Isabel (2011) s01e11 Episode Script

El principio del fin

Enrique wants to marry his daughter
with Guyena's duke?
That's right, Jufrau went to Segovia
to agree to the wedding capitulations.
That the bride will stay in
Castile until she is of age.
There's no problem.
What matters, is that our kingdoms,
until that day and forever, remain united.
And that our armies crush Aragon
as soon as possible!
The king's forces have entered Toledo
and have taken my possessions.
- Your army
- If there's no money
There are no soldiers.
My army has crumbled.
What would you like me to tell him?
That I have no money?
The I'm missing men
We are starving! The fields are barren!
What can we do?
Give us food!
It will be convenient to
bring your wife to the court.
- Bring Juana for what?
- I know Jufrau.
He loves tradition.
And to see the royal family together
Will help the negotiation.
We already know our daughter's future.
Which will be her mother's?
I have known you since birth.
And now you will be a mother.
I want you to deliver it to Castile's king.
I just saw Carrillo and Peralta together.
I would marry my daughter with Isabel's son
If he was a boy.
The King Juan from Aragon believes
that Castile and Aragon's union
will give more benefits to both
kingdoms than yours with France.
Here you have the document announcing
that a kid has been born.
I'm glad that we have a daughter because you
will not be able to keep negotiating with Enrique
about things my wife and I refused,
but you kept insisting!
I want to you read
what I just wrote in public
After my daughter's wedding.
I proceed with this royal decree
To irrevocably annul all of
Guisando's agreements.
Therefore, with this document
Isabel is disinherited and
officially excluded
from the succession of Castile's crown.
It is time for you
to prepare your things.
You'll need to leave the court
when our guests leave.
Is everything prepared?
Pacheco's troops have left Segovia to attack us.
They're heading towards the palace.
The problem is where to go.
Medina de Rioseco is fueding with Enrique.
We'll be protected there.
Leave us alone, please.
Let's not care about
the somber mood here.
We'll embellish it slightly.
Even all the hangings in Burgundy
can't hide our situation, Fernando.
My poor daughter
Our journey will not end here.
Sometimes I doubt it.
I doubt we'll go anywhere.
We'll make it through
I swear on our daughter.
We can't be fleeing
from place to place.
Remember that when Peralta came, you
said you wanted no negotiation with Enrique.
Not when we need to dismiss our principles.
It is easier to have principles when
winning than when losing.
Let's think on something
Find a solution!
I swear, I have found nothing.
If Isabel's child was a boy,
we would've more in our favor.
- But not even destiny wants to help us.
- We couldn't be worse off.
It's always possible to be worse,
I ensure you.
With your permission
King's news.
Enrique has disinherited Isabel and
has broken the Guisando pacts.
You see?
It is always possible to be worse.
- She has fled!
- Somebody must have warned her.
- Do they have spies in the court?
- You have as palace butler
- Her best friend's husband!
- Cabrera is loyal!
- Cabrera is a jew!
- Stop it!
Cabrera is who he is because of me,
and he will never fail me.
Let's see the bright side
Isabel has never escaped
And if she does this time,
ii's because she has hit bottom.
- That's true.
- Yet we must not lower our guard.
Let's give her no peace or breath.
There are situations
that must not be repeated again.
We need to speak loud and clearly
to those who may still help her.
We should take the goods of those
who have supported her like Enrique!
And to threaten all who attended her
wedding in the same way!
The doubts and negotiation are over.
Let's remove the evil.
Another letter. Let's write
Enrique another letter.
At this step we'll need
more scribes than soldiers.
Let's challenge Enrique's lies
in the letter one-by-one.
Understand that in our condition,
there's not much more that we can do.
It's not for nothing.
The people must know the truth.
What people want are lower taxes
And rain for the good
of their harvests.
And what do you propose,
Your Majesty?
Show you face, take the lead
This war will not be won with letters.
I remind you, we're not at war.
We are, we can't deny it.
For a long time now.
What's happening is that our
enemy fights and we don't!
I will not argue.
Things will be done my way.
And my opinion?
Will it never be considered?
If that's the case tell me
Why am I here?
I signed all the conditions you put
on our marriage, and they were many.
You know it.
It's at the point where I can't help my
father in a war that Aragon is losing!
Should I take your words as
reproach or regret?
Don't talk to me like that when our
daughter sleeps in the next room!
- It might be better to leave the
- No!
We are all together in this!
Until now
It is seconded when it comes up,
but we don't progress.
You have just been disinherited.
And the king has made public that
our wedding bull was fake!
Don't ask me to keep looking
and do nothing
while you write letters.
I do ask you that.
The letter will be sent.
- If you want I can write it myself.
- There's no need.
I can do it myself with Mr. Chacon's
help as a law expert.
Are you okay?
I will answer the least dishonest
and the most temperate I can.
And I do it firmly in my actions and
My sister is tough to fight.
- It won't help much.
- And look what she says on here
I leave clear that it wasn't me who
broke Guisando's pacts
and wanting to force me into marriage.
And threatened to kill me
through Marquis de Villena.
I see she hasn't forgotten me.
My sister won't leave things.
She accuses me for separating her
from her mother
Something she will never forgive me for.
And that Fernando is her ideal
husband for age and lineage
and it will guarantee Castile's
peace, bla, bla, bla!
Don't disparage
that letter Your Majesty.
And why shouldn't I?
- Because the bishop says so?
- No.
Because my brother tells you so.
-And he does it with respect.
- Let him explain himself, Pacheco.
I have understood that Pedro is a
law expert
And a big Eminence
respected in Rome.
- Thank you.
- You don't need to be an Eminence
To see that this letter only shows
Isabel's extreme weakness.
She also says she won't
leave the battle for lost.
And how will she win it
with no army?
Jericho's walls fell to the sound of
the trumpets.
Well, I don't think she has money to buy
trumpets either.
We shouldn't underrate
the strength in her words.
She has valid legal points and for
what I know from my brother.
She says true things.
Things that, if people knew, it might
harm you, Your Majesty.
The people?
And how will the people know?
Because Isabel has delivered
your answer
To churches, villas and cities.
Yesterday it arrived to us in Buitrava.
And why, why didn't you tell me
before I read it, Mendoza?
Because a king
must not be interrupted, Majesty.
I know what you're going to tell me, to watch
We shouldn't underestimate Marquis de
Villena, he is dangerous.
On a good day not too far, man like him
will disappear from Castile's government.
God forbid, but until that happens,
I beg you
Be careful.
Send soldiers everywhere
To get the letters, to detain everyone
who helped on this.
It is too late.
Words are not countered with force
Words are countered with words.
And Isabel's will be worth nothing if we get
someone of her own side
To say they aren't true.
Get off the horse!
Get off the horse I've said!
Come on!
On your knees!
Come on!
Nice, it seems it has been
a good fishing today.
You will not always
get away with it, bandit.
My name is Jimenez
and I am not a bandit.
This is not a robbery.
I am only doing justice.
This money will return to the people from
where it was taken with unfair taxes.
And for what?
So that the king can play
with soldiers like a child.
Slaughter them.
All of them except him.
Inform Aragon's king that if he wants to
remain king
He needs to stop plundering his people.
Go back home and enjoy your family
You were close to never seeing them again.
Thank you, Majesty.
This man's audacity is bigger daily.
Any day that bastard of Jimenez is
capable of coming to Palacia
And steal our crockery.
I think we should attack him, I know a
possible place where he meets his men.
Jimenez is popular, every day he has
more followers, they see him as a leader.
He has even organized cavalry troops.
I only wish I could have my son Fernando
here with me.
Things aren't easy
for him in Castile either.
No, no they are not.
They can't run from Enrique for a
long time.
We marry him with Isabel to fix Aragon's
And now we have two problems, Aragon
and Castile.
And we can't count on his skills,
in guiding our armies.
We have made a bread
as some hosts, Peralta.
Everything has gone wrong
To us, and to Fernando.
We need to ration the wheat and barley, if
not it will not last a month.
And I'll be sorry to say
what will that mean.
Something more?
Some men have been drinking too much
I have put exemplary
Well done.
Although sometimes I doubt
to leave myself to drinking.
- Monsignor.
- Excuse me.
Is there something we should
be worried about, Carrillo?
No, no Your Majesty.
They are family issues.
They aren't good news.
But you already have many problems to
overwhelm you with mine.
Something more, Gonzalo?
No, nothing.
And you, Carrillo?
No, I think everything has been spoken.
If you excuse me, I'll need
to leave Medina for a few days.
Of course.
Keep an eye on Carrillo.
Wherever he goes.
- Stop!
- He is a friend.
You said we would meet with no soldiers in
The forest is filled with bandits.
It is convenient to come with company.
Leave us alone.
You are thinner.
Is it exercise or that your pantry is empty?
You made me come here to tell jokes about my
What I am going to propose is not a joke.
We are destroying our supports.
We've punished the nobles in Asturias,
Vasconia will lose it's fueros.
Aros' duke will take care of it.
You are taking it on with all who fought for
Alfonso and Isabel.
Nothing can be as it was.
That speaks for your cynicism,
you encourage them
To fight the king and now you crush
them on Enrique's behalf.
- Things change, Carrillo.
- Yes, times change but you don't.
You're still the biggest liar of the reign.
When Enrique's troops massacre Medina,
I'll be in front of them.
- Call me liar then.
- I'll do, don't worry.
Even if it would be the last word
coming out of my mouth.
But there's something I don't get.
If you crush our possible allies.
If your forces are a hundred times bigger than ours.
If you control everything
Why have you called me?
What do you want from me?
I want you to declare, with a notary, that
what Isabel says in the letter is false,
the pope's verbal forgiveness,
You fear what the people might say. That's
why you need me.
- Therefore you don't attack.
- You can have Toledo back.
You can have a big charge in our
And the Pope won't last much.
When he dies, we'll need to replace the
cardinal that takes his place.
And he'll be from Castile, Enrique has a
lot of strength in Rome.
What do you think about my proposal?
- Has someone followed you?
- No.
Be alert!
It's nothing, just a bird.
What do you say?
I am, and I'll be, true to Isabel.
You know it can cost your life.
In that case nephew
give me a hug
If it is the last time we meet.
But attempt I get killed
before we meet again.
Or it will be you who'll die.
So Carrillo is suddenly a faithful man.
Let's not talk about him, for me he
doesn't exists.
- We can do it without him.
- His support would've been nice, though.
If we haven't seen him.
Worrying news just arrived to the court.
The King of France just had a son.
With that birth, Guyena's duke
possibilities to get the throne are gone.
and he communicated us he resigns to
wait for Juana's full age.
The king's daughter.
Resigns to marriage? That's right.
We are as we were before.
No, we are not as we were before.
- And it is thanks to you.
- Thanks to me?
You went a step forward proposing that
You disinherited Isabel.
You broke Guisando's pacts.
You name your daughter heiress.
Why do we need her as France's queen if
she will be Castile's?
Also, if King Luis had a son, we can always
propose a marriage with Juana.
I see you always have a solution for
Problems exist to be solved, Your Majesty.
The only thing with no solution is death.
Your daughter Juana will be Castile's
queen in whichever way.
I'm happy for Juanita.
Poor girl.
Being married with such an older man.
And cripple.
The queen confessed me that he even
needs help to walk.
- Hello.
- Yes.
The truth is she had a
future not so encouraging.
What happens?
Andres, please. That grief you don't
release will make you ill.
How is it possible that you always have a
phrase with rhyme?
Listening from the old
words and advices that they have told.
Tell me, I beg you.
It's about Pacheco.
He always has a plan on his head.
And when he talks with the king
It's like he bewitches him.
He says everything he wants to hear.
He has it won.
If he was a good man, his convincing
power would be great.
- But he is not.
- No.
It's a shame he doesn't have that power with
You know? I have tried to bring back his
Uncle Carrillo to the king's cause.
Carrillo has refused.
I'm glad for Isabel. It's always good to
have loyal people by your side.
I don't know if that will help her much.
His position is getting weaker, Beatriz.
I know.
Little thing.
Curious focus of yours, Palencia.
We take decisions.
We gain kingdoms.
We stain our hands with blood.
We die.
And what ends up finally is what you write.
They call it posterity.
Every man dreams to be part of it.
Every man?
Ask a peasant.
He would exchange posterity
for a good lamb.
And under this situation,
I would do that exchange too.
- Have you solved our issues?
- I have solved mines.
Ours, in the other hand, are still hard.
We received a letter from Asturias.
A representation of their nobles wants to
see us.
I understand Asturias has always
supported our interests.
Until now it has been, but I'm afraid they
might not do that anymore.
I will tell my wife immediately.
Tell me.
Carrillo is a traitor.
Are you sure?
He met with Pacheco and he offered him
They parted with a hug.
Do you need more proofs?
No, that's enough. Thanks.
Did you call me, Majesty?
I have a mission for you, Peralta.
You'll need to go to Medina and
see my son.
We'll see how his wife receives me.
Bad. And even worse, she'll dismiss you.
Because you will bring him back to
It is necessary to change strategy
and the trees are hiding the forest.
Maybe to win the war with France we'll
need to win it first with Castile.
And how will we justify
that your son comes?
You'll deliver the money we owe.
But Majesty, if we don't have to pay our
I'll send you with 50 of my best guards.
Those who have always fought besides
In exchange, I want him back.
I'm sorry but I don't understand. We'll
need those men in the front.
Sometimes war is like chess.
We need to sacrifice some pieces
to win the game.
I need to pact peace with France, but I'll
not leave Aragon alone.
Jimenez would take this moment
to harm us more.
I need my son, Peralta.
And he needs me.
It will be done.
What is the Asturians' problem?
They're nobles who swear loyalty to
your wife in the civil war.
And now the king punishes them with tax
increase and more.
- Like the basques.
- What's going on with Vasconia?
It seems that Enrique has annulled his fueros and
imposed Aro's duke as governor.
And Asturians fear they'll be next.
It will be probably be that way.
I'm afraid they come to see if we're in
disposition to help them. And we're not.
- The next step is for them to switch sides.
- Traitors!
When you defend a cause
you do it until the end.
And I don't blame them.
We can ask people to be loyal, not
They don't need to know they can be.
Tomorrow when they come, let them see
all our guards on the gates.
That the soldiers polish their swords, that
women tan their clothes.
Tomorrow, nobody shall show worry on
their faces.
And you
You'll show them
how gorgeous is your smile.
You need to understand our situation is
We know.
But now we need to know what are your
And you want to know if our ship is sinking
so you can switch sides. Isn't it?
We have always supported you.
But what's happening in Vasconia
indicates us that Enrique wants to crush
everyone who helped you at war.
Who celebrated your marriage.
And in Asturias he now demands
And how does my brother punishes loyalty
to me?
Takes titles, properties and goods and
gives them to his men.
He obligates us to keep our horses
to serve his army.
But everything on our charge, under the
threat of losing our knighthood.
There's no reason to give more
You came to see if it's
worth to support us.
And I'll give you reasons for you to keep
loyal, clear reasons.
Easy to understand.
Castile could let the nobles fight on
their feet.
So you'll be freed from cavalry expenses.
It sounds reasonable.
Castile won't allow that lands ruled by
their own traditions for centuries,
Be feuds of a king
that looks to the past.
Support us.
And when Isabel and me rule, you can be
sure of one thing.
Castile will be the sum of its regions, not
the annulment of them..
Neglecting their fueros or traditions, as
Pacheco and the king pretend.
Your words are what we wanted to hear.
But Enrique's army is very powerful.
I am not Castile's king.
But I'm from Sicily, and future King of Aragon.
If Enrique attacks, tell us.
My army and myself will fight for your cause.
In the meanwhile order your men to resist.
And if they receive a hit
Respond with two.
It will be done, Majesty.
Does Isabel count with your loyalty, then?
Never have I stopped counting on our loyalty.
Your Highness.
Can you guarantee that army you
happily offer?
Not for the moment.
What do they leave with then?
- Nothing!
- They leave filled with illusion.
And with something to fight for
And that is more important than a
thousand spearmen. Trust me.
Come in.
It seems that at least we've put off one
fire, that's good.
I'm not so sure about it.
You know I'm not used to promise things I
can't accomplish.
Nor to rule with lies.
Don't call it lying, call it strategy.
He promised an army we don't have!
But we won time to try to get one.
Yes, like Carrillo with the bull.
I'm sorry Isabel, but
you'll need to ask yourself
What you asked Fernando.
Do you regret it?
Is everything fine between you and
Fernando is my husband
And as husband or father I can't complain.
I know he wants to go to Aragon to help
his father and he is here.
- But
- But what Isabel?
He is very impatient in government issues.
Having the character he has he
has shown patience so far.
He has an excessive character.
Like you.
He likes to have the last word.
Like you.
I will not tell you things I don't think.
Fernando admires himself.
And he hasn't doubt on your opinion for
being a woman.
- That sadly since many think that.
- Only he spoke today!
Today Fernando defended our interests
better that what I could have done.
Trust him, Isabel.
I'm sorry, I hope I'm not interrupt anything important.
You don't, it is me who shouldn't be here.
Don't leave, precisely I wanted to talk with
you two.
If what you say it's true I don't understand
your anger, Excellence.
Fernando is a difficult situation with
those noble Asturians.
Fernando wants to rule too much.
Fernando, Sicily's King and
Aragon's Prince.
He has won battles since he was 12 years old.
He has you astonished. Huh?
And he is convenient to us, Palencia.
Answer me.
Who brought you here?
- Monsignor.
- Fine.
I'll give you two advices.
Save your praises and compliments to your
And the second advice?
To move a piece now!
I leave you disarmed.
Are you sure about that?
I admire you, Excellence.
You never give up.
If you give up you lose.
And I don't often lose.
Carrillo with Pacheco?
Impossible, Carrillo would never betray us.
I repeat, ask Gonzalo.
I think you have no doubts on him.
No, I don't. But I can't understand how you
did this before letting me know.
We needed to act quickly.
If it was a false alarm, better not to raise it.
Now that my suspicions are confirmed,
I inform you
To you and Chacon.
To whom I have the maxim confidence.
Is something wrong?
No, Your Majesty.
I know that my way to take initiative may
bother you, Isabel.
I know it may happen because
Because you are like me.
And it also bothers me
when you don't let me talk.
You know we've argued that already.
I apologize for that if necessary.
But never ask me not to act
when I feel I have to.
I am king, it is my nature.
And I never, never
Will do something that doesn't
benefit you and Castile.
Look who is here!
- Good night, Isabel.
- Good night.
Each day she looks more like you.
Your highness.
What do you want?
He is on his way from Aragon.
He brings fifty soldiers with him.
Finally good news!
Yes, finally good news.
And your husband?
There he is.
I will give him the good news.
Nevermore do something on no one's
command before letting me know.
From no one!
So it must be.
Your soldiers will set us fine, no doubt.
They're the best of the royal guard.
I've fought with them,
I confirm that.
Money will also set us fine.
We could organize better our defense.
I hope so.
It's seems things are better in Aragon.
Honestly, I'm sorry to say
they're not, Highness.
Your father needs you there immediately.
What's happening that needs
Fernando's presence so badly?
our defeat with France.
If the war is lost, why
do you need Fernando?
We have inner problems and revolts.
And the throne shall not be empty.
I'll rather explain when we get home.
That if we let him go with you.
Excuse me?
The abandon of your duties
would be seen
in the worst way by our enemies.
I will leave tonight.
I've fulfilled with all the conditions
imposed on me
but if Aragon needs me
I can't stay here watching.
What's bad to Aragon
is bad to Castile too.
Your husband is right.
It's of obligated nobility to help each
other's kingdom.
And more after amply paying King
You can leave.
Thank you.
And in appreciation of his gesture, I'll like
Palencia to come as well.
I want him to witness
each of my steps in Aragon.
Count on him as well.
Peralta, come with me.
Let's prepare the journey.
You will not be alone, Your Majesty.
Thank you, Monsignor.
I will miss you.
Both of you.
Won't you wait for your men?
Why the attitude, Isabel?
You know perfectly well I can't stay here.
You're going back to Aragon.
Where you left many things.
I have nothing more important than you.
We're playing our future, that's the only
thing that matters now.
You can count on my loyalty, if that's
what bothers you.
And with your fidelity?
Why are you asking this question?
Why do you give no answer?
You can count on it
As every day since I married you.
I ensure you there are better ways
to show the love I have for you than that.
And I will show you.
We're ready.
I might need a sword.
If you take your feather it will be enough.
Your Majesty you wanted to see me?
That's right, Gonzalo.
Wait for me in the stables.
I want you to be aware of Carrillo.
If you see something strange,
tell Chacon.
Or the guard Chief Peralta brought,
he'll know what to do.
But above all
I want you to guard Isabel's security.
I'll answer to that
with my own blood, Majesty.
I can leave calm now.
Bring the rest of my women.
I want you to sleep with me tonight.
Here in the bedroom?
Order to bring in cots and blankets.
I want no place for gossips.
Do what I'm telling you.
Yes, madam.
No, not you.
- I will not sleep here tonight?
- Not tonight or any other.
Tomorrow you'll get paid, we don't
want to see you around.
- But madam
- I've made myself clear.
Leave, I said!
If you allow me, My Lady
That girl has my entire confidence.
But she does not have mine, Catalina.
My son!
- I'm so happy to hug you again!
- Father!
- Let me see you.
- You see me older.
I see you fantastic!
I've missed you Father.
I've missed you so much.
Tell me, what do we need to solve?
My son, we need to talk about a lot
of serious issues but
not with strangers.
- He's Alonso Palencia, Castile's chronicler.
- Majesty.
- He has my confidence.
- I've waited just to see you.
I need to go to Catolinia
for a pact with France.
Peralta told me about
how things are going.
I've done everything possible
but they'll defeat us.
And we need to guarantee
acceptable conditions.
But before solving the outside problems
Let's solve ours.
Has Peralta told you about Jimenez?
With all the details.
He had a long journey to do it.
Son, we cannot pay the soldiers.
No one wants to pay taxes.
- He is bleeding us!
- I'll take care of that bleeding.
- You can leave calm.
- With you here I'm always calm.
I leave this kingdom in your hands.
Act with prudence and discretion.
I'd like to have time to comment on what
has happened in your absence.
But some of them, you'll discover yourself.
That Fernando travels to Aragon
only mean two things.
Aragon's situation is really desperate
Or his marriage is sinking.
Both things suit us!
We have the chance to crush
Isabel once and for all!
You see it easy?
She has lost Vasconia's support and
the Asturians will do the same soon.
When things start to go bad
everyone leaves you alone.
And now for not having
not even Fernando.
We need to keep striking until she comes
to her knees.
Isabel is not so submissive.
She will be, Diego.
She will be.
And what is our next step?
The definitive one to crush her moral.
- Sepulveda?
- It's one of her most loyal bastions.
With fortunes that'll suit
the crown's treasure.
And easy to assault.
- Prepare it then.
- Maybe
We should change strategy.
It's proper of the conqueror to have mercy
on the conquered.
We haven't conquered yet, Mendoza.
You don't seem very convinced.
If the king agrees so do I.
Sepulveda will fall.
But a large part of
our family lives there!
And Pacheco knows
He has me against the wall.
- Like everything he smells as a Jew.
- But you're a Christian.
In this land who is born
a Jew as a Jew remains.
It doesn't matter if you
convert to their faith!
It doesn't matter that you
show loyalty and work.
I've never heard you speak like this.
If Pacheco is building
the Castile my son will grow
I think it's better to leave.
And the king?
Filled with rancor for Isabel.
Everything Pacheco says is okay for him.
The Mendozas
They say they are loyal.
But their loyalty is submission.
Maybe Isabel
She loves Sepulveda.
Isabel has no resources
in Medina de Rioseco
And Fernando in Aragon.
And it seems things aren't going good.
Something must be done!
I'm tied from feet and hands!
What would you like me to do?
To reveal against Pacheco?
- What will we be of us?
- Nothing can stop us from seeing Isabel.
- It will be the best way to help her!
- But how!
Who can I trust with such
an important mission?
Pacheco has eyes and ears everywhere!
I know someone you can trust in.
As if it were you.
It's a dangerous journey.
It's worse to wait the slaughter as a pig!
I haven't seen my parents in a long time.
And I think it's time.
Have you rested properly, Palencia?
I want your eyes open
and your feather agile.
Yes sir, but this journey
would exhaust anyone.
Not me, I swear.
I need some action already.
I'm not made to be locked in a palace.
Indeed wait for me here.
Where are you going?
We have a long morning ahead.
- I won't be long.
- Is something wrong?
I see you very quiet this morning.
What would you like me to say?
I've seen some days ago that anything
provokes your anger.
I'm sorry Catalina,
you know I appreciate you.
But there are obligations my rank
obligates me to fulfill.
No one obligates you to sleep
accompanied, like soldiers in tents.
People should know
I have no blemish.
- And we need to avoid gossips.
- What gossips?
- Everybody knows of your virtue.
- I need to be the example.
Maybe others will follow it, then.
I haven't seen you so dull.
I'm sorry. It's just I wasn't
expecting your visit.
Is everything fine?
Yes. Everything is fine.
And you? How's your life in Castile?
I never needed to fulfill that many rules.
People of Castile are cold.
- More than Aragon's?
- Much more.
And their women?
How are they?
- I can only talk about one.
- Tell me then.
Was my advice useful?
Some of them I needed to follow.
- Are you happy?
- Yes.
I am happy, Isabel is a good wife.
And a good mother.
- Do you have children?
- One daughter.
We named her Isabel after her mother.
She is precious.
Who does she look more like?
You or Isabel?
Like Isabel, thank God.
If she looks like you
she wouldn't have grace either.
And that's something
I can demonstrate.
You should talk to her.
She sees phantoms where there aren't.
She dismissed one of my ladies.
Gonzalo told me Isabel saw the lady
talking with Fernando joyfully.
Talking isn't bad.
She told me the clothes fell, and the king
helped her to pick them up.
She told some jokes
about some breeches.
I'm sorry sir.
Don't worry. It is the first time they
separate since the wedding.
And she can't tolerate him knowing the
success he has with women.
But since they got married he has been
- If not we would know.
I know, I know, but
We marry them for convenience
as all princes
Without knowing themselves, but this
have met and
They love each other.
That's our holy problem.
Thanks for the information.
I'll see what I can do.
Tell me again he is my son.
Don't you see the similitude?
He has your eyes, and your grace.
As you can see I have no time for
Can you raise him properly?
Be honest, do you need anything?
Your father has covered everything since
he knew.
Because I'm sure that I'd never know it
from you.
I need to leave you.
I have obligations to fulfill.
I can imagine.
If not
You wouldn't be here.
- I do what I have to.
- What is this all about?
You told me Fernando's a good husband
and father
My marital problems shouldn't be of your
concern, I'm sorry.
Isabel, you're Asturia's princess, to
spite the king.
And you're married with Sicily's king and
Aragon's prince
Your marital problems are matter of state.
And personally, don't tell me
I shouldn't care, I beg you
You're like my daughter.
- I'm sorry to interrupt.
- What's the matter?
Some of Enrique's soldiers have been
detain on the village nearby.
A woman is accompanying them.
Before crossing words
I'll tell you I hope you don't attempt any
threat with me.
You wouldn't leave this place alive.
I honor my word.
And I wouldn't be discrete to attack you.
I know you're many.
And I know about your strength.
As you can see I like to talk clearly
so I expect the same from you.
I will.
My father is negotiating with France.
Aragon's government is now in my hands.
I think is a good time to talk, I think we
Similar points of view over some things.
- Why should I trust you?
- Because I'll give you reasons to.
Aragon is bleeding on barren lands
and I want to stop that hemorrhage.
I see greed doesn't inspire you.
And you should have good reasons to
deny your noble condition
And do what you do.
It demonstrates generosity that proofs the nobility of your cause.
It is.
And all the people in Aragon knows it.
That's why the number of my followers
grows each day.
I am offering my hand.
I know I am not a warm person.
What do you say?
I will not make any decision without listening
to my men's opinion.
I'm glad to hear that.
Because nothing will be done in Aragon
Without counting on the people's
The attack will take place in two days,
at dawn and by surprise.
How many are they?
My husband calculates 200.
How many soldiers do we have?
Now we have more than one hundred but
we need them here.
Not all of them. Gonzalo, take the royal
guards and go to Sepulveda.
Fifty against 200, bad proportion.
Yes, but they don't expect it.
And if we could count on the local
Do you want to fight with peasants?
That is losing the battle.
Don't undervalue the people
who defends what's theirs.
It's insane.
Would you like to lose Sepulveda?
What do you imply?
That maybe that was the topic of your talk
with Pacheco.
Or will you deny you saw him?
I saw you both hugging..
I see I'm not worth your confidence
You send spies after me.
Can you negate what has been said?
As I can't negate that Pacheco offered me
charges in exchange to betray you.
And I didn't take them.
Sadly you don't have witness of your
He does.
I give faith of his words.
My husband witnessed that Pacheco told
your brother that Carrillo refused to do it.
- And how he told me is how I'm telling it.
- Thank you madam.
It seems you're the only one who doesn't
doubt on my honor.
You didn't hear his words, did you?
But I swear I saw them talking secretly
and hugging.
Getting closer would have meant being
Don't worry.
I'll talk with Carrillo.
Anybody would have thought what you
did, Gonzalo.
Let's not waste more time. Move immediately.
Your husband ordered me
to protect you over all.
To defend Sepulveda is to defend me.
It's time for them to know that if they strike
us, we're able to respond.
You're not embarrassed of
talking with a traitor?
- Explain to me what happened.
- For what?
My honor has been questioned enough.
I don't doubt of your honor or loyalty,
maybe your greed.
What happened?
I received a letter from Pacheco.
And I thought it was convenient to talk with him.
- Without telling anyone?
- That has been my only mistake!
This is my cause, I can't abandon it.
I know.
With your permission, Excellence.
I think this is a matter of two.
- What do you want?
- Your forgiveness.
If you want to confess find another priest.
No, it has to be you.
I'm sorry, but I saw what I saw.
And I know that if Beatriz
didn't know the truth
I would have been guilty of a great
injustice to you.
Probably an irremediable injustice.
I need your forgiveness, I don't want to
have debts with anyone.
And certainly not with you.
Get up, Gonzalo.
I forgive you.
And, try to get back alive.
She is precious.
She is just like you.
Every day I say I need to be
strong for her.
Because if not
How can you speak like that?
You've never been a woman that surrenders.
And I will not.
- But they are moments where
- Hey!
You've always been the one
who cheers me up!
You need to have faith.
Whatever happens,
you're Castile'sfuture.
Men like Pacheco can never end up
I need you here with me.
I don't think my husband would like it.
Is everything fine with yours?
I don't know.
Sometimes I'm happy
just with seeing him smile.
Or when he is with our daughter.
But other times I doubt
I doubt too much.
You're afraid that he will retake old
friendships in Aragon.
Do you know how's that called?
But I don't want to feel jealous or anything
I can't control.
There's no solution.
Because loving without
feeling jealous is impossible.
Let's see when can I introduce you to my son.
I'm sorry, we've been here all this time and I
haven't even asked you your son's name.
Before deciding anything, I wanted you to
hear him by yourselves.
- You'll choose.
- Words, they will be only words.
They are more than words, I ensure you.
This is the money designated to pay
Now it's yours.
And you haven't had to rob or kill my
You demand justice.
And there where justice reigns,
there's no need for violence.
It's my will to bring justice
back to Aragon.
It depends on you.
- What do you want in exchange?
- I want your help.
My father represents the past, I'm here to
offer you a future.
A future with no wars, with no unfair
Where each man can work his land and
raise his family.
In peace.
I want nothing more for Aragon.
Is someone against?
And while that future arrives
I will make sure you receive
whats yours myself.
Count with us then.
I would like this pacts on paper
before my father arrives.
I wouldn't like my words to
get lost in the wind.
So in this room is where the kingdom's
destiny is made.
That's right.
In here you can breath what power is.
I'm sure you like the smell.
What's the matter?
I won't shake your hand
stained with blood.
- You have betrayed me.
- Do you dare to talk about betrayal?
You have robbed and killed our messengers.
You had a kingdom oppressed.
- And you provoked a big rupture.
- I only wanted justice.
You know I lack no reason.
Every reason is lost when the worst crime
of all is made.
To want to be the king,
instead of the true king.
What will you do with my men?
They can die with the executioner, or
fighting for Aragon.
You have spilled blood in the fields to stop
a war, in which now you'll fight for nothing.
But you won't have that chance.
The executioner is waiting for you
down in the basement.
I beg you.
- My family
- Don't you worry, they won't pay for this.
And I will not take your goods.
Now you just need to confess,
to die properly.
Our only chance is to take
the invaders by surprise.
To any citizen or peasant that knows how
to use a weapon
- Give it to him.
- Open the doors.
Leave them open.
Even if our forces are unequal
We know Pacheco's plans
and that give us an advantage.
We'll let them enter the city
without resistance.
Keeping an absolute silence.
Each of us will lead ten men.
You'll need to ambush them
in these points at my signal.
Here, here, here and here.
Is it clear?
Lets go then.
For Isabel and Fernando!
Kill them!
Strength and courage!
Everything's ready,
men await your orders.
Let's go.
- There's no time to waste.
- Are we traveling?
I am, Palencia.
I'm leavening with 200 men that just
And after losing a war, they are willing
to win another one.
- Where?
- In Vasconia?
Are you going to confront Aro's duke?
You know I'm tired of writing letters.
With that duke
I want a more personal treatment.
Isabel won't lose Vasconia
while I can avoid it.
I've helped my father.
Now I will help my wife.
You choose, Palencia.
What do you want?
To witness the battle,
or to imagine it.
You said it was easy to do, you said it
here in front of all.
They knew our plans, they were waiting for us!
We invested time and effort trying to show
that Isabel was finished
and now her men have defeated us
and everyone will know!
Maybe we should change our strategy!
It's not the moment to change anything!
Castile needs quietude more than ever!
- Majesty, they are news from Vasconia.
- Go ahead.
Some of Fernando's troops are heading to
fight Aro's duke troops.
It seems the winds are changing.
Medina de Rioseco. Three months later.
Palencia will tell great stories, but it
wasn't that hard.
Aro's duke was not expecting a response.
He surrender promptly.
At the end it seems there were better
strategies than writing letters.
Don't say that, Palencia.
Isabel's letter stopped
a big attack against us.
And by sending it to cities
and towns even more.
You are well informed, Carrillo.
Or Pacheco told you.
It's not what you think, Majesty.
- Trust me.
- If you say so I trust you.
But if you ask us to share everything,
understand we ask the same too.
Any word about Asturias?
They expelled Pacheco's troops when they
knew about Vasconia.
Congratulations, Gonzalo. My men are speaking
marvels of how you acted in Sepulveda.
Thanks, Majesty.
- But you left Isabel alone.
- Yes, but I asked him to.
As you can see I know other things
besides writing letters.
This should be a lesson.
Our luck only changed when
we took initiative.
I need a bed.
Don't get up.
Did you want to come back?
You can't image how much.
I haven't stopped thinking you.
I told you I'll demonstrate
how much I love you.
- I hope you're convinced now.
- I am.
So please, Isabel
Kiss me.
I'm sorry.
What I wouldn't forgive, is that you
stopped kissing me.
It seems today you woke up
with a another face.
Is it so obvious?
Yes, madam.
No doubt your husband is a better
roommate than we are as your ladies.
- If its fine I'd like to talk
- About Sicilia.
- Is it true?
- That's right.
I swear it was a mistake. She'll never dare
to show disrespect with your husband.
Tell her she can come back to
work at my service.
Thank you madam.
These have been tough days,
but it will change.
- Are you sure on this?
- Yes, Your Majesty.
If it's because you left Isabel, you did well.
And I am thankful.
Even so I think I need to go.
It has been too long without
seeing my family.
You are a good soldier Gonzalo,
but a bad liar.
You can go wherever and you have my
blessings, but don't say what isn't true.
If it's about Carrillo, calm down.
New winds will come and
it will be forgotten.
And with those new winds it will all be
about pacts and politics.
Right now it's difficult to know where to be
and who to obey.
You, Isabel, Carrillo
I think the best thing will be to stay away
for a while.
- I just ask you
- To say goodbye to Isabel for you.
I will.
I'll tell her you received news from
Cordoba that led you to your family.
Thanks, Majesty.
I hope we get to see each other again.
Always when you need me.
It seems new winds are blowing.
Thanks God.
Thanks to Fernando.
That's right, but don't praise him too
He is young and vain.
But you can't deny he knows how to be king
more than anybody.
You should have seen how he took care of
a kingdom's traitor.
Or how he won a battle without getting off
the horse.
Such is the terror that his fame
as soldier inspires.
And as a man
Who can deny his manhood?
In Aragon a lover gave him a son,
someone named Aldosa.
I ignored that.
He is not even two years old.
He must have had a good farewell before
getting married with Isabel.
I don't know anyone better to rule Castile.
- The Pope has died.
- You need to go back?
- I need to.
- You need to live in Castile, that's what you agreed to!
His holiness envoy will land in Valencia.
I understand you're worried
for your people.
I am a Christian, Pacheco.
- Do I need to remind you?
- Rodrigo Borgia is a playboy.
And womanizer, and ambitious as a
good Borgia.
- As they call them in Rome.
- Choose the cardinal that interests you
Depending on the princess that better suits us.
Enrique will propose Pedro de Mendoza
as cardinal.
Don't worry, it'll be Carrillo.
In Castile they don't know I'm going to
make them an exam.
Because I haven't decided anything.
I know the pope is seeking funds
for the crusade of Smyrna.
Borja will name the new cardinal with one
hand and in the other he'll beg.
Can I communicate to the pope that he can
count on us in the crusade?
Pacheco will appeal your origins. He
wants to kick you off.
You have to fight! It's either you or him.
If your holiness chooses me as cardinal
He could have for sure that
The decisions in Castile will be taken
according to him.
-How can you be a good husband when
- I'm a man!
Carrillo allied with a Mendoza,
please Pacheco!
It will only take a moment.
I want you to know something and
I want you to hear it from my own mouth.
This document was nailed on a
We need to be loyal to the king.
And Isabel is his enemy,
and his daughter's.
And what is loyalty?
- Would you leave our destiny in his hands?
- Before mine.
Are you sure Carrillo is the chosen one?
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