Isabel (2011) s01e13 Episode Script

La nueva reina

The pope is dead.
It's time to name a Castilian cardinal.
- Do you have a preference?
- No.
I will choose whoever you consider.
You will choose between Carrillo,
the Archbishop of Toledo
or the king's candidate.
- Do you need to be back in Aragon?
- I need to.
You should stay in Castile,
that was the agreement.
His Holiness' envoy is landing on
Valencia, I must receive him.
This trip depends on the fact that you both
become rulers and I, a cardinal.
I know that when you're in Valencia you
visit Aldonza de Ivorra
Catalonian from Cervera. I know you have
a child with her!
- You will support Mendoza.
- I thought Carrillo was your friend.
And he is, but he's not yours.
He's not a friend of Isabel.
Let's suppose that His Holiness decided
to make Pedro de Mendoza a cardinal.
He will have the Castilian king's
support forever.
I have something from him, Carrillo isn't
going to become cardinal.
We will support Mendoza.
It's our chance to get rid off him.
I don't want a marriage of three.
Are you sure Carrillo is the chosen one?
They look so confident with each other.
He is a farce, a hypocrite.
That's why he is in Rome.
What are your plans if you
succeed the throne?
There is a mission above all:
to conquer Granada.
My recommendation to the Holy Father
will be in your favor.
Thank who has been your supporter
since the beginning.
Fernando of Aragon.
In the eyes of God your are now married.
Let the whole world share the new!
Cardinal Borgia told me this before,
but he asked for discretion.
I don't know if Carrillo will like it,
but Mendoza will be cardinal.
Son of a thousand whores!
The bull. The pope conceded
them the bull!
Do you still believe that we
have Rome's favor?
From the very beginning
we supported Mendoza.
So you knew of this since the beginning?
what are you doing here?
I come on Isabel's behalf.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
I will never love or lay
with another man.
I will not accept that you lay
with other women.
These are times of change in Castile.
Nothing is as it was and
nobody knows how it will be.
And not only Castile.
Prince Fernando is leaving once
more time for Aragon.
He's summoned by
his father, King Juan.
I hope that your presence will calm
the Catalonians once and for all.
I'm sick of never-ending conflicts.
That's our permanent condition.
Things are going better in Castile.
And I'm not there.
You can be prince of two kingdoms.
But it's impossible to be in both places
at the same time.
- I need you here now.
- I know Father.
But at any time we will meet Enrique,
and I won't be there.
Are you doubting of Isabel's capability
of handling the situation?
I think she is very capable.
The thing is that Isabel
conscious of her role as princess
is not aware of her role as a woman.
As soon I turn my head
he is back in Aragon!
- He has duties to fulfill, My Lady.
- Yes, also here!
And not only as prince.
It's not wise to privilege private matters
over those of the State.
Your struggle of many years
has been for Castile.
The time is now.
Every city grows more discontent
with the king's rule.
Disorder governs there where Pacheco
and his minions can't, which makes things worse.
What's more, with Borgia's visit the
Mendozas are willing to negotiate.
They will never forget your
husband's support
to elect Pedro de Mendoza cardinal,
instead of Carrillo.
That will bring us problems,
I can assure you that.
In every negotiation
we must cede something.
We have done it, now
it's their turn. And they will.
- So the king is willing to talk?
- It's a matter of days.
- I'm sure.
- On that day I will show up.
It would be good to inform your husband.
I'm enough, I can take care of this.
So we count on Cabrera?
Please, listen to me,
Things aren't as Pacheco describes.
Vandalism rises not only
against the Jews.
The people feel unprotected.
This kingdom is vulnerable
to Isabelle's cause.
What's your suggestion?
Welcome her.
Carrillo is off the seat.
Block Pacheco.
Then it will be you and her.
You are brothers.
Your blood is the same, you want
the same for Castile.
It's more what unites you than
what separates you.
This may be a trap to liberate
Pacheco's men
We Mendozas don't have
the need to get rid of him.
There are no castles,
only senseless war!
Its origin is unknown,
but it's everywhere!
Toledo, Murcia, Leon, Valladolid,
all of them are tired.
Tired of vengeance for supporting Isabel.
Tired of Pacheco's pillage.
Pacheco didn't tell me about this.
You will receive Isabel, My Lord.
So King Enrique and Isabel
agreed to meet.
They were freed from the vicious influence
of the Marquis of Villena.
And that of Toledo's Archbishop.
I see you very focused on your writing,
Palencia my friend.
I'm doing my chronicles.
Have you already reached the part
where the bishop becomes cardinal?
And in the end he's humiliated by Rome?
I was just about to start writing
of that shameful episode.
I hope you won't recount how I was treated
as a leper by the people I've always served.
That will never happen.
Without you everything will fall apart.
You're the real architect of this cause!
Monsignor Carrillo
who just like Icarus,
flew too close to the Sun
fell because of his own
ambition and pride.
A man who believed himself king
is now a walking corpse.
One of many that wander in
Castilian soil.
Your Majesty.
Your Majesty.
Are you okay?
Do you want me to call the doctor?
No, no
I purged myself.
Do you want something Marquis?
I've heard you are receiving Isabel.
That's right.
You are making a mistake.
You made an even worse mistake by not
telling me what happened in the kingdom.
Your people enrich themselves by
taking wealth from the peasants.
Those men are the basis
of your throne.
They've done only what
you commanded.
You mean what you commanded.
Always thinking of your cause.
Or is it that you plan to deny me?
Because we're on the same
side as you.
But where are you?
Where the good of Castile is.
Everybody says to act for Castile's sake
in order to justify their actions.
But what the hell is Castile?
Could you tell me as her king?
What's Castile?
Hungry peasants?
Greedy priests?
A king must never negotiate
with an usurper!
I'm going to meet her.
Do so.
But claim her daughter for safety.
- As long as she is in our power
- Enough!
Is that the only way you
can confront things?
I'm tired.
I'm sick of this.
I will meet my sister.
It's my decision.
May I ask you a question?
Are the Mendozas, those son of bitches,
aware of your decision?
Now I understand everything.
Are you traveling with your daughter?
I want the king to know her.
He is her uncle.
I'm touched by the love you
have for your family.
I know. You have always been
a good-hearted man.
- And what are you going to negotiate?
- I'm not planning to negotiate.
I will start from what
we signed in Guisando.
He is the king, and I hope he will be ruling
for many years.
Will you wait until his dead
to succeed him?
That's right.
It's a bad thing to wait in Castile, even
more so because of Pacheco's presence.
- He may not be interfering.
- He is always interfering.
Enrique is willing to buy some time.
He didn't enforce what he signed in
Guisando. He will not enforce it now.
We'll see.
Send a message to my husband.
Tell him that three days from now
I will meet the king in Segovia.
Don't send a messenger.
Travel yourself.
He'll be mad enough when he finds out
you're going without him.
- I'll go immediately.
- And tell him he must go to Segovia now.
You are sure Fernando
is going to hear you?
Have you lost your faith in
our Aragonese friends?
I've lost faith in everything.
But you will come to Segovia.
I will.
You will go by night.
By that time the meeting will be over.
Isabel will suspect nothing.
Shall we take her daughter as well?
I want you to keep them separated.
Her daughter will be our ransom.
Isabel will do whatever we demand.
More wine.
Choose a dozen men, no more.
- How are we going to enter the building?
- You will.
And how to know which
is Isabelle's room?
You will know.
I have people inside.
Doors will be opened, just like the doors
of heaven were opened for the thief.
Will the doors be open?
And you? Where will you be?
In order to ease the environment,
I will be in Extremadura.
I want to meet Juana of Avis.
I want to let her know we are
the only possibility for her daughter.
Is everything clear?
Relax. They are here.
She is just like you.
I hope she will have
a better life than me.
All that is past.
Now you're here.
I know, but Enrique is not.
You know how he is.
The last time I was in Segovia
he didn't meet me either.
And look at all that has happened
Take it easy.
Things have changed.
Pacheco isn't here.
He left because you came.
Pacheco was tormenting him
I wasn't talking about that.
How are you with him?
How is he as a husband?
He's everything a girl dreams of.
So you're happy?
Beyond your imagination.
Do you remember how long you cried
the day our father married you?
Don't remind me of that!
And you?
How is Fernando as a husband?
I'm sorry, I didn't want to
He is wonderful!
All the time he's with me.
The problem is when he is not.
For God's sake, what a woman!
She couldn't wait for my return
to meet Enrique!
It was the opportunity to see the king.
And, with all due respect,
she's the heiress to the throne.
But I'm her husband!
That's none of my business.
- But?
- You know how is she.
I'm tired of these Catalonian counts.
Negotiations, talking, and when you
think it's finally finished
they always have a new
matter to discuss.
- It's like a never-ending story!
- Be patient father.
We defeated them, so why
that many negotiations?
They must see us as their kings,
not their enemies.
We'd be bad kings if
we exploit our subjects.
Worse kings we'll be if we try to charm
people who are trying to revolt.
It's the moment of peace.
Helping them to rebuild
what war took destroyed.
Catalonians must recognize
that we care for them.
They'll be our best allies when
France attacks us again.
And that will be soon.
Negotiate Father.
We can't afford to have
so many enemies.
Fine, you should go
I'm afraid I can't.
King Enrique is willing to meet Isabel
to work out their differences.
I must go to Segovia.
Peralta can go on my place to Catalonia.
Majesty, I'm sure I can't
replace him in Segovia.
We haven't done all what we can
to forget about Castile.
Your Majesty, it's a good thing
to keep Castile on our side
in case of a French invasion.
Do what you think is convenient.
You're going to be king, eh? I'm too old
to keep all these troubles in my head!
- Majesty!
- Sister!
How long has it been?
Very long.
Too long.
Come with me.
And your husband?
After you make me suffer
in the end
I won't meet him.
He needed to be in Aragon
for urgent matters.
Fernando is not
the only one missing.
Right. Where is Pacheco?
Urgent business made him
leave the court.
I hope it's nothing grave.
You look preoccupied.
Family is always a concern.
Don't you need to be present
at the meeting?
I'm sure you're talking
about politics.
This isn't a political meeting.
Today is a special day.
My sister is back.
My Lord I have a surprise for you.
Leave us alone! Out, out!
My God.
She looks just like you when
you were a child.
And she is a well-educated girl.
Don't be fooled by her.
She has a very bad character.
Like I've said, just like you!
- May I raise her?
- Please.
You don't know how lucky you are
to be able to see your child grow up.
I would have given up everything
just to have that privilege.
I would have given up everything
just to have my life be different.
We can't change the past.
Only the future.
It has been a while since your
last time in Segovia, right?
You know that's true.
I would like you to walk again
through her streets.
I would like to accompany you.
It would be an honor.
I want the people to see
me with my sister.
Are you all right?
Your Majesty!
I'm just tired.
You should rest. Whether you want it or not,
I'm calling the doctor.
My Lady, let me show
you your room.
It's nothing. It's just that he doesn't
take care of himself.
We need to convince him to see a doctor,
and it's hard to convince a king.
I appreciate you Cabrera.
You've been always loyal to your king.
Despite that you've helped me
when we were enemies.
The best way to be loyal
to Enrique is to help Castile.
- That can be done through negotiations.
- I'll always be in debt.
Thank my wife Beatriz. There wouldn't be enough
land in Castile to hide from her.
Were you searching for someone?
Surrender if you want to live!
Keep this man alive.
He has many things to tell.
Take this.
Is this beverage really going to cure me?
They are herbs. No harm
can come from them.
This taste makes me want to vomit.
It's not that. It's to make
your stomach thinner.
You must eat less.
No red meat for a few weeks.
Your Majesty. Don't vomit without my advice.
- Will you ever hear me?
- Yes, yes.
I hope so because you may fool me
but you can't fool your health.
- Has our visionary confessed?
- No.
He won't denounce Pacheco.
He prefers to die.
Which is very probable, by the way.
It looks like you're more afraid of the
Marquis than the king himself.
That's his strategy, fear and intimidation.
How did you know he'd try to kidnap
Isabel and her daughter?
I have one of his pages working for me.
So many years knowing Pacheco
made me use one of his methods.
I knew of the plan before her arrival,
so I changed her room.
This can't continue!
Castile must not depend
on men like Pacheco.
- What are you saying?
- What do you think Pacheco is doing?
Counting spears of wheat?
He is in Extremadura, talking
to Queen Juana. For sure.
We must remove that weed
from the very root!
Is Isabel aware of any of this?
- Better that way.
Don't let her or her people
know about this.
- And the king?
- He knows nothing, Your Excellency.
- I was planning to inform him.
- Don't do it.
He will know another time.
This business is ours.
Let's allow Enrique some happiness
since he's got his sister back.
I'll always thank you for
this gesture, Your Majesty.
Perhaps I should
have done this before.
All them would like to be where we are.
To be kings, princes and princesses.
Ignorant of the fact that
we are not any happier.
You look at them, and they smile!
They are tired of struggles,
disputes, and war.
Just like me, Sister.
I disputed the crown with my father and
then with my brother Alfonso.
We must finish this forever, Isabel.
Your Majesty.
I present to you Fernando.
Sicily's king and Aragon's prince.
I finally meet you.
We were supposed to meet before
If I only I didn't have to escape from
your soldiers after my wedding.
I see you joke even about
the most ungrateful moments.
It is his nature.
You will grow to know him.
If you wish to ride besides us
It would be an honor.
- Long live Isabel!
- Long live!
- Long live Fernando!
- Long live!
- Long live Castile!
- Long live!
- Long live Isabel!
- Long live!
It seems the people love you, Sister.
You and your husband.
No more than you, their king.
No doubt this is a great day.
Why should we talk to him?
Why are we letting him
into our home?
- I beg of you.
- This man is the king's right hand.
He mandates more than
the king himself. He caused this exile.
Now you can't see your daughter.
What can he offer to us?
- It doesn't concern you.
- Take back your words!
Put a hand on me
and you'll have a slow
and painful death.
Leave us alone.
Be brief.
Say it. What do you want?
Your daughter is Castile's queen.
And yet she has it harder than ever.
What do you mean?
Isabel is with your husband right now.
He has called her to reach an agreement.
We should act.
You and I have pending matters.
But you should know
nobody will defend your daughter
Juana's rights more than me.
What would you ask for in exchange?
Ask your brother,
Portugal's king, to help us.
If he doesn't, Aragon will have the power
that Portugal could have.
Are you preparing a war?
I'm preparing a power demonstration.
And if it isn't enough,
I'll do whatever it takes.
What's your answer?
I'm tired of conspiracies.
And I do not doubt the king hates me.
But my daughter has
the Mendoza's support.
You can't trust the Mendozas.
If you can't trust the Mendozas
who can you trust now in Castile?
In you?
How is he shameless enough to be here?
He has intended to kidnap the princess.
Be discrete.
Look at the king.
He is happy.
And he is excited.
Everything's fine.
And hasn't your father been
in the court lately?
He doesn't like fakers. Like me.
Change your expression.
We're celebrating today.
You would tell we'll get to this situation
after so much penury.??????????????/
Do not claim victory.
We haven't signed a thing.
Your dance is a great spectacle, Isabel.
It's just a small demonstration
of the happiness I feel.
I feel happier, I can ensure you.
I hope everyone else here is happier too.
I want to toast to the people present.
Let us forget the past and work
together for a better Castile.
And I want to raise my glass
to you Fernando.
We have always been family.
Because we are cousins.
Right, but in royal family
we forget those things.
And we just met.
And now we are brothers in law as well.
And I can finally receive you as family,
not as enemy.
And you can't image how happy I am to.
For you.
I also want to toast for Fernando
Sicily's king and Aragon's prince.
You treated me with kindness and
hospitality in Valencia
when cardinal Rodrigo Borgia visited us.
You are just as warmly welcomed here.
For you.
I support your toast.
For Fernando!
For Fernando!
It seems now it's you with
the bad expression.
Is there something wrong, Carillo?
Excuse me, I need some fresh air.
Excuse me as well, Your Majesty.
I beg you to go back to the dinner.
Go back? Okay, but on
one condition.
Swear to me you haven't
stabbed me in the back.
Your silence confirms my suspicions.
Fernando supported Mendoza
to be cardinal in Rome, not me.
You knew about it! Cardenas, who
was with Fernando, knew it!
- And you kept it a secret!
- I knew only after it happened.
But I don't apologize for it.
Because it was necessary.
For the Mendozas to support Isabel and
Fernando over the king?
In my place, you would
have done the same.
Tell me, after all what I've
done for Isabel.
- Do I deserve this humiliation?
- It was you who humiliated them.
You imposed commands on them.
You didn't listen to me.
Without me you wouldn't
be here! Never!
This is how you repay me.
We did this in order for the kings
to rule Castile, not their advisers!
You can't rule over the queen!
And that's what you want!
To be another Pacheco.
Everything is clear.
Tell Isabel that she can't
count on me anymore.
Why don't you tell
her personally?
Because she doesn't deserve that.
It seems this won't be
a rule of three.
Carrillo has always been a good ally,
and now we've lost him.
- We don't need him as an ally.
- Nor as an enemy, I'm sure.
I'm not concerned about enemies
as long we are together.
What do you mean?
Couldn't you wait until my return
to travel to Segovia?
The negotiations demanded that.
You know Cardenas came to us
with that objective.
Before our marriage we agreed that--
That I couldn't leave Castile if I'm
required to hold onto the land.
- But I can't leave Aragon if she needs me.
- And I can't leave Castile.
I would've preferred to come with you.
Your presence would have kept me from
thinking about my first time at court in Segovia.
When I was taken away
from my mother.
It's not that I don't want you around.
It's you who leaves me alone.
Count on me.
And tell me about your deeds
while I'm out.
And I did.
I informed you.
Perhaps I should ask
for something else.
Lets stop arguing.
Forget about bad memories.
It's time to be happy.
We'll be kings and queens
of Castile and Aragon.
Together we'll do whatever we want.
But we need to be together,
we can't have secrets.
We should be there for each other.
One for the other.
Isabel and her daughter
should be locked.
What happened?
Someone must've discovered us.
If you followed my plan everything
would have worked.
Somebody told them!
If that's the case, why haven't
they punished us already?
My men are keeping silent.
It's the king who's shocked.
The king is afraid of me!
He is a slave to his emotions.
He is soft, he has no temper,
he's a sickly melancholic.
It's enough to remind him of his
childhood to do what I want.
What a shitty king!
What about the queen?
I have nothing for the moment.
But she'll come to us like a lamb as soon
she realizes that the wolf is close.
I'm sorry to say this father,
but you're too optimistic.
You should have seen the celebrations
to honor Fernando's arrival.
Everything was joy.
They were all happy.
The Mendozas, Isabel, Fernando, the king!
Only Carrillo seemed disturbed.
Pedro Mendoza toasted to Fernando's
hospitality in Valencia.
When Borgia arrived from Rome.
Carrillo left the room.
He was also fooled.
Borgia was very clever.
He united the Mendozas
with Isabel.
It's time to visit my uncle.
I see you are still in a good mood
even when things aren't working out.
Why are you here?
To remind you how many times I told
you to abandon Isabel.
Without you Isabel would be nothing.
She would be jailed in
a tower. Or dead.
Was it worth your efforts?
It doesn't seems your efforts with the king
have been rewarded either.
We are in the same situation
nephew. Recognize that.
We are both defeated.
Will you permit this?
I refuse to believe you don't have
a desire for vengeance as I do.
Will you let the Mendozas mock you?
Will you let Pedro Mendoza become
a cardinal and not you?
Will you let that the child you've protected
betray and despise you?
Unite with me, and let's make Juana
the queen of Castile.
The sooner the better.
Let's take Enrique's crown!
I'm getting old, Pacheco.
I'm exhausted.
Just like you. Even if you
refuse to believe it.
I need some rest.
Just one thing.
Do you plan to support
Isabel in the future?
That's good enough.
Get some rest.
I will let you know.
Tell me, why did you summon me?
You know as well as I do.
Enrique wants to talk about
the theme of his succession.
That's correct. We've spent several
weeks in Segovia.
The more we delay, the stronger
our enemies become.
- I don't trust Pacheco.
- Are you that concerned with the Marquis?
There's no worse enemy worse than
the one you can't face directly.
Let's be clear, Don Diego. You denied
the bread and salt to Isabel.
You bet for the king's daughter
would be successor.
It's time for you to do something for us.
More so now that your brother
will became cardinal
thanks to our intercession with Rome.
You must speak to the king.
It's complicated.
If you insist on something,
he will do the exact opposite.
Perhaps Your Highness
will be more successful than me.
That's the last move.
I won't do it until it's
completely necessary.
I can assure you that in the kingdom
I will reward every gesture
done in my favor.
But I won't forget those
who didn't help me.
Take your side.
Why such a hurry?
Didn't I show enough hospitality?
Yes it's true.
But Castile needs order and stability.
Now is the right moment.
Didn't you feel the people's support
for Isabel and Fernando?
Or is it that there's something
you dislike about them?
No, no, that's not the thing.
Then why you don't
take the next step?
The more time that passes the more
time for problems to arise.
You can speak frankly.
You know about my loyalty.
In these last weeks
I've felt happy and sad
at the same time.
Happy because the return of my sister,
her child, and her husband Fernando.
And sad because there's another part of
my family that's alien to that joy.
Their situation may be worsened precisely
by the negotiation you push me into.
Your daughter.
Would you take some advice?
Think of what's the best for Castile.
- What's best for Castile?
- The best is Isabel.
She guarantees loyalty.
She has ceded in my brother's favor,
one of our own, to be cardinal of Carillo.
Her marriage to Fernando assures us
that with the union with Aragon
Castile will be strengthened.
Yes, yes.
But what about my daughter?
Didn't you want to marry her to the French prince
to preserve her status and privileges?
We can demand in our negotiations
that your daughter marry someone powerful.
Can you guarantee that?
I swear on my life!
You know of the affection I have
for Princess Juana.
Tell Isabel that tomorrow we shall meet.
I swear that your daughter will
have a good marriage.
She will preserve her status as
the daughter of a king.
That's a humane and fatherly petition.
I'm glad to hear your words.
Let's move on to other matters.
We believe it's important to discuss
the residence of Isabel and Fernando.
You can stay here in Segovia,
if you'd like.
We'd like that.
I'll be glad to know that I'm not alone,
that I'm with my family.
We will have to acquire
new offices and rooms.
Cabrera will be on that.
About the succession
We have to little add to what
we said in Guisando.
What you revoked, we reaffirm
What's the matter Cabrera?
I'm sorry to disturb you Majesty,
but it's important.
If it's so important what
are you waiting for!
- Speak!
- Don Juan Pacheco
Marquis of Villena
is dead.
Is Juan dead?
Last night, Majesty.
Medics say it was an abscess
in the throat.
A bleeding ulcer.
Are you all right Your Majesty?
It may be a good idea
to stop this meeting.
I beg of you.
I need
leave me alone.
I was hoping to see you
at my father's funeral.
Why are you here now?
That's curious. It's the same question
I was just to ask you.
I'm looking at his documents.
My father never told me a thing about
his business, not even about property.
And you think he would approve this?
Leave it immediately.
You think you know what
my father would want?
He would like to see you
by the king's side.
As a rightful successor to his estate,
not a bureaucrat with those papers.
What a timely death.
The same disease that killed
- What are you implying?
- I can't prove anything.
But it looks like God has chosen
the way for them to join Him.
Or the same poison was used on them.
Are you insinuating that
my father was killed?
Coincidences are more a matter
of humans than of God.
In this case they benefit
the same person. Isabel.
I'm tired.
But your father's death compels me to act.
Go to the king.
Accept his condolences.
Get the better of his emotions,
and you will be in a good position.
What are the motivations
behind your advice?
The same of as your father's.
The same as yours.
To prevent Isabel from becoming queen.
Enrique left for Madrid?
That's correct.
He didn't feel so well.
- We had just begun!
- The king's health is more important.
Besides that, he gave me full authority
to continue the negotiations
and redact a document that
we will sign at his return.
I think it's a sign of his good will.
I've heard this tale before!
Just in case, let's write this document
as fast as we can.
Stay calm. I will do it.
You will have it tomorrow.
I'm sorry to be late.
- And Enrique?
- Bad news.
I have some bad news too.
- Are you returning to Aragon?
- France has again invaded Catalonia.
- Damn permanent war!
- But I need you here with me!
- Enrique may be back any time.
- My father and people need me.
I'll go and defend Catalonia. Otherwise
I will be unworthy of being their king.
They will think that we are unable
of being their next kings.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
I swear there's nothing more
important to me than being with you.
Don't show me that face.
I'll be back soon.
Keep me informed.
I will come immediately if I'm needed.
You've said it.
If necessary
You called for me, Your Majesty?
I need you to be my eyes
in Castile until my return.
Don't you have confidence in your wife?
Obey! Don't ask questions!
Poor Juan
I still remember
how he taught me to use a spear.
I wasn't good at it.
I was a boy.
I still couldn't figure out many things.
My father told me about those
years, Your Majesty.
He always spoke of you with profound
affection and respect.
And I have the same for him.
We had our differences.
Some of them very grave.
But there're many things that
I owe to Pacheco.
I'd have liked to be there in his final
moments. To say them to him.
We spent our lives struggling
for power and wealth.
But when death called upon us.
We can't take any of that.
Then maybe
My father would say that he was upset
because of your recent behavior.
It's complicated being king, Diego.
Very complicated.
Sometimes you just can't
please everybody.
But I swear I would like
to overcome our disputes.
I have fulfilled the goal of my visit.
With your permission, Your Majesty.
I know something your father
would've liked
He wanted you to be by my side.
And you will. You will succeed him
on all his charges.
- It would be an honor, Majesty.
- And a relief for me if you accept.
I'll call a notary immediately because
now you're Santiago's Order's master??????????
Brother. What's the matter?
A letter from the king.
He has named Pacheco's son as
Master of the Order of Santiago.
that position is only bestowed
from king to prince.
It should be voted by
the members of the Order.
The king will make that unnecessary.
He did that before with
You should go to Madrid,
speak to the king.
And if you don't, then I will.
We can't have the same problems with
the son as we did with the father.
Besides, isn't that Order
the most wealthy of all?
- That's right.
- Then that charge must be yours.
How did he offer such a position
to Pacheco's son?
He seems to be more concerned
about this naming
than in signing
the succession documents.
Cabrera, who are your people in Madrid?
Rodrigo Ulloa, accountant of the kingdom.
And Garci Franco, member of the royal
council. Those are my eyes.
Order them to inform us about
every decision made by the king.
Or even before he decides.
If not, it will be too late.
It's not my obligation to interfere
between the king on this cases.
For God's sake Cabrera, you already did!
I know I owe you a lot.
But if this goes wrong
everything will collapse.
We can't allow another Pacheco
by the king's side.
- So it will be.
- We shall inform this news to Fernando.
If you want I can write him.
Whatever you want.
Can't we get these numbers
for another time, Ulloa?
- It's urgent Your Majesty.
- If the king desires to postpone this
it will be postponed.
Thank you Diego.
- Would you like to go hunting?
- Of course Your Majesty.
If you like I can inform you on
the way to the hunting field
Another day Ulloa. If we're going to
hunt, we're going to hunt!
Anything new, Rodrigo?
No, there's no way to get close to him.
We shall have a vigil, as Cabrera says.
The king looks weaker every day.
And Diego Pacheco is
capable of anything.
You can't beat me!
Your Majesty?
Are you okay?
- Your Majesty, you should rest!
- I don't want to!
You're not listening to me!
You must rest, and don't eat
solid food for several days.
I don't pay you to torment me!
- But
- Go away!
Out I said!
Perhaps you should listen to him.
And now you're going to give me orders?
I'm here to obey yours.
Then order the cook to prepare my dinner.
I would like a roast.
A roast?
Yes, a roast.
I thought you might like to see
your daughter, Juana.
I don't know if she's willing to see me.
I always promise her something that
I'm unable to give her in the end.
Maybe this time it will be different.
With your permission,
Your Majesty.
- Santiago, If you want to eat something
- No, no. Thank you.
I see you are ill.
Have you traveled in this cold
just to worry about my health?
Not just that.
It may be better to wait until tomorrow,
so we can speak alone.
- No, tell me now.
- Okay, I will.
There's unease in Castile over the naming
of the new Grand Master of the Order.
I've decided!
Hasn't that been what
you've always told me?
To show decision and character!
And now you're saying the opposite?
No, no.
I'm just letting you know the man
to whom you gave such power
planned the kidnapping of Isabel
and her daughter in Segovia
the same night you received her.
- Is that true?
- It's not, I swear!
If that's true, then why has he
waited so long to accuse me?
I will tell you why.
The Mendozas want Isabel
as the heiress to the throne
instead your daughter, Juana,
who should be the heiress.
- That's the pact, isn't it?
- Which pact are you talking about?
Fernando and Isabel supported Mendoza
on his appointment as cardinal in Rome
and changed of their
support to succeed you.
- He's an intriguer, just like his father.
- I'm sick of all this!
Why can't I dine in peace!
Leave me alone. I beg you.
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
But I'll feel better
as soon as you leave.
I'm tired of intrigues, advice, and lies.
My head is going to explode!
I want to be alone.
I'll feel better that way.
I enjoy remembering
the good old times.
There will be even bettertimes.
You'll see.
I've lost many things on the way
My childhood with my mother.
My brother.
and even Carrillo.
Aside from his ambition,
he did a lot for me.
And not to mention all those who were
killed for my cause on the battlefield.
- Do you repent that?
- No. Never, on the contrary.
All that makes me stronger.
If I have doubt, all those losses
will have been for nothing.
I fought for this.
I've lived to achieve this.
And God forgive me, but even when
my brother Alonso was alive
I thought I could be
a better ruler than him.
It must be hard to live
with that in mind
instead of thinking about your
husband and child being happy.
I want to be queen.
I must be.
Even if that implies thinking
things my heart criticizes.
Do you want to play?
It's too late to play.
I should have done that long before.
Is being king worth it?
It's not worth it.
Your Majesty?
Your Majesty!
The king is dead!
The king is dead!
Go, please.
We shall summon a council to determine
who will succeed the throne.
- If his daughter Isabel or her sister Isabel
- It won't be necessary.
The king told me the
natural heir is Juana.
Is there something written
that confirms what you're saying?
Some of the servants could've heard it.
Castile won't depend on
the testimony of the pages.
- Do you doubt my word?
- Whether I doubt or not
It's not your word that
decides the next ruler of Castile!
There will be one week of mourning.
Then a council will meet in Segovia
to choose who shall be queen.
Nobody will make a mistake!
We must proceed with
Castile's future in mind.
We must overcome all the intrigues that
have weakened it over the last few years.
Now leave me alone.
I want to pray for him.
What a good king you
could've been, Enrique.
If one day
You actually wanted to be king.
I thought one inherit traits, voice,
and debts from a father.
- But not ambition!
-That's something you learn.
And without any doubt, he had
a great master in Juan Pacheco.
We must notify Isabel!
Do you know if my brother
said or signed something
of who should succeed him
before he died?
No, Your Highness.
Are you sure?
There's no doubt.
We can't spare more time.
Chaco, prepare everything.
Excuse me, Your Highness.
There is something you should know.
Diego Hurtado de Mendoza has called a council
to determine who must succeed.
Between you or Lady Juana,
the daughter of the deceased king, Enrique.
There's nothing to deliberate.
No more patience.
I've had enough.
But Your Highness, perhaps you should
wait until a decission is made.
On the contrary,
it's a reason to hurry.
We have asked many things of the Mendozas
and they don't give us anything.
- But
- I won't wait, Cabrera.
I beg you. Give this gentlemen
dry clothes and hot food
then summon the commander,
judges and, mayors.
That's the protocol, isn't it?
What worries you?
Your husband.
What will he think of not
being on the proclamation?
He'll understand. He has also
struggled for this moment to arrive.
And if he doesn't understand?
He has no less character than you.
Then he will learn something
very important.
He may rule over Aragon,
but I'm the one who rules in Castile.
[December 13, 1474.]
Rodrigo de Ulloa,
principal accountant of the kingdom.
Garci Franco,
member of the royal council.
Do you swear that the king is dead,
and that you were there to confirm it?
- I swear!
- I swear!
Did he say,
in his last words
or did he sign a document saying
who should rule over this kingdom?
- I swear he didn't.
- I swear that too.
I appeal to the rights of infanta Isabel
to succeed king Enrique as his
rightful sister and heiress.
She is due to the Guisando pacts.
And because Her Majesty present
she shall be proclaimed,
following the laws of these kingdoms.
Is anyone against this?
Then it shall be.
Long live Isabel!
Long live the queen!
- Is everything prepared?
- Yes, Your Majesty.
You'll stand by my side.
You've earned it.
Finally, you will get your crown.
And you your revenge.
In name and voice of
the people present here
with their and your consent
do you swear to care for and
protect your subjects?
Yes, I swear.
Do you swear to commit yourself to the
teachings of the Holy Mother Church
and to look upon the good of the kingdom,
unifying and pacifying them?
I will not only swear that
but I will make them bigger
with all my efforts.
Yes, I swear. Amen.
And you, noblemen, knights, and priests.
Do you swear to serve Isabel
as your queen?
I swear! Amen!
Let it be.
Give me your sword.
Walk before me with the
sword of justice as a symbol.
She's walking behind the sword of justice.
That means she will be
imposing punishment.
And that concerns you?
That has never been done by a woman!
It was the right time.
How could you do that?
A jury should decide
who shall be queen!
Castile would be in crisis
due of the lack of power.
And we know what happens
under such scenarios.
Even then, it would have been better
to keep the formalities.
There will always be someone who
calls your succession unjust.
You were witness to my meetings
with the king.
I only fulfill the pact of Guisando.
It was only a matter of waiting a week
to know the decision of the jury.
They would've chosen you.
I swear!
In Castile, nothing is definite.
You know that, Your Excelence.
Don't doubt the word of a Mendoza,
If I was elected queen
during that reunion
then I've just saved time.
Are you loyal to my cause?
Yes, Your Majesty.
Then you should swear loyalty.
Do you swear to
serve me as your queen?
I swear.
I swear.
I'm her husband!
Don't have I rights of
succession over Castile?
Am I only her consort?
She not only managed to
proclaim herself queen
but she walked behind the sword
that symbolizes justice.
So Isabel is now who imparts
punishments in Castile?
No other woman have done that
in all the Christian lands.
This has gone too far.
I accompany you in the sentiment,
Your Majesty.
Your Majesty?
You know I am no longer that.
Your Majesty is the usurper, Isabel.
That's why I'm here.
We must think about the future.
Yours and that of your daughter.
And what can you offer me
in the future?
That your daughter becomes queen
with the help of your brother,
the King of Portugal.
He must send an army
as soon as he can.
Will you speak to him?
- I will.
- Perfect.
If Isabel wants the throne,
she'll need to fight for it.
We must be ready to face problems that,
without a doubt, will arise.
- Like what?
- One is your husband.
He won't be happy,
as he wasn't crowned with you.
Leave the problems
with my husband to me.
Anything else?
Carrillo is lurking Madrid
and Juana de Avis attended
the funeral of king Enrique.
It seems they will ask for help with Portugal
and claim the rights of Juana.
Perhaps we should hurry in searching for
a good husband for Juanita.
In some European court.
That won't be enough. Perhaps it will be
for her but not to her mother or Carrillo.
Then it will be difficult to avoid war.
We're facing difficult times,
Your Majesty.
Have there been easy times, Chaco?
I hope they never will.
I'll negotiate with Carrillo and
with the devil if its necessary.
No more men will die on the battlefield.
But I won't be weak
like my brother Enrique.
If they want war, they'll have it.
Everyone in this kingdom must
understand something clearly.
I, Isabel
am the Queen of Castile.
And only God will separate
me from this throne.
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