater than anything we ever dreamt.
Without being on the throne,
I'm going to be the king.
That should be more than enough.
What a lousy wine.
I'm an incompetent king, Cabrera.
- I'm sorry, Your Majes--
- You heard me.
No my lord, you are not incompetent.
Are you being sincere, or are you
saying that out of obedience?
I'm being sincere.
I'm glad to hear that. Because Pacheco
is not the only one who thinks that.
The only thing Diego Mendoza
does is give me advice.
Why does he do that?
Because he thinks I'm incompetent.
But he is kinder, and his loyalty to the crown
is such that if I asked him
not to urinate, he would blow up.
- But, Your Majesty--
- Let me finish.
And pour yourself a glass of wine.
Even I have doubted if I'm a good king.
God knows that I want
what's best for my people.
And whenever I can,
I avoid any shedding of blood.
But I guess I'm not a good king
if even my own sister deceives me
by marrying Fernando.
- Calm down, my lord.
- I don't want to calm down!
Sometimes I feel a rage that I've never had.
I feel a sensation that I have to be violent.
Strong, and even unfair, if necessary,
to keep so many people under control.
That's the only way,
and I found out very late.
Everything will work out, you'll see.
And do you know
why it is going to work out?
Because I paid a lot of money to the pope
so he wouldn't give the papal bull to Isabel.
Money makes the world go round, Cabrera.
Not justice, or love,
or respect, or faith in a god
whichever god it may be.
It's all about violence and money.
Sometimes I wish I lived in a forest.
Like the animals.
They only kill when they are hungry.
And nature gives them everything they need.
No one disturbs them with words or intrigues.
Animals don't have to wear
a ring or a crown to earn respect.
I envy them so much.
Catalina, where's the queen?
- In her bedroom.
- Is she still sleeping this late?
She has been awake for a long time,
if she was able to fall asleep at all.
- Is there something wrong?
- She's praying.
I'll go get her.
Today is going to be a long day.
The princess is going to feel alone.
She's going to need someone
with whom to talk about certain issues.
A mother, a sister, a girlfriend, I don't know.
Your Excellency.
Your Majesty wants to see you.
Forgive him
for what happened when
we came back from Trujillo.
Your Majesty.
How is your uncle doing?
Did you see Carrillo?
He's excited about
the wedding preparations.
It's like he's the one getting married.
Didn't you offer him your services?
Lately you seem to agree
more with him than with me.
I couldn't do that.
My loyalty to you won't let me.
You should admit your mistake.
Carrillo hasn't sent any troops anywhere.
Isabel pledges loyalty to me
in every letter she sends.
She is getting married against your will.
That wedding is not taking place.
But you won't be the one to prevent it.
It will be the Holy Father.
Without the papal bull, there is no wedding.
And I don't care if Fernando is
in Valladolid or in Constantinople.
I think our prince is going
to have a rough time here.
Or a very good one.
brandishing my sword.
If I hadn't gotten there in time
by now Isabel would be pregnant.
Or locked up in a tower.
Who is that gentleman?
He seems very interested in my presence.
He had the other sword that saved
That's right.
Where's Isabel?
She should be here any minute now.
Come in.
Come in.
Your Highness,
Fernando is asking about you.
What should I do?
You are the princess and the hostess.
You should welcome him.
And as a future bride?
I declare myself incompetent
in that issue, my lady.
My lady, you have faced
harder situations than this one.
I doubt it.
That's him.
Excuse me.
Your Highness, let me introduce you to
Fernando of Aragon. Your Majesty.
- Isabel of Castile.
- It's a pleasure, Your Majesty.
Don't bow. You are not inferior.
It's an honor to meet
the princess heiress of Castile.
It's also an honor to meet
the prince heir of Aragon.
And king of Sicily.
We better not disturb them.
Do you like the party?
I didn't make this long trip
to come to a party.
What do you wish then?
- To be with you.
- Alone?
- We could go to the garden.
- It's cold outside.
Is there a place in the palace
where we can talk quietly?
Maybe in my bedroom.
It seems like the perfect place.
- What did you want to tell me?
- That I'm delighted to confirm your beauty.
It was worth the trip.
We were attacked by thieves.
You must have had a hard time coming here.
It was quite harsh.
Thank you for your efforts.
It was my obligation.
And my wish.
Based on your last letters,
I thought you would be
unfriendly. And cold.
I'm sorry I gave you that idea.
You don't really know someone
until you look them in the eye.
So, this is going to be our bedroom.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Well, if this is going to be our bedroom,
and you are going to be my wife
call me Fernando.
I remember your first letter.
When you told me that as my wife
you would do whatever I wanted.
Are you still willing to do that?
In that case
let's go back to the party.
I wonder what is happening in there.
Fernando is here already,
and they are getting married.
I don't care.
You asked for me, Your Holiness.
What can I do for you?
- It's about the papal bull.
- Have you made a decision?
I have been thinking about
your petition for several hours.
And I asked the Lord for help.
You know?
Deep in my heart,
nothing makes me happier
than the marriage of two young
hignesses like Isabel and Fernando.
But I can't let the king of Castile down.
Enrique is an indispensable ally to Rome.
I'm sorry, there will be no wedding.
There is no papal bull.
In the next episode
I knew she wouldn't get it. I knew it!
- Are you going to tell Isabel?
What is that man doing here?
Carrillo asked him to write
about the wedding.
The kings need chroniclers,
so people hear about their great deeds.
This is the papal bull I told Isabel we had
and which was going to be
validated by the current pope.
He is my son, Diego.
Soon he will be your husband,
and someday you will have to please him.
Who is that woman who entered your heart?
I'm going to write a letter to Isabel.
I beg you to have it delivered
to her in Valladolid.
We have to discuss important matters.
If they are so important,
Because it is something that
only concerns the three of us.
- France is the only solution.
- France?
To marry the king's daughter
with the Duke of Guyenne.
What position will you want
when we hold power?
I thought your bigger problem
was that Mom is dying.
I swear I'll be loyal.
Your causes will be mine too.
I'll never doubt fighting for Castile.
We have to celebrate this wedding
successfully, no matter what.
- Is she going to marry without the papal bull?
- The king doesn't think she will dare.
I need you to leave your business in Toledo
with some henchmen and stay with me here.
All of your plans only made a fool of
ourselves in the eyes of Portugal and France.
I see it's true that you are a ladies' man.
She's going to marry! Isabel is going to
marry without the papal bull.
Thanks to Antonio Jacobo
to support the papal bull given by
Pio the Second to Prince Fernando.
Isabel, do you take Fernando
the king of Sicily and prince of Aragon
as your husband?
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