Isabel (2011) s02e04 Episode Script

Lealtad y deber

Gentlemen, Burgos has
taken sides with Juana.
That's the most thriving village
in Castile, and a strategic zone.
Zúñiga will be defeated. He will
be forced to hand over the city.
Burgos will resist.
And when King Alfonso sets us free,
I promise we will be rewarded.
Nothing's more important than
consummating the marriage.
You are the queen now.
You did what you had to do.
Go in peace.
The church will give in now, and having
the bull, all Castile will be with you.
There might be another way to get funds.
If you let me, I will talk to
my relative, Abraham Senior.
- How much are we talking about?
- How much can you get?
You're overrating our powers.
Here's the humble contribution
from the church to your cause.
King Alfonso and his troops
are two days away from here.
- It's a big sacrifice, Beltrán.
- If we need time, so be it.
On my honor I guarantee
we are going to make it.
Pacheco, stop!
- Pick them up.
- We're not ending the siege.
We will continue as planned.
When the Portuguese arrive,
we will face them.
We will retreat and go back to Arévalo.
- Your Highness--
- I said
we're going back to Arévalo!
If we cut the northern route
at the border with Portugal
we could block the way
of their reinforcements.
- We will recover Zamora.
- Sir.
Burgos will fall, you can't leave now.
Yes, I can. With the queen's help.
We're going to Burgos.
The king needs me.
- My lady--
- Get everything ready.
- Long live the queen.
- The queen.
You're now relieved from
your charge as governor.
The French won't come
after losing Burgos.
We're alone in this, Pacheco.
We need to make a decision.
Shall we fight or surrender?
Protect us from looters.
Did Burgos recover its peace?
The Aljama didn't. The people of
Burgos turned against the Jews.
I promise, before God, that in
the courts to occur in Madrigal
in the following days
four out of ten measures you
requested will be approved.
Your friend
first promised to protect
the Jews from Burgos.
And when she saw that the dignitaries
started to turn against her
she didn't hesitate
before humiliating them.
She's the queen.
She must have her reasons.
Nonetheless, that's a betrayal!
- They're gone.
- They're heading to Toro.
We have to reach them. Let's go.
I will go barefoot on a pilgrimage to
St. John's chapel if you hear my pleas.
Protect my husband and
give the victory to our troops.
I'm embarking to France tonight.
- What about me?
- You will stay in Portugal.
Realize that this day
the Lord gave you all of Castile.
And it came to pass after these things,
that God did test Isabel, and said unto her
'Isabel, Isabel.'
- And she said
- Here am I, Lord.
And God said
'Take now thy daughter,
whom thou hast loved'
'and go into the land of Moriah, and offer
her there for a whole burnt offering.'
When she arrived to the place
which God had told her
Isabel built an altar
got the wood ready, tied her daughter
and placed her on the altar.
Then she took a knife and--
[April 22, 1476]
Daughter. Where's my daughter?
Happy birthday, Mom.
Your daughter woke me up
early to get your present.
Don't you like your present?
Why are you crying?
I'm happy to know you're by my side.
Now, go to play.
Princess, come with me.
Tell me, what's wrong?
I had a nightmare again. Our daughter--
May God allow that all our
misfortunes come from dreams
and not from being awake.
For your information,
and so everyone knows
this is the justice our lady, Queen Isabel,
orders against this conspirator.
Serve as an example for those who
act in favor of the enemies of Castile.
For those who betray or deny their
loyalty to Isabel and Fernando
as legitimate king and queen of this land,
by the grace of God.
Anise and lemon sweets,
like the ones I ate in Arévalo as a child.
The same. My wife made them and sent
them to the court for your celebration.
Your Highness, take this present as
a sign of my loyalty and affection.
I'm quite grateful for
such a valuable present.
But don't take umbrage if I decide
to add it to the kingdom's treasure
along with the other presents,
so that it is all of Castile
who will benefit from your generosity.
Let me be the one to lavish you now.
And although this is not as
valuable as jewels and pendants
I'm sure that Your Highness will
enjoy the richness of its pages.
The story of Sir Lancelot.
I'm very grateful. Few books please
me more than chivalresque literature.
Except for the lives of saints, of course.
I know that story very well.
It tells about Guinevere's weakness,
unfaithful to her husband, King Arthur
on whom she cheats with Lancelot.
Thank God our queen doesn't
share any faults with Guinevere.
But many of her virtues.
Best wishes, my lady.
After the king's wishes,
the celebration of my birthday is finished.
God be with you.
You and Talavera donate and
share the leftovers with the people.
Let my subjects enjoy
the royal pageantry too.
Your Highness, the execution
took place this morning.
- As you ordered.
- May God forgive him.
He would have rather
enjoyed your forgiveness.
- Would you have granted it to him?
- You know he wasn't my cup of tea.
- But--
- I won't make the same mistakes as my brother.
God forbid.
But what will you do with those
who have not surrendered yet?
Execute them all?
Do you think I go too far in doling
out justice against traitors?
The most dangerous have
already been annihilated.
One has to know when it's time
to change the axe for the pen.
In the courts of Madrigal, we promised
to consolidate Castile's crown.
How to consolidate a kingdom
previously dismembered?
We'd need a miracle.
You shall not rule Castile as you wish
if you don't impose your authority.
Of course. But we can't do
without half of the nobility either.
We need to attract those
whose loyalty is hesitant
as well as those who
have fought against us.
And let their treason remain unpunished?
Punish them.
Take part of their lands and fortunes.
Diminish their power.
Diego Pacheco hasn't
sworn allegiance just yet.
What should we do with such a powerful
traitor like him, according to you?
Show that the crown masters
the word as well as the sword.
The grandeur of a queen lies in her
capacity of being loved by her subjects.
Not of being feared.
God has not given such a glory
to anyone in Castile but you.
Shalom aleichem.
Rabbi, don't stay there.
Please have a seat.
After being summoned by the queen,
I hoped this encounter would be with her.
Or is it that now
she decided to stop talking to us?
The queen will see you soon.
I thought it advisable to speak
with you before your meeting.
I'm not a man of intrigues and secrets.
I will wait outside in the meantime.
The queen is willing to honor
you with a post in the court.
Chief collector of the kingdom,
to be precise.
What do you say now?
I don't understand.
After taking our money
and painting us as outcasts
I thought she would want
us as far away as possible.
Is she planning to demand
more millions of credits from us?
Maybe she wants to compensate
you for your services.
I insisted on it myself.
Your Highness decreed in Madrigal
that we're a shame to Castile.
If it was really her intention to think of us
maybe she should start by
not marking us as animals.
I was afraid you would react like this.
That's why I wanted to prepare you, so you
don't disappoint the queen with a refusal.
Don't you realize that this
offer jeopardizes me?
While my people are
betrayed by the queen
I have to accept her favor?
And join in the betrayal?
What about my dignity?
Where is it left?
You're right.
But I guarantee that the
queen's offer is sincere.
And be sure that keeping
your dignity safe
won't ensure your people's future.
We survived the pharaohs and crossed
the desert up to the promised land.
Yahweh has always been with us.
Don't forget that.
Maybe Yahweh will protect
Jews until the end of time.
But I doubt that the protection
of the crown lasts long.
Do you pretend that I
accept royal privileges
while my people see
their rights diminished?
I'm just warning you to
adapt to the new ways.
Act in consequence
but in your favor.
There couldn't be better news.
I fervently congratulate you, Peralta.
It wasn't easy. It took years before getting
the withdrawal of His Eminency Despuch.
That bastard was attached to
his walking stick in Zaragoza.
I would love to see the Pope's face
accepting his favorite's resignation
and having to leave the
archbishops in our hands.
Hopefully Rome will not retaliate.
I'm afraid the Vatican will
have to back down on this.
Would Your Highness like to send a
messenger to let Fernando know?
No way.
I want to be there when
he finds out about this.
As you know, the kingdom's
coffers are almost empty.
Under those circumstances,
it's hard for me to rule Castile.
I called you because you've
proven to be trustworthy
and quite clever with
calculations and numbers.
Therefore, I want to name you
chief collector of the kingdom.
My lady, undoubtedly
this offer is a great honor.
But if you value our trust that much
why do my people
have to be targeted?
Isn't that a sign to the contrary?
I know you feel my
decisions are an affront.
You must know I don't like those measures.
Then why would you endorse them?
My people have been loyal.
Remember the Lord inspires
Her Highness's decisions.
You're a Jew.
Nonetheless, I chose you.
There's no better proof that you and
your people can count on my protection.
so we will prove that no dislike against
Jews exists in the crown of Castile.
My faithful Abraham.
Help me to fulfill this mission
that the God we both believe in
has entrusted me with.
To build a Castile where harmony
reigns among its people.
What do you say?
I accept.
I swear allegiance to my queen.
I swear to carry out my
commitment assiduously.
And I will fight for every single
coin owed to this crown.
I only hope that your
already long stay in France
helps to get its alliance with Portugal.
And together, restart strength
with the conquer of Castile.
Make a messenger take it tomorrow.
This bed is cold and wet.
- My lady--
- Heat it up again!
Obey the queen.
The next house is that way.
Damn Jew!
Stop robbing us and rot in hell!
Let go of me, I'm fine!
Go after them.
Arrest them!
- Excuse me, you wanted to see me?
- Yes.
I needed your advice.
Do you think I'm as ruthless
as my husband says?
It isn't so, my lady.
I'm not trying to contradict you
but I believe your husband
knows what he is talking about.
He and his father, King Juan,
have been through similar fixes.
And they haven't hesitated before agreeing
with the Catalonian nobility to get their support.
Why should I be merciful with those
who have tried to finish me?
Because it's being a good Christian,
and because mercy and intelligence
usually come together.
Thank you, Chacón, I will reconsider it.
Your Highness, if you let me
I'd like to share with you an idea
I've had in mind for a while.
You'll see. After all these years
of service and dedication to you
I think that it might be time for me
to retire and reunite with my wife.
Retire? You?
Don't get me wrong. I didn't ask
before because of my stubbornness.
- I believed you needed me.
- And you were right.
What's the difference
between before and now?
Before I I'm an old man now.
And you're not a child anymore.
Thankfully you count on the wisdom
and protection of many others.
Mainly on your husband, Fernando.
Undoubtedly you should lean on him.
You are like a father to me.
You can be sure that the
day you long for will come.
For now, I ask you to be patient.
Would you like to go to
Arévalo for a few days?
Would that make you happy?
I haven't seen my mother in a while.
It's time I paid a visit.
For God's sake, what happened?
Come with me.
Are you sure that's your move?
Then keep your hand steady until you know.
If a queen doubts, no one can notice it.
I'd rather embroider, this is boring.
If it makes you feel better,
I don't like chess either.
Yours are not the duties of someone
who will reign in the future.
Being strategic is part of her training
as much as the care of her manners.
Please, let me go to play. I beg you.
All right. We will continue
with your lessons later.
Do you think I'm being too tough?
You're a demanding mother,
but your daughter loves you.
I don't want to deprive her of childhood
like they did with my brother and me.
But up to this day, she's the only heiress
to the throne, and has to be ready.
Don't worry about that.
If she need a good example,
her mother is a great one.
It is not Christian to believe in premonitions,
but sometimes I wake up
fearing that something
bad could happen to her.
That wouldn't only be terrible for me,
but for Castile.
She's my only daughter.
Soon God will fix that, giving her siblings.
I'm afraid my belly is unable
to house another life.
It persists in its infertility.
My lady.
Don't take this as an offense
but do you fulfill your marital
duties in good time?
More frequently than decorum suggests.
Then don't worry. God will provide.
The queen is impatient to know
who attacked her collector.
You're governor of Segovia,
I demand an explanation.
Cabrera, my friend, it's normal that there
are attacks in the streets of Castile.
It happens every day.
Mainly if there's provocation.
- What do you mean?
- No one likes to pay taxes.
Much less if it's a Jewish collector.
Are you questioning
a decision of the queen?
I only question the legitimacy of those
that you defend so energetically.
Enough! Listen well.
Attacking a Jew is punished
equally with attacking a Christian.
And if that Jew happens
to work for the crown
it is like attacking the
queen of Castile herself!
So you can make an effort
to find the perpetrator.
In Segovia, those if favor of getting
rid of those people abound.
Shall we put them all in the stocks?
You're getting it wrong, Maldonado.
Don't be surprised if the next stone
thrown to a Jew comes down on you.
What tortures your soul?
Since I lost my son,
guilt overwhelms me.
And it gets worse from
the lack of progeny.
Is the Lord mad at me?
Does He have reasons?
Maybe it insults Him that I assume tasks
proper of a king and not of a queen.
And He punishes me by not giving
me what I long for the most.
Or else why would He not hear
my pleas and give us an heir?
God tests us all the time.
The Lord will decide when to
bestow more progeny on you.
Fulfill your marital duties.
That's the only thing you can do.
Maybe that's what deprives
me from the Lord's favor.
What if God takes offense at my passion?
What passion do you mean?
The one that comes from the
love I feel for my husband.
Don't you know
that enjoyment in the marriage
bed can turn into lust?
Despite being married under
the church's benediction?
Dispel all temptation related to the flesh.
- Promise me you will.
- I promise.
I will fulfill my duties in
the most virtuous way.
The joy of some is the
misfortune of some others.
- That's so true.
- I see what worries you.
- Haven't you told the queen yet?
- I don't know how.
It would be cruel to
brag about my happiness.
But on the other hand,
I feel like not telling her
is being disloyal to my friend.
Don't let that upset you.
Besides, soon no words will be
needed to know your condition.
Don't you feel sorry for Isabel?
Of course I do.
But the queen looks after her interests,
and we need to look after ours.
The child to be born.
And all our family.
Don't forget that.
Are you cold?
That has to be changed.
Maybe your husband can give
you the heat you're missing.
What's this you're wearing?
Something that will help
us with conceiving.
On having a son,
like the one that failed to develop.
With this? Never.
You have to understand, Fernando.
Our passion insults God.
And He punishes us by
depriving us of an heir.
Who said such thing?
- Is this idea of your confessor?
- No.
But who cares if we achieve our goal?
I'd rather insult Satan himself
than give up the touch of your skin.
If God demands us to give up flesh,
we will obey His will.
So be it.
But you can be sure that I won't let
anything come between you and me.
Come in.
Finally, a gust of fresh air
between these walls.
Don't you like the life in our palace?
You talk with the despair of a prisoner.
Because of your father I live
in a prison without bars.
Any news?
We know pretty much the same
about his negotiations in France.
Then? What are you doing here?
The insistence of your letters
worries your husband.
So he ordered me to take care of you.
If that order displeases you,
consider it as complied and leave.
On the contrary, I'm sure it
will be a pleasant distraction.
At least for me.
Wait. You're dismissed.
Your Highness. May I help you?
- Is your soul in search of comfort?
- An answer would be enough.
Last night my wife surprised me with an
excessive decency in her marital duties.
- Any words on that?
- Sir.
My commitment is to listen
and to guide the queen.
Right, but without meddling
in our bedroom affairs.
You have no right.
The queen is terrified by the sin
of flesh and knows she's guilty.
She's afraid of God more
than of your rejection.
Then soothe her fears and
release her from the guilt.
Maybe that way her belly will be fertile again,
and we will have the son we need.
I pray every day for the birth of
the boy who will carry on his head
the crowns of Castile and Aragon.
And I appreciate that,
but praying is not enough.
We also have to fornicate
as a State affair.
Keep that in mind.
Besides lifting up standards for Your Highnesses,
the king and queen of Castile
you will have to hand over
the duchy of Arévalo.
Do you accept and agree
with such capitulations
as a sign of loyalty to your queen?
My lady, we didn't agree to that in Burgos.
Understand that I can't let you
hold the title of Duke of Arévalo
when that village belongs to my mother.
And you understand that along
with my title, goes my honor.
Would it help your honor
to be named Duke of Béjar
besides having other compensations?
You'd keep the title,
just bound to a different territory.
Stand up. I did not summon
you here to humiliate you.
I did it so that you'd accept my offer
and I can count on you in the future.
I will prove myself faithful when possible.
Then I trust your word
and ask for your help to
convince Don Diego Pacheco
to cease his rebellion against the crown.
- I will do all I can, but--
- I know it's not easy.
Therefore, I doubly appreciate it.
God be with you.
Are we finished for today?
There's just a pending matter.
It's Maldonado.
The governor is still not willing
to capture Abraham's attackers.
Is he ignoring my will?
His aversion to Jews is stronger
than his obedience to you.
I understand.
You have my consent
to act in consequence.
Arrest him.
Let go of me, I'm the governor.
In the name of Isabel of Castile,
you're dismissed.
You're not Governor of Segovia anymore.
Thank the magnanimity of the queen.
I would have stoned you.
Undoubtedly, a punishment
according to what you are.
A filthy Jew convert.
Let me introduce you to your substitute,
Don Pedro of Bobadilla.
And you have the guts to give
the charge to your father-in-law.
Take him out of here.
I swear you will pay for this.
Bastard. Damn bastard.
The defeat was as bitter
for me as it was for you.
You were deprived of victory,
but they took the throne away from me.
I spoiled my parents' legacy.
No, you didn't.
You're not guilty.
I am, for believing in vain promises.
But I haven't given up on fighting
for what belongs to me.
- Your father, on the other hand--
- I don't know what he does in France.
The hell with France!
Let's look for other alliances.
Let's go to Madrid.
Let's meet Carrillo and
the Marquis of Villena.
They're still powerful.
Let's create a new army.
They owe it to my father. And to me.
I'm afraid it's not that simple.
I will do it myself, then.
Like Joan of Arc against the Englishmen.
Behind Joan of Arc, there was
an army of five thousand men.
Leave Portugal and you will lose your
head like many of your followers.
Well, it's time to take revenge.
We can't act behind my father's back.
Would that be a bigger treason than
leaving and disappearing like he did?
- If I was the king--
- Speak.
My father misses the
force of the new blood.
And you are young and ambitious.
Just like you. With the same hopes.
To see that Castile and Portugal
become a sole kingdom.
How different it would have been if the
marriage were between you and me.
Excuse me.
I spoke my thoughts.
To know that you support me,
encourage me.
Trust me, we will make it.
That woman will not humiliate me.
I will not yield!
My father's friends have been
executed for not swearing allegiance.
Men with more honor and nobility than
that impostor so-called queen of Castile.
Don Diego, please. Reconsider it.
He must be turning in his grave.
Take those documents away.
I will not sign them.
This is hard, I know.
It was for me too.
But act with intelligence,
and accept the agreement.
There will be time to retract
if the circumstances change.
My father taught me this.
History has no mercy on cowards.
What would he want from me?
That I kneel before a usurper?
Before his enemy?
I'd rather kneel before the queen
than before the executioner.
You've been warned.
It's beautiful, isn't it?
I want for this city a cathedral with
spires so tall that they graze the skies.
And that can be looked at from far away.
You already have the one in Burgos.
And soon, I will make sure
you get them in Castile.
A united Castile, ready to
march towards Granada.
It will be so.
I have to thank you.
I followed your advice, and recovered
the duchy of Arévalo for my mother.
Without bloodshed.
I learned that from my father.
- A king has to be--
- Loved.
Not feared by his subjects.
This land needs fair rulers.
And you are one.
I have to leave to Navarra
to stop the Count of Lerín.
My brother-in-law won't
pay tribute to my father.
- You're going to battle again.
- Don't be afraid.
I will be back safe and sound.
Will you stay in the court?
I allow you to worry for the enemy
but not for the shadows from the past
that are nothing more
than that. Shadows.
nothing will get in our way ever again.
I promise.
Don't ever forget
that for a Pacheco,
an honorable death is preferable
to a life without honor.
Your governor is worried
but you look more troubled than him.
He who owes nothing, fears nothing.
In these sums,
there are some irregularities
that I'm sure you can explain.
The wheat stored in the royal silos
does not match the sacks
of flour ground in your mill.
Or we have a plague of rats
devouring our grain
or those rats are keeping it
to sell it on their own.
- It has to be a mistake.
- A big one.
Undoubtedly. Don't make it worse.
We know about your deal with Maldonado.
About the dishonest profits
that he was getting
in exchange for letting you keep
the authorization of the mill.
Authorization that will be
immediately revoked.
Pray that it's only that.
I beg you, have mercy on me.
I was only following orders.
I have a family, kids--
Are you willing to amend your mistake?
Yes, for God's sake, yes.
Then we will set a new percentage.
Let's say, double the previous amount.
Your Highness.
My son, I'm glad you're back.
And I bring good news, Father.
- You kicked out the French from Navarra?
- There was no need.
Apparently your son-in-law,
the Count of Lerín
decided that Navarra won't
be given to a French prince.
So he signed in Vitoria.
You achieved what I couldn't in years.
Your presence must have intimidated them.
Mine and of my men, in any case.
It's of you, your courage
and your warring fame
that poets and troubadours talk about.
Hopefully they also mention my wife
who, without holding a sword,
has conquered squares and fortresses.
I don't think a woman can
contribute much in a battle.
Neither can I contribute much to
these lands when there's no battle.
So I'm going back to Segovia
tomorrow morning.
I'm sorry, don't pay attention to
an old man who's stuck in the past.
Please stay and don't
pay attention to my words.
We really need you here.
I remind you that the war
against Portugal is not over yet.
And I remind you that your father
doesn't have many years left
so take advantage of my
presence while it lasts.
And you, take advantage of
the affection I feel for you.
All right. I will delay my departure.
But if I have to worry about
my duties in Aragon
- I will start with the most important.
- Start with whatever you want.
How are my children?
Just for that, I think your
stay will be worth it.
I see you're quite efficient as collector.
Not a single coin is missing.
That was the agreement with
the queen. To serve her well.
A task that each day becomes
harder and harder.
The payment of taxes is a
necessary evil for the people.
Don't expect them to receive
you with enthusiasm.
I'm afraid to receive more
stones or something worse.
We've increased the dishonest profits
for the welfare of the crown.
We all have to help in
recovering the royal coffers.
That's not the only complaint.
Since your father-in-law
is governor of the city
bread has doubled in price.
Is that a necessary evil too?
What do you mean?
Do you doubt of Don Pedro
of Bobadilla's honesty?
Are there reasons to doubt it?
I myself begged on his behalf before
the queen. Just like I did for you.
Just for being my father-in-law
his merits are less than yours?
'Ye shall do no unrighteousness in judgment,
in measures of weight, or of quantity.'
Leviticus 19, verse 35.
I'm not the one who says so,
but the law of Moses.
May the Lord protect your way to Arévalo
and may His angels be with you.
Where's Chacón? I don't want it to be too
late when traveling with my daughter.
Please forgive my delay.
We have news.
The Marquis of Villena refuses
to sign the capitulations.
It seems like Don Diego is
trying to test my patience.
We could bring him in chains to Segovia,
to appear before you.
And award him as leader of the rebels?
It would be a mistake.
Right, and he would feel honored.
And then we could only
send him to the scaffold.
If such were my wish, his head would
already be on the top of a lance.
No, I will go to Madrid. I'm willing
to negotiate until he yields.
I will let your mother know that
your trip to Arévalo will be put off.
Do it. Just do it yourself.
Tell my mother of the recovery of
the duchy and go see your wife.
- And the princess?
- She will stay with Beatriz in Segovia.
Behave well and obey.
Don't worry, I will take care of
her as if she were my own child.
You will come with me to Madrid.
Have my horse ready. Hurry.
- Don't you want to count it?
- If I can't trust you, then whom?
This won't last.
We will stop when the future
of my children is secure.
Lately you're quite close.
Are you planning something
behind my back?
Of course not.
Tell me, what could a father
hide from his daughter?
You alone, nothing. But with
your son-in-law by your side--
You're right. You caught us.
Here's the object of our secrecy.
Eagle stones?
There's no more valuable
charm to promote pregnancy
and childbirth without complications.
But these are expensive and rare to find.
Everything seems like nothing when
it comes to you and my children.
See? What a husband.
You promised a church dedicated to Saint Engracia.
And we only have blueprints.
Yes, that's right.
These are difficult times.
At this rate, my eyes will get
sick again before seeing it built.
But I promised you a surprise,
and it's time to give it to you.
I thought you had forgotten.
I want to introduce you to
the new archbishop of Zaragoza.
Let him in.
Your son, Alonso of Aragon,
first-born son of Aldonza of Iborra.
What's this joke?
Is this some sort of bad taste joke?
What do you mean? It's great news.
It took a lot of time and effort
to get this charge for your son.
- Aren't you happy?
- Did you confront the Pope?
You have no idea what this will cost us.
Believe me, your daughter is
sorry for not coming to see you.
Government affairs stopped her from
telling you herself the good news I bring.
My lady, is something wrong?
Aren't you happy to receive
news from your daughter?
My faithful Chacón,
this is not time for joy.
Why had I not been told?
- I asked that.
- Don't talk, save your strength.
What have the physicians advised?
No one's diagnosed her illness.
It's all my fault.
I've been far away for too long.
I haven't taken care of you,
but that is about to change.
From now on, I will take care of you.
I will give you the care you need.
I swear.
Here's the one responsible for the
rise in the price of the bread.
He's making your children starve.
You have no right to sell
flour for that much, thief!
Beat him! Beat him!
- Bastard!
- Stop it.
It looks like he wants to say something.
Speak out. Tell everyone
the reason for your abuse.
If I've charged more, it's to compensate for
the bribes the new governor makes me pay.
Cut his hand for being a thief!
Cut it off!
- Cut it off!
- Stop it. Calm down!
Can't you see he's not the
one you have to attack?
- Then who?
- Those who caused all this.
The new governor and his son-in-law
the convert, who put him in my place.
- Do you really want justice?
- Yes!
Then make the queen name me governor
and I swear no one will
steal from you ever again!
The queen has to listen!
We will make her listen!
Taking her most beloved belonging.
Her daughter.
- Yes!
- Are you with me?
- Yes!
- Yes!
Accept me as your legitimate queen, and you
will be treated the way your lineage deserves.
May Don Guitierre be witness of my offer.
What do you say, do you agree?
My father, may he be enjoying heaven,
would not sign.
Why would his son?
You have to choose between
betraying your father's memory
and betraying the queen.
So be it. May my blood run through
the scaffold before I change my heart.
For God's sake, you're a fool.
I came here to convince you.
Great deeds await and I don't want
to spill more Castilian blood.
Noble blood that would
be essential to fulfill them.
Don't count on mine.
You talk as ruler of a kingdom that
does not belong to you rightfully.
I condemn you to die at the hands of
the executioner for your rebelliousness.
May God let yours be the last death
of a nobleman opposing my reign.
Arrest him.
Your Highness, an urgent
message from Segovia.
The town has taken up
arms against the palace.
My daughter.
Hurry, go faster.
Help! Guards!
Help us!
Are you okay?
Andrés, they wanted to take the child.
What is going on?
Maldonado. He organized an uprising.
Lift the bridge and get
ready for new attacks.
Be sure our lives will be worthless
if anything happens to the princess.
The fever won't go down.
I will ask Isabel to send
her own physicians.
If I can be cured or not,
only depends on God.
I don't want to be trouble for anyone.
You're the most selfless
person I've known.
My duties have kept us apart
and you never reproached me about it.
Gonzalo, don't suffer for me.
You know I've had a good life.
And if I was born again,
I would choose you as my husband again.
I swear I'd change places
with you right now.
But God didn't want it.
You're here to fulfill an important mission.
The Lord will pay you back.
Sir, news from Segovia.
The town has taken up
arms against the palace.
Chacón, is my granddaughter at risk?
Go now. Look after those
who need you the most.
That's you.
Don't try to save what's already lost.
Go now, so I can still be proud of you.
I will be back as soon
as everything is solved.
I swear.
What does it say?
It's a petition to the ecclesiastical
authorities to fix the mistake made
by naming my son archbishop of Zaragoza.
Don't you understand that I need the
help of the Pope to end with Portugal?
I don't think His Holiness will be kind to me
after your ploy against his favorite.
You only think of Castile!
I think of my wife and my daughter
heiress of the throne
of Castile and Aragon!
If you could only abrogate
the law that impedes it.
That's obsessive. Aren't you planning
to have more children, like a boy?
If God lets us!
But in the meantime,
she's the only child we have.
Then the only child to have the crown
of Aragon is your son, Alonso!
The archbishop!
You'd rather have
Aragon ruled by a bastard?
What's your problem
with my wife and child?
I won't let a woman inherit my kingdom!
It's enough having to stand the
obstacles put by yours, through you!
In that case
You're at risk of losing the
support of Castile, and mine.
I have bad news. The town of Segovia
has taken up arms against the palace.
Get my entourage ready.
We're leaving!
Run, run! Don't let the lady get mad.
While you delay me with your foolishness,
my wife and daughter are at risk.
I only hope they're fine
when I get there, or else
I would never forgive you!
- Where's my daughter?
- Safe and sound in the palace, my lady.
What are we waiting for?
We've been told not to cross the doors.
I'm the queen of Castile.
This city is mine.
To enter my house,
no law or condition is valid.
I will go in through
whichever door I prefer.
Follow me!
How could you betray
the queen's trust like that?
Look what you caused.
Calm down. Everything's all right.
All right?
You almost let them burn the princess.
- They will pay, I promise.
- We all will pay!
What was the need to
get into such trouble?
The need of anyone
who calls himself a man!
The need to protect you.
You and my kids.
By securing your future.
As mine is more uncertain
with every minute.
I can tell you that the day will come when we,
the converts, will be prosecuted.
And marked as animals.
The queen has passed the door of
San Juan and crossed the city.
Without anybody saying a word.
Lower the bridge and cover Her Highness.
Let's receive Isabel with
as much dignity as possible.
Isabel, my girl.
Let me see you.
Are you okay? Are you hurt?
My lady
Excuse this unfortunate event.
I owe you an explanation.
Of course. There will be time.
First, I need to calm down my people.
Open the gates of the palace
and let my subjects in.
Whatever makes them feel better,
I would like for it to be done.
What are you doing here?
Is it my time to die?
No, while I can prevent you
from letting yourself be killed
you did not inherit the
intelligence of your father.
To name my father,
first you have to wash your mouth!
Your father is burning in hell right now.
Do you want to join him?
Is that your plan?
Don't look for glory in history.
History is written by the victors,
and you don't like that you've won.
Swear allegiance to Isabel
and she will be magnanimous with
you like she's been with others.
I will not follow the path
of those cowards.
You will lose your life.
But that won't let you
preserve titles or belongings.
They will immediately belong to the crown.
- Vain sacrifice.
- What do you get from all this?
What's with all the interest in my life?
If I can prevent my queen from staining
her hands with blood that Castile needs
I will do it.
You won't convince me with your talk.
The queen will have no choice
but to spill my blood.
Go away.
Tomorrow, when your head is
in the hands of the executioner
you will still be able to hear that justice
was made in the name of Isabel.
But there won't be a way back.
Don't be afraid of death, my son.
In it, you will find the
dignity many lack in life.
For his tenacity and courage
and the new blood
running through his veins
among other attributes and virtues,
I consider that my stepson
Don Juan of Portugal, is the husband
the queen of Castile deserves.
Therefore, through this missive
I beg Your Grace, Monsignor Carrillo
to intercede on my behalf
before the Pope
so that he declares my marriage
with king Alfonso V invalid
as the marital bull was never given.
As for me, so that the marriage of Prince
Juan and Princess Leonor is revoked
I will do everything I can to achieve it.
So, taking advantage of the prince's visit
I won't put any obstacle in
the way of our cordial relation
leaving the door of my bedroom wide open
waiting for the moment he decides
to leave his wife, the princess
for someone who is a queen.
I, the queen.
Fine, it's time.
I don't want to die.
I beg you, let me go.
Let him go! Don't you see
he's pleading mercy?
I swear
allegiance to Queen Isabel.
I swear.
My lady, we just wanted justice.
Your demands couldn't be fair
when your leader, Maldonado, fled.
- Why isn't he here to tell them?
- Confess!
You wanted to kidnap the princess!
- Speak out.
- Silence!
The people want justice,
and I will give it to them.
Everyone who participated
in the riot will be lashed.
Those who put my daughter's life at risk
will be thrown from the tallest towers
of the palace, where they had to hide.
Let this be a lesson.
As for you
I won't put in the same balance an
act of felony and the abuse of power.
Nevertheless, you're
dismissed from your post.
And I demand that you
return every single coin.
Also, I'm glad to name
the governor of Segovia
as Don Gonzalo Chacón
y Martínez del Castillo
of whose decency and honesty I,
myself, take responsibility for.
Do you accept, Don Gonzalo?
So, is my mother fine?
You don't know how much I want to see her.
Is there a better place for rest than there
where the best memories come from?
You're very taciturn and silent.
Isn't it the cause of joy, your naming?
It is, Your Highness.
Understand that Castile
can't do without men like you.
You don't know the peace I feel just
knowing you will be in charge of Segovia.
It's an honor, my lady.
I was wondering if you
could give this to my wife.
When I heard about the uprising,
I left Arévalo hastily
and I could not say goodbye properly.
Don't worry, we will celebrate together
that you're the new governor.
That will make her proud.
Come on in.
Excuse us.
My lady
no words can be spoken to express
our shame and remorse--
It's hard to believe that you didn't
know about Don Pedro's vicious acts.
Your Highness.
I swear on what you love the most--
And still you dare to swear
on my daughter?
Wasn't it enough to deceive your queen?
My lady, what will happen to us?
For now, I just want a few days
of retreat and peace in Arévalo.
When I return,
you will know my decision.
Your husband didn't tell me
about your condition.
How is he?
He didn't come because of me.
I just named him governor of Segovia.
But I'll make him come right away.
You could never find a more loyal adviser.
Nor I a better husband.
He gave me something for you.
A letter.
Please, read it to me.
'My always beloved wife
these words I'm writing down
won't soothe my sorrow
as they can neither describe
how beautiful our love has been
only comparable, in its glory
to the earth that saw you born.
Without you, my days will be empty
and not a single one shall pass
without me thinking of you.
Until the Lord, in His mercy,
reunites us by His side.
Until that day comes
all my hours will be spent serving Castile
and its queen, Isabel.
Thus, our distance won't be in vain
and you will be able to wait for me there,
wherever you are
still feeling proud of your husband.
Faithfully yours forever,
Gonzalo Chacón.'
Your Highness.
You have a visitor.
A visitor?
Just a moment.
All right. Come in.
My lady.
I'm sorry I'm not who you were waiting for.
I'm Beatriz of Braganza
aunt of your stepson, Prince Juan.
He let me know that the absence
of your husband was causing you
terrible problems of solitude and affection.
I'm here to fix that. What's more
I bring excellent news from Rome.
The Pope recognized the marriage
between Alfonso of Portugal and the girl.
Everything is in danger.
The bull gives legitimacy to King
Alfonso to demand his wife's right
to the throne of Castile.
She did listen to the last
of your words, I assure you.
She left this world knowing
about all your love.
- Thank you, my lady.
- No, Gonzalo.
I have to thank you.
Men like you are the base of this world.
'Our lives are rivers, gliding free
to that unfathomed, boundless sea.
The silent grave.
Thither all earthly pomp and boast roll,
to be swallowed up and lost in one dark wave.
Thither the mighty torrents stray,
thither the brook pursues its way
and tinkling rill.
There, all are equal, side by side.
The poor man and the son
of pride lie calm and still.
This world is but the rugged road which leads
us to the bright abode of peace above.
So let us choose that narrow way, which leads
no traveler's foot astray from realms of love.
Our cradle is the starting place,
life is the running of the race.
We reach the goal.
When, in the mansions of the blessed
Death leaves to its eternal rest,
the weary soul.'
Crying again?
You should stop reading those verses.
They only make you gloomy.
If you don't want to see me cry,
promise me I won't survive you.
Swear you won't make me go
through the pain of seeing you die.
- Why do you say that?
- Swear it.
If that's what you want, I swear.
The man you were waiting for is here.
When the rebels of Extremadura are
no longer a menace, I will go to Seville.
How can you let her be the one
to distribute justice and not you?
What will you offer?
The cessation of your incursions
in Rosellón and Cerdaña.
Mistrust is not reason enough.
Only I am the source of justice.
Let her go!
They are Susana Susón and Beatriz Osorio,
niece of Beatriz of Bobadilla.
What are you doing here?
How did you get in?
In the name of the crown,
I take this palace at my service.
How can you wear the habit
and still be full of hate?
That's why you're here,
to meet the man of your dreams?
I won't please the queen.
She makes her predecessors look good.
Wishing her evil is nothing knowing
how she's treated the Pachecos.
She humiliated my father
and ruined my brother.
The situation in Seville is worse than I thought.
Here, crime reigns everywhere.
I think I'm dreaming. What's this
paradise in the middle of nowhere?
The emir threatens not to pay Castile.
Hand over your weapons
in the name of the queen!
If my treatments have been recommended,
it must be to help you conceive.
That's my best talent as physician.
We can't let the queen
make her farm out of Seville.
I warned you that Jew
would only bring disgrace.
If that physician hurt her,
he won't live long enough to convert.
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