Isabel (2011) s01e12 Episode Script


Have you already made your choice?
From the depths of my heart,
nothing makes me happier
than a marriage between two
monarchs like Isabel and Fernando.
But I can't lose the favor of Castile's king.
I'm sorry, there will be no bull.
We've been disinherited.
The pope has discredited our marriage.
Don't tell me to sit down and do
nothing while you write letters!
We must speak loud and clear to
those who still dare support her.
He commands us to remain
mounted and serve his army
at our expense only, under threat
of losing our knighthood status.
You have come to see if
it's worth supporting us
and I'll give you reasons to remain loyal.
Don't call it deception,
call it strategy.
He has promised an army we don't have.
Keep an eye on Carrillo.
Carrillo will never betray us.
Just ask Gonzalo, since you
have no doubts about him.
Can you deny the accusations against you?
Just as I can't deny Pacheco offering
me a good position if I betrayed you.
And I refused.
Unfortunately, you don't have
witnesses to confirm what you say.
He does. I trust him.
Chop their heads off.
All of them except him.
Let him tell the king of Aragon
if he wants to remain the ruler,
he must stop exploiting his people.
You'll need to go to Medina to see my son.
I'll send you with fifty of my best men.
You can count on my loyalty,
if that is what concerns you.
- And your fidelity?
- You can count on it.
We can't pay our soldiers.
Nobody is willing to pay taxes.
We are running out of resources.
It's signed now.
I will not shake your blood-stained hands.
What is this?
- What will our next step be?
- A definitive strike to crush their morale.
The attack will take place in two
days at dawn. Take them by surprise.
For Isabel and Fernando!
They knew our plan.
They were waiting for us.
We invested so much time and effort
convincing everyone that Isabel is finished
and now her people have defeated us.
Everybody is going to know about it.
Perhaps it's time to change our strategy!
I told you that I would
prove my love to you.
- I hope you are now convinced.
- I am.
A mistress in Aragon gave him a
son, barely two years old.
He must have had a good time
before marrying Isabel.
They're infidels, but there's no doubt
that they're good craftsmen.
Indeed, in Castile we don't
have these sorts of things.
Perhaps they aren't produced
because they are unnecessary.
I thought you would like it
to brighten this house a little bit.
I'm sorry to hear you think
our home needs to be brightened.
I suppose you will find more joy
on your trips to Aragon.
Nothing makes me happier than
being with you and our daughter.
And because I care about you,
I brought you this present.
A Greek poet once said that beauty
reflects on polished brass
and the soul on wine.
to my disagreement with your words.
The contemplation of our beauty distracts
us from the contemplation of God!
No! Arabs say that breaking a mirror
brings years of misfortune.
- So you are a superstitious man?
- No, I am not.
But it's unwise to challenge fate.
The pope is dead.
- How?
- He choked on a piece of fruit.
We are now in mourning.
Monsignor, celebrate mass in his memory.
We will care more about him in death
than he cared about us in life.
Let's see if this gives us something,
because with the deceased
Who is the man,
what do we know about him?
- Sixtus IV, Franciscan, Genoese, pious.
- Like everybody.
- Generous with his people.
- Like everybody.
He was not elected unanimously.
That's good! He will need support.
He is planning a crusade
to liberate Smyrna.
You are going to Rome. Get all the
money you can for the crusade.
Whatever it takes, we need
that papal bull for Fernando.
We need the bull and support for him
and his wife to rule over Castile.
Of course, we are unimportant.
All his power, all his wealth
just to die by choking on a piece of melon!
Well, that's the official story.
It is said our Lord called him while
he was with a page boy.
How inopportune our Lord is!
So it wasn't a melon!
It was a cucumber!
Screw him, that queer!
Believe me, Your Holiness,
when I tell you
that my king wiped tears of
pain for your predecessor.
An irreparable loss.
Let's be glad for him,
since he is now with our Lord.
My master offers you
his complete support
in the Holy Crusade that shall
expel the infidels from Smyrna
the cradle of martyr Polycarp.
His full support?
All of it.
Your Holiness, His Majesty Juan,
the King of Aragon, is concerned
for the rights of his son and daughter-in-law
to the throne of Castile.
Well, it is time to address that concern.
- That's right.
I want you to inform
Cardinal Rodrigo Borja.
He's a compatriot of yours.
From the kingdom of Valencia?
Come in!
We need to talk.
The thing is,
I need Aragon's support, but
You cannot afford to be quarreling
with Enrique of Castile.
Who shall we support,
Isabel or Juana?
Your predecessor would clearly
see who offers more.
- Do you have the same opinion?
- Partially.
I think we must support those who
give us more, Aragon or Castile
but there are more important things
than immediate money.
Social and political stability,
equilibrium among contending forces
The war in Castile must be stopped.
That's the idea.
It's time to name a Castilian cardinal.
- Do you have someone in mind?
- No.
I will approve whoever you choose.
You can choose between Carrillo,
Archbishop of Toledo
or the man suggested by the king.
I want you to travel to Castile
and speak with both parties.
I want you to be my eyes
and choose the cardinal
who better suits us
depending on the princess
who better suits us.
Fine. Tomorrow I leave for Valencia.
Regarding Aragon, can I do something
to please your King Juan?
He seems to be willing
to support the crusade.
Whatever you do, you will be doing
more than your predecessor.
- Was his interest that small?
- No. He had no interest at all.
Despite the money offered, he
never attended Aragon's bull petition.
- He didn't even listen.
- If that is the biggest problem
I will make that bull.
You will deliver it to Castile
and bargain with it.
The church has many needs.
Drink. You don't want to end
up like poor Paulo.
Me? I doubt it.
There are things I can't understand.
If you are talking about the Mystery
of the Trinity, it also happens to me.
Don't be so disrespectful.
I don't understand
a more earthly matter.
Like why a playboy like you
supports a pope like me.
Because after you,
I will become the next pope.
- Aragon? You need to go back to Aragon?
- I must.
You should live here,
that's what you signed!
A papal envoy will land in Valencia,
and as prince of Aragon, I must receive him.
- But before you will visit the court!
- I will see my father.
Are you sure that's the only reason?
- You are dismissed.
- Yes my lady.
If you have something to say, say it!
I'm a woman, I am discreet.
But for God's sake,
I am not a fool!
Do you think that I don't know
about Aldonza de Ivorra?
A Catalonian from Cervera!
I know you have a child with her!
- Will you deny it?
- No, I won't.
- But that was before our marriage.
- How long?
A month? Two?
Because that boy is not older
than our daughter Isabel!
Marriage means nothing to you!
How can you say that?
I risked my life to marry you!
Am I a bad father?
Am I a bad husband?
How can you be a good husband
if you sleep in another bed!
I am a man!
And I am king.
So that gives you the authority
to sin against God's law?
He said adultery is a sin!
He said a lot of things, Isabel!
Even priests do it. Look at Carrillo.
And the popes? They have children,
and they don't hide them!
- They name them cardinals!
- I only ask for respect!
- And I respect!
- No!
Respect is what I do.
I sleep with my ladies to avoid speculation.
What else do you want from me, Isabel?
Promise me you will not do it again.
You will never see her again!
I will see whoever I want!
- Anyone can join me!
Thank you son.
Always keep your feet on the earth.
Kings and princes rarely do so.
Enrique is a good example of that.
Don't worry Father, I won't tell.
I'm afraid I have told him many times.
However, I am still here.
And why? Because he needs me.
People like that always need people like us.
Today it's me.
Tomorrow it will be you.
For you, to remain the one
for many more years!
We know what motivates us.
Things are only made for two reasons:
honor or benefit.
And in the end both are the same,
since honor drives benefit
and benefit implies honor.
The king waits for us.
There are riots every day in Segovia.
The jews are afraid to
go out on the streets.
Your Majesty, I beg for your protection.
- They are loyal Castilians.
- It's a pity
- But what do you suggest I should do?
- Nothing, for the moment.
You know this situation is unjust.
I know the pope is searching for
funding for the Smyrna crusade.
He is appointing cardinals with one
hand while asking with the other.
Can we contribute?
Not more than what we are already giving.
What will the pope think if you refuse
to help him while at the same time
you permit those who betrayed our Lord
to run businesses and retain money?
I understand that you are
worried about your people.
My people?
I'm a Christian, Pacheco.
Do I need to remind you of that?
I don't want injustice in Castile.
Of course. What I meant is
that we need Rome's support.
- And we need it now.
- Gentlemen, gentlemen!
I think
it would be better to wait.
Cabrera, I'm sure water will
return to its normal course.
My Lord.
The person we suggest as cardinal must
wait in Valencia for the papal envoy.
I agree.
I dare suggest Alonso de Fonseca.
The Archbishop of Seville. He has
rendered good service to the crown.
I have thought about Pedro de Mendoza,
Archbishop of Siguenza.
If it's a matter of service to the crown,
the Mendozas have done well.
- Will you at least consider my proposal?
- Certainly.
Your Majesty!
His Eminence,
the Archbishop of Siguenza.
- Your Majesty!
- Monsignor!
Rodrigo Borja is a
womanizer and a playboy.
He is also ambitious like all good Borjas,
or Borgias, as they say in Rome.
So I am sure you will know
how to win him over.
I am grateful for your confidence, Carrillo.
This trip depends on you and Isabel's
becoming monarchs and my becoming cardinal.
I heard that your father
is going to Barcelona.
The city is besieged. We are waiting for
its rendition to negotiate.
We must go now if we want to reach
the court before his departure.
Go! It would be a pity
not to visit the court.
- Do I have your blessing for this trip?
- As always.
God will brighten your path
and guide your actions.
Don't be worried, you will be informed.
I'm sure you will too.
Of course, Isabel.
God be with you!
And good luck.
I will need it.
So, if I follow you, those who
rule over each party
are the Marquis of Villena
and the Archbishop of Toledo.
And not King Enrique or Princess Isabel.
- That's right.
- And they are uncle and nephew.
Yes. But even though they are family,
they would kill each other if needed.
We know much about that
here in the Vatican.
It would be easy for me to adapt.
Tell me their defects, their virtues.
They are very alike.
Both are ambitious.
But while Monsignor Carrillo is
direct, and maybe even brusque
Pacheco is mysterious and disloyal.
But both desire the same thing.
To rule without being kings.
And Enrique and Isabel consent?
Enrique is erratic and impulsive,
Isabel has no other option.
She had to survive without support.
Talk to me about Isabel and Fernando.
How are they?
He, besides his skill in
commanding armies, is a politician.
He is as clever as his father.
He knows to step back, but only if it
allows him to take three steps forward.
- And she?
- A woman of faith.
Pious, prudent, very religious.
The daughter of a woman of daily mass.
Why is she a princess and not a nun?
I know you don't quite
like that kind of woman
but you will agree with me. Those are
good attributes in a Christian queen.
I don't doubt it.
Just as I don't doubt the
useful nature of your advice.
In Castile they don't know that I am
going to make them a text
because I have not made a decision yet.
Fernando, Enrique, Isabel,
Mendoza, Carrillo, Pacheco
Nobody means more to me
at this moment.
Their talents
their capacity to build up the future
It will depend on which party I support.
Of their talents and their generosity.
All of them will be generous.
You will see.
But never forget to be generous.
It's enough to be rich
but in order to be talented,
something more is needed.
One needs to be intelligent and capable
and that is not in
the realm of everybody.
We were afraid of being late and
finding you already left to Barcelona.
There is no hurry. We are cooking them
in their own juices.
The longer they suffer, the less they will
open their mouth during the negotiations.
Don't let them cook for too long.
Just a bit.
What do you mean?
If you humiliate the Catalonians, they will
be defeated but remain enemies.
But if you appear charitable,
you could gain some allies.
What a bird I have as a son!
I learned from you.
Leave us alone for a moment.
- You will be in charge of ending all this.
- It will be me or my children.
Enrique is going to propose
Pedro de Mendoza for cardinal.
Don't worry,
I will get Carrillo appointed.
No. You will support Mendoza.
- I thought Carrillo was your friend.
- And he is.
But not yours or Isabelle's.
Or am I wrong?
Carrillo belongs to a different time,
just like me or Pacheco.
We are the past,
but Isabel, you
Cardinal Borgia,
you all are the future.
The world is changing and it cannot be
governed by the same people.
We must get through wars and intrigues,
we must overcome the past.
And in order to achieve all of these,
you will need the Mendozas' help
because they are the key
to govern Castile.
- It will be done.
- I'm sure you will do it right.
How is everything with Isabel?
It's unnecessary to underline the
importance of this voyage.
I know, you always wanted
a cardinal in the family.
You know it's more than that. If you are
chosen, the new pope will bet on the king
- but if they choose Carrillo
- Then the future is Isabelle's.
Be discreet.
Don't charge against the enemy.
I think in Valencia you will be welcomed
by the King or Prince Fernando.
- It's logical, it's his kingdom.
- Yes , but they will take advantage
of being hosts to persuade
the envoy in their favor.
They are our rivals,
but treat them cordially.
Talk generously about King Juan
and even more so about Fernando.
Attacking our adversaries
will be a sign of weakness
and it speaks poorly of
the one who does it.
Diego, I know. You taught me that
when I was a child.
And in Rome I learned to smile at the
enemy even when the hatred is fatal.
I will not fail.
I will be proud of you
whatever the outcome is.
God be with you!
It's an honor to receive you.
I hope you are not surprised about me
presiding this meeting.
You are Prince of Aragon, and we are in
Valencia, so why should I be surprised?
Perhaps because I'm
an interested party.
What is important is to welcome
Cardinal Borgia in Aragon
like he deserves, and just like he
will be received in Castile.
Your Excellence, don't worry.
The Princess and Monsignor Carrillo
will wait for the cardinal.
The Mendozas have always played by the
rules, and we promise we'll do the same.
As you know, tonight there will be a
welcome dinner for Cardinal Borgia.
Your presence will honor the event.
All right.
I'll be here.
And well
Not too much, not too little.
Borgia likes music?
Borgia likes everything.
I'm afraid Monsignor believes I'm trying
to persuade you in my favor.
I find it strange that we are
in the middle of dinner
and you still haven't tried.
Even if you dine with me for three
consecutive days, I wouldn't.
So you won't tell me about those things
I'm not supposed to know?
They don't exist. No good man would
dare to speak ill of the Mendozas.
I thought you were enemies.
Loyalty and nobility should be appreciated,
even among those who fight.
And the Mendozas are, above everything,
loyal to the Crown.
In Castile, where everyone changes parties
because of intrigues
that's something valuable.
Pacheco you mean?
I never talk badly of people
I'm not looking in the eye
but there are two Castiles,
the old one
petrified in anachronistic formulas
and a new one who's willing
to overcome them.
In your stay you will meet both
and you will decide
who belongs to each of them.
Suppose that His Holiness
decided to appoint
Pedro de Mendoza as cardinal.
Then he will have the
King of Castile by his side.
- If you and Isabel became
- Forever!
Talking about His Holiness
I brought you something from him.
If it comes from him,
it will be welcomed.
You don't know.
You will make it public
only upon my return to Rome.
It's convenient,
it's near the court.
If the impression made by Mendoza is good,
it will not last for long.
And if I'm allowed to speak frankly,
than this house to host
a meeting with a cardinal.
You are allowed to say so,
since it's true.
- Something more?
- No, my Lady.
And you?
Do you want something?
Isabel, I know it's
none of my business but
I have noticed some tension
between you and Fernando.
It exists.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Your marriage appeared to be
just like a fairy tale.
It's just that those tales are
made to suit the taste of men
and not those of women,
but keep calm.
I know how to distinguish
the princess and the wife.
I'm not concerned about the princess.
Come with me.
I think I have monopolized our guest
for too long.
You are in good hands.
An interesting man.
Do you know him well?
- I know his wife better.
- And what can you tell me about her?
She's the daughter of a king, and as such,
she has been educated.
She is prudent, intelligent, strong.
- I heard she is religious.
- Very.
I'm surprised,
I was expecting a sword combat
and found nothing but flowers.
Don Fernando has spent the whole night
saying wonderful things
about you and your family.
I doubt that among your blood I will find a
better defense of your candidacy.
I must confess my surprise.
I'm glad, that's the way
among Christian nobility.
- Monsignor.
- Eminence.
See you tomorrow.
I must apologize.
I thought you were expecting to benefit
from your host position, but
I won't attack a Mendoza. You don't
deserve it and I'm not that vile
despite whatever rumors you
may have heard about me.
I told you,
we will never wrong you.
Whatever happens,
we are all searching for the same thing.
You, your family, my wife, myself
We don't want a divided Castile.
We want the best for the kingdom
even though we are on rivaling sides.
I'm pleasantly surprised to hear that.
Perhaps we haven't talked enough.
Or perhaps some people
have talked too much.
Me and my family will be honored to
receive you and your wife in our home.
It would be an honor.
But it may be too soon,
don't you think?
Perhaps some day.
- Who knows?
- Yes.
Who knows?
- Is everything good?
- Perfect.
This looks nothing like Rome,
there they have color, light
Paintings seem to come alive.
They imitate nature.
I envy you. Here tradition is important.
The old is worshiped.
Yes, I can see that.
In Castile, the light is in the
hands of the sun
and color is a matter of rivers and forests.
We prefer nature to that
which pretends to mimic it.
Everything has its charms Excellency,
I don't doubt it.
If you agree,
the Mendozas are waiting for us.
His Holiness is gravely concerned
about the differences
in the succession to the throne of Castile,
resulting in a war among Christians
at a time when you shall unite forces
against the enemies of our faith.
I agree with His Holiness.
It's not time to divide, but to add.
No doubt about it.
Count on us for that.
His Holiness must be aware that
this has always been our goal.
We could have defeated our
enemies on the battlefield
but the king was merciful with his sisters,
offering to negotiate the future.
I know.
Those negotiations were
sealed in Guisando
but Isabel, with her pride,
broke those pacts
by marrying Fernando
without our consent.
I know that too.
Just as I know that she wasn't the only
one that skipped the compromises.
Let's start a new phase.
Let's evaluate the past
and propose a solution.
I agree.
This is what we'll do
In name of His Holiness I will listen to both
sides in commission.
Representing Isabel will be her
trustee, Monsignor Carrillo.
In name of Juana, you.
- But monsignor
- So it will be!
So it will be.
Are you completely sure
it was that document?
I saw it with my own eyes.
That means that Rome is on our side.
You will be king and queen,
and I will be cardinal.
Lets make this public immediately,
I promised nothing would be said
until Borja had left.
- But
- I don't think it will be in your best interests
when Borja sees his
instructions ignored.
You are right,
we will respect them.
Aren't you happy?
I am.
This is what we have been searching for.
It doesn't appear to be.
Enough happiness has showed Carrillo.
He's wrong by being so happy.
What's the matter?
Carrillo will not be cardinal.
We are supporting Mendoza.
This is our chance to get rid of Carrillo.
I don't want a marriage of three.
Do you agree?
But you can't tell, not even to Chacon.
- And he promised not to tell.
- Can you remain quiet?
- Of course.
I'm so lucky for having a wife like you.
What's wrong?
- Continue if you want.
- No.
Not in this way.
I swear I have not seen her
and that I haven't been with another woman
since I married you.
- Your word is enough for me.
Then what's wrong Isabel?
I don't want to be
in a marriage of three.
- Monsignor.
- How are you?
Not as good as you.
I know you are always
accompanied by your son Diego.
Are you instructing him?
Do you have the intention to retire?
Its an obligation of every father
to influence his son.
And do it in the best way possible.
If you want to send him to me
you will save yourself a failure
like the frustrated wedding between your
daughter and Fernando of Aragon.
Be careful. Good cards
don't show up every time.
Unless you know them with anticipation.
If we are searching for an alliance that
reinforces the Christian kingdoms
- we have another option.
- Which one?
To marry Juana to someone
from the Aragonese court.
Mister Enrique Fortuna,
nephew of King Juan.
Don't be foolish.
If you want to unite Castile and Aragon
its already done because
Fernando and Isabel are married.
Isabel isn't the heiress.
- And that marriage isn't valid.
- Marquis.
If you want to marry Juana to
Alfonso of Portugal or Enrique
you will need a papal bull.
- But the pope
- Marquis!
Let me care about the Holy Father
and his business.
That's why I'm his envoy.
If you weren't so obsessed
with attacking Juana in the past
we wouldn't have a need
for this commission.
Didn't you sign a form proclaiming
that she isn't our king's daughter?
- Which side are you on?
- Forever with Castile.
This is a farce.
Carrillo allied with a Mendoza,
for God's sake, Pacheco.
Carrillo knows something.
He keeps showing that off.
But what did he say?
That he had already won the match,
that he knew the winning cards.
Well, your uncle keeps
bragging all the time.
Mendoza is against everything I propose!
- Do you see that it's possible?
- Mendoza and Carrillo, water and oil.
Sometimes I believe you are obsessed
with your uncle. You see things that are not!
Perhaps, but I will not
go back to that meeting.
I feel uncomfortable,
they don't respect me at all.
Tell me, Carrillo,
what do you want from me?
You are aware of how much you
can give to us, Isabel and I.
And you are aware that there are others
who want the same.
- I know, I know. I just wanted to set
- Not now Excellence.
When I visit you
we will talk about everything.
Let's not break the protocol and
depreciate the king's hospitality
to plot against him.
You can be sure that
I take note of everything
and the attitude of the Marquis
abandoning our reunion
will not be easy to forget.
Send my regards and blessings to Isabel.
I know she is a very religious being.
She is, Eminence.
- See you soon.
- See you soon.
Have a good trip, Carrillo.
- Pacheco abandoned the commission.
- What a fool!
He found a hostile environment
and he hates to lose.
He is like you,
it must be a family thing.
Cardinal Borgia didn't like him.
And with that attitude, even less.
But that's good. Borgia will be on our side.
Borgia is from Valencia, I'm sure your
father gave him good references of me.
- Count on it.
- Yes but
- There is the Mendoza problem.
- They will obey, as always.
I can't wait to see their faces
when I'm made cardinal.
We must keep an eye on everything.
- My Lady
- Monsignor?
We'll receive Borgia on Christmas Eve.
He will officiate mass and I will assist him
and you will be there.
You must solve our problems, Isabel.
We can't waste this opportunity.
- Monsignor, don't
- Even a blind man can see
that your marriage is
going through some problems.
Borgia will judge you as heiress, you must
show yourself as a worthy princess.
I prohibit you to have doubts
about my wife.
We are on a serious matter here,
I will doubt whatever
Not of her!
She has been educated for this.
This is a duty, not an ambition
as it is for you.
She has been worthy
and she will be forever.
Would you trust our future in her hands?
Better on hers than on mine.
For the good of all of us
I hope you are right.
We are leaving for
Are you sure that Carrillo
will be elected, father?
They seem to be so tightly linked.
He's a charlatan and a hypocrite!
Otherwise, how will he hold such a
position in Rome?
Carrillo is on the opposite side
and the Mendozas hate us.
Then it's difficult to retain honor.
If there is no honor
then we must still get a benefit.
Let's have a toast, for our guest
so that God enlightens his mission.
I regret your absence in the commission.
My presence was not required.
Nobody like the Mendozas for
defending the Crown's interests.
Moreover, Lady Juana
is very important to them.
She's as dear as a daughter, right?
That's correct.
The king trusted his daughter to you
with good criteria.
The same criteria he now shows by
promoting your brother as cardinal.
Nobody can doubt the fidelity of a Mendoza.
Or of his faith.
We Castilians are very religious
and in these times
we can see that non-Christians
enjoy many privileges.
- That's worrisome.
- That's not true, Marquis.
That's the feeling of the masses, Majesty.
That money is in Jewish hands
or of those who claim to be Christians
but then privately refuse our Lord.
That's why I celebrate the
presence of a Mendoza.
Forever faithful,
forever a believer.
Do you need something more, My Lady?
No. Thank you Catalina.
You are dismissed.
My Lady.
My Lord.
I wanted to thank you.
You don't have to.
I don't regret what I have done
or what I will probably do.
Why do you say that?
Because I know myself.
And I know you.
I will never treat you like a child.
I want you to know
that I realized how fortunate I am.
Because there is no prince
or king in the world
lucky enough to be with a woman like you.
Good night.
I'm sorry to leave so early,
but I must travel tomorrow.
Yes, but this bloody Castilian winter
can make it eternal.
Your daughter is charming.
I saw her yesterday.
Her education is
that of a future queen.
Thank you, it's a merit of the Mendoza family.
She grew up with them.
It was an honor.
Unfortunately, I have still not
met her mother.
Your wife?
She is on a voyage.
She is visiting her brother,
the King of Portugal.
It has been quite a long time
since the last time they met.
What a pity.
Send her my respects.
Can I have a moment with you?
When are you planning to stop,
I don't know what you're talking about.
I swear that if you continue
with your intrigues
What are you going to do?
I can disappear you with a gesture.
You are nobody Cabrera, nobody.
This is too much for you.
By the way, to whom do you swear?
Christ or Yahweh?
Is something wrong, Eminence?
I want to trust you with something
but you need to promise me
it will remain a secret.
The next cardinal will be Pedro Mendoza.
That's fantastic.
I never doubted. But remember, not a
single word until it is announced.
If this is prematurely revealed, the Holy
Father could change his mind.
Don't worry.
- Not even Mendoza himself should know.
- Trust in me.
Thank you.
May I tell the Pope
that he can count on your
contribution to the Crusade?
Count on it.
- Majesty!
- Not now Cabrera!
- I have something to tell.
- It's not the proper time.
You were wrong about Borgia, Pacheco.
What was he talking about?
Tell me, how long has the queen
been in Portugal?
She is not that far.
She is in Extremadura.
But it has been long since the
queen and king live separately.
I see.
He repudiated her. Then she came back
with twins from another man.
A Castilian nobleman.
- She preferred a nobleman over a king?
- She preferred a man.
The king barely used her.
Just enough to have his daughter.
Not even so. According to some,
she is not his daughter.
to impregnate her.
A cardinal like you must be shocked.
Oh my dear, if you only knew!
Why don't we set aside words and
continue with the deeds?
It's a miracle!
Don't be so irreverent.
It's a pleasure to see you again.
The honor is mine.
Please, let me introduce you to Gonzalo.
Eminence, welcome to our home.
Thank you, Monsignor.
I wanted to talk to the princess.
Is she here?
There she is.
Stand up, please.
Do you want to speak with my wife?
Better leave you both alone.
To much weight for a girl.
Trust this girl, Monsignor.
Would you like to take a walk,
You are cold.
I'm from Valencia and I came from Rome.
I can't get used to this weather.
I'm from Castile, this is my land.
I love it.
to the silence.
When it snows you can hear the silence.
This is a harsh land.
The soil and the sky
- And between them only God.
- They told me you're very religious.
That's the way I was educated.
You're more than some priests,
believe me, I come from Rome.
Yes, I know of some cases.
And what do you think about it?
The Lord has driven them
to their position.
I'm no one to doubt God's will.
What I do believe is that they should not
interfere with matters of the State.
A clergyman shall pray, not govern.
I come from the court.
I have talked to your brother
- and got to know his child.
- She is a beautiful girl.
Why shall you be the successor,
and not her?
Because that's the agreement.
The king signed
and I kept my part of the deal.
Because you're the king's sister while we
can't tell that she's the daughter?
I'm his sister and she is his daughter
and I am the heiress.
What are your plans
if you claim the throne?
When that happens,
let God guide our kings
but within many years from now.
There is a mission above all
to conquer Granade.
Would that be different
if you weren't queen?
The king had plenty of time
and he never tried.
I don't see how his daughter, having the
same advisers, would do something else.
I chose my husband because I'm
willing to unite Castile and Aragon
because I want this to be the beginning
of a strong, Christian, united State.
And you ask what is my plan
well, this is it.
What does Pacheco want? Power.
At my expense,
and now I'm the enemy.
You are an accountant.
You're in charge of the treasury
of Madrid and Segovia.
He is losing power in court.
He wants your position.
He wants access to the money,
and he is not honest like you.
He will use it to his own benefit.
No, the king can't do that to me.
The king changes his mind very often.
Pacheco will appeal to your origins,
to your family.
Whatever it takes,
he wants you out.
You need to defend yourself.
It's you or him!
What do you want me to do?
- Speak to Isabel.
- No!
You could be the ideal bridge
between her and the king.
You would unite both parties,
get rid of Pacheco, you would be safe
The king could see that as treason.
I'm loyal!
He knows it.
If he believes I'm disloyal
I will be worthless.
- The Body of Christ.
- Amen.
- The Body of Christ.
- Amen.
Don't let their inexperience bother you.
That's why I'm here.
Every decision they make will
be in accordance with me.
Are you sure?
Its an agreement, that wedding was
celebrated because of me.
They know that.
They will not dare to take a
step without my consent.
Therefore, if your holiness could grant me
the grace of being cardinal.
You can be sure that
Decisions in Castile would be taken
according to your interests.
I'm sure he will appreciate it.
Good journey, Eminence. And may the
Lord enlighten your decisions.
Get up, please.
It has been a pleasure to meet you.
It will be Mendoza.
Try to reveal to him my support.
No problem.
Monsignor, thank you for your hospitality.
Thank you for giving me the honor.
Take this.
You're the one who
has fought more for this.
Thank you, Eminence.
You are married in the eyes of God.
Let the whole world know that.
- I never thought they would get into this.
- Yes
The lies have spread orally
all around the city.
But now those lies are on paper.
They have reached a different category.
And written words
are always more powerful.
If rumors were truth
there would be no
children alive in Segovia.
We must show the people
that these are lies.
Peasants will believe anything
but we have spent some time together.
They know we don't kidnap children
in order to sacrifice them!
People are hungry.
They're told that money is
in the hands of the Jews
and they want to crush us.
It's the story of our town.
And what can I do?
Talk to the king.
- I've tried already and
- Try again!
They have been dead, nobody is secure.
They're also your family.
I know that Rabbi.
I know.
I can't promise anything.
These are very difficult times.
I know you will do what you can.
Is something wrong?
People dislike Jews
but they're very powerful.
That's why they don't like them.
So let's give the people what they want.
And by doing so we
can take what we want
Enough money to confront Carrillo.
- What's happening?
- My Lord, you have a visitor.
His Eminence, Rodrigo Borgia.
Eminence! It's an honor!
I will only take a moment.
There's something you should know.
It's better if I inform you.
Excellence, my recommendation to the
Pope would be for you to be cardinal.
I'm immensely grateful.
Don't thank me, thank he who
has been supporting you
all this time, since the beginning.
Fernando of Aragon.
I trust you that in Castile there
will be no space for rancor
and that your alliances
will be the right ones.
I must continue with my trip.
Good luck!
My Lady?
We wives must be loyal
to our husbands, right?
Shall we?
And our husbands to us?
They should, but they aren't.
And why can't we demand
the same treatment?
We must, but
we must also be aware that
we are not going to get that.
And why?
Its a lost battle.
You know one must choose
only the battles that can be won.
The world is like that.
Remember that to ratify the male
condition of our king.
They asked for the record of prostitutes
he frequented in Segovia.
Everybody saw that as a natural thing
but see what the same people
say about the queen.
The queen is a whore.
See? You're the first among them.
Kings, princes, men of the church
All of them are cheating,
they have mistresses, natural children.
That's the way it works.
What should I expect from a husband
that is also a young prince?
- And handsome.
- And handsome
And hot.
- Do you believe that he loves me?
- Not only that.
He admires you.
And that's beyond the
dreams of most of us.
This changes the scenario.
For sure.
I'm inviting Isabel and
Fernando to my ordination.
I don't know, I don't know.
We must be loyal to the king.
Isabel is his enemy
- and of his daughter.
- Why be loyal to the king?
You know better than me
what happens in court.
Pacheco is losing prestige.
You said that when the moment arrives,
we shall take him down.
And well, the moment is now.
Pacheco is not the only one who
has fallen in disgrace.
If Fernando has supported you
that implies that Carrillo has fallen as well.
This is
a new era.
The question of this new era will be
can one support Isabel
without betraying the king?
Did you call for me, My Lord?
I want to tell you something
I already knew but couldn't tell.
- You were wrong Pacheco.
- About what Your Majesty?
About your uncle,
the Archbishop of Toledo.
Cardinal Borgia told me
but didn't allow me to speak.
I don't know what Carrillo
would like to know
but the cardinal will be Mendoza.
Aren't you happy?
In cases like this,
it is a pleasure to be mistaken.
Rome is still on our side.
They chose Mendoza, not Carrillo.
And they'll choose Juana
and not Isabel.
I told you,
you're obsessed with your uncle.
I'm wondering,
what was Carrillo's reaction.
Son of a bitch!
Hypocrite, traitor, liar, Judas!
I hope the pestilence gets you!
I hope you rot in hell!
Believe me, I'm sensitive to
the Jew's community problems.
And what you say is a clear injustice.
- But it's not the time.
- And when is the time!
- When they're slaughtered in the streets?
- Cabrera!
I apologize, Your Majesty.
I'm only asking for justice.
They're also Castilians,
and many of them remarkable.
Rabbi Abraham is one of the main
financial support of the crown.
And family of yours.
- Further more than what you are from Carrillo!
- Cabrera, I understand you.
But you should understand.
It's a state matter.
We cannot gamble Rome's support.
They need to see we stand still
in matters of faith.
Too late.
This document was nailed on
But there are more spreading in Castile.
The bull
The Pope has gotten them the bull
Still thinking we have the
Pope's support?
What were you expecting?
To gain Rome with faith?
You haven't seen Granada.
Your wife lives and has children with her
lover, while Isabel is in daily prayer.
And you allow the crown's treasures
to be in Jews' hands.
Or fake Christians!
It is a matter of state.
They invited you?
The Mendozas had the face to invite you
to Pedro's ordination as Cardinal?
You know I feel sorry for you,
but it might be a good chance
- to talk with the king.
- And to humiliate me!
We won't go. What they did to you
isn't fair and it affects us all.
No one has fought for
our cause like you have.
I don't doubt Mendoza's good intentions.
- I do.
- But whatever.
To attend would be unfair
towards you.
We understand and we won't go.
That's the least we can do for you.
Thank you.
We couldn't offend him more.
A wounded animal is
even more dangerous.
Maybe we should tell
my uncle about this.
We supported Mendoza
from the beginning.
You knew it from the beginning?
And you didn't tell me?
Well done.
So Madam, what is the next step?
It might be our chance to get
close with the king again.
We need a bridge.
Who could it be?
The Mendozas have opened
their door to us.
No. It's too soon.
Cabrera. Let's talk with him.
Madam, I know someone who
can meet with Cabrera.
He is someone efficient,
and discrete.
But why, My Lord?
Have I failed on my commitments?
Haven't I followed your orders?
Don't you trust me?
You don't have any reason
to think that.
You don't heed my advice
or answer my pleas.
- And now you cast me aside.
- Cabrera stop it!
I don't owe you any explanations,
for God's sake I'm the king!
You still get to keep Segovia's treasure.
Thank me for that.
Who would handle Madrid's treasure?
The kings think they are the ones
who make decisions.
But they wouldn't know how to
feed their own mouths without people.
They don't notice when it's us
who handle their positions.
And if they do?
They don't like it and they punish us.
So what's next after that happens?
Hold their strikes and
flee the scene.
But not too far.
Because sooner or later,
they'll need us back.
And they will do what
we want them to, again.
Andres, someone wants to see you.
I don't know what to tell him.
I can't do any more.
What are you doing here?
I come in Isabel's name.
We have to talk.
- What are you looking at?
- I can't imagine a better wife or princess.
- And wife?
- Neither.
I love you.
And so do I.
And I won't ever love
or lay down with another man.
And I won't accept you
being with other women.
But you are my husband.
The husband of who will be
Castile's queen.
You are the king.
they are all fed up.
Some for vengeance for
supporting Isabel, others
for Pacheco's men looting.
You think Isabel is incapable of
handling the situation?
I think she is very capable.
Every time I blink he's back in Aragon!
- He has obligations there.
- And here!
Without you all of this will fall down.
You are the true architect of this cause.
Tell my husband that in three days
I'll meet with the king in Segovia.
A king won't negotiate
with an usurper.
I will see her.
- The successor to the throne is her.
- But I'm her husband!
We have pending matters,
but you should be clear
that no one will defend
Juana's rights like me.
Today is a special day
My sister is back.
- Isabel knows something about all this?
- No.
Let's take that bastard,
Enrique's crown.
I want to be queen, even if that implies
being and thinking things I criticize.
I present to you, Fernando.
Sicily's king and Aragon's prince.
Swear to me you haven't
maneuvered behind my back.
Choose six men, no more.
How will we get inside the quarterdeck?
We'll take the daughter too.
I want you to separate them.
Her daughter will be the guarantee for
Isabel to do what she is ordered.
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