Isabel (2011) s02e05 Episode Script

El poder de una reina

We need to attract those whose loyalty is
wavering and those who have been against us.
And let their treason stay unpunished?
The queen is willing to honor
you with a post in the court.
Chief collector of the kingdom.
- Damn Jew!
- Stop robbing us and rot in hell!
I think that it might be time for me
to retire and reunite with my wife.
Why I had not been told?
- I asked that.
- Don't talk, save your strength.
Let's find other alliances. Let's go to Madrid.
Let's see Carrillo and the Marquis of Villena.
They're still powerful.
The governor is still not willing to
capture Abraham's attackers.
You have my consent
to act in consequence.
You're not governor of Segovia anymore.
Let me introduce you to your substitute,
Don Pedro of Bobadilla.
Would it help your honor
to be named Duke of Béjar
besides having other compensations?
You'd keep the title,
just bound to a different territory.
I ask for your help to
convince Don Diego Pacheco
to cease his rebellion against the crown.
Take those documents away.
I will not sign them.
Make the queen name
me governor, and I swear
no one will steal from you ever again!
The town has taken up
arms against the palace.
My daughter.
I want to introduce you to
the new archbishop of Zaragoza.
Your son, Alonso of Aragon,
first-born son of Aldonza of Iborra.
What was the need to
get into such trouble?
The need of anyone
who calls himself a man!
The need to protect you.
You and my children.
I condemn you to die at the hands of
the executioner for your rebelliousness.
May God let yours be the last death
of a nobleman opposing my reign.
- Arrest him.
- You'd rather Aragon be ruled by a bastard?
What's your problem
with my wife and child?
I won't let a woman inherit my kingdom!
Enough is having to stand the
obstacles put by yours, through you!
I swear allegiance to Queen Isabel.
I consider that my stepson,
Don Juan of Portugal
is the husband the
queen of Castile deserves.
So, taking advantage of the prince's visit
I won't put any obstacle
on our cordial relations
leaving the door of my bedroom wide open.
I'm Beatriz of Braganza,
aunt of your stepson, Prince Juan.
I won't put in the same balance an
act of felony and the abuse of power.
Nevertheless, you're
dismissed from your post.
And I demand you to
return every single coin.
Also, I'm glad to name the governor of Segovia
as Don Gonzalo Chacón y Martínez del Castillo.
She did listen to the last of your words.
She left this world knowing
about all your love.
My heart can't stand these visits
on which after barely arriving,
you already have to go.
It hurts more knowing that soon we'll
be the farthest ever from each other.
Write me.
Especially if this encounter
gives what we long for.
I'm afraid these long trips
won't let the seed sprout.
I will meet you soon
and we will keep trying.
It's Catalina.
She insists that her medicine will get me
pregnant if applied shortly after the act.
Catalina is a good woman,
but she knows little about medicine.
There's no hurry.
My troops await.
Take care of yourself as if my life
fdepends on yours, because it's true.
With all the impertinence,
we better have twins.
Yes, sir.
How long will this medicine keep me in bed?
I'm waiting for someone.
You trust me as little as your husband.
No offense, but I turn to you because many
physicians won't treat women's affairs.
I will be back to take them off.
If you don't do it first.
Your Highness,
did you want to see me?
Come close.
You know that the biggest
insult for me is to be fooled.
What my father and my husband
did has no forgiveness.
All my shame won't be enough to pay for it.
Let Andrés pay in the exile.
Does it bother you that much
that you could not come alone?
This young lady is my niece,
Beatriz Osorio.
I assumed you wouldn't like to have me
on your trip, so I looked for a companion.
How could you go with
me in your condition?
You thought I wasn't going
to know that you're pregnant?
I didn't want to be insensitive. I know
about your efforts to get pregnant.
I don't like you to hide your joys,
for they are mine too.
We've suffered enough lately.
There was no need to bring anyone,
but I gladly will accept your niece.
Who knows if this will work, and I
could need help with my pregnancy.
I might give you a solution.
When I knew you were going to Seville,
I remembered a physician who lives there.
Lorenzo Badoz.
Badoz? Jewish?
He treated a cousin of mine,
whom everybody believed sterile.
Go to see him. Trust me.
If you're at my service, please give
those letters to the royal messenger.
Yes, my lady.
I have another message.
You will take it yourself.
Tell your husband that he can come
to Segovia for the birth of his son.
Thank you.
My lady, the gentleman you
were waiting for has arrived.
Before turning around, know that three years
in combat might have affected my looks.
My lady, you haven't changed at all,
other than wearing the crown.
Don't let the crown prevent you
from treating me like you used to.
Few do it now, and I miss it.
I know you've fought
on my side. Thank you.
I trust there are no wounds
underneath your clothes.
When fighting for someone you don't know,
you can doubt when holding the sword
but I knew well whom I was defending,
and never missed a move.
Battles are being left behind.
Now we have to secure victory.
Claim the fortresses that haven't
been given to the crown just yet.
How can I help with that?
When the rebels of Extremadura are
no longer a menace, I will go to Seville.
Get ready. You will discover a new world.
The cardinal thinks the same.
The information I get there is confusing.
Noblemen who call themselves allies
resist handing over their fortresses.
They're loyal to you,
but reluctant to lose their property.
The Duke of Medina Sidonia and the Marquis of
Cádiz have been fighting over Seville for years.
They will ask for compensation.
I'm going with generous spirit and good will.
But I need you to go ahead.
I want to know what
really occurs when I arrive.
Not what they want to make me believe.
I won't let you down.
[Monastery of Guadalupe]
No better place than a
monastery to meet in peace.
My lady.
You must know that I have
high hopes on this visit.
Me too, to be honest.
The dispute with Portugal is fading away.
It's time the crown retakes
control of every fortress.
And with that, of every village.
How can I help?
The governor of Trujillos
refuses to hand over his.
He says he only responds to you.
It's not my fault if a man decides
to be loyal to me no matter what.
I know.
But I did not grant you forgiveness
so you could have rest.
But to serve to me.
Take advantage of his loyalty
and get me the fortress.
I would be more pleased serving you if I
didn't feel you were abusing my surrender.
I've lost Almansa, Yecla,
Chinchilla, Villena, Madrid--
And you haven't seen a single
coin in exchange, it's true.
The compensation will come, believe me.
But only after I feel you
obey me with good intentions.
Trujillo will be given to whoever you name.
Thank you.
Your willingness encourages
me to let you also
order to tear down all the
rebellious towers of the region.
Too much resistance to accept my victory.
Too close to Portugal.
Do I have to order it?
I'm giving you the chance to compensate
for a past others would never forgive.
I'm going now.
Before leaving, don't forget to visit
the tomb of your brother, Enrique.
Want me to show you his deathbed?
As it is the first time, in three years,
that you've come to see him.
Don't bother.
The first thing I did after arriving at
Guadalupe was to pray by his side.
My lady, I think I'm dreaming. What's
this paradise in the middle of nowhere?
Your Highness.
I trust you remember me, as I was one
of the first to show loyalty back in Segovia
when you were proclaimed.
- Who's that?
- The Duke of Medina Sidonia.
Welcome to the most beautiful land
of your kingdom, which today
looks like a crown on which is
placed the most precious jewel.
Assuming you and your
entourage must be tired
let me offer you a modest relief.
Thank you, we were about to faint.
Thinking of you, I asked the
sun to cease its harshness
but I'm afraid it's too fond of my lands
of which it barely moves away.
Come to the shade.
You will stay in my Sevillian residence,
which will be yours these days.
This evening I arranged a
bullfight for your amusement.
I don't really like those savage spectacles.
But I appreciate so much generosity.
That means you will hand over
the fortresses without hesitating.
Nothing would please me more
than satisfying your request
but I'm afraid that won't be possible.
I would be left unprotected
before the Marquis of Cádiz.
I hope you can conceal
your rancor against Isabel.
Wishing her evil is nothing,
knowing how she's treated the Pachecos.
She humiliated my father
and ruined my brother.
And married the man you wanted,
so you have to show respect.
She has already won three times.
You protect that idiot too much.
I'm just avoiding making my disadvantage
bigger before Medina Sidonia.
- My past is against me.
- She forgave you for supporting Juana.
Or don't you trust her word?
Forgiveness won't exempt me
from her claiming my properties.
Your Grace.
The queen entered the town
through the Arch of the Macarena.
Already? How is it possible?
She was accompanied by
the Duke of Medina Sidonia.
Damn it.
[Seville, July 25, 1477.]
Your Reverence.
As Archbishop of Seville and as an old friend,
I welcome you to this town
that so desperately needs
the presence of its queen.
Your Highness.
Velvet pillows, Flemish tapestry
Italian jewelry that will emphasize your beauty,
and perfumes from the Indies
that would reduce the most
powerful filter of love to nothing.
A present more appropriate for a mistress.
My last present.
He's barely 20 years old. As he was born in Lisbon,
he understands Portuguese perfectly.
He will fulfill all your orders.
Try him. Tell him to do something.
If his skin color scares you,
I also have light-skinned slaves.
- My lady, my lady--
- Your Highness, please.
No matter how powerful
you are, Your Highness
never compete with the sun of Seville.
- Who are you?
- He's Lorenzo Badoz, Your Highness.
The physician my aunt recommended.
I called him.
You shouldn't have done
anything without my consent.
You must not put me in hands of anyone.
Tell me, Your Highness,
do you have problems getting pregnant?
Who gave you permission
to talk to me so insolently?
If someone recommended my treatment,
it must be to help you to conceive.
That's my best talent as a physician.
I appreciate you helping
me with the dizzy spell
but trusting you with my belly is different.
Each coin you see here is a child born
from a woman believed to be infertile.
Thanks to my medicines.
Have many times have you
conceived, Your Highness?
Twice. Once successfully,
the other one not.
I put my duties before
my health and my son's.
As your subject, I'm glad to
know about your dedication.
But do farmers stop
working when pregnant?
And few give birth to
less than five children.
Tell me, did anyone take
care of you after your loss?
I had rest and drank
herbs from the mountain.
Mystery solved.
We need to cleanse your womb.
Then you'll be able to conceive again.
Drink this to purge you before the surgery.
Have I already accepted?
Don't you wish to have a vast progeny?
First tell me, is this surgery
suitable for Christians?
My lady, up to now, I haven't found any
difference in the viscera of a Jew or a gentile.
Nor in the cure they all want.
In nomine Patris et Fili et Spiritus Sancti--
It's worthless to bless the
herbs and not the heretic.
Who knows what he gave to her.
It's elder, like the kind
hung to shoo away evil.
Who says that what the
Christian uses to dispel the Devil
the Jew doesn't use to summon him?
Beatriz would never put
me in the wrong hands.
Your Highness, the conception
of an heir is no easy matter.
The Jews killed the son of God.
Why would they respect the son of a queen?
What do you think?
To entrust your soul to
our Lord, Jesus Christ.
And your body to the physician
with the shortest list of deaths.
Tell me, did the Duke really give me
an African or it was just a dream?
I'm afraid it was no dream.
Will you accept such a present?
I'd never think of enslaving a man.
But what is there to do with him,
a naturally born slave?
A man can be a subject of another
but to own each other is
like competing with God.
That's why the Highest is generous
with those who set a slave's soul free.
Is it true?
According to your sister Leonor,
you're anxious to get the crown of Navarra.
She wrote complaining. Right, Peralta?
You know my most valuable
title is that of Prince of Girona.
And for many years.
But taking into account that Navarra
borders with Castile, Aragon, and France
I'm interested on taking
care of its affairs, I admit.
Do it, then. But with restraint.
At least while you're still the prince,
and I'm the king.
Don't get troubled, father.
Castile doesn't want to confront you
or my sister, and much less France.
Are you still afraid that King Louis
of France will give in to Portugal?
They've been negotiating for months.
If Alfonso doesn't come back,
it's to avoid the disgrace of his loss.
France's coolness won't last forever.
Nevertheless, maybe a generous offer
could guarantee that King Louis
won't participate in favor of Portugal.
You know about his voracity.
What will you offer?
The cessation of your incursions
in Rosellón and Cerdaña.
Father, we must finalize
a deal with France.
Are you asking me to give up
on my kingdom's aspirations
to bring peace to your wife's?
Just for a while.
What's necessary to secure the peace.
You can't ask me to desist
on the effort of a lifetime.
You did it when you asked for France's
support during the Catalonian war.
- What's the difference?
- That I did it for Aragon's sake!
But I would never harm my kingdom,
even if that would benefit Castile!
Castile, Castile!
Always talking about Castile!
I insist, Father. Just for a while.
The short time I have left before I die.
I won't betray myself now.
There's not much I could
investigate on good terms.
Everyone in this town serves the powerful
and trembles when they're asked to talk.
But do you have news?
I'm afraid it won't please you.
The situation in Seville is worse than I thought.
Here, crime reigns everywhere.
Aren't there sheriffs safeguarding?
Yes, but they are few, not enough.
The assassins run away
without being judged.
- And who protects the Sevillians?
- The marquis and the duke should.
But they only protect their own estate.
I wanted to be generous, I promise.
But they're making me punish them.
Wait until you're sure you can defeat them.
Why so much caution?
I learned that not all the arsenal
is kept in the known fortresses.
A big part is kept secretly,
hidden from their rival.
Their rival and the crown.
That's unacceptable disloyalty.
- Where are those arsenals?
- I still do not know.
Few know their location.
If I only had more men.
Or a bigger wealth to found a brotherhood.
But besides authority,
I don't have much more.
Look for a full dress.
I want you to come to the party.
My lady, I'm a soldier.
I can't do much as a courtier.
Come, I said. The party will
dissimulate my first offensive.
Your Highness, the queen.
- Long live the queen!
- Long live!
It seems like the marquis finally
realized that the queen is in town.
He will be disappointed when he realizes
it's Isabel and not the Beltraneja.
Your Highness, it's a great
honor to finally meet you.
Let me introduce my family.
Your daughters are beautiful,
just like their mother.
You surely don't know that despite being
my husband's children, they're not mine.
Your Highness, despite their impurity,
I'm proud of them.
I don't think that's a problem, as you
legitimized Cardinal's Mendoza offspring.
For me to let pass my scruples,
you should have served me as much as him.
Let me introduce you to a
good friend, Don Diego Susón.
Skilled trader, as only few in Seville.
No one's happier than me with your visit.
I'm afraid that's not a big deal in Seville.
I don't see among your
servants the slave I gave you.
That man is free now,
but I appreciate your present.
Setting him free, according to my confessor,
I guaranteed my soul's forgiveness.
In the same way, if you set your fortresses free,
you will get royal indulgence.
With all due respect, without my fortresses,
I'd be exposed to the duke's belligerency.
If enmity is the excuse of both,
I ask you to end it right now.
I promise to reward you and be
equally generous with both of you.
You have to agree that is not fair
that a loyal receives the same treat
as someone who fought against you.
My loyalty to the queen, despite
being new, is as steady as yours.
I'm glad to have witnesses that you
don't leave me another option.
Duke, in the name of the crown,
I take this palace at my service.
Equally, Marquis,
your most beloved fortress.
The one you have in Jerez.
You won't get any compensation for them
if you don't hand over
the rest of your small forts.
You're insatiable!
When will my family stop
suffering from your greed?
Forgive my wife, Your Majesty.
The wine makes her talk nonsense.
And forgive me too. To be honest,
I'm not hungry anymore.
I'm not in the mood for more grievances.
Mood, you say? The queen
kicked me out of my estate.
Aren't we together in this?
I wasn't planning to be with you until hell.
Neither was I.
But I'd rather live threatened by
you than humiliated before her.
In that we agree.
We can't let the queen
make her farm out of Seville.
How are you planning to stop her?
With your help.
We both have something she doesn't.
The town in our hands.
- Father, is it necessary?
- Smile and be respectful.
Your Highness
before saying goodbye
let me compete with the other
presents with my most valued jewel.
My daughter Susana.
She longs to be your lady.
No one gets rid of his most beloved
without wanting something in exchange.
Consider it a present of gratitude for the
way you handled the marquis and the duke.
And for the hopes that
such conviction bring.
The converts know that only a strong
governance will guarantee our security.
Do you feel endangered?
As usual, when there's hunger,
the defenseless get the abuse
of those that can defend themselves.
Now they don't even believe
in our sincere conversions.
I will always trust a regretful soul
that meets Christ and gives in to Him.
Did you educate your daughter
under the Catholic faith?
That's right, my lady.
I'm a devoted Christian
and loyal to you.
Welcome to the court.
Look at her, Father.
She seems to rise over the others.
Take care of her.
Where are you going, Isabel?
Don't bother the queen!
My lady.
My father and I traveled from Martos
to declare you our sincere affection.
Fully aware that the roads are dangerous,
I appreciate your gesture.
Excuse my daughter, Your Highness.
She's bold from the admiration she feels for you.
She even postponed her marriage
to come and meet you.
The fiancé must be quite upset.
Nothing that you can't compensate
by blessing our marriage.
Of course. I bestow blessings
upon you and wish you happiness.
How different everything is in Seville.
Under the shade of magnificent
buildings that I never saw before
abound the criminals that evade our laws.
But is in the palaces
where the worst reside.
Those under whose support,
the first rob and kill.
Noblemen empowered at the expense
of debasing our subjects.
They will pay for such felony.
But many ventures await
before defeating these who defy us today.
I'd like to have you by my side,
as I need your wisdom.
I really miss your embraces.
Your Highness, before you leave
I wouldn't take long to get to France
to hand over your offer
of peace to King Louis.
I humbly offer myself
to avoid the hurdle.
Against the king's will?
Don't take this as treason, but
your father rules with his heart.
And you only reach peace
ruling with your head.
I hear you
but I can't negotiate on behalf
of Aragon behind his back.
I would get peace for my
kingdom, but I would lose mine.
The privilege of a king is to be
able to miss without mending.
Obedience, Peralta.
Do you think the queen will remember me?
I haven't met another girl insolent
and charming at the same time.
No one could forget you.
Don't tell that to my husband-to-be.
Or he will keep me apart from others.
Leave, go before they attack us.
And leave you alone?
May God help us.
Take it, it has the worth of ten horses.
Let go of her!
No! Father! Father!
The queen doesn't even look
at the wonders she gets.
She doesn't value them.
When you've been in the court longer,
you'll realize she has other amusements.
Like reading, walking in the garden--
You must belong to a convent
to be amused by those things.
The court is like a dream,
knowing the life I'd have back in Medina.
My father betrothed me to a man
of the town that I didn't love.
Was that man poor? Hunchbacked?
Was he covered with verruca?
Even the queen, with plenty of duties,
decided to marry the one who won her heart.
And I will do so.
I will give my life to whoever
has the virtues I long for.
That's why you're here,
to meet the man of your dreams?
You may be right.
This isn't a bad place to meet one's man.
If God wants. Only if He wants.
'Know that the insult to me
and the marquis has been such'
'that we both decided to give up on the
duties we had with the city until today.'
'We won't guarantee security
and order in Seville anymore.'
What are they trying to do?
To make you mad?
No. It's not my rage they want to feed.
If chaos in the village becomes unbearable,
the citizens will blame me.
I'm afraid the time to
be cautious has ended.
Dear Gonzalo.
Don't you realize that by giving me the town,
they gave me the solution too?
I know that in this village, the crimes
gone without punishment are many.
As well as the hunger created by chaos.
For years, insensitive to your suffering
the men who had to protect
you like their children
neglected you to fight among themselves
and to increase their wealth.
But when a father abandons,
there's a mother that embraces.
Every Friday, those with
complaints will be able to talk.
Here, in your presence,
I will deliver justice.
Because Seville is Castile,
and Castile is justice.
May the offended have my understanding
unlike the criminal, my benevolence.
Your Highness.
My name is Brother Alonso of Ojeda.
I'm prior of the Dominican Order of Seville.
But I'm not here as a servant of God
but on behalf of this poor woman,
a victim of robbery
and whose roughness impedes
to express her complaint.
Speak on her behalf.
This poor shepherdess ordered
some saddlebags from an artisan.
That miser charged her before doing them.
And as you can imagine, there's no
sign of the saddlebags or the money
up to this day.
Who's the artisan you're accusing?
A Jew, Your Highness. Who else?
His name is Adam, Your Highness.
And I'm willing to speak on his behalf,
as I know him well.
Moises, I was hoping to see you in Seville.
But I'm surprised that
you're defending a thief.
Adam's workshop was attacked weeks
ago with no more reason than hate.
He had to replace doors and
windows to protect his belongings.
With the money of this
poor Christian woman.
The Jewish community will clear
the debt as soon as possible.
Do you admit that this man
will elude royal justice?
No, he won't.
Clearing his debt honors you.
But no one, regardless of his faith
will avoid my sentence.
I promised that in Burgos,
and I shall keep my word.
When will heresy will be judged too?
Source of all crimes.
How can they not be
judged for insulting God
but for stealing saddlebags?
Don't listen to this angry man.
He, from the pulpit, criticizes you for
having converted men as advisers.
What's wrong with those
who have embraced Christ?
Your Highness, converted men
are only dressed up like Christians.
Their mission is to infect our religion
from the inside until they finish it.
May God have mercy on a
Castile generous with heretics.
Stand down, Brother prior.
I'm not here to be judged
but to deliver justice.
Therefore, I order that Adam
is brought before me.
How can you wear the habit
and still be full of hate?
A man of God should not censure
me for fiercely defending my faith.
We have to protect our creed, of course
but we also have to favor fraternity.
'Love one another.'
Listening to you, it's no surprise that
violence took control of this place.
I preach the truth, that's it.
You talk from prejudice. It's defamation
to say that the converts promote Judaism.
Ask them to eat meat with milk,
and they will refuse.
Look how they celebrate the
initiation of their young members.
Some even circumcise, and no
one does anything against them!
How can we ask our devoted
to be good Christians
while we tolerate those
that violate our beliefs?
The rage of the old Christians is fair.
And it will increase.
There won't be peace until
heresy is condemned.
My lady.
I'm worried about what
happened in your court.
I can't protect the Jews
if they reject my justice.
Tell me
isn't it true that a Jew is condemned
mainly based on prejudices instead of laws?
Mistrust is not reason enough.
I am the only source of justice.
What would happened if all my subjects
ignored the laws of my kingdom?
The converted men attend
to Christian courts.
Nevertheless, that Dominican defames us.
Will he be subject to your laws too?
The biggest punishment
he can get is to be ignored.
Something that I will gladly do,
as long as my mandates are obeyed.
Your Highness, be sure that
Adam will be brought before you.
My lady, it's time.
You still have time to back down.
Let him in.
I notice you quite ready, Your Highness.
You can't feel much fear
after living a war.
What are you?
A physician or a butcher?
Don't worry, the impression
is bigger than the harm.
And that mixture?
What herbs does it have?
The ones that summon the
demons the elder dispelled?
This way it will be difficult
to have a steady hand.
Catalina, wait outside.
- My lady--
- Catalina--
Just think of the gorgeous
baby you will have.
This will diminish the pain.
You have to drink it all, Your Highness.
I'm losing consciousness.
What did you do to me?
The spirits.
The spirits
are taking me.
How did you prevent hurting me?
If I'm honest, not many physicians
provide strong anesthetic.
But I don't like to see my patients suffer.
Will I need anything
special to get pregnant?
I will only give you one piece of advice.
Enjoy the act, Your Highness.
It's not just a duty,
or unworthy of your title.
It's been proven that doing it
without loving, is less effective.
My confessor says that
enjoying it spoils the seed
because it diverts the
whole point of marriage.
Maybe he has enjoyed it, and that
wouldn't be good as a religious man.
Or maybe he doesn't know, so it'd be
more advisable not following his advice.
You show off your skills.
Where did you learn it?
My father instructed me.
You know that we, Jews,
can't access general studies.
I just realized you don't have the emblem
every Jew of the kingdom should wear.
The physicians of the court
are dismissed, my queen.
You came alone?
I promised the queen to bring Adam.
I couldn't find him. He disappeared.
You hid him?
Why would you put us at risk
of suffering the queen's rage?
I will not let Adam be sentenced twice.
He's been strictly judged in the Aljama.
That will not calm the queen.
On the contrary.
Tell me where he is,
or I won't stop until I find him.
I won't please the queen.
She makes her predecessors look good.
She thinks she has a
mission to fulfill. And we
are his offering to God.
You follow Jesus and you accept
to turn your other cheek.
I still believe in an eye for an eye.
How do you feel?
Catalina told us you didn't sleep.
Do you still feel bad?
If I didn't sleep it's because
my spirit is going wild
because of my husband's arrival.
You will laugh at me because of
my uneasiness of being married.
My lady, don't be ashamed
of being lucky with love.
Who knows what virtues the king
has to make you sigh like that.
- Susana, how can you say that?
- Don't worry.
It's okay.
Fernando is-- I love him
more than I ever imagined.
Is he nice to you?
He would fill the most spoiled woman.
- Brave?
- More than any other.
But without the imprudence of the fools.
Talking about my husband gave me verve.
Dress me, I won't postpone
my duties anymore.
The king is here!
I introduce you to Susana
Susón and Beatriz Osorio.
The niece of Beatriz of Bobadilla.
As helpful and lovely as her aunt said.
- Welcome to the court.
- At your service, Your Highness.
At your service, Your Highness.
I had Beltrán to keep me
company on my trip.
I celebrate it. Nothing's more necessary
than filling this court with reliable people.
It's a great palace. It's not strange
now why you stay here in Seville.
What keeps me here has
nothing to do with pleasure.
Chaos is infinite. The nobles still resist
and the people are scared of me.
Doing the right thing brings
more anger than applause.
Trust in our ways. Maybe you
just need to be more patient.
Your Highness,
a gentleman wants to see you.
I'm ashamed of coming in this way.
But I know just your help will
be able to save my daughter.
I shake when I think that that lady paid
that much just for coming to see me.
The Emir won't conform
with the dishonest profits.
He gets money for
kidnapping Christian people.
Raids are common.
And you haven't had news
about your daughter since then.
That anguishes me a lot.
It's not normal.
The next thing before the kidnapping
is the asking for a reward.
Your village is Castilian and
you can live here in peace.
We didn't protect you, it's our duty
to get you your daughter back.
Granada's kingdom is vassal of Castile,
so they have to pay tributes.
We will give them an extension
in exchange of her release.
Beltrán, you will leave now.
Thank you, Your Highness.
Are you coming alone and this late?
Do you love your life that much?
We are the only men safe in all Seville,
we aren't going to attack each other.
What do you want?
Your great idea of leaving the justice of
Seville to Isabel is making your men as my men
to run or end up hanged.
We live in the most populated village of the kingdom,
who cares about a few thousand?
They are more afraid of the queen
than of you and me together.
Who is going to risk knowing the
situation between her and us?
Without men to serve to us,
we won't delay in screwing ourselves.
What's going to happen with our business?
I won't yield until the queen
desists in her determination.
Do you see her disposed to do so?
You know? I don't.
That's why I'm going to try it
with the king now he's here.
I'm sure between men we
will understand each other.
They say they are very united.
If you do something wrong,
I'm afraid we may lose everything.
Even our heads.
Anything else?
Your husband will die of love.
You can leave.
You are so beautiful.
You make a king feel like a vessel.
Then I order you not to go
away from me in a long time.
I will obey warmly.
Your smell nice. What is it?
Not even the most flowery
gardens smell like you.
You know that's not my thing.
But they say that when
a man is very in love
he delights more with
the smell of his beloved.
Then I am crazy for you.
- Welcome.
- I'm glad to see you.
It looks like you don't feel the same.
I'm sorry for not being able to
keep this somber mood for me.
I have been toppling towers
of loyal villages for weeks.
And making men of my confidence to
humiliate themselves surrendering to me.
Damn queen. You did wrong coming here.
- Seville is now suffering like the plague.
- Please, Beatriz.
Leave us alone.
So now you will be with
me in the misfortune soon.
I'm surprised to see you so defeated.
Why you didn't revolt against her orders?
I already learned it
isn't possible nor rational.
I have denied giving her my fortress,
and I still can call them all mine but one.
You know I'm not an easy enemy,
nor a man with lacking pride.
Trust me when I tell you that you
have two options with Isabel.
Lose first or lose later.
Your Highness.
My father, the merchant,
Diego Susón, wants to see you.
Tell him to come on in.
My lady, here he is.
Adam, the man you wanted to see.
I don't like that you
didn't come by yourself.
Know that in Castile there
isn't another justice but mine.
That's why--
That's why you have to leave the town.
And look for the real faith in
the city that welcomes you.
Leave. Leave all of you.
Susana. Clean this.
It's blood from that man.
Your Highness.
I'm afraid it's yours.
I knew that Jew was just
going to bring misfortune.
If that man hurt her,
he won't have time to convert.
What the hell did you do to my wife?
Your Highness, you are the only one
responsible for your wife's condition.
Finally, a new child, Fernando.
- What about the blood?
- It is not always a bad sign.
I was afraid that something happened to you.
My heart is still beating so fast.
Sorry for talking to you like that.
You will be well rewarded.
You contributed to the future of the
kingdom more than others of higher rank.
Seville deserved it.
Maybe you have inside you
the heir of two kingdoms.
That one who will unite
Castile and Aragon as one.
- Maybe it's a girl.
- Maybe.
But anyway, your belly is cured.
And sooner or later the child will arrive.
What party did you come from?
The Duke of Medina Sidonia invited
us to a bullfight in one of his palaces.
But you won't go in your condition.
The duke knows I don't like those shows.
He just wants you, I guess.
[Kingdom of Granada]
The monarchs of Castile demand the
liberation of their citizen Isabel de Solís
whom you have captive.
To prove this request is in peace
and respectful with
Granada's sovereignty
my monarchs will compensate you
postponing for three months
your retribution to Castile.
Three months. It's a generous offer.
But tell me.
Why, if I am sovereign, do I have to give
money to the coffers of another kingdom?
Because you owe vessel to Castile,
you know that.
I can't be Emir and
vassal at the same time.
Tell your monarchs that the
captive won't leave the Alhambra.
But I accept your offer of
not paying any more rents.
And not for three months.
In Granada we don't forge any more
metal to pay to your monarchs.
But to forge swords.
Your challenge will not go unpunished.
I warn you.
So be it. Let's not ignore
for more time our fate.
What are you doing here?
How did you get in without
anybody noticing about it?
I came to negotiate the
handover of my fortresses.
Your Highness, I beg you to forgive the
insolence I showed since you arrived in Seville.
Believe me, my loyalty to you is sincere.
If I fought for Juana, it was just
out of obligation to the Pachecos.
As payment of my offenses,
accept my apologies and all my fortresses
which you can use as you want.
In your hands I put my
domains of Constantina
Alcalá de Guadaíra, Arcos de la Frontera.
And the arsenals where you keep the weapons.
Don't forget about them.
I was going to mention them.
Marquis, I accept your offer with joy.
I hope that getting rid of such
goods isn't too bad for you.
So you mean you accept them?
I thought as soon as I offered them,
they would go back to my power in some way.
Your sincerity is reckless,
but I thank you for it.
Let me enjoy that for which
I have being that opinionated.
Don't worry.
The duke won't be luckier than you.
Know your enemy, it's
the first rule of the soldier.
So, you know about the duke's arsenals.
Of course.
I have ordered to plunder
them more than once.
- Where are they?
- Most of them in churches.
Who would look for
gunpowder behind Christ?
- They are well defended?
- It's not impossible to get them.
If the duke was disarmed,
all of this would end.
Can you organize the taking for tonight?
I will extend the meeting with the duke.
I will distract him.
You will be under custody
until all this has finished.
You did a great service to the crown.
But also to Seville's people.
The duke and you are the ones
responsible for the chaos in Seville.
Once surrendered,
I will be nice with my vessels.
They have stood a lot already.
I beg you, ma'am,
let me go back to my people.
- My father will give you all he has.
- Forget about all you left behind.
- Your life starts today.
- I have family.
- A fiancé that is waiting for me.
- Look at her.
Look at her!
She was Christian too.
She had family and wanted
to go back to them too.
And she did.
Her people rejected her
as if she were sick.
When they saw her they thought they'd
be happier forgetting about her.
They let her come back here.
But first they cut off her tongue.
So she couldn't praise Allah.
Or your beauty will be gone
before the Emir could enjoy it.
Didn't you think about what
we would expect from you?
I will never accept that destiny.
You better kill me right now.
Because if not, I will kill myself.
A great show, duke. The bulls looked like
minotaurs because they were so brave.
I knew you were going to like them.
It's a shame the queen, your wife,
can't appreciate bullfighting.
If you have been here since the beginning--
How can you let her be the one
who dispenses justice and not you?
It's not proper for her sex.
Look at the result.
I thought you resisted royal authority
whether it came from a man or woman.
- I never had a problem with your brother.
- I said 'authority.'
- Wine?
- Yes.
But don't abuse it.
Look what I have for you.
I know because of my wife
your liking for slaves.
She can be used in another way.
Based on your fame, even a wild
woman could make you happy.
You have to know I'm more loyal
to my wife than what people say.
Inside and outside of the bedroom.
Give us the weapons in
the name of the queen!
Help me escape.
We will leave together.
I want you to go back with me to Castile.
My father will welcome you.
My family will be yours. I swear.
What's this?
Did you see my shield's motto?
- 'It amounts to the same.'
- Do you know what it means?
It's said that Alexander the Great
was told that if he could
undo an intricate knot
he was going to become lord of Asia.
Having his sword in hand,
he declined to spend time undoing it.
And he cut the knot.
Problem solved. It amounts to
the same, cutting or untying.
That's the story behind my motto.
Neither the queen nor I like to delay
in getting what we want, believe me.
You won't distinguish man from woman.
Your Highness.
I have news for you, Duke.
And you aren't going to like it.
Your arsenals are being looted.
What do you say?
All of them. One after to the other.
- This is the marquis's work.
- No.
Don't take the credit from us.
Your arsenals are now
in the crown's hands.
We thank you. We didn't
have any more gunpowder.
You made three mistakes.
When you didn't obey your queen.
When you thought I was going to cheat
on her. And the worst of all of them
when you governed against the Sevillians.
Thanks for the show.
I will never let anybody
hurt you. Not even you.
Since you've been here,
I've seen you look at the sky
and I would love to know your
wishes and make them come true.
I have only one wish.
To go back to my people.
And leave the paradise on earth?
Stick this dagger and leave,
nobody will stop you.
But don't ask me to send
you away from me.
No! No!
No! No! No!
No! No!
No! No!
No! No! No!
I am going to forgive the city of Seville.
Forgive his people and forgive his lords
the Duke of Medina Sidonia
and the Marquis of Cádiz
who with such great obedience,
gave the crown all their fortresses.
Don't be afraid that after I leave,
the misrule will reign again.
The Holy Brotherhood soon will watch out
for the peace and the order of the village.
The marquis and the duke,
generous as they are
will donate one million and a half
maravedís for this purpose.
- I hope your ruin compensates mine.
- I say the same.
I conclude with my wish
to concede legitimacy
to the daughters of the Marquis of Cádiz.
From now on,
righteous heirs of his estate.
What's this humiliation?
A gift for my early surrender, I guess.
Of course, Marquis, you won.
Your indulgence has been received
with enthusiasm by the people, my lady.
You leave a Seville much more loyal
to you than the one you saw first.
And the weapons in our
hands, as it should be.
The happiness would be complete if
it weren't for the Jewish problem.
Even the sermons of Ojeda are sick,
we can't deny the truth.
And we have to do something
against the people without faith.
What do you propose?
Punishment would be unfair,
because a lot of them Judaize for custom.
My lady.
We have to teach them.
To purify their beliefs.
How do you plan to contain the problem
in Seville, where it's so much bigger?
I like your suggestion.
But meanwhile we will isolate the Jews in
their own neighborhoods for their protection.
I trust that will calm the spirit.
Just take them before hearing
the first cry of the baby.
I will keep it until then. I
don't want to be too trusting.
Even I am.
You are a great physician, Lorenzo Badoz.
That's why I want you in the
court to protect my pregnancy.
It will be an honor, Your Highness.
But I have to ask you
something in exchange.
You will have to wear the Jewish symbol.
I can't make any exceptions.
How could I ask the others if I'm
guilty of indulgence with you?
I hope it isn't an impediment
to having your service.
It's not, Your Highness.
It's from Beltrán. The Emir is
threatening to not pay Castile again.
Isn't he going to give us the girl?
Beltrán says he will stay several
days in Granada to convince him.
I appreciate his intention,
but I think it will be useless.
- What's wrong?
- So many problems.
Sometimes I feel I broken.
And I worry about our son.
Today you don't have to
worry about anything.
How? How could I forget everything?
- Isn't this dangerous?
- Trust me.
I would never put you at risk.
There it is.
The sea won't erase our problems.
But its greatness will diminish them.
At least for a moment.
The queen gave Brother Hernando
an evangelist mission.
- Do you know what that means?
- My aunt
Beatrice of Braganza, wants me to
achieve peace between our kingdoms.
Let's show the Castilians we can
invade their kingdom when we want.
I warn you.
I know how to defend myself
from what I don't want.
There won't be inquisition until
Brother Talavera finishes with his work.
Her captivity is over.
How can you do such thing
and not call it betrayal?
Betrayal would be if I didn't do anything
to stop the looming disaster.
- He won't accept.
- You will know how to explain it to him.
- Are you planning to supplant the church?
- He will convince the queen in time.
Castile will implant the inquisition.
That marriage is a victory of yours, my lady.
It is the only way for you
to be Castile's queen.
I feel mocked!
As a man and as a king!
Where are you taking me?
- Father!
- Samuel!
You have to learn to protect yourself.
I won't live forever.
What are you planning?
France wants to sign a pact with Castile.
Aragon has to be prepared to cry
for its king. Your father is dying.
I decided to proclaim
myself King of Portugal.
You betrayed me!
Me and my father and with you,
I betray him!
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