Isabel (2011) s02e06 Episode Script


The knight you were waiting for is here.
When the Extremadura rebels stop
being a threat, I will go to Seville.
Duke, in name of the crown,
I take this palace.
In the same way, Marquis, your most
beloved fortress, that one in Jerez.
We can't let the queen
make Seville her estate.
- How do you want to stop her?
- With your help.
Father, we have to
finalize a deal with France.
You can't ask me to give up
the effort of an entire life.
Just for some time.
In the little time I have before I die.
If my service has been recommended,
it must be to help you conceive.
That's my best talent as a physician.
I introduce you Susana Susón
and Beatriz Osorio.
Niece of Beatriz of Bobadilla.
I won't please the queen.
She makes her predecessors look good.
She thinks she has a mission
to accomplish, and we--
We are her offering to God.
- Let her go!
- No! Father!
We didn't protect you, it's our duty
to give you your daughter back.
Granada's kingdom is vassal of Castile
so they have to pay tributes.
We will give them an extension
in exchange of her release.
I can't be Emir and vassal
at the same time.
Tell your monarchs that the captive
won't leave the Alhambra.
The Emir threatens with
not paying to Castile again.
Isn't he going to give us the girl?
Trust me when I tell you that you have
two options with Isabel. Lose first or later.
Your great idea of leaving the justice of
Seville to Isabel is making your men like my men
either running or ending up hanged.
I won't yield until the queen
desists in her determination.
I won't let anybody to
hurt you, not even you.
No! No!
I came to negotiate the
handover of my fortress.
Give us the weapons in
the name of the queen!
Your arsenals are now
in the crown's hands.
We thank you. We didn't
have any more gunpowder.
Don't be afraid that after I leave
the misrule will reign again.
The Holy Brotherhood soon will watch
out for peace and order in the village.
The marquis and the duke,
generous as they are
will donate one million and a half
maravedís for this purpose.
You are the only one responsible
for your wife's condition.
Finally, a new child, Fernando.
Why are there so many people in here?
So nobody has doubts that
the baby is the queen's.
My lady, it's coming.
Keep pushing, Your Highness.
We can see its head.
It's alive?
It's a boy, Your Highness.
A healthy boy.
- It's an amulet.
- So you admit it's yours.
- I just wanted the birth to go well.
- You know what it means?
It's a way of calling God
among the Jewish.
I didn't know.
I swear it's just an amulet. I--
I have seen my family
doing this all the time.
- Do you eat pork at your house?
- Yes.
Do your people work on Saturday?
Of course.
In your father's house are there
crucifixes or images of Our Lady?
Brother Hernando, my father has
educated us in the real religion.
- We believe in Jesus Christ, our Lord.
- Relax, I trust you.
You have to be more prudent.
I will help you to know what mores
of your past you better forget.
I'm sorry for leaving you
fighting this battle by yourself.
- We won, that's the important thing.
- It's your victory.
I just brought you some fortresses
that were still loyal to Portugal.
And the company of somebody
you will love to see.
Come on in.
Here are the three men
I like the most in my life.
Now I'm totally happy.
Take the future of Castile
and Aragon in your arms.
If somebody earned that right, it's you.
I hope God gives him health
and makes him a good king.
Badoz says he's not as
strong as he should be.
Then he will eat marrow every day.
Where's my daughter?
How's my princess doing?
You know the queen has done all
she could to get your daughter free.
Our offer was good,
but the Emir didn't want it.
I won't lie to you,
he won't accept anything.
It's horrible to negotiate for my
daughter as if she were merchandise.
But not being able to do it is worse.
Granada won't escape from its fate.
The Emir will pay for all
his crimes and affronts
but it's not time yet.
I know how you feel.
And believe me when I tell
you your pain is our pain.
She was going to marry this year.
I understand your loss.
But you have to put on a strong face
and accept the Lord's wishes.
You are talking about my
daughter as if she were dead.
Even if she comes back,
she won't be the same girl they stole.
Nor will her life be the same.
You know that.
And you have to understand it.
The light of dawn is so favorable that I
want to stop the sun here every morning.
You are powerful.
But not so much as to suspend
the hours of the day.
The way you did my life.
Do you still want to go
back to your people?
You took everything from me, sir.
I'm nothing outside this room.
I'm nothing when you aren't close to me.
I should hate you.
you say things I've never heard before.
Because I love you.
Because there's nothing on
earth I care more about
than the time I spend with you.
I don't want to go back.
You got the impossible.
To make me feel happy with you.
The new and most loyal
servant of His Holiness.
He will be as good a Christian
as we want all your people to be.
I see you still worry about
our kingdom's spiritual health.
The Pope does.
Our kingdom is a threat to Christianity
with unfaithful people as neighbors,
Jewish people as refugees.
Infected with false converts.
You don't have to worry
about the converts.
The queen gave Brother Hernando
an evangelist mission.
But in Rome they don't
understand all that reluctance
to set up the Saint Tribunal
of the Inquisition.
In other kingdoms they use it right.
Monsignor, the problems
in Castile are different.
- Its solutions have to be too.
- Tell me.
Your denial is because it was the
project of Archbishop Carrillo?
War with Portugal isn't over.
Brother Talavera just started his work.
Depending on how these
things end up, we will decide.
Rome would be very thankful
if you listened to His Holiness's request.
- Think about it.
- We will do it.
If it's okay, bless the prince now.
Of course we are good Christians.
Who put those ideas in your head?
Then why we do Jewish stuff?
Anybody would think we are heretics.
Relax, daughter. All of Seville
knows and respects us.
You are lady of the queen.
Even some people envy us.
Nobody will mock us.
Don't worry. We are safe from that.
What do you have there?
- Do you think it's a good spot?
- Yes.
Sir, the insistence of the Nuncio in
setting up the Inquisition worries me
more than the queen's impasse.
The queen just wants to give Talavera
time so his work can have results.
With all due respect, how much time does
she need to know evangelism won't work?
They have just gotten recantations.
And people start to murmur
about your benevolence.
- What rumors do you mean?
- It's been said
that you descend from converts and it's
hard for you to deal with the problem.
You, who aren't influenced by Talavera,
can see what she can't.
I'm not against the Inquisition,
you know it.
Then give that service to Castile.
Not just Rome will thank you.
The problem isn't to set it up.
But who is going to be in charge.
There's something important
I want to tell you.
In front of the captive?
Her captivity is over.
In this time
she became the star of my life.
Of my support. Of my Zoraida.
And I decided to marry her.
- Are you going to marry an infidel?
- Are you crazy?
The decision is taken.
I'll only refuse it if she rejects me.
You are offending your people.
Your rank!
Your god, Allah,
and his prophet, Muhammad.
Just say you feel offended.
I swear on our child I
won't celebrate that union.
- Pray for nothing to happen to my Zoraida.
- Father, let go of her, I beg you.
I swear--
Lord, make it stop.
My God, listen to your servant,
make it stop.
Accept this present to
celebrate the birth of the heir.
With the best wishes
of my lord, King Louis.
Send your king our gratitude.
We hope the future of
your kingdom is great.
It's the will of my lord
to give you a message.
France wants to make peace with Castile.
King Louis wants to get back the
friendly relations that were broken over
the Portugal adventure.
Is King Louis going to give back
Roussillon and Cerdaña to my father?
Aragon and Castile are different kingdoms.
With different kings and
different relations with France.
Tell King Louis the first
ally of Castile is Aragon.
And while the interests of his
kingdom clash with Aragon's
there won't be friendship
between France and Castile.
Your Highness.
If you have peace with France,
Castile would get rid of its first enemy.
And you would get Portugal's first ally
I have stopped the French
three times in Hondarribia.
And I will stop them a thousand
times more if it's necessary.
I won't betray my father.
My lady, with all due respect
you have to convince your husband.
Without France against us, your reign will
be very different. It's a great opportunity.
Set up a meeting with Albi's bishop.
But be discreet.
My husband can't know
anything about this.
Let the Monsignor know we will talk.
But under one condition.
King Alfonso has to stay in France.
He can't go back to Portugal
until we have a deal.
You come like a gale and then
you shut up. What's going on?
I'll leave you.
Before arriving to my room I will
know the rumor of your secret.
France wants to sign peace with Castile.
- What?
- They cheated on us.
And with my father still in
the court, how could they?
That's why, sir, the king isn't where
he should be, in front of his kingdom.
Our enemies are taking advantage.
All this for defending
the pretensions of that girl.
Without France's threat,
Castile will isolate us.
And who knows what will come next.
We have to warn the king. He has to ask
for explanations and stop them from signing.
If not, he has to come back
immediately, my God!
Lord, give a good end to the mission
that brought me to this kingdom.
And I will consecrate the rest of my
life the fight for all the other places.
Sorry, I didn't want to bother you.
Bother me?
I've been waiting for weeks.
You came to take me to the king?
The conflict against the Duke of
Burgundy made the king leave.
Without solving our business.
Did he leave any order? A proposal?
Is he supporting us against Castile or not?
He will answer.
He asks for more patience.
Meanwhile he arranged for you to move
to a place that's more calm and safe.
Where are you going to take me?
- My Zoraida.
- Stop.
- Stop and rest.
- Don't get scared.
It's something that happens to me.
Drink. It will be good for you.
I couldn't hear your answer.
It will be an honor to be
the Emir of Granada's wife.
That's not the answer I was expecting.
And I will be very happy
living next to my beloved.
And be next to him to grow
the fruit of the love we share.
I'm expecting a child.
You knew that when I
announced our marriage.
If I knew that, I would have
taken you as wife before.
- Do you still doubt what I feel for you?
- I couldn't.
Seeing how happy the news makes you.
- This morning he had a fever.
- Badoz said we don't have to worry.
His sister didn't have
a fever at this age.
We need to cut these threads.
I forgot the scissors,
I'll go for them.
I'll go with you.
Close that door!
Don't you see what the air
can do to a small child?
It was my fault, my lady.
This morning I opened the window.
- Very early in the morning--
- Shut up!
The daughter's lack of
sense is because her age.
But I don't know about yours.
Sorry, my lady.
I'm equally angry with all three of you.
I hope from now on,
you will be more careful.
The dedication of the queen to
her confessor is that great?
She trusts in him maybe too much.
It looks like she's forgotten
Talavera isn't a statesman.
You have to know not all the people
in Castile think like Talavera.
I don't. Neither does the king.
- What does the king think?
- Castile needs more of Rome than Talavera.
Soon the queen will understand that she
can't end heresy with good intentions.
We have to be prepared
for when this happens.
Are you that sure it's just matter of time?
I already talked to the king. He will
convince the queen at the right time.
Castile will implant the Inquisition.
You are a good counselor, Cardinal.
The monarchs are lucky
for having you next to them.
And His Holiness too.
The long absence of the king
threatens to leave the kingdom
at the mercy of our enemies.
That's why, my lady
I decided to proclaim
myself king of Portugal.
While our father is still alive? How can
you do that and not call it betrayal?
Betrayal would be if I didn't do anything
against the looming disaster.
If you are the king, who I am?
Dear Juana, we are your family.
You position in the court
and your rank are safe.
For how long? Just if I
come and live like a prisoner?
Or are you going to give me to the
usurper and he will decide my fate?
Please, Juana, who do you think we are?
When my husband comes back
he will answer that question.
I want to keep an eye on that fever.
Your zeal is excessive.
I protect my son just like
any other mother would do.
The princess is your daughter too.
You were too rude with her.
- You have to educate your children.
- And love them.
Do you think I don't love my daughter?
Your childhood was hard
and that made you strong.
But the circumstances of
the princess are different.
And also her fate.
We have to see that is doesn't fail.
Do you think I'm that bad?
If I am strict with her it is because
I love her so much.
You are the best mother.
But she's just a girl.
She's as stubborn as her mother
but with a bigger tongue.
It isn't just Juana who
accuses us of betrayal.
You'll step back just because
of the words of a child?
Believe me, sir,
that I share your reasoning.
Portugal needs a king.
And because of the uncertainty
about your father
if you proclaim yourself it's the best option.
What if some of the nobility
don't recognize you as sovereign?
With two kings,
Portugal could end up like Castile.
Who knows there will be two
sides fighting in a civil war.
Just the well-being of
the kingdom guides us.
All our loyal people will
understand it as such.
Then we have to do everything
according to the law.
And explain it in a way so
that nobody has a doubt.
That's right.
But let me go and look for the king.
Isn't it a long trip with an uncertain end?
- The kingdom can't wait.
- You are right.
But if the king doesn't come I will bring his
approval so no one can accuse us of betrayal.
You have to become the king.
In front of Our Lady, I swear, Mother
that I won't give up on my destiny.
I will stand all the evil,
I will resist my enemies
and will win.
I'm the queen of Castile.
I'm the queen of Portugal.
We both want just one crown.
With a good enough fortress
to rule two kingdoms.
We will see our dreams
come true with Juan.
Then think that the Inquisition
is good for our purposes.
We are monarchs because of God.
Faith inspires our decisions.
That's why heresy isn't
just a problem of faith.
But estate too, because the
heretic escapes our authority.
- We agree. However--
- What are you scared about?
I think I am a good Christian. But I don't
want to give more power to the church.
Imagine if Carrillo would have
the Inquisition in his hands.
Imagine it to be in ours.
Are you planning to supplant the church?
Just to name the inquisitors
so the crown holds the reins.
Reducing the power of abbots,
bishops, and archbishops
we will get rid of the next Carrillos.
And we will answer to
the acts of the inquisitors.
To God and our vassals,
for good and evil.
The Pope won't agree.
He will accept because he's insisting a lot.
He will understand that if the
Inquisition is good for our purposes
it will also be for his.
Many Jews and converts are loyal to us.
They will fear the crown.
And we need their support
to defeat Portugal.
We will have Rome's.
His Holiness gave the bull for the
marriage of the girl, don't forget it.
We are talking about future, not past.
Let Brother Hernando
continue with his work.
Nobody will stop him.
We can evangelize with one hand,
and pursue the heretic with the other one.
And while his catechism
makes the faith stronger
it will help the Inquisition
make the crown stronger.
Your Highness, Portugal has a new king.
Prince Juan is crowned.
- Alfonso has abdicated?
- No one has said that, Your Highness.
- Is he still in France?
- It looks like it.
I doubt Juan had his approval.
There won't be a good king
who isn't a good son.
Juana doesn't reign in Portugal.
That is great news.
No doubt, even Juana's very
loyal to her father's designs--
The weaker Juana's position is,
the better for Castile.
- Does the nobility support the new king?
- We don't know.
If it were divided maybe we
could entice the disaffected.
Let's find out if somebody
thinks he's a traitor.
Our enemies have to
take their own medicine.
Cárdenas, go to Portugal's
court as our ambassador.
Show our respect to the new king
and find out who's against him.
Maybe it's time to consider
King Louis' proposal.
I am not Juan of Portugal.
With Alfonso dethroned
and Portugal in uncertainty
taking away France's support
would be the final blow.
- You know it.
- You aren't listening to me.
I said I won't betray my father.
Go now.
I wasn't sure about you coming.
I don't have to obey you.
You are the Emir's first wife.
All Granada knows he
doesn't like me anymore.
The ones who prostrated
at me now laugh about me.
You Abencerrages have something
in common with my husband.
You don't forget an affront.
The Emir is an old lion.
He thinks that roaring will achieve
what his claws and his jaws can't.
- What do you have in mind?
- He used Castile's weakness
to stop paying the tributes that
guarantee peace among the kingdoms.
You lived in Christian lands.
I would have lived in the same hell
just to protect my life and my people's.
I'm afraid that in Castile they
don't forget affronts either.
The unfaithful just waits for the right time
to send us to the other side of the land.
- Is that what you saw?
- No.
I'm just telling you, you don't
have to provoke your enemy
if you aren't sure about
being able to defeat him.
Let's continue killing between us,
Granada will be an easy catch.
How are you going to avoid it?
The Emir refuses to negotiate
a new agreement with Castile.
If they attack us, who will come to help
the leader who took them to the disaster?
What do you propose?
What's going on?
Must be a splinter from
my embroidery frame.
If I were a splinter I would also look
for refuge in some beautiful hands.
Sorry, sir.
Innocence can't be forgiven but blessed.
Careful with that blush. In court you
will stand more Castilian gallantries.
There will be a plenty of them.
Your Highness,
the queen is waiting for you.
Between neighboring kingdoms that
also are ruled by the same family
disagreements should be fixed more easily.
My masters never wanted
to antagonize Portugal.
The message they send is very short.
They just want peace.
It's still possible to have peace
without winners or losers?
Of course, sir, it's still possible.
You understand each other well
because you speak the same language.
The one of betrayal.
Go away, my lady.
Please do that favor to the kingdom
that has done a lot for you.
You have one day to
get out of my kingdom.
If you are still here tomorrow
you will be my prisoner of war.
Come on in.
I'm afraid I don't have good news.
Speak now.
Aragon has to be prepared to
cry for its king. Your father
is dying.
He's trying to pretend
nothing is wrong with him.
But he knows it.
Make the physicians do all they
can to alleviate his last hours.
All that their science lets them.
However, know
that for him there isn't a worse bitterness
than the one Castile provokes.
What do you mean?
King Alfonso went back to Portugal
with the same spirit with the one he left.
There won't be peace, my lady.
And his son was okay with his short reign?
Looks like it. Portugal's crown is united.
Tell me it's not true.
Tell me you aren't negotiating
with France behind my back.
- Leave us alone.
- You betrayed me!
Me and my father.
And with you, I betray him!
My father, who is dying!
My God.
- I will never forgive you. Never!
- Fernando, listen to me--
Your Highness.
It's not a good time.
It's the first time I haven't obeyed you,
but even if my life is at risk
I will make you to listen to me.
If you came to arbitrate this fight,
I tell you, you aren't impartial.
Isabel is like your daughter.
Or did she send you?
Do you have a doubt
about my loyalty to you?
- Of course not.
- Then listen to me.
- You won't convince me she was right.
- And you?
Did you do well as Castile's king
to object to the peace
that would benefit your kingdom?
I don't approve the method, but the queen
acted as she had to, and you know it.
Listen, Chacón, a man can't be always
loyal to all the people at the same time.
That's why he has to let honor guide him
and be entrusted to God so he helps him.
It wasn't like that this time.
You acted based on your conscience.
And also the queen.
I feel mocked! As a man and as a king!
My father will die thinking I'm a traitor.
What do you think about that?
There are things that a prince
can't do but a king can.
Think now as Aragon's king
because that's your fate.
Unfortunately it won't delay
in becoming a reality.
Castile needs you. Support your wife.
And sign for peace with France.
You have to be a good son.
But you can't be a bad king.
Who taught you to shoot like that?
My father was huntsman of the king.
When I was young,
hunting was a game for me.
I just keep what I hunt myself.
You are still blushing.
Sometimes the face can't hide
what the soul wants to conceal.
I warn you, I know how to defend
myself from what I don't want.
Being literate and with a sensitive spirit
maybe you will find inspiration
for a poem in some facts.
Tell me.
It happened more than 100 years ago.
Here in the Alhambra.
Ismail, a weak emir who
didn't understand a lot
put the throne in the hands of
his brother-in-law, Abu said.
I know the story.
A mob paid for him,
and took the palace.
Ismail was in his hands.
He was torn into pieces
and his head was on a pike.
I can't teach you much more.
- They aren't actions that inspire a poem.
- Maybe.
But maybe they inspire your reign.
I won't kill the Emir.
- Nor to get killed by my people.
- I was sure about the first thing.
The second thing you will only
prevent by trusting the right people.
You are more capable than Ismail.
One day I will prove it if Allah lets me.
But you are too kind.
Admit it, my son.
Allah gave you a very big
heart with your naivety.
Why do you say all this, Mother?
- What do you want from me?
- To be always ready.
Attentive. Betrayal of Granada
didn't end with Abu Said.
Nobody is free of threats like
the ones Ismail didn't see in time.
You watch over me.
I have nothing to fear.
Soon a miracle will happen.
Old enemies will become allies,
I know them.
You'll be generous with people on
your way to the throne, but with them
you have to be careful.
You have to learn to protect yourself.
I won't live forever.
What are you planning?
My mom said I will be able to
ride with you on Sunday.
On Sunday I will be in Aragon.
Susana, take the princess to her room.
I will go to see you later.
Before leaving I will sign
the treaty with France.
And then I will ask the bull to institute
the Inquisition on the conditions I stated.
Can I have your word?
You have my word.
As queen and as your wife.
I will never betray you in either sense.
I'm sorry for making you angry, Fernando.
I'm sorry.
You know I just want to make you happy.
Loyally and faithfully.
As you do with me.
Tonight I will sleep in my room.
Now you have to do your part.
And I will.
My lady, the church has to
take care of faith problems.
Castile's problems have to
be solved by its monarchs.
Don't worry, we will find servants
of God whom we can trust.
And the Pope won't doubt them.
- He won't accept.
- You will figure out how to explain it to him.
Doing so, you will accomplish your
mission with success for Rome.
And for Castile.
I will wait for the Brother to come back.
Don't worry, the king knows everything.
You still can please us with something else.
If the bull that let the king of Portugal
marry was annulled
our understanding would be complete.
And our satisfaction
would be very great.
That request isn't part of my mission.
But I will tell His Holiness if you would like.
I would.
Just as to know who will come to
Castile to put an end to this war.
Father, you should be resting.
A king has to be received on the throne.
I'm not here for state affairs.
But we have to solve those.
Before talking as father and son.
Leave us alone.
Where's my grandson?
I told you a thousand times
to bring him to Aragon.
You taught me a king should
be educated by another king.
It wasn't like that with your
firstborn, Viana's prince.
And he ended up fighting against you.
I also taught you that Aragon's kings
have to be educated in Aragon.
But this grandson of yours
has a bigger destiny.
He will inherit the kingdom that
was stolen from Don Rodrigo.
A fate you built up.
The world is changing, Father.
And we are changing it.
We can't keep a foot in the past
if we want to walk to the future.
And what about France?
Are you negotiating with King Louis?
Now at least I can rest.
I hope you have with your
son as much fortune
as I had with you.
You never failed me.
And I never will.
I will get back Roussillon
and Cerdaña for the crown.
I swear.
Even if that's the last thing I do in my life.
I, Fernando, king of Aragon
of Valencia, of Majorca
of Sicily, of Sardinia
and earl of Barcelona
swear to defend the rights and
privileges of these, my kingdoms.
And with God's help
look after the well-being of
the people who live here.
Nobody who follows your doctrine
will leave our faith, I'm sure.
Mr. Álamo has his printing ready
and waiting for our instructions.
Your Highness.
His Holiness granted the bull.
The crown can name the
inquisitors in Castile.
There won't be an Inquisition until
Brother Talavera finishes his work.
But my lady
the Pope accepted your
conditions, why wait?
We have two remedies and
one of them is on the way.
First we will try the
effectiveness of this one.
We have been catechizing intensely
and we haven't gotten anything.
This isn't the way.
Not a single way shows us its
end results if we don't try it fully.
What did His Holiness say about
the dispensation he gave to the girl?
How are we not married?
The Pope canceled the bull.
So the rights that legitimized
our war with Castile disappeared.
Everyone is turning their back on us
because they see Castile as the winner.
We have to negotiate peace right now,
before we become weaker.
I will never negotiate from humiliation.
Neither Portugal nor its queen deserve it.
You are right, Father.
Either we walk to victory
or we get an advantage that can
let us impose peace conditions.
What do you have in mind?
Pacheco's daughter
asked us for help to secure
her seniority in Mérida and Medellín.
Let's show the Castilians we can
invade their kingdom when we want.
Ébora's bishop is ready to go to fight.
Today everything has to be settled.
Are you crazy?
You sent your father to war.
And with the useless bishop of Ébora.
They are going to a disaster.
- I hope so.
- You want the king to be defeated?
The war is lost.
But the king doesn't understand.
He has to be convinced himself.
While the king makes his war
we have to prepare peace.
Maybe you should write a
letter to your niece Isabel.
[Albuera, February 24, 1479.]
- Your Majesty.
- Is the death toll high?
No, sir. On either side.
Even if the deaths are plenty or not
the war
is lost.
My aunt, Beatrice of Braganza, wants me
to achieve peace between our kingdoms.
Your Highness.
Alfonso of Portugal got into Extremadura.
But the master of Santiago went to fight.
- It was just a skirmish.
- Did we win?
- That's right, my lady.
- From what I read
you won the war.
What's going on in Portugal?
They ask for peace before losing the war.
I'm afraid King Alfonso
doesn't rule in his kingdom.
It's in your hands to take advantage of
Portugal's weakness and continue the war
or finalize a deal.
We will negotiate peace.
And in that deal, Juana's fate
will be the most important.
How can God allow
that at the end of his life
only betrayal surrounds
his most loyal king.
When we came back,
the people insulted us and spit at us.
They were the only ones left in turning
their back on us and they already did.
Defeat is always bitter.
You will get your vassals' love again.
Keep your hypocrisy for yourself.
The time you wanted so much is here.
Get an honorable peace
like a good king would do.
Juana's fate in the negotiation
will be determinant.
When my satisfaction is fulfilled
I will go to a monastery.
And you will rule in my name.
My son, I am not going to abdicate.
It will be as you order.
Juana is the problem again.
But maybe it has a solution.
You look a lot like your mother.
Nobody will deny that Portuguese
blood is in your veins.
If someone tries, they will stumble
upon the pride I feel for it.
If you respect the monopoly
of Guinea's routes
we won't discuss your
rights on the Canary Islands.
You have my word.
I guarantee you to go back to the
previous borders before the war.
Our first intention is always to
forgive the repentant rebels.
- About the compensations--
- There won't be.
It will look like Castile was defeated.
But we will find a solution.
There isn't peace more durable
than the one sealed with a marriage.
The dowry would disguise that
compensation we can't give you.
What's your proposal?
The marriage of my daughter
Isabel with Prince Juan's son
would be great for both sides.
The king will be happy.
We just have to talk about Juana.
She has no rights.
But you know we will
marry her adequately.
That's what we already thought about.
There won't be peace. They want
to marry my son with Juana!
- How could they think I would accept?
- It's just a disagreement.
- You have to keep negotiating.
- No.
For them it is an indispensable condition.
Then let's think about the
advantages of the proposal.
Juana won't be Castile's queen.
I know you like her
but she won't sit on the
throne because of my son.
Your Highness, a legitimacy problem
always affects the sides who fight for it.
Peace will be definitive.
- Also immediate.
- For that high price?
She came ready for anything.
Do I also have to sacrifice my children?
That won't be necessary
given the correct conditions.
What are you thinking about?
Let's achieve peace now. A lot of
time will pass before that wedding.
For the betrothal, we will have to wait
until the prince turns 14 years old.
Even so, what's going to become of me?
You will live separated and
taken care of by someone else.
When the time arrives, and without
breach of the economic agreement
the prince will be able to choose to
liberate you from your compromise.
By then I will be over 30 years old.
What prince will marry me then?
Why do you condemn--
They don't want you to have children
who have a right to the throne of Castile.
They laughed at us.
Why we should avoid the prince's wedding?
That marriage would solve all the doubts
about the legitimacy of both of them.
Do you think that after having me
isolated and locked up for 14 years
that will move her eagerness?
She won't stop until she screws me.
Your Highness, the pact is good.
- And the kingdom needs to sign for peace.
- Let's continue negotiating.
Sir, our niece is inflexible
in everything about Juana.
In exchange, all our
demands are satisfactory.
What choice do we have? Another defeat
that can impose peace with worse conditions?
That marriage is a victory
of yours, my lady.
It is the only way for
you to be Castile's queen.
Nothing has been hidden
from you, you will choose.
We will continue talking to the Castilians,
but you have the last word, and I swear
we will respect it.
Go away.
Understand that if a marriage
is subject to third parties
the other one has to be too.
For Juana it will be 14 years.
For the princess, just three or four.
Isabel is just a kid.
She's the daughter of Castile's monarchs.
She will live in my house.
We are family and we
will treat her like that.
Don't worry. She won't
lack love or attention.
I promised myself that my children
weren't going to live the way I did.
That they were going to
have a different childhood.
When you thought about it
you forgot you were queen.
In politics, everything has a price.
You said it when you demanded
the conditions to Juana.
Why aren't you softer with her?
Don't worry, your daughter
will be queen of Portugal.
She will thank you because that day
she will have to fulfill her duty.
And her offspring will reign
in some other states.
Can a princess have a better destiny?
Your Highness, we didn't
know you were already here.
Beatriz, leave me alone with the princess.
I'm embroidering for you.
I will never be away from it.
I will make a whole lot more.
You are the best daughter
a mother can have.
And you are a daughter of monarchs.
Because of that, you are going
to marry Portugal's prince.
And one day you will
share a kingdom with him.
Listen to me.
You know I love you more
than anything in this world.
That's why hurts to have
to separate from you.
For the kingdom, you have to live in
Portugal until the day of your wedding.
Do you understand what I told you?
Can I ask you a question?
What's wrong? You look scared.
Is it true what people say?
That a tribunal to judge
the converts will be set up?
In Castile people say more
than what they know.
So then we can relax?
The tribunal you are talking about,
that doesn't exist yet
will just judge those who say
they are Christians and are lying.
not all the converts are going
to be judged one by one?
If one day it's set up, it won't
affect the good Christians like you
but the slanderous people
who air false suspicions.
What are the monarchs waiting for?
I hope that day arrives soon.
I wanted to give you this. Read it
carefully and practice what it says.
Nobody will doubt your faith again.
Thank you, Brother Hernando.
But first I will give it to my brother.
The danger is in the city, not in the court.
- Father!
- Samuel!
Calm down, calm down, calm down, please.
Let him go and take all you want.
What's going on with you?
To serve Castile, I keep apart my
husband and daughter from me.
It hurts me so much to know
our daughter has to go.
One day she will understand our love for
her and our kingdom inspires all our acts.
And about me
even if I am far away, nothing will
be able to keep me away from you.
I was praying for your father.
I'm so sorry, Fernando.
The king deserves another welcome,
not seeing his wife's eyes full of tears.
I have to tell you something
that will make you happy.
I'm expecting another child.
- Forgive me, Isabel.
- Forgive you?
It's me who needs your forgiveness.
Forgive me for not letting you
see how much I admire you.
For not being next to you
when you cry as a mother
for what you have to decide as queen.
A man doesn't let his wife suffer like this.
And especially if he loves
her as much as I love you.
Always together.
Excuse me.
I came to prepare the queen's bed.
Our lady won't need you today anymore.
Look what those bastards called
Christians are capable of doing to a kid.
They steal, kill, humiliate.
And they say they do it
in the name of God.
What God is that who lets this happen?
And lets it be done in his name?
Don't blame God for the crimes of men.
Do you think one of those good
Christians we have as servants
helped me?
There's just one thing crueler than
making a father see his son's murder.
To leave him alive!
Welcome to the house of pain.
Close the windows.
I will clean my son's body.
My lady, remember that before God
I am not your husband anymore.
I made my decision.
And you are the first
one who has to know it.
- Juana a nun?
- That's her decision.
Who let her decide?
Could my daughter do it?
It's a joke! That's what it is,
and I won't allow it.
Your Highness.
Maybe Juana's decision is sincere.
If she heard the Lord's calling,
nobody on earth should be against it.
Think it over well.
Not a single nun can have
legitimate offspring.
If Juana professes
God will get a servant
and the problem is fixed.
If she wants to be a nun, she can be.
But I will make sure she is
more of a nun than any other.
I swear it, for my daughter.
My lady, the prince.
The fever is worse.
- The window maybe opened at night.
- Where's the physician?
He already knows, my lady.
- It's our duty to have descendants.
- Your Highness, it's vital--
vital for you to practice abstinence.
Maybe it's time to use tools more
effective to finish with heresy.
By the grace of God
I name you General Inquisitor
of the Kingdom of Castile.
The less you know,
the better for you.
For God's sake, I beg you, let me go!
I am baptized,
I am as Christian as all of you!
Can you explain this to me?
We will teach him a lesson, so others will
think twice before pointing their finger.
You Highness, my office was robbed!
We have to stop the Turkish.
Tell to the Aragonese
fleet to go to Naples.
For my own will and Allah's gift
it's my desire to embrace the real faith.
Eat, my son.
You don't see what is good for you
because of that Christian bitch.
If you don't slip past,
you will have problems.
If Juana gets hurt,
you will answer to me and to God.
What did they do to our daughter?
She said her cousin
introduced her. Juana!
If you don't do it for Beatriz,
think about the queen.
You are calling my wife by name?
- You are going to die for this.
- My lady, you are livid.
Your Highness. Help!
What folly is that? Explain it.
Boabdil will give Granada to the unfaithful.
It won't happen.
Boabdil will never be Emir.
I decided that Nasser, Zoraida's son,
will be my successor.
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