Isabel (2011) s02e03 Episode Script

La paz para Castilla

I needed to tell you
my womb carries a child of yours.
My Lords ask Portugal's king
to allow princess Juana
to go back to Castile.
To look after her future
and plan an adequate marriage.
Your lords should hear from you
that princess Juana will become my wife.
She'll be Portugal's queen
and I'll be Castile's king.
We were kind to those who offended us.
We've been too lenient.
Castile has just one queen,
and that's me.
So war then?
War, Cárdenas.
A son will always have
the king on your side.
It secures your position.
Just let it happen, it will be over soon.
You're going to be a father.
Do you know Brother
Hernando de Talavera?
I'm familiar with his work.
I want him as my confessor.
Comply with the queen's request.
Let her know you're the one getting her
that Brother Hernando.
Not a word about
the Aragon bastard.
Your Majesty, allow me to introduce
Brother Hernando de Talavera.
We're busy with state matters.
And consummating your
marriage isn't important?
Juana is just a child.
What if you die before
the papal bull gets here?
Make me ruler.
I'll look over her until she can rule.
Are you trying to take over
my right to the throne?
Where are you going, ma'am?
To find Carrillo,
he isn't answering my letters.
The queen is close to Alcalá.
Any word from the bishop?
This is his message, ma'am.
If the queen enters
Alcalá through one door
the bishop would leave
through another one.
Toro is yours.
Think of it as the gateway to Castile.
We can intercept them.
We'd be at cross-fire
with Toro behind us.
We still have León, Your Highness.
Go and tell my city whether
you're with her queen
or the Portuguese invader.
I've always been your loyal subject.
You can make her the queen
Castile has dreamt of.
Let's pray for your mother's
last will to come true.
Tell me what's going on.
The king has fathered
a daughter in Aragon.
Was it a boy or a girl?
A boy.
The first horses to reach the walls
must be speared.
This is how Castile's queen
greets her army!
It was a boy.
Our heir.
Stillborn while you come back humiliated
and with a daughter in Aragon.
Gentlemen, Burgos has taken Juana's side.
It isn't just Castile's
most prosperous town
it's a strategic location.
The Andalusian nobles
have joined Pacheco.
The South is his.
If the French join Alfonso's
troops at Burgos
we'll be caught in between.
Louis of France won't enter Castile.
He's already in Guipúzcoa.
Fuenterrabia can't resist much longer.
Our enemy is more powerful
and better armed.
Our only option is getting Burgos back.
Wouldn't we risk another humiliation?
Or worse, to be annihilated.
I can assure you Toro
won't happen again.
This time we'll face them,
and may God have mercy on Castile.
We need to gather up the army.
Give the orders, I'll have them sent.
I'm not the queen.
Your Highness, time is against us.
You command the armies
and need to make a decision.
I already did.
We'll wait for the queen.
You're very good at it.
Come in.
Come here, Isabel.
Here. Do you want more?
You do?
Go with her,
she has more sweets for you.
Don't let sorrow consume you.
Your son rests in peace.
How is the queen today?
It's a tough day.
We lost the prince two months ago, today.
We're risking everything
in Burgos, Chacón.
I won't give out orders without her.
We'll wait as long as
you deem necessary.
Gentlemen, my husband, your king
has informed you of the situation.
Burgos, our pride, is Castile's head.
We can't allow them to take it from us.
Zúñiga will be defeated.
We'll make him turn over the city.
He either swears his loyalty
or pays for his treason.
The king will give you the orders.
Your Highness.
Noble gentlemen
we have a lot to do and not much time.
I plan on getting Burgos back
without a high risk to our armies.
We'll besiege the city.
Let Burgos' inhabitants suffer.
Let them know Zúñiga
brought it on them.
With the Lord's help
it will be ours before the enemy comes.
Send for Beltrán de la Cueva,
Count Duke of Benavente
and the Marquis of Paredes.
Cárdenas, get a letter to my father.
He has to send us reinforcements
as soon as possible.
Cavalry, My Lord?
Aragon's artillery.
Are we ready to leave for Burgos?
We'll be on our way
as soon as you say so.
Let's leave right now.
I can't wait to have
Castile's head in my power.
I thought you'd spend the night here.
You're always rushing me,
and now you want me to slow down.
I don't trust Louis of France.
He won't move unless our
army is waiting at Burgos.
That's why they call him 'the prudent.'
The sooner we get there,
the sooner the French will attack.
Pacheco, go see if everything is ready.
I can assure you,
everything is ready.
Go check if everything is ready,
or whatever you want.
What don't you want
your nephew to hear about?
A nuisance only you can
take care of, Your Highness
- and it can't just be sent away.
- It will have to wait.
You're very wrong.
It's imperative you
consummate your marriage.
Castile has to know
that their lawful queen's lawful husband
will free her from her usurpers.
As soon as we have the papal bull.
When we win this war,
the pope will rush
to sign that bull and
anyone we ask him to.
True, popes make better decisions
after matters are settled.
That's why you have
to hurry up and do it.
Bishop, my niece is still a little girl.
Enough with the excuses,
she isn't so young any more.
I'm personally seeing
to Juana learning what's needed
to be a good wife.
And to a good queen.
We're both making a huge effort.
It's your turn now.
It's for Francisco de Solís,
Alcántara's grand master
to keep on attacking
the Portuguese border.
Whoever takes an enemy fortress
will earn a town's command.
Trujillo, Madrid, Toledo.
Places under the rebels' bad rule.
If they raise Castile's true flag
they'll be set free.
I, the queen,
promise peace and fair ruling.
Send these to Cadiz, Seville, Palos.
We'll grant carte blanche
to go after Portuguese vessels at sea.
Let's see Alfonso finance war
without Guinea's gold.
Our treasure shouldn't be
the only one diminishing.
I need to talk with you about that.
Burgos' campaign will cost dearly.
Our treasure chest can't finance it.
- Those loyal to us are giving men weapons.
- I know we can't go to them.
And we can't raise taxes again.
We need the Church's support again.
You must talk to the papal nuncio.
It won't be easy to convince him.
I beg you to try.
Tell him that as soon as this is over
we'll be at the pope's service
in the war against the Turks.
I'll tell him.
You may go.
Without funding, the nobles will leave.
We'll have to offer them something.
Portugal's gold is an interesting loot.
Spoils from a war we haven't won yet.
They're just promises.
My brother, King Enrique, gave
away so many lordships and rents
he left the crown broke.
When the war is over
we'll find the way to
right his wrongdoings.
But as long as the armies
aren't directly under the crown's orders
We're in the noblemen's hands.
We could have avoided
the humiliation of Toro.
We can't lose hope.
What's your opinion
on the papal nuncio?
I've only heard about
Monsignor Franco's fame.
He's just arrived in Castile.
- However
- Go on.
He must be cunning to
have made it in Rome.
Were you waiting for me?
I can come back later.
There's no need. Speak.
Your Highness, there might be
another way to get funding.
If you allow me
I'll talk to my relative,
Abraham Senior.
You're related to Castile's Chief Rabbi?
That's right.
Although my family has been
Christian for a while now
we still have some Jewish relatives.
During your brother's rule
he helped King Enrique more than once.
Would he give us a loan?
I can ask him.
Without knowing what comes out
of the Cardinal's negotiations?
- Maybe it won't be needed.
- We're at war.
No amount is enough.
Do it quickly. I trust you
and your discretion.
The pope sent you to help
Castile regain peace.
God knows it isn't an easy task.
We'll have peace when
Queen Isabel wins this war.
If that's the case,
we must be patient
and let God's will decide the outcome.
No matter what God's will
might be, good people
can't allow a foreigner
to take over our fate.
Castile is under siege.
My Lady asks Rome to
help on her lawful quest.
And money.
That's what this is about, isn't it?
I'd be lying if I said
something different.
It isn't easy for the
pope to give an answer.
I assure you.
It's not for lack of resources.
He is in a difficult position.
The king of France is on Alfonso's,
the king of Portugal's, side.
I don't need to remind you he
isn't an ally you can dismiss.
Let's be honest.
We expect the pope to give us a loan.
I'm offering Rome a very good deal
and for you too, of course.
I've been given clear instructions.
I can't help you right now.
Talk to Rome,
they've always heard me out.
Do not insist.
What about Juana and Alfonso's bull?
We've invested a lot to keep
the pope from granting it.
I'm not sure how much
longer we can stall it.
Should I let My Lady know
that the pope takes
Castile's gold with one hand
and signs her enemies' bull
with his other hand?
You and I are devoted to the Church.
If it's God's will for Isabel to
be queen, she'll be queen.
Rome will bless her reign then.
And so it will be.
Shalom aleichem.
Thanks for coming so quickly.
It's been a while
since we saw each other.
Since the riots in Segovia.
I tried everything to get
King Enrique's protection
but Pacheco didn't allow it.
I didn't blame you then,
and I won't do it now.
Have you heard Burgos
is on Juana's side?
Yes, my nephew Moises lives there
and wrote me about it.
War puts us on different sides
against our will.
Let's hope it won't last long.
They're getting ready to siege the city.
But wars are expensive
and the royal chests empty.
The queen asked me to talk to you.
We need a loan.
- How much are we talking about?
- How much can you get?
You think too highly of our abilities.
No, my dear Abraham, I don't.
If the situation was different
I'd gladly give you what you asked for.
But let's be honest.
There's no guarantee
on the war's outcome.
What if your queen fails?
She'll win. She has to win.
If she doesn't,
this is what will happen.
Alfonso of Portugal will leave Castile
under Pacheco and Carrillo's command.
Do you remember the
way Jews were treated
when Pacheco ruled?
Do you think you'll do
better with his son?
What about your queen?
She'll reward you well, if you help her.
Isabel isn't anything like her brother.
She keeps her word and
isn't moved by anyone.
I swear it before God, noble sir.
I'll need a week to gather the money.
The usurpers plan to siege Burgos.
We need to be ready.
The time to doubt is over.
Castile's eyes are on us.
Burgos has to set the
example for other towns.
I urge to follow the orders we've set.
Councils will hand over
the last harvest's wheat.
Commissions will be
raised on all produce.
A new tax will be set on bread as well.
My name is Moises Senior, sir.
I represent Burgos' traders.
Are you from the Aljama?
Yes, I'm Jewish
but I speak on their behalf.
Our business can't handle a tax raise.
I don't like these rulings
but there's no other choice.
We'll hold on until
the Portuguese troops
break through those bastards' siege.
It's not only the commissions.
You know better than
me the consequences
of a long-term siege.
Do you expect me to hand over the city
just to save your business?
- No, My Lord, I don't ask for that much.
- I understand your concern.
You're worried about the
theft and chaos in the city
and I want to calm you.
I guarantee all Burgalese there
won't be plundering or quarreling.
I'll keep you safe from thugs
and any person who commits a
crime will be severely punished.
The raise in taxes is to
place more guards in town.
If it comes to it
we'll ask the brotherhood for help.
Burgos will withstand.
I promise we will be rewarded
when King Alfonso comes to free us.
He's a generous and noble man.
God gave woman the shame of sin.
She was made to serve man
not to stalk him.
Reason isn't as strong
in them as it is in men
who with reason
Are you certain this was
written for my aunt Isabel?
Yes, even though her conduct
makes it hard to believe.
But I'm sure
you'll benefit much more
from its teachings.
I'm trying.
It has beautiful drawings.
This one is my favorite.
I'm glad you liked my gift.
It looks just like you.
Does the knight remind you of anyone?
Now that you mention it,
I think of Prince Juan.
I think it looks more like his father,
the king, your husband.
You were right, I had to say
goodbye to my wife before I leave.
You look beautiful.
Have a seat, are you in a hurry?
If you enjoy music,
I could sing for you.
I know songs from your land.
I learned them from my mother
your sister.
If your graces will excuse me,
I have things to tend to.
I'll leave you alone.
Your Jews' money has allowed us
to form a powerful army.
How will you thank them?
Call them Castile's Jews,
we'll return their loan.
Cabrera will receive our gratitude.
Will it be enough?
As long as we don't need
to extend the campaign.
We'll need a lot of ammunition.
The lower soldier's payment
the wall against him becomes stronger.
Have faith.
We'll get the rest from Rome.
Is it heresy to have more faith
on our soldiers' aim?
You should ask Brother Hernando.
Ave Maria, gratia plena.
Dominus tecum
Had you ever seen the Tizona?
No, Reverence.
We Mendozas have served
Castile for centuries.
We are descendants
of El Cid, you know.
Is it true Rome won't help our queen?
Did she tell you?
She still believes you can fix it.
I came to offer my assistance.
There's nothing you can do.
If that's what you think.
You know about prayers and sermons,
but not about Rome.
Go back to your work, don't ask
about things that don't concern you.
It concerns me.
You're wrong in refusing my help.
Careful, Brother Hernando.
You go around as a virtuous man
but your arrogance is bigger than you.
The Church has estates,
it charges taxes and interests.
It even controls brothels.
It should put its wealth
at the monarchs' disposal.
It should, but it hasn't decided yet
on who are Castile's lawful monarchs.
Meanwhile Rome tells us
to trust divine providence.
God will provide.
but you and I are obliged
to smooth the way.
I can't make the pope take sides
but no one will do more for the
kingdom than my family and I.
Never forget that.
Thanks for spending
the afternoon with me.
I know you have many things to do.
I hope you enjoyed it too.
Yes, I did.
You sing very well.
You look very good with
those clothes and hairdo.
Rest. I'll come say goodbye tomorrow.
Your Highness.
Don't go.
Are you trembling?
It doesn't matter,
you leave for Burgos tomorrow.
It could be months before
we see each other again.
For my mother I'm begging you.
I can't stay.
There's much to do before
we leave at dawn.
We had to overcome this hurdle.
Now you're really the queen.
I hadn't seen you rest
so peacefully in a while.
You have a temperature.
It's surely the bed's warmth.
They're waiting for you.
I need to leave, but if you're not well
I'm fine.
I'll come back victorious.
I promise.
Don't make any promises, I trust you.
Isabel, I need to know
you won't be reckless.
You know I worry about
you and your health.
Give me your word you'll
take care of yourself.
You have my word.
No need to worry.
tell Catalina to come in.
Come in.
Get me a clover tea
and a vinegar poultice.
- Should I call the physician?
- No.
Come on, Pacheco.
They weren't supposed
to get ahead of us.
How did they get
ahead of us at Palencia?
It's harder to advance than
we thought, Your Highness.
Rain has damaged the roads.
- Our men
- Excuses.
You should have prepared better.
There's still time.
There's a ravine further
south that leads to Burgos
without going through Palencia.
You'd only lose half a day.
All right.
Make up for lost time.
We'll meet you as soon
as you're in Burgos.
Your wife will be with me.
- Is it necessary?
- She's Castile's queen.
I'd rather she waited here.
It's good for your subjects
to see you together.
They'll see she's just a child.
You did what you had do.
Don't worry about it.
The Church will acquiesce now.
Once we have the bull,
Castile will be on your side.
I hope so.
Please, say goodbye to Juana for me.
Castile saw our order come to life.
Our ideology's austerity
and simplicity are Castilian.
People know that.
They're aware Hieronymites
don't devote their lives to God
in hopes of being placed high on altars.
We do so with the will to
be his humble servants.
That's how we've earned respect.
Lady Isabel, the queen
goes by the same principles we do.
She wants Castile to be ruled
in faith and charity.
And just like us
she's disgusted by the corruption
in certain Church levels.
My dear Brother Hernando.
Our order has stayed away from power.
It might be that, and not our virtue
which has kept us away from sin.
Power is now in the hands of a woman
whose devotion and integrity
Saint Jerome himself would praise.
Are you saying an alliance
between our order and the queen
could be a good opportunity?
Not for our benefit.
But for our conversion efforts.
With the queen's protection
we can take our teachings
to the whole kingdom.
- If she stays on the throne.
- Her cause is our cause.
That's why we must assist her.
She should know there
are some at her side
who don't expect worldly rewards.
Who aren't trading with faith, like Rome.
Who don't help her just
to get something out of it
like the Jews.
Is she aware of your actions?
I don't want anything for me.
I'm just thinking about
Castile and its queen.
Our support would be much
more than financial relief.
Let's help her, Father.
I beg you.
They've finished placing the cannons.
Zúñiga's loyalty has to be strong
to resist the punishment.
Aragon's artillery is stronger.
They'll hand over the city soon.
- Excuse me, Your Highness.
- Who are you?
Francisco Ramírez of Madrid, artillery man.
The cannons aren't placed correctly.
The cannonballs won't make it.
- They're too far.
- And you tell us now?
We've been preparing for days!
I couldn't see it sooner.
I was placing the landmines
on the other side of the river.
- What do you suggest?
- Place the cannons closer.
Or we'll run out of ammunition
before we scratch the wall.
Stop all the useless firing!
My Lord, if we move
the artillery to the south
we can reach a weak spot on the wall.
It isn't stone, it's just paved.
- We could make a way quickly.
- And get into Burgos sooner.
Your Highness! King Alfonso and
his troops are only two days away.
That close? They move fast.
They'll crush us if they find
us out here in the open.
Should we move back to safer ground?
No, we'll take the city and
face them from the inside.
Are you certain we can
get inside the city?
- I'd bet my right hand.
- How long
- to have the cannons ready?
- Two days by piecework.
We don't have the time.
It has to be ready tomorrow.
Make it happen.
Beltrán, come.
Make way for the king!
We need more time.
Burgos will be ours in two days.
We have no choice but
to stall the Portuguese.
If I send most of my men to meet them
the siege might fail.
Then we would really be at their mercy.
My men and I can slow them.
It's a huge sacrifice, Beltrán.
Me and my men's lives
are at Castile's service.
You'll join Count Duke Benavente.
- They're still twice as many as you.
- We'll get you the time you need.
I guarantee with my honor that we'll do it.
Go, then.
For Castile.
For Castile.
May God be with you.
We can free Burgos in two days.
May God hear you and may
there still be something to free.
What do you mean by that?
You said the guard would keep us safe.
There has been plundering, theft, fires
My men can't be everywhere!
It's those bastards' fault
they're the ones who siege us!
Many of us worry more
for those inside the walls
than those trying to destroy it.
Hear us out, hand over the city.
It's clear you and I
fight for different things.
You're willing to betray Queen Juana
for four wool packs.
While you and your group
have made quite the profit
- from this tragedy.
- What are you talking about?
I'm talking about wheat, flour
the food the Jews sell
at exorbitant prices.
Those who can't pay
are sentenced to die.
With the shortage and commission raises
not only the Jews
but all traders have raised prices.
They blame me for their misfortune
while they get richer thanks to us.
You and your stubbornness
are to blame for the
Burgalese's misfortune
- Jews and gentile!
- Swine!
Swine, dog, traitor!
It's decided.
We'll hold on against the
bastards until we're rescued.
Remember, when the city
has been freed
traitors will get no mercy.
What do you mean there's
no money to pay the soldiers?
What little was left from the
rabbi's loan went to ammunition
- on the way to Burgos.
- I can't leave my husband
with an unpaid army which
can turn their back on him.
We have to get money, no matter how.
Any news from Rome?
Nothing new.
Your Highness.
Here's the Church's humble
contribution to your cause.
The Castilian Churches offer the crown
half of their parishes' silver.
The Church finally came to our help!
You have saved my husband.
I assume your silent intervention
must have been key.
This silver will allow us to mint
money to pay for war expenses.
Get everything ready.
- The Lord is on our side.
- That's right.
And his most faithful
worshippers with you.
They're worth more alive than dead.
King Enrique's pretty boy.
Sir Beltrán de la Cueva.
There's no doubt
you're your father's son.
Do it.
Let everyone hear
about your cowardice.
Stop, Pacheco!
Chain them.
Beltrán and the Count Duke's
troops have resisted
the Portuguese's attacks three times.
But they had to surrender.
How much longer for
the cannons to be ready?
We need one more day, Your Highness.
We're doing the best we can.
Damn it!
They'll come after us!
I sent my men to a sure death
and for nothing.
Your Highness, the captains
are expecting their orders.
We won't lift the siege.
We'll follow our plan.
We'll face the Portuguese.
May God help us.
This won't be another Toro.
No matter what,
I won't fail Isabel again.
We've lost half our troops.
You saw them,
they fought like rabid dogs.
But we won today.
Half our troops.
- Was it worth it?
- Our path has been cleared.
We're just ten leagues from Burgos.
You're thinking about battle
when we were just drained?
Where's your head, Pacheco?
If we don't hurry, Zúñiga will
have to hand over the city.
Our troops are depleted.
The ones who got out
alive are exhausted.
We can't rush ourselves.
Go and rest, Pacheco.
I'll send my son, Juan, a message.
He must be close to
crossing the border.
I'll tell him to hurry.
- We'll wait for his reinforcements.
- My Lord
without Burgos,
we'll lose the French's support.
There's nothing left to say.
We're stepping back
and returning to Arévalo.
- Your Highness.
- I said we're going back to Arévalo.
The cannons are in place,
we're ready to hit the wall.
Start firing.
- Soldier.
- My Lord?
Every minute counts.
We'll have a chance
if we get inside Burgos.
We will.
Sir! The Portuguese are moving back.
- What?
- They're leaving, no doubt.
They're going back to Arévalo.
We're saved, Cárdenas, we're saved!
Why? Why are they pulling back today?
Beltrán did much more
than was asked of him.
He must have gone over his troops.
They're going to Arévalo
to regain strength
waiting for more troops.
If we cut the route north
with Portugal's border
we could stop their men from crossing.
- We'll get Zamora back.
- But, sir
Burgos is about to fall,
you can't leave now.
Yes, I can. With the queen's help.
Like in León,
she'll get Burgos to kneel to her.
You know she'll come
if you ask her to, sir.
Before leaving court
I asked her to not act recklessly.
But now
I'm not sure I should ask her to do it.
Sir, time is precious.
Whatever you decide, do it now.
For our kingdom's wellbeing,
I beg you
to come to the noble city of Burgos.
So the fortress mayor can
swear obedience and fidelity.
God knows how I'd regret
that this trip could harm you.
I beg you not to worry if you can't come.
Your health is the most important thing.
I swear on your life and mine,
which I never loved so much.
We're going to Burgos,
the king needs me.
- But, My Lady
- Get everything ready.
I'll prepare some heat pads
to put over your womb.
A Saint Blas scapular too,
it's said it's really good help.
Be good.
Listen to everything Beatriz tells you.
Reconsider, My Lady.
You no longer have a fever
but the midwife said you shouldn't ride.
I leave my daughter with you.
There's no one better
to guard and protect
Castile's heiress.
I was looking for you,
Brother Hernando.
Yes, Reverence?
I wanted to thank you for your actions.
Half the silver of Castile's Church is a lot.
You have already congratulated me.
When someone does something
they expect a reward.
Tell me.
What do you want?
A Castile ruled according to Our Lord's teachings.
It isn't something small.
To be honest, Brother Hernando,
I don't trust you.
You should. I have nothing to hide.
You're so moral
but go far and beyond to be
in the queen's good graces.
I don't know what you're after,
but I'll figure it out.
Not everyone in God's service
is carved from the same wood.
My husband needs me in Burgos.
We leave immediately.
I'll get my best horses ready.
It's not an easy journey.
No. You'll meet the king's
troops in Zamora
and be at his service.
Talavera, get ready to travel,
we're leaving immediately.
Let me go. Let me go!
I didn't do it. Let me go!
Stop! What's going on?
Nothing that concerns you.
Keep on your way and don't stop.
You're talking to the queen.
Anything going on in Castile
is of my concern.
I beg for your forgiveness, My Lady.
Answer her, Your Highness.
What's this man's crime?
He's a murderer.
Yesterday he killed a
cart driver for his bag.
Here's the evidence.
I beg you, My Lady! Have mercy.
- Are you part of any brotherhood?
- Burgos'.
I thought there were
no brotherhoods left.
That they were a thing of the past.
There are some left in some cities.
Your brother Enrique
worked with them.
My Lady, we look after
the roads' safety.
You're aware there are
bandits everywhere.
As soon as the war ends
there will be peace on the roads too.
May God have mercy on your soul.
No, no!
Tramp, tramp!
May you all rot in hell!
Let me go!
- I've missed you so much.
- Me too.
How are you?
Just a bit tired.
Are you sure you're all right?
I haven't been at peace
since I wrote to you.
Why would I lie to you?
And you you look exhausted.
I have to leave immediately for Zamora.
I wish we could
Tell me, what do I have to do?
Zúñiga is stubborn.
He'll want us destroy Burgos
before he surrenders.
We've doubled the shooting.
He has to surrender.
He will.
When he does, go into
Burgos and make it yours.
Make them all swear
loyalty and obedience.
I will.
It's not easy to let you go.
For Castile's wellbeing you
should leave immediately.
We'll be together soon.
I promise.
May God be with you.
Isabel is at Burgos' doors.
Just what we needed
after a night of bombing.
That's all people are talking about.
Did you know people seek
shelter in the cathedral
- and were praying until dawn?
- I saw it myself.
It was filled to the brim.
The Burgalese turned
into a bunch of whiners.
When is Alfonso of Portugal
planning to get here?
My Lord, the city is on fire,
even San Gil's arch is on fire.
I know.
Damn usurpers.
Damn Fernando and
damn his harlot Isabel.
And we'll have to kneel before them.
I hope they go to hell.
Take a message to their camp.
We surrender.
The city is theirs.
Long live Isabel!
Long live Queen Isabel!
Come on, let's show them we're
worthy of their appreciation.
Most noble master Zúñiga.
Placencia's count and Arévalo's duke.
You're relieved of your charge as mayor.
I urge you to leave the castle.
From now own, Burgos will
be under the crown's rule.
Burgalese people, I guarantee
that all the damage the siege caused
will be repaired
at no charge for the city.
Once there is peace,
we'll restore order and justice.
You will swear your loyalty now.
Most high, Catholic, and powerful,
Our Lady the queen.
I hand over Burgos
and swear to obey and be loyal to you
as King Enrique's lawful heiress
and as Queen of Castile.
It's fair to accept
that while you were mayor
you've ruled looking after
Burgos' safety and prosperity.
You defended the city
with bravery and courage.
That's why you'll keep your properties
the titles and benefits
you've acquired so far.
Your Highness is very generous.
Let everyone know
that those who leave the girl's side
and swear their loyalty
to me and my husband
will keep their properties and benefits.
You must help me to get
the queen to hear me out.
Your monarchs' most important goal
is to have peace in Castile.
Peace for all Castilians.
I know your uncle.
Our cause seemed doomed
until Abraham Senior helped us.
Tell us what worries you.
Your Highness.
Protect us from plunderers.
Burgos is in peace again.
Not in the Aljama.
The Burgalese have
turned against the Jews.
They blame them for all their misfortune.
They rob our houses,
plunder our businesses.
I beg you to stop this madness.
We need the city's guard.
Call Zúñiga.
My Lady he won't do anything.
He started this.
With false accusations
against my people.
We'll stop the attacks.
You have my word.
Jews are the crown's property
and I'll protect you.
The men in the road were
from Burgos' brotherhood.
Yes, they were.
Brotherhoods depend on the city
- not the nobility.
- It's always been that way.
I rule the city now.
The brotherhood obeys me.
It will guard you from the plundering
and be merciless with the aggressors.
I want to see their captain.
Congratulations, Your Highness.
You've managed to turn things around.
I must admit that I
doubted we could do it.
But with just one blow you're
ahead of the Portuguese.
I couldn't have done it
without the queen.
But don't belittle your achievements.
Burgos and Zamora
are on your side now.
The hardest is yet to come.
The Portuguese are headed our way
willing to fight.
The moment of truth is here then.
But we're ready this time.
We have enough spears, soldiers,
and cavalry to face them.
We have a chance to win.
Bad news, Your Highness.
Prince Juan, along with reinforcements
arrived at the Portuguese camp.
They'll give us a good fight.
But we'll win anyway.
You call this backup?
I expected more men.
I couldn't get more troops.
Castile is attacking from all sides.
- Better payment will get you more men.
- How?
Castilian ships attacked
our vessels at sea.
Our chest needs the Guinean gold.
Damn her.
We've got no relief at
Extremadura's border.
I had to leave behind reinforcements
at every fortress to
fight back the attacks.
Your Highness.
Don't fret. Everything is on our side.
Our troops are larger
than our enemies'
and there's France.
They won't come after we lost Burgos.
We're alone, truly alone, Pacheco.
We need to make a decision.
We fight or we retreat.
We must return to your wife
what's rightfully hers.
At such a high price?
You're right.
War came with a very high price.
It will only be worth it
if we're victorious.
We just need to win this battle.
Castile will finally be ours.
The brotherhood has
made over 50 arrests.
But the riots haven't stopped.
Everyone arrested
while committing a crime
should be punished right there.
The rest will be swiftly judged.
The sentences will be executed
publicly at the Plaza Mayor.
We'll end this.
Brother Hernando, is there
something you want to say?
Nothing, Your Highness.
You're the queen, it's your decision.
You know how much I value your opinion.
You promised to bring peace to Burgos.
When Zúñiga came before you,
you responded accordingly
generously and with mercy.
All I want is peace for Castile.
But you're trying to impose it by force.
Don't forget they're Burgos'
inhabitants, not thugs.
If they plunder a store, it's theft.
If they beat a man to death
it's murder.
For Castile's and God's law.
I don't doubt your intentions.
But peace is negotiation and agreement.
You won't get it by spilling more blood.
Brother Hernando
going after the Jews is
going after their queen.
I have to protect them.
I don't think the Burgalese
think they hurt you
when they hurt a Jew.
But if your actions
are so strong-handed
you could increase the hatred
and resentment against them.
Do you expect the queen
to look the other way
like her brother Enrique?
What to do you propose?
Find out what is behind it.
Why there is so much spite
against the Aljama inhabitants.
The only way to solve the problem
is knowing its origin.
Listen to your subjects.
Burgos dignitaries.
I've dcided to stop fthe execution
of the sentences for now
regarding the problems in the Aljama.
I asked you to come to tell me
why Burgos' good citizens
have gone against the Jews,
disturbing the city's peace.
Peace I brought to you.
Speak freely.
During the siege we
lacked everything, My Lady.
And they They took advantage of
the situation to add to their wealth.
- That's a lie, and you know it.
- Silence!
You can't talk if you
haven't been allowed.
If this is true,
I'll make them pay myself.
I don't doubt your word.
But since they're under your protection,
Jews never pay for their actions
which isn't the case for Christians.
some would rather take
justice into their own hands.
Justice isn't going after the Jews
without being sure they're guilty.
They are, My Lady, they are.
And since all of us want
peace for Burgos
I beg you agree to the
prosecutors' demands.
All of them old Christians.
So much hatred.
Even if there were some truth in them
to attack a Jew just
because he's a Jew
is an unjustifiable crime.
True. But you must see
that for any Christian
their privileges are an insult.
Jews have helped out the crown
and have always been loyal.
They've earned the so-called privileges.
Some of those who signed this
petition are surely loyal to the queen.
There must be others who haven't
decided whom to follow yet.
They'd see as a sign of good will
You can't give in.
They trust you.
It's imperative to bring peace to Burgos,
not only to win the war.
They'll know that the queen
keeps her promises.
That Castile can live in
peace under her rule.
The only way to achieve it
is to agree to their demands.
In exchange for stopping
the harassment against Jews.
They all have to trust me.
Jews and Christians.
If I rule on behalf of one
the others will see it as an insult.
I need to decide with
Castile's future in mind.
My conscience can't decide for me.
But live with it.
Reason should guide me.
God will condemn or praise me.
It's the Queen of Castile's will
that there be peace
in the cities she rules.
She'll use all means at
her disposal to achieve it.
Starting with hearing out
Castile's honorable men.
With God as my witness,
I promise that in the courts
to be held soon in Madrigal
four of your ten requests
will be approved.
These rules will be followed
all over Castile.
Jews will face regular
trials from now on.
Taking away their privileges.
Interests will be set at a 30 percent
maximum rate in loan agreements.
There will be no need
for a Jewish witness.
Two Christian witnesses will suffice.
It is also my will that Jews be forbidden
from wearing brocades, velvet,
and silver and gold trimmings.
They must wear an auburn
round shield on their clothing
so they can be identified anywhere.
In exchange, all riots in the
Aljama will cease immediately.
If they don't, everyone who signed
this petition will be held responsible.
All of them will receive
the highest punishment.
You have my word.
- Long live the queen.
- Long live Castile.
Come in.
Are you all right?
I was thinking about my husband.
He's a wise man.
How I wish he could be
here on days like today.
You acted wisely.
The disturbances have stopped.
There's peace in the Aljama.
- About your conscience
- My conscience will have to accept
this bitter drink.
Like so many others my position calls for.
We have great plans for Castile.
But there's not much
we can do without peace.
My husband is about
to face a fateful battle.
With God's blessing it will get
the traitors out of our land.
We'll pray for it.
We leave at dawn for Tordesillas.
I want to be as close as
I can to my husband.
Lord, hear your servant's confession
before he faces the enemy
on the battlefield.
Have mercy on his soul.
If something is troubling you,
I'm here to help us, Your Highness.
You can't settle what worries me.
But perhaps prevent a disaster.
Go on.
I want you to go to Fernando's
camp on my behalf.
I want to reach an agreement.
In exchange of Galicia, Toro and Zamora,
my armies and I will leave Castile.
I'll give away my wife's rights.
You dare to ask me to
crawl up to the usurpers
to beg for a piece of a kingdom
which is rightfully yours?
The campaign has been a
disaster right from the start.
I won't drain Portugal
to rule over Castile.
But you're willing to settle for crumbs!
Your Eminence!
If I get peace for my people,
I'll settle for the crumbs.
Thousands of men are
waiting out on the field
ready to give their lives for you in battle
because you're their beloved king.
In God's name, be an example!
Not at this cost!
You got me into this.
Help me get out.
Where are you going? Your Eminence.
Your Eminence!
With gentleness and charity,
humble yourselves to be blessed.
Your Highness! The Portuguese!
Come on!
They ran away. They fled to Toro.
We have to catch up
with them, come on.
Holy Mother,
I ask for your infinite mercy.
Accept my gratitude and promise
I'll walk barefoot to San Juan's shrine
if you hear my prayer.
Keep my husband safe.
Grant victory to our troops.
There's no more just cause
than freeing good Castilians
from such awful people.
Won't you tell me what's going on?
It seems you're in mourning
since you returned from Burgos.
You worry too much.
The war will be over soon.
Castile will shine again,
thanks to Isabel.
You really admire her.
Does she really deserve such loyalty?
What are you saying?
- If she heard you
- I've been as loyal, even more
than any old Christian near her!
I shouldn't have to feel embarrassed.
What has she done?
Your friend
began promising to keep
Burgos' Jews safe.
As soon as she saw the
nobles turned against her
she didn't hesitate in humiliating them.
- She's the queen. She must have
- It's still treason!
She's paid loyalty with disgrace.
You talk as if she's
done something to us.
How does it harm us?
We're Christian.
Many agree with Juan Pacheco.
'A Christian isn't worthy
coming from a Jewish family.'
I found out in Burgos that the
queen will turn her back on us
when she needs those who hate us.
No. You have to trust her.
No matter what,
don't ever go against her.
- She can be
- Ruthless.
I know it better than you do.
I won't do it.
But from now on,
I'll think only about our future.
That we'll want for nothing.
Not us or ours.
There's a messenger
waiting outside for this letter.
Please, give it to him when you leave.
Leave now.
My Lady.
You must know that today
our Lord has granted us all of Castile.
- You did it?
- Yes.
We did it.
In spite of what's happened,
for all the time we shared
and the gratitude I owe you.
Comply to the promise of obedience
to your king and queen
since we are rightfully your rulers.
And for it
all rage, resentment and ill
feelings will be forgotten.
You have my word.
I'll return it before the end of the year.
There's no rush.
Use the money wisely to
get your business back.
Have you decided what you'll do?
Start anew.
In Seville.
Don't lose faith, Moises.
We'll get the courts to annul
the rulings against us.
- They're an outrage, an insult.
- You set a tough goal.
My disappointment is as big as yours.
I'm certain the queen will listen to me.
As much or even more
than Burgos' noblemen
- to whom she yielded to.
- Funding her was a mistake.
This is just the beginning.
She'll betray us again.
- No!
- Give it time.
Give it time.
When I get the crown back
I'll have a sculpture carved
for my mother's grave.
Worthy of a queen.
But first
her remains should be
placed with my father's.
It isn't right that they're not together.
Don't you agree?
Juana, I've sent to
get my luggage ready.
- Are we going back to Castile?
- No.
I'm going to France.
My ship sails tonight.
To France?
- What about me?
- You'll wait in Portugal.
- How long will you be away?
- I don't know.
We need the alliance with King Louis
to get Castile back.
I'll return with his support.
I give you my word.
I beg you, don't go.
You'll want for nothing here.
- Take me with you!
- Enough! Do not insist.
Diego Pacheco hasn't
sworn his loyalty yet.
According to you,
what are we to do
with a traitor as powerful
and influential as him?
This is the justice
ordered by Queen Isabel
our lady against this conspirator.
The queen is willing to
give you a charge at court.
After all these years
devoting myself to your service
I think it's time for me to retire.
Join my wife.
Let's find other allies.
We should go to Madrid.
See Carrillo and the Marquis of Villena.
They're still powerful.
Besides raising your flags
for Castile's monarchs
you'll hand over the Duchy of Arévalo's.
Why wasn't I informed?
- I asked them not to.
- Don't talk, save your strength.
You must choose between
betraying your father's memory
or betraying the queen.
Damn Jew!
Stop robbing us and rot in hell.
I want to introduce you
to Zaragoza's new bishop.
Let him in.
Your son, Alonso of Aragon,
Aldonza de Iborra's first child.
My friend, Cabrera.
Are aggressions on Castile's
roads a regular occurrence?
They happen every day.
I believe my step-son,
Sir Juan of Portugal
is the husband Castile's
queen deserves.
Raise the bridge and
prepare for new attacks.
Our lives will be worthless if
something happens to the princess.
You would rather have
a bastard ruling Aragon?
What do you have against
my wife and daughter?
I won't allow a woman
to inherit my kingdom!
The town is attacking the Alcázar.
My daughter!
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