Isabel (2011) s01e09 Episode Script

Boda real

Isabel has written a letter to the king
asking him to respect her decision.
She swears loyalty until death,
as she did in Guisando.
But the king is angry.
You can't meet Fernando at Aragon.
It would be impossible for Fernando
to cross the border unnoticed.
If I can't go to Aragon and he can't
come to Castile, what's the solution?
- I thought you were in Catalonia.
- So does everyone else.
Except my father, Peralta, and the
men who will accompany me to Castile.
I made it very clear that no one
else know how I'm getting there.
Where is he then?
I don't know, Your Majesty.
But allow me to say this.
Send troops to Valladolid before it's too late.
Don't you think I have enough
fronts to cover already?
By God, watch the borders!
You only have to stop one man!
I fear the consummation, Father.
You must give in to your husband.
You're to become his woman.
And you must agree to his marriage
rights every time he asks to fulfill them.
I don't care how proud
or determined she is.
As my wife, she'll do as I say.
If we don't stop this wedding,
soon none of us will be who we are.
I have no luck with Rome.
Nothing I've requested has been granted.
But this time you must get the bull signed.
- What is the safest path?
- Through the Port of Bigornia.
Between Berdejo and Gomara.
We're the Archbishop of Toledo's men.
So you don't need to
take out your weapons.
You only had to prevent one man
from crossing our border and you failed!
- I told you to send troops to Valladolid.
- And I said no!
Isabel won't marry King Alfonso.
I see.
- That's why I dare ask--
- I'll think about it.
It couldn't have been done
without you. I owe you so much.
Your future and that of Castile
will be golden with the Lord's help.
And I want to know if I'm
in or out of that future.
In it.
What I'll get is more than
anything we've ever dreamed.
I'll be the king without
having to sit on the throne.
That's him.
Your Highness, this is Fernando of Aragon.
Your Majesty, this is Isabel of Castile.
That marriage won't happen. Ever.
But you won't be the one stopping it.
It'll be the Holy Father.
Enrique is a key ally of Rome.
I'm sorry, but there is no bull.
We'll celebrate the wedding in
the hall of Vivero Palace at sunset.
At night we'll have a grand banquet.
With hundreds of guests?
Yes, nobles and dignitaries
and people of varying status.
I've sent word all throughout Castile.
This is a wedding for a princess and a king.
The festivities must match the occasion.
And for the people?
They'll celebrate with popular games.
Isn't this a big expense, Carrillo?
Don't think about that now, Your Highness.
Perhaps we should.
Aragon's coffers can't pay for parties.
If only I could tell you about ours.
You shouldn't worry.
The groom and the bride should be
getting to know each other better.
In that case
let's go take a walk.
- Have a nice morning.
- Thank you.
Is something wrong?
Don't you think this is quite a big expense?
Yes, and Aragon is not fulfilling
its financial obligations.
Relax, gentlemen, relax.
The King of Aragon and I agreed that
I would take care of the expenses.
And if need be, I'll ask a
banker in Toledo for a loan.
The important thing is for
Enrique to see our strength.
The more nobles show up,
the better we'll see who supports us.
You seem worried.
It shows that much?
Calm down. You're the prettiest
worried woman I've ever met.
Don Fernando of Aragon!
- Who is it?
- Someone who shouldn't be here.
Alonso Fernandez de Palencia,
the court chronicler.
A pleasure meeting you, Your Majesty.
From which court?
Enrique's? He can't be
too happy about our wedding.
I'm not Enrique's chronicler, I'm yours.
We must look to the future, and
there are only two names there.
Fernando and Isabel.
I'm sorry, Palencia, but Fernando and I
have matters to which we must attend.
Of course, forgive me.
He seems loyal and eager.
He won't be a challenge, I assure you.
Any news from Rome?
Not yet, Your Majesty. Perhaps
we should plan other strategies.
- Like what, Pacheco?
- France.
- I could--
- Enough!
Rome will refuse Isabel's request
and there will be no wedding.
- But Your Majesty--
- For once, forget about plotting!
Your plans have only made fools of
ourselves in front of Portugal and France.
We only have Rome left.
Let's wait for the pope's decision.
I only ask for one thing right now.
Don't do anything.
I heard your wife is ill.
That's right, Your Majesty.
Go to her.
You have more to do there than here.
I'll send my best physician to see her.
Thank you.
He will be welcomed at my house.
Watch Pacheco, Cabrera.
See how excessive ambition
can end a person.
And learn from it.
Don't you miss your home?
Very much.
But there are duties to attend.
And don't speak of Aragon
as though it were only mine.
It will be yours too when we're married.
As Castile will be yours.
And you? Do you miss anything?
Of course.
my brother Alfonso.
You're braver than many men.
You refused to marry
someone you didn't want.
And you defend Castile, as I do Aragon.
We're very much alike, Isabel.
- Even our lives have been similar.
- What are you talking about?
I also fought my older brother for the rights
he wanted to take from my father and me.
The same blood runs through our veins.
My father wanted to arrange our
marriage when we were three.
Can you imagine if he had succeeded?
How long we would
have been married by now!
Finally! Finally a smile!
I must go back.
She needs me. My daughter needs me.
My Isabel will marry alone.
she won't lack any support.
Perhaps not as a princess
but as a woman she'll need
another kind of support.
You know this very well.
I want you to go to Valladolid.
My daughter needs advice.
Wouldn't it be better if you went?
You're her mother.
You know my health won't let me.
Besides, if I went
who would look after Alfonso?
The king will send his own physician.
He's an expert.
I beg you, I don't want
to see any more physicians.
- You don't look well.
- Enrique is turning on me.
I always said this would happen some day.
He's stubborn.
He thinks that Rome will
prevent Isabel's wedding.
As if that could stop the coming storm.
I assume you're already planning
something as a way out.
Yes, but he won't listen to me.
to give to King Louis of France.
I did it on my own, in secret.
The only solution is to marry Juana
the daughter of the king,
to the Duke of Guyenne.
Have France on our side.
Always plotting something.
That's how we amassed our fortune.
What good has it done?
We haven't even enjoyed
an outing together lately.
When you're better.
There won't be any more outings, Juan.
It's too late.
You complained about
Now you're making the same mistake.
Be careful.
Don't lose your head like he did.
Two thousand guests.
Everyone who was anyone in
Castile were witnesses of--
Excuse me, Palencia, but
there won't be that many guests.
Let's say three thousand then.
It will lend grandeur to the ceremony
and those who read my chronicles
in the future will believe it all.
Ultimately they won't be here
to count the number of guests.
I love your way of retelling history
and recounting the number of guests.
- Go on.
- Three thousand guests.
Castile's highest nobility
witnessed the birth of a new era
thanks to the support of
Don Alfonso Carrillo
the Archbishop of Toledo
and the High Chancellor of Castile.
A new dawn enlightens Castile
with the lives of Fernando and Isabel.
- Aragon and Castile join forces.
- Excuse me.
You have a visitor.
- Does anyone know he's here?
- No, Monsignor.
Good, leave us alone.
- Did the pope grant the bull?
- No.
There's no bull.
I knew he wouldn't give it! I knew it!
It was to be expected.
The pope doesn't want trouble
with Castile, France, or Portugal.
I know. Now Isabel needs to see reason.
Going against the pope
would be too much for her.
And a huge mistake, if I may say so.
Explain yourself.
What makes her worthy of the crown?
She's doing the same thing that you
were accused of doing in Guisando.
Marrying without a bull.
This is true.
I'd love to see Carrillo's face right now.
Damn it! This has all been a
complete waste with you and the pope!
- You knew it would be difficult.
- But necessary!
Keep in mind that he issued a bull
for Isabel to marry Alfonso of Portugal.
And France asked for one so
she could marry the Duke of Guyenne.
He can't give three bulls to one princess.
Well, he should!
Because she's marrying Fernando,
not anyone else!
And Pope Paulo isn't against it.
He's given me his spoken
permission for them to marry.
And he's waiting to sign
the bull at the right time.
Words! Words are blown away by the wind!
Do you know what the king will do with
our secret bull? Laugh in our faces!
This pope doesn't give an inch.
If it goes wrong, he'll boast
about not having granted us a bull.
And if we win, he'll proclaim
that he granted you a spoken bull.
If Christ was crucified again,
he'd wash his hands like Pilate did.
- That's blasphemy!
- And not granting us a bull is a disgrace!
He'll never find a queen as faithful
to Christ as Isabel. Never!
And what is he doing to help her?
- I'll talk to the couple.
- Don't even think about it.
No one must know anything.
What shall we do?
Come with me.
You don't look well.
Did you not sleep well again?
No, I didn't sleep well.
Is there a problem, Isabel?
You would hear from me if there were.
Where's Carrillo?
He's disappeared for the day.
One of his servants said he went
speak to carpenters about tables
and to beef farmers to
get meat for the banquet.
Will he try on the groom's suit as well?
It sounds as though
he's the one getting married.
Be kind, Isabel.
He's fought a lot to get here.
Yes, but he's also making all the decisions.
The wedding expenses, the relationship
with Rome of which we know nothing.
And Palencia.
What's that man doing here?
Carrillo asked him to write about the wedding.
Kings need chroniclers so that the
people can hear about their deeds.
And Pacheco will surely
start talking against you.
Carrillo thinks that Palencia
will defend you better than anyone.
Because he's as deceitful as Pacheco?
It could be. But remember that Palencia
supported your brother Alfonso.
And I must remind you that in Segovia,
Palencia stole the chronicles for Enrique.
If it hadn't been for Alfonso,
Enrique would have been executed.
I promise to watch Palencia
closely, Your Highness.
Get his notes too.
I want to read them.
Isabel, besides these matters
is there something else
you want to tell me?
My lady, the first wedding guest is here.
- Was it you?
- Your mother sent me.
You know she doesn't like
not being obeyed.
We can't compromise the pope.
Don't worry.
- Three months before his death.
- May he rest in peace.
I told Isabel we had this bull
validated by the current pope.
- Did you need to lie?
- Very much so.
Without that lie, Isabel would
have never agreed to the wedding.
And now she'd be in Paris
with the Duke of Guyenne.
I expected you to get a new one to tell her
it's proof of Rome's support for our cause.
But when there's no fresh bread,
you must eat stale loaves.
This one looks great.
Do you think Isabel will agree
if she finds out about this?
I'll take care that she does.
When I met her, she was
a frightened little girl.
I made the Isabel you see now,
as God made man out of clay.
And if I choose, she'll be clay again.
We have the bull.
My men will come here tomorrow
at noon to escort you to the palace.
Remember you come from
Rome bearing good news.
- There's no bull from Rome then?
- No, Your Excellency.
Father, do you have a moment?
What is it, my daughter?
I sent Diego a letter to tell him
that Mother is doing worse.
It's best if we're all together.
Well done.
It must be nice having kids.
Please, Beatriz, I'm not
in the mood for riddles.
Tell me what you want to say.
- I'm scared.
- Of what, darling?
Of dying alone after being
rejected by Fernando.
I'll get you a husband as soon I can.
And if I'm rejected again?
- And if you fall and can't use me?
- Enough, enough!
I see you've been talking to your mother.
Do you think this is the right
time to look for a suitor?
The king is turning his back on me.
The Mendozas don't even
call for me to join them.
And the jerks think it will all work out
because Isabel doesn't have a bull!
As you can see, I have bigger
troubles than your wedding!
Forgive me.
I thought your biggest problem
was that Mother is dying.
Beatriz, Beatriz!
- What is he doing here?
- He's not waiting for me, that's for sure.
Isabel, I wanted to talk with you.
Forgive me for waiting here,
but I couldn't find you all day.
Isabel, I'll go get your bed ready.
I'm listening.
I don't know what's wrong with you.
I assume wedding jitters have
gotten you feeling quite nervous.
Whatever it is
I want to set something straight.
I thought I wouldn't be
lucky enough to marry
someone I really liked.
But I'm glad I was wrong.
Because I like you, Isabel.
I like you a lot.
And you?
Do you like me?
Good night.
Isabel, you can't always run from him.
Very soon he'll be your husband.
And one day, you'll have to please him.
- That depends.
- On what?
On the day. I have it all under control.
I don't understand you.
During Lent and Advent,
you can't please your husband.
Or on other observed festivities or vigils.
Or on Mondays in honor
of the holy departed
or on Thursdays in honor of the Last Supper,
or on Fridays in remembrance of the crucifixion.
Or on Saturdays in honor of the Holy Virgin.
Or on Sundays in remembrance
of Christ's resurrection.
What about Tuesdays and Wednesdays?
Only if they're not between
Easter and Pentecost.
Or 40 days after Christmas
Or three days before
receiving a sacrament.
My girl!
With this calendar when
will you ever have children?
This is what the Church dictates.
There are matters between a husband
and wife in which the Church has no say.
Tell me one.
Attraction between a man and a woman
existed before the first pope.
Isabel, are you attracted to Fernando?
Yes, very much.
And may God forgive me.
Relax, God has tougher things to forgive.
I see you can't sleep tonight either.
- No, not really, sir.
- Come with me.
I need your advice.
Forgive me, but there are wiser
people here to offer advice.
I want yours.
And you should give it to me.
Let me remind you that sooner or later,
I'll be your king.
- Good night.
- Good night.
You can't sleep.
I haven't slept in days.
What worries you?
Isabel is too nervous.
Don't worry. Leave Isabel to me.
Some things are better left
discussed between women.
What else is keeping you awake?
Carrillo and his constant demands.
He doesn't ask or consult.
I know we wouldn't be
here without him, but
- if he keeps acting like this
- You'll know how to handle him.
I hope so.
And the papal bull hasn't arrived yet.
I fear Isabel will change her mind.
We need to see this wedding to its end.
- Whatever it takes.
- And you will.
Now stop thinking about
your troubles and relax.
Did you know there are
only 37 days in a year
when a couple can be together
without offending the Lord?
- What are you saying?
- That's what the Church says.
I counted them.
And it turns out we're in October.
We're really behind.
I'll be honest.
Since I've arrived, I've had no one
with whom to share my thoughts.
Carrillo is too interested in power.
The rest are women.
And I don't visit priests very often.
So I only have you as someone
to whom I can confide my worries.
- I appreciate the confidence.
- And I'd appreciate yours.
Tell me about you.
There's not much to tell.
I'm just a soldier.
- You're a king.
- A king is still a man, I assure you.
Just as a soldier is.
A king can be unhappy for no reason, and
a man always has a reason to be unhappy.
What is the reason
for your unhappiness?
Come on, Gonzalo, I know
when a man suffers from love.
And you do.
Who is the woman
who's captured your heart?
She's far.
Far away from me.
I came here almost four years ago.
That's a long time.
Do you want my advice?
Forget her.
Find joy and pleasure with others.
A nail gets another nail out.
- It's not that simple.
- Because you haven't tried it.
A woman makes you forget
another one, believe me.
Unless she's your wife and your
children's mother, then it won't.
In that case, she's sacred.
As Isabel will be for me.
But I don't know how to reach her.
She avoids me.
I swear I've never met
such resistance from a woman.
I want to know what to do
to have her by my side.
To make her happy in every way.
Never make a promise
you won't be able to keep.
I even saw her argue with
her brother over his weak spirit.
And she loved her brother like her own life.
If she's by your side,
she'll never fail you.
Go against her, and
she'll be your worst enemy.
That's certainly good to know.
- What else?
- Respect her faith in God.
And love Castile.
Love Castile because she'll be
as grateful as if you loved her.
It's finally here.
we've managed it so that Rome
will support the bull granted to
This is the bull that his father, Juan II of
Aragon, asked for many years ago
so that at 18 he would be able to marry a
princess, a cousin three times removed.
You were just a kid,
so you may not remember.
And what does Paulo II
say of this outdated bull?
He accepts it, of course.
I've told you that no pope
goes against a former one.
I understand, but Paulo II allowed
me to marry Portugal's king.
You're looking for more obstacles
to the wedding that the pope himself.
Any worthy bride is nervous
before going to the altar.
I ask you not to joke with
the woman to become my wife.
Forgive me, Your Majesty.
Don't worry, the bull regarding your marriage
with Portugal's king had your name on it.
But this one was granted to Fernando.
And Paulo II would never take
a wrong step and deny this bull.
Isn't that right, Monsignor?
I'm tired from the trip.
- She doesn't have the papal bull?
- Don't say that so loudly.
Let's go outside.
You need to walk.
- Are you sure of what you say?
- Yes.
Don Diego of Mendoza confirmed it.
She's going to marry without a bull.
- The king thinks she won't dare.
- I doubt it.
Then why run away to Valladolid?
- Let's go back to our rooms.
- Why?
- I'll write my own letter to Isabel.
- But
And I beg you see
she gets it in Valladolid.
Can you do it without
drawing the king's attention?
What choice do I have?
I fear you more than the king.
Isabel has gone mad.
How could she plan this without a bull?
Where's Diego?
I want to see him before I leave.
He will be here soon.
What are you thinking about?
About all the matters to which
I should have attended but didn't.
Our daughter.
You were right.
It's been too long since
we've gone somewhere together.
When we reunite, we'll take
long walks together, my dear.
I doubt it.
You and I are going to different places.
Of this I'm sure.
My son.
Calm down.
- Are you sure the bull is fake?
- Yes.
The King of Aragon told me
that the pope never gave it to him.
Pope Paulo to give us a new bull.
And turn a lie into good news.
That's right.
And we only have the lie.
Will you tell Isabel?
If we say something,
Isabel won't want to get married.
And this wedding is key to our interests.
- Lies are bad company, Don Gonzalo.
- I know!
But sometimes you must live
with a lie to get what you want.
He's completely loyal to you.
- Have you talked with him?
- Yes.
He's the only one besides you with whom I
can talk about something other than politics.
I'm very fond of him.
Nothing I should worry about, I assume.
I swear that it isn't.
You don't have to swear it, Isabel.
I believe you.
- What are you thinking?
- About our wedding.
My father won't be here.
Your mother won't be here.
It's strange.
Regular people sometimes envy us.
And I get them. They go through
hardships that we don't.
But they don't carry the kingdom's
future on their backs.
And at their weddings, parents
and loved ones aren't missing.
I thank you for defending me
in front of Carrillo.
I'll always defend you, Isabel.
I swear I'll be loyal.
Your causes will become mine.
And my hand will never shake
while fighting for Castile.
As it never has defending Aragon.
You know I don't fight with a sword,
but my will is the same.
I know. You've sacrificed a lot.
And it will continue to cost us. We have
a tough road ahead of us, Fernando.
There's something that
will make it less difficult.
We'll be together.
Your Majesty, Your Highness.
Monsignor Carrillo wants to see you.
I'm sorry to interrupt, but
we have important matters to discuss.
If they're so important,
Because it only involves the three of us.
Read this.
All three agree to rule and act
as though we were one body and soul.
We will follow your advice and never
do anything without your approval.
What is this?
A contract.
A contract I hope you'll sign.
And why would we do that?
It seems I must keep reminding you
of things that shouldn't be forgotten.
I brought you here, Isabel.
I protected you and your brother
when you were children.
Who's been there to help you
during these tough times?
You should remember who set up
this fruitful wedding for Aragon.
I think I'm asking for what's fair.
- I'm sorry, but--
- We'll sign.
We'll sign.
You shall become Castile's monarchs.
And you will make it grander
than it has ever been.
Thank you. Excuse me.
Many of Castile's monarchs have
fallen by doing what others ordered.
It won't happen to me, I swear.
And I won't let Carrillo
try to influence Aragon.
Why did you agree, Isabel?
we need to have this wedding.
And we need Carrillo for that.
Because Aragon and Castile
deserve a better future.
And you and I can give it to them.
It doesn't matter if
we change direction a little.
Because we'll end up where we need to go.
And then, that document
will light our chimney.
The important thing is
that we're finally together.
And we think the same thing.
The one who rules takes orders from no one.
I like what you say more
than that contract we signed.
I think we should seal it.
I don't think we need to write and sign it.
There are other ways
to bind a contract forever.
What do you think of my letter to Isabel?
King Enrique would agree with it wholly.
I don't know if that's good or bad.
He's partly to blame for what's happened.
I'll send your letter to Valladolid
first thing tomorrow.
Now try to rest, I beg you.
Is this better?
No position is good in my condition.
Do you need anything else?
To give birth as soon as possible.
I thought it would be this week.
I can't take it anymore. My back hurts,
my legs are heavy, and I look like a barrel!
Maybe he doesn't want to come out.
I understand. Each day here makes me
want to raise him somewhere else.
- Now Pacheco
- Don't talk about court or politics.
Not even about Isabel?
Not even her.
- I need to talk to you.
- What is it?
Things aren't going well at the court.
This is how Enrique rewards you
after all you've done for him?
That's life, son. You plant flowers
for the pigs to eat them later.
Of royal blood, but pigs nonetheless.
I need to ask you something important.
Whatever you need.
I need you to put our affairs in Toledo
in trustworthy hands and stay with me.
I feel too alone.
I fear my work will be pointless
if no one can keep it going.
You must stay with me.
Learn from me, and
pay attention to every detail.
In time, you'll be like me.
- I doubt I'll get that far, Father.
- Don't you dare doubt!
You're my son.
He wants the three of you to rule?
Carrillo is definitely going too far.
I hope you're not upset that I agreed.
I'm following your instructions
so nothing stops the wedding.
And I thank you. Relax, Isabel,
you did the right thing.
Your wedding is a very important step
in your becoming queen, and that day--
That day nobody, not a thousand Carrillos
together, will take me away from my calling.
- You can be sure of that.
- I know.
After being with you for so long,
I don't get how he still doesn't know
that you weren't born
to be ruled by anyone.
You look happy, at last.
And secure.
That must mean that
Fernando and you get along?
Yes. You don't know how happy I am.
My happiness isn't any less.
You know you're like a daughter to me.
And a good father always
wishes for his children's happiness.
Let's go, they're expecting us for dinner.
Let's see what Carrillo comes up with.
Will you talk to him about this?
Not now, but I'll be watching him.
You can relax.
I'll miss the tournaments
and jousts during the wedding.
- I refused. They're not our style.
- Or within our budget.
Tournaments cost a lot of money.
If the groom doesn't want them, we must
respect him. But it's not about money.
It's a great opportunity for Castile
to see your skill with the sword and spear.
I'd rather only my enemies on the battlefield
know about my skills with weapons.
I don't like to show that off.
Weapons are for making war,
not to celebrate weddings.
Wise words, Your Majesty. I hope
you write them down word for word.
I will. What kind of chronicler
would I be if I didn't?
You know truth guides my path.
Take a candle just in case.
Anyone who doubts Palencia, doubts me.
Relax, Carrillo. If it's as you say,
we believe in Palencia because
I don't have faith in many people
the way I do in you, Monsignor.
Let's leave it there and
let the chronicler be.
A good one can take down
a king just like a good army can.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
I'll gladly read what you've
been writing, Palencia.
- Of course, Your Highness.
- When can I begin?
As soon as I have them,
you'll be the first to read my texts.
Well, all in due time.
Let's not say more.
More wine, please.
Do you recognize him, Your Majesty?
He's my son, Diego.
Your son.
How can I not remember?
We played with wooden swords!
You were only eight years old!
- Do you remember?
- Of course, Your Majesty.
Welcome to the court, Diego!
I'm sorry for your mother's current health.
Thank you for your words.
My son came not just to see his mother,
but to stay here, if it's okay with you.
Of course. It's always good
to have young blood around.
Things change. New times, new methods.
New or old, they must work.
And Diego will see to it.
From now on, he'll be my right hand
and my absolute heir.
What better heir in name than his son?
By the way, I assume you know
that the pope denied Isabel the bull.
You already know my opinion.
With or without a bull,
the wedding will take place.
I hope you're just a bit more
optimistic than your father.
That's what this old Castile needs. New men.
- And optimism.
- If you'll excuse us, Your Majesty.
My daughter! What a surprise!
It's been a long time!
- What are you doing here?
- Don Diego brought me.
Well, Don Diego of Mendoza sure knows
how to give me pleasant surprises.
- How dare he mistreat me that way!
- Calm down, Father.
Never forget what just happened.
So you can compare it to the next
Then he'll greet us with
the respect we deserve.
A Pacheco is never humiliated!
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
For not having written anything,
Palencia sure has a lot of paper. Come on.
My friend is suffering from love,
and I'd like you to heal him.
You'd receive something for it, of course.
And who is your tormented friend?
I assume you know him.
Of course, and I'll happily help you.
It was wonderful talking to you.
A pleasure.
I see it's true that
you're popular with women.
It's not what you think.
So, what do you want
to talk to me about now?
About your trip to Aragon.
A trip worthy of a knight's tale,
which should last in Castile's history.
I just got a stone to the head.
I assure you I've had worse trips.
I can imagine. Even more
if the rumors are true.
What rumors?
That a beautiful lady dressed
as a boy went with you.
Forget the trivialities,
Palencia, at least with me.
If history will talk about me, let it be
for winning battles and passing laws.
For being a good king, not a good lover.
Forgive us, we thought you were out.
As you can see, I'm not.
What are you doing?
Making a blanket for Beatriz's child.
She must be due any day now.
What's wrong, Isabel?
You can't fool me.
You're like your mother. When she was
troubled, she'd calm herself by knitting.
I can't trust him.
I thought things were good between us.
I was starting to lower my guard
Then when I went looking for Fernando,
he was flirting with one of the maids.
Why can men break rules
that we women cannot?
A man who sins and has children is fine,
but no blood on the wedding sheet?
Lord help the woman who
isn't a virgin at her wedding.
It isn't fair, Clara, it isn't fair.
Calm down.
- It could have been a mistake.
- No.
I saw him looking at her
last night at dinner.
How I miss Beatriz
My mother
I'm not saying you don't
have a right to worry.
But don't look back.
Why not?
- I was happy back then.
- Isabel.
You were happy because there
are things you never tell children.
But a lot of bad things happened
while your brother and you played.
What are you saying?
That you shouldn't yearn for the past.
And that you should fight
for your present and future.
And Castile's.
How can I relax if he kissed me last night
and now I think he's flirting around?
There's an easy remedy for that.
Isn't today the day you choose the ladies
to attend you after the wedding?
Let me take care of it.
You don't seem to like Palencia's chronicles.
They're an insult to Isabel
and all that we've fought for.
of losing her freedom and even her life
Fernando called me privately
and asked if I thought I should marry
them at Valladolid to make her feel safe.
And he did, not caring about risking
his life for the distraught maiden.
He talked privately with him? I was
there and I swear I didn't see him.
It seems Palencia likes to be everywhere.
Listen to this.
Isabel waited anxiously
to fulfill her destiny as a woman
obeying and supporting
her husband and savior, Fernando.
How little Palencia knows about Isabel.
If she read this, he'll be lucky
to leave Valladolid unharmed.
Isabel could throw anything at his head.
If Isabel reads this,
we'll have a problem.
And a big one. Even more after knowing
that Carrillo wants to control everything.
She's held herself back once, but twice
- What do you have there?
- It's a letter for Isabel.
It comes from the court,
from Beatriz de Bobadilla.
She'll be happy to hear from her.
These are your ladies-in-waiting?
No, not them. Them.
What are all these papers?
Financial things and guest confirmations.
Is the list still growing?
No, finally Carrillo is satisfied
with the guests he had in mind.
Good. Otherwise it would have
turned into a Canaanite's wedding.
- You're in a better mood.
- One can't be sad every day.
Even though I have my reasons.
Maybe this will increase your happiness.
It's from your friend, Beatriz.
I'm sure she's given birth.
Let's see if it's a boy or girl. She said
she'd give her my name if it's a girl.
What is it?
I want a meeting with everyone right now.
- Your Highness.
- I said now!
- Thank you for coming.
- Your insistence had a lot to do with it.
And the alarm with which
your messenger came.
We had to take advantage
of your presence at the court.
And the alarm is justified.
Take a look at this list.
My spies in Valladolid sent it this afternoon.
You have spies next to Carrillo?
I have spies everywhere.
I can't believe this.
All of these people will be at Isabel's wedding?
More than a thousand guests.
I need you on my side
to solve the problem.
What do you propose?
That the army take Valladolid?
It should have been done when
I said it, but the king didn't listen.
- The only solution is France.
- France?
To marry the king's daughter
with the Duke of Guyenne.
he returned to Paris.
Without asking the king's consent?
We haven't dealt with the problem correctly.
None of us have.
And I most of all.
We didn't get what it means to join
two people like Fernando and Isabel.
Isabel. Hearing her name
gives me a toothache.
Support me and it won't hurt anymore.
If we marry Enrique's daughter to
the brother of the King of France
we'll put pressure on Aragon.
Then we'd disinherit Isabel
for going against the Treaty of Guisando
and marrying on her own without a bull.
This way, Enrique's daughter will
also become heiress to Castile.
That's right.
It's the only solution.
Can I count on you?
Who's lying here?
Is there a bull or not?
There isn't.
- There isn't.
- No, there isn't and hasn't been.
And the one you showed me?
It's a forgery.
A forged bull?
You want me to get
married with a forged bull?
Your Highness, the important thing
is to have the wedding now.
This is the right moment,
otherwise it could be too late.
Please understand.
The bull will get here, in due time.
What I don't get is how an archbishop
fools an entire kingdom and the Church.
I have permission granted from the pope.
He accepts your wedding and has
promised to grant you the bull.
But right now, it's impossible.
Should I believe you?
Or is it another lie?
Because if it was true,
you could have told me.
I didn't expect this from you.
Or you.
Once you rule, you'll know sometimes
you need to make unpleasant decisions.
When I rule, if that happens
I expect the people I trust
to tell me the truth.
Let's leave the berating
for another time. It will come.
- We need to decide what to do now.
- I will not marry with a forged bull.
I will.
- What are you saying?
- We can't turn back. It's too risky.
the Pope's spoken approval?
I swear by God it's true.
- Even more reason.
- True.
We could go to the notary
before the ceremony.
- That would help in the future.
- Please, be quiet.
- Where are you going?
- To convince Isabel.
Because you can be sure
we will get married.
As you can also be sure I'll never
accept something like this again!
Isabel, let me talk to you.
Believe me, getting married
is the best choice.
- Why?
- Because the ends justify the means.
- Are you sure about that?
- As sure as I know I can't fail Aragon.
Or my father.
You worry about Aragon.
I'll worry about Castile.
If you care about Castile,
marry me tomorrow, Isabel.
Castile needs a queen like you,
and I'll help you be that queen.
I didn't come here to see a woman as
beautiful as you and just walk past.
I won't lose a woman
of your pride and lineage.
It can't be that much if you flirt
with the first woman to cross your path.
Don't deny it. I saw you with a maid.
Do you think I risked my neck
to get here to flirt with a maid?
Isabel, I wasn't flirting.
- Were you talking about the wedding menu?
- No.
We were talking about Gonzalo.
He told me about an impossible love
that's been tormenting him.
when he came to court.
- I didn't know about that.
- Gonzalo would never tell you.
He's humble. He serves and isn't
noticed, like the good soldier he is.
And he's loyal, as I'm being now.
I talked with her to see
if she could comfort him.
I know you don't think it's right, I know.
But I swear it's true.
I want to be your husband, Isabel.
- What about the bull?
- We're young.
We'll have time to get that damn bull.
Meanwhile, we'll have children.
And they'll have beautiful
blue eyes like yours.
Will you marry me?
Yes, I'll marry you.
I know how much you've done
for this wedding to take place.
Forgive me, Your Highness, I've done
so much for this wedding to take place.
And I could have ruined it with my silence.
I'm very sorry I kept the truth from you.
- You know of my devotion and loyalty.
- Relax.
and I'll tell you the same thing.
I wouldn't be anything without
your support through these tough times.
I understand the reasons
that forced you to hide the truth.
- Fernando made me see them.
- I was right in telling you about him.
Yes, I remember how you had
to scold me for me to accept him.
- Anything for Castile.
- Anything for Castile.
So, what did you want to tell me?
In spite of all you've done for this wedding,
what I need is for you to not be there.
That's fine. Tell me what
you need me to do.
I want you to go to Segovia
as quickly as possible.
What for?
I can't get married without Beatriz
knowing why I'm doing it.
When I say yes, I'd like for you to
already have explained it to her.
And give this to her.
I will.
Will you give me a letter for Beatriz?
You're good with words
you and know me well.
You have my trust because
you know what I feel.
I don't want anything from her.
You know how I care about your
Aunt Clara and Don Gonzalo.
But I ask you to take these gifts
and go to Valladolid right now.
Just hear him out, Beatriz.
This man crossed Castile
on horseback just to talk to you.
Fine. What does Isabel want?
My forgiveness?
A woman who will become queen
can only ask God for forgiveness.
Isabel only wants your understanding.
She wants you to know she lied to you
because if she'd told you the truth,
everything would have come down.
And not because of your indiscretion.
But because the king's spies
All right.
But it's not right to get
married with a forged bull.
Sometimes you can't take the straight
path to reach your destination.
You know of her sorrows when they
wanted to marry her by force.
Doesn't she have the right, as a princess
and a woman, to marry who she wants?
She listened to the king when
he suggested the Duke of Guyenne.
But she can't expect healthy children
from someone who's sick and crippled.
Would you be happier
if there had been a bull
but fear for the birth of a child
who'd surely inherit his father's defects?
Beatriz, you're going to be a mother.
Can you imagine such torment?
- No.
- That's why she chose Fernando.
He's a healthy young man.
And with God's will, their union
will join Aragon and Castile.
And your son and your son's children
will live in a better Castile.
A Castile where the monarchs won't be
puppets to the interests of a few.
Lastly, you should know that while
the pope didn't grant the bull
he promised secretly that he'd
grant it later during better times.
I see you don't care
if I know about that.
You can share it without fear.
The king will be only become more
nervous when he finds out.
Well, this is Isabel's message.
What's your answer?
Tell her I wish her that she's happy.
And may all her dreams come true.
Thank you for allowing me
to talk to your wife.
And for hiding and protecting me.
- It's time for me to leave.
- My men will get you out safely.
Come in.
time to come talk to me?
I thought it was bad luck to see the bride's
dress, not the presiding priest's robes.
Leave the irony aside.
What do you want?
I want to give this back to you.
They're Palencia's texts.
Leave us.
You were the one who ordered them stolen?
With what right?
The right that truth gives me. These
chronicles only talk about you and Fernando.
Isabel seems like a distraught young
woman saved by a dashing knight.
Is that the image of Isabel you
want to leave for the future?
times I've had to step in to keep our plan.
Even then I'd probably have had
to intervene to keep Isabel alive.
And don't forget that with your
scheming, there was almost no wedding.
What's going on, Carrillo?
It was enough to force Isabel and
Fernando to rule under your control.
Say what you want and don't
waste any more of my time.
What position do you want
when we hold power?
You don't understand anything.
You think I want to fight you for power?
This wedding isn't the end
of the story. It's the beginning.
And if it goes well and Isabel becomes queen,
I'll retire with my wife.
You won't see me anymore.
I'll have accomplished my mission.
So keep those titles for one of your guests.
You can get fat showing off
your influence and power
but you'll end up alone, Carrillo.
Can't you see that?
If you criticize me so, why
have you supported me so far?
For what you've done for Isabel.
And because the marriage
to Fernando is the only solution.
- But everything has a limit.
- And do tell, what's that limit?
Isabel's honor.
I don't want time to pass and
no one to remember her efforts
her struggles, and her values as a woman
and a queen, if she ever becomes one.
If you respect that, I'll support you.
And if not, what will you do?
Nothing. I won't have to.
You'll condemn yourself.
You're your worst enemy.
She dares to get married without a bull.
Yes, she'll do it today.
With plenty of well-known noble witnesses.
- Where did you get this list?
- Pacheco gave it to me.
He even has spies in hell.
Maybe more there than
anywhere else, that bastard.
That bastard probably knew
more than we thought.
It's possible his plan with France
wasn't such a crazy idea.
Does the dress need to be so tight?
If you could see how beautiful
you look, you wouldn't complain.
Much less today.
You'll be the prettiest bride
Castile has ever seen.
I brought you some makeup.
- What is it?
- Kohl.
It will emphasize your eyes.
I know this Moorish soot.
My brother Enrique's wife used it.
- Thank you, but I don't need cats' eyes.
- Why not?
I used it for my wedding.
He couldn't stop looking at me.
He was even distracted when
he had to say yes to the priest.
How can I say no then?
Today is a great day, Isabel.
Today all of our dreams
will start to come true.
I hope I'll be up to the challenge.
You will be. You always have.
Ever since you were a little girl.
What's wrong?
- Our child is coming!
- Help us! Help us!
Relax, I'm the one giving birth,
don't be so nervous.
Come with me to the room.
And get the midwife here.
Get the midwife here, quickly!
Vivero Palace,
October 19, 1469
Fernando, the king of Sicily
and prince heir of Aragon.
In front of everyone present
do you swear to obey
the laws, codes, privileges
good uses, and customs
I swear.
Let's proceed then.
We've gathered here in God's presence
and Don Fernando, the king of Sicily
and the prince of Aragon.
A reading of the papal bull
Papal messenger and
the pope's ambassador.
grants Don Fernando, legitimate heir
to the kingdom of Aragon
papal permission to marry,
already being of legal age
a royal princess, related
by blood three times removed.
Rome, May 28.
Year of our Lord Jesus Christ's birth, 1464.
bishop of the Holy Catholic Church.
If anyone present knows of any
reason for this marriage not to occur
they can and should speak now,
or be silent forever.
By the Apostolic Holy See's authority
this marriage is allowed.
The king demands my presence
at the court urgently.
I told you. No one humiliates a Pacheco.
Do you wish to become wife
and woman of Don Fernando
the king of Sicily and the prince of Aragon?
I do.
legitimate princess heir of these
I do.
By the authority given to me
by the Holy Apostolic See
I declare you husband and wife.
It's a boy.
What should we name him?
What do you think about Fernando?
You don't like it.
We'll give him the name you want.
These are the real guests of our wedding.
What am I supposed
to do now, Clara, what?
Relax, Isabel. Nature will guide you
in what you have to do.
What do you feel when
you're next to Fernando?
Well, around this time,
at night in Valladolid
it's already cold.
Don Fernando is coming.
Don't be nervous.
I beg you.
- How's Isabel?
- Nervous.
Very nervous.
But everything will be fine, you'll see.
And it will be thanks to you.
That's why I came, to be able to go back
so he can accompany you.
Have you seen Gonzalo?
- I haven't seen him since the ceremony.
- Neither have I.
- Why?
- I don't know.
He came to mind.
You can come in.
Are you all right?
Now sleep.
I'll watch over you.
- Your Majesty.
- Your Majesty.
Pacheco, I'm sorry about your wife.
Thank you, sir.
Tell me about your plan.
We'll be anxiously waiting for
the Duke of Guyenne's visit.
I can't confirm his presence.
Enrique wants to marry his daughter
to the Duke of Guyenne?
That's right, Monsignor Yeufeu
is in Segovia for the arrangements.
I never imagined my younger sister
turning into my worst nightmare.
If we had acted in time,
we wouldn't be lamenting now.
The king's armies entered Toledo
and confiscated all of my possessions.
What do you think about becoming
mayor and treasurer of Madrid?
While keeping your titles in Segovia, of course.
Have mercy, my lady! The fields are dry!
What can we do?
What do I tell Fernando? That I'm broke?
That I don't have men to fight in Catalonia?
Castile is joining France to finish off
Aragon and our hopes for the future.
What will be our answer?
It would be good to bring
your wife back to the court.
Bring Juana? What for?
I've known you since birth, and
now I'll see you become a mother.
We promise that if it's a boy
Fernando and Isabel's son will marry Juana.
Juana is our daughter.
But we'll never be a family again.
We managed to get here because
no one rules over me.
We had an agreement. You can't
make choices without consulting me!
I haven't felt this good
in a long time, Pacheco.
How's your son doing?
Not well.
I want you to deliver this to Castile's king.
I just saw Carrillo and Peralta together.
If Isabel has a son
we'll be in trouble. A lot of trouble.
Isabel! Guards!
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