Isabel (2011) s02e08 Episode Script

Herederos de sangre

Another pregnancy
would be deadly for you.
- It's our duty to have progeny.
- Your Highnesses, it's vital
that you keep abstinent.
'She who can't rule, should not reign.'
So this is the result of
the evangelism of Talavera.
Maybe it's time to use more
effective ways to end heresy.
By the grace of God, I name you general
inquisitor of the kingdom of Castile.
- If you are noticed you will have problems.
- What did they do to her?
She says she met her cousin. Juana!
If lady Juana doesn't go back,
my lady will cancel the treaty.
If Juana gets hurt,
you will answer to me and to God.
Salam Aleikum, brother.
I decided that Nasser, Zoraida's son,
will be my successor.
I know you won't listen to those
who come to you with evil words.
Tell them that those against me, scheming
behind my back, will pay for the betrayal.
Eat, my son.
It's my wish to embrace the real faith.
- Boabdil will give Granada to the infidels.
- It won't happen.
- Boabdil won't be the Emir.
- We will teach them a lesson.
The others will think twice
before pointing at somebody.
Somebody robbed the office.
Documents with the identities of some informers.
- How could you?
- The less you know, the better for you.
She's one of your ladies.
What do you want me to do?
Let justice to do its job.
I wanted those cowards
that betrayed my people
to pay with blood
for their disloyalty!
- I added honey to make it less bitter.
- You are an angel.
My lady, you don't look good.
Your Highness. Help!
If you don't do it for Beatriz,
think about the queen.
Do you dare to speak
of my wife that way?
- You will die for this.
- Who's the lucky one?
Beatriz de Osorio.
- Susón must die.
- All this is my fault.
An eye for an eye. I curse you!
An eye for an eye. I curse you!
[Old Catalonia]
Hurry. I know I should make my fiancé wait
but not so long as to let him back out.
- You look beautiful.
- Father.
You will learn to be on your own.
I did it before,
when you were just a baby.
I told you we'd go hunting and didn't lie.
We just hunted a bride-to-be
heading to the altar.
- Let us go, I beg you.
- Father, no!
Shut up, old man.
You thought I wouldn't know?
I will pay everything I owe you, but please
- she's my only daughter.
- I will not see her again
until you pay all your debts.
Let's get going.
Please, let me go!
You can go.
No trace of buboes.
They're as healthy as they could be.
Thank God. If the plague--
I can't even imagine it. I'd go crazy.
There's a big distance between Segovia and Seville.
If they were infected, we'd know.
I'm really grateful. You can go now.
You're right in being cautious.
The plague makes no distinction
between peasants and monarchs.
Or between Christians and Jews,
we're all the same before the disease.
Jews are not the source of the plague.
If you believe I think so, you're wrong.
My lady, many people are wrong.
- And the chaos is so great--
- You can go, Badoz.
Take care of the chaos
caused by the disease.
Of that caused by my vassals,
I will take care.
My lady, this is for you.
It's from my niece, Beatriz.
And still, she dares to
ask for my forgiveness.
I hope she enjoys the Canaries
along with her husband.
- My lady, I don't know what to say--
- Beatriz, for God's sake!
Don't worry anymore!
It wasn't your fault.
No one forced my husband to--
Isabel, you have to forgive.
The king insists that you go to Aragon
to proceed with the oath of Prince Juan
as heir before the courts.
He'll have to wait.
Castile and my children need me.
I don't think it's the right time.
His Highness, Don Fernando
insists on personally taking care
of your children's education.
If the king is far from here,
it's because he has things to do.
When he's back,
he'll be able to do so.
Maybe he wouldn't insist
so much if you answered
the missives he sends every week.
We will go to Aragon
whenever I find it appropriate.
In any case, I won't wait for
him to educate my children.
Please go.
Sir, excuse me for bothering you.
Someone wants to see you.
No news from Castile yet?
I know rancor won't let
her answer my letters
but courts must be summoned in advance.
What is she waiting for?
It's about the future of the crown.
Please, excuse me.
Let him in.
Who are you, and why do you
dare look at your king like that?
Don't you recognize me?
Verntallat, for God's sake!
- How long has it been?
- As long as my face shows, I'm afraid.
Let me introduce you to Pere Joan Sala,
my right-hand man.
We have to celebrate.
Bring food and wine!
We will celebrate the reunion.
Remember the astrologer
who predicted I'd rule Granada?
Your father must remember.
He keeps his words deep in his heart.
So deep that it made him
get his tongue cut off
and his eyes removed.
If it's written in the sky that
you'll be the next Emir, you will.
Even if he leaves every astrologer
in Granada mute and blind.
He also said I'd be the
last Emir of Granada.
- But first, the throne will be yours.
- My father will never let that happen.
You're the heir. Your destiny is written.
Trust it. And your mother.
This man saved my late
mother's life and mine.
How old was I? Ten?
That was when the count of Pallars
attacked Girona with 2000 men.
They were locked in the Gironella tower.
I will never forget your terrified
mother's face, fearing for you.
I guarantee she never forgot
either what you did for us.
Lady Juana Enriquez. Great woman.
To honor. And to lasting friendship.
True friendship.
Now tell me what the important
matter was that brought you here.
We come in search of justice.
- What's the matter?
- A nobleman, Guifré of Prades
kidnapped the daughter of
a serf on her wedding day.
As retaliation for not giving
him part of the dowry.
The nobleman embraces the feudal abuses.
He won't give her back until he pays.
The harvest was burned and he's
also asking for payment for that.
The serf will never be able to pay his debt.
Those customs were abolished.
My uncle, King Alfonso,
promulgated a law to end them.
Right, in 1455.
- You know that didn't prevent the war.
- Nothing changed since then.
Noblemen won't stop
abusing the peasants.
They will obey the rules of
Aragon by hook or by crook.
I promise you that.
I will end with the abuses for good.
I want my children to learn how
to read and write immediately.
I want them to speak Latin and learn
music and theology sooner than I did.
No intention of contravening you
but aren't they too young to
assimilate those teachings?
Juana seems really intelligent.
And the crown prince has to learn
how to read as soon as possible.
Find the proper tutor.
In that case, I think I
know the perfect person.
What a lovely creature.
The queen's most beloved treasure.
Your Highness.
This is Beatriz of Galindo.
Will I be in charge of this beauty too?
I'm afraid that won't be
necessary anymore. Beatriz.
Juan, come with me.
Nasser ben Ali, as strong
and healthy as his father.
As beautiful as his mother.
The worthy heir is in my arms.
- He will return glory to this kingdom.
- So be it.
I just can't imagine a more splendorous
kingdom than the one you rule.
- Castile, compared to Granada, is--
- It's a dismal land since it lost you.
Good news, my brother and lord.
Our spies are on their way back.
- Did they do it?
- Now we know how to get in.
I asked you to look for a good tutor.
Do I have to remind you that he must
teach the heir of Castile and Aragon?
I assure you that Beatriz
of Galindo is an erudite.
- A prodigy of knowledge.
- Too young.
She can't possibly have
the necessary experience.
She's been teaching Latin at the
University of Salamanca for three years.
Aren't there men equally trained?
Few women, except for you
are so devout and honest in their acts.
There's nothing to fear.
I knew she was about to take vows
and enter an enclosed convent.
This is the mandate that his Serene Highness,
King Alfonso of Aragon and Sicily
dictated in the year 1455
and by which feudal abuses
were abolished.
I ordered that transcriptions of it
were made so all of you remember
what rights the serfs of your lands have.
In case of any breach, the crown
will make justice by any means.
Including by force, if necessary.
Is it clear?
You can leave.
Everybody but you.
How can I serve you, Your Highness?
I heard you hold in captivity the
daughter of one of your peasants.
That's right, sir.
What gives you the right
to kidnap one of my vassals
on her wedding day?
Sir, I had to.
That peasant was mocking me.
Explain yourself.
The whole harvest was burned accidentally.
And he won't compensate my loss.
- Do you think he has enough to do so?
- He must have something.
His daughter was going to get married.
But I didn't receive a part of her dowry.
- Contrary to what we do in our lands.
- Those are precisely
the abuses that King Alfonso abolished.
Until now, Catalonia has never
taken into account such a thing.
My Lord, a serf is a serf.
And this one in particular
deserves punishment.
Punishments are given
by the king of Aragon.
Then impose obedience on the peasants
or soon they'll rise up against us.
For now, you'll be the one to obey.
Return the young girl you hold prisoner.
I can't do that. There wouldn't
be a bigger sign of weakness.
- Others would--
- I won't repeat it.
Set her free. Your king commands it.
May I know what you are doing here?
- I'm going back to Salamanca.
- Without the queen's consent?
The queen doesn't want to know anything
about me. Why did you summon me?
Because you're the right person
to educate the prince and princess.
- Only you think that.
- Don't hurry.
I beg you.
The queen doesn't trust me.
- What do you want me to do?
- Give me time to convince her.
Be patient.
Demonstrate your rectitude
and your knowledge.
And above all, conceal your beauty.
I noticed that this time it took longer
than usual before you confessed.
I'm mostly thinking of government matters.
As to get you distracted
from your religious duties?
Knowing you, they must be serious.
They are. I can't stop thinking of them.
Can I help to give peace to your soul?
Thank you, but I doubt
you can do anything.
Are you afraid?
Why would I be? I'm the queen of Castile.
New threats, maybe. That the
past might be present again.
That another woman usurps your
place in your husband's heart.
You are smart, Brother Hernando.
Maybe too smart.
- It's not my intention to bother you.
- Just do your job.
Whenever I need your advice,
I will let you know.
[Old Catalonia]
What have they done to you?
What have they done to you?
Damn bastard.
You're right, since the events
with Beatriz, I have been bitter.
- I don't want that to happen again.
- You're afraid of not being able to prevent it.
Preventing temptations, sins are avoided.
But there are many temptations
hanging upon Fernando.
That's why you don't want
Beatriz of Galindo in the court?
Even if I know that all the power of a
queen is useless in this kind of matter.
That young lady would never betray you.
Give her a chance.
And your husband too.
By whom I'm pregnant again.
I haven't wanted him to know.
Not now that there's
only distance between us.
And silence.
My lady, don't you see? It's a sign.
The Lord put in your belly that new
fruit so you can forget the past.
Don't doubt anymore. Tell your
husband everything that troubles you.
He loves you. You know that.
Go to Aragon.
Swear under oath that your son,
Juan, is heir of his father.
Prove that you are the greatest
queen Castile has ever had.
Send a messenger. Get everything ready.
We'll leave right away.
[River Jalón, Calatayud]
Coming to receive the queen at the border
of both kingdoms was a great idea, my lord.
We will see that now, Peralta.
The king of Aragon has come to
receive you with joy and honor.
Isabel, queen of Castile,
on my behalf and on my kingdom's
be welcome to the kingdom of Aragon.
I'm honored and grateful
for your reception.
This is the weak point of the city of Zahara.
An abandoned passage.
It's perfect to get into the citadel.
Are you sure it's not protected?
That's what our spies affirm.
We'll surround the city, get the Christians'
attention at another part of the wall
and a group of our best men will
sneak in through that passage.
With Allah on our side,
no one and nothing can stop us.
Then go and conquer that city.
There's no village we didn't visit.
My people showed affection for you. They
love their queen as much as their king.
I'm really honored and
grateful for the reception.
I needed to see you again by my side.
The oath is tomorrow. I'm
tired and I need to rest.
Please go.
- What?
- Get out of the room, I beg you.
I will not share the bed with you.
- Isabel.
- Get out.
Once reviewed and justified the absences
and with the consent given by
His Reverence, Cardinal Mendoza
the Council is ready to receive
the king's proposal.
Noblemen, knights, and prelates,
representatives of the Aragonese courts.
I, Fernando II of Aragon,
in full awareness and complete responsibility
have summoned you on this glorious day to
propose my son, Juan of Aragon and Castile
as successor to the crown of his father,
thus making him legitimate heir of his kingdom.
Raise your hand, those who
agree with the king's proposal.
In the name of God
and the Holy Gospel
do you pledge under your son's name
and until he can endorse it on his own
to stay loyal and faithful
to the laws of the kingdom?
I pledge.
By God's grace, Prince Juan
is declared by these courts
as legitimate successor
to the throne of Aragon.
This way.
Put out the torches.
Open the gates of Zahara
to the troops of Allah!
You're acting like a caged animal.
Calm down!
This is not my place.
My place is in the battlefield
with my men, and my brother.
You cannot risk your life for
a conquest. You're the Emir.
What would become of
Granada without you?
- What would become of me?
- We should have news by now.
Brother. Thank Allah.
Why you didn't inform
me of anything before?
I wanted to personally tell you
that Zahara is Muslim again.
Zahara is ours. Did you hear?
Zahara is ours!
Brother, your victory announces
the beginning of something bigger.
There's no better omen
of what's about to come.
I thought the oath of our son
was going to calm you down.
But I see you insist on your anger.
Are you going to forgive me one day?
If you hate me this much,
why did you come?
You should have stayed in Segovia.
I can distinguish between state
affairs and our disagreements.
In that case,
once Prince Juan made his oath
nothing else makes you stay here.
I'll get everything ready
for your return to Castile.
I'm going to stay.
Don't do anything.
I won't go back to Segovia either.
I came here to ensure my son's future.
But also to get to know you better.
And everything that is around you.
I have nothing to hide.
What can I do for you?
I want to meet the rest of your children.
I can't understand why you
are making me go through this.
The queen wants to meet my
children and their mother.
Act with dignity.
That's all I ask for.
My lady, at your feet.
Get up.
So you are the mother of
these two lovely children?
Yes, my lady.
You kids are exemplary.
Serious and respectful.
You must be proud of them.
Especially of Your Eminence,
the Archbishop of Zaragoza.
He's still too young.
But you can be sure he fulfills his
duty in the best way possible.
I don't have any doubt about it. I can see
the care and good work on his education.
They are my children. There's nothing
in the world I care more about.
I am a mother too. Don't forget it.
I know that feeling.
But I'm sure you're not the only
one who cares about them.
You know what Alonso
and Juana mean to me.
That's why I want you to know
I endorse what is in your will
about the proposed
legacy for your children.
If my husband dies, be sure
these two children will
have everything they need.
Thank you very much, my lady.
Your generosity is infinite.
There's just one way
to end their privileges.
Finish with them right now.
Come with me, I assure you the daughter
of this man will be their last victim!
- Let's finish with them!
- Let's finish with them!
Now you heard him.
His words are fair and right.
But I also tell you that things
like this won't happen again.
Because the king doesn't
want feudal abuses anymore.
- Never.
- How can you be so sure?
Because the king told me.
He also said his daughter was going to be freed.
And she was, but in what condition?
- The king can't face his nobles.
- Fernando is a fair king.
I trust him.
Trust him.
Can we talk?
I just wanted to tell you
how proud I am of you.
I was afraid of your reaction, but again
you showed what kind of woman you are.
What were you expecting? That I was
going to send her to the Canaries too?
- I hope you know how ashamed I feel.
- No offense.
But I don't care about
your shame, but mine.
How long are you going to
continue tormenting me?
Until you swear to me I won't ever
have to stand another act like that.
I swear. In my life there's
only a place for you.
Stop swearing.
Don't you see that's how you are?
Tell me what I have to do and I will.
Ask me for anything you want.
I don't want me or anyone around
me to know about your conquests.
If you don't respect me as your wife,
at least respect me as your queen.
- I give you my word.
- I hope you do it.
For our kingdoms' and our family's good.
I want you to know I'm expecting
another child of yours.
Tomorrow we will make public your pregnancy.
We will throw big parties.
I will tell Peralta right now.
All that can wait.
This bed is too cold to
continue sleeping alone.
Your Highnesses, I wouldn't bother you if I
didn't have something important to tell you.
- What's going on?
- Zahara was taken by the Muslims.
Half of the population was killed,
and the rest were taken to Ronda like slaves.
God knows that not only will
Zahara become Christian again
but all Granada will be taken from the Moors.
That's the answer their felony deserves.
We won't stay with arms crossed while in
other places they fight against the infidels.
The Pope will be glad that
you're confronting the Muslims.
Know that once the attack against Granada starts,
there will be no turning back.
And I assure you it won't be easy.
The Muslims will defend their
possessions to the death.
Our men will fight with the same
devotion. And with God on their side.
To put an end to the retake we will
need a big army and a lot of money.
And the war against Portugal
is still present in Castile's mind.
All the more reason to start
collecting money right now.
You have a great opportunity in Aragon
to get men and money for the cause.
Fix your problems with the nobles.
And get them involved.
Beat with such vileness that it was
hard for her father to recognize her.
That's how the daughter of the serf was returned.
She died a few days later.
Damn bastard.
It's not the only case
since I asked for justice.
Noblemen do what they want. And the
people doubt that you fulfill your promises.
That man will get punished.
I swear to you. But understand.
I can't do anything against
all the noblemen of Catalonia.
Nor reign estranged from them
until the end of my days.
If you don't estrange from the noblemen,
you will estrange from the peasants.
I don't know how long I'll be able to contain
their rage, which is as legitimate as your crown.
Now it is more important than ever that
the noblemen and serfs stop fighting.
Castile and Aragon
have great things to do.
You are a great warrior,
noble, loyal, brave.
I want you to be with me.
Ride next to me,
leading our peasants' army.
And together, we will arrive to Granada.
Aren't you going to make the
noblemen follow your own law?
The moment to make them pay will arrive.
Now I need you next to me.
Come with me.
You just betrayed the faith I put in you.
Don't wait for me to do
the same with my people.
Stop, Verntallat. You are at my service.
You will fight next to me.
I'm not asking you, I'm ordering you.
I don't follow men without word.
Guards! Detain that man.
Disarm him and take him to the dungeons.
You will have time to reconsider
and eat your own words.
Why do you torture yourself?
You are the king.
- You did what you had to do.
- I feel like the ax handle.
Treacherous wood that cuts
the trees it was made of.
I'm miserable. I owe my life to that man,
and this is how I repay him.
He will have the chance to retract.
From what you said, he's loyal.
I'm sure he will.
Your Highness, news from
the south of the peninsula.
The Marquis of Cádiz and his troops
crossed the border and attacked Alhama
taking it from the Moors.
My lady, aren't you happy?
The king and queen of Castile and Aragon
have to champion the war against the Moors.
Not the Andalusian noblemen
for their own benefit.
You are right, your troops have to be there,
but we still can't send an army.
We will. For now, Alhama is Christian again.
It's good news. Rome needs to know
that we are fighting against the Muslims.
Wait. Go tomorrow to Seville.
Tell them the king and queen of Castile and
Aragon run the campaign against Granada.
Order in our name that anyone able to
raise a weapon against the infidel, join us.
It's urgent that the Catalan nobles
put their forces to our service.
Guifré de Prades!
Guifré de Prades! Hell waits for you.
I condemn you to death!
If my father finds out, he will kill us.
You are responsible for my brother's death.
I should kill you right now.
It wasn't our fault. It was my
father who ordered his execution.
The Alhambra is a nest of scorpions.
- You all are the same.
- You are wrong.
My son and I cried for your
brother's death as much as you.
Al Sarray didn't die in vain if you
continue what he couldn't finish.
Help us to get rid of the Emir.
And end up with my head on a tray?
Don't you want to liberate Granada
from the scorpions who tyrannize it?
How do I know this isn't a trap?
Give us your clan's help.
The son of the infidel can't rule Granada,
you brother gave his life to stop it.
See what a spiteful woman can do?
Don't offend your wives.
I promise you that when my son rules
Granada you will have everything.
Believe me.
Believe me, I beg you. Believe me.
- Move.
- You are our only hope.
You are our only hope.
Move. Let go of me!
Not a single Abencerrage
will be part of your intrigues.
If we see you again, we will treat
you just like any of our enemies.
I didn't have to listen to you.
When are you going to understand we are alone?
We risked our lives for nothing.
You are wrong.
I got what I wanted.
The Marquis of Cádiz took the
square and now he is stuck in it.
The enemy besieged Alhama.
- Is it possible to break the siege?
- It won't be difficult.
The Moors can't surround
the entire perimeter.
We will be able to stock our people.
Be careful, Gonzalo,
you are too close to Granada.
Muley Hacen will do all
he can to get it back.
We will protect it. Alhama is already a symbol.
Many would give their lives for it.
Is it clear where the Emir's room is?
Remember you have to kill him first,
then kill his wife and son.
- Hurry, someone is coming.
- Now become a shadow.
Don't be obstinate, please.
Stop with your attitude and join me.
Help me, just as you did before.
You won't be in need of anything.
Not you or your people.
- I swear you that if you obey--
- I swore to obey your late mother.
- Not you.
- You have to serve your king.
It's good for you, for the crown,
and for all of Christianity.
You will have my support
if you fulfill your promise.
If not, everybody will know
you aren't trustworthy.
Your attitude doesn't
give me another choice.
By the authority the crown of Aragon gives me,
I dispossess you, Frances de Verntallat
of your castles,
lands and all your possessions.
You are not the Royal Captain anymore,
the position my mother gave you
for your services to this crown.
I'm an old man.
I accept my destiny with resignation.
But others will come, with new blood
in their veins, ready to kill and die
to get justice in the Catalonian countryside.
You can be sure of that.
Take this man out of my presence.
Your Highness.
'Via Fora.'
- It's a call to war.
- Who sent it?
Pere Joan Sala.
Open the trunk.
From this moment you are my hostage.
Know that your head doesn't depend
on you but your followers' actions.
Take him to the dungeons.
Protect our son!
When I was sleeping last night,
somebody tried to kill me.
- Father, are you okay?
- Yes.
I'm a light sleeper so I could react in time.
But be careful, the threat is on
our family. None of us is safe.
What about the killer?
Do you know who he is?
I dare say the Abencerrages did it,
looking for revenge on Al Sarray's death.
This thing was found near your room.
This kind of golden spur is only
worn by the Abencerrages.
Looks like your suspicions were right.
- We won't delay in confirming it.
- We will make the killer speak.
You should tear him to pieces
and expose his scum publicly.
Then kill the Abencerrages until
you get rid of all of them in Granada.
- It's not good to precipitate.
- What other proof do you need?
- They won't stop until killing us all.
- We are at war against the infidel.
It's not time to make
enemies but to remember
that the same faith unites us.
We couldn't fight against
two enemies at the same time.
I decided to call the Abencerrages.
They will be welcomed in
the Alhambra with honor.
Like the great warriors they are.
Maybe Allah wants us to make peace now.
- A lot of blood has been spilled.
- They attacked you!
If the crime goes unpunished,
our enemies will think we are weak.
I thank you for your opinion, but I also
will thank you to keep it to yourself.
If the Emir signs peace with the
Abencerrages, we will be alone.
We will have nobody to
help us to protect our rights.
That's what worries you. My uncle will
make the killer speak. They will kill us.
He won't.
I will take care of shutting
that man's mouth.
I know you won't let me down. That I will
be able to organize levies in Catalonia
use your armies and the quantities agreed.
In exchange
the abolition of feudal abuses is repealed.
We've been called to fight for Christianity
against the Muslims, just as our forefathers.
You have to prove on the battlefield
your loyalty to the crown.
And your faith in Christ.
And give your life if necessary.
- Are you ready?
- Yes!
- For Christ!
- For Christ!
- For Aragon!
- For Aragon!
- For King Fernando!
- For King Fernando!
From the bottom of my heart,
I thank you for accepting my invitation
to end the confrontations
between our lineages.
Don't be afraid. I came to set
you free from your torment.
Soon you will be in paradise.
Surrounded by beautiful women.
As Nasarid Emir of Granada,
I have the divine mission
to make war on the infidels,
and give back Al-Andalus to the Muslims.
Allah won't let anything or
anybody stand in my way.
Open up!
Open up, I order you!
I'm sorry to tell you that you are late.
This is the position of the forces
of Muley in its siege of Alhama.
- The siege is tighter now?
- Yes.
If we don't get reinforcement, the marquis
will have to expel civilians from the fortress.
- And leave them in the Moors' hands.
- Civilians need supplies
and to shorten the time of
the three bodies of safeguard.
Defense, replacement and resting.
We won't let that happen.
The summer months should help us.
If we could break the
siege from these cliffs
the artillerymen could put their muskets
and culverins here, here and here.
Count on Francisco Ramírez
and let him advise you.
Without his skills we would
have lost the Burgos war.
Isabel. Isabel! What's going on?
- Our baby, Fernando. He's coming.
- Call the physician, now!
Sir, the labor is complicated.
Explain yourself, for God's sake.
The placenta blocks the canal
where your child has to be born.
Make all these people leave.
Everybody leave the room.
Not you. I'm going to need your help.
Warm some muslin and
clean handkerchiefs.
Where's Boabdil?
What did you do to my son?
Recognize your betrayal.
Repent publicly and all this will end for you.
You dishonored me as a wife.
And you humiliated me
in front of everybody.
You betrayed my son for benefit
of the son of a Christian whore!
I see you don't.
You don't regret it.
The only thing I regret
is not killing you myself.
You see, once again you
made the wrong decision.
Before the sword of the
executioner cuts off your head
I will make your suffering as
long as your snake tongue.
And as deep as your rancor.
- Why is he taking so long?
- Relax, Your Highness.
The queen is in good hands.
My God. What kind of slaughter
happened inside there?
Sir, your wife gave birth to twins.
The only one I care about is Isabel.
How is she?
As we suspected, the
labor was complicated.
Isabel, what did he do to you?
They were twins, Fernando.
- A boy and a girl.
- Don't speak, my dear.
I'm sorry, Your Highness,
the boy didn't survive.
- She's bleeding.
- We still can't stop the hemorrhage.
- What are you waiting for?
- I swear to you I'm doing all I can.
Be clear. The queen's life is in danger?
I'm afraid it is, Your Highness.
Am I not worthy of you?
Don't you love me?
Why did you betray me?
Forgive me, I beg you.
In my life there's only a place for you,
I swear to you.
Sir, you should rest too.
If you continue like this you will get sick.
I won't be away from her.
We will die together if God wants it.
- How is she?
- The same.
Maybe worse.
I feel bad bringing news
at a moment like this.
Alhama needs reinforcements desperately.
They can't stand anymore, sir.
Without your reinforcements
- the city will fall in a few hours.
- They have to stand.
I won't leave with my wife dying.
Let me go with half of the men.
We won't divide our forces, Gonzalo.
The hemorrhage won't stop,
so it's impossible for it to heal.
This makes her feverish and faint.
Lord, why don't you hear me?
Take me, save her.
You have to save her.
There's something--
In Granada I learned some
remedies of the Muslim medicine.
- Maybe I could try.
- Why didn't you say so before?
- It's infidel and very risky science.
- Use it!
- Do anything you need to.
- Be aware it doesn't always work.
Ask for everything you need to
perform that surgery. Catalina!
Offer him your help and
come back as soon as you can.
Did you decide already the
future of your wife and son?
Betrayal has to be paid with life.
But executing Boabdil and his
mother will weaken my family.
My enemies would take advantage of it.
You have me and the son I gave you.
- Any news of Alhama?
- No, sir.
In spite of everything,
the Christians stand up to the siege.
'The Moor king was taking a
walk in the city of Granada'
'from the door of Elvira to
the door of Vivarrambla.'
'Letters were sent to him
while Alhama was being taken.'
- What does this mean?
- Verses the Christians say on the border.
They fuel their troops with them.
Send all the available men
and take the square back.
Take care of it personally. And don't
come back here without victory.
If I might, I don't think it's a good idea
to leave the Alhambra unprotected.
I have my guards, and the traitors
are where they have to be.
Or do you think the Abencerrages' leader
will come here after killing his men?
- Kill the Christians.
- I will.
You can cover the queen.
My knowledge and my hands can't do
any more. The rest depends on her.
She will live?
If she doesn't get better by dawn,
we won't be able to do anything.
Brother Hernando,
anoint the Holy oils to my wife.
And pray for her soul.
Sir, if I may, I would like to stay next
to the queen all the necessary time.
I will stay too.
I thank you.
I prefer to be alone with her.
Look for the Emir. Don't let him escape!
Leave that. Take just what's necessary.
What's going on?
- Where are we going?
- Some exits haven't been found.
Let's go.
Honey, you are here. Thank God.
- Thank you.
- My children.
- Where are they? I want to see them.
- Don't worry, they are fine.
The queen is alive, thank God.
Tell Badoz.
- Look, they are coming for us.
- Shut up.
- You are free.
- Where's my father?
He escaped with his family.
You are now Emir of Granada.
We gave you back the
throne that belongs to you.
What do you want in exchange?
We just want your son to
not be a tyrant like Muley.
You can be sure about that.
Now let's get out of here,
this isn't a place for an Emir.
It was written, can you see it?
I swear I will govern
with justice and honesty.
And I swear I will defend Granada
from its enemies. Until death!
My lady, we are ready
to leave with our army.
Is it true that the serfs freed Verntallat?
That's right, but you don't
have to worry about that.
The time to settle the score will arrive.
Go and fight with courage.
- And don't let anybody kill you.
- Don't worry.
- I will take care of that.
- I swear I will be back very soon.
With many victories in my hands.
In the name of God,
of Castile, and Aragon
we will put an end to the retake.
Now bless me for the war.
The defeat is that clear?
I just want to save you from humiliation.
We will besiege the city. We will attack
them until they regret taking it.
Keeping it will be their ruin.
Give this to Queen Isabel
pretending it's yours.
- I beg you, it's urgent.
- We will attack Loja in seven days.
One day Isabel will be at the Alhambra's
doors and you will be alone and helpless.
Rome will send soon the order to
Juana to be confined in a closed convent.
King Louis of France has died.
It's true that Juana and
Francis of Foix will marry, right?
That's true, monsignor.
For her happiness and ours.
I will attack the Christians. All of them will
see the power of the Emir of Granada.
- Are you going to go to battle?
- Are they attacking without our consent?
- You will give to the crown all I ask for.
- What if I don't?
You will be judged for
betrayal and condemned.
If King Juan wants to mock me,
he doesn't know who he's messing with.
If we all don't help, we will
end up in the hands of Islam.
The time has come for Aragon to
get back Roussillon and Cerdaña.
I will set aside part of the
troops for the conquest.
It's a unique opportunity.
The Emir of Granada wants peace.
I have news of your son.
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