Isabel (2011) s02e07 Episode Script

Tiempos de Inquisición

- It's a healthy boy, Your Highness.
- Close that door!
Don't you know what a draft
can do to a little baby?
You say things I had never heard before.
- Because I love you.
- I'm not against the Inquisition.
Then serve Castile.
The problem is not to start it,
but in whose hands it will be.
- Want to take the place of the church?
- Just to name the inquisitors
and let the crown keep the control.
By reducing the power of abbots, bishops,
and archbishops, we'd avoid more problems.
Her captivity is over. Now
she's turned into my guiding star
and my support.
And I've decided to make her my wife.
King Louis advocates to restore the broken
friendship after the Portugal adventure.
Will King Louis amend the
damages done to my father?
- Aragon and Castile are different kingdoms.
- I will not betray my father.
I don't have plans of killing the emir,
or being killed by my people.
The first thing, I knew. The second will only
be possible by trusting the right people.
Without the menace of France,
Castile will isolate us.
We have to warn the king, to demand
explanations. He has to stop the signing!
Meet the bishop of Albi.
Just be discreet.
My husband cannot know
about this for now.
You have to leave my kingdom one day.
Tell me you're not negotiating
with France behind my back.
- Leave us alone.
- You've betrayed me!
Me and my father!
And with you, I betray him!
- My dying father!
- I can defend myself from what I don't like.
Before I leave, I will sign
the treaty with France
and then you'll ask the bull to institute
the Inquisition under my conditions.
You've never let me down.
I will recover Roussillon
and Cerdaña for the crown.
There will be no Inquisition until
Brother Talavera finishes his work.
Do you want the king to be defeated?
It's in your hands, to take advantage of
Portugal's weakness and control the battle
- or to conclude a deal.
- They want to marry my son with Juana!
That marriage is a victory of yours.
That's the only way for you
to turn into queen of Castile.
You will marry the prince of Portugal.
One day, you will share his kingdom.
Remember that, before God,
I'm not your husband anymore.
- I made my decision.
- If she wants to be a nun, so be it.
I'll make sure she knows the hazards
of being a nun more than anyone.
- Lady, it's the prince.
- The fever keeps rising.
- The window must have been open--
- Where's the physician?
He's been informed.
[November, 1479]
Come close, those whose
fortune deprived them
from the pleasure of reading,
come close and listen.
'Talavera, Brother Hernando,
he wanders around Seville.'
'Teaches and preaches catechism
to he who now mocks with cynicism.'
'Go and tell Lady Isabel
that you do work in vain.'
'If a pig can shed his skin,
morganatic wife the Virgin is.'
'She who can't rule, should not reign,
for no heretic fears a dopey sovereign.'
'And being yourself a lay brother,
deserve no different treat, is no wonder'
'for converts and thieves,
aplenty the church receives.'
Get out of here, sinners!
Go away! Go away!
His Highness, the prince,
doesn't walk, he runs.
I'm glad. Just be careful he won't catch
a draft, he's susceptible to fevers.
- How is the newborn?
- Strong and healthy.
- Seems in a hurry to turn into a woman.
- I can attest.
She has the same spirit
as me when she cries.
That's the way it should be. May I?
When will I be able to get up?
Castile won't wait.
Your Highness, be patient.
Your legs are still swollen.
You will take a while before
taking up your activities.
I will apply an ointment and
you'll have to drink some tisanes.
I will show you how to prepare them.
Giving birth twice in such a short period
has been a hard test for your body.
- It's our duty to have progeny.
- It should also be to show prudence.
Another pregnancy
would be deadly for you.
Your Highnesses, it's vital
that you keep abstinence.
- For how long?
- Until you've recovered.
Then we will talk.
Please accept our condolences, Reverence.
With the passing of your brother, Don Diego
Castile lost one of its most faithful men.
I appreciate your words.
On my behalf and on my family's.
This is circulating around Seville.
You might want to be informed.
'She who can't rule, should not reign.'
So this is the result of
the evangelism of Talavera.
If the queen knew about this,
she'd be really upset.
May I know what this is?
I'm sure His Reverence
told you every single detail.
You should have informed me.
My mistake was wanting
to avoid the problems.
I'm writing a response in which
I refute the slurs, one by one.
It's not about a dispute on
the doctrine of the church.
It's an insult against me and the crown.
- If this goes unpunished, more will come.
- My lady.
To purify the faith of the
converts is an obstructed work.
We all knew that. From the beginning.
We just made the first steps.
- I pray you let me--
- Don't strive.
Continue with your work if you want,
but I doubt you will end heresy.
Now leave, Brother Hernando.
Maybe it's time to use more
effective ways to end heresy.
This is how the Pope begins his holy war.
Making no effort to free Otranto.
There's not much to free.
Almost all of its inhabitants were killed.
Two thousand souls.
We have to stop the Turk. Have the
Aragonese fleet set sail to Naples.
- You will take my orders.
- You can't win without support.
Then find it! It's not only Otranto, Peralta.
The control over the
Mediterranean is at stake.
What if all the disloyal
towns sign an alliance?
All Christianity would be in danger.
The Emir of Granada would attack Castile.
- Muley Hacen is not the Great Turk.
- True.
But with the support of his people,
who knows what he would be capable of.
Let's stop the threat before it exists.
- Salam Aleikum, my brother.
- Aleikum Salam.
Thank you for coming.
Something serious is going on if you
wanted me to leave Malaga this fast.
It is not serious, but important.
I need you next to me.
You look as strong as 20 years ago,
and more intelligent, if it's possible.
How can I help you?
I decided that Nasser, Zoraida's son,
will be my successor.
As Seville's archbishop,
we know you will like our decision.
I know this was hard for you.
I thank you.
You know you have all my support.
I see the queen told you it is your diocese
where the Inquisition will start its work.
We want to name the general
inquisitor as soon as possible.
Although we can choose anybody we want
let's remember the Pope was not
very happy with those conditions.
Right. It's good for us to
mend fences with Rome.
These are the candidates of the Holy See.
If you don't find the right man on that list,
look for him somewhere else.
What must be his virtues?
He has to be a cleric
without worldly ambitions.
Austere. Devoted. Unshakable.
Ready to fight vigorously against heresy.
But also pious.
Capable of forgiveness.
- Those are too many.
- He has to be just like that.
He will act in the name of the crown.
Seeing what happened elsewhere, I want to
be sure there won't be excesses in my name.
Maybe Rome made this work easy for us.
A lot of people will be against it.
Starting with Boabdil and his mother.
That's why I need you here.
You will be my right hand.
If something happens to me,
you will assume the regency.
What would happen to you?
Nobody knows Allah's plans.
You are prepared to rule.
And to take care of my people.
- I hope my end is still far away.
- I hope.
Otherwise, you will rule until my
successor reaches the right age.
I know you will know how to educate
him to be a good emir for Granada.
Count on me.
Your Highnesses,
I'm here with humility.
A very necessary quality in one
who will judge others' mistakes.
We all are sinners. One day we
will answer to the only judge.
Meanwhile, others will answer
to you. And you to the crown.
Brother Tomás.
For the grace of God, I name you general
inquisitor of the kingdom of Castile.
It will be a huge honor to fight
against heresy in your name.
- And in the name of the church.
- It will.
Let the innocent prove their innocence.
And make the guilty be punished.
Your work will start tomorrow.
Believe me, it will use all your time.
In Seville there are a lot of converts
who continue their heretic practices.
Some by mistake,
some out of stubbornness.
With all due respect,
while there are Jews in Castile
it will be hard to end heresy.
In Seville they live apart,
but not the false Christians.
They are the ones who threaten
the real faith. Don't forget it.
They will be pursued and executed.
I give you my word.
Brother Tomás, your work
is to make them repent.
Not to execute them.
Maybe in other Christian kingdoms,
the bonfire assures the purity of faith.
But there won't be death
sentences in Castile.
Your mercy is laudable.
Those who voluntarily plead guilty
of heresy before the court
and show repentance, will be forgiven.
The crown guarantees that.
I will do all I can to do it just as you wish.
In the name of Queen Isabel
and King Fernando
I let you know that today,
the Holy Inquisition Court
will start its work in Seville.
During the next 30 days
those who volunteer to
repent their heretic practices.
will get the forgiveness
and the blessing of Christ.
They will keep their goods and
we will do nothing against them.
That's too merciful.
I don't believe a single word.
will be pursued, they will get
a just punishment for their sins
until they show repentance
and will to profess the real faith.
The condemned will be
dispossessed of their goods.
They and their progeny.
There won't be mercy for the stubborn.
Every Christian who knows of or
suspects someone who Judaizes
will have to denounce it.
Their identity will remain anonymous.
Nothing will happen to the person
who helps us fight against heresy.
- Águeda, where are you going?
- To repent, what else can we do?
Don't you see it's a trap?
Let's go.
So you are the next king
and queen of Portugal?
- Who are you?
- Your cousin, Juana.
- I didn't know I had a cousin.
- Why they didn't tell you about me?
It's curious to meet you here.
Where both of us live
because of your mother.
What's going on in here?
Your protected one misses Castile. Like me.
- But she doesn't know her mother.
- Ignore her.
Wait for me in your room. Come on.
You live at her will, she will make
your life unhappy. Be sure of that.
Come on.
- How can you?
- Ma'am.
No matter how I try, I can't stop thinking
the convent is a dark and wet place.
Listen to me and reconsider. I'm not
asking you to stay inside four walls
but if you don't go unnoticed
you will have problems.
I don't think Badoz drank his medicine.
He who gets distracted, will pay.
Your Highness.
It's from the princess. You can leave.
- What did they do to her?
- She says she met her cousin.
- Juana!
- Did she leave the convent?
- We will ask King Alfonso to explain.
- There isn't an explanation.
They broke the contract.
They will face the consequences.
Don't let anger make you blind.
- Before making a decision, we have to--
- They laugh at us.
And everybody in Portugal knows it!
If it weren't for the princess,
we would never have known!
You don't want war.
- You want Juana to live confined, right?
- That was the deal.
Then let diplomacy solve this,
not weapons.
- I won't yield.
- It won't be necessary.
We will make Juana go back to the
convent and stay there forever.
Father, nothing will happen to you.
- That much you trust in the inquisitor?
- You still have time.
Later it will be useless to repent.
- I'm afraid for you.
- I have nothing to repent.
My mind is calmed. More than others.
What if I ask you to do it for me?
- I didn't do anything!
- It's in Águeda's house.
Please, I beg you, let me go!
I'm baptized, I'm Christian
just like all of you!
Close the house. It now
belongs to the Inquisition.
- What's wrong? What is she accused of?
- Who is asking?
Excuse my father, Brother Tomás.
- I have seen you in the palace.
- I work for the queen.
Let's go, Father.
This isn't our business.
No, no, please!
Boabdil is your heir, he is the
one who has to be next to you.
Not your brother! Listen to me!
No, you listen to me.
Boabdil wouldn't be able to
rule the land he stands on.
- How can you insult your son like that?
- Am I lying?
It's my fault. For leaving
his education in your hands.
You turned him into a puppet
you control how you want.
And admit it, you want to do
the same thing with Granada.
You just see what is good for you and
all this is because of that Christian whore.
What's going on?
'If today I listen, I hear music
that comes from a distant place.'
'Also from the past.
From all that has died.'
'From hours and signs different from
today's and from other lives.'
Nice poem, my son.
Who are you trying to fool?
Our rights are in danger if you
spend your time with silly things.
- Don't you have blood in your veins?
- That I don't rule Granada
doesn't mean I am not the emir's son.
I won't turn against my father.
If Allah didn't want you as emir,
you wouldn't have been my son. Face this!
Or do you want me to do it for you?
Sorry, your son wanted to see you.
There isn't a door that can't
be opened to my son. Right?
Moraima, we are talking
about serious issues.
You have to go with your mother.
I will be with you in no time, I promise.
My son, you have a
great imagination. Use it.
If Zagal and the disloyal do
what they want in Granada
your presence will be a reminder
that they usurped the throne.
You will become a nuisance.
What will happen with you?
What about your children?
Leave it to me. I will help you.
Beatriz! Beatriz, are you here?
Where were you?
The queen wants her tisane.
I will make it right now.
- I put some honey to make it less bitter.
- You are an angel.
Brother Hernando, I'm glad to see you.
- I know I failed you and I'm sorry. But--
- Don't say anything.
You acted in good faith.
Now I just want justice.
Stop this madness, I beg you.
The Inquisition dungeons
can't fit more people.
There are a lot of converts who Judaize.
- And a lot of the innocent were arrested.
- If they're innocent they don't have to worry.
God protects them.
And the heretics had time to repent, right?
My lady, there are many accusations
caused by rancor and greed.
Some are called heretics, but are
only victims of someone else's sins.
You have to trust in the church's court.
If they aren't guilty, they will know.
While the denunciations are anonymous,
the accused are helpless against the slander.
Brother Hernando,
I thank you for your zeal.
I will share your concerns with
Brother Torquemada, I promise you.
I'm the most interested in the Inquisition
being as effective as it is exemplary.
But I didn't call you to judge
the general inquisitor's job.
But to ask you to do something.
I want you to go to Portugal.
- You ask me to leave Seville.
- Because I trust you like in nobody else.
- I need you to do something for me.
- What can I do for you?
Juana lives in Portugal's court.
Neither Beatriz of Braganza nor
the king answer to my complaints.
You will make sure she's making her vows
- and that she goes back to the convent.
- What if she doesn't?
They will break the peace treaty.
If that happens, you will come
back with my daughter to Castile.
I didn't give them my daughter
for Juana to do what she wants.
The emir lost his mind because of
that Christian who sleeps with him.
He wants to make his
heir the son of that whore.
Granada ruled by the son of an infidel?
First the end of the Castilians
and now he will give the throne
to the son of a Christian?
Believe me, he's that crazy.
If we don't stop it
our children and grandsons will
be ashamed of our cowardice.
The time has come.
What do you have in mind?
Boabdil has to succeed his father.
He is Allah's chosen one.
Under his rule,
Granada will get its sanity back.
Do you plan to negotiate with Castile?
We will get a good treaty for us.
We have to calm the Christians
while we get stronger.
Finally. You finally realized
war is unavoidable.
Boabdil will know how to get followers.
He is cautious and generous,
and he hasn't harmed anybody.
But he needs men like you to
protect Granada with weapons.
And to protect his rights to the throne.
Talk with your people, look in your name,
for the support of all the Abencerrages.
You will have it. As long as I live
an infidel won't rule Granada.
In that case, come.
I want you to meet my son.
I declare you guilty
of anointing the dead according
to the rites of the Hebraic law.
Of celebrating Sabbath parties
and of not respecting the fast during Lent.
As penance, your goods
will be confiscated.
You will wear a blessed
sack for six months.
and you will go to the
Easter Procession to beg
your forgiveness.
- Who denounced her?
- A damn coward.
What if you are the next?
- Moises.
- Go away.
If they see you with a Jew,
you will wear the sack.
The queen doesn't know what she's doing.
Converts are good people.
The most prosperous families of the city,
and very loyal people, I know.
A lot of us just think about leaving Seville.
- Where do you plan to go?
- To Portugal.
But to prepare, we need a place away
from the scope of the Inquisition.
Just a few days.
You have the queen's favor.
You don't have to worry.
I pay a good amount of money for it.
It's risky. There are a
lot of families to feed.
I would need a fortune.
As you say, we converts are good people.
Prosperous and grateful.
You won't put yourself at risk for nothing.
Susón, we have always understood
each other. I will do all I can.
In the name of Queen Isabel of Castile
I demand you to fulfill the
signed treaties in Alcáçovas.
- Didn't we fulfill them?
- Your cousin, the lady Juana
has to leave the court right now and
go back to the Convent of Santa Clara.
My cousin is not in the court,
I assure you.
I have your permission to prove it.
If Miss Juana doesn't go back,
my lady will cancel all the treaties.
Of course, Princess Isabel will
go back to Castile immediately.
Give me time.
All your demands will be satisfied,
I give you my word.
I'm glad.
But I won't leave until Miss Juana
professes her vows as a nun.
Where's Juana? I have to talk to her.
You didn't lie, she left
this morning for Santarém.
My God, that woman is ungovernable.
Al Sarray, are you sure?
In Malaga I have Abencerrages
at my service. There's no doubt.
I see anger in your eyes. Is she that bad
of an adviser on such serious matters?
I know that better thank you.
We still have time.
We will talk to Boabdil. He has to
learn what side is good for him.
What about your wife Aixa?
Leave her to me.
Your Highness, I have say, thanks to you,
people in Seville live better than before.
It's hard to believe you are saying that.
It's true I have suffered your rigor,
but your magnanimity has been good for me.
I just want to have
peace and justice in Castile.
That's why it is hard for me
to understand you now.
The Inquisition has the converts terrified.
- Those who don't Judaize have nothing to fear.
- They are good people.
They deserve your compassion.
Is their sin that horrible?
Stop. Heresy is a crime
against our Lord, Jesus Christ.
They will flee,
and with them our prosperity.
- Maybe if you were less tough--
- Be clear.
Why did you come?
Some suspects asked for my help.
But before deciding
whether to give it to them
I wanted to be sure of your opinion.
Maybe you are more afraid of a new fight
against the crown than Seville's ruin.
- Maybe.
- Then listen to me.
Those who persist in heresy won't
get my clemency, I assure you.
And those who protect them will
account for their actions to the court.
Do you know now what
will be your decision?
It's all settled. We will leave to
Chipiona the day after tomorrow.
I'm calm because I know
you will be safe there.
Daughter, come with me.
Here in Seville you are tied by
the same thing as me. Nothing.
How can you say that?
I was born here.
And my mother and
Samuel are buried here.
Your Highness, if you
don't want anything else--
Go in peace, Marquise.
My lady, you don't look good.
- Your Highness. Help!
- Your Highness!
Tell Badoz!
My father insists on dining with me.
What should I do?
- Maybe he knows about our plans.
- He doesn't, or I wouldn't be talking to you.
You father loves you. He
doesn't think you are his enemy.
- But you warned me--
- While the emir lives, don't worry.
Enjoy your father's company.
Be attentive of everything he says to you.
Make him as proud of his son as I am!
When your father dies, nobody will be
against you. Nobody, not even Zagal.
Somebody will protect us.
- She drinks the tisanes--
- Three times a day, as you said.
Calm down. Your faint is
not related to the birth.
Thank God.
I told you to be patient
and you didn't listen to me.
Your weakness is because you
started too soon with your work.
- I assure you I rest as much as I can.
- It's not enough.
You will stay in bed until I give
you permission to stand up.
- You decide for Castile's queen?
- Let him do it for once.
There's nothing I can't do in your place.
- Your Highness.
- My lady.
Are you waiting for the roast?
Eat. Eat.
I'm glad to be here next to you again.
Let me enjoy this moment.
You don't have to doubt my love, Son.
Even if another will be in your place,
and will be my successor.
Then, fragile is the love to politics.
Trust in Emir, act with wisdom.
Boabdil, you have a lot of virtues.
And maybe in other times you
would have been a great emir.
But now, Granada doesn't need a poet.
It needs a warrior.
With the same wood you can build a lute.
Or an arc with its arrows.
You are the lute, of course.
You will always be my son, Boabdil.
I will always be your father.
But I have other plans for
this kingdom. Accept it.
I know you won't listen to those
who will come to you with evil words.
All the opposite, they
have to listen to you.
Tell them that who is against me, scheming
behind my back, will pay for betrayal.
Eat, my son.
The Marquis of Cádiz won't help us.
We are alone.
We can't stop the Inquisition.
But I know how to defend us.
We have to attack the ones who denounce us,
they cause the accusations.
Maybe there's a way of getting the names.
We will teach them a lesson. The others
will think twice before pointing to somebody.
- He's a beast! He's a beast!
- What's going on?
- My father.
- What's going on?
I haven't slept all night
because I was thinking about you.
Promise me you are not
doing something crazy.
I promise you.
You don't have to be afraid.
Take this. I came to bring you this.
It was your mother's.
I want you to have it.
With it you will feel more protected.
I will keep it as a treasure.
Stay in the court.
You will be safe here.
And now continue with your work,
I don't want to distract you.
Just looking at the food I lost my appetite.
Make an effort, Isabel.
Eating will be good for you.
- Come in.
- Your Highnesses!
Your Highness!
Somebody robbed my office.
In the palace?
They came looking for
something very specific.
And that's the only thing they took.
Documents with the identities
of some of the informers.
Think of the danger the people
who helped us with our work are in.
If those papers are in the wrong hands--
- Susana.
- Yes, my lady?
Gather all the servants on the yard
and interrogate them.
Find out who went in or out of the palace.
Anybody who did this will
pay. You have my word.
Give me that.
- How could you?
- The less you know, the better for you.
- Give me those papers.
- No.
You will have to take them
away from me by force.
- Don't make me!
- I'm not scared of you!
I won't let you to fall into ruin.
You are the only thing I have.
Susana, daughter! Susana!
- What are you doing here?
- You had to tell me about your condition.
I'm sorry for not coming before.
Your niece is always next to me.
- I'm in good hands.
- Yes.
But I doubt you listen to her.
And I will make sure you
won't do anything imprudent.
Come in.
I'm glad to see you.
What a surprise.
- When did you arrive?
- Just a little while ago.
I had them put my
luggage on your room.
We will sleep together, so you can tell
me how everything is going in the court.
You are very changed.
Did Juana give you an answer?
I suspect she's enjoying all this.
Every day the problem is bigger.
Today, Brother Hernando
visited Princess Isabel.
I know. But I can't find a solution.
If we could find her a marriage far from
Portugal, I wouldn't doubt marrying Juana.
Queen Isabel wouldn't
ever let that happen.
There's another solution.
And it's definitive.
Don't think I haven't thought about it.
We can't decide something like that
without the king's authorization.
Talk to your father.
Portugal's peace is at risk.
Where were you?
I'm very worried about you.
Who is it?
Look at me.
You gave him your honor.
You don't care about your family.
Nor the respect you owe to the queen.
I love him.
And he takes advantage of
that to take you to bed.
Tell me, who is he?
Don't insist. I can't.
I won't let you get lost.
I will talk to the queen.
You will leave the court and
you will go back to your family.
- Don't you dare. Do anything against me
- Beatriz, how can--
and I swear you will pay.
Since I was young, I've admired
your talent for hunting.
- I'm not the one I used to be, I assure you.
- I don't believe you.
Your aim is accurate. You anticipate
your victim and win on its own land.
- What are we talking about?
- You are a great strategist.
- Nobody is saved with a bad hit.
- We got rid of Al Sarray
and Aixa got a lesson.
All with the same hit.
- I don't think it's wrong.
- While it doesn't feed others' plots.
- Be clear.
- Some of our people don't like
that the son of a Christian
inherits your throne.
With him, Granada will
as bright as in the past.
Yes. But for now they just see
he's the son of a Christian.
- Stop! Stop! Guards!
- No. No.
- Guards! Stop her!
- Take her, take her!
I have enough dead
people on my conscience.
- There has to be another solution.
- None that Castile will accept.
Talk to Juana, solve this as you can.
But don't even think about hurting her.
I promised I was going to
protect her. I am the king!
While I live you have to obey me.
Swear on the Bible you will fight
for her life. Swear it to me!
If Juana gets hurt, you will
answer to me and to God.
My dear.
I have to ask you something.
For our son and Granada's good.
I couldn't deny anything to you.
Tell me.
What can I do to make you forget
that thing that worries you?
I'm embroidering some flowers.
Go and tell my aunt.
The queen just demands
for what was signed.
You chose freely to become a nun.
Your will was respected.
You have to do it.
For your honor and for Portugal's peace.
Why does she insist?
I lost everything.
I assure you the queen
is righteous and godly.
What do I have to do?
Talk to her for me. I swear I won't do
anything against her or Castile, I swear!
God and you are witnesses.
- Calm down.
- I will sign anything, but I want to live.
I want to marry somebody,
I want to have children!
I beg you, she will listen to you.
Trust in God, He protects you.
I will never trust anybody.
I swear it in the name of God.
She did it, I have no doubt.
She had the papers with her.
I would never have imagined. Susana.
- Never.
- That's why the betrayal is even bigger.
She's one of your ladies.
What do you want me to do?
I can't make any distinctions.
What would you do?
Let justice do its job.
She committed a crime against the Inquisition.
The Inquisition must judge her.
God, forgive her.
- Are you okay?
- I'm cold.
I have to talk to you.
It really doesn't matter.
We will talk when you feel better.
Why did you steal the documents?
I didn't steal. I didn't.
I'm innocent. I swear. I swear. No.
No. No, no!
Why did you steal the documents?
Oh, God! God Almighty. Help me, please!
- Help me.
- I believe you.
If you didn't do it, then who did?
- Who are you protecting?
- I don't know. I know nothing.
I just wanted to return them.
No, please don't! No!
I can make this suffering stop.
But first, you have to
tell me what you know.
No. No, no.
No, no! No!
My father! My father!
No. My father.
- Excuse me, Your Highness.
- Come in. Go.
We haven't talked since you arrived.
How's your husband?
Fine. My husband is fine.
Listen I need to ask you something.
If it depends on me, you'll have it.
You know that the queen
and I appreciate you.
I would never try to upset you.
I deeply respect you, and if I wasn't sure
this is necessary,
I'd never dare to talk to you.
What's wrong, Beatriz?
You're worrying me.
It's about my niece, Beatriz.
Let me take her with me, I beg you.
She's just a girl, but you are a man.
- How dare you?
- Only you can fix this.
Beatriz has lost her mind, she won't listen.
Nothing matters to her,
not her honor nor her future.
If you don't do it for Beatriz
think about the queen.
About the love she feels for you.
Do you dare to speak of my wife like that?
I beg you, Your Highness.
End with this madness,
before it's too late.
I stole those documents.
You have me, let my daughter go.
- Impossible, she had them with her.
- She wanted to give them back.
Let her go. She's innocent.
First, tell me what you
wanted to do with them.
I wanted those cowards
that betrayed my people
to pay with blood for their disloyalty!
Set the daughter of this man free.
Were you leading the conspiracy?
- There's no such thing.
- Tell me.
Who are your accomplices?
You have my word that nothing
else will happen to your daughter.
- In exchange, I want their names.
- You're overestimating me.
No other heretic was
brave enough to follow me.
Father, forgive them
for they know what they do!
What are you thinking?
I've known your aunt for a long time.
Does she suspect anything
about your midnight absences?
She hasn't said anything yet.
Calm down.
You will never have to worry about me.
I'm no fool.
I know my place.
You're meant to reign
along with your wife.
And only the Highest can break that bond.
Since the queen got sick, I pray that
she gets well and lives for many years.
But no matter what the
decision of the Lord is
I will always be by your side.
It's beginning to get light.
I beg you.
Tell me their names,
and you'll save your life.
That heretic will die before
betraying his people.
Dead, he will speak even less.
My lady, I know it is your will
that no one is executed.
But in this case,
you should reconsider it.
- But there's no violent crime.
- Because we could prevent it.
He wanted to kill the good Christians
that work with the court.
What crime could there be
more dreadful than that?
What about the rest of the
conspirators? Did you find them?
No, Your Highness. Susón must die.
The punishment has to stop
those who share his intentions.
I have to think about it. I
will let you know my decision.
Torquemada is right.
We knew this moment was going to come.
We have done all we could to stop it.
But we must stand firm.
I knew that man.
A well-educated and prudent merchant.
I talk to you as Emir of the last
Muslim kingdom of the peninsula.
But don't look for resignation in my
heart, nor nostalgia for lost splendors.
Just the opposite.
The ambition of a better future for
Granada inspires all my decisions.
The upcoming challenges are enormous.
The glory days will come back,
I promise you. And on that road
my wife Zoraida will be with me.
For my own will and Allah's favor
it's my wish to embrace the real faith.
I swear my children will respect
the precepts of the Koran.
And they will be educated according
to the prophet's teachings.
May Allah guide us and protect us.
- Allah is great!
- Allah is great!
On this happy day, tell us,
what's written in the stars?
The unborn son in Zoraida's
belly will be strong as iron.
With his sword he will
win one thousand battles.
Tell me something I don't know.
What else is going to happen?
Sir, the future isn't in my hands nor yours.
But in your son's, Boabdil's.
Grief will swamp Granada
when he becomes Emir.
And the crescent will move
to the Christian cross.
What are you saying? Explain yourself.
- Boabdil will give Granada to the infidels.
- It won't happen.
Boabdil won't be the Emir.
My son Nasser is my heir.
He's the future of Granada, all right?
- Allah is great!
- Allah is great!
Susana. Why didn't you come to me?
I know your intention was good.
- You would have avoided suffering and--
- Just you.
Can you do this for me, Your Highness?
I beg you clemency for him.
You are merciful.
My father made a lot of mistakes
but he isn't a bad person.
Show mercy.
He doesn't deserve that horrible death.
I will let you see him.
But I can't do anything else for him
but pray to God for his forgiveness.
I swear on my mother's
memory we will leave Castile.
Enough. You already heard the queen.
You can say goodbye to your father.
Don't expect anything else.
God bless you.
Guards, take care of her.
Isabel. What's going on? What's wrong?
- Tell Badoz.
- Help!
What are you doing there?
I will stay with her. Your Highness.
Your Highness. What's going on?
Your Highness.
- Where is the poison?
- What are you talking about?
You are poisoning the queen.
No. That's not true.
- You will die for this.
- It's just a love potion for your good.
You know I wouldn't do
anything against the queen.
Drink it.
Drink it!
Stay away from the queen.
And out of my sight!
We had to leave when we could.
All this is my fault.
Not yours.
All this is my fault.
What's going on? You are not well.
It's your custom to find a
suitable marriage for your ladies.
- That's right.
- You should find a husband for one of them.
Tell me. Who's the lucky one?
Beatriz de Osorio.
It couldn't be any other.
The niece of my best friend.
I will take care of it right now.
Any candidates?
- Do you want her near the court?
- Do what you want.
I told you what I had to.
That's more than enough.
In appreciation of your services
I decided to award you with
a marriage worthy of you.
I don't want anything
else but to serve you.
It's my will. Mine and my
husband's, the king's.
I personally chose your husband.
He's a noble of the highest lineage.
Hernán Peraza.
Viceroy of the Canaries.
Lord, take this sinner's soul.
You have time to repent in front of God.
I repent.
I regret being Christian and trusting
in the goodness of its clerics.
Fire will purify your sins.
May God have mercy on you.
You are the sinners. The ungodly!
God will punish you. The seven
plagues will scourge you!
The law of Moses will be fulfilled!
An eye for an eye. I curse you!
An eye for an eye. I curse you!
Come with me.
Repent, weak ones. Repent, fools.
When there was time, you denied
eradicating the menace from the earth.
Suffer now, the plague that
the devilish Jewish servant
spreads house by house.
From man to woman.
From mother to son. The plague.
The Jewish plague that
destroys Christianity.
The plague!
Isabel, you have to forgive.
You're the heir. Your destiny is written.
Trust in it. And your mother.
Who are you to dare to
look like that at your king?
Don't you recognize me?
We will go to Aragon
whenever I find it convenient.
It's the king's will that never more
are the feudal misuses applied.
Never more.
- Kill the Christians.
- I will.
I want my children to learn how to read
and write immediately. Find a proper tutor.
This is Beatriz of Galindo.
Leave, please.
- What?
- Get out of the room.
Guifré of Prades, hell awaits for you!
If you don't respect me as your wife,
at least do it as your queen.
We'll surround the city. We'll bring the
Christians' attention to another part of the wall
while a group of our best men
sneak in through that passage.
We've been summoned to fight for Christianity
against the Muslims, like our ancestors did.
On the battlefield you will show
your loyalty to the crown
and your faith in Christ, our Lord.
I've been given the divine mission
to declare war against infidels
and return Al-Ándalus to Muslims.
Al Sarray's death will not be in vain,
if you continue what he couldn't finish.
Help us get rid of the Emir.
Open the gates to the troops of Allah!
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