Isabel (2011) s01e10 Episode Script


There is no bull.
In previous episodes
I knew he wouldn't give it to her.
I knew it!
Three months before his death.
Rome has accepted the bull that
- Are you sure the bull is forged?
- Yes.
Will you tell Isabel?
- I'll write a letter to Isabel myself.
- But
And I beg you get it to Valladolid.
He wants all three of you to reign?
Carrillo is showing his true colors.
I'm doing what you said so nothing
gets in the way of this wedding.
This is my son, Diego.
Welcome to the court, Diego!
I need you to leave your affairs in Toledo
in trusted hands and stay with me.
It's from your friend, Beatriz.
- Is there a bull or not?
- I have the pope's spoken approval.
He accepts your wedding
and has promised to grant the bull.
But at the moment it's not possible.
- I won't marry with a forged bull.
- I will.
If we marry Enrique's daughter
to the brother of the king of France
we'll have a hold over Aragon.
Then we'd have to disinherit Isabel
for not obeying the Treaty of Guisando
and marrying without a bull.
This way, Enrique's daughter
becomes heiress of Castile as well.
- Isabel will marry without a bull.
- Yes.
She'll do it today,
with many witnesses of great nobility.
What's wrong?
- Our son is coming.
- Help! Help!
That bastard might have
known more than we thought.
It's possible that his plan with
France wasn't such a bad idea.
Pacheco, I'm sorry about your wife.
Tell me about your plan.
By the authority given to me
by the Holy Apostolic See
I declare you husband and wife.
Your Majesty.
- A letter from Isabel.
- What does she want now?
It's not enough to marry against my wishes.
Now she wants to rub it in?
Read it, read it.
Let's see what new lies she tells me.
On this day, October 20, 1469
I write to inform you that
Fernando and I are married.
Skip the obvious, I beg you.
We're sorry you weren't there.
But I sent several letters
inviting Your Majesty
to join us on such a solemn occasion.
We delayed the wedding to wait
for you in hopes of your assistance.
But having received no answer
to any of these letters
we were married by the church with
little notice and few foreign guests.
Both Fernando and I, Isabel
promise to serve Your Excellency
with love and filial obedience.
And as kin,
we would be delighted if Your Majesty
would deign to see us
at a convenient and safe place--
No, stop. I beg you.
I've heard enough.
I never imagined my younger sister
would turn into my worst nightmare.
If we had acted on time,
we wouldn't be regretting it now.
- Not everything is bad news.
- Has France answered?
Jufrau is on his way.
Shell pay for everything she's done to us.
Gentlemen, we have
an opportunity we can't miss.
The future of Castile
and the future of my daughter
depend on our acting appropriately.
For once and for all
I don't want any more errors.
We need to stay together.
Of course, Your Majesty.
You can always count on me
to defend your interests.
And those of your daughter.
Which is why I dare suggest something.
It would be good
to bring your wife to the court.
- Bring Juana? What for?
- I know Jufrau.
He loves traditions.
Seeing the royal family together
will help with the negotiation.
But I ask mostly for
the sake of your daughter.
You know how I feel about the queen.
But a girl with these kinds of
responsibilities at such a young age?
She will need her mother.
I think Don Diego is right, Your Majesty.
It's a miracle you agree on something.
And I won't go against a miracle.
What are you thinking about?
About your eyes.
They look as though they're laughing.
Maybe it's because they like what they see.
And they'd like to see more.
Why not?
You're beautiful.
And desirable.
Such outward garments won't last forever.
Are you embarrassed?
There's nothing wrong with
giving ourselves to pleasure.
I'm your husband.
We have other obligations, Fernando.
Enrique hasn't answered the letter we sent.
And there's also the papal bull and Rome.
Can't you forget who we are
for just one moment?
Pretend that we're just nameless lovers.
People that no one know.
In this room, it's just you and me.
We don't need anything else.
- What do you like to play?
- To hide and not be found.
I'll tell you a secret.
Sometimes I'd like to not be found either.
Really? But you're the king.
That's why, dear, that's why.
- Everything's ready, Your Majesty.
- I can see that.
Enrique wants to marry his daughter
to the Duke of Guyenne?
Yes, Monsignor Jufrau is in Segovia
to settle the wedding agreements.
You wanted an answer to your letter
to the king. This is his answer.
Gentlemen, Castile will ally with France
to finish Aragon and our future hopes.
What will be our answer?
Wait? Wait for what?
For Enrique to marry his daughter
and come get us with his army?
He won't do it.
Enrique doesn't like wars.
True, but he gets angry easily.
Think also about Pacheco and Mendoza.
They'll use force, I assure you.
It wouldn't be hurt
to have strong protection.
- Which we don't have now.
I've ordered my army to leave
Toledo and come here immediately.
They'll bring weapons and money,
from me and from our supporters.
Who will want it back one day
with interest or favors.
Or with a good government for Castile.
Which we don't have now.
There are plenty who support
you wholeheartedly, Your Majesty.
I thought your job
as a chronicler was to write.
- Not to give opinions.
- I allowed Palencia to be here.
And he can give his opinion.
And he's right.
There's a lot of hope that
your wedding will start a new era.
All three of us, together
we'll make Castile grand again.
And everyone will want to be on our side.
Thanks for letting me
return to the court, husband.
I don't want to hear you calling me that.
Never again.
I'll make it clear.
Our daughter's future is in our hands.
If we must look past shame
and disgrace for her sake
that's what we'll do.
Because Juana is our daughter.
But we'll never be a family again.
Do you understand?
From now on, in front of others
I'll be a good father.
And you, my loyal wife and a loving mother.
Even if we both know it's not true.
- Enrique, I--
- I don't want excuses.
Or penitence.
I don't have a priest's soul.
I just need to know if you're
ready to keep up with this farce.
Are you?
Are you?
I only have one question.
I've heard rumors that
the Duke of Guyenne
- That he isn't good-looking.
- He's the brother of the king of France.
His Eminence Monsignor Jufrau is waiting.
Let's go then.
You're marrying the brother
of the king of France.
Can you believe it?
See, that man has come
from there to ask for your hand.
You're a very important person, my dear.
- Really?
- Of course.
Of course, dear. You're a king's
daughter, and you'll be a queen.
I think it's time to talk about
the wedding agreements.
Juana, let's go.
Men negotiate these things. Gentlemen.
Will you join me?
You have a beautiful wife.
Who knows how to behave as a queen.
Thank you, I will relay your
words to her, Your Excellency.
Let's talk about what brought us here.
Let's go outside.
When will the wedding take place?
It would be better to wait after winter.
But you can consider it done right now.
We'll be anxiously waiting
for the Duke of Guyenne's visit.
I can't guarantee his presence.
You all know that my lord
the duke has fragile health.
We must be ready to celebrate
the wedding by proxy.
I hope he'll at least send a noble
of high stature as a representative.
- Consider it done.
- We'll also consider it done
that the bride will remain
in Castile until she comes of age.
That's fine.
The important thing is for our kingdoms
to be together from now on.
And for our armies to take care
of Aragon as soon as possible.
Of course. Nothing would make me happier.
You know that King Juan of Aragon
encouraged his son Fernando's
wedding with your sister Isabel
with intentions of joining
Aragon and Castile against France.
We know that, have no doubt.
And what are you doing
against Isabel and Fernando?
In France, their heads would have
rolled for much less by now.
What's with the cutting of
heads in France, Your Eminence?
I wish for our negotiation
to reach an understanding.
But never tell a king what to do, Jufrau.
Calm down, Jufrau.
There are many ways of
taking care of an enemy.
Not just with the executioner's help.
That's right. Winter will be here soon.
Crops weren't good this year.
Aragon will be helpless.
- King Juan is ruined.
- What about Carrillo?
Carrillo will soon get
a very unpleasant surprise.
Bad news?
The worst.
The king's army went to Toledo
and seized my property.
- And your army?
- There are no soldiers without money.
My army is gone.
Many of my best men
have been hired by Pacheco.
And the support you had?
They've been threatened with
loss of their titles and possessions.
We can't expect anything from them.
And my son
He's to remain under
house arrest until further notice.
I'm sorry.
Next they'll cut off Valladolid
so we don't get any food.
If they did that, the people would
know the king was behind their woes.
Why do you think we haven't
been attacked yet?
When they know we don't have an army.
They want to see us fall.
And for people to think
that we're incapable of ruling.
Not that we're victims of force.
The crown will give a better price
to those who can supply us.
And everyone will think it's
a matter of trade, not politics.
This is clearly Pacheco's strategy.
He chokes you without
putting a hand on you.
This is bad. And the harvest
hasn't been good around here.
They'll hold on until we can't take it anymore.
Until they see us fall from the tree,
like ripened fruit.
Very rough.
- Happy holidays.
- Sir.
Happy holidays.
- Everything all right?
- All is calm, sir.
Even though it's freezing, Captain.
As it hasn't been in years.
I'll relieve you, go rest.
I'll stay here.
Get some food and wine to warm up.
Thank you, sir.
But only a bit of wine.
I'll know.
Is the situation that bad?
It is.
There's no money for gloves or boots.
The soldiers warm up by singing.
I've seen more than one
taking wine to their posts.
- I had to arrest him.
- We could use the wedding money now.
What would be good is the 200 soldiers
and 4000 florins your father promised us.
If they're not here,
it's not because he doesn't have them.
My father is at war. A real one.
With soldiers dying on the battlefield.
Not with kings, princes,
and bishops exchanging letters.
Waiting for an army that will never come.
I never thought Enrique would go this far.
I always respected him as king
as long as he respected me.
I offered never go to war again.
As you can see, it hasn't
been enough for your brother.
If Enrique saw us now, he'd be happy.
He wants us to fight amongst ourselves.
- By God, he's got it. I beg for us to--
- Calm down.
the priest is you or Carrillo.
- Fernando, please.
- Relax, Isabel.
Fernando has the right
to tell me what he wants
and I have the right to insist
for everyone to calm down.
- And I'll keep doing it.
is that there's too much calm here.
I just hope it's not the calm of death.
But you're right, it's better to stop
arguing and do something about it.
Count me in to stand guard.
That's an order.
That's if, as king, I'm still allowed to give one.
If that's the case, I'll stand guard with you.
I'll go get a coat for my husband.
Give food out to the men
who are guarding us.
I don't think that's wise.
We don't have many supplies left.
We'll give it to the ones who protect us.
God's son was born for them too.
Isabel, that's not your job.
Or for a king to stand guard.
Things aren't going well, are they?
How can you smile at a time like this?
A man's strength is measured by the
times he gets up, not by the times he falls.
Do you remember when
you learned to sew as a girl?
I wanted to do it perfectly from
the start and ended up ruining it all.
And what did your mother tell you?
A greyhound is faster than a mastiff,
but the mastiff goes further.
She learned it from my father.
Keep remembering that phrase now.
And tell Fernando about it.
Now more than ever.
I'll take this to your husband.
Take blankets for the soldiers too.
Go to the kitchens. Eat and drink
all you want. You've earned it.
- Right away, Your Majesty.
- No, not you.
The servants can take them.
Is something wrong?
You seem uncomfortable.
I'm sorry, Your Majesty,
but I must go to my child.
Forgive me, you may go. How old is he?
He's close to two months.
May I go with you?
I'm sure my daughter
would love to meet him.
Yes, of course. As you wish.
I thank you for joining us
on a day like today.
We're the ones
who are grateful, Your Majesty.
Your son is already two months old.
And I haven't given you a gift.
- It's not necessary, Your Highness.
- It is!
It is. You serve me well.
You give me peace.
You never plot behind my back.
I'm not a magician.
But I am the king, and
I'll bring you a gift in January.
What do you think about becoming
mayor and treasurer of Madrid?
While keeping Segovia as well, of course.
It would be an honor, Your Highness.
The honor would be mine, Cabrera.
- May I move closer?
- Yes.
But don't bother him.
My son is a good sleeper.
He's still not affected by
the court's schemes.
Beatriz, come here.
You seem uncomfortable with my presence.
I am.
It's because of my differences
with Isabel, isn't it?
You mean abuse.
Sometimes being queen makes you
do things others won't understand.
Sometimes life is fair, and
makes those who hurt others pay.
Your daughter can come visit
my son whenever she wants.
She's a girl, and she's innocent.
But don't ask for my affection.
I only obey the king and my husband.
You worked to make my best friend unhappy.
Ask me for anything,
except about forgetting that.
My daughter.
It's time to go.
Yes, we need to let the boy rest.
And the mother too.
Excuse me, I didn't think I'd find you here.
It's our bedroom, and you're my wife.
What's strange about that?
I'm sorry, you know that
I'm not used to certain things.
Cover yourself.
- Don't catch a cold.
- It's much colder outside.
- Fernando.
- I know what you're about to say.
I shouldn't have been so rash with Carrillo.
We shouldn't each be fighting our own war.
I'm sorry, Isabel.
But the day will come when I won't obey him.
I hope you'll smile then too.
When that day comes, I'll support you.
And I promise to smile too.
- Where are you going?
- I must write a letter to my father.
Our situation is starting to become miserable.
And I don't like it when
Aragon doesn't keep its word.
I don't want Carrillo telling me again.
Can't you do it in the morning?
There will be better light to write then.
You're right.
Excuse me, Your Majesty.
Come in, come in, Peralta.
You may leave.
Thank you for your loyalty and effort.
Bad news, Your Majesty?
France is winning.
Everything we recovered
has been lost again.
And I don't have enough money
to pay for more armies.
Besides, France and Castile
are preparing a wedding.
And the pope won't hear about a new bull.
To make it worse,
I got a letter from my son.
Things aren't any better for him.
- What's going on?
- King Enrique is smothering them.
Carrillo's property has been seized.
He asks me to keep my word
on the wedding dowry.
Four thousand florins
and two hundred soldiers.
How will you respond?
That I'll get them soon.
Don't look at me like that, Peralta.
What do you want me to tell Fernando?
That I don't have a single florin?
That I don't have enough
men to fight in Catalonia?
I wanted my sight back to see my son rule,
not to see everything sinking.
And it's so damn cold!
Damn winter!
You didn't sleep well?
I couldn't sleep.
Cheer up.
The days are longer.
And the sun is warm today.
Spring is near.
- Spring won't fix it all.
- What's wrong?
I'm dying of boredom, Isabel.
The most exciting thing
in the last few days is that
Don't complain.
May all bad news be like this.
Maybe a walk will cheer us up.
I don't know if this walk
will cheer us up, Isabel.
- Maybe we should go back, Your Majesty.
- Why?
These people are in need.
Your Highnesses could be
in danger at any moment.
If I'm afraid of my own people,
I'll never deserve to be their queen.
But that's double what it was last week.
- If you want the bread, pay for it!
- Please!
It's not my fault those who should
be protecting us aren't doing it.
Have mercy, my lady!
We're starving! The fields are dry.
- What can we do?
- The fields will give again.
- And war will not return.
- It will return as always.
And you'll do nothing to prevent it.
- Shut up!
- No, let her speak.
They say there were hundreds
of guests at your wedding.
They ate delicious roast meat.
What about us?
We risk our lives to get something to eat!
You don't care about the people!
What do you care when you've
never needed anything since birth?
You can do what you please!
And you don't have to
explain yourself to anyone!
Is that justice?
Give us food!
If my children were hungry,
I would hunt and steal too.
I would even kill.
We can't blame the
people for that, Fernando.
We live in our palaces,
well fed and warmly clothed.
So involved in ourselves.
We think we're the salt of the earth.
The people always suffer, Isabel.
It's part of life.
It's only in paradise that there are
no needs, but we're not in paradise.
- We're in a world of intrigues and wars.
- But it's our duty to improve it.
No matter how much we improve it,
some things will never change.
You give them bread for two days,
on the third they'll rob your house.
Those people around us today cheered
our names at our wedding, Fernando.
They were hopeful,
but there's no enthusiasm left.
If we can't support them or assure them
they can feed their children every day
how can we ask for their
support and enthusiasm?
How can we ask them to risk
their lives on the battlefield?
What can we give them for that?
What can we offer them?
- Isabel, are you all right?
- Yes.
Isabel! Guards! Come to me!
- Is it serious?
- Relax.
She'll improve, probably in eight months.
Is she pregnant?
Who could have known, Don Gonzalo?
I've known you since birth.
And now I'll see you become a mother.
My son didn't come at the best time.
It's never a bad time to be parents.
We better leave them alone.
It's wonderful!
I want all the bells to toll.
- The whole world will know.
- Yes, let the whole world know.
Pregnant! Isabel is pregnant!
They got married in November,
and it's only March now.
It seems they haven't wasted time.
- Have we heard from France yet?
- Not yet, Your Majesty.
They're taking a long time!
Trust Jufrau.
I don't trust the return of Christ!
They're about to enter Catalonia.
- They'll be in Barcelona any day now!
- I know.
The purpose of marrying my daughter
to Guyenne was to finish Aragon!
And they're doing it without the wedding.
I fear they're not as interested
as they were before winter.
If Isabel has a boy,
we'll be in trouble. Lots of trouble.
It has to be a boy. It has to!
- With God's will.
- We can't stay still, now less than ever.
- What do you mean?
- We don't have time.
France is circling toward us more than ever.
We need Castile's support now.
We can't wait for Fernando
and Isabel to reach the throne.
We must reach an agreement with Enrique.
We've played Enrique and
we've played Pacheco even more.
How will we get in their good graces now?
What can we offer if
we don't have any money left?
We'll offer them something
more important than that.
The future.
We'll agree that if it's a boy, Fernando
and Isabel's son will marry Juana.
And if it's female?
Don't be pessimistic, Peralta.
It will be a boy, it has to be.
- What worries you now?
- I don't know.
I think it will be easier to
convince Enrique than Isabel.
Fernando is her husband. She'll have
to obey. And Fernando will do as I say.
Just in case, settle things with Carrillo.
He'll know how to handle the situation.
No, there's no way, Peralta!
What I didn't wanted for me,
I don't want for my child!
I won't force any marriage.
Especially before the child is born
and we don't know the gender.
Peralta has made a long trip,
let's hear him out, at least.
Enrique has taken initiative.
He feels strong with the nobility's support.
I'm sorry to say your cause
has lost a lot of support
and it's sinking financially.
That's true, Your Majesty.
You were witness to the people's needs.
And yesterday we found
traces of mutiny in town.
I've arrested the heads,
they wanted to enter the palace.
We can share our food with them.
- We don't have that much, Isabel.
- Why wasn't I informed of that mutiny?
Because you and Isabel
have your own worries.
An expecting mother shouldn't have any.
I'll decide what worries
I can deal with, Carrillo.
We'll talk later about that.
I don't want to show my guests weakness.
Go on, Peralta, what would
we win with your proposal?
My lord Don Juan thinks that King Enrique
would gladly accept the proposal
and consider it a proof of acceptance.
You should have read
the letters he hasn't answered!
Don't forget we married you
without his consent.
I'm surprised to see you
preach docility, Carrillo.
It's not docility.
- You know I wouldn't deal with them.
- Enough!
We're not talking about
giving out land or titles.
We're talking about my child!
- About our child!
- We can't accept, Peralta.
It would be acknowledging
the king's daughter's legitimacy.
It would be accepting our defeat.
But we need to buy time!
We're unarmed and have no money!
I think there's nothing more to say.
Now leave us. I beg you all.
My wife is tired and doesn't
need these arguments.
Come with me. I want to give you
a message for Aragon's king.
Thank you for your support.
Thank you for my support?
That's the only thing you
want from me, isn't it?
My support.
What do you mean?
- Don't you agree with me?
- Yes!
I believe every word I said.
And I'll tell my father
not to play with our child.
What's the problem then?
Haven't you realized it? You
behaved as though I weren't here!
They were talking about
the child I'm carrying!
I have something to do with it to!
I'm that child's father!
I'm his father and your husband.
I'm the king of Sicily
and heir to Aragon's crown.
Peralta brought my father's proposal.
My father the king!
You can't speak like it's
only your business, Isabel.
And I'm the princess of Asturias.
Heir to Castile's crown.
And this child's mother!
Tell me what other business could
belong more to me than this?
The rest of us always give in.
It should be your turn for once.
- Where are you going?
- To double the guard.
And to arrest those who planned on
breaking into the palace to steal our food.
Wouldn't it be better to negotiate?
It's hunger that's making them rebel!
The reason doesn't matter, Isabel.
When someone disrespects authority,
you must end them no matter what the reason!
With fire and blood if necessary!
- But if we negotiate--
- Let me do something, for once!
I assure you I'm more experienced
than you in these matters.
This message isn't for Aragon's king.
I want you to take it to Castile's king.
To Enrique?
What about Fernando and Isabel?
Fernando and Isabel will do what
King Juan and I tell them to do.
It's about time to put them in their place.
I made it clear to Enrique
that you go on my behalf
and on behalf of your king.
You should propose the wedding
in case Isabel's child is a boy.
- Excuse me, Monsignor.
- Not now, Palencia, later.
- But it's important.
- I said later!
All right, Your Excellency.
Will you do as I say?
King Don Juan told me
to be on your side, Carrillo.
I knew it!
I need Enrique to believe it.
I need time to get my army back.
And if it's a boy, and Castile's king
agrees to the wedding?
Let's not talk about the future,
whatever may happen
only God knows it.
And God is discreet in those matters.
I swear.
It's better to think inside the palace.
It's starting to get cold, Your Majesty.
Thanks for the advice, but I'm fine here.
I heard the guards captured
the individuals stirring the people.
A few back lashings will
make them forget about it.
Well done.
I appreciate your support.
Do you need anything else?
I'd rather be alone.
Of course, Your Majesty.
I just wanted to let you
know of my admiration.
Castile needs a king like you.
And a queen like Isabel, I assume.
Laws and wars were
never matters for women.
They're for men.
You're the king Castile needs.
And you'll prove it, just like in the
thousand battles you've won.
I've won a lot, Palencia,
but not a thousand.
You've commanded armies
since you were only 12 years old.
You've convinced the courts of Aragon
and Valencia with your words.
You're Sicily's king, and you'll be
king of Castile and Aragon.
What could you learn from a priest?
Even if he is an archbishop.
How could a woman order you around?
Even if she is a king's daughter.
I see you know about me.
I know about everything, Your Majesty.
And there's something
you're dying to tell me, right?
That's right, Your Majesty,
but maybe some other time.
- Now you want to be alone.
- Suddenly, I'd rather have company.
I just saw Carrillo and Peralta together.
I assure you, I didn't expect this proposal.
Marrying my daughter to
my sister Isabel's child, if it's a boy.
King Juan of Aragon firmly believes
that Castile and Aragon's unity
would bring more benefits
than yours with France.
And it would take care of
their current needs too.
Each problem has its own solution, Pacheco.
- You know it well.
- I know it more than well.
Even more with the Aragonese.
This isn't the time to argue,
but to reflect. Thank you, Peralta.
I promise to study your proposal.
But you understand I need
time to give you an answer.
What about your daughter's wedding
with the Duke of Guyenne?
The wedding with the Duke of Guyenne
hasn't been set. Don't worry about that.
If you're kind enough, go with
Peralta. Give him food and drink.
- He has a long trip back home.
- As you wish.
You're not going to
consider this offer, are you?
Relax, Pacheco.
I'll do the complete opposite.
This document will make my daughter's
wedding to the Duke of Guyenne
take place no later than this summer.
Do you want to put a wager on it?
I see. You want me to make
this information reach Paris.
The French are doing well
in their war against Aragon.
But knowing that Castile and Aragon
would join together with this offer?
You'll see how they'll speed up
replying to our letters.
I have no doubt.
Aragon and Carrillo must be
very distraught to offer this wedding.
It seems Isabel's dream is drifting away.
Those were your plans, right?
That's right.
They must have no money,
not even to pay their servants.
- What are you doing, Isabel?
- One of your doublets.
You punish them dearly.
This is how things are?
No maids to sew for you?
I don't think it's something shameful.
Leave us.
And yes, that's how things are.
We're even short on wood.
Good thing winter's over.
- Things can't go on like this.
- The people are worse off.
They followed us out of love.
Now they do it out of fear.
There was no other way, Isabel.
I swear I don't like punishing
those in so much need.
As king, my duty is the opposite.
It's being able to feed the people.
Come here.
I know how you feel,
but being able to wait is a virtue.
A virtue I find hard to learn.
I admire your strength in rough times.
I'd like my soldiers to have it.
The world has crumbled
around me many times.
But God always gives me a hand.
And I'm at peace now.
Besides, you're at my side.
Give me your hand.
Can you imagine how this will be?
You shouldn't worry,
nature will follow its course.
- Isabel is a strong woman.
I'd like to see a few men giving birth.
It's a girl.
She's beautiful.
Her name will be Isabel.
Like her mother.
You know you can have
all the ladies you need.
I'd rather you help me
so I can be with my husband.
The day you can get me undressed,
your penance is to do the opposite.
It's a penance I gladly perform.
Sometimes I think that
if kings were as happy as we are
their people's lives would be so much better.
If we were monarchs, we
probably wouldn't be this happy.
We don't have to negotiate
our son's marriage.
Trying to force a marriage
on Isabel's child
if the child is a boy,
it's an insult to both mother and son.
And if it's a girl?
Enrique would be thrilled, I'm sure of it.
It's funny.
Everyone's obsessed with
having boys and they get girls.
But we got our boy on the first try.
I'll go get him. He has to eat.
Hello, darling. What is it?
What is it? What is it, darling?
- Is something wrong?
- The boy is burning up.
Put some cold rags on him.
I'll go get a physician.
Finally, the chance of marrying
my daughter to Isabel's son
- has encouraged the French.
- There's still some negotiating left.
They're asking for our army in case
it's necessary to get Aragon in the south.
We'll get to that. I want my daughter
married with a safe future
and I've finally done it.
What do we know about Isabel?
She must be close to giving birth.
They can't hold out much longer.
It seems the child won't
bring bread under his arm.
Did you send for me, sir?
We have a date for Juana's wedding.
Where's Cabrera? I haven't seen him all day.
His son has a very high fever.
It sounds as though it's serious.
His son means everything to him.
Where are you going?
Where I'm needed.
Your Majesty, what are you doing here?
How's your son doing?
Not good.
The physician gave him some
herbs and some cold cloths.
He said tonight is the night
we'll know if he pulls through or not.
Don't lower your voices.
I don't need to know what he said
to know what's going on.
You know how my son is doing.
You can leave now.
I wanted to accompany you.
I'd rather be alone.
I'm sorry, but I'm staying with you.
I know I'll stop seeing my daughter
soon because of her wedding.
I'll pray with you
so you won't lose yours.
So you can see him grow every day.
Oh, Fernando!
- What is it, Beatriz?
- He doesn't have a fever anymore!
I don't have much time, Monsignor.
- I need to breast-feed my daughter.
- That's not a queen's duty.
Have you ever been a mother, Carrillo?
Then don't tell me how to be one.
Let's get into government issues then.
Has the birth been announced yet?
No, not yet.
- Why not?
- I thought we should talk first.
- What do we need to talk about?
- As soon as it's known it's not a boy
we risk losing the few
supporters we have left.
Are you saying we should lie
and say it's a boy?
Yes, that's what I propose.
Your faith in our cause is so small,
you think we need to lie about things?
As thought it were an
offense to be born a woman?
It has nothing to do with that.
It's a matter of survival.
Here's the document
that says a prince was born.
I expected you to approve and sign it
before it's given to the messengers.
I've had it with you, Carrillo.
You think that many lies put
together will become a truth.
- I don't understand, Your Majesty.
- Well, you're going to.
I'm glad we had a daughter.
Now you can't negotiate
with Enrique anymore.
Something my wife and I refused to do
but you kept doing anyway.
And now you want to pretend
that our daughter is a boy!
What for, Carrillo?
To keep stalling for time.
You don't have any time left, Carrillo.
Even if it had been a boy,
we wouldn't have agreed to that wedding.
Were you capable of all that?
The art of good government sometimes
requires to put your principals aside.
The art of good government
requires one to be prepared!
And to know your strengths
before the attack. And you, Carrillo
In that sense, you didn't think about what
could happen by provoking Enrique.
It isn't the time to blame. We all knew
we were making a risky decision.
- Does anyone regret our actions?
- I don't regret anything.
And I'd give my life for our cause.
For my wife and my daughter.
But I don't understand
the use of hiding a truth
that will be revealed sooner or later!
We had a daughter,
and we're proud of her.
And I'll tell you something else, Carrillo.
This is as far as we'll go,
because no one rules over me.
We had an agreement. You can't make
decisions without consulting me.
We were to rule together
as one body and one soul.
Each body has a soul.
You give mass, you should know this.
Your Excellency.
I understand your worry and support.
And I'll always be grateful.
You've defended me.
You even advised me to be queen
when my brother Alfonso died.
Your advice has been
and will always be heard.
But my daughter is a woman like me.
And that's how she'll be known.
As Isabel.
Daughter of Isabel and Fernando.
And if God allows it, future queen of Castile.
Do you agree?
I do.
Then I'd love if you
would baptize our daughter.
What do you ask from the Church of God?
What does faith offer you?
Eternal life.
And this sign of the Holy Cross
which we make upon his forehead,
do thou, accursed devil
never dare to violate.
Through the same Christ our Lord.
Receive the salt of wisdom; let it be to thee
a token of mercy unto everlasting life.
What's wrong?
A girl.
They had a girl.
- So it's a girl!
- That's right.
A beautiful girl, isn't it great?
It works in our favor.
For once, Isabel hasn't been lucky.
You can't always win.
Forget about her. We need
to focus on the ceremony now.
- It will be a great event.
- Do you have the lodgings ready?
- Everything's ready, Your Majesty.
- Everything seems to follow its course.
It seems we're finally alive!
-What will my sister name her daughter?
- Probably Isabel.
Like her mother and herself.
- She told that to my wife once.
- Let's hope this Isabel is less trouble.
- Yes, Your Highness?
I'm glad your son is better.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
I think it's time for you
to get our daughter ready.
I know.
What are you waiting for then?
I'm letting her be a child
for a few more minutes.
It's not a big present
when you're only eight.
We're doing this for her future.
Can I ask you a question?
We know our daughter's future.
What will her mother's be?
Hurry up, it's an order.
Come on, darling.
Some food will reach the palace
- and the people.
- Finally some good news.
Not really, we'll be in complete ruin.
You know how those people negotiate.
- I'd like to talk to you about something--
- No.
Don't ask me to give in to Carrillo.
He used our daughter for
negotiations before she was born.
- I owe him a lot, Fernando.
Yes, but I'd say the same even if he hadn't.
We're in danger. You know it well.
If something happened, Carrillo
has contacts neither of us have.
And no matter how few soldiers he'll get,
they'll be the only ones we have.
Because your father can't send anyone else.
You know how much it bothers me
not being able to fulfill that commitment.
I know, and I don't hold it against you.
But I beg you, make peace with Carrillo.
You think the same thing
of him as I do, don't you?
I think the same as you.
Enough to remind you that I'm doing
this in keeping with your own words
when you talked me into getting
married with a forged bull.
You told me that the end justifies the means.
It's the same now.
I think and want the same as you.
How could I be a good wife if I didn't?
You are.
The best ever.
Leave us alone.
Is my husband handsome?
I don't know. I don't know him.
But he's the brother of a king.
I'm sure he can ride well.
I'm sure he can.
And he'll give parties in your honor.
He'll shower you with gifts.
That's good.
Can I ask you a question, Mother?
Of course.
When we're married, may I kiss him?
Of course.
- What are you doing here?
- I came to see if you needed anything.
Can't you make your presence known?
I didn't want to interrupt your conversation.
Are you crying, Mother?
Your mother is shedding happy tears
because you're getting married.
You can cry when you're happy?
A lot of times, sweetheart.
- Go out for a moment.
- Your mom will be right behind you.
You can get it all out so
they don't see you cry out there.
- You're doing it because I'm your queen.
- No, I'm not doing it because of that.
I do it because you're a mother.
- Sir, everything's ready.
- One moment, please.
I haven't felt this good
in a long time, Pacheco.
I feel I hold the reins to my own destiny.
- I'm happy for you.
- Something's missing to make it perfect.
I want you to publicly read what
I just wrote after my daughter's wedding.
Can you do that for me?
By the way, did you send
Isabel a wedding invitation?
- As you ordered.
- Very well.
She invited me to her wedding.
It would be rude not to invite her.
- You expected less resistance, right?
Your parishioners surely
fulfill their obligations.
They do. I make sure of it.
Do they do it out of faith or fear?
If it's not for one reason,
it has to be the other.
A distraction can be fatal, Your Majesty.
Excuse me.
Have a good morning.
What's so funny?
You let him win.
- Was it that obvious?
- Yes.
I hope it won't be that obvious with me.
Are you challenging me?
In the name of my lord, the king of France,
and his brother, the Duke of Guyenne
I speak in front of Your Majesties,
the king and queen of Castile.
And I do so to say that France supports
the legitimacy of the king's firstborn
as heiress to Castile's throne.
And I accuse Isabel and Fernando
of celebrating an illegal marriage
by being cousins
and not having a papal bull
allowing such marriage.
Now, as Albi Cardinal,
I celebrate this engagement.
I swear before God Our Lord
that I, Juana of Avis, am certain that
is the legitimate and natural daughter
of Don Enrique, king of Castile.
You, the Count of Boulogne
representing His Highness,
the Duke of Guyenne
accept by solemn oath
Yes, I swear.
daughter of Enrique IV and Juana of Avis
accept by solemn oath
to marry the Duke of Guyenne?
Do you accept by solemn oath
to marry the Duke of Guyenne?
- Yes, I swear.
- Your Highness?
She said she swears it.
So, having given your solemn oath
both parts agree that when
the princess comes of age
they will confirm and
consummate the marriage.
And to conclude this ceremony
it is King Enrique IV's wish
that this statement be read.
king of Castile by God's grace
seeing the lack of obedience
shown by my sister Isabel
by marrying without my approval and
going against what the law dictates
proceed through this royal decree to
irrevocably annul the Treaty of Guisando.
So through this, Isabel
is disinherited and officially excluded
from succession to Castile's crown.
What does that mean, Father?
That you'll be queen, my darling.
She woke up.
The storm must have frightened her.
Did you call me, sir?
Yes, that's right.
What do you wish?
To be left alone for now.
It's time you gather your things.
You'll leave court
as soon as our guests leave.
But my daughter needs me.
- And I'm the queen.
- Yes, yes.
Sadly I can't do anything to avoid that.
But I can avoid your presence.
I don't think you'd be a good role model.
And you have two other children
to look after in Extremadura.
Don't be sad, Juana, don't.
Don't be sad.
Your daughter will be queen of Castile.
And maybe France if their
king doesn't have a son.
It seems difficult for boys
to be born in palaces nowadays.
You can't do this to me.
I could do so many things
it would frighten you.
Be thankful it will stay this way.
Now leave, I have important
business to which I must attend.
I said get out.
Come in, Pacheco.
As you can see, my wife was leaving.
- Is everything set?
- Everything's ready.
What's all this racket?
Pacheco's troops are
coming towards the palace.
What forces do we have?
Five of Pacheco's to one of ours.
- I don't mind fighting, Your Majesty.
- Don't fight battles you'll lose.
Besides, the most important thing
is our daughter's safety.
We must leave. The problem is where to go.
Medina de Rioseco. It belongs
As I said, Your Majesty, politics is
the art of foreseeing the future.
And this one was sadly quite possible.
- Thank you, Your Excellency.
- Well done, Carrillo.
We must leave immediately.
Pacheco's troops will be faster.
I can stall them while you run
so you get a head start.
You're coming with us. I want the best
men guarding my wife and daughter.
- Take only what's necessary.
- Yes, sir.
- Is everything ready?
- Yes.
What will happen to us, Fernando?
We'll be all right.
We'll be what we want to be.
- Give the signal.
- Let's go.
Enrique disinherited Isabel and
considers the Treaty of Guisando null.
There are situations
that should never happen again.
We need to be loud and clear
to those who still consider supporting her.
Things will be done my way.
You must go to
Medina de Rioseco to see my son.
And you will bring him back to Aragon.
This isn't a robbery.
I'm just getting justice.
He's promised an army that he doesn't have
and that we don't have either.
Your Majesty, Carrillo is a traitor.
What's our next step?
The definitive one to destroy
You can count on my loyalty,
if that's what prevents your sleep.
And your fidelity?
- We can't pay the soldiers.
- No one wants to pay taxes.
- It's bleeding us.
- I'll make sure to end the bleeding.
If the Castile in which my son
has to grow up is under Pacheco
I think it's better to leave.
Everyone knows of your virtue.
I need to be an example.
- Maybe others will follow.
- Was my advice of any help?
I should have listened more.
You're happy?
Some of Enrique's soldiers
were captured outside of town.
If you give up, you lose.
I'm not the only one to lose.
- Open the doors.
- Maybe
we should change our strategy.
Everything's set.
The men await your orders.
For Isabel and Fernando!
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