Isabel (2011) s02e02 Episode Script


I vow to serve and follow
our leader, Queen Isabel.
As well as the mighty
prince, king, and our lord
King Fernando,
as her lawful husband.
In Cervera, before you got married
you agreed to her being the ruler.
But not to be disrespected.
Ignoring me on the way to the throne.
My husband has business in Aragon.
But he'll join me in Segovia soon.
My lord, we're entering Castile soil!
Be the first to pledge obedience
as new king of Castile.
We did that days ago,
before your wife, Queen Isabel.
Fernando must arrive soon.
So Castile sees you're backed by Aragon.
We need Carrillo.
Not crowning Juana?
I urge you to solve that.
As time passes,
the crown will hold tighter to her.
I'll fulfill your expectations.
I don't heed vain promises.
If you won't lead this, tell me.
I know which doors to knock on.
Doors with more power than here.
Fernando realized he's lost with Isabel.
He needs a guide, someone smart.
- What can I do for you?
- Invade Castile.
Father, we can't miss this chance.
They're opening Castile from inside.
Get your allies' support.
And come see me again.
I've learned your wife carries a child.
With this one,
you'll have three children.
It's absurd to ask for your support when
I've already got it from someone in Castile.
- Alonso Carrillo.
- If I'm to risk it, I want a better plan.
I vow to serve and follow
our lady Queen Isabel
as natural ruler of our kingdoms.
They stopped at Turégano.
They settled in the count's palace.
I just sent a soldier to Segovia.
Camping at the gates of Segovia?
The city prepares to receive you.
The king of Portugal has no spine
but seems easy to convince.
Archbishop Carrillo is the most willing.
- Carrillo
- Isabel is out of line.
The reception is just an excuse.
She wants to make it
clear who rules Castile.
An uprising against you is forming.
Diego Pacheco claims to
have Carrillo on his side.
Swear you haven't conspired.
I see you don't need me.
They signed a treaty in Segovia.
Their union is sound
and they want to rule.
Castile will never let a
stranger have the crown.
They will if you marry your niece.
You wouldn't be a foreigner.
You'd be a king claiming
the throne for her wife.
The queen and the king,
equal in size and rank.
By the grace of God.
Protected by the eagle of St. John.
There's no extra metal for the new coins.
God will provide.
Do you like the place?
Do you plan on moving the fortress?
As soon as I'm able to do it
I will build a shrine for
Saint John the Evangelist.
For under his protection,
I want you to know something.
Another child of yours lives in my womb.
The Lord blesses us again.
I wanted to tell you alone.
And enjoy the illusion I see in your eyes.
I thank you.
Nothing pleases me more.
- Should it be a boy
- He will be called Juan.
Like your father.
May his birth bring peace to our land.
And may he inherit a united kingdom.
Let's hope in God.
Have you heard from your brother?
Any news in our embassy in Portugal?
Not yet, my lord. Only that
he's taken sides with Juana.
Let's hope to find a way to bring her back.
Without quarreling with the king.
Let's hope so.
Castile waits for good news.
And it shall come.
The queen and I expect another child.
Truly a great event, my lady.
Pray to God for a male child.
And along with that, for the dynasty
of our kingdoms to become steady.
Dear Marquis, what do my
friends from Castile wish?
My lords, Fernando and Isabel
send wishes of peace and prosperity.
A long journey for such wishes
they have commanded you.
Wasn't a letter as good?
My lords have a request
from the King of Portugal
for you to allow Princess Juana
to return to Castile
so they can ensure her future,
arranging a marriage fit to her rank.
Thank your lords for the generosity
and the good wishes.
Tell them they will always be loved by us.
Also, Princess Juana is well procured
at her uncle's, the King,
who already secured her future.
He arranged a marriage
worthy of her high position.
Also tell them that I
would like to marry her.
She's such a distinguished
princess from Aragon.
But my marriage has
already been agreed upon.
You have to know this.
Princess Juana will soon be my wife.
She will be Queen of Portugal,
and I, King of Castile.
Sir, you should recall that Castile
has a king and queen already.
And they will defend their kingdom.
With all their might.
A king must do so.
A pretender, not so much.
Send greetings to my cousins
Isabel and Fernando.
Kings of Sicily and Princes of Aragon.
Your father commands
you to return to Aragon.
Go with God. You know
I hate to see you leave.
The messenger brought more news, sir.
You'll be a father.
Don't worry. Aldonza is
in custody of King Juan.
Try to get the news to go
back with you to Aragon.
I'll decide when it's time in Castile.
- What news of the King of France?
- None, my lord.
How long should we wait?
Until I see fit.
Castile is a ripe fruit,
we just have to pick it.
It would be foolish to start a war
without knowing if we would be victors.
You weighed our strength.
Castile and Portugal together.
Why do you doubt, Bragança?
I can tell how many will go,
not how many will come back
or when or how.
The truth is, every day
Isabel is on the throne
she looks more like the Queen of Castile.
I'm afraid my father and the Duke
are not the allies you need.
You should look elsewhere.
Stop the nonsense!
First, I will marry Juana.
Then we will recover Castile.
And when will this wedding happen?
- When you get the papal bull.
- Still with the bull, Father?
Do you want here what
Isabel did in Castile?
Her boldness led her to the throne.
While Juana awaits for her
supporters to stop talking!
- Start acting!
- Let her wait, and you too.
My legitimacy will not be questioned,
my kingdom will not have enemies in Rome.
When the bull comes,
I'll marry her.
By then we'll know about King Louis.
Don't worry about the bull.
Everything is possible with Rome
if a certain benefit can be granted.
Take care of it, Carrillo.
Gold is not a problem.
My lady, you summoned me.
- Confession?
- Yes, but not to you.
Do you know Hernando de Talavera?
I know his work.
I want him to be my confessor.
But you know I
Brother Hernando is
famous for being pious.
I don't want to distract you.
Not now when you have
another child to tend to.
Denying your trust is the
worst punishment for my sins.
I couldn't find a more loyal and
faithful counselor than you.
I would trust you with
any government issue.
But I won't do so with issues of my soul.
A priest who does not fulfill his vows.
Act as you please, my lady.
You won't excuse anyone.
Yet how harmful can intolerance
be for those loyal to you?
How little importance such loyalty would
have if this queen can't decide alone.
As adviser, not a priest,
I remind you of this.
It is not the time for
turning down loyalties.
- As weak as they seem.
- Do not insist.
Obey. Talk to Brother Hernando.
We wish you a good return to Castile.
We hope to meet you soon there.
Our wishes are the same.
It's good to bid farewell to the princess.
Next time you see her,
she'll be a queen.
Time to go.
It's a long journey to Alcalá.
- I'll escort you.
- I thought you would eat with us.
I'll eat in my chamber.
I came to tell you.
A queen must know how to
behave with her future husband.
Don't you realize?
Only he can return what the usurper took.
Act as he deserves.
I thought of Brother Hernando
because of the book you gave me.
Only my duties kept me from reading it.
I knew you would like it.
But you were strict
with Cardinal Mendoza.
Don't you understand?
I do. You can't change people over night.
I don't seek that,
but I will not have a priest
- who leads a life
- He's also an official.
And a man, first of all.
The Princes of the Church
come from powerful families.
They have no duty to renounce the world
and devote their life to meditation.
- Others do that.
- And they have my full devotion.
And so it should be.
But the Church also needs
men like Mendoza
to lead it and expand it.
And what you see as weakness
must be tolerated.
The higher the rank,
the higher our virtue should be.
We must be an example for the people.
Such as offending those loyal to us.
Anyway, he'll never
hear my confession again!
Good night, my child.
God is listening, do speak.
I have sinned.
A woman in Aragon carries my seed.
Does the queen know?
The queen knows we are all sinners.
And we should beg for forgiveness.
God grants forgiveness to
those who show repentance
and intend to correct their mistakes.
The queen, however,
does not seem willing.
The queen forgives,
even if she doesn't forget.
She still loves me.
As she trusts you and
appreciates your loyalty.
I didn't pledge allegiance
to be offended afterward.
If the queen wishes me to fall
so a regular Brother takes my place
Isabel is fond of this Talavera's writing,
but don't worry.
He will not bother your place in the court.
No one wants another Carrillo.
I'm in your hands.
Do you not appreciate the gesture?
Bring this Brother,
and the queen will thank you for it.
As for my sins
Hard penance awaits when
the queen finds about them.
I'll say no more.
Ego te absolvo in nomine Patris
Such ill news that it cannot wait, Marquis?
I, Juana, after the King's will,
my lord and father
was pledged in courts as
heir in these, my kingdoms.
Without which, no princess will be
a queen but a usurper.
And the queen of Sicily
and her husband Fernando
out of greed for ruling
agreed to poison my
lord the king, my father
who perished later,
overtaking his lands
leaving them in disarray and ruin.
Thus, according to human and divine right
heritage of these kingdoms
belongs rightfully to me.
Signed, 'I, the queen.'
Juana will not pay alone for such words.
But the traitors who made
her hand-write them.
A peasant would answer
better to this offense.
But you're the queen,
and Castile depends on you.
You're right. I am no peasant,
and even less a murderer.
That girl can say anything.
No one treats her highly or
calls her 'Your Excellency.'
So it will be.
The document is a provocation.
A declaration of war.
Portugal is on her side, and their
army will be greater than ours.
Can we stop that wedding?
They need a papal bull.
We could try to delay it.
Gentlemen, we must see
this marriage as done.
We offered generosity
and this is what we get.
We negotiated too long.
In Castile there is but one queen,
and that queen is me.
So war it is?
War, Cárdenas, war.
Do not fear defeat.
God is on our side.
The future of Castile is in our hands
and in God's.
They decided to seize Castile.
We only have a handful of loyal people.
Can we win?
We'll pressure Rome.
We'll seek allies in those undecided.
We'll convince them to join us.
It's a divine mission, Isabel.
We can't hesitate.
I thank God that you're by my side.
Later, I have to write to Carrillo.
He's betrayed us.
Why the trouble
to make peace with him?
Too much binds him to me.
I won't lose his favor without a fight.
I must get his support or
at least keep him at bay.
Listen to me.
I declare war on sea and land
against the king of Portugal
and the disloyal.
Asturias and Biscay are still loyal.
Castile, Andalusia and
Galicia will be divided.
Anyone able to provide
arms shall be required.
Any trouble with the law pardoned.
What about Aragon?
Do we have your father's support?
Not if his quarrel against
the Catalonians remains.
Go and fulfill your duty.
- For Castile.
- For Castile!
Zamora and Toro will be mine.
- King of all Castile.
- But also lord of these places.
I'll collect the deeds and
claim them as my own.
Isn't it enough?
We'll be added to the Badajoz list.
East of that city,
towards my Villena estate.
I will exercise authority on your behalf.
- Is that okay?
- Granted.
But Galicia will belong to Portugal.
What about the lands of Mendoza?
Are you dividing my daughter's kingdom?
I will not allow you to act thus.
- Princess Juana is a girl.
- And she's not queen yet.
She better be soon.
We'll see if you are still marquis.
Leave us, Pacheco.
You trust the seller
before seeing the goods.
- As a mother, it's only natural to worry.
- Understand my fear, Brother.
The future of my child depends on you.
You will see to her and her interests.
Calm down.
- When the bull is here
- Did Isabel wait?
No, like she didn't wait to take
the throne from my child.
Open your eyes.
Gold is not enough for Rome.
The bull will arrive with a wedding.
Have you threatened the queen
because she won't confess to you?
How could you?
Must I accept her being more
severe with me than with Carrillo?
He who has betrayed
like few other have!
No, I'm a Mendoza!
You're a moron!
And you're also my brother.
You compromise me with your flings.
We left Juana on her own.
May God forgive us.
For the sake of Castile.
And for our own.
Let's hope Isabel is not defeated.
For the Mendozas would lose much more
than a confession privilege.
You are right.
I shouldn't raise doubts of our loyalty.
Fulfill the queen's request.
Let her know it was you
who brought this person.
This Brother Hernando.
And don't mention the
bastard from Aragon.
That's a sacred secret.
For now.
Look as much as you want to.
In a few weeks
I won't fit into this dress.
Don't say that, my lady.
It will wait in a trunk
until you return to normal.
If it is God's will.
Giving birth is test of love.
Yes, a harsh test for both.
Although they say that pregnant
women are the prettiest of all.
What do you think, my lord?
It's the truth.
Especially if he is an heir to the crown.
That fight with the cardinal,
you were right.
As a Christian, I still think the same.
But as queen I need tact.
You know I can't stand being mad at you.
And it's even worse if you are too.
Don't worry.
Mendoza has summoned
your new confessor.
You can meet him today.
See? There's no reason.
Nothing should come between us now.
We should be closer than ever,
for Castile and our children.
Brother Hernando.
Your prior work in the Prado
Monastery is highly esteemed.
You're seen as a man of God.
Austere and devoted to the spiritual life.
These are not outstanding attributes.
Not in a man devoted to the Almighty.
I don't like flattery,
nor do I like riddles.
Do tell me why have you summoned me.
The queen requires a confessor.
Your virtue renders you
ideal for such a purpose.
But, sir
My place is with my brothers,
not in the court.
Do you realize what an honor this is?
And I wish I could better
show my gratitude.
But honor is not my mission
in this world.
Let's end this.
Did you not take an obedience vow?
The queen awaits.
Whatever any of us wants is irrelevant.
Allow me to introduce
Brother Hernando de Talavera.
I longed to meet you, Brother Hernando.
Although I've only read a
few pages of your book.
It's always been like that, my lady.
The bigger the earthly obligations
the more we neglect the spiritual ones.
Well, I don't intend for it to happen.
I appreciate your diligence.
I see I can still count on you.
Anytime, Your Highness.
We'll have time to discuss your papers.
Now I want you to hear my confession.
Shall we?
Kneel, I beg you, Your Highness.
Do you ask the Queen of Castile
to kneel before you?
Not me, my lady.
Before God.
During the sacrament,
this is God's court.
And I am his representative.
So you shall remain kneeling,
and I seated.
God does not see you as queen.
But as a sinner.
To him, you confess your flaws.
For forgiveness he demands
an act of contrition.
And humbleness above all.
Get out.
I think it is you who needs
a good serving of that
humbleness you talk about.
It is not my intention to disrespect you.
God gave a mission to each of us.
We must do our best to accomplish it.
May the Lord allow you
to achieve yours.
Brother Hernando.
I hope you're up for the illusion
you created in your queen.
May God help you to
complete that mission.
You're the Queen of Castile, my love.
Now this is not the worst of obligations.
A child will always put
the king on your side.
It will secure your position.
Let it happen and it will be over soon.
Leave, everyone.
Didn't you hear? Out!
You have nothing to fear.
In God's eyes and everyone else's,
you're my wife.
Now sleep.
What are you thinking about?
I'm thinking that if anything happens
Do not fear for me.
War is the least safe business.
What would become of
the princess, and me?
I know my obligations.
As a king, husband and father.
Promise you'll be sensible.
The queen asks,
but the wife pleads this.
I'll be back, for sure.
Nothing in this world can
keep me away from you.
I don't think it's
too early for a brother.
At your service, sir.
Do you want to confess?
I need a different service,
Brother Hernando.
I want you to write my will.
If your army marches on through
Extremadura into my lands
Castile, south of the Tajo, is ours.
You're forgetting the
nobles from Andalusia.
Any resistance will be eliminated.
Would you allow Isabel to
grow in Castile's heart?
With our backs covered
We could move north with no problems.
There's another way.
The French army will come
through the Pyrenees.
Louis of France has given his word.
Let's meet him from the Duero Valley.
Zúñiga is an advantage.
With Burgos in our control,
Isabel would be surrounded.
We're busy with state affairs.
And consummating your
marriage is not important?
You don't win a war
with half-fought battles.
- Juana is a child.
- What if you die without the bull?
- Don't be pessimistic.
- What then?
Grant me the regency.
If fortune turns on you,
Juana will be fine.
I'll comply until she can rule.
Do you want to usurp
my right to the throne?
I can see it's contagious.
You would rule in Portugal, yes.
But Castile will not accept you.
You're a boy in a man's body.
- You will have what you ask!
- Father!
I will not die in the fields of Castile!
Let alone live amongst quarrel.
We need your father's blessing.
No! No, I say! We won't go to war
for my aunt to keep everything.
She won't, I swear.
The testament of a great king, indeed.
Fernando appoints our daughter,
heiress of Aragon and Sicily
and asks king Juan to change the
law so she can rule as a woman.
'And Aragon united with
Castile and León '
'will have a prince, king,
and lord, ruler of all.'
I couldn't ask more of a king, or a father.
It truly confirms the love for your daughter.
But heed his words.
A great love, reinforced by
'daughter of a queen and excellent mother.'
So excellent he deems me he
asks to see his natural children
and their mothers.
What am I to do?
My lady.
While the king has sinned
it was well before
becoming your husband.
This not only proves
the affection he holds
but also the responsibility he takes
for his acts and their consequences.
The king will go to battle.
He needs total support from his wife.
We should be setting an example.
Are these the new
morals the kingdom needs?
As this secures your ruling
this testament is essential
to such morals.
For it can only happen if the kingdom
is ruled by the right people.
As I read it through
I wondered why the
king chose you to write it.
Now I know.
You would be a fine official.
Sometimes I fear how much I love you.
As I see myself able to accept
what no woman should.
You leave to war and I
don't think of my kingdom.
But of you.
I'm embarrassed to feel this.
And shouldn't it be so?
We only have a few hours
and you're my wife.
This is not the wife or queen
talking now, but the woman.
The fear of losing you.
And jealousy.
Fear that if nature rules in me like this
how many more will desire you as a man?
You talk about other
women in your testament.
I know they're from the past.
But I fear them.
I don't know if you'll find in me
what they've given you.
No woman can give me more than you.
For one powerful reason.
I have only loved you.
And will only love you.
May Castile forgive me.
If God denies us victory,
and allows you to return
I'll still be able to live if you're with me.
I won't fail, Isabel.
No matter what the circumstances are.
- Where was that?
- Plasencia, Mother.
The king and queen look like
a young and settled couple.
You're the sole queen of Castile.
You must believe it.
Are you not well?
It's okay.
Your only worry must
be to fulfill your destiny.
You leave today to recover what's yours.
Come with me.
You must take your place.
I'll wait for you.
Come with us, I beg you.
I fear for you.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
My child.
Everything I've done has been for you.
I hope you can forgive my mistakes.
You're the only daughter of King Enrique.
Never forget that.
You're the queen, our lady.
You have my blessing.
Now go, they're waiting.
Goodbye, Mother.
Be brave, Juana.
There go the best men to
fight for the best cause.
They will not let Castile down.
Or their queen.
Pray to God that he brings them back,
victorious and safe.
Get my horse ready.
And a small escort.
Where are you going, my lady?
To find Carrillo, to see him.
But my lady, in your condition?
I'm the only one who can convince him.
You know that.
My lord, the city of Toro is yours now.
Think of it as the gate
to all of Castile.
For Castile, Castile!
- Your Eminence.
- What is happening?
The queen is coming to Alcalá.
- With an army?
- Just a few men. She comes in peace.
Any news from the Archbishop?
These were his words.
'If the Queen enters
Alcalá through one door'
'the Archbishop exits through another.'
There are thousands of
soldiers from Asturias.
And many archers from Biscay.
The Count Duke of Benavente
has joined with 1,800 spears.
We have gathered quite a strength.
I'm not worried about our numbers
as much as their organization.
Each noble brought troops that
will only answer to their lord.
They are mixed in with the royal guard
and with ragged people
other villages and cities sent.
It's a great army though.
Alfonso's grown strong in Toro
We lack the machinery
to besiege the square.
We must not be fooled,
the enemy is more powerful.
If he makes a mistake,
we seize the chance to win.
My lord.
Zamora's declared for King Alfonso.
Reinforcements can come from the west.
This is not good for us.
What about the border with France?
No army has passed.
If he came here from Extremadura
he's convinced King Louis to intervene.
We have to stop them
from meeting the French.
Intercept them.
With Toro behind,
we would be trapped.
There's still León, sir.
If it remains loyal.
It if falls, we'll be cornered.
You wish for something impossible
for León to have both sides.
Why should we lean
towards you and Portugal?
We'll win this war.
Do you want to be with the losers?
Queen Isabel wrote it herself.
She must think highly of you.
Isabel has written to you.
And King Alfonso sends me.
Do you still doubt who is with you?
If I join Isabel and God
grants her victory
My future will change.
It's written.
How much is he asking?
King Alfonso does not
need gold to vanquish.
And when it's over,
he'll be generous with the faithful.
With Toro and Zamora on our side
and León's support,
the war will last two days.
Can you not see it?
I need a guarantee from King Alfonso.
A guarantee, he asks?
Okay, write it down and send it.
And enclose an advance.
Tomorrow, all of Castile can be ours.
- To the battle!
- Not until the French show up.
Then we meet them.
The prince is right.
The doors of Castile are wide open.
Will they close if we wait?
There's no rush.
- Father.
- I've spoken my mind.
We wait to hear from King Louis.
Any news of my husband?
No movements, Your Highness.
You look worried.
What happened?
The governor of León is
not answering our letters.
And the tax we asked them
for the war has not arrived.
This delay has but one explanation.
He claimed the city for the girl?
Not yet.
The war would be lost then.
And your husband's life in peril.
We can't count on León.
Sorting that governor out is easy.
If you say so I'll go with my men.
Divide our strength?
It would make us vulnerable.
- Can't we get backup?
- Where from?
There aren't any more men than
those we already gathered.
With those cities,
Alfonso has an open road to Galicia.
There he'll get soldiers and supplies.
They are stronger and
are better equipped.
But they don't engage, why?
Would you?
- Of course.
- If they don't it's because they're not sure.
Alfonso is a cautious man.
That's his weakness.
I have an idea.
It's desperate, but it's our only chance.
Did you come to discuss your surrender?
I bear a message from King Fernando.
What does he want from me?
Knowing the battle is equal
the king wants to avoid shedding blood.
He knows you're a knight too.
So he proposes God should settle this.
And challenges you to battle,
just the two of you.
Fine, it's not knightly
to refuse a challenge.
You're going to accept?
This is a trap.
Forgive my son.
His youth has him talking
instead of listening.
Wait outside.
You will receive the reply soon.
We're superior in number to them,
you know that.
This challenge proves it.
- I am a knight.
- Your Highness, the prince is right.
Don't be fooled.
How can a knight call himself one
refusing a challenge?
You can't, my lord.
But you have the right
to demand conditions.
Come in.
Can I help you?
It's the queen.
It's some news from Aragon that
my husband has informed me about.
I don't know if the queen should know.
If it concerns her and you know,
how can you doubt it?
You would know better than I what to do.
The queen holds you in high
esteem and heeds your advice.
What's happened?
The king has a daughter
who was born in Aragon.
Go back to Aragon.
Thank my father for handling everything.
The Portuguese accepts,
on one condition.
The queen and the girl will attend.
The victor keeps both ladies.
He's received good counsel.
I'll never agree to that.
They kept their honor.
We are in God's hands.
No small task if He should aid us.
This queen can't give orders.
Only beg for you to
understand a woman's will.
A dying woman
whose last concern is
her daughter's future.
And Castile's too.
May God give you enough time.
I come to you as
Prince of the Church.
But also as a man
who knows the crown.
You're correct.
It could bring serious consequences.
And you are aware of the situation
between my lord and lady.
I have made the queen believe
these faults are from the past.
Do you feel you betrayed her?
I will if I don't disclose what I know.
I see.
It's not a loyalty issue then.
It's one of conscience.
I can't tell them apart in this case.
In your opinion
what is more important to God?
Loyalty to your conscience
or the crown of Castile?
Fate depends on understanding between
the king and queen. The fate of many souls.
Can you imagine the
catastrophe you would cause
if their marriage broke apart
amidst the war, broke to pieces?
- That is not my intent.
- Then be quiet.
And if you can't live with your guilt
I will listen in confession.
It won't be necessary.
What is it?
The queen, sir.
Queen Isabel is in León.
Hail to the queen! Hail!
Long live Isabel!
Hail to the queen! Hail!
Hail to the queen! Hail! Hail!
Governor, it is your duty
to surrender my square.
It has always been yours.
Have some rest. Allow me to
gather my people and belongings.
Doing so pleases me.
It doesn't solve my issue
that you have to leave
without me claiming my fortress.
- Hail to Isabel and Fernando!
- Hail!
Go out and explain
whether you are with their queen
or the invading Portuguese.
I've always been a loyal
vassal of Your Highness.
Isabel has entered León
and gained the city.
With an army?
Just a few men.
Isabel seems more male than female.
León's actions are not good for our cause.
The undecided will think.
We lose our advantage with this waiting.
There's no room for more delays.
You're right, we can't wait more.
How long the road traveled
seems now that we're returning.
We should have stayed longer in León.
With your quest you have protected
your husband and all of Castile.
But so much horse riding
in your condition
Maybe we should stop.
I hope so many ordeals will
work the miracle of our victory.
Come closer.
So ill
that only my worst enemy
can be my best ally now.
- You should rest, my lady.
- There's no time.
I'm dying, you see?
Help me leave this world in peace.
You must swear to protect
my daughter Juana.
To make her interests your own.
Only you can make her the
queen Castile dreams of.
You did it with Isabel.
Now do it with Juana.
She won't let you down.
She won't.
I swear it, my lady.
Don't be mad at me, Brother Hernando.
That trip was necessary
and has proven fruitful.
No one doubts it.
So what's with the face?
And what about you?
- What's happened to Fernando?
- Nothing.
Don't worry.
Something's wrong.
Speak, I order you!
The king had a daughter born in Aragon.
Leave me alone, I beg you.
My lady!
Help! Help!
The queen showed courage in León.
Now Alfonso must choose
to engage or retreat.
They are ready to battle.
This is what we all feared.
You can negotiate.
The queen is either Isabel or Juana.
There is not much to negotiate there.
If you battle, defeat is for sure.
Our army will be annihilated.
Isabel took León with her bare hands.
I have thousands of men
and I must not battle?
Lose the army and
you'll lose the war.
You know it as well as I do.
Can a king decide this
without tarnishing his honor?
Break the camp.
We'll go back to Segovia.
Please save my lady.
Don't let her die.
Boy or girl?
The queen is dead.
This court will mourn.
Let us pray for your mother's last wish.
Here he comes.
- The king?
- Only the vanguard of the army.
Spear the first horses at the walls.
Those men fought for you.
If they had, they would be defeated.
They would have honor.
And their queen would
meet them by the walls.
Instead of spears.
Let everyone know how
cowards are received in Castile.
Thus receives the
Queen of Castle her army?
You can think women
have no brain to judge.
But you can't deny
we have eyes to see.
And I see troops,
vanquished and humiliated.
- Without even engaging.
- You want a miracle
but the age of Jericho has passed!
God is prudent in battle!
Wars are not won by men who think,
but by those who act.
Rest your heart's longing, my lady!
Time will bring you such victories.
I expected comfort and encouragement.
But, alas, women are so hard to please
especially you, my lady,
that he who can is yet to be born!
Leave us alone.
Would you prefer that I
had returned as a corpse?
- Isabel!
- Stay away.
It was a boy.
Our heir.
A stillborn as you return humiliated
with a daughter in Aragon.
You said you wouldn't let me down.
A bad time for you and the kingdom
for me to commit this affront.
I'd love to spare us this suffering.
To be worthy of you again.
Since you cannot forgive the man
forgive the king.
As a king I say, only together
can we save this kingdom.
I promised I'd lay Castile at your feet.
And I'll die keeping that promise.
And be assured that
only the sake of Castile
has driven my decisions.
As a man
I can't add much
to get your forgiveness.
You know I love you.
I wanted that child as much as you.
And my life
is only worth living if you're in it.
Trujillo, Madrid, and Toledo
are the cities that suffer misrule by rebels.
If they raise Castile's banners,
they will become unattached.
Castile must know the legitimate
husband of its lawful queen
will free it from usurpers.
The enemy is still more
powerful and has better supplies.
Regaining Burgos is our only choice.
I promise all the people from Burgos
that there won't be pillage or turmoil.
I'll protect you from the crooks.
The death penalty will befall
those who dare commit crimes.
Your Highness!
King Alfonso and his troops
are only two days away.
My lady demands from Rome
a commitment to her legitimate cause.
And money.
I can't leave my husband
leading an army
that will turn on him
if the pay doesn't come.
We have to get that money.
My lord, the city is burning.
- As far as the Saint Gil arch
- I know!
My men and I can hold
their progress back.
We've doubled the bombardiers,
he must surrender.
He will.
I'll be honest, I don't trust you.
You should, I've got nothing to hide.
- She's the queen. She has reasons.
- It's still treason!
All I want is peace for Castile.
But you try to impose it.
We have to make a decision.
We battle or retreat.
We're leaving to Burgos.
The king needs me.
- But my lady
- Prepare everything.
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