Isabel (2011) s02e01 Episode Script


You will have a child.
You'll see, Your Majesty.
And if he doesn't, we already know
who will inherit the throne.
- Prince Alfonso.
- Not his sister Isabel?
A woman ruling Castile?
May God forbid that atrocity.
We're going to have a child.
I want Prince Alfonso and Princess Isabel
to be brought to the
court immediately.
My wife wishes it.
Don't take my children, Your Eminence.
The king will have the child he wants.
Why does he take mine away from me?
Isabel, Alfonso, welcome to the court.
You're here for your own safety.
In time you'll understand what I'm doing.
And when my child is born,
you'll go back to Arévalo.
- What is it?
- A girl, Your Majesty.
What's wrong?
We're not going back home, Alfonso.
I introduce you to His Majesty,
Alfonso of Portugal.
I'm sorry you traveled so long for nothing.
I have no interest in marrying you.
Alfonso, Alfonso!
I'll let Enrique reign.
And when he dies,
many years from now
I'll inherit the throne.
Enrique's supporters will not accept you.
They'll want to see his daughter, Juana,
on the throne.
The King of France is looking for a wife
for his brother, the Duke of Guyena.
King Luis would love his
sister-in-law to be from Castile.
You can trust what I'm
saying or keep fighting.
But France is a strong kingdom
and they'd help me to win the war
that would start in opposition to you.
Did you know King Enrique
wants me to marry
the Duke of Guyena,
the King of France's brother?
I know, but Fernando is
the perfect candidate.
He's your age and he's prince
of Aragon and king of Sicily.
That's him.
Your Highness, let me introduce
you to Fernando of Aragon.
Her Majesty, Isabel of Castile.
With the authority given
to me by the Holy See
I now pronounce you husband and wife.
Her name will be Isabel,
just like her mother.
I've heard you'll receive Isabel.
You're making a mistake.
A king doesn't fold to
negotiate with a usurper.
I'll see her.
Help me so we can get
Juana on Castile's throne.
So she can be queen now.
Isabel and I started
this struggle so Castile could
be ruled by its true kings.
You can't have more power than the
queen, Carrillo. That's what you want.
What do you think Pacheco is doing
at Extremadura? Counting wheat?
She went to see Juana, I'm sure.
We have to destroy
this evil at its roots.
Don Juan Pacheco,
Marquis of Villena, has died.
Going back to Aragon?
The French have entered Catalonia again.
- Damn endless war.
- I need you here with me.
Enrique might come back at any time.
My father and my people
need me there, Isabel.
Your Majesty!
Do you know if my brother
said something before dying?
Did he sign any document
about who will inherit the crown?
Diego Hurtado de Mendoza
has called to a meeting
to determine who'll inherit the crown,
you or Juana.
I appeal to Isabel's right
to inherit King Enrique's
crown as legitimate sister
and as legitimate heiress
according to the Treaty of Guisando.
Do you swear to serve
me as your queen?
For Isabel and Fernando!
We have to think of our future.
Ours and our daughter's.
What can you offer me in the future?
For your daughter to become queen.
With your brother,
the King of Portugal's help.
If they want war, they'll get it.
Everyone in this kingdom
must have this very clear.
I, Isabel, am the queen of Castile.
And only God can take me
away from this throne.
Your Highness
It's time.
[Granada, January 2, 1492]
You're sovereign of Granada.
You don't have to bend to us.
Take the keys of my city.
Because I and the ones inside are yours.
My lady.
Glory tastes better when
you had to suffer to reach it.
[Castile, a few years before.]
People of Castile, you must
know that your king, Enrique
my beloved brother
died a few days ago in Madrid.
I, Isabel, have been recognized
by Segovia's people and authorities
as your queen, and the
legitimate and only heiress.
By this way I order you.
Raise your banners for me
and recognize me
as your legitimate, natural queen.
Aldermen and gentlemen
Come from every corner
of my kingdom to Segovia
and swear obedience to me,
as your only sovereign.
I, the queen.
I swear I will serve and follow
Your Majesty, Queen Isabel.
As our natural queen,
and sovereign of our kingdom.
And to be at service to her,
her people and her royal state.
And equally,
to the powerful prince
Our king and lord, Sir Fernando
as her legitimate husband.
I swear I will serve and follow
Your Majesty, Queen Isabel
As our natural queen,
and sovereign of our kingdom
Beltrán de la Cueva's obedience
surprises me as much
as the others' absence.
Where is Castile?
Let's hope more people add their loyalty.
In the end, only the ones we
know about will be missing.
Sir Fernando,
as your legitimate husband.
As head of the county
and duchy of Benavente
I give to you, Your Highness
a small gift as a symbol of our fidelity.
They are for you and your husband
And I'm sorry for not being
able to pay him my respects.
In his name I thank you
for your generosity.
And for the loyalty you've sworn.
My husband is busy in the land of Aragon
but he will soon be with
me here in Segovia.
To many absences.
I never thought I'd miss Enrique.
He was a languid man with no ambition.
As impotent at the throne as in bed.
But at least he wasn't a girl capable
of everything to take the crown.
To proclaim her by herself.
Even my father would
be astonished at that.
Juan Pacheco distrusted even himself.
You could've learned it from him.
Like so many things.
Yes, but courage can't be taught.
What do you want?
One man can't raise the
people against their queen.
It depends on the man.
You father wouldn't have
let Isabel proclaim herself.
He would have sat Juana on the throne,
even above the king's body.
Are you blaming me for
not proclaiming Juana?
I suggest you to do
something to solve that.
The longer we take,
the stronger Isabel's crown will be.
You're lucky I'm with you.
But I won't wait forever
for you to do something.
I've never liked to be
on the losing side.
And you?
What have you done for the cause?
Me? I wrote to Fernando of Aragon.
I won't let you go to Segovia
without listening to me.
I'm sorry, Father.
But I'm leaving today.
I'll proclaim myself king of Castile
whether my wife likes it or not.
Carrillo wrote to inform me about
new details about the proclamation.
It's humiliating! Read it!
Then you'll understand my anger.
What Isabel has done is unbearable,
but control yourself.
Anger makes man lose and you have
more to lose than anyone else.
It's true many details
are given in this letter.
And full of poison.
But it seems the archbishop
forgot the essential part.
Your union is a victory
for both kingdoms.
We need Castile to protect
ourselves from France.
And they need us to
face Juan's supporters.
If she needs me that much, why does
she act as if she could rule alone?
In Castile I'm the legitimate husband,
not the king!
What does that give me a right to?
To sleep with her and little more.
I remind you that in Cervera,
before getting married
you agreed that she
could be sovereign
But I didn't agree that
she could disrespect me
ignoring me when she gets the
throne and taking my place!
I promise you we'll retake what's yours.
We'll fix this, if you want to.
But an emissary will do it, not you.
You can't show yourself at court like this.
No, Father.
That's exactly what she wants.
To avoid facing me.
But she'll have to do it!
And I'll let it be clear,
there will be no queen without a king!
Don't pray anymore for Enrique's soul.
He has been enjoying heaven
for several days now or hell.
We don't pray for him but for us.
I blame God for abandoning us this way.
I hope you're not more
loyal than our Lord.
I want so much to see your daughter on
the throne that I brought her a king's gift.
Wasn't Enrique buried with it?
I'm sure he'd prefer
his heiress to wear it.
- Look.
- Your Highness.
It's beautiful.
Is it the one my father wore?
Now it's yours, darling.
- I'll keep it.
- No, I want to wear it.
I'll give it to you when we take
the usurper off the throne.
The marquis of Villena came to promise us
that we won't need to wait
long to get Castile's crown.
We expect much more
than rings from you.
Don't worry.
I'll fulfill your expectations no
matter how ambitious they are.
I have no ears for worthless promises.
If you won't get us on the throne, tell me.
I know which doors to call at,
and believe me
behind those there is much more
power than within these four walls.
I've seen you whispering
during the vows.
Is there any concern
you're hiding from me?
We were just saying there
are noblemen and councilors
who haven't come to Segovia
to offer their loyalty to you.
Some cities have sent heralds.
And we know they're loyal.
But we don't know the
intention of many others.
Madrid has not answered at all.
It's Pacheco land.
What were you expecting?
It's good enough they haven't
put a straw crown on Juana.
As his father did with my poor brother.
Besides, Castile is a vast kingdom.
No one was expecting Enrique to die.
They'll keep coming as they must.
I'm not shocked about their delay.
Maybe it's them who are shocked.
The proclamation wasn't
made in the regular way.
Do you think I went too fast?
It was the best option at that moment.
And it's already done, anyway.
Now we must convince the
ones who are hesitating.
It would be great if Fernando
got here as soon as possible
so Castile could see you
with Aragon on your side.
Castile and your enemies.
Until then, all support is weak.
We need Carrillo.
We're talking about support.
Not about a possible traitor.
With more wealth and
soldiers than any other
I don't want him
at my enemy's service.
I understand your indignation perfectly,
Your Highness.
How couldn't I be angry with
Isabel after reading your letter?
I just said what she's doing behind
her husband's back so he can respond.
I'm sorry if I've caused
more pain with my words.
Are you sure?
Because at my age I know
when someone writes with concern
and when he writes with rancor.
I won't deny I was hoping
my aspirations to be cardinal
were supported by
Isabel and Fernando
as a payback for my years of service.
If you keep serving Castile,
you'd have to choose with whom.
To take a side.
Away from everything, and everyone.
Don't be silly,
you're not for the monastic life.
Your place is at the court.
At Isabel's? I don't think so,
Your Highness.
And at Fernando's?
Because I don't think
they'll be the same one.
My son is on his way to Castile,
with the anger of a captain
and with less strategy
than a regular soldier.
He'll talk to Isabel out of his mind
and everything that has made it so
difficult for us to unite, will shatter.
And do you want me
to stop that by myself?
Don't underestimate yourself.
You know that Fernando and you,
together, can get Isabel under control.
Accept that you like the idea.
Your son has a lot of pride.
What if he won't take advice?
Fernando just noticed
that he is losing with Isabel.
He needs a guide,
someone clever and with experience.
He needs you.
Sir, we're entering Castile's lands!
Let's go!
Castile welcomes its king!
Clear the way for the King of Castile!
- Long live the King!
- Long live!
- Long live the King!
- Long live!
Do you think the queen
is right about Carrillo?
If someone can convince him, that's her.
About the archbishop's loyalty
I don't know if his love of Castile is greater
than his anger over not being cardinal.
We'll know soon.
Maybe I'm being too suspicious
but I suspect that
while we look for solutions
Diego Pacheco will have found his own.
We can't be suspicious enough with him.
We should do something so his
answer won't take us by surprise.
I'll go to Madrid to find
out what he is doing.
Be back soon.
I hope we are wrong.
I write with desperation, sir.
Looking for light in these dark times.
My daughter's natural right
to the throne has been taken
by an usurper who is now reigning.
Someone who,
even though it hurts me
you've chosen to serve.
'You, who has always
loyally served Juana'
'until yesterday '
After that it's just reproaches.
Recognize at least the boldness
of sending a letter to the court
asking you to betray the queen.
What's bold is that she's
asking me to support her for
'loyalty to Enrique.'
The loyalty she didn't have for him,
she may mean.
What will your answer be?
Poor little Juana
My lord.
God has wanted to offer us shelter
when we need it the most.
I'm only thinking of getting to Segovia.
I can't see more than the
path in front of us.
Maybe you should look behind us,
if I may say so.
Some say they don't feel their hands.
If we keep on going,
some may lose them.
Okay, give the order.
His Majesty of Castile
calls for your help!
The King of Castile.
I hope there's no problem if
we stay at your palace tonight.
We would like to have a paradise
rather than the empty field.
Count of Treviño at your service,
Your Majesty.
Bishop of Segovia, your humble servant.
This stop is bringing us back to life.
We won't forget Villa of Turégano
for a long time.
You honor us, Your Highness.
We won't be able to stop showing
off about how we gave you shelter.
You can show off
something more important.
You'll be the first ones
to swear obedience to me
as the new king of Castile.
History will recognize you for that.
Bishop, bring a Bible for the ceremony.
It's that
A missal will be enough.
Your Highness, we'd love to
do it more than anything
But we've made it days ago
To your wife, the queen Isabel.
We swore obedience to the queen
And to you, as her legitimate husband.
Legitimate husband
I'm much more than
the queen's husband.
I'm your king!
Swear to me as you must!
There was nothing I wanted
less than to offend you
but we can't take the risk
of breaking the vow
we made to the queen.
You can ask for anything else,
Your Highness. We'll gladly serve you.
My men and I will use your
palace for our convenience.
We'll stay at Turégano
as long as we want to.
You can leave.
The queen has taken so many vows
- that she doesn't need mine.
- My lord
She didn't need me to be there
so I can make her wait.
Nothing will hurt her more.
'Your presence in Segovia'
'is much more important
to me than any other '
'I want your wise advice'
'and your support.'
'If I've hurt your soul at any moment'
'with unconsidered acts,
I beg for your forgiveness.'
'I have never wanted to fail you,
as I appreciate you'
- 'and as you've supported me.'
- Bitch.
We'll go to Segovia tomorrow morning.
[Sintra, Portugal]
Do you want to calm down?
I don't know why you made me come,
Father. I find this extremely dull.
If you want to reign someday
you'd need something more
than a sword.
Even if you only like that.
- Your Highness.
- Don Diego!
I'm so sorry about your father's death.
He was a great man who
will live in our memories.
I hope God took him with no suffering.
Thank you, Your Highness.
I came to see you precisely
to honor his memory.
Tell me, what can I do for you?
Invade Castile.
Isabel has proclaimed
herself queen of Castile.
She has taken Juana's throne
Legitimate daughter of King
Enrique and sister of yours.
If we don't act fast,
she'll never have it back.
No one wants more than me for my
daughter to rule Castile, but
That without mentioning what will
happen to the rest of the peninsula.
Now that Castile and Aragon
will reign together.
Threats and conquests, Your Highness.
- Don't be dramatic.
- I'm not.
I fear that the woman
who humiliated you that day
refusing you as husband
achieves to outwit your lineage
again and impose herself.
Remember that my roots
are here, Your Highness.
I want to see this kingdom grow.
And taking Castile would be of
unimaginable value to Portugal.
Which nobles have supported
you in this cause?
How many of Castile's
grandees are with you?
Half the kingdom hasn't
sworn loyalty to Isabel yet.
That doesn't mean they're
willing to fight for Juana.
I want names.
I haven't told my plan to
anyone out of respect to you.
Or, what is the same.
If Portugal makes no
sacrifice for the cause
- No one in Castile will.
- But, Father
We can't let this opportunity go.
They are opening Castile's
doors for us from the inside!
Get our allies' support
and come see me again.
We'll talk then.
- It's no moment to wait, Your Highness.
- It has been a pleasure to see you.
Your Reverend Eminence.
I guess I should call you 'my lady.'
Why didn't you come to see me before?
I imagined the court was all crowded.
An entire parade of noblemen
offering their vows to you.
I thought it was better to wait
until you had more space,
as you have now.
I see.
I was busy with other things.
I had to go see the King of Aragon,
he asked for my advice.
I don't want to seem indiscreet,
but I'd like to know
what's worrying my husband's father.
He was haggard,
almost sick with anguish.
He doesn't know what to expect
from Fernando's wrath.
To proclaim yourself queen in his
absence was a bitter taste for him.
He felt he was ignored, despised.
Who told him what happened?
Maybe he was told I had bad intentions,
which I didn't.
Anyway, his disappointment
is making him unbearable.
To the point that he might
turn into a state problem.
If you don't mind me asking
What kind of bad adviser suggested
that you proclaim yourself
in such a hasty way?
And I'd do it again if I found myself
in the same circumstances.
It wasn't a whim,
or a delusion of grandeur.
It just wasn't the time to look indecisive.
I don't have to explain to you
what it has cost me to be here.
That's right, because it was
me who made it possible!
That's why taking so many risks
now seems ridiculous to me.
You need Fernando to
strengthen your kingdom.
I know.
Even though I don't regret what I did,
I'll do what it takes to fix the damage.
I hope I have your support
to achieve it, Archbishop.
You have it.
With or without a crown.
I know you wouldn't ask for
my help if you didn't need it.
You haven't sworn loyalty to me yet.
My lady, after so many years together,
are my vows necessary?
More than any other.
How could you dare to contradict
me in front of Diego Pacheco?
I don't see what failures
you see in his plan.
Think about the expenses,
the problems and deaths.
The bleeding we'd suffer
so those arrogant people of Castile
could keep their privileges.
But we'd make Portugal strong.
Every kingdom in the peninsula is growing,
while we're still cornered.
- Our kingdom leads to the ocean.
- It just looks at it.
We've put aside our ocean exploration.
And our conquests in
Africa have stopped.
Do you dishonor our
sailors' efforts that much?
Worthless efforts when it's
natural to go over Castile!
I'm glad to know that my son, the prince
worries about the boundaries
of the kingdom he'll inherit.
More than the marquis of Villena.
Who just sees us as a
way to achieve his goals.
Let's do the same, then.
Once that Castile is in our hands
Pacheco and the others would
have to submit themselves.
You underestimate Castile's nobles
as much as you overestimate our forces.
We have plenty of resources,
we're united while they are not.
As a king, I've made a decision.
And as a father,
I don't want to listen to you anymore.
It's not my intention to lack the respect
I owe you as a father and as a king.
It's your decision,
and I'll respect it that way.
I'm young.
Ambitions and desire of glory blind me.
- You have a long way to go.
- That's true.
On my way I'd avoid getting stuck
in the swamp of your indecision.
Do whatever you want to
when it's time.
In the meantime, accept your condition.
Accept that no one will
remember your reign.
- Archbishop.
- Cardinal.
Nice ring. That red suits you.
I'm sure it fits the flatterers well.
It would have never fit me well.
- Do looks matter so much to you?
- No, not really.
We're all sinners and come
naked into this world.
By the way, I've heard
about Mencía's pregnancy.
This will be your third child.
Two for the moment.
But the weaknesses of this
humble servant of the church
is not the reason you're here.
It's an important moment for Castile.
I couldn't miss it.
I hope you can fulfill the expectations.
Castile looks to us more than ever.
And it wants to see loyalty and
unity among the kingdom.
If we don't provide an example,
who else would?
That's true. The Mendozas' affection
towards Isabel has been admirable.
Admirable and bright.
Should we contribute with our leniency
to inciting a civil war in Castile?
Our family won't do it.
Much less because of hurt pride.
I wouldn't forgive myself.
Take a rest.
I swear I'll serve and follow
Your Majesty, Queen Isabel.
As our natural queen,
and sovereign of our kingdom.
And to be at service to her,
her people and her royal state.
And when will I show
obedience to my king?
Have you called me, Your Highness?
I come from a family full of daring.
My grandfather began
with Africa's conquest.
Enrique, my uncle,
led Portugal to oceanic exploration.
- And I?
- You've conquered new places in Africa.
Nothing that my father hasn't done before.
A lot of courage is needed to avoid wars.
And Castile, even though it's broken,
is a strong enemy.
France would help us, it has been
fighting with Aragon for years.
They don't want their enemy becoming
stronger after getting Castile as an ally.
They'd help us, yes.
But only with their prayers.
Luis of France wouldn't
risk one spear for us.
He's a conspirator who never
gives more than what he gets.
I'm sure we can bargain with him.
And if we promise him our
help to retake Rosellón?
They call him 'the spider' because
he moves stealthily, Your Majesty.
And before you notice,
you've lost everything on his behalf.
Do you know he married
an eight-year-old girl
to get more power?
Maybe we don't need the King of France.
If what Pacheco says is true
half of Castile is against Isabel.
Your Highness, Pacheco was
careful in not mentioning
the main weakness of his plan.
That Castile doesn't accept a
queen imposed by strangers.
Whether it's legitimate or not.
I hate when you crush my hopes.
Even more when you're right.
My lady, we've gotten news of Fernando.
Saying he is back? Finally.
He left Aragon days ago,
he should've been here already.
It seems he stopped at Turégano
Actually, he has settled himself
at the count's palace.
What do you mean?
That he has been there for several days.
Maybe snow is making
the way back harder.
Or maybe my husband is
making me pay with his absence.
for proclaiming myself without him.
Father, forbid Fernando to
come back blinded by pride.
Make him trust me.
So he might understand my
reasons and comprehend me.
And keep his love for me
Or renew the one he felt
that might be extinguishing now.
Get him back.
What is this?
Has the cook lost her skills?
My Lord, the Count of Treviño
is running out of supplies.
Maybe we're abusing his hospitality.
We've been here for days.
It'll be for months if I want to!
Isabel played with someone
she shouldn't have.
You know me, Peralta.
At ten, I was fighting in Gerona!
I crushed Aragon's nobles at 15,
so they paid for the war!
No one can teach me how to be a man!
Most people know about your fame.
And there must be many a
woman who can talk about it.
Ask about me at the Catalan brothels.
They fear me more there
than in the battlefield.
Because I have the energy of a horse.
There's no woman from which
I don't get what I want.
Soldier! Do you doubt what I say?
No, my lord.
Why are you laughing, then?
Do you think I can't control my wife?
My lord.
If you doubt my manhood
say it to my face!
- Say it!
- Sir, he didn't say anything.
Sirs, I'm aware that no one among us
happily accepts the usurper's ascension.
But sorrowful observations
will lead us nowhere.
Now we must act.
My forces are under the
King of Portugal's command to
persuade him to join the confrontation.
But alone I can't.
Count on me.
Isabel isn't just an illegitimate queen
she represents the end of our privileges.
She pretends to rule.
We all know Juana wouldn't
mind being ruled over.
Politics is like a tooth ache to her.
To make her queen of Spain
- we must pay a price first.
- If it's war, we will.
That's a risk.
but it's worse for our interests
to let Isabel continue ruling.
I'm sorry,
but you talk too freely about
joining forces with Portugal
and allowing them to enter Castile.
Do you expect Alfonso of
Portugal will fight for us
and then simply return home?
He isn't an ambitious king.
That's why he was easy to convince.
He might not be ambitious,
but he isn't stupid.
Not him, not his council.
Once they enter Castile,
it will be difficult to stop them.
Perhaps if you weren't half Portuguese
you would realize that you're
proposing a foreign invasion.
It's absurd to beg for your support when
a grandee has already backed me.
Alonso Carrillo.
I thought he couldn't conceive of
a kingdom without Isabel's rule.
Their rupture is a fact.
I convinced him to join our side.
- His troops come with him.
- Who can tell
that the Archbishop
won't change his mind?
Some of us think that the Archbishop
is like your father, Pacheco.
He is his own party.
I'm sorry. In order to risk my resources,
I demand a better plan.
I'm sorry to wake you up so early,
Your Eminence.
I'll always comforted by a
soul in need of confession.
Even more if it's yours.
May the Lord be in your heart
and in your lips for you to be able
to confess all your sins.
In the name of the father,
the son, and the holy ghost. Amen.
Your Eminence.
I think God has abandoned me.
Why do you think that?
My life has never been easy
but all the difficulties
were to mark my destiny.
The throne of Castile.
My brother Alfonso suddenly died and
Enrique has left as well.
Now there's a way that was
assumed to be impossible.
Due to divine decision
tragic but divine
as you correctly say
It's a sign from Him.
He wants you to rule.
That's what I believed.
But now our problems are bigger.
The nobility is unwilling to support me,
we barely have money and Fernando
About my husband, I only know
he isn't interested in reconciling.
We all suffer moments of
anguish and indecision.
But that doesn't mean
- Your Eminence, I must know
if I am the legitimate
heir to Castile's throne.
If Juana is Enrique's heir
God might be punishing
me for usurping her right.
The Mendozas have
always taken care of her.
You must know if she's
the king's daughter
or just a bastard child.
Did my brother leave a written testament
naming her queen of Castile?
There's only one answer.
I beg you not to ask me ever again.
Isabel, you're the queen
and as such you must behave.
Your audacity has shocked everyone.
The courage you showed proclaiming
your reign must prevail now
no matter what enemies you might gain.
No matter how angry
your husband might get.
You'll always be in conflict because
your fate is much more complex
than that of most men.
You already know the consequences
of a kingship marked by indecision
just like your brother's.
That's not what I want for Castile.
What if showing myself as a firm
queen turns Fernando against me?
If your husband is worthy
of his greatness
he'll admire your determination.
Forget about your dilemmas.
Behave as the queen you are.
Only by doing that will you earn
glory for your kingdom.
You woke up very early, Your Majesty.
Shame prevents me from falling asleep.
I've just sent a soldier to Segovia
to announce your arrival.
I've been worried
about my honor for days.
I see the accusations I've made to Isabel.
To elude my responsibilities and hide.
I'll talk to my wife, demand from her
the position I'm entitled to in Castile.
With luck, it won't be hard
to settle an agreement.
Wake up the men.
We'll restart our movement
as soon as possible.
One is already awake.
Will you accept this as my apology?
Thank you, sir.
But you shouldn't apologize.
You're my king.
Prepare your departure.
My lady.
Your husband left Turégano,
and he's on his way.
Great news, Your Majesty.
That's right.
I'll order the city to receive
him better than any other.
I know this isn't time to spend money
but this is an investment.
His welcome must be worthy of a king.
Castile will witness the union
and greatness of their rulers.
There's nothing planned yet.
If my husband must wait to be
welcomed according to his rank
He'll have to wait.
Until Christmas?
Even if it's not until his saint's day.
Madam, is it that you want your husband
to wait like he obliged you to?
I'm unaware of his long
stay in Turégano
but trust me, I'm only interested
in receiving him as he deserves.
Your Majesty, I carry a message
from our queen Isabel.
What does she mean?
To camp outside Segovia?
The city is preparing to receive
you as you deserve.
Don't we deserve to sleep
under a roof? We'll freeze!
Those are the queen's orders,
Your Majesty.
God damn it!
To accept Juana as queen
is pure eagerness.
But if he's like his father
Pacheco will search for allies
until he makes it a fact.
He won't return to Portugal
with empty hands.
Have you been in Sintra?
Did you see strength in the king?
I'll trust you with everything I know.
But only if you help me
to earn Isabel's favor
if she wins this dispute.
Are you asking me for a royal pardon
even though you don't know
which party I'll support?
The price isn't high.
Not considering I'm the only
one able to inform you.
You have my word.
Don't waste it by talking too little.
The king of Portugal lacks determination
but he seems to be easy to convince.
The most resolute appears
to be Archbishop Carrillo.
They almost froze on the journey.
Camping here,
in a matter of time, they'll die.
Oh Lord.
Your Majesty.
Your Eminence.
I don't have the queen's
authorization to be here.
But I couldn't stop thinking about what
you're experiencing. It's December.
That's why I brought clothes and food.
You're right in thinking the worst.
I thank you for the help.
I'll give them to the men, Your Majesty.
Aragonese wine.
Your father offered it to
me at our last meeting.
I wasn't aware of that encounter.
The king is very upset about this situation.
He begged me to put
myself under your service
as your personal adviser
in this new stage of your marriage.
He believes you'll find
my experience useful.
He thinks I'm incapable of
solving my own problems.
Your Majesty, Isabel is ungovernable.
The welcome is just an
excuse to make you wait.
She wants to make clear
who rules over Castile
and who doesn't.
That useless man.
I knew he'd be incapable.
Mother, what's wrong?
Neither your uncle Alfonso nor
the nobility decided to support us.
Pacheco is an apprentice.
I shouldn't have trusted him!
Mendoza hasn't even responded.
Juana, they're abandoning us.
Don't suffer, Mother.
I can be happy without ruling.
And you're with me.
Prepare the luggage.
We're leaving this very night.
You're the queen, my love.
Whether you want it or not.
Isabel, who pretends to be Christian
should know that an
ambitious female once
desired an apple and
brought disgrace to mankind.
What would be the harm from
one who desires a kingdom?
Not to mention that she stole a right
that, due to natural law,
is only for men.
- What will be the next humiliation?
- I won't tolerate any other.
So, what are your plans?
To repudiate her?
If that's your will
I could intercede for you in Rome.
To annul your marriage.
That wouldn't necessarily imply your
renunciation of Castile's throne.
You could preserve the crown
and forget about the wife.
Don't dare to repeat that.
She loves you.
She can't afford to lose you.
You must scare her,
threaten her with breaking the link.
Do you expect me to negotiate
my rights in exchange for love?
You know better than I do where the
queen ends and where the woman begins.
If you leave her alone then
her rule will weaken
and Juana's party will win
enough ground to threaten her.
She needs you more than
what you need her for.
I know you, Carrillo.
Even if it's on my father's behalf,
you'd never be here without a motive.
What are you trying to gain from all this?
- To avenge what Isabel did to you?
- No.
I want my king to rule over Castile.
Listen to me carefully.
I'll rule in Castile just as
I'll someday rule Aragon
unrestricted, without being
under my wife, the queen.
And even more,
without being under you.
Are you still by my side?
As your most loyal adviser.
Your Majesty,
a message from the queen.
Tomorrow Segovia will
open its doors to us.
Sir, put on your best clothes
and prepare to rule.
- Long live the King!
- Long live!
- Long live the King!
- Long live!
Where's the queen?
Your Majesty, you're about to receive
the obedience of all of Segovia.
'Through the virtue I have been entrusted,
Majesty, I express the city of Segovia's will
and speaking for it, through this letter
I promise you loyalty and obedience
as legitimate husband of
our lady, Queen Isabel.
You should come closer,
Your Majesty, it's the protocol.
A drop of water won't extinguish a fire.
He has been avoiding me all day,
saying he's tired from his travels.
He can't give you his attention,
the archbishop is robbing it.
Is your friendship renewed?
It's a gorgeous suit.
You've enlightened all of Segovia.
Did you like the welcome?
A lot.
But not sleeping on the bare
field at my wife's whim.
I couldn't let you in the city
as if you were no one.
- You're the king.
- Your legitimate husband.
Consort king, nothing more.
Why don't you just resign yourself
to show the crown and let the man rule?
In Castile, the queen
has the right to rule.
And be thankful that it's that way.
Because we haven't given
birth a boy, but a daughter.
Because without that right,
any foreigner who married her
could leave her with
no crown or kingdom.
You disrespected me by not waiting
for me to proclaim yourself.
My respect for you is and
will be the biggest of all.
But if I hesitated at that time,
we'd be servants of a girl by now.
You want me to be by your side.
But what the hell will I do in Castile?
I didn't deceive you when I said that
in Castile, government would be mine.
In Cervera you accepted your condition.
Fernando, I've always wanted
to make decisions by myself.
I was withdrawn from the
court when I was little.
And then forced by the king
to separate from my mother.
It seemed I was condemned to marry
someone who I wouldn't love.
Always at someone else's commands.
Without my desire to choose freely
we wouldn't have ever met.
Maybe it would've been
the best for both of us.
Fernando, who's putting you against me?
I'll sleep in another room tonight.
- Fernando!
- I want to talk to you tomorrow.
You'd better rest tonight.
And wake up with the will to cede.
I've told Diego Pacheco what
I think about all this already.
This is about your niece's
right to rule Castile.
You have the obligation to defend
your own blood. Do something for her.
You did little for her when you gave
birth to two twins by your lover.
If people had doubts about
Enrique's fatherhood
that made it clear.
You know how to harm, for someone
who's not brave enough to go to battle.
I'm sorry. You're my family and I don't
want to be the one who reminds you
of what, I'm sure,
still torments you.
Most are mine.
And I'd love to put them
at your service.
They're Castile's nobles who
are abandoning you, not me.
They fear having someone who might
be Portuguese on their lands.
Without their support
crossing the boundaries with
my men would be a suicide.
Sintra is your house as well.
You can both stay
as long as you want.
If it were up to me,
we'd be in Castile right now, my lady.
Due to recent events
and to show her good will and
ultimate respect to her husband
Her Highness, Queen Isabel,
has chosen to give you some benefits.
Some benefits handouts!
- That's not what we're demanding.
- What is it?
To begin with, we dismiss
what was agreed in Cervera
I'd like you to hear my
offer before refusing.
Go ahead, Cardinal.
It must be known
That the king will have authority
over justice in Castile.
Only if the queen didn't agree upon
the sentence she could change it.
For God's sake!
The king must be able to judge
without anyone's interception.
Go ahead.
That they are king and queen,
respectively, to everybody.
Property of the kingdom, as agreed
in Cervera, will belong to Isabel.
No, no, no! No!
You should be much more generous,
knowing what's at stake.
You should compensate for
the offenses to your husband.
They haven't been offenses, even
though you try to make them seem so.
Do you want proof of how much have
those offenses to Fernando
have affected people?
What is that?
This is a verse that's being
sung these days in Castile.
My men heard it in a tavern
and they brought it to me.
'Isabel and Fernando rule upside down'
'for the lady rules,
and not the Aragonese.'
'And now Fernando,
as Enrique, no longer on Earth'
'when approaching a woman,
gets much smaller.'
Do you see how king's fame
is affected by your acts?
And with his, your reign's,
that thanks to you will be short.
Excuse me, please.
Your Highness, could you give
me a moment with you? Alone.
If it matters to the kingdom,
we can hear it.
I won't take long, Your Highness.
Excuse me.
Is the queen now hiding
secrets of state from the king?
This is humiliating.
Where does she want to get?
And you? Why did you read that
mockery without letting me know?
- You ridiculed me.
- I did it
so they could take action
on this. Don't you see?
My adviser humiliating me
in public doesn't help.
You won't ever make a decision for me.
I hope it is important.
Castile's future is
at stake in that meeting.
That's why it's urgent.
Your Highness, you have a
traitor in that meeting.
An insurrection against you is being born.
Diego Pacheco counts Carrillo on his side.
Maybe it's a lie of Pacheco's to get allies.
Your Highness,
he and Carrillo met in Madrid.
They will combine their
forces on Juana's behalf.
Diego Pacheco traveled to
Portugal looking for support.
Has he gotten it?
Alfonso of Portugal
hasn't made a decision.
Castile's nobles don't
trust the Portuguese.
Carrillo has no limits when
talking about conspiracy.
And I'll see him now,
sitting beside my husband.
Your Highness, there are few
enemies as dangerous as Carrillo.
If Fernando falls in his hands
Your kingdom could fall
without foreign intervention.
It was my obligation to try
to get him on our side.
I hope you don't judge me for that.
No one in your situation could keep the
throne without knowing how to forgive.
I'll call Carrillo.
No, it's my husband who I want to talk to.
Tell him I want to talk to him, alone.
Am I worthy enough
now to be informed?
Do you know about your
new adviser's movements?
What are you talking about?
Carrillo has joined Pacheco's cause.
Did you know?
Are you doubting my loyalty?
How would I accept his advice if I knew?
Now I know why is he
offering me his help.
Carrillo has found a crack
to break us down.
And that crack is our anger.
Look how has he been in the negotiation.
When he speaks for you,
he makes you a bad ruler.
And a worse man than what you are.
Let's don't be like Enrique.
Let's not trust people who look for
themselves at the king's expense.
You don't have to convince me. There's no doubt.
I'll distance myself from the traitor.
But I won't stop claiming
my rights because of that.
I'll give you everything
that I consider to be fair.
Even though I'll rule Castile,
you'll have royal rights.
You'll have power over justice.
Something I could never do in Aragon.
Don't forget that.
Listen to my offers and add yours.
We can't have personal conflicts now.
Now less than ever.
It will be harder for our enemies
to destroy us if we are united.
If we are one.
Will this be our marriage?
Always a struggle?
Because we will learn to live
with each other's greatness.
Because we need each other.
Because we love each other.
What the hell are they doing?
You look inpatient to break what
was so hard for you to unite.
Don Gonzalo.
I'm thankful for this moment,
without your poison.
It was a good idea to
read that miserable sheet.
- You've ridiculed Fernando.
- Because he's proud.
But he knows that Isabel is
to be blamed for this mockery.
The meeting is over.
Fernando and I have decided
how will we rule our kingdoms.
It's a fair agreement.
And still coherent to what I
agreed that day in Cervera.
That makes no sense.
You'll subjugate yourself for the leftovers.
I'll be sovereign in my kingdom
as he will be in his.
But Fernando will be more
than my husband in Castile.
- Don't listen to her.
- Calm down.
She's expelling you from paradise
because she wants it for herself.
Now that you mention divine
Reverence, do you have your Bible?
It's always with me.
Put your hand upon it and swear
That you haven't offered your
support to my wife's enemies.
Swear that you haven't
conspired against Isabel.
I see you don't need me anymore,
Your Highness.
I, Isabel, will be sovereign
and owner of Castile.
Fernando, my legitimate husband,
will be treated as a king.
Coins and seals will show
names and emblems of both.
With my name first.
And the queen's arms will be in front.
I'll have faculty in Castile
to choose by my own will
governors and people
who will serve in my kingdom.
And to collect the taxes,
which I'll administer by myself
as Aragon's will be
administered by Fernando.
In our kingdoms we will command justice.
equally if we're together
or each one by himself if separated.
Every act of power will
be in both our names.
And the seal that it will
show will be only one.
You don't know how happy
I am that our fight is over.
I've missed you too.
My ladies haven't undressed me yet.
Don't make me wait
at the door once again.
Do you know Carrillo
wanted me to hate you?
Even when I was angriest
I never imagined myself without you.
I'm happy.
Because you would have
died if you had left me.
Do you think someone
as ambitious as Carrillo
will give up without looking for revenge?
I don't care about what
Carrillo does or stops doing.
You forget how powerful he is.
He'll use that power
in favor of others now.
- You can be sure.
- Don't be afraid.
Remember what you said to me.
The crown's weakness is over.
We won't be puppets to others.
We are the king and queen.
And we will rule that way.
Always together, Fernando.
Will you take a walk this afternoon?
I'll be getting ready to leave.
I have nothing else to do here.
Your Highness, I'm sorry
to interrupt your meal.
Don Diego Pacheco has
just arrived at the palace.
There's someone with him.
Your Highness.
We're sorry we didn't let
you know we were coming.
But the archbishop has
news that cannot wait.
What news?
Isabel and Fernando have signed
an agreement on Segovia.
Their union is strong and together
they'll reign with no hesitations.
I'm afraid it's bad news
for everyone here.
Do you mean that we
should lose all hope?
No. I mean the opposite.
I think it's the moment to attack.
I've thought about it,
and I see it very clearly.
We can only make it with your help.
How many times should I say it?
Castile won't ever permit a foreigner
to put a crown on their queen.
They'll do if you take
your niece as your wife.
You won't be consider a foreigner
but a king who demands
the throne for his wife
the legitimate heiress.
It's an excellent solution,
Your Eminence.
The grandees will take action
when the marriage is announced.
They'll have no excuses for
not supporting the invasion.
So be it.
As soon as possible.
Isabel and Fernando will be still
celebrating their agreements
when the trumpets call to war.
The queen and I are expecting a child.
Let's pray the Lord for a boy.
And with him our dynasty
will be established.
Don't you see? Only he can give
us what the usurper took from us.
Your Highness, let me introduce
you to Hernando of Talavera.
I beg you to kneel, Your Highness.
Are you asking the Queen of Castile
to kneel for you?
You and your people have to know
that Juana, the princess,
will soon be my wife.
She'll be queen of Portugal
and I king of Castile.
- Eminence.
- What is it?
It's the queen.
She's arriving at Alcalá.
There's only one queen in Castile,
and that's me.
Have you threatened the queen
with withdrawing our support
because she didn't want to
confess with you? How could you?
Are you giving out my
daughter's kingdom?
I won't let you do it behind her back.
I need other kinds of services from you.
I want you to write down my will.
I declare war at sea and on land today
against Portugal and
everyone who's against me.
Give me the regency.
I'll take care of her until she can reign.
Do you want to take away
my right to the throne?
They are the best men and are
going to fight for the best cause.
King Alfonso needs no one's gold to win.
And when he's over, he'll be very
generous to those who were loyal.
Zamora declared himself
on king Alfonso's behalf.
- For Castile!
- For Castile!
The king
Had a daughter in Aragon.
Are you okay?
There's no doubt they are ready to fight.
- The moment we were afraid of is here.
- What happened to Fernando?
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