Isabel (2011) s02e09 Episode Script

Lo más liviano

The king insists that you go to Aragon
to proceed with the oath of prince Juan
as heir before the courts.
- We'll go to Aragon when I want to.
- This is Beatriz of Galindo.
That young lady would never betray you.
Give her a chance.
Her and your husband too.
- By whom I'm pregnant again.
- Tell me what I have to do and I will.
I don't want me or anyone around
me to know about your conquests.
If you don't respect me as your wife,
at least respect me as your queen.
By God's grace, Prince Juan
is declared by these courts
as legitimate successor
to the throne of Aragon.
Because the king doesn't want
any feudal abuse anymore. Ever.
Ride next to me,
leading our army of serfs.
- And together, we will arrive to Granada.
- Aren't you going to make the noblemen
- follow your own law?
- Come with me.
You just betrayed the faith I put in you.
We'll surround the city, drag the Christians'
attention to another part of the wall
while a group of our best men
sneak in through that passage.
Open the gates of Zahara
to the troops of Allah!
Zahara was taken by the Muslims.
We won't stay with arms crossed while
they fight against the infidels in other places.
The abolition of feudal abuse is repealed.
We've been called to fight for Christianity
against Muslim invaders, like our forefathers.
You have to prove on the battlefield
your loyalty to the crown.
- And your faith in Christ.
- The Abencerrages won't be part of your schemes.
When are you going to understand we
are alone? We risked our lives for nothing.
You are wrong. I got what I wanted.
I have the divine mission
to go to war with the infidel
and give back Al-Andalus to the Muslims.
Allah won't let anything or
anybody stand in my way.
Where's my father?
He escaped with his family.
You are now the Emir of Granada.
What's going on?
- Our son, Fernando. He's coming.
- Call the physician, now!
Isabel. Honey, you are here.
Alhama needs reinforcement desperately.
- They can't stand anymore, sir.
- Go and fight with courage.
Don't let anybody kill you.
We're far apart once more, and it's
the fearful woman who writes you again
and not the queen with unflinching will.
It's the wife vulnerable to your embrace
who if she ever lost it, no one and
nothing would ever comfort her.
I think of you, of the battle,
and beg to the Blessed Virgin
to shelter you under her cape.
To save you from any evil.
The affront of Alhama
shall not remain unpunished.
Although not at the expense
of your pain, for it is my pain too.
May Our Lady allow that the wrath
of Castile falls upon the infidel
and you return from battle
safe and victorious.
Messengers with the news
have already left.
Soon the whole kingdom will
know about the victory in Alhama.
The infidels have started to back off.
- Castile has to thank God.
- And its soldiers.
- And above all, its king.
- Alhama is ours.
Why did you take so long to arrive?
I was thinking the worst.
The pace is slow when the plunder is vast.
There's a sample.
God is on our side, but apparently wouldn't
diminish the energy of the Muslim swords.
You're right. I will need
to sleep for three days.
So the marquis kept his
word and joined you.
- Did he watch the battle from the rear?
- Not at all.
His army helped secure the victory.
It's obvious they hardened
fighting against us.
Marquis, will we count on
you for the next incursion?
It will be in two weeks, at most.
We can't lose momentum of this victory.
Two weeks? With luck, I'd have
my army regrouped in a month.
My lady, I think like you do. Why wait?
If you want to restore your
patrimony through conquests
I approve, but without rushing.
You wouldn't benefit from such
imprudence, the enemy would.
Let's enjoy this victory and
not hasten the next one.
Eat and drink until the sun goes down.
You, more than anyone, must be
happy after my father's defeat.
Do you celebrate the loss of Alhama?
What kind of Emir celebrates the victory
of a Christian over his kingdom?
Mother, Muley only wants
to take revenge against us.
- Our lives depend on his defeat.
- You took Granada to save it from Christians
not to compete against your father.
The Abencerrages supported
you to resist before Castile.
If you don't fulfill your mission,
they can dethrone you.
- I know that.
- Well, don't forget it.
Or one day, you'll find Queen
Isabel at the doors of Alhambra
and you'll be alone and
defenseless before her.
Stop the music!
My Alhama. We will make this
victory turn against the Christians.
We will besiege the city and attack it
relentlessly until they regret taking it.
- To keep it will be their ruin.
- And ours.
Don't we have forces for the siege?
Leave us alone.
We would, and plenty of them, if all
Muslims joined under our command.
That won't be possible
without subduing Boabdil first.
No. I won't attack my son.
That won't be necessary. He will fall
when the Abencerrages leave him alone.
Many of those who should be with us,
are with him, not only the Abencerrages.
Soon, they will miss me.
Even those who fear me.
What are you waiting for?
Let's attack him immediately.
I said we'll snatch Granada
from him without using swords.
He doesn't deserve any more.
Sir Fernando, Lady Beatriz.
In my father's time, the House of
Braganza was loyal adviser of the king.
The benefits of that were many.
A loyalty that you inherited.
I hope so, for the time
to prove it has come.
It's my will that you return to the crown
part of your lands, squares, and fortresses.
Are you trying to dispossess our family?
After all we've done for you?
You've only done your duty.
It's outrageous that you turned into
the most powerful family of the kingdom.
Your Highness, reconsider it.
Don't start a conflict
where there is none.
I'm the lord of the lords.
Not the servant of servants.
- You will give back everything I order.
- Or else?
You'll be judged for treason
and condemned.
- Congratulations on the victory.
- It's hard to defend against those infidels.
Any news from Aragon? Everything seems
like nothing compared to a war
but your kingdom has been besieged.
Days ago, Genoese ships reached
the port in Barcelona and sacked it.
- The city demands arms for its protection.
- What's here is barely enough for the war.
I'm sorry. They'll have to
defend themselves on their own.
Your Highness, your campaign
against the infidels is remarkable.
But expensive in time and money.
- I know that.
- Let me give you some advice.
Comfort those Aragonese noblemen.
Sooth their moods.
They're afraid the war might last long
and ruin them, having no interest here.
- They say so?
- They threaten to withdraw their troops.
You know your noblemen. You know the
Aragonese don't care about the Valencians
and the Valencians don't
care about the Catalonians.
- Each one cares about himself.
- The Catalonians don't even support me.
I betrayed the serfs in
exchange for their support.
My Lord, those who get something
too easily, soon will ask for more.
You can't rule asking for permission.
One day, they will need me.
Not the other way around.
How could you achieve that,
Your Highness?
Find out the whereabouts of Verntallat.
You were right,
our next attack cannot wait.
Why did you change your mind?
The Aragonese noblemen
are pressuring me.
They're afraid of losing their
fortunes if the campaign extends.
Will you give in to their pressure?
Alhama was a loss for our troops,
and to keep it will be worse.
The Aragonese support is vital.
- I have to show them we can win.
- You're the king.
Demand their support for no reason
other than your authority.
For now, that's impossible.
But it won't be like that forever.
The time to do in Aragon
what you did in Castile, is close.
Where will you start?
I have to get Rome to accept that in Aragon,
the king will appoint the inquisitors too.
That will help to limit
the power of noblemen.
Sounds fair.
The Pope won't deny it.
You cried out for harassing the infidels.
Can I count on you?
If you're guided by others'
pressure and not your convictions
I'm not pleased at all.
In the year 1287 of the Spanish era
the Portuguese reconquest
ends with the taking of Faro.
I don't think the secret to being a good wife
is knowing the ancestry of her husband.
Or does my fiancé expect that?
Dear, it's easy to make
your husband happy.
Speak to him always with a sweet voice,
and always listen to his ideas with joy.
Especially if they are dumb or boring.
What a husband hates most is to hear
the truth from his wife's mouth.
And if you kiss him unexpectedly,
he'll believe he's the most loved man on Earth.
Give this to Queen Isabel pretending
it's yours. I beg you, it's urgent.
Maybe I don't know about love,
but I know about prudence.
- King Juan threatened you?
- His Highness is going through a bad time.
He wants to be the most powerful man of
Portugal so he wants to dispossess us.
But the Braganzas are too
important for him to subdue us.
It's our importance that makes us
the most wanted prey of robbers.
Please. Your mother appreciates us a lot.
She will know what to do. Please.
In seven days we will attack Loja.
Isn't it too risky for us since we
haven't fully recovered from Alhama?
Don't worry, the city will belong to us.
With all due respect, sir,
Loja isn't an easy stronghold.
- We shouldn't go to Malaga.
- Are you casting doubt on my decision?
I thought after Alhama we
were going to take Álora.
A soldier doesn't think.
He acts according to the orders of his captain.
Even if he's a good soldier.
Excuse me, sir,
I didn't want to offend you.
The problem isn't the stronghold,
but the moment.
Why don't we wait as you said?
We will attack Loja in seven days.
Prepare all you need for it to
end well. And trust your king.
- Did you want to see me?
- Come on in.
My husband told me you saved his life.
I did what any soldier would
do if his king was in danger.
We have never doubted your loyalty.
Or your friendship.
But my husband is the
general captain of the armies.
I suggest you don't
contradict his plans in public.
My lady, I struggle between obedience
and the necessity of pointing out risks.
Are you still convinced that
we shouldn't attack Loja?
That's right. Loja is a resilient
stronghold, well protected.
Its conquest requires preparation
and weapons we don't have.
And our followers are
still catching their breath.
The defeat is that clear to you?
I just want to save you from humiliation.
Did you get the list?
Of the properties you want
to take away from us?
As soon as I started to read it I decided
that paper should be thrown into the fire.
I beg you not to insist, Your Highness.
You know you don't have the right.
I also was going to throw
this letter into the fire.
Denouncing my politics to
a foreign king is betrayal.
But I will forgive you if
you give me what I ask for.
Are you afraid that Queen Isabel will
find out that you want our properties?
Not at all. I remind you she has
dispossessed her noblemen.
Her excuse was to win
a war. What's yours?
- How dare you?
- Because we are out of your reach.
It was my wish for my niece
to know about your intentions.
But we, the Braganzas,
don't need Castile's support.
- We already have it.
- Thanks to you.
What do you mean?
In the peace treaties
you signed with Castile
the treaty of Tercerías points us
as the guardians of Princess Isabel.
And because of that,
we are under their protection.
Are you ready to break the
treaty in order to dispossess us?
You still have time to postpone the attack.
If we do that we'll just make our troops
and those who give them to us doubt us.
It would be worse if you are defeated.
Even worse to lose you.
You don't have to worry. We will take Loja.
You don't have to doubt it.
Let's pray to God with fervor.
Today, our people's lives are in His hands.
Your Highness.
A lot of men have died already.
Forgive me.
I smashed my army
against a wall in Loja.
Use this defeat to learn a lesson.
A lesson I learned with the
blood of valuable knights.
For wanting the victory,
I decimated my people
when they are more necessary.
You were right.
- I'm the one responsible for this mess.
- No, sir.
We didn't lose because of you,
but because of the infidels' war.
And because a lot of men were
leaving in the middle of the fight.
On our side we have more
peasants than soldiers.
Nobody teaches them to stand fear.
We should have a good army, with soldiers
who fight out of loyalty and for a salary.
Let's demand the brotherhoods join us.
We don't have to teach them a lot.
And how can our weapons be better?
They have to be more
harmful and powerful.
The walls of the Arabian
strongholds are insurmountable.
We will make Ramírez, the artilleryman,
come right now. He will find a way.
How are we going to face the expense
this means while we keep Alhama safe?
It's not possible?
Alhama needs a lot of
food for the besieged.
And weapons and soldiers to replace
the ones who are taking care of it now.
Keeping it stops us from
financing the improvements.
You think we have to lose the stronghold?
No. I won't.
Our soldiers don't need just weapons.
They need symbols that
encourage them in their fight.
The resistance of Alhama
will be an incentive for them.
But where are we going to
get the money for all this?
The Holy War is ending with
the money of our kingdoms.
And from now on,
the expenses will be higher.
We already asked the noblemen for
loans in exchange for future rewards.
We also increased the
excises and sales taxes.
That's why we need His Holiness
to give us a bull of the Crusade.
That our vassals get forgiveness for their
sins in exchange for a donation for war.
Those who can't pay will get
the same if they join our army.
Weapons for weapons.
The common thing.
A tenth of the ecclesiastical revenues of
Castile, Aragon, and Sicily will finance the battle.
But a third of that tax
will go to His Holiness
for Rome's fight against the Ottomans.
I will do all I can to convince the Pope.
Until then, count on the goods
taken away from the heretics.
Maybe we should accelerate the
pending processes, don't you think?
The necessity of collecting for a good cause
shouldn't lead an innocent man to the pyre.
Don't worry, everybody knows that
the innocent ones won't ignite.
We trust in your intervention and we
will know how to thank you. You may go.
Why the rush? I was going to ask the cardinal
to intercede to reform the Inquisition in Aragon.
I know, but it's not good
for us to harass Rome
or seem distracted from a war
for which we're asking financing.
- There isn't a distraction.
- I promise you I will get one.
But when the right time comes.
I thought you were in Aragon.
Did you find Verntallat?
I have a trace, sir. But I found out about
something important, so I came back.
King Louis of France has died.
I found out from a French messenger
who is coming to tell you about it.
Then you didn't have to bother.
Your Highness, I heard some of
the comments of his companions.
- And I heard a rumor.
- What rumor?
King Louis, on his deathbed,
repented with sincere tears in his eyes
taking Roussillon and Cerdaña
away from Aragon.
Then, he gave the order
to give them back to us.
I'm afraid the regent who succeed
him doesn't want to obey his will.
To deny the last will of a king,
what audacity.
To try to stop Aragon from
getting back what belongs to it.
Sir, forget about the regent.
King Louis authorized
you to take your counties.
Looks like it was written by a romancer.
- The king confessing his sins before dying.
- This is worse.
- It puts me in a predicament.
- What do you mean?
It would be lawful to use his
repentance to ask for the counties.
- You don't know if that story is true.
- What if it is?
We can't send forces to other fronts.
Forces that are limited.
But what are they going to think in
France if I let this abuse happen?
What will the Aragonese noblemen think?
They'll think I'm neglecting the interests
of Aragon's crown. Right now.
When I need most to impose my authority.
You were right. The Marquis of Cádiz
was desperate to get his wealth back.
He left with a group of nobles to Axarquía.
- Will they attack without our consent?
- Pray for them to win.
I can't see how we can
stand another loss.
Not a single man will go to
help the marquis if he fails.
We have Alhama already,
we don't need more.
I'm the one responsible for this defeat
- of the captured men.
- How many did we lose?
Two thousand.
The captives in the hundreds.
And the Lord let you escape. So unfair.
Get up.
Swear you were more interested
in your men than in the loot.
- Sir, I assume all the--
- All the kingdom does!
How are we going to
fight without those men?
I won't attack again on my own,
I give you my word.
We don't need it.
Because I assure you
without a profit, you won't risk anything.
The crown won't recognize the right of
conquest on strongholds taken by an attack
that wasn't previously approved
by the king and queen.
Everybody has to know it, you first.
- I will pay for the captives' rescue.
- Do what you think is good.
But we won't expose ourselves
to set free those who disobey us.
And pray. Because now, only God can
stop the infidels from disgracing us.
A present was brought for you.
Another show of loyalty?
Open it, I'm inspired.
Words come easily at this hour.
The person who sent it
only wants you to see it.
Open it.
- Close it.
- No!
'When no Christian is left to kill,
I will go after you.'
- Signed by--
- I know who sent it.
I told you my father wants to kill me.
- But I won't wait for him to do it.
- What do you mean?
Soon he will be afraid of me.
I will attack the Christians. All of them will
see the power of the Emir of Granada.
- Are you going to go to the battle?
- Everybody thinks I'm weak.
It's time to show them I am not.
One victory against the infidels, and all
Islam will defend Granada next to me.
- Wasn't that your wish?
- You don't have to expose yourself.
- You have to rule, the Abencerrages--
- Stop disregarding me!
People only love their rulers
when they win with their sword.
- Who admires a king for his poems?
- You father got from you what he wanted.
Provoking them. You are
more intelligent than him.
It's up to you whether to
get into the game or not.
Your Highness, I'm sorry for the
casualties of the war against the infidel.
France supports your Crusade.
And I want you to inform you
about the admiration of the regent.
Let's not talk about our problems.
It's time to honor the memory of your king
and send comfort to your people.
It's true.
Tell me, Monsignor
Did King Louis suffer before dying?
Did he do something to rest in peace?
I came to inform you about his death,
but I wanted to avoid the sad details.
Don't worry, the two of us have lived
through the death of beloved people.
Didn't he say something before dying?
Just the usual.
Are you sure?
Or is it usual in France that a servant of
God lies about the last will of his king?
I don't know how you do it, but it's true.
Before dying, the king repented
the taking of Roussillon and Cerdaña.
So it's true the regent refuses
to give back the counties?
I'm sorry for not telling you. Understand.
I don't want another war
between France and Aragon.
I will decide if I have to ask
for those lands by force!
But I won't. You are lucky that
our war in the south is fateful.
Castile can't fight without
the Aragonese troops.
But tell the regent that sooner or later,
I will get back the counties.
I swear I will finish my father's work.
And he will rest in peace.
I trust in France to value the
renunciation of my husband.
He shows intelligence and
good faith, as you do.
For forgiving your enemy, Juana.
I celebrate that you allowed her
marriage with the king of Navarre.
Francis of Foix. A very human gesture.
Especially, keeping in mind it
violates your treaty with Portugal.
I'm sorry to disappoint you, but you
must have heard a malicious rumor.
Juana now lives in the peace of an enclosed
monastery, fulfilling the treaty you mentioned.
I hope my indiscretion doesn't cause a
diplomatic problem between your kingdoms.
Do you mean that engagement is real?
Your Highness, King Juan was the one
who said that to the French court.
How is it that I'm hearing from you that
Portugal risks peace between our kingdoms?
I will send my servant to Sintra.
He will find out about everything in person.
If King Juan wants to mock me,
he doesn't know who he's messing with.
You did the right thing.
The queen reacted as you wanted.
Soon a Castilian messenger
will come to inform himself.
What are you going to tell him?
I will challenge them.
Castile won't delay in
asking for Princess Isabel.
And when that happens
I will have the Braganzas at my will.
Aren't you afraid of causing a conflict?
The queen doesn't tolerate affronts.
She's so worried now about that
Crusade that she can't dominate.
- I don't think she wants more.
- Excuse me, but
is it true that Juana and
Francis of Foix will marry?
That's true, Monsignor.
For her and our happiness.
Portugal and France united in Navarre.
A gap in Castile's core.
Navarre as a spearhead.
Everybody wins with this marriage.
Except the Braganzas, of course.
His Holiness just gave you the bull of the
Crusade and accepted all your conditions.
It couldn't arrive at a better time.
Without the bull the war was lost.
The Pope, as a good Christian,
recognizes your hard work.
I will send Talavera to spread the
word throughout the kingdom.
- The collection has to start right now.
- That's great.
The authorization lasts three years.
You have to use them well.
Your Reverence.
Castile owes you a lot.
Diplomacy is my other sword
against the infidels.
Could you grip it again for Aragon to
have an Inquisition like the Castilians?
Rome will be fair. And my husband
deserves a reward for his sacrifice.
It's the perfect time, he renounced
taking Roussillon and Cerdaña
- to not abandon the Holy War.
- Leave it to me.
- The Inquisition is my cause.
- Thank you, Brother Tomás.
I trust in you. And trust me,
you will be rewarded.
Follow the sword but don't look at it.
Focus on looking for a place to attack me.
More focused. Faster!
The Christians won't give you a chance.
Did you see that, my son?
We will continue practicing tomorrow.
Don't worry.
I won't let him get on the battlefield.
It's from Chacón, from Sintra. The rumor
is true, Juana will marry Francis of Foix.
He already lost a war. How does
he dare to break the treaty?
The question isn't how but why.
I'm afraid of his intentions with Navarre.
He dares because he knows
Granada needs all our effort.
And we can't react as we should.
Not a single lance is needed.
Our daughter will come back to Castile.
While Juana's engagement is still
standing, the treaty is canceled.
And the 1.5 million maravedís
that it costs will be used in artillery.
- Which we really need.
- We still have to stop that wedding.
We will ask Rome for a bull, so
Juana can't leave the convent.
That would stop this wedding
and the threat of any other.
We will ask for it. Meanwhile,
let's get our daughter back.
Where's the little girl I
let go four years ago?
Lady Beatriz.
Thank you for being with my
daughter on such a long trip.
I'm afraid I'm not here for that reason.
I took advantage of the princess's
trip to get out of the court.
After the Treaty of Tercerías was broken,
we, the Braganzas, were left defenseless.
Just as King Juan wanted.
- I don't get it.
- He's been trying to cut our power for a while.
And now he will be able to do it.
Are you saying, that without knowing it,
I've helped the king's plans against you?
I don't know if he announced
Juana's wedding for that reason
but the thing is that the move
resulted as he wanted.
I don't know what will
happen with my family now.
Castile is your home,
I can't do less than that.
- Since I unintentionally caused your ruin.
- Thank you, Your Highness.
I will make my son come, and as many
as I can still get out of Portugal.
So, where's my father?
Doesn't he want to see me?
I had to imagine it was a trick.
I understand your rancor, but I ask you
to listen while we drink a glass of wine.
First, apologize to me and
everyone you betrayed.
I know you'll never do it.
Forgive me.
I came to tell you what you already know.
That I authorized the abuse because I
needed the support of Granada's noblemen.
But things have changed.
Rome granted us a bull that
turns their help into nothing.
Now I can freely act
without their approval.
What would my people
get from your grief?
Your words are fair.
My first decision in your favor is
to give you license to gather freely.
Nothing more than alms.
We are slaves due to the abuse.
If you keep them
we will rise up against the lords.
My second decision will
be to allow you to rise up.
I'll do it for the serfs, but for me too.
So the noblemen kneel
before me asking for help.
- How can I know you're telling the truth?
- Because I give you my word.
I swear on my mother's soul.
Who we both loved deeply.
I guess your servants anticipated
the reason of my visit.
I'm organizing the collection according to
the bull of the Crusade granted by Rome.
It's not enough for you to loot the
converts before sending them to the pyre.
The acts of public penance
are not to collect.
The goal is always the same,
my dear friend.
Don't be fooled by the leaders.
I know you don't share the
cause of the Inquisition
nor the Holy War.
Didn't you write a well-meaning
catechism for wayward converts?
Well-meaning and even naive.
Every cause, even if fair, entails justices.
You, as a learned convert, should know.
I thought I would convince you to
support the crusade of your former disciple.
Try it.
The Turk threatens Europe.
And Castile is the wall
that can restrain him.
If we all don't help, we will
end up in the hands of Islam.
You mean the queen of Castile can't stand
that Islam overshadows Her Highness.
My servant will give you
the money that you want.
Are you convinced or are you
only trying to get rid of me?
Take the 30 coins before I regret it.
You're less naive and well-meaning
than you pretend to be.
- They're so nice, Mother.
- They're also clever and barely have rest.
You were so sweet. And still are.
Every night, before going to sleep,
I remembered you. Every night.
- All these years.
- And I tried to forget you.
Why would I keep loving you? I thought
I could only be happy far away from here.
But I don't know how
to control my feelings.
Mother, you've made me so happy
setting me free from that sentence.
Your Highness, the armies
of Boabdil attacked Lucena.
- Boabdil? Boabdil is attacking us?
- For the first time.
They say he has little military talent but
he knows how to choose the right time.
This couldn't be a worse time.
Taking care of Alhama is enough.
And it's too soon to turn the money
of the papal bull into arms and men.
- You say we should lose, and that's it?
- It's impossible to take Lucena by force.
But maybe there's something we can do.
- I want to participate in the battle.
- Take advantage of distance and learn.
Are these the feared troops of Castile?
None of those Christian soldiers deserve respect.
They seem clumsy and disorganized.
So much ease is suspicious.
Don't be overconfident.
Look! They're retreating.
- The victory is of Allah!
- I won? I won!
- Where are you going?
- I have to enjoy my first victory.
Stay here. Sir!
Sir! Run away! Damn.
Run away! Hurry!
You're under arrest in the name of Castile.
Granada must know
that it just lost its Emir.
I have news of your son.
He'd love to say you were right.
Josuf, my son, send a messenger to Lucena.
I need news from the battle.
Boabdil is now a prisoner of Castile.
And this palace returns to its
rightful owner. Just like Granada.
I beg that my ending is not
as cruel as you promised.
Don't prolong my agony if you keep
any good memory of our life together.
I hope you live 100 years
of exile and dishonor.
My dear, are you okay?
Release him. Let him come
before me on his own.
I knew I could trust my best men.
They alone just tipped the war in my favor.
Put him in a tower guarded by 10 soldiers.
We lost Lucena
but a loss had never been
so beneficial. Thanks to you.
You won't have much time to rest.
You have to go and meet Muley.
Your Highness.
- How could you dare?
- Excuse me?
Do I have to believe that
the death of Francis of Foix
was a coincidence just
before marrying Juana?
The news disconcerts me, but even
more that you suspect I was involved.
His death would only
benefit the Braganzas.
You pretended to watch over the princess
of Castile to continue under her protection.
I'm sorry for him, and I
celebrate it for my people.
If you think your luck will
stop me, you are wrong.
Did you summon me?
May God forgive me, but I have to
gladly give you the news of a death.
- Francis of Foix's.
- Juana's fiancé?
At whose hands?
A destiny that found the consequences
of that marriage to be unfair.
Then I have to go back to
Portugal with your daughter?
No, not until Rome decrees
Juana to live isolated.
Who's this?
I want to know if time erased
the memory of my voice.
No. It could never erase it, Father.
You don't know how much
I've missed this place.
If you are going to kill me,
save the poetry.
I have you here for an intelligent man.
We kill each other while
the infidel threatens. Why?
Not fighting together goes against Allah.
Our union doesn't guarantee victory.
The Christians are still fearsome.
Today a Castilian messenger will come.
I will offer him a treaty of peace so
generous he won't be able to reject it.
- Castile wants us out. They won't accept.
- Neither will we.
During the truce we will rearm.
Troops from Africa will arrive.
We fight for our faith.
All of Islam will join us.
Are you the only one who
isn't going to join me?
The messenger from Castile.
Your husband will have his reward and
Aragon will have the Inquisition he wants.
You did a great service to us.
Didn't the Pope protest that we're
taking advantage of his generosity?
The Pope doesn't have strength
to protest. He's dying, I'm afraid.
Tell me, how can I thank you?
The Pope just did, naming me General
Inquisitor of Aragon and Castile.
I congratulate you. You deserve it.
Did he say something about Juana?
Rome will send soon the order to
Juana to be confined in a closed convent.
Doesn't it satisfy you?
My daughter will have
to go back to Portugal.
My lady. King Juan killed my son Diego.
He jailed my whole family.
- Thank you.
- There's not a sacrifice without a reward.
I will try to convince the Aragonese nobles
to accept the Inquisition without a problem.
What's wrong?
Rome ordered confinement for Juana.
Our daughter can go back to Portugal.
I'm afraid for her.
The king has no scruples for
killing anybody he doesn't like.
I don't think he will put his life in
danger by hurting our daughter.
But we can break the treaty.
And let Juana marry another prince?
In no time she will be demanding hers or
her children's right to Castile's throne.
Come on in.
Excuse me, Your Highness.
The Emir of Granada wants peace.
The offer is generous.
Rents, vassalage, and freeing of
the prisoners of Loja and Axarquía.
- What about the conditions?
- Just one.
They want the immediate
freeing of his son, Boabdil.
He thinks he's a traitor. Or he
wants Castile to jail him for life.
Accepting Muley as vassal, we will agree
to have a Muslim reduction in Castile.
We will be breaking our
agreement with Rome and God.
On the other hand, a truce would be great
for us to rearm ourselves. We need it.
- That's the Emir's intention.
- That's right.
There are a lot of infidels who will give
their lives for the kingdom of Granada.
- From Africa, thousands could arrive.
- For them this is also a Holy War.
They have never gave up
in conquering Al-Andalus.
Who is the worst enemy of the Emir?
The division of the Nasrids.
That's why he wants Boabdil.
Killing a legitimate contender, he'll be able
to regroup all of them under his command.
Then we have to feed the discord.
You lock me in a tower, you make me dress
like a beggar, the food is horrible.
- I would respect you as rulers.
- You are not a ruler anymore.
You father rules Granada again.
- What have you heard about my mother?
- That's not our business.
Your father already made a peace offer.
A very generous one.
- You'll agree with the one who started the war?
- With whom else?
We are very interested
in finishing with this fight.
And it's in our hands to
accept the conditions.
The Emir just wants your head.
It's not nice for us to cut off
the head of a harmless man.
- But if that brings us peace--
- And rents.
- And freeing of prisoners.
- My father will betray you.
Help me to fight against him
and I will get the peace you want.
You father thinks you are a traitor.
Why should we trust you?
If I promise you peace,
that's what you will have.
I will put my armies at your service,
I will reward you with generosity.
You will. Once you get Granada back,
you will give it to Castile.
You will rule your people,
but not in Granada.
You have to choose between
losing the Alhambra or your head.
With the help of Castile, we will
kick my father out of Granada.
Their demands are excessive.
But I can't negotiate. I will be
able to if all this ends as we expect.
You have to come with my son,
Ahmed, in no time.
In exchange for my freedom,
I have to give them his.
- If my son gets hurt--
- Don't worry.
He's the son of a vassal and ally.
He will be given to you as
soon you give us Granada.
It's just a guarantee of your good
faith and that you trust in us.
Take him.
We should have killed
Boabdil when we could.
Now we will have two fronts open.
My son and the infidels supporting
each other against me.
You are the Emir, you are
the father of the traitor!
You have to fight against him.
Everyone has to see him die like a dog!
Brother! Help! Quick!
I told Peralta, the time for Aragon to
recover Roussillon and Cerdaña has come.
I will set aside part of the
troops for the conquest.
It's a unique opportunity.
You are going to weaken us,
creating new fronts.
Trust me. The campaign
won't last too long.
Rome might nullify the bull if they suspect
it's used to make war between Christians.
- We will deny it.
- We don't have a relationship with the new Pope.
It will be harder for him to believe
in us than to stop supporting us.
Don't hide behind Rome. I always put
your kingdom's interests before mine.
And I have spilled more blood
than you have for Castile.
I called together the courts to propose
the invasion, and you won't stop me.
The ladies said you got my father upset.
I would say the king of Aragon.
Beatriz told me that to make your husband
happy, you have to agree with him.
Whether he's right or not.
I know you wouldn't ever
tell me something like that.
Sit down.
My daughter.
I have to tell you something.
Your engagement with Alfonso
of Portugal remains standing.
You don't care about me. It was easy for
you to send me to the court of a killer.
You will live here until
your fiancé is of age.
I requested that condition.
A worse punishment, because I will
be able to count the days I have left.
Come in.
- Your Highness, are you all right?
- Was your trip profitable?
- Is the collecting going well?
- The faithful ones have been very supportive.
And I also visited Archbishop Carrillo.
And now I am worried.
Did he create obstacles, just as
he does with all my proposals?
No, Your Highness,
I'm worried because he's dying.
- Your Eminence.
- What do you want?
The queen came to see you.
What do I tell her?
Tell her to wait.
Have a seat.
How are you?
Even I live locked away and
asking not to know about you
I can't stop getting news of
each one of your achievements.
None of them free of
suffering and sacrifice.
The crown is too big for you.
You didn't come to blame me for
turning you into what you are now.
Nor to reproach you for all the effort
you made for me to stop being like this.
In the good times,
I committed many sins.
But I also achieved greatness
even though it wasn't recognized.
I didn't learn from anyone but you.
You taught astuteness and ambition.
I was such a great teacher,
I ended up being your victim.
For years I tried to reconcile with you.
If you had accepted, you wouldn't
live alone and away from the world.
I have to be loyal to myself.
Even if I have to die in misfortune for it.
You, as a queen, know that
duties come before wishes.
Even with pain to yourself and others?
Why is that important?
Sometimes I'm afraid that to
fulfill my duty and my pride
I'm turning into you.
Are you doing the same I did?
- Sometimes I think I am.
- Nonsense.
You still have a lot of time.
I am going to die as I lived,
if you let me.
I hope that day is still far away.
I don't have so much time, you know.
That's why you are here.
Rest, my dear.
- I'm taking care of you.
- It's still dark?
Why is there no light?
What's going on?
What's going on?
- My God.
- What's going on?
Light the candles. I want to see you.
Light the candles.
Did I come in time?
Not if you came to stop me
from calling the courts.
I came to celebrate the decision with you.
Aragon has to know that Castile supports
you in your fight for the counties.
I gave to your armory an example
of the advances of the artilleryman.
Show them to your noblemen, they will
be convinced of the importance of this.
- It will help, of course.
- You need all their support.
Just like that, you will free Castile
from giving weapons for this cause.
- Do you still think this isn't a good time?
- Yes.
But I don't want to be unfair with you.
I was unfair with my daughter and
the pain almost broke me into pieces.
I'm sorry you have to witness this
humiliating moment, Your Highness.
- Sir, I think we have to call off the courts.
- Why?
The Aragonese and Valencians
said they won't come.
- What about the Catalonians?
- They won't.
They are angry because of
your concession to the serfs.
Tell them there won't be an invasion,
but we will assemble the courts.
To announce the reform
of the Inquisition in Aragon.
Under my leadership and with
Torquemada as the General Inquisitor.
And I need another favor from you.
Don't return the weapons to Castile.
It's just a sample. Castile sent
you a cart full of them as a gift.
- The king hopes you trust him now.
- It's hard to refuse.
Treat the noblemen as they deserve.
Your Highness has a lot to do in the south.
He won't be able to help them.
Zoraida, is it you?
It's me, brother.
The Christians attacked Álora.
I'm leaving now to the battle.
I promise you I will come back
with the victory in my hands.
I'm sorry for not being able to
defend my kingdom next to you.
Don't tell my men I'm blind.
I will see again. If Allah wants it
I will guide them in the next battle.
I'm sure of it, brother.
I was looking for you.
You father just left for Álora.
Let's pray and ask God to be with him
until victory, so he can come back soon.
Your Highness.
Archbishop Carrillo has died.
- For Castile!
- For Castile!
Our spies found out that the Christian
armies are going to take Malaga.
You will give two messages:
one to Verntallat
- and one to Santángel.
- Sir Cristobal Colón?
- Yes.
- The king will welcome you right now.
We have to take the stronghold
before the Zagal arrives.
Allah, forgive us.
Ronda will be for the Christians.
- I will make a pact with the devil if I have to.
- Excuse me for my audacity
but it's possible that Castile is
about to lose a great opportunity.
They are our enemies!
Who murdered my son?
We feel so sorry for your pain.
Sad news from Almería just arrived.
Now that they are corralled,
they remember their king.
The Christians mocked you.
What stops us from arriving
to India from the West?
Forgive me, sir, because for the first time,
I will be disloyal to my lady.
They tricked us. Boabdil and his
men are heading to Granada.
Who will stop the Zagal now?
Who will stop him from killing us?
I'm pregnant. And it could
be very dangerous for me.
- For Castile!
- For Castile!
Look for them! And don't stop until she and
her kids are back here in the Alhambra!
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